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Sid Roth


Sid: Well we’re coming into the most exciting time to be alive for a Bible believer; probably the most horrific time to be alive for a non-Bible believer.  And it’s my heart’s desire that you fulfill your destiny especially since God has called us to be alive at this greatest move of God’s Spirit in history.  I want to do two things with you this week; First, I want to get you meditating on one promise of God every day this week and the promise that I love, and we will start with Acts 10:38 which says “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit, with power and went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him.”  And I want you to personalize this, here’s how I would do it or how I do it actually.  “God anointed me,” you follow because Jesus lives inside of you so God anointed.  And the word anointed means He literally smeared the Holy Spirit on you.  And can you picture God doing that say this with me “God anointed me with His Holy Spirit and with His power, I go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil; for God is with me.”  Can you picture saying that 20 times every day and getting that into your spirit.  And saying that God literally took His Holy Spirit smeared it all over you. He took His power and He smeared His power all over you so that you are now equipped to do good; you are now equipped to do all that God’s called you to do.  You can heal all who are oppressed by the devil; why, because God is with you; so we’ll work on that every day this week.

Just as important as mediating on God’s word, is speaking in supernatural languages, speaking in tongues.  Why is this so important? Well for starters when you see the devil work so hard, over time if you will to demote tongues and supernatural languages to the backroom in most congregations that no better; they know the importance of praying in tongues; you know that this is important.  As a matter of fact, I want to take you back many many years ago when I was just investigating about Jesus. As a Jewish man I went to a Bible study and all of a sudden someone in the Bible study started praying in tongues, and I was so intrigued I said, “What is that, what is that language?”  And the person said, “I’m speaking from my Spirit an unknown language.”  And I thought “Boy I’d like to do that,” Now I know that the Bible says you’re not supposed to pray in tongues with non-Believers present but I can just tell you that was the most intriguing that I saw that someone could speak in a language that they never been taught.  So after I became a believer the first thing I wanted was to be filled with the Spirit of God and be able to speak in this supernatural language that intrigued me so much.  So I remember going to a Full Gospel’s Businessman’s meeting and at the end of the meeting they said “Any one that wants to be born again go in this corner, any one that wants to speak in supernatural languages and be filled and baptized with the Holy Spirit go over in this corner.”  So I immediately went there, someone put their hand on me we prayed the Holy Spirit would just flood my being and I would be able to worship God in a language I never been instructed.  And you know what as a new believer I didn’t ask how, I just said “Okay.”  If someone told me I could have walked on water back then, I wished they had I believe I would have walked on water.  This man said, “You’re filled with the Holy Spirit and you can speak in supernatural tongues.”  I hadn’t been trained to say “Well, how do I do it?”  I just started speaking he just said to speak and I just started speaking.  I spoke in a supernatural language but almost immediately after this occurred that evening or the next morning a little voice said, “You’re making that all up.”  And I got paralyzed by fear. Isn’t it interesting the Bible tells us “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear,” so if God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear I’ll give you a guess who gave the spirit of fear. So I stopped praying in tongues for fear, and that’s the word, that I would displease God I was just making it up.  And then one day an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi came to the Lord and I got to know him a little bit; I was standing with him one day and a woman came up and she was pregnant and she said “The doctors tell me my baby is dead within me.”  And so Rabbi Essie looked over at me and he said “Sid pray for this woman.”  And I’m a new believer how do you pray for the dead to come back to life as a new believer. Now again if they had caught me as I was brand new I probably would have had no doubts but I learned just enough about religion that I was really kind of concerned; I mean how was I going to pray for this person and I can’t even tell you why but I started praying in tongues for this individual and then she left. Then the Rabbi looked at me and said “Sid, do you know what you’re praying.”  I said “Absolutely not.”  He said “I do, you’re praying in an ancient form of Aramaic and this is what you said, “You said that the child is with God the Father and be at peace.”  And I’ll tell you what, after that I never doubted, I was praying in the Holy Spirit, but here’s the truth if you ask your earthly father for bread he’s not going to give you a stone or a serpent, how much more will your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those that ask Him.”  So I wish that I had trusted God before I did; but you know I guess you know “The Bible says the Jew requires a sign.”  I needed a sign that it was authentic. Then I would pray in tongues an hour a day and I promise you you see going on the ministry of “Its Supernatural/Messianic Vision” is a result of that one hour a day.  And if you don’t get anything else from the message today get this, you must, I mean it’s essential that you start praying in supernatural languages, in tongues, one hour every day because of what’s going to happen on planet earth.  And when you find out what’s going on you won’t be forced to it won’t be a discipline it might start as a discipline, but it’ll be the best time of your life as you’re doing this.

A lot of people question that when they’re baptized in the Holy Spirit do all the people speak in tongues?  And that’s a good question, the only answer that I have is what the Bible says.  I did a study of the book of Acts and in every case where people were baptized with the Holy Spirit it said they spoke in tongues, it didn’t actually mention it when Paul was baptized but later on he spoke a great deal about speaking in tongues.  There was one case where it wasn’t mentioned and so we’re working on 100% except for one case.  Now it didn’t say it didn’t happen but it did not say it did happen and that is in the book of Acts the 8th chapter the 14th verse.  Do you remember when Peter and John went to Samaria and they prayed for the people to receive the Holy Spirit and Simon the sorcerer it says saw or observed power when the laid hands and wanted the baptism.  What did he see?  What did he observe that he was willing to pay money for this?  I believe what he saw them doing is praying in supernatural languages don’t you.  Now, do you have to speak in tongues to be saved?  This is another question that a lot of people ask and the answer is absolutely not.  But when you find out what you’ve missed you’ll be very sorry that you didn’t pray in tongues.  You are saved by repenting of you sins and believing in Jesus plus nothing.

Now the next question, “Have supernatural languages or tongues ceased?”  1st Corinthians Chapter 13 verses 8-12 says “Whether there are tongues they will cease.”  Well, then the question is “When are tongues going to cease.”  Paul says that they’re going to cease.  Verse 9 “For we know in part and we prophesy in part.”  Verse 10 “That which is perfect has come and then that which is in part will be done away.”  A lot of people think perfect is Bible or perfect is Jesus, well that’s just because they didn’t read the next verse, verse 12.  And it says what the perfect is and I believe it’s the return of Jesus; whenever that happens for now we see in a mirror dimly but then face to face.  We’re going to see Jesus face to face, “Now I know in part but then I shall know just as I also am known.”  In other words you’re going to know everything, so I maintain that the perfect or Jesus not returned face to face with us because we don’t know everything.  It’s important that after Paul said “Tongues will cease.”  You know what he started doing he started saying in 1st Corinthians 14 verse 5 “I wish you all spoke in tongues.”  After tongues would cease.

Well, our time has slipped away ….

Our Guest Eddie James


Sid: My guest Eddie James is red hot for the Messiah. Now I have to ask you this question Eddie “Your assistant told us that you spend,” because we do a lot of vetting of guests most people don’t realize it but we do.  “You spend up to 8 hours a day with the Lord.” Why do you do that?

Eddie:  Well, ultimately because I love Him I just love the Word, I love prayer, I love talking of His goodness, and I really mean that when I say that.  I am fascinated with the person of Jesus Christ with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s really some people you know do this because they want to be anointed for ministry or be ready to reach out to people.  Which I believe in all of that but I just love, I just…It sounds so cliché but if you fall in love with the person of Jesus you fall in love with His presence there is no other place.  That Psalm 27 for reality that says one thing “That I desire that which I will seek after that I may dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life to behold His beauty inquire in His temple” is truly real in my soul, that’s real to me.  That I can speak of His word, I can dig into His word all day and find that could be my fun.  You know I used to spend some time at IHOP and Misty Edwards she would spend 18 hours with God and Mike Bickel asked her “Why do you do that go watch a movie, go do something else.” She said “This is indulgence.  If I have to choose between going to have fun over there and being on my keyboard worshipping God I’d rather do that.”  And that’s the core value of my soul; there isn’t a Facebook, or Twitter, or a movie that would fascinate me more than any level…

Sid: Yeah Eddie your just normal; unfortunately we want the whole world to be normal they’re not.  But I have to ask you this question you have bumped into angels that put out fires, tell me about that.

Eddie:  Okay now this is crazy; about two or three months ago it was September we were headed from Charleston, Maine to Pennsylvania to do some ministry with the young people that I minister with. The back of our bus caught on fire.  So it’s in the middle of the night about 1:00 in the morning we’re in the middle of nowhere and we calmly bring everybody off the bus.  I have no fire extinguisher obviously aboard and I didn’t know what to do we just filled the bus up what are we going to do?  So as we’re praying about this saying “Lord make away.”  This guy just drives up out of nowhere just drives up and just drives up in this diesel looking thing just pulls over to side; get’s out, goes to the bus and puts out the fire and get’s in his truck and continues on.  Now what freaks me out about this is he didn’t say “Hi” he didn’t say “You guys okay, I’ve come to help  I saw a fire over here; it was all I could do.”  He didn’t say “Are you all good?” He just get’s out of his vehicle, goes and puts it out and gets back into his vehicle.  As while he was doing that everybody that’s with me had this strange but powerful peace just descending over our hearts; get’s back into our hearts get’s into that truck and drives off.  Everybody said “That was an angel there was no way that that could have happened; that was nothing but God that came and took care of that,” and that was wild.

Sid: Okay I want everyone listening to us right now if you are in a position for your miracle we’re going to play some Eddie James music in a second and when we finish I want you to let out the greatest shout you have every been capable of and the walls of Jericho they came down when the Jewish people shouted.  The prison in your life whatever it is it could be sickness, it could be poverty it could be children and drugs, it could be homosexuality, whatever that is that you want a breakthrough on when you shout watch what God can do for you.  Eddie tell me very, very briefly about the song “Ruach.”

Eddie:  Ruach is based on Joshua the 6th where when they let up that shout, it was really a shout of victory over the enemy that when I looked up the word shout it had the word there as a connected to the word shout, meaning the shout of victory over the enemy.  And you find that same idea when David slays Goliath and the armies of God that had been hiding. Comes out from hiding and begins to shout a victory shout over the Philistine army.  And as you were just setting that song up I got this vision of an elderly lady grandson whose 18 years old, she’s believing for his salvation and deliverance from drugs.  And I just saw her shouting and her grandson walks into house bows his knee to Jesus Christ.  I just feel like I need to release that.  At first I was little shout with that but God said I believe the elderly grandmother going to see her 18 year old grandson come to know Jesus as she by faith begins to lift up her shout.

Sid: Eddie and I will shout with you and it’s going to be so many miracles  “Ruah.”

Eddie:   “Ruach”

Excerpt: “Ruach”

Our Guest Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner

Sid: I have the Director of Morning Star Ministries Rick Joyner on the telephone. I’m interviewing him on one of the most powerful books that I have read in a long long time.  It’s one of these books that will get you hungrier for God than you are.  And the truth of the matter is your mind says you want to but you’re not doing anything about it so you need a good kick in the pants by the Holy Spirit.  Rick Joyner I think that if this book doesn’t do it nothing will what do you think?

Rick:  Well, the stories included there you know a lot of that I’m just quoting the history; it’s facts straight from the newspapers, straight from the accounts of those revivals from personal witnesses and…

Sid: But it makes me so hungry for God when I read this but you have a prophetic edge to what you’re writing you’re not just writing history you’re writing what’s about ready to happen.

Rick: Well, I do believe it is a prophetic history that is many ways are outlines or guidelines for, I believe revivals that are going to come upon America, Europe many other places in these times and that’s why I wrote them.  But the accounts themself have got to make you jealous; I mean they should provoke us to jealousy.    

Sid: Well this revival, the Welsh revival, 10,000 miles away there were some people by the name of Frank Bartleman, and William Seymour, and Pastor I don’t know how to pronounce it Smiley.

Rick:  Uh ha.

Sid: And Bartleman wrote to the human agency that God used for the Welsh revival. How in the world did Evan Roberts have time to even answer his letter?

Rick:  Well, I think he was so sensitive to the Lord because he was inundated with mail, I’m sure he had far more mail than he could even read much less answer. And he would get this one and take the time and communicate with Bartleman like that; it was one of the two major sparks of the Azusa Street revival; it is truly remarkable.  Just another demonstration of his discernment.

Sid: But if he had no communicated with him who knows if the revival would have…because he gave him advice on what was necessary to get the revival going.  You can see God’s hand on that and you’re right it had to be God for him to take the time and write a how to manual if you will.  And tell me about this fellow Charles Parham.

Rick:  Charles Parham you know was I think rightly credited by many of being the grandfather of the Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Azusa Street and whole Pentecostal movement.  And you know he too had a remarkable hunger for God and when he read the accounts of the way God moved in the early church he just became jealous.  And why can’t God move that way here now; and he started praying the Baptism in the Holy Spirit like the early church apostles and…

Sid: Well, it seems to me in reading your book he was constantly challenged by the great divide between what he read in the Bible and what was going on in the churches.

Rick: Oh yeah he was, and he became desperate. He didn’t turn his back on the church though he turned to God for the answers you know.  And I think that’s a big difference, a lot of people just become disgruntled and discouraged and this way and he didn’t.  He exercised his faith and said “God can do it again and God will do it again.”  And he pursued God for years before he experienced what he was seeking.  But you know I think there’s a basic spiritual principal that anything that comes to easy or too fast is usually insignificant.  And some of these like Evan Roberts, and Parham, and you know William Seymour, Bartleman these guys went through literally years of desperate search for God.  It’s because of the significance of what He wanted to pour out through them they never got discouraged.

Sid: But now there was a prayer meeting on January 1, 1901 that you and many others say was a defining moment of Christianity for the 20th century; tell me about that.

Rick:  Well, that was the first time that it’s recorded in modern history in that and you know or in a way I guess it had to impact of someone speaking in tongues again.  And the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was evidence of speaking in tongues and it sent shock waves, you know it started with the single girl.  And it just sent shock waves throughout the Body of Christ for some reason and got peoples’ attention why don’t we do that, “Why don’t we have the same gifts that they had in the first century.”  And many many became challenged with just “Why don’t we see the same things today that they saw in the scriptures.”

Sid: Now Parham had a Bible School, and segregation was big time at that time, but there was son of a slave; a one eyed black man by the name of William Seymour. Is it true that he would go to Parham’s meeting sit outside the door because he wasn’t allowed in?

Rick:  That’s true Parham would leave the door cracked for Seymour to just sit outside, but he was so hungry and I think Parham really loved William Seymour but he was just captured in the old south segregationist mentality.  And he had what he thought was theological basis for it.  And you know he kept it until the end of his life sadly you know; I think that’s what would cause Parham to actually later even reject the great move of God that he had helped prepare the way for which too often happens.

Sid: The human problem.

Rick:   It is and it’s repeated throughout history, but Parham I think he still deserving of honor and it’s a tragic shame that this one thing kept him from really entering; it was kind of like Moses he could get to the edge but God wouldn’t let him go in the promise land.

Sid: It’s almost like Martin Luther; look at all the wonderful things Martin Luther did and then later in life he wrote all this stuff that Hitler used to inflame people against Jewish people

Rick:  Yeah, it’s a tragedy you know the real fly in the ointment. You’re right I believe we still need to learn from and honor but there are many things we want to discern and not copy, not take from others.

Sid: Okay, but I’ll tell you of all the people in the revival the one that intrigues me the most is that black man by the name of William Seymour; tell me about him.

Rick: He is one of the great men of God of all time I think that there is no question about that; you know for his hunger, for his faith, his devotion against all opposition; humiliations everything else he just would not give up in his pursuit of God.  And even you know, he spent years in pursuit of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It poured out Azusa Street until almost all the other members of the prayer meeting except for him.    

Sid: And he’s the leader.

Rick:  He’s the leader, everybody else gets it and he didn’t give up he was thankful for them happy and kept on his own pursuit until…

Sid: I’ll tell you what I don’t think I could have handled that Rick. (Laughing)

Rick: Great soul and he was truly one of the great souls of Christian history. You know I was asked to speak at a Divinity School over at Wake Forest University and I was carried over there.  And you know this was on old Southern Baptist School, not a Pentecostal; it was a Baptist University and they had this Hall of Faith that they had erected. The Dean of the school took me around.  He wanted to show me the only member that they had put in the Hall of Faith from the 20th Century was William Seymour; who had the Pentecostal Revival.  They considered him one of the greatest, possibly the greatest man of God of the 20th Century, remarkable.

Sid: What would happen at one of his meetings?

Rick: Well, anything could happen you know, there were stories…

Sid: That’s my kind of meeting but go ahead. (Laughing)

Rick: They could not have been boring that’s for sure, I mean they attracted every kind of person, the super wealthy would sit next to washerwoman, and I mean they were on a…they finally rented the stable at Azusa Street with a dirt floor.  It wasn’t dirt it was actually a dung floors like the stable the Lord was born in you know.

Sid: Oh my goodness.

Rick:  And I mean they would be on their knees on their faces you know, they would and just anything could happen.  God could use anybody in any of the meetings and sometimes William Seymour the leader would be seen sitting in a corner with a box over his head because he didn’t want to be distracted by people he just wanted to seek the Lord.

Sid: My goodness what would happen if in every city in the United States the Pastor of the First Baptist Church would on a Sunday morning put a box over his head and let anything happen that wants to happen?  I think we would have another major revival.

Rick:  Yeah, there’s and that’s the kind of a it seems like one true basic characteristic of faith of these great revivalist who sparked these great revivals or moves of God in history was they wanted God more than they cared about anybody on this earth thought.  And that’s what Paul the apostle said, “If I were still seeking to please man I would not be a bond servant of Christ.”  And I think we’ve got to be delivered of that fear of man and even the desire and getting our encouragement by how many people come to our meetings or how many people buy our books or anything else. But are we pleasing God, is He coming to our meetings.  You know when He comes I don’t believe even the best preachers are going to get the attention when He REALLY comes.  And that’s in his manifest presence and that’s what Moses was talking about.  You know he’s always with us, he abides in us; we have His Holy Spirit.  But there’s something entirely different about the manifest presence of the Lord where He really manifest Himself in His presence.  And one touch of that you don’t want anything else you know, I think that everyone who loves the truth loves good preaching, loves good books, and things like that where you’re hungry for it.  But more than everything else we signed up to get God, we signed up for him. You know when He comes I think a lot of the things that we really built our ministries on and even our churches and everything else we’re going to see them as not being that important and maybe even insignificant.

Sid: Rick we’re out of time.

Our Guest Dennis Clark


Sid:  My guest, Dennis Clark, has been taught how we can walk in supernatural peace. The Hebrew word is shalom. When we walk in this peace we can’t walk in stress, when we walk in this peace we can’t walk in worry, and you can do this 24-7. Dennis you’ve been this week on the 5 “G’s” of peace: govern, guide, gather, and we were talking about the fourth one guard. Tell me a couple of testimonies having to do with guard, and what does guard mean?

Dennis:  Guard means to keep you safe; keep you secure; keep you safe in His presence regardless of external circumstances. Probably the most noticeable one is we were on a tour with 15 ministers up into the Maritimes. We stopped by a little house group and there were some people getting saved, some getting filled with the Spirit. Suddenly a Micmac Indian woman burst out into an emotional meltdown “I want more too, but you don’t understand the kind of life I lived.” She was going hysterical, and they kind of looked at Jennifer and I to go over there. So we went and less than 20 minutes we prayed her through and 5 clear healings. One she was molested as a child; she was beat by her father with a belt buckle that left scars; she was sexually molested, raped and had three abortions in her life. All 5 of those were major traumas very few people have ever had that amount of traumas in a lifetime. This woman cried out she “Wanted more of God,” but she had all of these things and we led her through in less than 20 minutes. Now all of these were major violations of her personhood, every single one of them were devastating, it would be devastating to anybody. Yet when we taught her how Christ the forgiver in her, and walked her through all 5 instances separately, the manifestation was… and she knew I could tell when it changed inside of her then we would go to the next one. All of a sudden she manifested in the room a countenance change and she says “All around me I feel the peace of God making and keeping me safe. I’ve never felt safer.” All of those were violations her manifestation was safety and violations. She jumped up and she said “I can’t wait, I want this anointing, I want to go back to the reservation.” Actually even one the situations where she saw her son, supposedly, murdered on the reservation right before her eyes.

Sid:  Hmm.

Dennis:  All of these things were heart rending, but the glow on her face, but the passion in her heart…

Sid:  But she wanted not just for herself she wanted it for everyone to be healed, and to walk in this supernatural peace. That’s what you want.

Dennis:  Yes, absolutely, absolutely.

Sid:  You know what’s so amazing to me, that leaders in congregations, pastors never even understood this. When you’ve taught this to some very well-known people, Christian television personalities, and it’s transformed their life, but it can transform anyone’s life. The housewife, a student, a businessman, what would have happened; I could talk about me let alone you, if when I was a child I learned to walk in this peace. Look at all the turmoil I could have gotten rid of.

Dennis:  This is what Jennifer and I believe. There’s going to be a generation that are going to say “What’s wrong with you people, what took you so long to deal with your stuff? Didn’t you know you could go directly to God within and have this stuff dealt with?”

Sid:  Okay were talking about the 5 “G’s” the fifth one is ground, what does that mean?

Dennis:  This is the one that is near and dear to my heart because to manifest to peace I know it is the Prince of Peace who orders and establishes. I believe that as rich of an encounter as we can have in God that there is a progressive way of practicing His presence that grounds us in the reality of it. So in other words, beautiful encounters, beautiful opportunities to impart and experience it, but the greatest truth is having it grounded and established in our hearts, and in our lives by practice, practice, practice.

Sid:  That’s why you developed this 60 day challenge.

Dennis:  Absolutely, others can do this. We’ve trained little children to do this, and quite frankly they do a little bit better than the very seasoned believer.

Sid:  Now tell me about one testimony… oh I’ve got to hear about the woman that after she got healed lost 100 pounds.

Dennis:  That was on the coast of North Carolina. Prayed an emotional healing, again not directed toward weight-loss, it was directed toward forgiving, I believe it was her mother, and wept and cried. Said “I’ve been harboring this bitterness for too long, and this is the first time I’ve ever felt peace.” Notified us later that in a


very short period of time she had lost up to 100 pounds, and the supernatural kept happening. People she didn’t know were coming up to her and saying “I have clothes for you.” They were even supplying her with a new wardrobe in the process, and then she turned around and it was kind of like a double blessing, we saw her about a year later. She looked right at my wife Jennifer and she said “Because you’ve turned down millions God will never have you lack in His Kingdom in any way.” Nobody outside of myself knew that Jennifer had at one point in time turned down millions because she wanted a man of God, not a religious person, not money, not safety or provision or security, she wanted a man of God and she was holding out for that. So I’ve got big shoes to fill I guess.

Sid:  Is there… I know they need the course, I know were not… everything is not instant, but I believe there’s something you can pray for our Mishpochah that will dramatically change them. Would you pray that now?

Dennis:  We just pray right now that Father that the God of Peace would make Himself manifest whether you’re listening in a car, at home, or wherever you’re at. Right now that there would be the weight of His presence would come upon you. As you sense even now the weight of His glory, and the peace that surpasses all your understanding down from the gut, down from the valley absorb, it’s subjective, I don’t know the exact word, but drink it in absorb it, welcome it, open to it, yield to it. Put up no resistance to the gut and let God just penetrate you and write the message of peace and His presence, His purpose, His plan for your life on the tablet of your heart. We ask right now no matter where their at no matter how negative the circumstances are that right now there will be a supernatural peace will begin to envelope them and unfold upon them. Open your heart to make peace, and make yourself available, make peace with all people, and to pursue that peace and He will make Himself available to meet every need every need in your life. From that place of peace all of the attributes of God rise up on the inside of you according to your need.

Sid:  In this peace, Dennis, there is power there is healing. Like for instance I saw someone with something wrong with their shoulder, if you’ll move your shoulder you’ll see the pain and the discomfort is all gone. Other’s their back is being healed, all pain is leaving. Are you seeing anything as far as physical or emotional healing Dennis?

Dennis:  Yes I’m seeing rejection; I’m seeing people that have suffered their whole life with rejection. That the perfect peace of God is moving on you in such a way that it is casting out all rejection. His undivided attention and His desire to make Himself known to you to see you as the apple of His eye. He wants to give you by the Spirit undivided attention; He wants to give you Himself the affection and the attention. I see people with holes on the inside of them and it’s the way God sees, and I don’t care if your life was like Swiss cheese all that you needed and never received God wants to minister that to you right now. He wants to fill that with Himself and He fills every hole with His nature, His divine nature. You become a partaker, you absorb it it’s engrafted, drink it in right now absorb it. That was the Word that when I discipled Jennifer she kept saying “It’s absorbing, it’s absorbing I’m drinking it in, I’m taking it in.” I want you all that you needed and never received from people. I want you to drink it right in. Peace is ministering right now, supernatural peace the weight of God is ministering to mental illness right now. There are people that have been troubled and God’s peace is coming and displacing the negative dark powers that have ruled and reigned over that thought processes. His peace is blanketing and rising up on the inside of the individuals right now and bringing clarity to troubled minds. I just see multitudes of people with troubled minds receiving clarity. That’s going to be the word that’s going to describe it. Suddenly clarity, suddenly everything makes sense, suddenly this relationship with God was sufficient.

Our Guest Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Graham Cooke and for many of you you’re familiar with his ministry.  I’ve heard about him for years and I’m so looking forward to this interview because he doesn’t know this, but I grabbed hold of his latest book and it’s called “Approaching the Heart of Prophecy.”  It was like every page he had things in there are so beneficial; Graham It’s a mentoring book that’s what this is, would you there’s something and we’re going to go out of order but it’s such an important point.  You know Mishpochah if you don’t catch anything else in this interview I want you to understand Graham’s approach with the subject called, “Grace Growers,” Graham would you explain what a grace grower is.

Graham: (laughing) “Grace Growers,” yeah I think it’s a great term to describe people that make us tired, weary, angry, who seem to approach us and catch us in moments when we are finding it difficult to represent who God really is in terms of his nature and character.  People rub it up the wrong way you know and I guess we all have those in our lives and now I’ve got sometimes I feel I have more than my share.  And so for me it just became… I wanted to find a really positive way not only of enabling me to develop at least a conversation if not a relationship with those people, but also to learn and to develop something in my own relationship with the Holy Spirit.  So I chose to see the whole situation as one where I could grow in grace and learn how to see them as God saw them so that I could actually speak in a way that could actually glorify God, and actual be beneficial to them and to myself.

Sid:  Now you gave an example of three men that took it upon themselves to tell everyone how awful you were followed you around from meeting to meeting.  It was your own fan club doing the opposite of what fans are supposed to do, your own heckling club.

Graham: Yeah, it was probably 25 years ago, I first started doing schools of prophecy.  There weren’t too many people doing them and so it was very new. You know what it’s like in the church sometimes with something new everyone’s wary and suspicious and some people I just think are unkind about the whole process of learning something new.  So I had these three guys and we privately called them the “Three Stooges” because they would find out where I was going to do a school next. They would visit that place a month beforehand, talk to all the leaders of churches and say you know just terrible things like “Don’t let your people go to this guy, he’s in the occult and he’s this, he’s that and he’s the other.”  And they would hand out leaflets beforehand. Then they would sign in to come to the event and they would outside with plaque cards and photographs and leaflets, don’t let this guy, if you have to go in there don’t let this guy pray over you, don’t let him touch you, don’t let him prophesy over you.  And then they would come in put all their placards at the back of the hall and sit right in the front row right in front of the lectern and they would have note pads.  They would take notes of everything I said

Sid: For the purpose of using it against you.

Graham:  Absolutely.  Then they had a news letter they put out all the mistakes they felt I made and everything.  So remember this went on for months event after event, after event. They really felt they had a call from the Lord to expose me, unmask me or do something horrendous.  So I remember crying out “So Lord please kill them, make it slow.” Thankfully He didn’t answer that prayer.

Sid:  (Laughing)

Graham: Then this had gone on for like two years Sid and it was just horrible and we were in this extended time of fasting and praying saying Lord “What do we do with these guys you know?”  And then one night I had a dream which changed everything and in the dream I tend to have dreams that are usually revelatory where I’m in the Throne Room and the Lord is sat on the Throne and I’m sat on arm of His throne with my legs over His lap.  And usually our heads are together and we’re talking, so my dream starts out this way and the Lord just said to me, “So would you like to see something?”  So I said, “Sure.”  And an angel kind of wheeled in this huge block of marble that must have been 6’ tall 4’ wide 3’ deep. The Lord said, “What do you think about that?”  And I said, “It’s the most beautiful piece of stone I’ve ever seen.”  And He said, “Would you like to see something else?”  And I said, “Yeah.”  And then it’s like the Lord Jesus walked into view and stuck his finger a quarter of inch into the marble and just began to trace the outline of this figure, of this person.”  And when He’s finished He turned and I remember Him smiling kind of a slow smile and faintly mischievous and walking out of shot. The Father said to me “So would you like to see that made?”  And I said, “Yeah,” and so He gave a command and just three pairs of hands with a hammer and chisel in each hand just came and just began to chisel this outline of this figure to make this statue.  And the Father said to me “You know Graham the work will go much faster if you encourage them.”  And so I just began to speak out and to bless you; all power to you and that kind of thing.  And the Father’s laughing and saying “No, no you’ll have to be much more stronger than that.”  And so I began shouting, eventually I’m standing on the arm this throne with my hand on top of God’s head.  And I’m shouting, I’m pointing my finger, blessing, power, strength and all around me everyone’s laughing, there are angels. One angel on the floor in particular is crying with laughter and he’s beating is wings like beating the floor.  And it’s just laughter it’s just absolute pandemonium everywhere, and then eventually it’s finished.  I remember thinking down and being absolutely exhausted in my throat you know because I was shouting actually at the top of my voice and then the Father said, “So what do you think” and I looked to the statue and it’s so beautiful Sid I start to cry and I said “Lord it’s astonishing.” He said, “Yeah that’s exactly how I see you and I said “Really.” and He said, “Yeah, that’s what I making you into;” and then He said, “Now would you like to thank the sculptures” and I said “Yeah, sure that would be great.”  And out from behind it popped these three men.

Sid:  Oh no.

Graham: They had been following me around and I looked and I remember I shouted so loud, “Ah,” that I woke myself up.  And suddenly I’m in my bedroom, I’m shouting out loud; my wife is saying “What, what,” I’m just I’m almost incoherent I saying “The stooges, God statue, me; I know what they’re doing in my life.”  And suddenly it popped in my head, “Son they’re your grace growers I’ve sent them to turn you into someone remarkable.”  And then it’s like I had a download so I got out of my bed and went downstairs and I wrote for half an hour.  And that’s how this whole thing of grace growers just popped out of this dream I had.  (laughing)

Sid:  Graham I’ve been studying a bit about what you’ve been teaching and you have a different paradigm for a lot of things.

Graham:  Yeah.

Sid: You have a different paradigm for the purpose of a Christian, of salvation, for I mean the average Christian when they think of salvation they think of someone grabbing someone getting them to a Billy Graham meeting.  Letting them say the prayer of salvation and then finding someone else to do it, totally different paradigm.  You have a different paradigm for what church is suppose to be like.

Graham: Yeah.

Sid:  You have a different paradigm for what prophesy is supposed to be like.  How long have you been like this?

Graham: I think for me it’s just been a great journey, it’s been very painful at times but it’s just I think everyone is on this wonderful journey deep into the heart of God.  That’s where we’re all going that’s our destination.

Sid: There is nothing I want more and I believe our listeners there is nothing they want more than deeper intimacy with God.  That’s why I’m so glad that I have got a wonderful new mentoring tool it’s your latest book “Approaching the Heart of Prophecy.”  But even though that’s what it does it really could just as easily be, the title could be “Approaching the Heart of God.”  But tell me what you’re trying to accomplish in this book.

Graham: Well, I think this is my premise for life in the Spirit really, what if the gospel is such incredible news that it’s almost too good to be true?  What if the gospel is such an amazingly brilliantly wonderful news that it almost borders on fantasy?  What if like the only way that you could really connect with a God who does things for us or even beyond our capacity to think and what is that?  For me that would be dreaming, it would be imagination. What if God is like so astonishing that He can give you a quality of life that’s actually beyond your ability to imagine or understand?  So with that as a premise for life all of my kind of teaching and writing over the years has been predicated on that thought and that the only way you could talk about God is in superlatives. He’s astonishing, He’s amazing, He’s wonderful, He’s brilliant, He’s majestic.  So whatever I’m writing whether it’s approaching this book “Approaching the Heart of Prophecy” I’m really looking to put people in touch with the hearts of a true Father who intends to be magnificent toward us.  And so when we actually speak out of His heart in prophecy that is what we are doing, we’re putting people in touch with this wonderful Father figure who knows everything about us and totally loves us, and is deeply committed to us and to our journey.