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Our Guest Tommy Combs

Tommy: Everything we have in Christ because of the blood of Jesus. The blood cleanses. The blood sets us free. The blood protects us. The blood of Jesus is a covenant for eternity. Somebody say “The blood .” Jesus is the final sacrifice. Thank God every day for sending Jesus to us. Thank God every day that He sent His son to us. Thank Jesus for what He did for us and still doing for us at the right hand of God right now, interceding, praying for you, praying for me. Now, I want you praying for me, and I want my Grandma praying for me, and I want my Mama praying for me, and I want my Uncle John praying form me, but Jesus is praying for me. Devil you ain’t got a shot, Jesus is praying for me. Devil you might as well leave me alone, Jesus is praying for me. Devil you ain’t got a shot. Jesus is praying for me. You might as well leave me alone. The blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, (laughs) I’m telling you, it’s the blood. Do you realize through prayer the blood can be applied to our family, our job, our finances, whatever, and God will honor it? God will honor it. There’s no magic formula here, it’s only faith in Jesus Christ. That’s the formula. The key is to apply the blood to the Word of God. God supplies, we apply. The Word says the blood does. “And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and thy sons forever.” And we’re celebrating, we’re celebrating today. And forever means forever.

How often should I pray for God to cover me with the blood? Everyday. Everyday. Everyday. ‘Cause the enemy likes to come out in the morning and ruin your day, and the enemy likes to come out at night and ruin your night. Where in the world would you get that? Well, I would go back to David and Goliath. And I would know that Goliath came out in the morning to ruin their day and I would know that Goliath came back in the afternoon to ruin their afternoon and night. But David pointed his finger at him and he said, “The blood, the blood. I’ll kill that uncircumcised giant right there. I’ll do it ’cause God’s on my side. God’s on my side.” Say it! God’s on my side. He’s not against us. God is on my side. Forever means forever. Everyday cover your family. Everyday cover yourself. Satan you hear me real good, you can’t touch me, you can’t touch my family, the blood is covering me. That’s what you say to him. If the blood of an animal could protest, then how much more the blood of Jesus can protect us. The blood of Jesus. At age ten, I was saved at a little church of God in Dora, Alabama. Now Mama and my brother and sisters would go to the little Baptist church that we went to. It was called Second Baptist ’cause we didn’t go to First Baptist, we went to Second Baptist. Anybody with me? But I would go to church with my Grandma at the little Pentecostal church in town because I loved to hear the singing the praise and worship and watch them as they walk across the stage. Do you, don’t remember the day, some of you, I can tell by looking at you, you don’t remember the day when they would take bobby pins and color the tip of them a different color. What are you talking about? Women would take a bobby pin, like my Grandmother would cover, put bobby pins to put her hair up and she would color the tip of the bobby pins red, where my other Grandmother on the other side, the tip of her bobby pins would be blue and another woman in the church would have white bobby pins. Why? Because after they shouted their hair down, they had to go around and pick up the right bobby pins. You didn’t want somebody else’s bobby pins in your hair. So you got all the white ones or the red ones or the blue ones. And I loved to be in that. So I want to be around that, so I go to church with Grandma. But that morning, as that preacher preached, my heart started going nine thousand miles an hour. I mean hush, preaching man; I’ve got to get saved. Hush preaching, I’ve got to get in the altar. I mean hurry up! But he was long winded. Hurry up! I got to get saved and finally, “If you need Jesus…” I jumped and ran. I jumped and ran. Get in the altar. Prayed the sinner’s prayer and got saved. My great uncle prayed for me, I’ll never forget it. My great uncle was the one that put his hands on my head and prayed for me that day and I gave my life to Jesus. I was ten years old. Four months later, I’m a sick young man. Now, my Daddy was an underground coal miner, Walker County, Alabama, my Grandfather worked underground forty-four years, my grand-my Daddy worked underground forty years digging coal.

Our Guest Adam Thompson

LARRY: This is Larry Sparks. Welcome back to “Something More”. Now we’re talking about how you live in two realms at one time, how you live in Heaven and on earth. Now let me tell you this, that so many of us have received these promises or prophesy’s from the Lord and you might be asking, “Okay Larry, I’ve got this great prophesy, I’ve got this great promise, but it has not come to pass.” And you know what? I believe there is a process of stewarding a word of the Lord. That’s the thing, you partner with it. So Adam, what I want us to talk about right now is how do you steward a prophetic promise from the word of the Lord. And you know you have this great four stages, this four-step process to doing this which I think is very practical. And I believe this is a key element of what it means to live in two realms at one time, living on earth and in heaven. So, could you share that?

ADAM: Okay quickly, the Lord has called us all to be prophetic. He’s you know, He speaks to us all and as we grow in our prophetic calling, He does bring correction to us. So, He speaks to us first, kind of like when Jesus said in Matthew, take the plank out of your own eye before you take the speck out of somebody else’s eye. So God speaks to us and He disciplines us and there’s nothing wrong with the word discipline because it’s in Hebrews 12, a father disciplines his son like our Heavenly Father disciplines us. So first He brings…He speaks to us first to bring correction. And then the second stage, He gives us the ability to be able to minister in the body of Christ when it comes to your church forum, in your church environment.

LARRY: Yeah.

ADAM: So you have influence over your church, but first you need to actually build a relationship with your pastor. And it’s very important to build a relationship with your pastor as a prophet because there’s many prophets that can be a little bit you know, gung-ho and they can go from church to church and hijack the microphone and they don’t have any accountability. But it’s very important to build a relationship with your pastor and earn respect and unfortunately, in this world, you do have to earn respect. My father got a medal from the Queen of England and he said to me once when I was a young child, he said, “You have to earn respect in this world”. So when it comes to being a prophet, you do need to build a relationship with your pastor. Someone said to me once, “Well, my pastor doesn’t receive the things of the Spirit and he doesn’t understand the things of the Spirit.” Well, you need to pray and ask the Lord where you need to be because you need to go and fellowship somewhere where you are likeminded.

LARRY: Absolutely.

ADAM: And it says that in even Acts 2, when God poured out His Spirit, they came together and they were like-minded and there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind. So it’s important to have a relationship with your father, excuse me, to have a relationship with your pastor, I should say and build credibility. And then, and then after you earn respect and you actually have that governmental role in the church as a prophet, then you actually, you can actually have that influence in the marketplace. So you can, for example, dream interpretations or the prophetic is very good for you know, being an evangelist.

LARRY: Yeah, sure it is.

ADAM: So uh, that way, I’ve had a lot of influence in the marketplace like that. I was China once and I was in the Bank of China, in the boardroom, and I actually was interpreting dreams in the actual board room of the Bank of China and I was ministering to some people there, some businessmen. And when I was interpreting a dream to one of the businessmen in China, in the Bank of China, he started to tear up and he was very emotional and he said that “When I was a boy, when I was a young man, they told me there was no God,” and so I had the opportunity to pray for him and lead him to Christ. So we can have influence in the marketplace.


ADAM: And then we can come to a place where, after we have done that, we come into a place where we have influence with the government, in the government arena. So, I’ve done that in Papua, New Guinea, where I released a word in Papua, New Guinea for the whole nation on the public radio. I released a prophetic word to the whole nation of seven million people.

LARRY: Wow! Wow.

ADAM: And also went into the parliament and released a word to some of the government officials. So, that’s how we go into these four stages. I believe that God speaks to us first, He brings correction, and then we have influence in our church arena, and then in the marketplace, and then we actually play a part in a government role.

LARRY: Well, what I want to do, because as you were talking about this, I’m sure some of our folks at home are thinking to…they’re thinking, “Well, that’s great for Adam. Those are great testimonies and those are great stories because he’s a prophet,” but I actually believe that what God was doing is He was using Adam’s process there. Because even though you may not consider yourself a prophet in terms of the office of a prophet, you are most likely a prophetic person. Do you know why? Because all believers are called to be prophetic people because you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. So I sense, based on what Adam was saying, as we go into the next segment, I actually believe, more than a teaching and more than us just conversing about this, God wants to activate you. Because I believe there are places in the marketplace, there are places in the nations, there are places that God wants to send you. And He wants to take you on, a process. He wants to take you on a journey so that you will be a good steward of the power of the age to come that we read about in the book of Hebrews, [music] so that you can release that in the here and now. So stay tuned. In this next segment, we are going to actually activate that in Jesus’ name.

Our Guest David Hogan

SID: You were telling me that, not all, but many people that have been dead and come back, and they report what they observed, are saying the same thing. What is that same thing?

DAVID: Jesus is sending messages to us that he’s coming back soon.

SID: Isn’t that amazing? People that have literally … Tell me about that one older woman that died.

DAVID: This lady, she’s a wonderful person, this lady. She started out being a persecutor, a family of wealth that didn’t want the Gospel in their area. And about 20 years she persecuted us, and then the Lord Jesus got her, captured her. Then about 15, 20 years she served the Lord with us. Awesome person. But then she contracted two incurable diseases. One of the things I didn’t say about her story to you is she told them not to tell me because she’s ready to go because she’s an older person.

SID: She was afraid you’d raise her from the dead.

DAVID: She knew we would. Yes, sir. She knew we would. And so her son, which is one of our pastors, told her, “Mom, we’ve got to tell Brother David.

SID: How old is she at this point?

DAVID: She’s late 80’s, low 90’s maybe.

SID: All right.

DAVID: So she died and was dead, probably between 12 and 14 hours they prayed for her. And while she was dead, she was walking down this trail that had these little blue lights, and she came to this, over this rise. She was telling me about it. There was a city, golden city. She saw the city. And I told her, “I’ve never seen the city. I’ve heard about it, read about it, but I’ve never seen it.” And she explained the spires, the gold, the awesome, the light, the beauty of it. But as she was walking going over the hill into the city, a light came out of the city towards her, stopped her.

DAVID: And the light was a curtain, and out of the light a brighter light stepped, and it was Jesus. And Jesus was talking to her and telling her, “I need you to go back and tell them that I’m coming soon.” And out of his garment, the light, he pulled another light, handed it to her. It was in a crystal box. It had no energy source, but yet it was emitting light. And Jesus handed it to her, and she took it. It’s in her hand. And then it dawned on her. She said to Jesus, “I don’t have any money to pay for this.” And Jesus said, “The light of the Gospel is free. Take it back to the people.”

SID: David, it’s one thing when you pray for someone else. It’s another when you pray for yourself. But guess what? He died. Not just once, but twice. If he hadn’t trained his family on how to raise the dead, guess what? I’d be interviewing someone else right now. Be right back.