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Our Guest John Bevere


SID: John teaches on a word that I read in the Bible. But I think many people don’t understand the word, “communion,” communion with the Holy Spirit. What does that mean to you?

JOHN: Well you know, Paul said that to the Corinthian church, and interestingly, it’s the last thing he wrote to them on the face of the earth. He said, “May the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.” Now as a former Catholic boy, you say “communion” to me, I think the little wafer the priest puts on people’s tongue and the wine I snuck as an altar boy at the end of the service. Communion is koinonia. Okay. It’s a Greek word that has three major definitions. Number one, would be fellowship. Number two, would be partnership. Number three, would be intimacy. So what he’s saying is “May the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.” If you look at the apostles in the Book of Acts, they had great fellowship with the Holy Spirit. So what does fellowship mean? It means companionship, sharing together. If you look at the Apostle Paul he talks about the Holy Spirit speaking to him in city after city in Acts, chapter 20.

SID: You what I’m thinking, now when I hear the word “companionship”, do you have dialogue with the Holy Spirit often?

JOHN: Yes. Because you know, the Bible says, “Pray without ceasing” and prayer is not a one-way conversation. Prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. So if God tells us to pray without ceasing, that means He’s willing to communicate with us without ceasing. Now don’t always look for words. Okay. I mean, my wife can give me one look and I can write three pages on what she just said.

SID: Me, too.

JOHN: But now 30 years ago, if my wife gave me that one look, I’d go, huh? And the whole room, awkward. Right? So the thing is in order to have intimacy with Him, and I’m jumping to intimacy now, because intimacy goes to the desires, the intentions, the thoughts of the heart, we have to know the one we want to have intimacy with. You know, I look at these guys in the early church and what I started seeing, and this all started on a fast last year. God spoke to me and said, “I want you to read the Book of Acts, and I started reading it. And realized what was normal for the church back then is not normal for us today, because they completely depended on the Holy Spirit. He was a vital part of it all their life. He was literally with them and partnered with them in everything they did. If you look at the apostles, they wrote a letter and they said, “It seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit.” They’re actually representing His view and their view. But what I love about that is they’re so intimate with Him. They said, “It seemed good.” They didn’t say, “The Holy Spirit said and so do we.” You understand that they were so intimate with Him that God allowed them to represent Him without Him speaking. Now that seems odd right now, but it’s not. Last year my wife and I are doing a national conference in Canada. Right? I speak the first night, she speaks the second night. The soundman comes around. He’s got [??] ear mic. Right? My wife’s in worship, her hands are up, tears are coming down. I stop the soundman. I said, “No, no, no, no, she doesn’t want that. She wants a wireless hand mic.” He went back and got the wireless. I was able to represent Lisa without her saying what she wanted because I know her so well. So this is the thing people have to understand. You and I could be together for a year. Depending on how we interact will determine how close we become. We could be perfect strangers after a year. I can tell you husbands and wives that are complete strangers, and they had been married for 30 years. Why? Because they don’t interact and intimately go to those levels. So I know Christians that the Holy Spirit has been with them for years, yet they really don’t know Jesus that well, because he’s the one that reveals them. If you look at the Apostle Paul, he never walked with Jesus. Right?

SID: Right.

JOHN: Okay. So how many times you and I, and your people say, “Oh man, I wish I could have walked with Jesus on the shores of Galilee.” I don’t think they’d have any different of a life. And to be honest with you, I think they wouldn’t even be as close because Jesus said, “There are things about me I can’t tell you. Only the Holy Spirit can tell you.” So here’s Paul. He never once walked with Jesus. Never, not once. Right? And he comes to know Jesus so intimately that Peter, who walked with him for three and a half years finally writes and says, “This guy Paul knows Jesus so well, some of his letters are hard for me to understand.” So now why is that? Because the Holy Spirit can bring us to realms that Jesus couldn’t even do himself personally, here, because he communicates to our spirit. Our spirit has the capacity of housing so much more of the presence and knowledge of God. However, so many people want to know God in their minds. So you know, my greatest, greatest adventures in life are when I’m in interacting with Him, but it’s a level that’s deeper than just the soul. Now don’t get me wrong. The soul comes with it, but it’s deep.

SID: Now just tell me about a time you were interacting with the Holy Spirit in Malaysia, briefly.

JOHN: I’m doing a national conference. I believe it was the largest Bible school. People were there. It was a tent meeting. And I remember they had the women up front. And all of a sudden, all of the women said they were called to the ministry. Malaysia is a Muslim state. All of a sudden, the Spirit of our Father came in, the Spirit of God in the most loving way. And these women started laughing hysterically and they all collapsed all over the floor. Nobody caught them. Nobody touched them. And they were on the ground literally laughing hysterically. And so—

SID: No one is touching them.

JOHN: No one touched them.

SID: They fall over.

JOHN: Every one of them had fallen them. Nobody caught them and they were now laughing hysterically. Right? So I just sit down on the platform because I’m out of this. Right? So I’m enjoying this and I’m literally seeing these Asian women, because they’re very quiet and reserved, on their backs rolling back and forth with their hands on their guts, laughing hysterically. And I go, that must be where holy rollers came from. I’m just a Catholic boy that got saved. Okay. So I’m just like, wow. Well then all of a sudden this loving presence lifts and an awesome presence comes in, and the most wonderfully terrifying, if this makes any sense. Okay. And I remember when this presence came in, I thought, oh my goodness, something has changed. And all of a sudden all these women, at the same time, without even saying a thing, stop laughing. And within seconds, they started screaming like they were on fire. Now it wasn’t demonic. They were like on fire. Right? So I’m walking back and forth on the platform and I’m going oh my God. And that’s when I thought there’s a difference between our soul and our spirit. Because my head was going, I can’t handle this, and my heart was going, God, please don’t lift, please don’t lift. It was amazing. Okay. I remember I’m walking back and forth and I thought, you say one wrong word, you’re dead. Now I’m not saying necessarily it might have happened. But Ananias made a wrong move in that environment, and that’s New Testament. That presence, it was like Daddy didn’t come in. Daddy was in there before. The King came in. And I remember out of my mouth came these words: “This is the Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord.” That’s what came out of my mouth. And all of a sudden I thought, that’s it. Isaiah said, “The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon the Jesus.” The spirit was the counsel, knowledge, might, understanding—and the spirit of the fear of the Lord delights in the fear of the Lord. Remember, after the meeting, this Indian couple, they were from India, they were students in the Bible school. She was one of the ladies who was getting nailed. She looks at me and she goes, “I feel so clean inside.” And the husband goes, “I do, too.” And I said, “I do, too.” Well the next morning I’m in my hotel room and the Holy Spirit says, “Read Psalm 19.” I had no idea what I’m going to read, Sid. I know you probably know, but I didn’t. And I read to verse 9, and verse 9 says, “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever.” And God spoke to me and He said, “Lucifer led worship at My throne. He didn’t fear Me. He didn’t endure forever.”

SID: You know, that’s a hidden word, “the fear of the Lord’. I want to find out about this. It is hidden from modern day Christianity. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Dr. Pat Holliday

pat holiday

Sid: My guest in the studio will stop any backslider in their tracks when they hear what happened to her. Pat you’re from Jacksonville, Florida. You had a pregnancy and you had surgery and blood pouring all over you died, and you left your body. What happened?

Pat: Well it felt like a large explosion in my head and then suddenly it was like I was being sucked like a giant vacuum cleaner into this dark dark tunnel. And then I stepped out of that tunnel and there I was in the darkest place that I had ever seen. Very frightening, off to the distance I could see God and you know Sid when you die you know that there’s a God then whether you believed it or not before. But what pierces your heart is that you are separated from Him and then the next thought comes for eternity.

Sid: But you were raised in Catholicism you knew about Jesus.

Pat: Knew about Him but you know as a child we use to go in and do the stations of the cross and see a bloody Jesus hanging on the cross. I would look at all of those things but I’d say “But that was 2000 years ago, what does that have to do with me?” And I never could figure that it had anything to do with me.

Sid: So He wasn’t relevant to you.

Pat: It wasn’t relative because I wasn’t born again.

Sid: So you went to this place the Bible calls outer darkness, it sounds terrifying.

Pat: Oh it was just terrible, awful. I don’t know whether people stay there throughout eternity or at the judgment seat of Jesus they go and then they’re cast into hell. I wouldn’t even want to be in that dark place where I was for even a moment it was…

Sid: So you came back into your body. I imagine that put the fear of God I you and you probably went back to church.

Pat: Well what happened when I came back into my body I was very disturbed for weeks and I could hardly talk. Then I began to think about what had happened to me, and to be honest it has an effect on your life you know that there’s a God and so when I went back to the Catholic church I went back in fear to be honest with you. I would go to confession on Saturday and then communion of Sunday but then on Monday I would fall again into sin. I had no control over my flesh. So I went to the Priest and I said “I’m not going to be coming back” I said “Because I don’t think that God would appreciate someone living for the devil all week and then coming to church on the weekend.” And I said “I just can’t reconcile that and I can’t be good.” Well he didn’t tell me who Jesus was, and I didn’t find out until I was about 38 years old.

Sid: Well in the mean time you were very active in politics; you actually ran for the State Legislature but you lost and it was so crushing you went into a real depression. You got into something that was just starting to get very popular at the time called the occult.

Pat: Yes, and you know those books were appearing on the supermarkets and in the pharmacies and all over the place; Jean Dixon and Edgar Casey and Author Ford and then Ruth Montgomery. So Ruth Montgomery wrote the book on Jean Dixon “A Gift of Prophecy.” And they were appearing on all of the major talk shows of that day and it made it seem just so interesting and exciting. So I would read a book and then I would try to experiment with what they were doing. Of course the devil is always there to help you to experiment in his ways. So I started doing automatic handwriting and what that is is you just let your mind go blank and then you take a pen and you just write actually the devil will move your hand.

Sid: Well that sounds something like how a Ouija board operates also.

Pat: Right, the same thing. And so one night I was in my bedroom and I was doing this automatic writing and the demon… I had always talked to one demon in that. And the demon said “We have come tonight to possess you, your children will suddenly fall over and don’t be concerned because we will take care of them and like a trance. And we’re going to come into you and possess you.”

Sid: Now when they spoke to you was it an audible voice.

Pat: No, this was automatic handwriting.

Sid: Oh, they did it through the writing, you read this

Pat: Yeah, right.

Sid: Oh my, that had to be the scariest thing.

Pat: Fear just came from my head to my head to my feet and I know that this was God you know. And I said “Oh no, you can’t possess me I won’t let you.” And they said “You will either let us come in now or we’ll come in after you go to sleep.” So I cried out “To the unknown God and I said “God I don’t know You but if you’ll protect me from this I’ll give You my life.” And by the way I did ask them if there was a devil and they said “Yes.” And I figured if there is a devil…

Sid: I wouldn’t ask these critters anything myself but you didn’t know.

Pat: I figured that if there was a devil there had to be a God see. So I cried out to the unknown God. And God…a peace came into the room and I could smell the sweet smell in my room that I’d never smelled before and I knew that it was the Spirit of God. So God began to speak into my mind and He told me to go to this prayer meeting where I had spoken to during the campaign. So I went there and while I was there they had a lending library of Christian books. So I would just pick up all of those books, a hand load of books and she said I could take them home. And the first book I read was on salvation. And I got down by my bed and gave my heart to Jesus. Then the next experience was I tried to get the Holy Spirit but couldn’t. Well because I had those blocking devils in me. And see the pattern that Jesus used was this Sid, when Mary Magdalene came to Jesus He didn’t say “Oh, believe in Me and be saved and everything’s going to be alright.” He cast 7 devils out of her and then she followed Him for the rest of her life. But see there are Christians all over this nation that need deliverance because of the things that they were involved in before they ever got saved. Like homosexuality, I have cast many homosexual spirits out of people and lesbians, and the occult and drugs, and…

Sid: And you know speaking of the occult it was big back in the mid 70’s but how much larger is it today. Let me ask you a question I don’t want to jump too far but I have to ask you this question. There’s a whole phenomena called Harry Potter, there’s all kinds of things about wizards, demons. And there on every television and they’re communicating with the dead. Is it dangerous for anyone to watch these things?

Pat: Absolutely.

Sid: The movie the Exorcist was big but this type of thing is all over the place. Why is it dangerous?

Pat: It’s aimed at 12 year old kids. And you know I had a young girl come through our ministry with her mother. She had run away from home and was Go-Go dancing in a nude bar. Her mother found out where she was and she got her and brought her over to our old church. So the girl didn’t want us to touch her, she would not let us lay our hands on her because she was loaded with devils. But at one point I put my hand on her mother and the mother fell to the floor and a devil came up and began to speak out of her voice like a man. And this woman was a member at one of the big churches Pentecostal churches in Jacksonville. And so I cast that devil out of her in Jesus Name, then I started questioning her. I said “Have you ever been in the occult, have you been to the fortune teller, have you been to the physic?” “No, no, no.” Do you know what it was Sid? Harry Potter books, she had bought…

Sid: Tell you what, we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast Mishpochah.

Our Guest Jonathan Bernis


Sid: Now when you go to a doctor and whatever your problem is it seems they’ll say “It’s stress” or “It’s fear related.” And they’ll give you anti-anxiety drugs; they’ll give you all… it’s younger and younger and younger. My guest is Jonathan Bernis and we’re featuring his brand new coffee table book “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures, The Lord is Peace.” And the word peace in shalom as we found out it means completeness in every promise of God. It’s like a magnet to draw the blessings of God to you. You will be able to almost instantly. And maybe and I don’t even need the word almost; there’s a CD that comes with it. You hear the promises of God about completeness in your life. And you hear it in Hebrew by a native speaking Israeli, then you read it in a transliteration fashion which allows you to instantly read and pronounce that Hebrew. And then you hear it in English; and then you can meditate on these promises. Jonathan, there’s a better way to combat anxiety and stress and worry and fear than medicines.

Jonathan: That’s right Sid; a doctor will prescribe anti-depressants or sedatives. We don’t need any of that because there is a prescription in the Word of God. Against anxiety, against tension; against stress, against depression and it’s confessing the word of God. We all know the scripture where Jesus says “Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon me and learn of Me for I am gentle and humble and you will find rest for your souls.” But we don’t find rest unless we get that truth into our spirit man. And the way that we do that according to Roman’s 10:17. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Is to confess the scripture; to hear it day in and day out. And I will challenge anyone listening to confess that scripture in front of the mirror 20 times a day and watch what happens. Your anxiety begins to go to fade. The tension begins to disappear; the depression will lift; the stress will begin to come off of you it’s because the Word of God is alive Sid. But we have to activate it through hearing it and getting it into our spirits. And that’s why I’ve been doing these books because I believe in the power of confessing the word of God. Sid it works.

Sid: I have to tell you I interviewed recently Perry Stone and he told me the last prophetic word that his dad had before he went to heaven was that there are demons released on planet earth. Where people that are good believers will start getting thoughts of sexual sin and just things that they wouldn’t even want to have inside of them? And they wonder “Where is this coming from?” The prophesy was, only those that are speaking in supernatural languages will have a defense against this. And so if you do those two keys that Jonathan has been speaking about all week and that is speak in supernatural languages and confess God’s word. Meditate on God’s Word and I can’t explain this but there are frequencies in words and when you speak God’s Word in Hebrew you’re going into a heavenly frequencies. Musicians understand this; psalmists understand this; and God understands this. So when you put the 3 together and you confess God’s Word and meditate on God’s Word. This is a promise from God. “No weapon formed against you will prosper.” Not one, not one weapon formed against you will prosper. And as a matter of fact a lot of people see what’s going on Jonathan with the economy; with politics; with terrorism, with the natural disasters and they’re wondering what in the world is going on. But I look at it as the greatest time to be able to be a light in a dark world in the history of planet earth.

Jonathan: I agree with that Sid; you know what as you’re talking about the word that Perry’s father had it reminds me of the book of Jude. That’s the exact picture of the book of Jude. People are being overcome with sensuality; people are being overcome with wickedness; they’re caught up in the material plane. They’re working out things with their mind and they’re under this attack of the enemy. Then Jude exhorts us but you beloved you can build up your most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, praying in other tongues. And when you do that you’re building faith up; you’re building an immunity against the works of the evil one in our lives and you’re released into a supernatural realm where you have ears to hear and eyes to see what the spirit of God is saying. And confessing the word of God works the same way. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”

Sid: Tell me what’s in your inner most being you feel where we are prophetically in end-times.

Jonathan: Well, I’m not going to set any dates because everyone….

Sid: You don’t want to be stoned I know why, but go ahead. (Laughing)

Jonathan: Israel has been restored as a nation; Jerusalem is back under the hands of the Jewish people. The blindness is coming off the eyes of the Jewish people in greater numbers than ever before. And Sid I have the privilege of seeing something that most people don’t see and that is I’m traveling to places like Zimbabwe; Ethiopia; Manipur and Mizoram, India. I am encountering ancient Jewish tribes that are likely connected to the lost tribes of Israel and they’re receiving the gospel. Many of them are now going back to Israel; the Benei nemasha the children of Menasha in Manipur, India. We’ve been working with for years and have been wide open for the gospel.

Sid: Don’t the rabbi’s believe that the lost tribes have to be restored before the Messiah comes?

Jonathan: Absolutely, the scriptures are filled with prophecies that in the last days God would re-gather the remnant of Israel. Isaiah 11 is one of the greatest He says that “He’ll re-gather the outcasts of Israel. And it’s directly connected to the return of Jesus to this earth. We’re living in a prophetic time Sid. The last of the last days I’m sure of that.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you what all this week Jonathan the presence of the God has been so strong within me and upon me. And I believe that’s it’s because of this tool that the Holy Spirit directed you to create; it’s a beautiful coffee table book hard back obviously. And the art work is so magnificent in this and you have the Hebrew scriptures. It’s written in Hebrew and then it’s transliterated and so anyone can instantly read the Hebrew. They sound like a native born Israeli and just in case they don’t you have a CD where a native born Israeli is reading this with beautiful music. Then you have the promises in English. This one is called “The Lord is Peace.” Which brings everything into focus to medicate on; because the word peace means completeness. In other words, complete in your spirit, in your soul and in your body. And you have the promises; you mediate on God’s word day and night. And what did God tell Joshua?

Jonathan: He told Joshua to mediate, to confess the word of God, to keep it in his mouth and he would be successful in everything that he did. And that is true today for everyone listening.