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Our Guest Jim Woodford

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. My guest was brain dead for 11 hours, went to Heaven, sent back with a message from Heaven. We have a Hebrew word, it’s called “bashert”, it means it’s meant to be. I tell you it is bashert that you be watching right now. My guest, I’ve just gotten to really know over the last day, he’s a retired pilot. You put it in a lot of hours flying. How many hours?


JIM: Just over 20,000.


SID: Just over 20,000. He’s not, he was not a believer in the Messiah. His wife was a believer. Is it fair to say that your god was things, T-H-I-N-G-S?


JIM: Yes, Sid, and I’m ashamed to admit it. I mean, I lived what I thought was the quintessential American-Canadian dream of a successful career, successful businesses. And yet I would wake up in the middle of the night and I’d have this yearning inside of me, and I foolishly interpreted that as meaning I needed a faster plane, a bigger car, a larger boat.


SID: But one day, again, he’s his own god, so to speak, he wakes up and something unusual, his arms and his legs are numb. He gets diagnosed with a disease, frankly I’ve never heard, is it Gillian Barre?


JIM: It’s Guillain Barre.


SID: I’m close. And if I understand this right, this is life-threatening and you could end up paralyzed. But actually if you don’t get treatment right away, which you did not, what did they tell you to expect?


JIM: Well it’s often fatal and Guillain Barre is the deterioration of the myelin sheath on your brainstem and it’s similar to if you strip the insulation from an electrical cord and all the signals from your brain become pain and interrupted. And I went from being a guy that flew jets and raced cars to someone completely dependent on nurses and my wife who is a nurse for my care.


SID: You told me that the pain was so bad that you had pain when you blinked your eyes.


JIM: I actually trained myself to blink one eye at a time.


SID: Because of the time.


JIM: Because every blink of my eye was pain, not just in my eyes, but through my whole body. My whole nervous system had been interrupted by this incredible debilitating disease.


SID: And all of a sudden, the pain gets so bad that you take a whole bottle of pain medicine. I mean, but didn’t you realize that could be fatal?


JIM: You know Sid, it was a gradual thing and yet to give me some semblance of normalcy, some ability to sleep two or three hours a night I began to take more of the medication than I should have. And I was trying to get up the energy to get into the truck and inspect the field that I was trying to sell, and I saw a vial of prescription medication. I should have known all I was consumed with stopping the pain. As I took the last of the medication that evening and I’m facing the setting sun, for some reason, I didn’t plan it that way, all of a sudden my feet began to burn as though they were in fire. My hands and fingertips started to burn and as that burning sensation made its way up my body in my arms toward my chest I knew that I had done something truly catastrophic. And it was then that I said the first three of the six words that I believe are responsible for me being here today along with the prayers of my family. And in that last instant in my consciousness I looked at the setting sun and I raised my hand, and I remember it was shaking violently. I cried out, “God, forgive me.” I cried out from a part of me that I didn’t even know existed, not out of fear. I faced death a couple of times as a pilot, never flinched, but I had this overwhelming sense in those last nanoseconds of my life that I had wasted this beautiful life that the Creator had given me, and I had never honored him for that life. And I was just trying to express my sorrow for not having led a better life.


SID: After that prayer, which is half of the prayer that got you back, what do you remember?


JIM: And suddenly I became aware that the horrific pain that I had endured for all those years since the onslaught of the Guillain Barre was gone. I felt more alive than I had ever felt before and the pain was gone. I felt so great. I slid out of the truck, I walked about 15 feet away and I’m feeling as though a heavy wet overcoat has been taken off from me, and all the pain has gone with it. And then I look back at the truck and there’s someone in my truck, and I’m absolutely enraged, who would dare get in my truck, and not only that, he’s sleeping on the steering wheel. The moment when I realized that the guy in the truck was me was truly earth shattering.


SID: The next thing that happened you’re flying but there’s no airplane.


JIM: Finally I’m saving on fuel. But I began to rise. I can look through the rear window of the truck and see my body slumped over the wheel and over the truck I can look down in the bed of the truck, Sid, and see my toolbox. And being a former pilot I’m a good judge of altitude, and I’m suddenly a hundred feet, 200 feet, I’m drifting slowly backwards and I’m rising. I’m rising, and I am terrified. I can look out over the countryside.


SID: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought. He finds himself in a very unusual place, almost a crossroads between Heaven and Hell. When we come back we’ll find out what he did about it. Hell was actually, he actually heard Hell and demons calling him by his name. Be right back.

Our Guest Cherie Calbom

SID:  Sid Roth here with “Something More”, and my guest, Cherie Calbom.  And uh, Cherie, last time you were on the show, you caused a sensation!


CHERIE:  Isn’t it amazing!




SID:  Uh, do you remember the commercial we did –


CHERIE:  It’s so amazing, isn’t it?


SID:  with “Juice Lady in the”, “in the Box”?


VIDEO:  SID:  What a way to start this day!


SID:  And of course, she’s affectionately known as “The Juice Lady”. And for those that aren’t that familiar with her, um, I uh, sh- – uh, you had fibromyalgia, you had uh – uh, several uh – uh chronic fatigue syndrome; uh, there was no hope for you.  Uh, the doctors pretty much gave up, uh, but you did something that you directed to by God, that changed your life, in a short period of time.  Uh, tell me, your worst shape you were in, and what happened.


CHERIE:  I was in terrible shape; I had to quit work.  I uh felt like I had the flu all the time; swollen glands, headache. Body ached all over.  Could barely walk around the house; I couldn’t go for a walk outside.  And no hope from the doctors.  I prayed and prayed and prayed, and said, “Lord PLEASE show me what to do!  There’s got to be a way out of this”, and He directed me to juicing vegetables, and changing my diet.  When I started reading about a healthy diet, I realized I was way off-track.  I loved junk food and fast food, and I didn’t like vegetables.




CHERIE:  So I did an about-face.


SID:  You sound like the typical American.  [LAUGHS]


CHERIE:  I do, don’t I!  [LAUGHS]  Just running to – through the fast-lane of life, and fast food; that was me.  So, I bought my first juicer.




CHERIE:  Went on a 5-day juice fast.  On day #5, my body expelled a tumor the size of a golf ball, and that got my attention.  And I thought, “Maybe I’ll just turn the corner…




CHERIE:  and tomorrow I’ll be totally well;


SID:  Uh, b-but wait a second.


CHERIE:  I wasn’t.


SID:  I-I – I just don’t understand how things can happen in uh, you know, by just juicing so fast!  I would think it would take uh, several YEARS for something like that to happen.


CHERIE:  [CHUCKLES] It – you know, it is so amazing.  Uh, having now worked as a nutritionist with people for many years, I have seen AMAZING things happen in a short time.  For some people it does take a while for things to turn around.  It depends on how sick people, how old they are, how toxic [CHUCKLES] they are, and so forth.  But I was young, and for me, my body responded very very quickly.


SID:  Um hm.


CHERIE:  And this was the path that God showed me that I could take for healing.  Because now what I know as a nutritionist, and with all my science background, if you give people the right materials to heal, they body will heal!  It will DO what God designed it to do.


SID:  But h-how long did it take you to get better?


CHERIE:  Well after that juice fast, it took me about 3 months.  And I kept juicing, I ate whole foods – organic foods – mostly vegetables.  I went vegan for the summer; I’m not vegan now.  But I just uh, did that program, and in 3 months, I woke up one morning and thought, “Wow!  Somebody gave me a new body in the middle of the night!”  I mean I felt like jogging,…


SID:  Uh –


CHERIE:  and I did!


SID:  Oh okay.


CHERIE:  And I hadn’t even been able to walk the rest of the block!


SID:  Y-y-you begged – y-you’re begging a question:  Uh, why do I have to fool around with juicing?  Why don’t I just have 5 fruits and 5 vegetables?  Uh, l-like someone said once, a-and, that’s done!  Why – why don’t you just do that?




SID:  Why?  Is the juicing better, or is that equivalent?


CHERIE:  Juicing is superior in many ways, because there – there are several things.  It’s broken down so well,


CHERIE:  your body can absorb it very very quickly.  It goes RIGHT into your system, because it doesn’t have the fiber to stop or, you know, slow it down with digestion.


SID:  Um hm.


CHERIE:  Fiber is good; don’t get me wrong.  And we want to eat a high fiber diet, but juicing…


CHERIE:  is just fabulous for getting right into your system.  When people are ill, digestion often is off.  They don’t digest food well; they don’t even digest their fruits and vegetables well.  And so this gets it RIGHT into your system.  It’s like a pre-digested food, and you’ve got all those antioxidants, bio photons, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, going RIGHT into your body, RIGHT into your cells, bringing that healing LIFE!  And this is live food.  And we are told in the Scripture, “choose life”!  “I have set [you] before you [today] life and death … choose life”; and this is choosing life.  And then two, number two, we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.  Science has proven that – all over the world – where we should have 7 to 9, maybe 13 servings; it depends on the research and the surveys you see, and which universities, but we don’t do it.  This is the way to get a maximum amount easily.


SID:  Uh –


CHERIE:  So I take a big bowl and juice it up, and I think –




CHERIE:  I could never chew up [CHUCKLES] all that in the morning…


SID:  Uh, I probably could chew it all…


CHERIE:  you know!


SID:  but my refrigerator would be filled with that stuff.  Anyway uh…




SID:  uh you talk about “marrying the natural and the supernatural”.  What do you mean by that?


CHERIE:  Partnership with God!  That’s how I see it.  We do our part; He has DONE His part.  He continues to do His part all the time.  The Lord has been showing me more and more how we do that,…


CHERIE:  in that we stand on His Word.  And recently, I’ve just been seeing that more and more; how we apply it – His Word – to our hearts, like a poultice on your chest.  You know the old-fashioned poultices.


SID:  Right.


CHERIE:  My grandmother used [CHUCKLES] one all the time when anybody got sick.  And I SAW IT the other day in the spirit; apply that Scripture to your heart, just like a poultice!  Lay it on there:  “By His stripes [you] are healed.”  “He sent His word, and healed them.”  Just go over all the Scriptures you can find.  Get on the Internet; pull ’em off, print ’em out.  Apply them to your heart; strengthen your spirit.  But then…


SID:  Okay.  But if we …


CHERIE:   don’t stop there.


SID:  w-wait a second Cherie.  If we …




SID:  if we have, uh the – the powerful Word, which you agree and I agree, uh, why even fool around with nutrition?


CHERIE:  Oh, you know, in here …




CHERIE:  I’m so glad you asked that because people say that.  “Can I just go and get a miracle?”


SID:  Yeah!


CHERIE:  You know what?  If – if our diet has created our dis-ease in any way in our bodies, God can heal us.  He can do an “override”, I call it – heal us miraculously – but we’re going to continue on …


CHERIE:  eating our bad diet – our fast food, our junk food, our things in packages and boxes – devoid of nutrients.  We’re going to get sick again!  But so often, we need to partner …


CHERIE:  with the Holy Spirit.  We need to partner with the Father, with Jesus.  We need to do our part, and to eat the real, live, whole foods that He gave us, that He put on this Earth for our health and healing.  The Scripture says He gave us every herb, He gave us these plants; they are for our healing.  And He did not give us bon-bons; He did not give us chips and dips; He did not …




CHERIE:  give us fast food and burgers and french fries.


SID:  I haven’t read any of that in the Bible.


CHERIE:  Those are man-made.






SID:  U-uh, Ch…


CHERIE:  It’s not there, right!  [CHUCKLES]


SID:  Cherie, tell me, uh, you did it the last time you were on the air, but I feel it’s so important.  Tell me about the VISION you had from God about the battlefield.


CHERIE:  I saw so clearly, years ago, when I was in a – a prayer meeting for healing, …


CHERIE:  that I just LEFT that room in the spirit, and saw God’s soldiers.  He gave me a vision of His people – His army – and so many of them lying on the battlefield, where their armor is skewed; their swords and their shields laying at their side.  And they were in pain, and there were labels written across their bodies, like “cancer”, “diabetes”, “heart disease”, “fibromyalgia”, “M.S.”, “lupus”, “scleroderma”, “rheumatoid arthritis”; on and on and on it went.  And I saw these soldiers not only in their own pain, but the demonic forces really beating them up, punching and kicking them, because they were down, because they couldn’t stand.  And the Lord said, “Cherie, I want you to go back to school,” …


CHERIE:  get a graduate degree in nutrition, and I want you to teach My people, because they are perishing ‘for lack of knowledge’.”  And isn’t it true, on every level; Satan has tried to pervert what God has given us, and he’s perverted our food, and – on top of everything else.  And I was seeing that day, what is the quickest way to destroy an army if you could do it?  Poison them!  They would all just drop over!  You wouldn’t even have to do much of a fight if you poison the entire army with their water …


SID:  Hmm.


CHERIE:  their drinks, their food.  Well that is what the enemy is doing to us with all of this adulterated food, manmade stuff – things in boxes and bags – and – and fast food and junk food, and cans and sodas, and on and on it goes.  We’ve got poison everywhere we turn in our food supply, and God is saying, “Come out from among them,” My people, “and be … separate”.  Choose a holy – “whole” – “holy” means “whole”, body soul and spirit.  Choose a holy way of life.  Choose a holy way of eating.  Be my disciplined people, and choose the REAL food; whole food, that God gave us.


SID:  Now – now you mentioned something that uh, is going to uh, upset a few people.  I know in my control room it’s going to upset them.  Uh, what happens from too much diet soda?


CHERIE:  Diet soda is a scary thing.  And I have been doing research on that more and more all the time.  Uh, i-it’s – it’s uh waste with a diet sweetener…


CHERIE:  and usually it’s aspartame – we know it as NutraSweet.  And uh, the CDC did studies and, just have tracked.  Uh, they don’t really promote this, but they’ve just tracked it, and you can find it if you do you research:  That brain tumors increased HUGELY.  The bar graph went WAY up uh, a couple of years after diet sodas came on the market.  But there’s all sorts of new research showing that when you drink diet sodas, also you – i-it affects your metabolism, and you crave um more sweets and more refined carbs.  So you go for more things like pats- – pasta and pizza…


SID:  So – so could you say …


CHERIE:  hamburgers.


SID:  diet soda – could you say, Cherie, that diet soda makes you fatter, because of that?  [CHUCKLES]


CHERIE:  It [CHUCKLES] makes you better?


SID:  Fatter.


CHERIE:  [LAUGHS] It makes you worse!




CHERIE:  [CHUCKLES] Fatter!  Oh “Fatter”!  Yes, it does!  And [CHUCKLES] yes!  And they’ve proven that, in scientific studies, that it contributes to obesity, to weight gain.  And even if you’re not obese, that it contributes to fat being deposited around the mid-section, which is the worst place to gain weight.  It creates a …


SID:  Uh, w-w-what a …


CHERIE: it increases your “sweet tooth”.


SID:  w-what about regular soda?  Is that bad for us?


CHERIE:  That is really bad too.


SID:  [LAUGHS]  Oh wait a second!  [LAUGHS]


CHERIE:  Uh, they’re [CHUCKLES] both at the top!  [CHUCKLES]


SID:  Okay, well – why – why is it – why bad?  Tell me.  [CHUCKLES]


CHERIE:  It – it’s got a huge amount of sugar.  Um …


SID:  What’s wrong with sugar?


CHERIE:  many key foods; up to 11 key foods …


SID:  What – wh-wh-what – what’s wrong with sugar?


CHERIE:  Sugar is an inflammation and anti – it’s an inflammatory – excuse me – VERY inflammatory substance, …


CHERIE:  and that is what my new book, “The Anti-Inflammation Diet” is all about.  Inflammation is at the root of every disease there is.  And sugar is one of the #1 things …


CHERIE:  that contributes to inflammation in the body, which contributes to EVERYTHING, like heart disease, and cancer, and diabetes, and M.S., and scleroderma, and lupus, and on and on; R.A. – rheumatoid arthritis, you can name it all.  It – inflammation is at the base, and sugar is one of the top inflammatory substances.  I say to everyone, “Get that sugar out of your diet!”  But soda’s also got chemicals, and dyes, and all of that stuff.  And there’s a new study out showing that junk food, with all of that stuff in it, is the #1 contributor of inflammation.  So at the top of everybody’s list in science right now, sodas are coming in; right up at the top, both diet soda and regular soda, and it is subtly, day-by-day, destroying our health.  Young people think they can get away with it, because you know that when you’re young you think you’ll live forever, right?




CHERIE:  And you think you’re always going to be healthy.  And BOOM, one day, it all catches up with you, and your body says, “I’ve had enough of this” [CHUCKLES] you know, and it’s getting really sick.


SID:  Now you made a statement, a-and it’s worth me repeating:  You said inflammation is at the root of nearly every disease!  So it …


CHERIE:  Um hm.


SID:  therefore, um my logical mind says if we could get rid of the foods that cause inflammation, and eat the foods that uh work in a positive way, you get rid of the roots of most diseases, and then people won’t have to pray to be healed!  You know what it reminds me of Cherie?  Uh, there might be uh a 400-pound man that comes up to me for me to lay hands on him, to heal his back; and I KNOW God will heal his back.  But I also know in 30 days, he’ll be BACK to have his heal – back healed!  [CHUCKLES]




SID:  Be…


CHERIE:  That is absolutely right!  And it’s going on all the time!  My father was a healing evangelist; I grew up in this kind of ministry.  And seeing people – even as a little tiny kid – seeing people coming back over and over and over again, and that’s because we’re doing the things that make our body sick; and so they can’t stay well, because we’re pouring into them the things that contribute to inflammation; and  inflammation is causing disease.


SID:  Uh Cherie, are many – are many uh – uh people in the world have – do they have inflammation, or is this is a small percentage of people?


CHERIE:  It’s huge, and it’s worldwide.  We’ve exported our bad foods all over the world.


SID:  Umh.


CHERIE:  You can go just about [CHUCKLES] anywhere except maybe some little remote areas, and you’ll find “golden arches”, you’ll [CHUCKLES] find fast food restaurants, you’ll find pop – soda pop – everywhere.  You’ll find it all over, so we’ve exported our bad poisonous foods all over the world,


SID:  Yeah I …


CHERIE:  and we have sick people all over the world, with inflammation.


SID:  Y-you know what I’m thinking?  Just like that vision that you had of the – of the battlefield; we are praying for God to heal us, and then destroying our body right after He heals us, or even before He heals us!


CHERIE:  Um hm.


SID:  We’re – we’re like uh – uh shooting yourself in the foot!  Uh now, when – we have your 4 books.


SID:  One is brand-new:  “Anti-Inflammation Diet -“, and the “28 Days to Restore Your Body and Feel Great”!  Can – now that sounds like a short period of time, uh Cherie;


SID:  “28 days to restore your body and feel great”?  You talk about losing weight, increasing energy, look and feel younger in 28 days!  Is this REALLY working with people now?


CHERIE:  It is really working for sure, and I’ve proven it over and over again.  As a nutritionist, and with all the people that I’ve helped in counseling and different programs, I’ve seen it over and over again.  And as I’ve talked with various holistic doctors, they have told me that is about the right amount of time for things to really start turning around.  30 days is the amount of time, so we’re almost there with our 28-day program; 4 weeks.  And 30 days is the amount of time it takes for your cells to begin to really turn over, and for your body to really begin to change.  And so I always say to people, “Don’t give up.”  You know, we do something a week or two; we’re such an instant society, we want things immediately.  But I say, “Don’t give up; give it 30 days, and you should see some positive changes in your body”.


SID:  Okay.  Y-you tie-in that 28- – or the – as you say, “the marriage” between the supernatural …




SID:  and the natural.  Uh, you tie it in with uh, you made exclusively for our – our uh “Mishpocah”, that’s a Hebrew word that means “family” – uh, “The 28-Day Journey to Wholeness” devotional.  Uh, tell me about that.


CHERIE:  Yes.  I’m so excited about the devotional, because it goes with your 28-day food program.


SID:  Right.


CHERIE:  And what I’ve seen with SO many people I’ve worked with:  Your spirit needs to be strengthened.  So many people feel beaten down, and discouraged, and hopeless, and like nothing is ever going to change for them.  They’re not going to have the energy and the vibrant health that they long for and they’ve prayed for, and so I realized that day-by-day you need the Word of God.  And I have in the devotional not only a teaching each day – a short teaching, and it’s all around the spiritual – the biblical – the Scriptures; but also a declaration, because I feel that each day – with our mouth – we need to speak the word, “I declare today”, and I have something for people to declare every single day, and a prayer to close with.  And I realized that people need their spirit built-up so that they have the will power!


SID:  The – a-and you have the res – y-you have the recipes, and it’s not just juicing; it’s regular food and juicing.




SID:  Uh, but uh, you have 2 more books, and uh, a couple of them REALLY intrigue – well ALL of them intrigue me – but uh …


SID:  “Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue”, “Remedies for Asthma and Allergies”.  Uh, it’s the most amazing thing!  God gave us a body; He did not want us to have lack of energy, …


SID:  He didn’t want us to have pain, He didn’t want us to have heart disease, He didn’t want us to have diabetes.  Uh, H-He wanted to l- – us to live life to the fullest!  And uh, I – I find, of reading your notes Cherie, that many people that get ahold of your books uh, they’ve been praying and even fasting, “God, help me!”, and God has directed them.  So we’re making these 4 great books available for an investment of $49.  Speaking of investment, I just got back from Israel, and I spoke before a group of bishops a-at their meeting.  And there was a bishop there …


SID:  from Outer Mongolia.  I’d – I’d heard of Outer Mongolia.  Cherie, I didn’t know where it was!




SID:  And according to my map, I see it’s north of Tibet, China, but I didn’t realize it.  This guy was in an auto accident, …


SID:  and his back was broke 5 places.  And he …




SID:  was in constant pain for 14 years.  Uh, the – the prognosis was he’d end up in a wheelchair; uh, and one minute with God was all that was necessary.  Uh, he turns on our TV show, and this is the thing that’s so exciting to me!  Our TV show is in OUTER MONGOLIA and I don’t even know where it is!  Uh, a-and so he tunes in our television show, and then I have a word of knowledge; he’s sovereignly healed, he’s been h- – free for over a year, pain-free; he’s in full-time ministry!  And I – uh, that’s why I say, by making an investment of $49, any profits uh [CHUCKLES] and – and looks what’s going to happen to you; but any profits are POURED into ministry to people, in EVEN Outer Mongolia!  Uh, when we come back, I want to learn more about this insidious thing, uh, that is called, “inflammation”.  Most people don’t even know what the word means!  I’ll be right back.

Our Guest Jonathan Cahn

MICHAEL BROWN: What we know in Scripture that we can see as things happen in Israel, they’re happening in America or there’s a template when God brings judgment.



MICHAEL BROWN: You were saying that studying Scripture, studying the ancient historical books of Israel you discovered that part of these parallels are striking and could it even lay things out in advance if we’re looking at it, and this is what’s coming next. So we know our history. We know the problems we’ve had with our administrations. And now we see someone emerging, someone unexpected, and in the paradigm you talk about the warrior. Who’s the warrior?


JONATHAN CAHN: So you have the House of Ahab. If he stays in power it’s going to seal the apostasy. So God, something happens. It’s going to be a showdown. Someone rises up in the book, in “The Paradigm,” it’s called, he’s called the warrior.


MICHAEL BROWN: But he’s not just like a kind of quiet.


JONATHAN CAHN: No, no, not quiet at all. No, not quiet at all by any stretch of the imagination.


MICHAEL BROWN: Peacemaker.


JONATHAN CAHN: No, no. He’s a warrior. He’s not even a politician.


MICHAEL BROWN: In the paradigm.


JONATHAN CAHN: In the paradigm. He’s a warrior. He’s a fighter. He fights with everybody, okay, in the paradigm. He’s name is Jehu.


MICHAEL BROWN: Zealous, very zealous.


JONATHAN CAHN: He’s zealous.


MICHAEL BROWN: He’s got some rough edges.


JONATHAN CAHN: He is not gentle at all. He is coarse. He’s a fighter. He’s fighting everybody and he begins this race to the throne. Read the, he actually begins a race to the throne, and the Bible describes the race as, the word is “crazy”. They said he was crazy. He drives crazy. The man drives furiously. It’s crazy. But he gets to the throne. Even though it’s a crazy race, he gets to the throne.


MICHAEL BROWN: And he has a certain zeal for the things.


JONATHAN CAHN: Yes. The zeal is a crazy zeal, but he’s used by God, and he’s the most unlikely person. The commoners can’t even agree if he’s saved or not, but he’s being used of God. And so what happens, I’ll just, we can only touch on some things, but he ends up in a show to show, a showdown against the former queen. So you have the former queen, and you have Hillary Clinton, you have the warrior, you have Donald Trump. Okay. And so now here’s the thing, Michael. I said if you knew the paradigm before these things, I knew the paradigm. I didn’t even know. If we knew it you could have actually foretold all this. All the polls were saying Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton. The paradigm was saying no.

MICHAEL BROWN: And there are prophetic words about Donald Trump being like a Divine wrecking ball, as you call him, God’s chaos candidate. But that’s like Jehu.


JONATHAN CAHN: That’s Jehu. That’s exactly Jehu. Everything, Michael. So the things the paradigm was saying, no, when the warrior meets the former queen, the warrior will defeat the former queen and it will be a downfall, and that’s exactly what happens. There is so much, there are details to this, too. So he wins. He now heads to the capitol city. Jehu heads to the capitol city. Now why does he head to the capitol city? To drain the swamp. Absolutely. Absolutely. This is not political here. The thing is that Jehu specifically is ending Baal worship, which is what, the offering up of children. So even Trump puts as his agenda we want to dismantle this, which leads to the next thing. And that is that when he goes there he actually destroys the temple of Baal in the capitol city. Now the temple of Baal was built by Ahab. And so what, he starts dismantling the system of killing children. Well that has been, one of the first things Trump did was sign the executive orders to start, to try to dismantle it. But interesting, now beyond this, could there be another sign? Well the thing is that when Jehu rises, when he goes to the capitol, the temple of Baal falls. So here’s the paradigm. When the warrior rises the temple of Baal falls. Could there actually be a temple of Baal in the world? Well there is. There was a temple of Baal that stood for 2000 years in the Middle East. It survived everything. But when Trump rose, the temple of Baal in the Middle East fell, was destroyed. It was destroyed. And it happened in 2015. You can check it out. Happened in the summer. Just after Trump announces, his rise, it falls. Even that. And here’s another thing, Michael. I said all the parameters are there. Well let’s take the days, in the book, there’s something called the Days of the Queen. So how long does Jezebel, how long is Hillary Clinton? She was the First Lady of Arkansas to the First Lady of America. Her rise with her husband was 22 years. Then how long does she go on? She goes on for 12 years. She’s Senator and she’s Secretary of State. Then she retires from public life for two years, if you read, then she comes back for two years to campaign for the presidency. Well that comes out to 14 years. So you have 22 years, you have 14 years. Look up at Jezebel and put it together. Jezebel was with her husband reigning for 22 years. She went on for how long, 14 years, the exact same thing. The exact same.


MICHAEL BROWN: All right. So what is coming next and as you understand this paradigm, do we have hope for the future?


JONATHAN CAHN: Okay. First of all, yes, in the paradigm there’s something called about the days to come. Actually, the paradigm actually converges with the harbinger because it’s the same setting. The first thing, what’s happened is now this is a window. According to the paradigm, this is a window like a reprieve where we have a chance for revival. We have a chance. You know, it just depends what we do with it. But there’s a whole thing about the future in there. We have one minute to go so I’m just going to say this. So yes, we are at a dangerous period. There is a warning in the paradigm, actually what Jehu does or doesn’t do, but there is also a chance. There is something in the paradigm called the Elijah paradigm and that is, it actually contains the keys for believers right now. What are we to do? How are we to live? How are we to overcome? How can there be revival? That’s in the Elijah paradigm because Elijah is in this, too, and that’s the final part. So there is hope. As long as there’s God, there’s hope, but it’s, the thing is that we’ve got to be like Elijah. The days of easy Christianity are over. We have to be radical. We have to be bold. We have to be on fire. We have to stand up for the truth and God will use it. God will anoint the Elijahs of the day.


MICHAEL BROWN: All right Jonathan, I need you to pray right now for the rising of that Elijah spirit among the people of God.


JONATHAN CAHN: Okay. Lord, we just ask your hand on this nation, Father. We thank you that you’re never finished. We thank you, Lord that you have promised revival if we will come before you. Father, we ask for the spirit of Elijah to come upon this nation, come upon the church, come upon the one listening. Lord, take away the spirit of timidity and, Lord, give a spirit of boldness, of confidence, of Elijah, Lord. Help us to be, Lord, these are the days of Elijah. Help us to be the Elijahs of the day. Help us to rise up and, Lord, we pray let there be revival in the land. Let there be revival in Washington, revival in the coast land, revival in the cities. Let there be revival, Lord. Come soon and have your way. We praise you in the name of the Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah, the Lord of all. Amen.


MICHAEL BROWN: Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Friends, here’s the bottom line. These are urgent times, but there is hope. God, start the revival with you and with me. It’s time.