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Our Guest David Herzog

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to having an encounter with the living God that no matter what the devil throws at you, no matter what the world throws at you nothing can shake you from your faith.  My guest David Herzog another Jewish man that is red hot for Jesus, and I have his latest book is literally off the press, it’s called “The Ancient Portals of Heaven.”  And David you talk about there’s keys to miracles, keys to the harvest, tell me some of these keys that you’ve found.

David:  One of the keys that I talked about on the last radio program is again the presence and the glory of God.  Everything comes from God so you don’t want to get a miracle apart from God, you want God so seek first His Kingdom I’d say His presence, His righteousness, His glory. Just seek Him and all these things will be added, miracles, finance, and open doors whatever.  So we get into the presence and glory of God and as the glory begins to come then in that glory you start seeing…

Sid:  You know as you’re talking about the glory the glory is beginning to come; are you sensing that?

David:  Yes.

Sid:  It’s just the most, the most amazing thing all you have to do is talk about the glory and glory shows up. Go ahead.

David:  So in that presence and in that glory suddenly you start seeing things in the Spirit, you get pictures in your mind, visions, you hear things.  You start getting a sense, I feel this, I feel that, and you start going with that those things that God’s showing you or your sensing and as you go you feel led to pray for this or I feel someone has this.  And you go by that direction in a cloud of glory amazing, amazing things begin to happen, healings, signs, wonders.  If you try to do it dry, just “Okay we’re going to pray for everybody right now” and you know God can do it just by faith, but how much more if you had extreme glory with extreme faith.

Sid:  You know there is so much glory right now and you have so much faith and I have so much faith that God wants to do some spectacular things.  Tell me about that paralyzed boy because you did something I did every once in a while, you sang the prayer, explain.

David:  Oh yeah, I was in a meeting this was years ago in Cottonwood, Arizona. It was actually a youth group, and I was there ministering and boy was paralyzed, he came in there and his hand was paralyzed and I just began to pray for him and Lord told me “Don’t lay hands on him the typical way, there are different ways to pray just start to worship me and sing his miracle into being.”  So I began worshipping and singing unto God and then begin singing declaring his miracle and thanking God while worshipping.  And such a heavy glory began to come and this boy suddenly began to be able to bend his arm and move it and lift it up and down and he was paralyzed previously and he couldn’t even move that arm at all.  So something supernatural came in those few minutes of just worshipping Him, it’s kind of like a worship prayer so that was quite unusual.

Sid:  Now give me an idea of when you’re speaking what do you do to enhance the outpouring of God’s glory; there’s certain things you normally do?

David:  When I go to a place to speak especially if it’s a church or it’s a big campaign event in another country.  I usually tell them first of all to do a fasting and a prayer chain because when they fast and pray something begins to happen it does something in the Spirit realm and it causes and acceleration and it causes faith.  People start expecting God’s going to show up; fasting and praying you know Moses fasted forty days before he went up to the mountain, the glory of God.  Daniel fasted twenty-one days and the angel visited him and even the Apostles fasted three days and God gave them direction where to preach.  So I have them do it like a chain, you know if you get twenty one people each doing one day; it’s not too bad every day someone’s fasting.  It seems to bulldoze all the demonic stuff out of the way, and by the time I get there there’s already an open heaven.  There is just something that changes in the atmosphere and Jesus fasted before He started his miracle ministry; so I do that, of course we fast and pray too.  Secondly we make sure there is really good praise and worship.  We make sure that if there’s praise first then worship, Ruth Heflin taught a lot about this.  But basically the fast songs, the praise until the Spirit of worship teams and then when you feel the breakthrough go to slow worship intimate songs the glory begins to come.  So these are different little keys that I do when I go that I notice majorly accelerate and enhance the glory.  Sometimes I even have some quiet worship playing in the background just to keep a flow going.  Yeah, that is some of the things that we do in the meetings and there are other things too, but those are some of the main things to prepare before we come to a place.

Sid:  Where in all of the world do you find the most open portal?

David:  I’d say in Israel, Israel’s the most open portal certain places in Israel where just seems to be an open heaven there.

Sid:  You know many times you go to Israel and having meetings, I’ve actually seen video footage from your meetings in Israel and some of these Israeli’s have instant weight loss tell me about one.

David:  Yeah, one time we were having a meeting in Jerusalem and I gave a word of knowledge that somebody is losing weight right now, grab your pants and a woman’s pants began to drop dramatically.  And she came up just laughing and just couldn’t believe it she had lost just so much weight that she was showing the whole audience. That’s one of the time times in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles.  So what’s interesting Jerusalem is a portal geographically, the Feasts are seasonal portals so basically He had a seasonal and a geographical portal at the time same time a double whammy; a double open heaven.

Sid:  David in your book “The Ancient Portals of Heaven,” why would someone benefit to read this book?

David:  Well when they read the book they’ll begin to get supernatural revelation that will tap them into the understanding of what the ancients knew, what did Enoch know, Elijah know, what did Solomon know, what did the apostles know, what is the revelation that they knew how to tap into the glory realm, open heaven encounters with God, visitation.  What does it mean when they say “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.”  Or the visitation of Ezekiel, they’ll get to tap into things the average believer doesn’t usually tap into today that they did before.  Ancient portals, ancient wisdom of what the people of God knew before that God wants to give back to us today.

Sid:  Now one of the portals you found is blessing Israel, tell me about that.

David:  Oh yeah, well it say it’s very clear in the Word of God that if we bless Israel there will be a blessing, but I noticed it’s not just like a physical blessing, but there’s a spiritual blessing that comes.  We began going to Israel, let’s see, in 1994, and blessing Israel not knowing that it would totally transform my ministry.  We went on a trip, shared the gospel; people got healed, people got saved and we came back home, our ministry just suddenly began to just literally skyrocket from almost nothing happening to just total favor open heavens, souls, we were on every, almost every, move of God that God was doing, we were on the cutting edge.  And so it propelled us into the glory nonstop for the next five years just because we blessed Israel financially, spiritually and in every other way it caused an explosion to our ministry in our own personal life.

Sid:  David, in your book you talk about the master keys to the harvest, explain.

David:  Yeah, the master key to the harvest I usually Roman’s 11.  Paul was a Master Apostle which most everyone would agree Jew or Gentile that he was a Master Apostle.  He knew how to win the lost; he knew how to build the Kingdom of heaven. So basically he wanted to go to the Jews but God told him “No, your main call is to be to the Gentiles, you’re to an Apostle to the Gentiles.”  So I taught on Roman’s 11 where he gives his secret.  He says, “I magnify my ministry.”  So that’s something everybody would love their ministry to magnified or be greater than it is now.  And he says to things, number one, “I make my own people jealous.”  You know even if they, people don’t get saved that are Jewish, but if they’re jealous for what you have you’ve already planted a seed, there’s a blessing that God will give you.  And number two he says “And I tried to save some of them.”  So he would always still sow and try to win the Jewish people to the Lord.  And the few Jews he got saved, I believe caused a 1,000 fold return in the Gentile world.  So he would go and a few Jews would get saved and he maybe got a 1,000 Gentiles in return.  His ministry was probably one of the most powerful as far as all of the apostles.  He wrote most of the New Testament and he says, “My secret is number one, I make them jealous and number two, try to say some of them.”  And he goes on and he explains it that “If their fall is that they missed their Messiah, the Jewish leaders would reconcile the world, how much more their resurrection?  If Jews come back into the Kingdom, if they fell and Gentiles got in how much more if they come back in?”  It says, “It’ll cause a resurrection of the dead.”  Literally resurrection power will come back on the Gentile Church if they will begin to pray and believe for Jewish people to be saved.

Sid:  David, in your book you say that anti-Semitism has literally caused us to lose this ancient wisdom, explain.

David:   Yeah, I believe that it’s the favor and the portal on the early church began to close right about the time of Constantine. You know the apostles were in Jerusalem, the church was growing, shook the entire Roman Empire.  Paul even his goal was to go to Rome and he did and it really shook the entire known world at that time, the Roman Empire.  And so the Roman’s got smart after awhile they see all these people receiving Jesus getting saved even at the point of death, ever Roman soldiers willing to die because they realized these believers are more bold and courageous than the Roman soldiers.  So Constantine, I believe, was one of the ones used to close the portal.  He finally made it a compromise with the church, he basically said, “Okay, we’ll become a Christian Empire, will stop persecuting Christians.”  But basically his one condition was this as long as we have nothing to do with the Jews or the Jewish believers for that matter.  So in 325 AD Constantine charted up basically his edict basically to all the churches telling them not to have anything in common with the Jews even telling them not to do the feasts, the Passover Feast.  And especially not to do it during the seasonal portal that the Bible gives so basically he changed the date…

Sid:  So the Church would then lose that great blessing of God promising to show up at His set feasts or His set appointments.

David:  Exactly so they said, “Okay, we’ll do it we’ll still celebrate Jesus but we’ll call it Easter” which is pagan, totally pagan, Ishtar that’s another whole teaching.  So a lot of Christians say well, as long as we’re celebrating His birth and resurrection any way we are okay, but what they don’t realize is that they are missing the actual date that the Bible show the exact date when He’ll show up every year.  So by doing it on different day you’re missing the portal, you’re missing the season the exact time period where you could really get a bull’s eye in the Spirit and really get an incredible visitation.

Sid:  And of course your book also shows that where as you can miss a blessing by missing the portal you can get a blessing by walking into that portal or that pathway, or that door into heaven.  I mean I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything.

Our Guest David Herzog

Sid:  As I’m sharing this I’m interviewing my good friend David Herzog. The anointing is so strong on him, and I mean I pick up people’s anointing when I interview them that I’m literally hearing words of knowledge of people being healed David as I’m doing my standard introduction, which makes it really difficult.  But what I heard is that anything that you need from the neck up in your head area, sinus problems, allergies, deafness, blindness, migraines, anything you need in the head, the neck healed it is yours.  David just before we went on the air we were talking about some of the miracles that you’re seeing in Asia and this is almost hard to comprehend, you saw more miracles in the first trip to Asia in perhaps years of ministry.  Tell me some of the things that you saw.

David:  Yeah, we were just amazed we got to Singapore and the very first night the first few miracles blind eyes opened up, deaf ears opened up and paralytic began to walk, tumors disappearing, just all kinds of stuff begun to happen.  And then we moved to Indonesia and it continued on in Jakarta, there were about 3,000 people and three people looked like zombies walking towards me I thought that they were demon possessed so I asked the translator “Who are these people coming toward me?”  And he said, “Don’t worry these are paralyzed people they walk funny.” So they started walking, and those were their wheelchairs and they started walking up onto the stage from their wheelchair and I said, “Wow, that’s great then bring them up.”  Just a lot of creative miracles begin to happen; the guy testicles were recreated supernatural in the meeting.

Sid:  Well, you’ve had this happen to body parts you were telling me about another meeting where thyroids were recreated.

David:  Yeah, that just happened a few days a later it just happened in Maui last week.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

David:  Yeah in Hawaii in Pukalani, they believe that is where the heavens are thinnest, that’s what the Hawaiians’ believe there is like a glory there.  And this girl came and she had her thyroid pretty much, most of it cut out by the doctors and it grew back supernaturally. She began crying and weeping she could feel it anyone could feel it and the thyroid is back.  So a lot of creative miracles are going to happen; we always see it but it just seems to be especially 2008 there is an acceleration of the frequency of those miracles.  Where instead of seeing a few every night you might see many more in one weekend of meetings.

Sid:  You told me a strange thing that happened with a man that was bald his hair grew back, but it was a different color?

David:  Yeah a guy, he wanted, actually there is two different stories, but this one his hair was white and he said, “Lord I want my new hair color.”  And I said, “Lord restore peoples’ hair colors back to the original hair color, youth renewed like the eagles.”  But he said, “No Lord, I want a different hair color, instead of black I would like brown.”  And in the meetings the first time that I had ever seen this, I’ve seen people’s hair colors change, but not to a different color than an original, it went from white to brown, his original color was black.

Sid:  Now one of the things that you’re known for teaching on is the glory, how did you first begin understand that when the glory shows up anything you believe and speak it happens.

David:  What happened when I was in a revival meeting in Paris it was a six month revival that broke out on Father’s Day, I was preaching the whole six months.  After that revival I began seeking the Lord for even a greater glory, He led me to the book of Genesis and He basically told me this is the blue print for all miracles, creative miracles.  So I began to read it and it was so simple, wow.  In the beginning the Holy Spirit or the presence or whatever you want to call it the glory hovered over the waters and then God spoke.  So if I can get the glory and the presence of God first before trying to get a good sermon before anything else Lord we need You, we need Your presence, we need Your glory without You we can do nothing.  Once that glory begins to come then I noticed how easy it was to simply wait on the Lord until you get a word of knowledge because Jesus said, “I do nothing but what I see or hear the Father do.”  So if you can hear or see God do something and simply speak it while the glory is present things are created instantly.  The old fashion way is just get into a meeting, get some good worship you know and just pull up people and lay hands on everybody and hope that some of them get healed.  And we can still do that but also I believe when you get in the glory realm and you wait on the Lord you can get more targeted pin pointed bull’s eye words of knowledge that hit and it’s exciting.

Sid:  You were also telling me last time we spoke on the telephone that this operates not just in physical healing when you are in the glory but actually and especially in the times that we’re living in operates in the financial arena, give me some examples.

David:  During Revival Week, we call it the Denver Outpouring it started June 29th there was a lady that came the first couple of weeks of revival and we had all kinds of healing and miracles.  A lady with no teeth on top, she pulled out her dentures and new teeth appeared.  But in those meetings you know we had offerings, people gave in that offering and I began to declare in the Name of Jesus that same power that’s causing physical miracles let it cause financial miracles.  And the next day a lady was in debt $60,000. Had a woman that she just met but maybe knew a little bit not that well came up to her and said, “I feel I’m suppose to give you $10,000”, and she ripped up the check and said, “no I’m supposed to pay all of your debts.  Add up all of your debts and let me know what they are”, and they were $60,000. She paid off the whole thing.

Sid:  Now is this just a fluke or does this really happen a lot?

David:  It’s happening a lot like every week, as often as there are miracles there are financial miracles.  So if you are seeing a lot of physical miracles in meetings simultaneously God is doing financial miracles. Another lady came, she is a young girl, well I say young, but she’s in her early twenties.  She bicycles to work, she has no car, barely pays her rent and she gave whatever she had in the offering while the miracles are moving, I mean she didn’t have much, it was like the widow’s mite she gave whatever she had.  I didn’t know that, in the meeting I said, “There is someone here that needs a car, stand up.”  She stood up and then I proceeded to say, “Does anyone want to give her a car?”  Well no one in that meeting gave her a car, but the next day a lady gave her a car, a person that she just met.  She barely knew the person gave her a car, and about two weeks later gave her a second car.  Now that was a month ago but I just came back from Denver last week and the Pastor told me, you don’t understand, someone just gave her $200,000 and a brand new house.  I mean she’s like totally, and she was super totally no car, barely getting to work, and she said too “She wanted to be blessed to be a blessing to help other people.”  So it’s amazing, especially those that are really really poor struggling barely making it.  It’s back in the Bible the widow with Elijah God can turn everything around very very quickly if we just obey His voice.

Sid:  David, I’ve been excited about your books in the past, but your latest book literally it’s seems as though we are interviewing  people where the book is just literally right off the press, we’re the first people to be offering these books.  But I’m very excited about your latest book it’s called “The Ancient Portals of Heaven.”  How did this book come into being?

David:  Well the Lord told me to write a book about the gateways into heaven.  Originally I was going to call it supernatural wisdom of the ancients basically it’s about what did the ancient peoples know that we lost?  The patterns of the supernatural, how did Elijah just get transported almost at will it seems?  How did Enoch get so close to God that he just was not?  How did these, you know what are these ancient patterns and pathways to the heavens that is supernatural to, what did the ancient Israelites know, and Solomon the wisest man on the earth. What do they know that maybe we lost in our modern day era?  So I go back and research this and it’s just amazing, amazing things that you find out how to retap back into the ancient paths.  The Bible says to follow the ancient paths, go back to the ancient ways.

Sid:  When you use the word portals of heaven explain what you mean by that.

David:  Yeah, basically gateways to heaven, just like I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of people know that in the demonic realm for instance which is only a copy of the real, they have witches, I’ve never been one so I’m not going by experience, but I know from talking with people that people have that they transport themselves.  Let’s say a witch wants to go from here to there they do that all the time there’s these demonic gridlines that connect in the demonic realm but Satan is only a copier.  In the Spirit realm it’s the same thing, there are pathways that open up the glory realm, there are seasons of time where things open up, there are geographical locations on the earth where there are like direct portals to heaven.  The Celtics’ used to say that the air would be thinner in some places on the earth than others, meaning there is like an open heaven.

Sid:  And when you can find a place like this what difference does it make in say your ministry?

David:  Oh yes, well when you are there if you are in a place where the heaven are already opened or it’s very easy to open you go there to pray and you hear from God, you get visitations and you get experiences from God that are life changing.  One experience from God or one visitation from God can alter the next twenty or thirty years of your life.

Sid:  Now some of these ancient portals have to do with not just the physical location and I’ve never seen this before but the minute I saw it I said, “Why haven’t I seen this before?”  It has to do with the Biblical festivals.  And over certain times, certain seasons are there portals to heaven.

David:  Exactly, well it says in the Bible also many times when there as a visitation I was in the Spirit of the Lord’s day, that’s a code for certain patterns and times where God promises to visit more than in other times.  Well, the feasts for instance there is the Passover feast, there is the Feast of Tabernacles, Succot, there’s Pentecost.  For instance we do our conferences in Sedona purposely during the feasts.  We do one at Esther’s feast at Purim, we did one at Passover and we do one at Pentecost and now we’re doing one at Succot.  And at Pentecost just to give you an example, and we live in Sedona which is known as a town supposed darkness and there is some New Age things over here. So it’s known as a hard town to open up and yet we did it during the feast, the glory came, the awesome praise and worship, we worship God and literally everybody in the room suddenly began to hear angels singing into the room suddenly began to hear angles singing into the room.  No one was playing keyboard, the keyboard player didn’t have his music on, and it was so supernatural the unsaved people from the hotel and waiters and the workers they ran in, they could hear the noise from far away. This very interesting angelic sound was coming out of somewhere and you just felt like your hair went up on the back of your head. So something opened up in the Spirit realm because we hit it during a feast time and God promised to visit during those feasts He said, “I’ll visit my people.”  And so a lot of people don’t realize that you don’t have to be Jewish to be His people.”   We’re all grafted in. If you’re not Jewish you’re grafted into the commonwealth of Israel so you’re also God’s people.  Anyone can tap in to these seasonal portals if they’re a believer.

Our Guest Steven Brooks

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to receive the end time generation mantels that are being released, and ready to be released right now if not now what good they are going to be because we are in the last of the last days.  My guest Steven Brooks has just written a brand new book, the subject is the release of mantels to the end time generation.  Steven if they’re not going to be released now what good is it?

Steven:  I tell you Sid, you are right it’s time for these mantles, these anointing’s to fall upon the end-time church and I believe the Lord Jesus has timed it just right the double portion and even a greater anointing rest on the end-time church to do the works of the Lord Jesus.

Sid:  And you made an interesting point in your book that many of the mantles that people will be receiving they’re going to fulfill what perhaps the person that originally had the mantle did not fulfill.

Steven:  That is true Sid and you know we see interesting stories in the Bible you know there’s also the story of Elijah with Elisha how in the ministry of Elijah a person can also go through the Bible and count up the miracles that were done in his ministry, and you’ll see that Elijah there’s are eight miracles recorded in His ministry.  And then with Elisha you know he asked for the double portion and you count all the miracle up and he accomplished in his life time and there’s fifteen.  And people say “Oh he fell short of the double.”  But you remember in the Bible after he died they had buried Elisha and some men were out one day, they were going to bury somebody and a band of raiders was coming on the scene they had to quickly bury this man.  They lowered him down same tomb that Elisha was buried at, he touched the bones, was raised from the dead. That is number sixteen so he got the double.

Sid:  You know I never thought about it that way, but that’s absolutely correct.  Let’s start with some basics, define a mantle.  What is a mantle?

Steven:  Sid back in the Old Testament a mantle usually was an animal skin or sometimes a piece of cloth that a holy man or woman of God would wear over their shoulders representing the authority or an anointing that God had placed upon their lives.  We see this particularly with the ministry office of the prophet because back in the Old Testament that was the only ministry office that was operating was the prophet’s ministry. You know we often think about Elijah how he had that camel’s skin over him and he was a rough type of man.  And so many times in the Old Covenant it was represented something that was physical whether it was animal skin or a piece of cloth. Of course over in the New Testament and under the age of grace we’re living, what we would refer to as the anointing or the Holy Spirit resting upon someone.

Sid:   Now one of the things that you do in your book about the mantles is that you teach on them but tell me how you happened to write this book in the first place.

Steven:  Well Sid, I had studied the subject of mantles for quite some time.  I felt like the Lord had a mantle, a special anointing for me, and you know the Lord’s called me into the ministry.  There’s many types of anointing, but I just in my heart I knew that the Lord had something special a special anointing for me, and I began to seek the Lord in prayer regarding that.  I actually sought the Lord for two years and after two years I said, “Lord I said, I’ve asked you for a special anointing and I don’t believe anything has ever happened to me that would be an answer to that prayer, but I said Lord, honestly I’m a little bit discouraged.”  And I remember that evening I went to bed after two years I prayed and sought the Lord, and nothing Sid had ever happened that would have answered that prayer.  But that night when I went to sleep later that night the Lord came to me and took me up into what we would call the second heaven up into the Spiritual atmosphere up above us about six or seven miles straight up.  I know sometimes when you see a beautiful airplane flying way up there that’s the enemies camp area up there where it says Satan whose the God of this world that’s where he has his control center.  But the Lord took me up into that spiritual atmosphere, placed me behind the large rock out cropping and I was able to look down into a valley.  Now this was in the spiritual realm up in the second heaven and Sid as I looked down into the valley I saw an enemy camp.  I saw evil spirits marching around something that they were patrolling and protecting.  These were huge evil spirits with enormous spheres eighteen feet tall and they were marching around whatever it was they were protecting and guarding.  And over the top where demonic creatures that had big huge wings, they looked like big huge bats.  They were flying over the top patrolling the airways guarding something.  And Sid as I looked at this I said, “Lord I sure would like to go down there and see what it is they are protecting.  And when I had said that Sid, two huge white angels with wings, these were angels of the Lord they flew right over might left shoulder and went down into that camp, they circled around that camp with tremendous speed and when they did that it stirred all of those evil spirits up into a frenzy it made them very mad.  And then those two angels took off with incredible speed and when they did that all of those demonic beings were chasing after those two angels.  And the Lord spoke to me and said go quickly those are my two decoy angels.  And Sid it was then that I was able to go down and see what was in that camp.

Sid:  And what was there?

Steven:  It was interesting I ran down that hill as fast as I could and I came up to my surprise what was a stack of clothing.  Sid the clothing was stacked up about five feet high, about eight feet long and it looked like it was stacked in a rectangular block.  And I looked at it I saw hats and gloves and scarves and boots, and all types of pieces of clothing and I said, “Lord, what is this?”  He said, “These are unclaimed mantles.”  Then He began to talk to me, he said, “My Saints that have come home to be with Me,” He said, “Many of them did not transfer on their mantle, they did not pass on their mantle.”  And so many of the great mantles of people in histories past that belong to the Lord they went over into the enemy’s camp because they were never used or never passed on.  And it was a remarkable experience, that’s actually where I received my first mantle.  Sid I took my right hand stuck it into that big pile of clothing and pulled out the mantle that the Lord had for me. It was amazing it was a blue sweatshirt.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity did you just reach your hand into a pile or did He direct you to a particular one?

Steven:  No, it is very interesting Sid because in the Spirit realm knowledge comes very very quickly especially when the Lord’s there.  It’s like revelation knowledge is flowing so I somehow knew exactly where the mantle the Lord had for me was at.  So I just reached right into the right spot and I reached in so far I stuck my arms so far in I could feel the clothing pushing up to my shoulder.  But I yanked out the mantle and when I pulled it out and looked at it and held it up it was a blue sweatshirt.  But Sid you have to understand that blue is my favorite color and it also represents the prophetic ministry, it represents the open heavens.  And Sweatshirts are something I just always loved and enjoy to wear when I’m not ministering, when I’m traveling on an airplane or going to a meeting it’s always nice to be comfortable.  And I pulled it over my head, pushed my arms through the sleeves and it was a perfect fit.  And then the Lord told me exactly who use to wear that mantle, He said, “The person that use to wear this mantle was one of my trusted prophets.”  He told me where he lived at which was over in Europe, He told me when he lived in history, which was hundreds of years ago and He even told me His name.  And a few weeks later I was actually able to find old books written about this man, he’s actually recorded in church history.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity these mantles that are being protected by the enemy was it the fault of the person that had the mantle for not transferring it?

Steven:  Sometimes it can be Sid because maybe there’s jealousy, maybe a person wants to keep it to himself, maybe a person thinks nobody else could do it like I could do it.  And sometimes they fail in raising up somebody to carry on the legacy. So sometimes people they want all the attention, they want it to be all about them and so they never raise up a successor.  But there are other situations beyond that persons control where that person would not be at fault and that’s the case when there’s somebody who’s not qualified.  So if there’s nobody qualified to receive the mantle it’s going to lie dormant and can lay, it can lie dormant for hundreds of years and we see that happening with Elijah passed the mantle to Elisha, but we wonder who got Elisha’s mantle.  But because Gehazi was next in line but Gehazi ran after money after the healing miracle of Naaman tried to tell Naaman to give him money and he actually took it the wrong way and he lost the opportunity to walk in that prophetic mantle that  had rested upon Elisha.  And the next time we see that mantle which originally started with Elijah is all way down the line with John the Baptist, and that’s 800 years later.  So that mantle had lied dormant for about 800 years before it fell on a person that was qualified to wear it; and that was John the Baptist.

Sid:  And what change occurred in your life from this specific mantle that you received?

Steven:  Sid, what happened is that when after this experience happened everything was normal for a few days and then I an angelic encounter. I began to see angels, the Lord began to open up my spiritual eyes and I could see and hear into the spiritual realm. This had never happened in my life before, and so it was tremendous shift for me.  And I didn’t even tell people things but I would go out and minister in meetings, the gifts would operate in my ministry like never before, and people would say without even me asking they would say “Steven there is something different about your ministry now; it’s at a much deeper level and the words of knowledge that you are operating in you certainly something has changed with you.”  But you know Sid when I found this book, and actually several books written about this man that actually record the history of that man’s ministry whose ministry I received I found out that he was known for having have angelic visitations; and being able to see into the spirit realm.  So that’s what’s wonderful about a mantle or anointing, it will fit for the calling and the purpose that the Lord has assigned for that individual.

Our Guest Dr. Jim Richards

Sid:  The Jewish person that has crossed your path is not an accident. God wants you to demonstrate the Supernatural Kingdom to him, and love him to Jesus.  Now for you to demonstrate the Supernatural Kingdom you have to be able to operate in signs and wonders. That’s what grabs the attention of someone from another religion.  That’s what grabs the attention of atheist that is normal according to the Bible.  Instead most Christians are sick themselves and don’t know how to pray for others to be well, most Christians believe all the promises of God in the Bible, but many don’t, if not most, don’t see them happening in their life and they don’t understand and they say.”What’s a matter with me am I Swiss cheese?”  Well I have Dr. Jim Richards on the telephone and he has three Doctorate Degrees, he’s lived the miraculous, he’s seen every miracle multiple times that we read in the Bible.  And for thirty-five years he has studied health and alternative medicine and the Bible and he has…I have to tell you Jim as I hear you teach Science is catching up with the word of Jesus.  Is that fair to say?

Jim:  Finally.

Sid:  But there are blockages.

Jim:  Yeah.

Sid:  I mean I know that God’s Word is true no matter what I ever see, no matter what I ever feel, no matter what I ever experience; let every man be a liar but God’s Word is true and I live and I die by that.  However, there are blockages, help us out.

Jim:  I use to read scriptures like the Bible talks about how the words would go inside of you. When I was in my Under Graduate work in theology I would go and talk to my teachers about this and really they would just give you some kind of abstract and almost mystical answer which really meant they didn’t know the real answer.  And as science caught up with the Bible we started realizing that literally those things are true words that we hear that hurt us and cause pain in our lives have the capacity to literally go into us and create what we now know to be cellular memories. Literally imprinting the feelings, emotions and hurts that we have when we hear those words literally imprinting those into the memories of our cells and in to the sense of ourselves.

Sid:  But wait a second, when you are born again the Bible says that you become a new creation so why should we have to deal with those feeling and emotions that are imprinted into our very cells, they should all be gone.

Jim:  You know, ideally that would be how we would initially respond to that. But it was really interesting the Apostle Paul told us that even though we’re believers we need to put off the old man and put on the new man.  Through looking at many of those types of scriptures what we come to realize even though we’re born again, even though our spirit has been made new, literally we hold on to some things from our past even though we’re forgiven.  Now we could have been delivered from it if we really believed that we were a new creation it we had been nurtured in that from the very beginning, no telling where we could have gone.  But there are many things from our past that we either hold on to, or we revive even after we’ve been born again.  And so this is why Paul says now when you realize that you are holding on to any aspect of who you are outside of Jesus, who you were outside of Jesus, the moment you realize that you need to put that off and you need to put on the new man which is created in the likeness of Jesus.

Sid:  Jim I’m reminded of a woman I interviewed, Joan Hunter and she had scientific data that said that people that literally had organ transplants an amazing thing occurred; some of the memories of the people that took the organ from, the people that it was transplanted to had some similar memories.  Can you explain that?

Jim:  Right, there was actually a landmark murder case where a young girl was murdered her heart was transplanted into another child and that child began to have a recurring dream of someone killing her.  And so it all started after the transplants so they ultimately tracked it down, found out where the heart had come from and found out that the child had been murdered, and from the description that the child who received the heart, from the description that he gave of the person in his dream they found and convicted this person who had murdered the young girl who’s heart had been donated.  You see anything that we experience that’s very powerful, that’s very emotional it has the potential to be imprinted into the memory of our cell.  Now every single cell in our body knows every single thing about us and actually has an imprint of all the information of our entire being.

Sid:  Now, how far back does this go, does it go to in the womb?

Jim:  You know actually the Bible says, and this is one of those scriptures miss understand, the Bible says that iniquity, and iniquity is lawlessness, iniquity can be visited to the third and fourth generation.  We realize now and again science verifies this that if about three generations of a family experience some strong emotion or for an example a study was done that it takes about three generations of a family living in poverty by the fourth generation the children come out of the womb hard wired to have a tendency towards those beliefs and towards those emotions.  Now that’s not God making happen because God said that “The teeth of the children can’t be set on edge for the sins of the parents.”   It’s not God punishing the kids, it’s God warning the parents that when we begin to bring things into our life that are destructive it literally creates the potential to be carried forward for generations until ultimately that fourth generation comes into the world.

Sid:  Okay, that begs a question, doctors always ask “Do your mother, do your father have diabetes?  Did they have heart trouble?” They are trying to find this pattern because doctors have found if your parents had something there’s a high likelihood you’ll have something, it’s in your genes.  What do you say about that?

Jim:  You know that’s a half truth, the sad thing though is that doctors don’t realize what we know from the Bible. We know from the Bible, and from cutting edge biology, we know that the heart is the master controller of all of the cells of the body.  And so doctors think that, they don’t think this so much now, but for years they have thought that your genes were programmed a certain way you just came into the world, you were stuck with it not matter what.  But we know that if you believe a truth in your heart it will reprogram your genes and it can change any disease that’s being carried forward through your DNA.

Sid:  Okay but explain to me there is something I don’t quite understand.  Let’s suppose let’s take your case I know that you had several generations of people that night have been bootleggers.

Jim:  Right.

Sid:  How many generations, did you have?

Jim:  Man, I don’t even know how far it goes back I just know that on my father’s side of the family that was a…it’s really interesting, on my father’s side of the family there were, there was extreme alcoholism, there was extreme violence, there was extreme sin and extreme religion.

Sid:  So was it in your genes, or was it as you say trapped in your cells?

Jim:  Well, really that gets down to one and the same thing because ultimately every cell is being programmed you know by your genes.

Sid:  But is that actually passing on from generation to generation after three generations of this?

Jim:  Yes it is actually, and that’s why people come into the world.  You look at how the world is progressing…

Sid:  You know what the more that I understand the more I can’t comprehend the mercy of God. We humans are so messed up I don’t know how anyone functions.

Jim:  You know I’m exactly the same way I get overwhelmed with mercy of God when I realize how we are and what we are struggling with, but the amazing thing is and this is the thing I always go back to.  When we are willing to believe in our heart, not just our mind, but when we are willing to believe in our heart the truths about what God did through Jesus we could have a transformation of where literally the cells of our body change.  You know when I got saved…

Sid:  That’s pretty powerful I think that you need to say that again.  You’re saying the cells of our body actually can change, as a doctor you are saying this.

Jim:  Yes, as a doctor as all of these years of medical research, as working with people in a clinic.  And I had a clinic for a number of years, working with people in a clinical setting. I saw people change things that doctors had told them they would never get over it, they would never get beyond it.  And the real truth is, there is nothing beyond the possibility of change if we’re willing to believe the truth in our hearts about who we are heart about who we are in Jesus and what He did through it; and of course His death, burial and resurrection.

Sid:  I think right now I want to hear an actual story of someone that changed and what they did to change.

Jim:  Well, let me give you two quick stores, one let me just share a little bit of my own story.  You know I was born with this congenital kidney disease.  I had had spinal meningitis until the blood came out the pours of my skin and I was given up for dead.  But the time I got saved I had liver problems, I had…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what let’s hold that thought because we’re out of time right now.

Our Guest John McTernan

Sid:  I can tell you that I want everyone everywhere to read the updated version of John McTernan new book “As America has done to Israel” because this documents every single time the United States of America has tried to divide the land of Israel, has done something anti-Jewish curses literally, or as John McTernan calls them warning judgments have occurred.  However, John what was the date that you heard the voice of God say to you “I have broken the back of America.”

John:  September 21, 2008 that’s when I heard the Lord’s voice.

Sid:  Repeat exactly what He said to you.

John:  He said Sid, “I have broken the back of America,” and it had to do about the economy.

Sid:  Well, you pin point I mean it’s so phenomenal of exact dates that things happen and what they trigger as far as judgments to America. For instance on July 16, 2007 what occurred?

John:  Sid, on previous we’ve covered how the curses began to hit America because of President Bush, Sr. speech on October 30, 1991.  And Sid I believe we crossed the red line with the Lord with in from the warnings to the destructive judgments after his speech that President Bush, Jr. made as you mentioned on July 16th 2007.  And Sid as you know, I follow events daily about what Israel, Jerusalem, the United States what in relation to Israel and Jerusalem.  And this speech that the President gave on July 16, 2007 kind of caught me flat footed Sid because things had been very quiet the previous months from the President there was very little activity and virtually, as far as I could recall no activity regarding Israel and dividing the land.  And all of a sudden on July 16, he gives this speech and when I heard this speech Sid it put like the hair on the back of my head there was this like dread hit me and I believe Sid that was the line, that was the red line that was crossed with the Lord.  And let me just quote a little bit from this speech, it was kind of a lengthy speech and this was what he says, this is what the President says.  “More than five years ago I became the first American to call for the creation of a Palestinian State,” that in of itself Sid is nasty.  “In the Rose Garden I said of the Palestinian should not live in poverty occupation, I said that the Israelis’ should not have to live in terror and violence, I laid out a new vision for the future, two Democratic States, Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security.”

Sid:  He really wants this to be his legacy.

John:  Yes Sid, he does, he does!  And Sid, notice he uses the word “occupation.”   To him the Israelis’ in East Jerusalem or in the West Bank which in the Bible is Judea and Samaria, and the mountains of Israel. He calls it “occupation.”  Now Sid it gets worse, it said “They must be sure that Israel is secure and then he says, they guarantee that the Palestinian State is viable and contiguous.”  Sid I think that it’s about thirty forty miles that separates because Gaza from the West Bank, you know Gaza which is under control of Hamas.

Sid:  Right.

John:  When he talks about antiques state he’s talking about a land bridge from Gaza to the West Bank, in effect of dividing Israel into two sections.  Isn’t that amazing?

Sid:  It is so amazing in light of what God’s Word says in Joel chapter 3.  I will judge nations for one sin.  You know nations are judged for the sins of abortion, they’re judged for the sin of homosexuality, we know this.  But God says that there is one sin that literally is going to be the tipping point, and He specifically says in Joel chapter 3, “For dividing up My land.”

John:   And Sid, it goes without saying, but Jerusalem is part of that land and we know what the scriptures says about Jerusalem Sid, it’s going to be a burdensome stone for all nations.  So you’ve got, I look at it as sort of compounding, it’s horrific according to the Word of God to attempt to divide the land of Israel.  But it’s compounded when you interfere with Jerusalem.  This is the President says, “And ultimately would lead to a final peace in the Middle East a permanent end to the conflict an agreement on all issues including refugees.”  And here’s the word Sid, “In Jerusalem,” and when I heard that, when I heard the President say, “A final agreement about Jerusalem.”  It like took my breath away Sid.  And then he went on in his speech the President says that “Israel’s future,” and I’m quoting directly from it.  “Israel’s future lies in developing areas like the Negev and Galilee and not continuing occupation on the West Bank.”

Sid:  So what a judgment by even using the word “occupation.”

John:  Yeah, but here he’s telling the Israelis forget about the West Bank, forget about Judea and Samaria and the mountains of Israel and look to the Negev and the Galilee

Sid:  Okay, paint me a picture if this policy continues in the United States of America, and if there is not real repentance by Americans over the sins, the three that we’ve mentioned; abortion, homosexuality and dividing up the land of Israel.

John:  Sid I don’t know how far down will go, but we will not be a world power, we will not have the freedoms and the blessings that we’ve had had here for centuries that will all be taken away from us.  And Sid America, I believe that America is going to be a horrible place of live because the curse is on us Sid right now it’s not something in the future because we have violated all the principals of God’s word.

Sid:  Why is God so concerned about the nation of Israel and the Jewish people?

John:  Well Sid He has a Covenant with the nation of Israel and we discussed that on an earlier show and His Name is attached to that Covenant.  He’s the Holy God of Israel Sid.  And in fact when you quoted from the Prophet Joel chapter 3 verse 2 He calls Israel “My land.”  That’s how identified He is Sid and He has a prophetic plan for that nation.  And that prophetic plan involves Jerusalem, it involves the integrity of the nation of Israel, not a Palestinian state, but it involves the nation of Israel as a whole.  And we know in the prophetic word when we look at chapters like Ezekiel chapters 36, Sid, and 37, 38, and 39. How important it is for the nation of Israel to be an integrity nation, and Jerusalem the Capital.  And ultimately Sid, ultimately it’s leading to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ because we know that He’s going to return to Jerusalem.  So it’s very serious to interfere with His prophetic plan Sid.  America has been greatly blessed by Him, by the Lord, we’ve honored His word, and we have been a blessing to the Jewish people.

Sid:  I’m amazed at some of the information that you have in your updated book “As America has done to Israel” about even the American Church was involved in the creation of Israel.  Most Christians aren’t aware of that.  And also what a blessing the United States of America  previously has been to Israel, during World War I and World War II.  And that’s exactly why we’ve been the most blessed country in the world.

John:  Exactly Sid, exactly and unfortunately we’ve turned against the Lord and Sid I know that we’re running out of time but I want your listeners with this.  That speech that I mentioned and of course there was more to the speech but I’m going to cut it short. That speech that President Bush made on July 16, 2007.

Sid:  Yes.

John:  Sid that was a Monday, on Thursday the stock market closed for the first time for the first time over 14,000 it closed 14,000.41 is what it closed.  The next day was July 20th that is the day Sid that the subprime debacle hit the banks.  That’s the very day, so the President makes the speech on Monday about dividing the land in Jerusalem.  On Thursday the stock market reaches an all-time high, and on Friday the economy begins unraveling.  And Sid if you go from this day and you go back into the Spring in 2008 and you go back into 2007 you will trace the economic catastrophe that has hit America right back to July 20th.   That’s when it started, I pin pointed the date, July 20, 2007 on July 16th the President made the speech about “It’s time for Israel to forget about the West Bank, and it’s time to divide Jerusalem.”

Sid:  Well your book absolutely pin points all of these things and has history very few Christians ever read.

Our Guests Ron & Glenda Pettey

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah. He died on the operating table, brain surgery. He had an encounter with God in heaven that is the most amazing encounter, the most incredible encounter.  He literally when he talks about it he relives it and his wife has to jump in because when he came back he had amnesia for ten years, yet he had the scripture in his heart. That experience was in his heart although he had amnesia he knew everything that he had known previously about scripture, he knew everything about his experience in heaven.  And people were praying for him to come back to life or live. Ron in heaven you actually heard someone praying for you.  Tell me about that.

Ron:  Yes, I did and I can quote his prayer to you.  It’s a Baptist friend of ours in a city a good ways off, and when I got back to Lufkin I said I can remember everybody praying for me. They had just started recording their messages on tape.  And I told Mabry I said, “I heard every word of your prayer for me and I can quote your prayer for you.”  I quoted his payer perfectly, they had tapes of it and when we left there we both had, even myself had chill bumps, bumps all over our body because I had proof, or evidence for me.

Sid:  That’s amazing evidence that here you are dead from a medical view point in heaven and you hear a prayer, come back to life and tell the person, word for word, what the prayer was. They actually had that prayer on tape from the prayer meeting?

Ron:  On tape, I mean I think the second Sunday to tape the messages and that Sunday this man had gone up to the pulpit to pray for me, Glenda had called them on that day and said, “Please remember Ron in prayer.”  And the timing was just uncanny because they just started recording the prayers.

Sid:  There is such a meaningful chapter Ron and Glenda Pettey, it’s the title is “Tiny Members.”  Tell me about that.

Ron:  I saw entering in heaven children beyond numbers, almost like grains of sand on the sea, it’s so many and some were entering in through Jesus themselves, some were carrying, it looked like globs. When the Lord allowed my vision to be focused on the palms of their hands I realized that it was miniature adults, maybe physicians, I don’t know, just different kinds of adults, but they’re all very distinguishable.

Glenda:  When Ron first saw the children carrying something he was very puzzled what is in their hand, what are they carrying?  At first glance it looked like just a blob; there are no words to describe that blob.  And then the Lord revealed a vision to Ron to where he could actually see it was a veil was lifted to see what was in the palm of their hand and it was as if it were a miniature adult.  And the adult was dressed in it’s kind of a career suit, it was if some looked like nurses, doctors, lawyers, whatever they would have been and then maybe a teacher.  And then when Ron looked again it went back to that blob so he just had a brief vision that these were actual people, that these were infants or actually embryos maybe that were being carried into heaven.

Sid:   And actually what he could see is what their destiny had been on earth that was stopped by an abortion.

Ron:  Yes, exactly.

Glenda:  And then as they entered heaven Ron realizes that Jesus was calling each one by their name, and it was a new name, it wasn’t a name he could recognize as an English name necessarily, but a new name.

Ron:  It wasn’t like Frank or Jim or something like that, it was a different Hebrew name.

Glenda:  It may have been Hebrew to Ron, we’re not sure.

Ron:  I’m not sure but it was a different type of name, and Jesus was calling each one by their name.

Glenda:  Well, it confirmed what we already knew that every child enters heaven, children are in heaven.  And innocent children before the age of accountability are definitely in entering heaven.

Sid:  You know as you share that vision with me I just think of the millions of babies that have been aborted that had such godly destinies that this earth has been robbed of.

Ron:  That’s right, that’s right. For me to talk about it it’s very discouraging, very disheartening to know there’s children up there that were aborted, or maybe it was just simply a protective agent that the woman took before she had sex with a man.

Glenda:  Oh, okay.

Ron:  Maybe that soon, but their destiny was stolen and God said, “He would control the womb.”  So we got to take Him at his word.

Sid:  Tell me about hearing your son’s voice, your son died as a stillborn, tell me about that experience.

Glenda:  Right, our second child was stillborn at thirty weeks. As Ron was still there on that check in table and that foyer area of heaven he began to hear children voices, and there were a number of children playing like in a stream or a stream of water and one child’s voice was drawn out above the others. Ron just intuitively knew that it was our son Jason.  And he moved to be nearer to where the voice was coming from.  He couldn’t see him but he could just hear it and then a very large angel stood just between and the wall or the barrier there and held out his hand right in your face.

Ron:  He put his hand over my face, and said, you’ve come close enough, he’s fine and the angel said, “He’s fine.”  So he knew exactly what I was thinking and he said, “Move back.”  So I went back to the head table, or whatever it was, the check in table.  I’m sorry to use such earthly terms, but I don’t have any other terms.

Glenda:  Some years later one of our children said, “Daddy, how old did he sound?”  Did he sound like an infant or a toddler, how did he sound?”  And Ron knew, he said “He sounded like a three year old.  And he would have been exactly three years old.

Sid:  So the children become adults in heaven.

Ron:  Yes, they grow and mature just as they would here on earth except in a pure environment.

Sid:  Tell me about that person that just turned around and starred at you and then what the Lord told you about that person that you had never seen this person before.

Ron:  Yes, that was, I didn’t know the person but we made eye contact in a line that was going through Jesus getting into heaven.

Sid:  And that’s an interesting concept, it’s Jesus is really the door that you go through to get into heaven.

Ron:  That’s right. He is the door there is no other way but Him. This young man passed by me and for some reason we made eye contact.  And he just sort of smilingly said, I made it, I made it, I made it and you didn’t, and you didn’t.  He was talking to me, we made contact or something like that.  And Jesus met him and engulfed him and took him into heaven.  Now this is stretching my knowledge of it because I remember walking up to Jesus and walking around him and like what happened to that young man that walked through Jesus.  I did not notice all the millions of other people that were going through and I walked around Jesus.  This is unbelievable, I walked around Jesus, and realized that he was in heaven and he had made it.

Glenda:  Then Jesus made eye contact with Ron and just said two words,

Ron “Remember this.”  And from that point on I did not know that I was going to come back to earth with zero memory.

Sid:  And when he came back to earth for ten years he had amnesia, and again the only thing he knew was his experience in heaven and scripture.  Then how many years later did you go to that prayer meeting?

Ron:  Eleven years.

Glenda:  Eleven years later we were in a prayer meeting where we met this young man’s mother of all things, she had been invited to come from a town about an hour away and we had been studying a book, it was an ongoing study of Henry Blackaby’s, “Experiencing God.”  The ministers that were leading us through this asked us to pray for a young man, Scotty Henagan, and then when we came they said well, Scotty had died, he had kidney failure and had died that week and they would like to bring his mother.  Well, several weeks later she came to the meeting and after our prayer meeting Ron just asked to see if she had a picture of Scotty, now that we knew about her son.  And she said, “I normally don’t carry a picture, but I went back into my house and brought this.  And she had pulled out an 8 x 10 framed with glass and all picture of Scotty and the next thing I knew across the room Ron had dropped to his knees in front of her and he said, “That was the young man in heaven, that was the one I saw entering heaven.”

Sid:   So eleven years ago he saw this Scotty yet he hadn’t died yet because there is not time in heaven.  I mean when I read your book, heaven becomes so real I guess that’s why you gave it the title, “Heaven is Real” it literally has the atmosphere of heaven.

Our Guest Vitaliy Fishberg

Sid:  My guest red hot is almost an understatement for him. His name is Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg.  I’m speaking to him at his home in Staten Island, New York; and Vitaliy you were born in Russia.  Is that Moldova?

Vitaliy:  Yes, Moldova.

Sid:  And your big goal in life was to be the best most recognized doctor in the world, tell me about that.

Vitaliy:  Ha-ha-ha I was very good Jewish boy; I was proud of myself to be a very intelligent, very wise and very gifted Jewish boy.  And my mother was very famous doctor in Moldova, and my grandfather was very famous scientist. So I decided in my mind to go through them and so I became medical student and I was the best student on the faculty, and I was highly favored in the eyes of most of the medical school professors. And I knew what I would become medical school professor, and I will win the Nobel Prize in medicine.  This was my goal, but the Lord Jesus, Yeshua, came to me; He invaded my life when I never heard about him even.

Sid:  As a matter of fact I want to understand this a bit because most of those that are listening to us probably don’t understand that although your parents are Jewish you probably didn’t have any relationship with God.  Did you have relationship or knowledge or even knowledge of even Judaism?

Vitaliy:  Actually received the most Jewish atheist; we was proud.

Sid:  That was hard for people to understand, but there’s too many of them; he was a Jewish atheist.

Vitaliy:  We was communist and actually we hated Jews.

Sid:  You hated Jews?

Vitaliy:  Actually many Jewish people in Russia they was Jewish, but they hate the Jewish people and when people asked you, “Are you Jewish?”  They said, no, I’m Russian.

Sid:  You know, I had that happen to me in a taxi in Moscow, I looked at the man face and I said, and I knew that he was Jewish.  So I said, “What is your religion?”  He said, “Russian.”  And I said, “No, what religion were your parents?”  And he said, “Jewish.”  I said, “No, you’re Jewish.”  He said, “No, I’m Russian.”

Vitaliy:  You know what Sid, the problem is most of Jewish people in Russia was so much persecuted because they are Jewish so they became how to much protected.  So they will tell you “I am not Jewish, I’m Russian.”

Sid:  Now speaking of being persecuted I want to take you back. The devil knew there was a call of God in your life.

Vitaliy:  Yeah.

Sid:  From even inception in your mother’s womb, tell me the experience that your mother had when she was pregnant with you.

Vitaliy:  Actually, mishpochah I want to tell something that Satan gets people that are coming by reveal over Lord in these last, over last days.  And I mean, I’m not only one, thousands and thousands of people are coming with a special mission you know.  So Satan wanted my mother to have abortion, these many times, but my mom was a good Jewish woman; she will never do abortion not because of her religion, but actually because of her education.  So many times my mom was afraid, one time she was in a car accident, another time somebody pushed her by accident, but all these moments actually my mother said she felt the supernatural hand was all the time protecting her.

Sid:  Now, how does an atheist put together a supernatural hand of God?

Vitaliy:  You know what it’s so funny, actually she you know did not believe in God before Mosha read your book, but I will tell about this a little bit later.  But she helped with power and literally when she was in car accident this supernatural hand was protecting her stomach, her womb you know and another time.  Oh, actually let me share with you before I read before my mother was to give birth this me was in hospital and where obstetrics department and it was very very difficult labor for many many hours.  And my mother became even like unconscience and at that moment she left her body, actually her soul left her body and she saw a man.  This man was clothed in rainbow, and she said that it was the most most handsome the beautiful man and this man was given her a baby.  And he told my mother that he will not die but you will birth to a baby, and in the hands of this man was baby boy, me.  You are special gift from God but also I was so special I have some my own issues and character as a Jewish boy you know.

Sid:  You know Mishpochah you don’t know the notes that I have in front of me of what a supernatural encounter Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg had.  But while you were in medical school in Russia you received a bible, tell me about that.

Vitaliy:  You know what, just give me one second ha-ha, I forget to tell one more detail and this will shock you beautiful, it will shock you beautifully.  Actually in the hospital where my mother was giving her birth it was huge rainbow and all the medical doctors in Yosus was shocked you know because we all was atheist.  We all were unbelievers, but we understood that something happened.

Sid:  That’s amazing that rainbow was inside the hospital building.

Vitaliy:  Okay, let’s go to medical school.

Sid:  No, no, no I just remembered I want to go back to some of the anti-Semitism you experienced.  There was a time when you were in high school where they were going to kill you because you’re professor was teaching anti-Semitism and they found a Jew and they wanted to kill him. Tell me about that.

Vitaliy:  Yes, you know what, in high school actually you know what, I don’t know how the situation was better but in the Soviet time folks many Jewish boys was killed in high schools.  Nobody was saying this in public, in newspapers, on TV, or radio but this was the truth.  So in high school we had one teacher who really evil possessed man; he hated Jewish people so much so he pushed many high school students and they tried to stone me to death.  And basically the way it was throwing out stones at me and I became unconscious, and I very clear saw the wounds.  Now you have to stand up because they will come and they will kill you, and I said, “I cannot stand up.”

Sid:  Now let me get this straight.  You’re being stoned to death, you’re almost unconscious you’re weak you’re laying down there and you hear a voice that says, “If you don’t stand up you’ll be stoned to death.”

Vitaliy:  Yes.

Sid:  But you can’t stand.

Vitaliy:  Yea.

Sid:  Because you’re too weak.

Vitaliy:  Yes, and so when I heard this voice and when I asked myself, I did not know about God at the time or anything. I asked myself thinking but it was my voice from my mind.  So when I asked this question “How could I stand up I don’t have any power,” immediately energy invaded me, it was the Spirit of God and I was able to stand up.  And we was continuing, to throw stones at me but it was something like a power force and we were not able to throw stones…

Sid:  Are you saying that when they would throw stones it would not hit you?

Vitaliy:  Yeah, when I stood up by faith it was not only a force it helped me to stand up, but also I was encircled with power force.

Sid:  My goodness, now that’s protection!