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Our Guest Jodie Hughes

SID ROTH: I have Jodie Hughes here, and she’s been a guest before with her husband. They were involved in Australia in something called the Pineapple Revival because it had a big pineapple out front of the building. They were in … they saw thousands, I mean, thousands of people healed and saved and speaking in tongues. They saw everything. In the midst of this, no one knew it except perhaps Jodie’s family, but she battled horrific sickness for 30 years.

JODIE: Yeah. Yeah, a long time.

SID ROTH: And in the midst of that sickness, you learned about the king’s decree.


SID ROTH: Tell me about this. What is the king’s decree, by the way?

JODIE: The king’s decree is releasing the word of the Lord from your own mouth, but it’s more than that. I believe that we are the king’s decree, that we carry the authority on the earth to release the word of God and that God has called us, anointed us, and appointed us to be the literal king’s decree on the earth. So it’s our mouth that God is asking us to open and decree and release what he’s saying from heaven.

SID ROTH: You know, with our mentality, it’s hard to believe that. We can believe that if someone’s on television, but are you saying that everyone watching us right now has been given the trust from God almighty to be a living king’s decree on this Earth?

JODIE: Absolutely. Matthew 18:18 says what you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and what you release on earth shall be released in heaven. That’s not saying you with the microphone, you with the television show, you who is your favorite mentor. It’s saying, you. Every single one of us who believes in Jesus, our voice must bind on the earth and must release on the earth because we are his representatives, his ambassadors on Earth.

SID ROTH: You learned about the king’s decree and you learned a lot about healing in 30 years of battling. Tell me about how bad it got.

JODIE: Yeah, it was really bad.

SID ROTH: 30 years is a long time.

JODIE: It’s a long time.

SID ROTH: Why didn’t you just say, “I give up,” or, “I guess I’m going to be like this the rest of my life.

JODIE: There was a knowing in my heart, what God was saying. That God was decreeing healing, that God is the God of resurrection and life. There were hard moments indeed, but there was a faith in my heart that God has spoken a different word. There were moments when I would literally get up in my hospital room and I would get up and I’d have tubes coming out of me everywhere. It’d be quite funny to watch, but I would go into the—

SID ROTH: I don’t know, I think I would have cried.

JODIE: I was crying many times, but I’d go into the bathroom and I’d march around and I’d hold on to my promises and the word of God. And when I say march, I mean shuffle. And I would have tears, but I’d be speaking out and I’d be saying, “God, you are the God of resurrection and life. You’re the God of healing.” Psalm 44:4 says, “My God and my king decrees victories for Israel, for God’s people,” for Jacob’s, some of the translations say, and I’d say, “Well, Jacob limped. I’m limping. There’s been a cost, God, but I am decreeing that you’re the God who decrees victories,” and I’d march around and around.

Our Guest Jon Hamill

SID: And Netanyahu was not supposed to win that race.

JON: He was not supposed to win that race.

SID: But history tells me different. What happened?

JON: It was absolutely extraordinary. Against all odds, Prime Minister Netanyahu won. We had dear friends we were having dinner with and they were weeping. And she said, “I just want you to know the results are in and against all odds, your Daniel 7:22 turnaround verdict has come through.

SID: And because God was so pleased that you prayed for this turnaround, he said a promise to you about the United States.

JON: He sure did Sid, it was extraordinary. There’s no passage of scripture that talks about the watchmen anointing as much as Isaiah 62, “I have set watchmen on your walls, oh Jerusalem, who will not hold their peace day or night.” And we were on the walls of Jerusalem facing the Western wall, when the Holy Spirit spoke to me something extraordinary. He said, “As you stood with me for my elections in my covenant land so I am standing with you for a turnaround in your 2016 presidential elections.”

SID: You wrote a book. It is not an accident this new book just came out, White House Watchmen. Why at this time in history is the message in this book so strategic?

JON: Sid, I think it’s because unlike any other moment in American history, we are at a dramatic crossroads where we can go either one way or the other. We can either spiral down again into the challenges of what can only be described as global governance tied to idolatry that brings subjugation not only to our nation, but to the nations.

SID: And the communists-socialists will get their way.

JON: The communists-socialists all amalgamated together in a Hitleresque expression. God has set us apart as a nation unto him. Our covenantal foundations, 400 years ago, my forefathers came over on the Mayflower inspired by the Jewish people. They dreamed of consecrating a land that would be covenanted to God generationally. And I saw by the Spirit how literally America has a choice to make that is going to be detrimental or very instrumental in securing his blessing for generations to come. The decisions we make at this time, the prayers we pray and the actions we take, they’re essential to securing God’s dream for the United States of America. We’re going to go one way or the other.

SID: And you headed this turnaround tour on a train and you called the train, I love the name, the glory train, because the purpose of the train was to turn around the nation. And you went to all 50 States to pray for a turnaround on the nation. But then, I thought Donald Trump is done as a candidate, when the news of his locker room talk and what he was doing, et cetera with his sexual immorality. I thought he was finished.

JON: Yeah. There’s no doubt. President Trump has made mistakes as have we all. And it’s been interesting how God has even used that, as we’ve pointed a finger at the President, President Trump, we’ve seen the Lord point the finger back us, judge not lest you be judged. And we’ve seen in both sides of the aisle, tremendous redemptive exposure and holy conviction restored. But it was very interesting. This really shows Sid, the power of the prophetic, the power of a word of knowledge that even continues within the administration today. The openness to prayer and the prophetic ministry. On the tour, we ministered at a little church in Virginia to a lady who was wearing a hoodie and just prophesied over. And to my surprise, I saw the doors of the White House open, and I saw her walk into the White House. And then we stayed in touch. I got a call from her, right as the news was breaking. You remember that the news media released these quote, locker room tapes, unquote right before the election to strategically sabotage President Trump and make it virtually impossible for him to win over Hillary Clinton.

Our Guest Jonathan Can

SID: Boy, that sure triggers a whole lot of stuff. But what did this ancient mystery reveal would happen after 9/11?

JONATHAN: Yeah. Well, the mystery says that the nation, first that’s falling away from God, it’s warned by God. He allows this strike on the land. This is classic biblical sign of judgment. It happened with ancient Israel, it happened with ancient Judah, it happened with America on 9/11.

JONATHAN: But, then what happened? What happened to ancient Israel is they didn’t come back. They went farther away from God. They defied him. That’s what the warning is. And the thing is, America has been following the steps of ancient Israel from that day. It’s been falling away, farther and farther, brazenly going away from God. And that, Sid, puts us at a much [more] dangerous moment now. And that means that there are more harbingers and more signs that have manifested since the harbinger, and since we first spoke about it.

SID: Are there harbingers of judgment that continued after you wrote the book, Harbinger?

JONATHAN: Yes. Yes, Sid. In Isaiah 9:10, the scripture that speaks of the enemy attacking the land. It says, “The sycamore will be struck down.” Isaiah 9:10, “The sycamore has fallen. But we will plant the cedar or the erez tree in its place.” Well, that happened in New York City. They actually planted this biblical tree as defiance. It’s the erez tree. They called it the tree of hope. Like America, we’re coming back stronger and stronger and stronger.

JONATHAN: Sid, do you know what happened to that harbinger? Do you know what happened to that tree? It started withering away at ground zero. The biblical sign of judgment that a nation that is going away from God is literally withering away. A sign that America spiritually, morally, is withering away.

JONATHAN: And then the next sign of judgment is God says, “I will break off the branch. I will break the branch.” Sign of judgment. They started breaking off the branches of the tree of hope, the erez tree. So now it didn’t have branches, basically.

JONATHAN: And then the final sign in the Bible is called the fall of the erez tree or the fall of the cedar. Well, the tree of hope, the erez tree at ground zero, fell. It was destroyed. It represented America, fell, the sign of the fall of a nation. And when it fell, it was on a Hebrew holy day. It fell on Passover, and in the heavens the moon was darkened that night and turned blood red. You had three signs of national judgment all at ground zero.

JONATHAN: But that wasn’t the only thing, Sid. One of the signs of Israel’s last days is that images of gods appear. The prophet, Ezekiel, is taken into the Holy place and he says, “I saw the image of the God, and God says, now judgment’s coming.” Well, Sid, do you know, another harbinger, an image of a false god, appears in New York City, so big, it has to be the biggest false God in the history of the world. The head alone is like 300 feet. It’s the god of death and destruction and darkness. It appears over the buildings, over the Empire State Building, a sign of what is yet to come.

JONATHAN: And I’ll tell you another thing, because there’s so much, I’ll just give you a little taste. President Obama was actually part of at least two of the harbingers. And in one sense, I won’t get into the detail, but he actually inscribed words of one of the harbingers, and they were words that were from ancient times, that sealed judgment on a nation.

Our Guest Jonathan Can

SID: Hello. My guest is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and I can just picture Jonathan, we’re both Jewish believers. His Jewish mother, you know, normally a Jewish mother says, “I want my son to be a doctor, or a lawyer.” But you outdid it all. Your mother can say, “My son is an author of five New York Times best sellers.” You did it, Jonathan.

JONATHAN: Yeah. My mother is very big in the Jewish mother world. You know, so it’s a dream for her. But it’s about the Lord. It’s about Messiah.

SID: When did you first know you were to write Harbinger II?

JONATHAN: Well, when I wrote The Harbinger, I knew that the mystery wasn’t finished. First, there was so much to be revealed that I could not put in The Harbinger. In fact, more than I put in The Harbinger was what I couldn’t put in. Secondly, the mystery continued. America has been continuing moving to judgment. Third, it wasn’t the time, and I prayed to Lord, when is the time? I knew it was not the time. And just before this year began, I got the go ahead, this is the time. The shakings will begin again, and the harbinger is going to continue. You must write the book.

SID: You sent me two pictures this morning from New York City that were so prophetic. Tell us about them.

JONATHAN: Well, one of the things you see in The Harbinger is that tower at ground zero. It’s one of the harbingers. At the end of the new book, The Harbinger II, it ends at the Statue of Liberty, and it’s facing the tower. And there’s a very prophetic event we’ll probably get to, that I’ll tell you about, that happened.

JONATHAN: But what just happened right now, after we talked yesterday, Sid, is that a lightning bolt struck the World Trade Center and struck the Statue of Liberty. And amazingly dramatic, the two things that this centers on.

SID: What you prophesied in The Harbinger, it’s reading like today’s newspaper. Tell us about these things.

JONATHAN: Yeah. The harbinger is warning that America is replaying the ancient mystery of judgment. What happened in the last days of Israel is happening in America now. And America has been continuing on the course of ancient Israel, away from God. And so what it says is, there’s going to be a window of time, but then the shakings will resume. There’s actually a chapter in The Harbinger called Things to Come, and it speaks of the shakings that are going to come that are happening now. It even, Sid, it even pinpoints the year when it would happen, which is right now. And I know we’ll get into it, but all these things are coming to pass.

SID: Well, tell me some of the prophetic signs about 9/11 that were not revealed until now.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Well, one of the things is the mystery of the day, itself. And, why was it 9/11? There’s a mystery that goes back to the foundation of America. 9/11, and it’s a biblical principle, Sid, that the foundations are exposed when judgment begins. 9/11, the destruction returned to New York City.

JONATHAN: When was New York city begotten? When was it founded? New York City was born on September 11th, 9/11. God says, “I will go back to the foundation.” 9/11 went to the Pentagon. That’s America’s military power. When was the Pentagon begotten, Sid? It was begotten on September 11. Long before 9/11 was a day of calamity, it was the day of the foundation of America’s rise to world power. And the warning in the Bible is that if America does not turn back, God will remove the power of America.