Our Guest Hakeem Collins

SID: Hello. Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest says that prophecy is the doorway into the supernatural and he says we all can prophesy, but it gets even more outrageous. God opened up every one of his spiritual senses, meaning he can see into the invisible world. He can hear from the invisible and he says everyone can have their spiritual senses activated and open. Anyone want it? Me, too. So Dr. Hakeem Collins’ father was a Muslim. What type of Muslim was he?

HAKEEM: He was a Sunni Muslim.

SID: And your mother was a non-believer.


SID: And so obviously like any boy you want to please your father. You tried Islam. It just wasn’t for you. Then you had a praying grandmother who took you to church and at age seven, I mean, it was 30 before I knew my left hand from my right hand, spiritually. Age seven, what happened to you?

HAKEEM: My grandmother introduced me to Christ. She introduced me to a church and brought me there. At the time the pastor was a blind man and while I was sitting there at seven years old on the front row, as the pastor was talking about salvation and the messages of Christ and his love, I began to look, and as I gazed I saw an angel standing behind the pastor. And when the pastor would preach, the more the angel appeared, the more the pastor preached with passion and desire. And so at that time I knew, my eyes were opened. I see something different that I never saw before. After seeing this angel I heard an internal voice say, “I’m calling you.” And at that point I knew that it was Jesus.

SID: That is a very sovereign call. You must have had a problem explaining this to your dad.

HAKEEM: Well yeah.

SID: Understatement, yeah.

HAKEEM: At that moment because of the seeker in me, because of what I’ve experienced at seven, I wanted to have this experience. I wanted to know more about Christ. I wanted to know more about it. And so I was introduced to this book by Pastor Gary Westall [sp]. There was a prayer starter in the back of the book that said if you read this prayer and after the prayer, and you ask the Father for the gift, for the baptism of the Spirit then open your mouth and God will fill your lips with his words. And so that’s what I did. I finished the book. It was a short book. After I finished the book I read the prayer and what happened was after that I was activated into something. I opened my mouth, asked God to fill me with the baptism of the Spirit, and when I opened my mouth I began to, now these baby tongues started falling out. They started coming out and it was like I didn’t understand what I was saying, but it was something unique and something different. The power of God, this was real. This was not something, an act. This was not me playing or joking. This was something supernatural.

SID: Now you, out of the mouth of a child, how long did you pray in tongues at that time, would you say?

HAKEEM: At that time, I think I was on the floor shaking and crying, and speaking in baby tongues. I would use it for about an hour and I’d begin while I was on the floor, I literally saw a portal open up. God gave me a vision and I saw this portal open up, and I saw flashes of light moving back and forth, back and forth, and I knew that something supernatural happened to me. It was not something I initiated, but it was something that God initiated. So this is what God desires in this season for us as believers is like a childlike faith, it’s just to trust and believe, and then we can be activated in the realm of the supernatural. That’s what happened to me.

SID: Okay. I don’t even get this at 12, but three-day fast. Did your mother allow you to do that?

HAKEEM: No. I wouldn’t. I mean, I couldn’t believe I did it. I took the scripture literally. I’m 12 years old. I mean, I didn’t understand much of the scripture, but again, I just took it literally, went in the closet for the first day of fast, no food. I did drink water, but I went in there the first day and what happened when I was praying fervently I felt like there was someone else in the room, in the closet with me. I felt this heat. I felt this presence. It’s almost, it was scary because I didn’t know what was going on. This is new to me. And then I literally felt a hand touch my head and this heat shot through my whole body, and I began to weep and cry. The second day the fast I was weak and I was hungry, but I desired more, so I read the Word. Whenever my stomach started to growl I started reading the Word. I started feeding my spirit. I started just naturally, I didn’t understand, but I started feeding my spirit. The second day of the fast I went in the closet. I wanted that same experience and nothing happened until I started praying. When I began to pray literally with my eyes closed I literally, it looked like someone turned the light on in the room, in the closet, this light came. And then I opened my eyes and I literally saw this being, this figure. It was almost like a translucent being with this rainbow color array. And I began to weep and cry, and the light went out, and it became dark in the room in the closet. The third day I wanted the same experience because I wanted the touch. I wanted the vision. I sought after it, went in there and prayed, and when I was praying I literally heard a voice of my mom say, “Hakeem.” And I was kind of scared because I’m like, why I’m in the closet, maybe I’m getting in trouble because I’m in the closet. And I came out of the room, and out of the closet, and my mother wasn’t there. And I was discouraged, and so I went out later on that day. I went to the basketball court where there’s this field and I began to play, and I began to just enjoy myself, and I literally while I was playing I heard a voice of God, thunder voice, I couldn’t explain how loud it was. It was so thunderous, audible, loud, where I began to duck. I’m looking around. What is that I’m seeing, where it frightened me, where I ran back into my room. I ran back and I hid under the covers. And the Lord said, “Hakeem, Hakeem.” And I began to answer, and he said, “Hakeem, I’m calling you. I’m calling you to a powerful ministry. It is I, Jesus that is calling you.” So this thunder-like voice became now a small voice. Now I knew that it was Jesus calling me, and he said, “I’m going to call you to a powerful ministry.”

SID: Now wherever God shows up the devil tries to mess up. And Hakeem, you were raised in a very rough neighborhood.


SID: And you were arrested.


SID: You were taken to jail. But you heard from God.

HAKEEM: I was running from the call. I knew that the prophetic call was there, but God says, I did not call you to a prison ministry. I called you to a prophetic ministry. He said, I did not call you to be caged. I did not call you to be locked down. I called you to move in freedom and liberty, and move in the Spirit. And that’s where the Spirit of the Lord is. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And at that place I made a decision to answer the call. I made a decision to say, yes Lord, I will obey your word.

SID: But not only did he make that decision he literally changed. I mean, literally changed. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Judy Franklin

SID: Well Judy, you went to a meeting with someone that’s been a frequent guest on It’s Supernatural, Randy Clark. You went somewhere. Tell me what happened.

JUDY: Yes. I could feel the Lord’s presence very strongly and I thought well the best thing for me to do is lay down somewhere. So I laid down and Jesus came and said, “Would you like to go somewhere?” I said yes. And off we went and we came to this place and stood there, and a portal opened up, and behind this portal was a beautiful garden, just, it was just beautiful, and it was a big portal. And I started at the side, and I was just looking at everything as I went by, and when I got to that side I saw my dad. Nobody could have ever told me.

SID: The one that told you, you were stupid, the one that rejected you.

JUDY: Yes. Nobody could have told me he was in Heaven. I wouldn’t have believed them. And there he was. And my first reaction was, “You’re here!”

SID: Oh no.

JUDY: And he said, “Yes, I just made it.” Well he knew about the Lord, so and he knew he was dying. So any time he could have accepted Jesus, and obviously he did.

SID: So Judy, you saw your dad and you’re surprised he’s there.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: What happened next?

JUDY: I don’t know why, but I started to turn around and he called my name.

Voice of Judy’s Dad: Judy.

JUDY: And he said.

Voice of Judy’s Dad: I am so sorry. You’re beautiful. I love you very much. I am so proud of you.

JUDY: And then the portal closed.

SID: Had he ever said that to you in your life?

JUDY: Never. Never.

SID: Okay. The portal closes. Then what?

JUDY: I looked over at Jesus and my grandmother was standing beside him. Now I knew she was saved. I knew she lived out her life, the rest of her life for the Lord. And she came over to me, and she just said…

Voice of Judy’s Grandmother: I’m so sorry.

JUDY: And then it was over, and I thought, what a loving God. He could have waited until I died and saw my dad and my grandmother, but he wanted, he wants me, he wants everyone so whole and healed from the inside out that he gave me that experience before I even died to know that my dad loves me. Now I know he’s in Heaven. I know my grandmother is in Heaven. I can’t wait in a sense to see him and talk to him.

SID: Well Judy, you say everyone can go to Heaven and you speak on this, and all over people have these heavenly experiences. Tell me a few.

JUDY: Well there was a boy nine years old. His name was Miles and I went and did a session on a Saturday night at his church, and they all had really nice little trips. And the next morning he went to Sunday school and he asked his teacher, can we go back to Heaven. So she had all the kids lay down and led them the same way I did, and he went to Heaven, and Jesus brought him a piece of pizza. And because he was so allergic to dairy, if he put milk on his skin the skin would peel off, so allergic to fruit, anything acidic at all he just absolutely could not eat. His mother took an Epinephrine pen everywhere they went. He’s been air-flighted out of his city to a bigger city for hospital visits. And he, so he told Jesus, “I can’t eat that. You know I’m allergic.” And he said, “If you eat this I’ll heal you.” So he ate it in this heavenly experience. He goes home and he tells his mom what happened. She goes and gets a bowl of pineapple sherbet.

SID: I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to do it. I mean, he could die.

JUDY: He could.

SID: Because he’s allergic, you told me to the dairy and the pineapple.

JUDY: Yes, both. And she’s a woman of great faith. But she did have her pen ready, that Epinephrine pen ready, and he ate the whole bowl. He was totally healed, totally healed. And then I got an email from the pastor about three months later, and the mother didn’t tell anybody, but the child also had diabetes. And the mother said, “If Jesus healed him of that allergy I know he healed him of the diabetes also.” So she weaned him off the insulin, took him back for the checkup and the doctor says, “I don’t understand this, but he doesn’t have diabetes anymore.”

SID: You know, your faith level just soars when you have an experiential knowledge of God. In every area your faith level soars. But tell me about the person that asked you to bring a note to Heaven.

JUDY: Yes. Our senior associate, Chris Vallatton, it was getting around that I was having these trips and all. So he brought a napkin to me where he had written a note to God. It said, “Dear God, this is your son Chris Vallatton. I need some money. Love Chris.”

SID: He really had faith for you to take it to Heaven.

JUDY: I don’t know if he was teasing me or what, but I’m going, oh Chris. And so that night I’m just with the Father, and the Father said, “Where’s the note?” And I went, and it was in my hand.

SID: But you can’t bring anything to Heaven.

JUDY: You can’t.

SID: So how was it in your hand?

JUDY: I don’t know.

SID: I know you don’t know.

JUDY: So I went and gave it to him. And he started reading it, and he threw back his head and started laughing, and he says, “I love Chris so much. He makes me laugh.” And I thought, do you realize when we do funny things he laughs. That just so tickles me that he can do that. And so after it was over he didn’t say anything except that. But the next week, during the next week somebody gave Chris a thousand dollars. I do not take notes. Do not send me your notes!

SID: I was just going to say, any of you want to give her a note to take to Heaven? Oh I see some hands going up. How about you? I believe that there is going to be great miracles that are going to happen as you pray for people to be free of lies and to experience this heavenly visitation. And it is for everyone. You’re sure?

JUDY: Yes, everyone. Father, I pray right now that everybody out there that’s listening to this.

SID: Can I get in on this?

JUDY: Oh yes.

SID: Okay.

JUDY: Everybody out there and in here would have a real experience with you that would experience your love that as they’re sitting there right now, including that lady that’s sitting on her couch in her living room watching this that’s at the very end of her rope, she reminds me of the cat that’s hanging on, that God is going to touch you right now, all of you, with his peace and with his love. And he’s going to give you an invitation, come up here, just like he did John the Revelator. He’s winking his finger at you saying, “Come up here because I want to love you. More than anything I want to love you. I want you to know my love. I want you to be healed on the inside from all the lies that the enemy has told you that are not true.” Even if you have what you think is evidence that it is true, it’s a lie. You are totally, completely loved by God and right now I just release this on all of you. Amen.

SID: This is the beginning of the rest of your life walking in love.

Our Guest Judy Franklin

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was such a broken, wounded woman. She spent 50 years, 50 years not knowing that God loved her and most of that time was in church. Then she went to Heaven, was hugged by God, sat in God’s lap and found out that she can teach you how to go to Heaven every time she prays and found out she can teach you how to go to Heaven. Anyone interested? You know, many of you as you grew up, you had imperfect parents. You know why they were so imperfect? They had imperfect parents. But it has to stop somewhere. But Judy, you always felt you never measured up. I think it kind of started with the fact that you had a learning disorder. But in your family, the thing that really, really got you, almost sabotaged you from the beginning is you believed a lie.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: Tell me about that.

JUDY: Well my mother was painting our living room and in the kitchen she left a cup down and it had turpentine in it. And I got up from a nap.

SID: How old were you?

JUDY: Oh about three or four. And I drank the turpentine and almost died. They took me to the hospital, pumped my stomach. But after that my grandmother was taking care of us and she put me on her lap, and she told me.

Voice of Judy’s Grandmother: Your mom left the turpentine on purpose because you’re no good.

SID: Why would she say that?

JUDY: She wanted my father to take me away from my mother so my grandmother could raise me.

SID: So you had to live with that lie.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: And I understand you had so much trauma in your life from the learning disability, the special classes, the fact that you think your mother wanted to kill you, which wasn’t true. But you wrote a letter to Dear Abby. What did you write?

JUDY: I asked her why my dad didn’t like me because he treated me so mean. And it didn’t matter what he did, he just didn’t like me. And I asked her why doesn’t my father love me because I try so hard. And my mother found the letter, and she took it to my dad. I honestly thought he’d say, oh I do, she just does dumb stuff. But instead, he bellowed out.

Voice of Judy’s Dad: Maybe I could love her if she wasn’t so stupid.

SID: Whoa.

JUDY: And that was a maybe if she weren’t so stupid. So I didn’t even have, well if you’re not stupid I could love her, but maybe if she weren’t so stupid I could love her.

SID: So she does what everyone else does. They get married and they think it will be like Hollywood and one of the first things her husband says to her, “Look, I only married you so you could cook for me and you could bear my children.” Just out of curiosity, what affect did that have on you?

JUDY: I gave up. I really thought that if I could get married somebody would love me, but that was kind of like the final straw for me that well nobody could love me and I just thought with the help of the enemy telling me more lies that I was just a person that couldn’t be loved. And there was just something about me that nobody could love me, so I lived like that.

SID: Then she had an encounter with what she calls pure love. Tell me about that encounter.

JUDY: Well we had just gotten back from Toronto and I had an experience there.

SID: By the way, Toronto was having a revival-led time and people that went there were overcome with the Spirit of God, had experiences that were life-changing. So you just came back from this life-changing, did you have an experience there?

JUDY: Oh yes. I was worshiping one night. I had my face up and I heard a voice say, “What are you looking up for? I’m right here.” And I looked down and Jesus was standing in front of me and he had his hands out. So I took his hands and I just kept singing to him, and I put both of his hands in mine and then just was caressing his, and I felt the nail scars. And as soon as I recognized what it was, he leaned forward and said…

Voice of Jesus: You see this? I did this for you.

JUDY: Personally, he did it for me. You know how we can all think, oh yeah, he died for everybody, but he personally did it for me just like he personally does it for everybody. So I had come back to Redding and Benny called me up to share, and I have always been afraid of people, so afraid because I didn’t want them to know I was stupid. So if you don’t talk very much then they can never find out. And so she called me up. There were 800 people in the audience and I was walking up there, and I thought, I’m not scared. I’m not scared at all. And I got up there and they were setting up, and I’m looking at all the people, and I thought, that was really strange. But at that time I was delivered of my fear of man of being in front of people, talking to people. So I got done sharing and I would suppose that it was Bill and Beni praying for me. I don’t really remember, but I was down on the floor. And I thought, well, hmmm, what do I do now? I’m down here on the floor on the stage and they’re going on with the service. And I’m thinking, well do you just sit up? Do you stand up like nothing happened? And then I thought do you roll off? And I thought, oh would I be a holy roller then? So I thought, oh I’ll just sit up, but I couldn’t get up. And then at the end I was just relaxed and I happened to open my eyes, and I saw his Glory. I don’t know how I knew what it was, but I knew it was his Glory and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I kept saying, look, look at it, it’s so beautiful.

SID: Now we read about his Glory in the Bible, but it’s one thing to read about it, the other, I think what you’re saying is it’s an experience.

JUDY: Yes. God doesn’t want you just to read the Word. He wants you to experience the Word. Every time we experience the Word we have more faith. It adds faith to our lives.

SID: So he was holding something in his hand. What?

JUDY: A rock and he was knocking on it, and it started cracking like an egg and it all fell off. And inside the rock was a heart and it started very slowly beating again. And he said, “This is my church and this is what I’m going to do to my church.”

Voice of God: I’m going to take the rock from off its heart and it’s going to come alive again.

SID: Now you had this encounter you told me about with the Glory of God, with the love of God. You became almost a changed person. One day you’re laying across your bed and you see a door. Take it from there.

JUDY: I see this door and it opens about a foot, and something comes out and it lands on me, and I stopped praying and started worshiping God. But I’m thinking this is so strange. I feel so good and I’m worshiping God in a way that I had never talked to him before.

SID: So you had a degree of a breakthrough and this door keeps showing up. And one day the door opens and what happens?

JUDY: I moved into this place. I saw two figures. They were shadowy figures. One I knew was the Father and one was Jesus, and I just talked to them. We talked. I thought I was making it up. I thought somehow in my imagination I was making it up, but in order to imagine anything you kind of have to think of it first and then you run with it and put things in.

SID: Of course.

JUDY: I wasn’t imagining because this all surprised me and every time I’d lay down and start to pray that’s where I would be with them and I’d talk to them.

SID: Tell me about the time that Jesus hugged you.

JUDY: When I see him a lot, he hugs you and he, I can feel his arms around me.

SID: I haven’t had this. You’re provoking me to jealousy. You know, you’re doing what the Bible. The Bible says the gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Okay, so you’re normal. But tell me, I kind of get a little of it just from you telling me. What is it like for God to hug you? What is it like to feel his love?

JUDY: It’s the best. It took me a while to learn, quite a while to learn that when I go to him and I can sit on his lap any time I want to, and I just take in all of this, and then when it’s over I’m back, and it’s like I’m full of peace.

SID: I have to tell you, as you’re telling me what occurred and occurs quite often I’m feeling that peace come off of you into me. You know what I believe? I believe that in just a little bit I’m going to have you pray for everyone that wants this prayer in our studio audience and watching, and I believe that something tangible is going to happen to them.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: In fact, when we come back I’ll have her pray for you.

Our Guest Ira Kellman


Sid:  I’ve got a Jewish man on the telephone in Tulsa, Oklahoma his name is Ira Kellman. He’s a Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus talking to another Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus. Talking about the King of the Jews Jesus the Jewish Messiah, I mean this is such a Jewish program. But guess what, you too can be grafted into the King of the Jews and the blood of the greatest Jew who ever lived will flow through your veins. This week we’re featuring a book called “The Wigglesworth Standard.” Wigglesworth literally believed he heard from God that the last days would have an army of people that would walk in the same power that Wigglesworth walked in. Walk in the same power that Jesus walked in. This end time army I believe when these 37 lost manuscripts, I say lost they were unpublished no one had ever heard of them. This man Peter Madden had studied Wigglesworth and was praying and said “God I believe somewhere there are some lost manuscripts that must be published.” He went to the other part of the world he travelled across the world and was in a guest house that Wigglesworth just happened to be sleeping in many years earlier and they had his unpublished manuscripts. Put it together in a book called “The Wigglesworth Standard.” Let me read you a little bit from one of the testimonies in the book:

The two policemen grabbed Wigglesworth and started pushing him through the crowd. He had arrived in Norway only that morning but word of him had spread before his arrival. Thousands surrounded the Town Hall hoping to get inside but unfortunately not another person could fit. Packed in like sardines the people inside were so tightly squeezed together that no one could have tripped or fallen to the ground.

Having heard the rumors that a man that was able to perform miracles would be there. People had flocked to the hall both far and wide. Many were not Christians but they had come to witness and to seek the healings and other miraculous events that might happen.

With much difficulty the policemen struggled to get Wigglesworth to the front of the hall. As he stood on the platform looking out over the vast crowd he was consumed with such tremendous zeal for the Lord and compassion for the people that he cried out “God give me a message that is different that something might happen here that is different from anything else.” As Wigglesworth began to preach the voice of God inwardly spoke to Him “If you will ask me I will give you every soul.” Had he heard correctly? He continued to preach “If you will ask me I will give you every soul.” He struggled he knew now it was the voice of the Lord but he was slow to respond. Once again the message came “If you believe and ask me I will give you every soul!”   Wigglesworth stopped, every eye was upon him why had he stopped preaching? With his eyes closed he prayed “Alright Lord do it! I ask you please give me every soul.” From every direction a wind seemed to blow. The breath of the Holy Spirit swept over the auditorium from the front to the back. People all over the Town Hall began crying out to God for mercy. Every man, woman, and child became acutely aware of personal sinfulness and unworthiness before this awesome God whom they now were experiencing. As they begged God’s forgiveness Wigglesworth pointed them to Jesus and the way of salvation.

With all of them yielding to Christ God saved every soul just as He spoken to this man who was filled with God.

I want you to be so filled with the Spirit of God. …Ira Kellman when I was reading about that wind I couldn’t help but think that God has instructed you to blow on people and what happens?

Ira:  I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and we’ve had people healed from arthritis, rheumatism…

Sid:  How did you even start doing that? I mean I see people doing it today but 20 years ago that took chutzpah that took nerve to do.

Ira:  Well you know when I got on fire I got on fire and I just did whatever the Lord told me to do (laughing). You know Wigglesworth at times God told him to punch people in the stomach who had tumors and he did it and the tumors dissolved. So I learned a lot of boldness from Wigglesworth…

Sid:  Tell me about what’s happened to people when you do this.

Ira:  People have come out of comas, I’ve prayed for people on the telephone they come out of comas, people have been healed of arthritis, rheumatism, depression, cancer, of blood diseases, eye problems, ear problems just all sorts of everything. They get refreshing, they get peace, they get joy, they get strength, you know the Bible says the wind of God moves and the breath of God you know Jesus… God breathed the breath of life into man. Jesus breathed on His disciples and said “Receive the Holy Ghost.” You know it’s in the word but you have to have a special anointing. By God’s grace he gave me that special anointing. Every day I’m blowing on somebody, I even blow on my cats and they get blessed. I go to restaurants with my friends and somebody’s going through a hard time you know they’re depressed or worn out I blow on them and (snaps his finger) just within a minute less than a minute they are refreshed, they are renewed, they have got the joy of the Lord…

Sid:  You know what it is, I believe there’s a spirit of oppression and when the wind of God’s Spirit comes in contact with the spirit of depression and oppression…

Ira:  That’s right.

Sid:  …something has to move and it’s not God (laughing).

Ira:  God moves the oppression, depression, and confusion and I see so many people healed from broken hearts just by blowing on people. Right now somebody needs healing in their left arm where the crease in your left arm whatever the problem is I curse it in the name of Jesus. I loose healing to you right now in the name of Jesus in that left arm and the crease of the arm right now in Jesus name.

Sid:  Ira I want you to… I’m going to ask you to blow in the supernatural… will people experience the wind of God coming on them?

Ira:  They’ll experience it because it’s supernatural and God will come through the telephone, He’ll come through the radio stations, everywhere this is played and people get touched and healed as this is played yes. Because you know why? People listen to my tapes from 15-20 years ago the anointing is on it, people still get healed listening to my tapes from 15-20 years ago because the anointing is still on it.

Sid:  Have you ever seen the glory cloud come into your meetings?Do you ev

Ira:  Oh I see it all the time! I have glory clouds in every meeting literally really.

Sid:  I’m believing a glory cloud is coming right out of the radio now into the rooms…

Ira:  Right.

Sid:  …into the cars, wherever you are into the kitchen right now. People are being healed of backs and spines in particular are being supernaturally healed. Ira I want you to blow on people and oppression and depression, and illnesses, and demons they must scatter in the name of Jesus and the breath of the spirit of God do that now.

Ira:  Father in the name of Jesus of Nazareth Lord I come before you and God you are the anointed one and Lord I ask you to move upon the people right now. Father by your wind and by your healing power to heal people from oppression and depression, confusion and suicide, and Father the people with lung problems and heart problems to be healed right now, and Father I ask you to give the people a hunger and thirst after righteousness. Give them a strong heart to seek You to understand You Father move by Your wind right now (sound of wind blasting) in the name of Jesus the wind of God to move and to bring healing, and peace and joy, and freedom. Negative forces and principalities and powers be broken off of people and the presence of God to come into their homes, and to come into their cars to come into wherever they are listening on the radio right now for them to feel the tangible presence of God because there it is (sound of wind blasting) in the name of Jesus Lord we thank you. Set the people free fill their hearts with love and peace and joy. Healings to their bodies from all sicknesses and disease Father in the name of Jesus. Now for that left leg to be totally healed too there Father. That person with gangrene Father and that leg to be totally healed in Jesus’ name. Lord your presence to saturate the people that their bodies are just tingling from Your power, Your anointing Father in Jesus’ name.

Sid:  I’ll tell you something I want this week’s sharing on cassette just to listen to the wind of the Spirit of God as Ira blows. Ira what is God showing you that will be happening in the near future in the United States?

Ira:  Well God’s going to be doing a lot of reviving in His people and a lot of setting people straight down the narrow road. He’s going to give people a new strength and a new heart to walk uprightly.

Sid:  How about Israel, what do you see happening?

Ira:  Oh I pray for Israel every day you know. God has to do miracles of protection there of course because there’s so many enemies against them. God’s going to deliver them from a lot of these attacks that you know the Hezbollah being trained by the Iranian you know the revolutionary guard. You know you have enemies to the right and left of them, God’s going to do some miracles there. So I think some people there are going to get their eyes opened to see when God moves for Israel.

Sid:  I believe not only is that going to happen but I believe just as there is going to be a revival in the United States there is going to be a revival in Israel. Before Jesus returns the word of the Lord will go out from Zion with Jewish people that are red hot for Jesus. I see that Ira.

Ira:  I believe that yes definitely. I was just in Israel and I’m going back again here and we had so many miracles there. I was ministering to a lot of people from Africa, and Ethiopian Jews too, my first time I ministered to Ethiopian Jews, and they’re getting healings and miracles, and peace and love and joy. They just love the Lord they’re hungry.

Our Guest Ira Kellman


Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Ira Kellman. Ira is a Jewish believer in Jesus. He is just red hot for the Lord. Talk about red hot he was almost fried because he was literally hit with 125 million volts of electricity. Before we get to Ira I want to read to you from the book I’ve been reading from all this week called “The Wigglesworth Standard.” You see an author by the name Peter Madden found 37 unpublished manuscripts of Smith Wigglesworth the great healing evangelist. I mean Wigglesworth has laid hands on many dead people have come back to life. Limbs have been restored. Wigglesworth felt that an army would be raised up in the last days that would walk in the same signs as Jesus even greater signs. This book I believe will be the standard to learn how to walk in the supernatural. I want to read this to you from the book:

“Smith watch me when I’m preaching. I get so near to heaven that someday I’m just going to take off.” He thought back on these words that his dear Polly had once spoken. Well he mused “She certainly must have preached tonight.”

It was New Year’s day 1913 the local doctor and a policeman had met him just as he was stepping out the front door on his way to Glasgow to minister at some meetings. However the look on the 2 men’s faces as they met him told him something was wrong, “Polly’s dead. She fell dead at the mission door.” Just a few hours before Smith had bid her well as she was leaving to go preach there. How he loved his Polly she was everything in the world to him. In the natural he was devastated but deep down inside he knew that she was where she wanted to be. He began to speak in tongues and praise the Lord laughing in the spirit.

Soon the house was filled with people her body had been brought to the house. At Wigglesworth’s instructions they took her up to her room and laid her lifeless form on the bed. “She is dead and we can do no more.” Wigglesworth just smiled he knew differently. Asking everyone to please leave the room he closed the door. When the last one left he turned around and walked over to the bed. He knew that she was with her beloved Lord as she had so longed to be. Standing before her now he couldn’t bare the separation “In the name of Jesus death give her up!” Polly’s eyes opened and looked straight into his “Polly I need you.” “Smith the Lod wants me.” An incredible struggle was going on inside of him now oh how much he wanted her with him. How could he go on without her he thought they would have so many more years together?

That still small voice came that voice he knew so well the only one he loved more than hers. “She’s Mine her work is done.” With tears streaming down his face he yielded to His Lord “My darling if the Lord wants you I will not hold you.” She smiled as he kissed her cheek tenderly. Then he simply said “Goodbye for the present.” Her eyes closed and she was gone.

“Yes Lord” he obeyed and turned and walked out of the room. It was the hardest thing he had ever done.

I’m reading from the book “The Wigglesworth Standard.”  My guest Ira Kellman is a man that has been hit or had near hits from lightning 7 times. Ira I’m going to take you to a particular date July 12, 1987 preaching in a church in Indianapolis what was going on?

Ira:  I was preaching on obedience and lightning was blasting all over the place it was a torrential rain day I mean just really coming down heavy heavy rain. Lightning was blasting all over the place…

Sid:  I understand you found out the next day that at least 2 people died from lightning that evening.

Ira:  Lightning hit their house blew it up and killed 2 people. Yeah it was terrible I mean really really terrible. Very low thunder blast things of lightning all night long. Lightning was blasting all over the place and all of a sudden the Holy Ghost says “Pray pray protection.” I started praying protection you know Psalms 91 “No evil shall befall us no plague shall nigh our dwelling.” I’m binding the devil from everything from cars to buildings, the other situations around the buildings. I get the last word out of my mouth “Devil I bind you in the name of Jesus!” and lightning hit the top of the roof went down the wall the lightning. I had a lapel microphone it went through the lapel microphone blasted me in the chest threw me back and I felt the presence of angels catch me. I saw flames jump off of the roof because there was a skylight, the place got filled up with smoke. You could smell the sofa, the system was buzzing people were just sitting there thank God the peace of God came upon the people. I talked to people later on their ears were ringing for hours and hours and they checked everything out. Nothing happened nothing happened to me…

Sid:  But wait a second, we have an actual sound clip and you can hear the thunder, you can hear the crash from the lightning. Let’s go to that clip right now.

Excerpt: Sound clip

Sid:  Ira before you got hit with lightning you were talking about supernatural protection reading from Psalm 91. Quote that from memory right now.

Ira:  “No evil shall befall us no plague shall come nigh our dwelling.” Because what I did was I said “God even wants to protect me from the cats.” I have to pray protection from my cat you know that’s when I felt led to pray. “There shall no evil befall you shall any plague come nigh to your dwelling.” Your dwelling is anywhere it can be in a plane, a car it can be anywhere. “No evil shall befall me no plague shall come nigh my dwelling.” Then it says right after that verse “Then He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.” When I got blown back that’s when the angels caught me.

Sid:  Why do you think that was angels that caught you?

Ira:  Oh I felt the presence of angels. I know I’ve had angels manifest in meetings so I know when an angel is there.

Sid:  Out of curiosity do you think you would have had such supernatural protection if you weren’t so grounded in the word and speaking the word at that precise moment?

Ira:  I don’t think I would have no. I think would have gone off to glory. It was just knowing the word, knowing authority, and God has a plan for me. Thank God for His hand of protection.

Sid:  Was the meeting over after that happened or did you continue preaching?

Ira:  It went on for another 45 minutes…

Sid:  (Laughing)

Ira:  …because I had to go and pray for the sick (Laughing).

Sid:  (Laughing) You’re too much Ira.

Ira:  (Laughing) You know when it happened Sid?

Sid:  What?

Ira:  It threw me back and I started, I sort of kept on preaching and they put the system off and I started laughing with the best. I said “You know lightning hit out there. Whatever it hit out there you know it went through the system and hit me.” I was just delirious and I kept on preaching. I said “Oh my God I just got hit by lightning and I’m still alive thank you Jesus.” I really didn’t think that much of it because I was just caught up and thank God for the presence of you know the Holy Spirit on me. I just got caught up into the anointing.

Sid:  You really prayed for the sick afterwards?

Ira:  Yeah!

Sid:  Was anyone healed?

Ira:  Yeah there were many healings in there!

Sid:  (Laughing)

Ira:  Allergies, broken bones, yeah I still have the tape from the…

Sid:  I’ve got to ask you this though, since you’ve been struck by lightning has the anointing of God increased?

Ira:  Oh the anointing… right after this I think the next meeting I did in Vegas it is like it’s been increased a 100 times more. You know all things are parallel and God just stepped up the anointing of the Holy Ghost… like I said He has a sense of humor. What the devil meant for evil God turned it around and made for good.  The unusual thing about this was the newspapers picked up on this and it went on the front page of the Indianapolis paper and from there it went all across the nation and around the world front pages and everybody gave a positive story to this. Thousands of people have been saved through this with me going… and having meetings, and teaching, and giving my testimony my conversion, my lightning story. God saved a lot of people, healed a lot of people and it gets people’s attention because I bring the tape, they hear the tape and it just blows people away and they go “Oh my God!”

Sid:  What’s going to happen on tomorrow’s broadcast?

Ira:  Well tomorrow I want to pray for people for healings, for miracles, for peace, for joy, I want to pray for people for a hunger and thirst after God, after the word of God, after the Spirit of God. I want to pray for people who want to be used for God. Sid if God can take me knowing nothing, I didn’t even know what the word evangelist was. Not knowing nothing and send me around the world and teach me the bible and be a blessing to people, He can use anybody who wants to be used.

Sid:  I just believe also there’s going to be a gusher of God’s Spirit in a tangible form just pouring out of the radio tomorrow.

Ira:  There is, there is, there is.

Sid:  I mean there’s a presence of God right now, but I mean there is going to be a gusher Mishpochah. Tell me again Ira how important Smith Wigglesworth’s teach was to you.

Ira:  He formed my early Christian life into what I am doing today because I said God I had a heart crack “God I want to be like Wigglesworth.” I want miracles everywhere, I want to pray for people everywhere on the streets in planes, in trains, bathrooms, restaurants and that’s what I’ve done.  “Lord I want to be like Wigglesworth.” So He formed… God used his books and his testament to form my life to what I am doing today and what I’ll be doing till Jesus comes.

Sid:  Very quickly tell me one miracle that comes to mind.

Ira:  In any area?

Sid:  Any area.

Ira:  I prayed for this contorted body it was one of the most amazing things I’ve saw. Did you ever see someone so totally twisted they can hardly walk because they have a carrier? They are twisted from arthritis rheumatism….

Sid:  How the woman that was bowed over for 18 years had to walk looking at the ground?

Ira:  That was miraculous but this person I saw with my own eyes. That was amazing without seeing it. This person the arms are up, the hands were back, and the legs were twisted, and the whole body was straightened and walking and leaping and jumping and running after I prayed.

Sid:  Is there anything to compare to be able to see someone set free like that in the name of Jesus?

Ira:  That’s what it’s all about.

Our Guest Dave Roberson


Sid:  We found out all of this week that Dave Roberson pastor of Prayer Center Family in Tulsa, Oklahoma really had a lot of strikes against him as a child.  His mother was an alcoholic, his father was in prison, he had many fathers over the years. His grandfather would remind him of his son in law and he would say “You’re no good, you’re not going to mount to anything.” So he got born again and he got filled with the Spirit and he prayed in tongues and he still couldn’t get a ceiling on his life he couldn’t get beyond that ceiling. And he found by persevering and praying in unknown tongues it opened up a door a level of supernatural restoration super natural peace that has changed his life. Now there are many people listening to us right now that are born again and you have actually asked Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit but you’ve never spoken in tongues so you just figure “Well maybe it isn’t for you.” Dave will you help those people get from point A to point B?

Dave: Yes and I can guarantee you one thing this is for you. It’s one of the most precious gifts that heaven has given for your edification and the building of you up in God. And when a person does pray in tongues it is actually the Holy Spirit taking the person lives of God and plan of God for your life for your person life. And praying and creating it to be prayed through you so that you can have the benefit of God plan being revealed in your own person life.  I mean this is all some of the things praying in tongues gets. First of all it is for you and I can help you. Nicodemus probably…he probably was on the Sanhedrim court and was a Judge in Israel and he asked Jesus about entering the Kingdom. And Jesus said “You must be born again to enter the Kingdom.” He didn’t understand that statement about being born again. So Jesus explain He said “The wind blows where it lifted you hear the sound wherever it comes or goes. So is every man that is born of the Spirit.” Well that word wind there is translated as breath that God breathed into Adam he became a living soul that spirit man he breathed into. Well what he was saying to Nicodemus was the Holy Spirit is going to breathe that new nature the very life of God into you when you ask and you’ll be born again.  Well that happened to your spirit, being born again happened to your human spirit.  You’re a person, the Holy Spirit is a person of God.  He’s one person of God you are a person and being born again happened to your human spirit as the Holy Spirit was there to do the work. Now for you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit this precious third person of the Godhead literally steps into your spirit in baptism begins to reside there in presence. And the first thing He wants to do when He arrives when He steps in now remember you’re one person He’s another He’s the precious Spirit of God. Being born again happened to your human spirit but when you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the third person of the Godhead the precious precious precious Spirit of God.  The first thing He wants to do for you is pray and He’s got within Himself the entire plan of God for your personal life because He was with the Father when the Father planned that for you. So he’s got God’s plan for you He’s got the understanding of who Christ is in you with Him.  And He wants to pray that through you so that’s what this supernatural language of tongues is all about. Now the moment that He steps in what He will do is He will begin to create that supernatural language on the inside of your spirit. When He does simultaneous as He creates it in your spirit He will want to complete the circuit of prayer from the realms of the spirit to the natural world that you walk in.  He does that through your tongue so the moment He creates the supernatural language in your spirit your tongue begins to shape and form the language He’s speaking in your spirit. Now if there happens to be some kind of stronghold tapped into your soul that tries to block that language from making it from your spirit out our tongue into this natural world then there’s some things you can do. Because when you pray He is going to come and baptize you and He’s going to begin and create that language in your spirit. That’s what He does in baptism. But I run into people who have been taught against it who had a stronghold built up in their mind and their emotion. So when the Holy Spirit would try to make that journey so that their tongue would begin to create the shape and form the words that He was creating in them to make that journey. That he would run into that block that stronghold and they could not feel those tongues coming up.  And this is what I have found I have found that if I can take a person like this if this is your problem and you go somewhere with somebody who knows how to worship and put a worship tape on and then just begin to worship God and you’ll just step over to Him.  Because what worship does it causes God to come trying to enter baptism of your senses kind of a presence that will come upon you that will so submerge your senses that in the anointing that you will have the special presence of the Holy Spirit working on the outside of you on your senses. And then you’ll have the precious presence of the Holy Spirit rising up on the inside of you. And I have found out that sometimes when you get a person to yield over in worship and worship Him for awhile until He’s presence begins to come.  And then stops and begins to thank Him for that supernatural language and then yield themselves over I’ve seen many many people get passed those strongholds and those blocks by returning to worship and then yielding themselves to the Spirit and waiting for their tongue to begin to shape those words for them to speak out. If it doesn’t happen that time then go back and worship Him and thank Him for it again and glorify His holy name.

Sid: And I’ve found people Dave that when even when they don’t even feel a word on their tongue if they’ll just by faith start speaking a language they’ve never been taught the whole thing will come out.

Dave: Yes that’s absolutely true Sid and at times I would…people have broke out and spoke with tongues when I’ve ministered to them like that just like you’ve said.

Sid: Would you do that right now?

Dave: Yes all you have to do to receive the Holy Spirit my friend is that if you’re listening to my voice it’s just get ready to receive Him by agreeing with me in the prayer that I’m going to pray for you now. In fact if you can repeat after me just repeat this prayer after me and the Holy Spirit will step into you and create this language it will come up to your tongue if you will open your mouth and begin to speak out with me He will begin to speak out with you.  So right now right now let’s bring it this far just get ready to repeat after me this is not a law or anything this is just receiving you.  Say “Oh heavenly Father.

Sid: Oh heavenly Father.

Dave: In the precious Name of Jesus

Sid:  In the precious Name of Jesus

Dave: I want to receive your Holy Spirit

Sid: I want to receive your Holy Spirit

Dave: Oh I ask you to fill me now

Sid: Oh I ask you to fill me now

Dave: I receive Him now by faith

Sid: I receive Him now by faith

Dave: Thank You Holy Spirit

Sid: Thank You Holy Spirit

Dave: For creating that language of tongues in my spirit

Sid: For creating that language of tongues in my spirit

Dave: I am going to begin to speak them out at this moment.

Sid: I am going to begin to speak them out at this moment.

Dave: Now begin to speak them out with me.

Sid: Now begin to speak them out with me.

Dave:  Now for you who are listening for the sake of getting these people we’re teaching on this gift now therefore we’re not speaking in tongues out of order over the air. We are teaching on it and people are receiving so begin to speak with me now.  (Dave and Sid speaking in prayer language)….See Sid has one tongue I have another it gives you a language for your own person life…(speaking on tongues) And if you didn’t receive at that moment I’m going to worship God for a moment just worship Him with me just Him with me.  Oh Heavenly Father I glorify You and I worship you I magnify You, I lift you up and exalt You with…I thank You for Your presence and I thank You for being filled with the Holy Spirit. And I am going to yield myself and speak in that language now…(speaking on tongues) Father anoint them to speak in this language bring them forward in them now….for you whose just joined us on the air many are receiving the Holy Spirit we are not speaking in tongues over the air out of order we’re teaching on this gift and people are receiving. So continue to pray…..

Sid: Dave I feel like we are so worshipping God in our prayer right now we’re telling Him how much we love Him we’re praising God well but we’re out of time Mishpochah.

Our Guest Dave Roberson


Sid: I’m speaking to my friend Dave Roberson he’s Pastor of Prayer Center Family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re talking about his series called “Removing the Ceiling.” And there’s something going on this week on this show Dave where you were talking about weeping that just came upon you and you just ministered to a group of pastors that came upon them and then they went to their churches and it came upon them. And then you were talking about a supernatural peace that comes upon us when we’re praying in tongues for a long enough period of time. Tell me about a bit about this peace this is so intriguing because the world is talking peace in the Middle East, the world is talking “What are we going to do about these AIDS viruses their mutating and that there’s no cures for them? And what are we going to do about the biological warfare.  What are we going to do about the shortages of blood of the shortages of water, the shortages of food on this earth?”  And the Bible itself talks about it the spirit of the last days which we are in is the spirit of fear. So when you talk about peace that’s got to be what everyone is looking for. But not just a positive confession of peace I mean living in a tangible presence of God’s peace tell me about that.

Dave: (Laughing) Well Sid you know it I didn’t even know it was what I was looking for because each time that I would make some level of peace you know something I’d make another level of peace and I’d find out “Oh goodness I didn’t really believe that it could be this way.” And the peace and as you said “God is love and perfect love casts out fear and it has not been perfected in love that is tormented in fear.” So if a person is perfected in that love and the absence of torment and fear you’ll have peace. But I’ve found the strongest key in my life from bringing me from torment and intimidation and failure and ceilings on my life of bad habits all kinds of things. That one of the strongest keys that I fell into quite by accident was praying in tongues. And praying in tongues begin an edification process in me that started building me up above the strongholds and the feelings that was robbing me of my peace. And sometimes of somebody who went through a second marriage and two a second marriage and the husband begins to do something that reminds her of her first husband and causes a stronghold to come forward and sabotages her life. Those are the kind of things that He will displace by absolutely destroying the root of them through edification and replacing them with peace.  And when the peace of that strength comes then those programs from those strongholds will no longer control any part of your actions.  And that strong peace begins to come.

Sid: That’s what happened in your life I mean you were sabotaged as a child.But not just a positive confession of peace I mean living in a tangible presence of God’s peace tell me about that.

Dave: Yeah.

Sid: With an alcoholic mother a father in prison and different fathers and grandfather that literally was curing you because you reminded you of your father who was upset over. I mean with all of the handicaps that you had unless God did something supernaturally I don’t think you could have overcome them.

Dave: (Laughing) And I was even born again and the holiness church thank God.

Sid: And Spirit filled.

Dave: And Spirit filled.

Sid: And speaking in tongues.

Dave: And I spoke with tongues and so if all of that of it was just possible by…

Sid: And you went to church every Sunday.

Dave: And I went to church and if it were just by merit of baptism of the Holy Spirit alone or salvation alone then I would have had it all. But I found out there was something I could do and so I began to pray and He began to edify me and build me out of those things. I was just in Brazil after this anointing to weep came upon me when He washed me and brought me to even a greater level of peace. And I’m in Brazil with an interpreter a language barrier had about 1700 preachers in the meeting. And I got up through the interpreter they didn’t know what happened to me I had given no testimony it was the first 15 minutes of the first service. I’d just got up and started talking about the love of God. They begin to breakdown those preachers and weep and weep and weep and weep. So finally under this anointing I said to them I said “Everybody with tears running down your cheeks come to the front and 100’s and 100’s stormed up to the front and broke down sobbing and crying on the floor.”  And I said “Father what are You doing?” Because it was still so new to me “What are You doing?” And He said “I’m washing them, I’m washing them of strongholds.” And yesterday at the end of the program and I broke down for a minute and just had to pray for people’s peace because all of those preachers were lying on the floor in front of it and I said “Lord what is this?”  And this is the same thing that went out yesterday over the air and set people free.  I said “What is this?” And He said “This is my grace the sower overtakes the reaper.” He said, “Son it took you 28 years to get here but you can sow this into people’s lives through teaching in just a few short years and they can overtake your harvest because it’s not by our works, it’s nothing we can do to earn it.  It’s simply when we can simply receive it whether that’s through fasting or prayer or me 28 years of exploring wrong trails only to come back and get on the right one.  Because you can’t get into error if you keep praying in tongues cause it activates you teacher by revealing the mysteries of Christ in you.  So I’ve had all of those years of going down some wrong trails for a short way and coming back and now I can teach you and save you a lot of time. And I can sow into your life in just a short time in one tape series in certain areas of your life like the one that you’re offering in this program.

Sid: Well I got this as a gift and I started listening to it and that’s where we get many of our guests and many of our tools. I listen to some and I saw “Wow this is really benefiting me!  I want to help other people.” You know there are people listening to us Dave that have never prayed in unknown tongues. And then there’s others listening to us that have but just don’t do it anymore. On tomorrow’s broadcast would you lead us and teach us just a little and lead us into how to pray in unknown tongues if there are people that have never done this?

Dave: I’d be glad to.

Sid: And but there are people listening to us now that do pray in tongues and they just stop doing it why have they stopped?

Dave: I understand that too because I had to overcome all of that I can teach on it hallelujah.

Sid: Why have they stopped?

Dave: Well the flesh isn’t always negative sometimes the flesh feeds lust and desire and things like the love of money improperly.  And so when we love something more than God then eventually you’ll make a move to move up above it and when it does it causes a war in the person’s soul.  And then at that point they’ll either fall out of praying in tongues or they will punch through and let Him show them what is dying in their life. And He’ll give them faith to move that out of their lives.  So usually it has to do with the flesh.

Sid: Isn’t it important to pray in tongues our loud or is it just as valuable if you pray in tongues and no one hears you?

Dave: It’s just as valuable to pray and no one hears you because he said “If there be no interpreter let him speak to himself and God. The fact that he’s speaking it’s not bothering anyone around him. So that means he’s doing it quietly enough he’s not bothering anybody else because there’s no interpreter yet he’s talking to God.  So it isn’t how loud you speak it isn’t the emotions you add to the prayer as it passes through the soul it’s the content of what you’re saying when you’re praying in tongues that changes everything.  So you can whisper and not even wear yourself out and it will be just as effective.

Sid: Dave when you pray in unknown tongues many times do you know what you’re praying or most of the times do you not know?

Dave: Most of the times I do not know but eventually much of it you will know because much of it is your future and He’s working His plan in your life and He’s also revealing mysteries. But the times that you don’t know is when He’s building you up over some problem that has a hold of you a hold of your life.  And He doesn’t want to let you in on it until your past it because you don’t know a lot of times what’s good for you or we don’t know the problems. He’ll just simply build us up above it and give us the strength to turn lose of it before He moves against it.  So no I don’t always know Sid and sometimes I do.

Sid: But I can tell you that what you’ve been teaching on all of this week…it’s causing the bubbling going on inside of my spirit.

Dave: (Laughing)

Sid: That’s what it’s causing.

Dave: That is when the Holy Spirit see will reveal a mystery in you He does it to your spirit and then your spirit will eventually it can illuminate your mind where you can word the revelation. And what that revelation is doing it is feeding your spirit in such a way that it’s broken down by the Holy Ghost so it’s broken down already where you’re spirit can understand it. And so what you’re feeling is the uplifting evidence it’s an edification process of being free being to go on in your spirit.  Then the tremendous thing is that will set you into prayer. Hallelujah.

Sid: Okay let’s just start no we only have half a minute but just start for someone who’s never prayed in tongues what can they do?

Dave:  All they have to do…

Sid: Born again but they’ve never prayed in tongues.

Dave: Just never prayed have been baptized or prayed? Oh all they have to do is just yield themselves over…. “Father God fill me with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.” You’ll note that they’ll begin to move on their mouth. When they do just yield over and start speaking it out it’s as simple as that.

Sid: And what if they don’t know what to say?

Dave: Well if they will just open their mouth and begin to speak it out by faith you won’t think so but His words will begin to form and be there because if you ask Him He will fill you.

Sid: That simple.

Dave: That’s simple.

Sid: Everyone who asks receives in Jesus name.

Our Guest Dave Roberson


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to know that miracles are not the exception but they’re the rule. I have my friend Dave Roberson on the telephone I’m speaking to him in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I’m speaking to him at his church Prayer Center Family and Dave you just got back from a campaign with Norvel Hayes.  Tell me some miracles that happened there.

Dave: I was at a Norvel Hayes Bible College in Tennessee and I went up originally for one week but the miracles broke out so strong. I mean what caused the thing to go for 6 weeks is that I think it was the last night Thursday night or so a woman came from a neighboring city that she didn’t have a short arm that was shorter than the other it was smaller arm and it was turned in smaller than the other arm. And when the Glory of God came on her the arm came out to the size of the other one and then turned upward freed up.  And I don’t mean short like 3 or 4 inches shorter and you pray and it lengthens.  I’m talking it was stunted it was smaller than the other arm. And so this miracle started 6 weeks and then Leigh College of course is the Church of God. Leigh College is in Cleveland, Tennessee and they heard about the revival and started pouring in from there. And one night a young man that played basketball come in on crutches and something had happened to his leg and the crutches went one way and the brace went another way and he went another way.  So he went back to Leigh College testifying of those miracles so this thing ended up going to 6 weeks.

Sid: You know something?  Jesus didn’t have a big public relations team getting crowds He had no problems getting crowds one miracle will bring a crowd (Laughing).

Dave: Oh it did and it ran for 6 weeks that in Corinthians when He said as at an open face meeting. Now that we have been born again we don’t have the veil over our face.  And Moses had to come down when he had the glory on him he had to have a veil over his face.  But once we’ve been born again we with open faces in a mirror that we could look at the image of Christ and be conformed from glory to glory. Because now we don’t have that spiritual death to contend with so we don’t have a veil over our face so we can go from glory to glory.  Well I found that praying in tongues we’ll bring you from glory to glory because that’s from one realm to another in the Spirit. And I was in October I was seeking God and that’s what led us to this 6 weeks. I locked myself away for 30 days in praying in tongues and seeking God and fasting and things like that. And about 26 days in Sid I started weeping and I weeped for 9 hours straight.

Sid: Why were you weeping?

Dave: I couldn’t even catch my breath.

Sid: Hm.

Dave: Because I had been saying God I want the power you know but not those words you know I was doing it humbly.  I want all that you have you know and my heart was I want it yesterday.  But when this weeping came and God unveiled Himself like an onion peal at a time and later he unveiled so thin but it was His heart He was revealing.  And what He revealed was His love for the people that were lost mangled up and crippled and hopeless people.  And for just that while His heart was unveiled and I couldn’t stand it Sid I wept for 9 hours solid.  And I came out of that into a March Power of Prayer Conference that we have every year for preaching. And on Friday night that weeping hit the preachers and they wept and cried like they babies and they went home and it hit their churches.  Well then I go to Cleveland and start that the week after that and after that woman’s miracle that Friday night the same weeping showed up and went through that whole crowd.  And repentance on levels you wouldn’t believe took place uncontrollable weeping and crying hour after hour as He washed preachers clean.  It was an operation of grace where He traded their weaknesses for His strength it’s another that has come Sid.  And if you ask me in this trail from glory to glory if you was to ask me what were you to attribute it to, Sid I found out how to edify myself. Build myself up on my most holy faith as Jude 20 says praying in the Holy Ghost.

Sid: What is going to happen to someone listening to us right now that is born again Spirit filled has prayed in tongues for years but now its maybe in a church service for a minute or a minute there a minute here when they get to heaven when they find out what they could have had how are they going to feel?

Dave: Sid at that point I believe that in 1st Corinthians the 3rd chapter when he talks about our foundation were built on what Paul gave us that if any man built with hay, wood or stubble and that they build upon that foundation that it will all be burned.  They’ll be saying as by fire whatever degree of loss of reward anything on the foundation the apostles gave us that is not of God it will be burned. And I think that when the secrets of our heart are made manifest that day.  That I think that there’s too times that there’s gnashing of teeth this last great acts of mercy of God. Two times there’s gnashing of teeth one is when a man finds out that he’s in a lost eternity forever and every being consumed by a fire from the inside out forever.  And the second the outer darkness where there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth I think that it will be when we see what we could have had, saw what was available and it was taken away from us.  Either else because we didn’t go further ourselves or somebody as a teacher took it away from us and put us in a holding tank and took our reward away.

Sid: That at least was scripture that I heard you teach on would you teach a little bit on when Jesus said “Many are called few are chosen.”

Dave: In Matthew the 20th chapter the 16th verse when He says “The last shall be first and the first shall be last many will be called but few are chosen.” And the answer to that verse is in itself it’s self contained when He said “Many are called few are chosen” and that is to walk and to serve with Him and to reign with Him both here and there when we get to heaven.  And here’s what qualifies us “Many have been called few are chosen.”  And the cry of my heart is “Please God can you show me?” Now can You show me what it is that causes me to be chosen? And it was in that verse when He said “The first will be last and the last will be first” what He was saying is those who exalt themselves and make themselves first in God’s kingdom they come in last. But those who make themselves last make themselves the servants in God’s kingdom they come in first.

Sid: Now is making yourself last going and washing latrines in the church is that what you mean?

Dave:  Not exactly.  When He said “The first will be last the last will be first many called few be chosen” and me making myself last that is the servant is what causes you to be chosen.  And what makes you the servant is when you are transformed to the love of Jesus His love and His compassion.  That’s what caused me to weep those 9 hours just to glimpse of how He loved people through the heart of the Father was almost too much for me to bear.   It caused me to weep and weep and weep but to become to become a servant to somebody else is what He was talking about here when He says those that make themselves last is servants. And where He has brought me in the Spirit and I don’t even know how to say this but I don’t care what it costs me any more to see somebody saved.  I just don’t care experiencing the heart of the Father and maybe being able to make a servant out of him maybe you know I don’t know what to say about that yet.  But I do know the love and the peace that He gives me I’m willing to hold Jesus’ blood up to somebody and I don’t care what they do to me.  But becoming that servant it is whatever He asks you to do.  And Sid I found the shadow of that under the Old Testament.

Sid: What was that?

Dave: It’s the Hebrew that had to sell himself as a bond slave to his master and then the Jubilee came along and when the Jubilee came the same slave was set free and then he came around and came back to the master that had set him free and said “I want to be your servant and slave forever.”  Well see it was the man under the law that was sold out to God to the law then the Jubilee came and set him free and he was born again.  And then the same man came back and reported to his master who set him free who said “I want to become your slave by my own choice and he took a nail to hold through the door post of the house. Well see that doorpost that he nailed your ear to now is the doorpost of God and you become His servant and His servant alone and you take instructions from none other and He will cause you to be a servant to humanity. And that’s what causes you to be chosen to reign with Him. But what I do love is what He gives you to serve Him with signs and wonders miracles and freedom from captivity all of those things.

Sid: That supernatural peace you’re talking about overcoming fear of all kind.

Dave: Yeah.

Sid: What away to live in this world where we’ve gotten bacterial logical warfare and diseases and all of the fear that is coming on man today that’s our weapon.

Dave: Peace yes peace.  I uh… Sid right now just His Spirits on me so strong okay that is it okay if I pray for peace?

Sid: Please quickly.

Dave: Father I speak peace to every troubled person and hopelessness on and pull the strongholds down Jesus name give this to them and I thank You for it Amen.

Our Guest John McTernan

Sid: I have on the telephone and I’m speaking to him at his office in Millerstown, Pennsylvania John McTernan. John formally for 26 years was a Federal Agent he was with the Internal Security Division of the IRS. He’s also cofounder of International Cops for Christ. But the reason I’m interviewing him is he had an encounter with the Living God in which God showed him that God is a holy God and there are judgments that have been coming on America but such a precise point that when a sin like abortion or a homosexual rally or things of that nature occurred the exact day that they occur there have been hurricanes or the stock market has crashed. And you know if it had been a week later I’d say “Well coincidence but he had events well documented in his book “God’s Final Warning to America.” Now John on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about chapter 2 of your book which is called “The Israel Connection” why does God cause specific judgments to happen to America when America goes against Israel, why is that?

John: Well Sid I think for 2 reasons number 1 the prophet Joel chapter 3 when you look at verse 1 & 2 specifically in verse 2 specifically that He’s going to judge the nations who have parted or have divided the land. And that’s exactly what Clinton is doing right now through President Clinton we’re putting enormous pressure on Israel to literally give 1/3 of Jerusalem away and the West Bank which is Judea and Samaria which the Jewish people have by covenant. It’s a covenant by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and if fact circumcision when you look at Genesis chapter 17 verses 7 – 10 up to verse 11 you’ll see that God gave circumcision as the sign of that covenant which is over the land which the Jewish people keep that covenant until today. And then God is…I also believe that the United States is interfering with God’s prophetic plan. God has a prophetic plan for our redemption and the final redemption of the nations through Israel and through Jerusalem and through the nation of Israel. And we are weakening Israel and we are actually as an impediment towards God fulfilling that plan. And I believe with all of my heart Sid that if it’s necessary God will remove us as a great world power so that He can continue with His prophetic plan for Israel.

Sid: Okay in your book and in yesterday’s broadcast you talked about something called the Madrid Peace Process when President Bush, the Father of our current president was in office, it began October 31, 1991 tell me what occurred and what judgment happened literally the same day.

John: Well Sid President Bush went over to Madrid Spain and this was the so called Peace Process but I see it as just a code word as forcing Israel to give away the covenant land along with well 1/3 of Jerusalem. Well on that very day which you mentioned October 31, 1991 while President Bush was over in Madrid, Spain this freakish storm developed in the north Atlantic. Now…

Sid: Why do you call it freakish storm?

John: Well it turns out to be almost a hurricane…to be a hurricane a storm has to have sustained winds of 74 miles an hour or greater. And this storm the winds were 73 miles an hour or greater so it wasn’t technically classified as a hurricane but it developed in the end of October in the north Atlantic which is unheard of and if you could picture this in your mind the prevailing winds in our country are from west to east. Storms generally come from will say California to the east coast. But sometimes they’ll start in the west they’ll start like in the gulf area and come up and they’ll go eastward. Do you have that pictured in your mind Sid?

Sid: I do.

John: This storm started in the north Atlantic and came a thousand miles the wrong way, it came westward rather than eastward. So here you have in late October a virtual hurricane forming not in tropic waters (Chuckling) but in the cold north Atlantic and if that’s not enough the storm comes against the prevailing winds. Now this happened at the precise moment that, we will say I want to make sure that we get the right President, but I was going to say Senior but the former President George Bush while he’s over there initially he is personally initiating the Madrid Peace Process initiated by him. While he’s speaking there’s a bazaar storm is forming and in fact Sid the storm was so odd and strange, did you hear last summer or read the book by any chance called “The Perfect Storm.”

Sid: No but obviously I’m familiar with it.

John: Okay that’s this storm.

Sid: Hm.

John: That’s this storm Sid that they actually made a Hollywood movie about.

Sid: Okay on the date that President Bush the father of our current president was President and he began what was called the Madrid Peace Process which was giving up land for peace so to speak in Israel. On October 31, 1991 was the same day of what was known as The Perfect Storm hit the east Coast of America?

John: Yes Sid.

Sid: And in your book you say that it not only hit the east coast but it hit a specific city and a specific house tell me about that? (Chuckling)

John: Sid (Chuckling) God has a sense of humor he does it hit Kennebunkport, Maine which is the residences of both former President George Bush but not only that the eyewitnesses watch his house being devastated by huge waves 30’ high…

Sid: He’s in Madrid Spain and his house is being hit by this hurricane force wind.

John: Well actually to be completely totally accurate Sid it was the next day the storm was forming and heading his way while he was speaking and the very next day it hit his home. The waves were 30’ high the ocean in front of his house rose up in anger this was the eye witness account and waves 30’ high and he had to come back to his home to access the damage and to start rebuilding.

Sid: Now if that was the only case that was being cited by John we could really call it coincidence but Mishpochah he’s got a book filled with homosexual events in America, a judgment and pro-abortion rally a judgment, a anti-Israel move by the United States a judgment. Tell me some more things that have happened as a result of our country being anti-Jewish people having the land of Israel.

John: Sid in 1993 I’m going to make it ’94 now January of 1994 former President Clinton met with the late Assad of Syria, I just can’t think of his first name right now Assad. He passed away last year well anyway they met in Geneva, Switzerland and it was over Israel and that’s why they met. And this was on a Sunday night I was sitting on the floor in front of my TV and I had my dog next to me I’m going to make it real personal here. I was watching the news the late news and it said “President Clinton today in Geneva, Switzerland met with Premier Assad of Syria.” And I listened to Clinton’s speech and he was standing behind a pulpit and he directly without any guess of words said “That Israel is going to have to be willing to give back the Golan Heights to Syria for peace and that the Israelis might not like it.” And I’m paraphrasing it but this is the essence of what he said but they’re going to have to do it and Assad was next to him. Well Sid the hair literally went up on the back of my neck when I listened to this. I said “Lord he’s bringing judgment on us. He is going to force Israel he’s going to use the power of the United States to force Israel to give the Golan Heights to Syria which will put Israel in a tremendous weakened military position.” I went to bed I woke up the next morning I turned on the news and what had happened but the massive Los Angeles Earthquake. It occurred not more than 12 hours after President Clinton was bullying Israel well from behind the podium saying that you will have to Israel might not like it that’s what he said but for peace their going to have to give the Golan Heights away. And within 12 hours of us threatening Israel over the land we had a tremendous earthquake that did phenomenal damage. And Sid I have it in the book I have it documented the earthquake that hit it’s called the Northridge Earthquake the scientist never found the fault that caused it it just happened. It was actually 2 earthquakes in 1 it rose up and shook back and forth and it has the scientists baffled because they can’t explain really the scientific cause of this earthquake. Plus Northridge is a pornography capital of the United States which I didn’t know at the time but 90% of the video pornography in the United States is made in Northridge, California. And that was the very epic center of this earthquake.

Sid: You know we don’t have enough time to go into it on today’s broadcast but in your book you’ve got a document what occurred the exact day that President Clinton was humiliated internationally by an illicit sex scandal and what he did. I mean there is such a correlation that I have to be candid with you I’m reading the book and I’m saying to myself the next time I hear about a big pro-abortion rally I may short the market I mean the stock market may go down because this has happened so much.

Our Guest John McTernan

Sid: I have on the telephone John McTernan. John spent 26 years in the Eternal Security Division of the IRS; he’s cofounder of International Cops for Christ. And on October 11th in 1987 he was looking on television and saw homosexual gathering and the week following witnessed the greatest one week stock market decline in the markets history up to that point. And then God supernaturally began to speak to him and told him that he had no fear of God. Although if you would have asked him a day earlier “Do you fear God?” He’d say “Of course I fear God” but something supernatural happened to him and he realized that he didn’t have a fear of God and he realized that there would be direct repercussions to the day of sins that occur in the United States of America. And he began documenting these. He found out that every hurricane that has hit the United States since 1989 has been directly tied to either abortion or homosexuality. And then on yesterday’s broadcast John we were talking about Gay Pride Day and it was on June 28, 1992 tell me about what occurred.

John: Yes Sid this is the very centerpiece in the book and if this incidence had happened alone these earthquakes that fell on Gay Pride Day and I had nothing else but that I would gone around telling people “God’s final warning to America,” that’s how awesome the event is which I’m about to tell you is. On June 28, 1992 the very morning Gay Pride Day 2 massive earthquakes occurred in southern California. One is called “The Landers Quake” that was 7.6 on the rectors scale that was Bear Mountain Quake that was 6.5. But we’re going to zero on “The Landers Quake.” That was the fourth greatest earthquake of last century I almost said this century but last century to hit the United States. And remember now that there is just a handful of earthquakes to hit the United States 7.0 or greater on the rector scale I mean that’s a massive earthquake and there’s only a handful of days that are Day Pride Day and the chances of them falling together are infinitesimal but it happened and it shook southern California. In fact when you look at a newspaper article or excuse me the Los Angeles Times for that day the headline the front page all that’s on the front page is the Gay Pride March and all the rest about the earthquakes and the damage done by the earthquakes. And it’s interesting when you look at the article about the homosexual parade it said that they had to brave the earthquakes to march. And in God’s word it says He destroys nations Leviticus chapter 18 says “He destroys nations that promote homosexuality.” Well what happened Sid was that shortly afterwards God just got this to me. I mean I don’t sit down and read scientific journals but I was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and here was s scientific journal called “Earth.” And on it had a Lander’s Quake and I began to read this article and literally I was astonished my joy dropped because of all of the earthquakes that ever occurred Sid that has been studied by seismologists. This particular one this particular one Lander’s Quake was different than every other earthquake and remember this was on the very morning of Gay Pride Day. So I start to read this article and this is why this is the centerpiece of the book. This article went on to say that “No other earthquake this earthquake was unique in the history of studying earthquakes.” Number 1 it jumped from fault to fault gaining power. Normally it runs one fault and then stops. But that this one was jumping from fault to fault to fault getting stronger and stronger and stronger and then it just stopped I don’t know why but it just stopped. And on top of it and what made this so unique in the history of studying earthquakes it set off earthquakes 800 miles away. This was mind boggling to the scientists this was the first time that they ever were able to document that an earthquake in one location set earthquakes off 800 miles away. That earthquake set off about 15 to 20 earthquakes throughout the western section of the United States instantly following the Landers Quake. It shook 2 volcanic mountains in northern California Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Literally the entire western section of the United States of the morning of Gay Pride Day was ringing like a bell. We nearly Sid this is how important this is…if God didn’t stop this earthquake from gaining it’s strength it was right next to the San Andreas Fault this earthquake was almost bordering the San Andreas Fault the one that they had in California. And it set 4.0 and 5.0 earthquakes all over the western section of the United States. Well Sid imagine what would have happened if this earthquake didn’t stop at 7.6 and it continued on toward the San Andreas Fault. And these earthquakes around the western section of the United States instead of being 5.0’s they were 7 and 8.0 and Denver came down and Phoenix came down, Salt Lake City came down. And all of those railroads and all of the roads were broken and the conduits and Los Angeles and southern California was leveled. We would have been finished as a nation we would have had millions of people dead refugees how would we every provide for them. I mean we’re on the verge of on Gay Pride Day June 28, 1992 with that earthquake and triggering all of those earthquakes in the western section of the United States, we are on the verge of God as far as I’m concerned calling it in bringing a huge judgment and calling it in to us as a nation.

Sid: John the title of your book “God’s Final Warning to America” what do you mean by that? I mean I understand English is this final warning the things that you’ve accumulated that every sin America does you can correlate a tragedy or a stock market going down or I mean you’ve done this on so many events how much longer do we have of these warning judgments?

John: Sid I believe that with all of my heart that we’re out of time God in His grace has given us warning after warning after warning and the church has failed to respond Sid. I believe these warnings are for the church to put it together and we’re not Sid. For some reason we’re not responding, I can go to my personal reason for believing it for telling you why I don’t think the church is responding. But I we’re out of time God has warned us that the judgments are getting more and more severe, they’re coming more and more frequently. We’re really receiving tremendous warnings now over Israel and pushing Israel…

Sid: Alright you have raised an important question this is in chapter 2 of your book “The Israel Connection” explain that.

John: Sid I saw the connection between abortion and homosexuality in 1987.

Sid: As far as judgment.

John: Right.

Sid: When anything to do with homosexuality and abortion occurs the same day Mishpochah a judgment hits America, but what about Israel?

John: Well Sid I first notice Israel you remember Hurricane Andrew?

Sid: Of course.

John: Hurricane Andrew was up until this time the greatest natural disaster ever to hit the United States. It was literally like a 30 mile wide tornado it leveled whole areas of southern Florida 100’s of 1000’s of homes were destroyed and of course it went into Louisiana and damaged there also. Now if you look, and I have this I saved this newspaper USA for that day August of that was August of ’92. Yes that was August of ’92 on the front page it’s all Hurricane Andrew and on the bottom right hand side it talks about the Madrid peace process meets for the first time in Washington. That’s all that’s on the first page of that newspaper is all destruction by Hurricane…

Sid: Okay what was was the sin of the Madrid Peace Conference?

John: The Madrid Peace Conference was really just code word for Israel to give up Jerusalem or at least part of Jerusalem and at least part of the covenant land. It was “Peace for Israel to give away land to Syria” and to form a Palestinian nation. The day that the Madrid Peace process was transferred from Spain and they met for the first time in the United States that’s when Hurricane Andrew hit. You can look on if anybody has access to a library and they have USA Today you can go back to August of 1992 you will see on the front page everything about Hurricane Andrew and an article about the Madrid Peace Process. And my eye Sid I can remember to this day I was looking at it I was scanning it I was looking for Hurricane Andrew and I caught the Madrid Peace Process. I looked up and I looked down and I looked up and I said “We’ve fallen into judgment.”

Sid: Is there any chance…is there a correlation because at that time President Bush Sr. was President and he had one of the highest approval ratings of any President in history. And then most people were shocked that he lost to President Clinton is there any correlation between the two?

John: Yes Sid if there’s one thing I wish I could go back and I should have done in listening to the Lord this is it. I was following former President Bush was… I use the word bullying Israel and the United Nations over resolutions. And it was about 6 or 8 resolutions…resolutions that were promoted by the Bush administration condemning Israel and in the over what is going on with the land there in 1991, 92 and I would see the resolution and I would hear President Bush condemn Israel. And then a week later there would be a poll out and his popularity was coming down and coming down. Now to me I was watching this and I was say “Oh no he’s forcing Israel and God’s going to remove him, God’s going to remove him.” And I remember telling people that and I remember going…

Sid: Woops we’re out of time.