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Our Guest James Durham


SID: Now James, on one of your trips to Heaven, Jesus gave you a couple of stones. Tell me about that.

JAMES: Well Sid, he asked me if I wanted these stones. They came one at a time. The first one that came was about the size of an egg and it was a ruby, and it landed in my left hand, and I could feel it just as real I could feel anything I touched. I was excited. I thought that when I came back to Heaven I’d still have that in my hand.

SID: I understand.

JAMES: I thought I was going to be able to show this egg-sized ruby to everyone. But it started to melt in my hand, and when it started melting in my hand there was extreme fire that came into my hand. It was very painful. And then the stone that came into the other hand was also melted into my hand, and it was also on fire and very painful. It was a stone for releasing gifts of healing and ministering impartation to people. And my hands were on fire seven days a week, 24 hours a day for more than two years. And the only relief I could get was to go put my hands under cold water and get relief for a few moments. As soon as I took my hands out, they would be on fire again. And I immediately noticed that my wife started feeling the same thing. So I know that what God placed in my hands is transferable, and that it can be passed to other people. And I believe that some people here tonight are going to begin to feel the fire of God in their hands, going to begin to feel the power of God moving in them, and it’s going to bring a healing anointing, and an anointing to release the love of God to people.

SID: Tell me about two or three people that actually were healed as they heard you speak.

JAMES: One of the most dramatic was speaking in a church in Chicago and the, a woman who had had her neck broken in three places went into a trance. Her neck had been fused and she was in great pain, and couldn’t move her head. And in that trance the Glory came and God restored the vertebrae in her neck. And not too long after that, I was sharing that in another conference, and while I was speaking the Glory fell. The presence of God came and another woman, no one praying for her, no one else really knowing she had gone through almost the same thing. The doctors said, “The rest of your life will be controlling the pain.” Her neck was totally restored in the presence of God, the Glory of God. And I believe that Glory and that presence is here with us tonight and it’s going to be with everyone who is watching this program, God is going to release that anointing to them.

SID: James, I have to describe what I witnessed before the show started. I was talking to James and my eyes went down to his hands, and his hands, it looked like there were scars. It was so red and it look liked there were scars almost all over. Do you understand what I’m saying? It was so obvious that I said to him, “What’s going on?” And we all, it wasn’t just me. Several looked at your hand and before our eyes, the redness and what looked to be like burns almost, disappeared while we were watching that. I’d be remiss before God if I didn’t tell you, pray whatever God wants you to pray right now.

JAMES: Right now, I’d just like to say, Sid, that over and over I’ve experienced angels coming into our presence and they’re holding the angels that have come into the presence. They started coming in this afternoon. They’re still moving in. And those angels are touching people right there, right now, and I believe they’re also, they’re coming into the homes of all the listeners. And these angels are drawing people on to the Father, bringing them closer to the Father. I believe that tonight there’s a lifting up to the Father. And when those angels began to manifest, healing angels also came. And I believe that we have healing angels throughout the room tonight. And the Lord is saying right now, we just pray over you and we release to you right now, the love of the Father, we release that anointing to you that you would feel a supernatural flow of the Father’s love. And that when those angels of holiness come and touch you we release them right now to touch you and lift you up, and draw you to the Father in Heaven. And as those healing angels begin to manifest, we release those angels to minister healing. And I’m hearing that many people are being healed right of severe headaches, of chronic headaches. And right now, you’ve just been healed by the power of God being brought by these healing angels. The Lord said that upper respiratory infections are being healed right now. Right now if you have an upper respiratory infection, just let that healing angel touch you, release the power of God while the Glory is manifesting and powerfully present here and in your home as you watch this. There is a healing in the abdominal region, people receiving it right now for all kind of different issues in the bowels. Chronic problems are being healed right now by those healing angels. They’re coming to you. So right now in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, we release that anointing for healing and for holiness, and we ask those angels, give to people what God sent you to give. We receive it and we believe it in the mighty name of Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen and Amen. Amen.

SID: You see, when James goes to Heaven, he’s instructed by God to teach certain things. One trip, he was taught about the Kabod, the Glory, the heaviness of God, the presence of God and how wonderful that is. And the Lord taught him there were seven levels, the Kabod of Glory. Tell me the top level that He explained to you.

JAMES: The top level, Sid, is the unity glory. And I believe we see that in that same chapter of Ephesians. Ephesians 2:6, that we’re seated with him in heavenly places. But you read on a little further and we’re told in verses 13 through 18 that the dividing wall has been brought down, separating the Jewish believers from the Gentile believers, and one new preacher, one new man is coming forth, one new human being is emerging from that. And in verse 18 it says, that in this newness along with unity with Jesus, the Holy Spirit is giving us access to Heaven, and we literally are becoming members of the family of God. We’re part of the household. You have a chair in Heaven and it’s time to go sit in that chair and visit the Father, and visit Jesus in Heaven. Amen.

SID: Tell me as quickly as you can, what is going to happen in this unity of Jew and Gentile? When Jesus said, “You’ll do the same works that I have done and even greater,” is that what he’s talking about?

JAMES: Sid, I believe that’s exactly what he’s talking about. And what the Lord showed me is that as Jesus, when he ministered on Earth, was able to see what the Father was doing and hear what the Father was saying, literally Jesus was experiencing Heaven and Earth at the same time, and that you and I can have that same experience. You and I can experience Heaven and Earth simultaneously.

SID: But step one to experience Heaven and Earth is to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. You don’t need my words. Get right with God now.

JAMES: Amen.

Our Guests Barry & Batya Segal

Barry & Batya Segal

Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah I’m speaking to Barry Segal and all this week we’ve been speaking to his wife Batya. The two of them are Recording Artists from Jerusalem. I’m actually speaking to them at his home in Jerusalem right now and his latest CD which he puts it has a Levitical anointing it’s called “God Through the Gates.” Now what I’d like to know Barry how you and Batya got together. I know that she had this long extended court case, a custody for her daughter because she became a believer in Messiah. And her former husband was using it against her and you were praying with her a lot. You had music in common but how did you eventually determine that the two of you were to get married?

Barry: Well it’s a real invitation of the Holy Spirit I think when two people are joined together in matrimony and covenant. And I think we were the classic picture of east meets west in the Middle East. And really when I came to Israel I came with an opportunity to live with very well-known Bible teacher who since went to go home with the Lord Dr. Derrick Prince and his wife Ruth. And as a single guy coming over from the US and they saw my love and passion for Israel; they asked me to come on over and to assist them the first year and finish out their home as they were settling in Jerusalem. And here it was Jew and Gentile kind of settling together in Jerusalem and in that first year in that incubation period as I had entered Jerusalem and Israel to make it my home; I used to actually go down to the bus stops along the center of the neighborhood called the German Colony of Jerusalem and at times I would run into Batya at the bus stop because she was born and grew up on the other side of that road by her parent’s house. And so just over the divide was where Batya and somehow we would run into each other. But the actual place that we first met I remember was at a Bible study in a home in Jerusalem for Messianic Jewish Song Writers and Singers and there were about a dozen people there. When I walked in that first night, which was somewhere around the winter of 1982, they were all praying in a circle I had come in a bit late and when she opened her eyes I was standing right in front of her. That was actually the first time she saw me; I was the second angel she would say.

Sid: (Laughing) Tell me about that what happens when an American Jew immigrants to Israel and falls in love and marries a Yemenite Jew and they have a Yemenite wedding, what is that like?

Barry: Well it was really unusual it was like a movie being filmed because after Batya’s court trial was finished in the Supreme Court for custody of her daughter Meital. And after several years of having prayed together to get with Derrick and Ruth Prince in their home on behalf of Batya’s court trial and for her daughter and other things going on in our lives. It was almost as if the Lord had yoked us together. He was calling us to be yoked together to carry on a great burden and work which would start in Jerusalem and do to Judea, Sumeria and the ends of the earth. So several years later of course we would be engaged right after the court trial was finished and then married in 1987. I’ll never forget the time that my parents from America came over to meet Batya’s parents it was so funny because we were the only 2 in the middle that could translate between the Hebrew and the English between my parents and her parents. Of course that was kind of classic it was like the ancient meeting the modern.

Sid: Hm.

Barry: And finally we both being Levites by birth both Batya and I. Batya from a Yemenite Jewish Levites and myself from an Ashkenazi European Levitical background the rabbi’s wanted to be sure that we were Levites so our parents had to prove this in some rabbinical court. And upon that we were approved to be married and we had an Orthodox Jewish ceremony in Jerusalem with a few hundred guests. And it was quite exciting actually at the time because when we came we did not know that Batya’s older brother had arranged for a Yemenite dance troupe to come in dressed like probably they were dressed 100’s of years ago with flower baskets on their heads and all sorts of ornaments. They came and they put us in chairs and they picked us up in the chairs and they danced us all the way to the chupa. I just kind of waved goodbye to my parents and they just had tears in their eyes; it was just so classical it was so joyous. In its own way it had a Levitical anointing that feel into that place and people just don’t forget the wedding that came to it even to this day, it was spectacular event.

Sid: Barry you mentioned that you were really discipled by a great great Bible teacher Dr. Derrick Prince. He went on recently to be promoted to heaven. If he was around today and he was giving advice to our listeners about what’s going on prophetically in the world what do you think he would be telling them?

Barry: Well there’s no doubt even to the very end of Derrick’s life he believed that the Lord’s return is much more imminent than we all can fathom or understand in the natural mind. That in fact the prophetic word of God; what was spoken in centuries of old by the prophets of old is so real; so in affect today and so centers around the re-gathering of Israel physically and as well as re-gathering of Israel spiritually. And that we see also a parallel restoration within the Jewish people and nation and also the church. So that what we are experiencing and the tremendous upheaval which includes the words that Jesus spoke about towards the end time. That there would be violence in the days we live in is so picturesque of the time that we really should have a heart for the lost and we really should be earnestly looking to His coming. And working for the night is coming when no man can work. I think these would be some areas that Derrick would have reflected on and summed up; I think he saw the evil of the world and the curtains being pulled in this age coming to a close. And I think he saw his own passing on just a thin veil away from all eternity.

Sid: I’m speaking to Barry and his wife Batya Segal and we’re featuring this week his latest CD called “Go Through the Gates.” And as Batya explains the gates are Yeshua and it’s a call for Jewish people to find the true peace. “Go Through the Gates” it’s got a Levitical, I mean it’s Levitical as you can get, they both have a Levitical heritage. And what do you want to accomplish with this CD Barry?

Barry: Well I think that that’s a very very good question. I think you know my heart always in worship and in music is that there will be a restoration of fellowship with God through what we do. I think scripture that sums up so much to me about music and worship is in 2nd Chronicles 5 where it says in verse 11 “And it came to pass that when the priests came out of the most holy place having had sanctified themselves without keeping to their divisions. And the Levites were the singers” and on and on it goes about those with cymbals and stringed instruments. But summing it up it says “In deed it came to pass when the trumpeters and singers were as one to make one sound to be heard in thanking and praising the Lord and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music and praise the Lord in saying ‘For He is good for His mercy endures forever’ that the house of the Lord was filled with the cloud so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.” It’s for His glory.


Our Guest LaDonna Taylor


SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest as a young person started playing the violin and what she found out is people started getting healed. I mean, people would feel the pain just coming out of their body as she plays the violin. Others, I know this is going to stretch you some, but then you deserve to be stretched. If the Bible is normal, you deserve to be stretched. Metal started turning to bone when she played her violin. Now LaDonna, when you did, in 2012, you did a show and I knew you were sick. But I didn’t know how sick you were. I didn’t realize that you went in for simple surgery and it was a physician’s error, and she was in a life-threatening position. When you, why did you even come to do the show?

LADONNA: I didn’t realize I was as sick as I was either. Everything was going wrong, but I thought I needed one more surgery, and I was going to fight my way through because I knew the Lord was leading me to come and do this show.

SID: Okay. She does the show. Even in the airport, how sick were you?

LADONNA: Even coming over, I was changing planes from wheelchair to airplane, to airplane in my wheelchair. I didn’t even have the strength to go to the restroom myself and no one would help me.

SID: Okay. She had nine surgeries because of this physician’s error in 90 days. She literally, literally was dying. Her colon was dying. What did the doctor say? What was your future like?

LADONNA: I would, if I recovered, and they couldn’t tell me that, if I recovered I would have blood clots, swollen kidneys, bladder infections, arthritis, full blown diabetes the rest of my life.

SID: Just from an error. Okay. You’re down to 89 pounds. The next surgery will be to remove your dead colon. Spirit of Death came on you. What was that like?

LADONNA: It was dark. It drew the strength out of my body. I literally felt myself starving to death. Eight-nine pounds and my stomach was very protruded.

SID: But you know what? There, as a young child, you knew God. Tell me the first time God called your name.

LADONNA: I was 12 years old walking through an empty church. My dad was outside the church and when I heard a deep male voice call my name, “LaDonna”, I turned and said, “Yes Dad,” but he wasn’t in the church, and I knew immediately it was Father God calling my name.

SID: And shortly thereafter she started learning the violin. She fell in love with the violin. But did you see things they used to do in churches, like pleading the blood of Jesus


SID: What did you see happen when people pleaded the blood of Jesus as a young child

LADONNA: I saw amazing miracles happen. I would love, I’ve always been very curious about miracles, having no idea that that would be a main part of my life, later in life. I saw crippled people throw crutches down, people get out of wheelchairs. I saw big tumors disappear off of people, blind eyes see, deaf ears open, everything.

SID: I want LaDonna to play on the violin. And you get ready for an encounter with God. If you would go to the music set, “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”. Do you understand the title? You don’t need anything but the blood of Jesus, and I plea that blood of Jesus over you and everything where you are right now: the office, the home, the bar. Wherever you are, I plea the blood of Jesus.

Our Guest LaDonna Taylor

LaDonna Taylor

Sid: This is not supposed to be happening, LaDonna Taylor is a toddler going with her grandmother; would see her grandmother pray for the dead people, 3 dead people that came back to life. She understood healing in the atonement; she lived a life for God but there was a botched surgery; then they had to follow it with 9 surgeries to fix it; they weren’t able to fix it. She’s literally dying; she watches the television show she had previously done of It’s Supernatural while she’s in the hospital. The nurse whose convinced she’s going to die is crying while she’s watching knowing that LaDonna is going to die. LaDonna is down to 89 pounds; she’s 65 years of age and even though that was a tremendous encouragement you still have that spirit of death in the room and demons coming upon you and you were in for a battle. What did you do?

LaDonna: I was in for a battle but in the battle I found God’s plan and God’s plan was after I watched the show email started coming into my little smart phone laying by my bed. I began praying for others, I began answering emails with the little keyboard on that phone promising the people that I would pray for them; writing their names down and calling their names before God. And realizing that on the inside it was restoring hope. Now I still was very confused in my mind because I’m receiving high powered pain meds every 2 to 4 hours. It was everything I could do to function and pray for others and answer their emails. But I had picked up my destiny and I just knew that I would keep fighting and the truth was that “By His stripes I am healed.

Sid: Out of curiosity did you feel a degree of His presence even in those horrible situations in the hospital where you’re dying; slipping away?

LaDonna: Absolutely, His presence was my focus. I have a dear, dear friend I call her my spiritual mother Billye Brim. She would called me often and she would say “Practice the presence of God. To me those words mean shut everything else out and put your mind on Him, your thoughts and your faith on Him, He is your only help and your only hope.

Sid: Now during that time you had a visit from your pastor who happens to be a friend of mine Pastor John Kilpatrick, he was the Pastor of the great Brownsville Revival and now he has another church which you’re a member of. When he came in what did he say “He say?”

LaDonna: He actually called me.  

Sid: Okay.

LaDonna: On an evening after I had cried myself to sleep. That very same day Billy Brimm my spiritual mother had called me that morning and read a John G. Lake sermon to me. And it encouraged me in a principal of healing.

Sid: Do you remember the principal that it encouraged you in?

LaDonna: The principal of healing she encouraged me in she read a John G. Lake sermon and in the sermon it said “We must realize that just as Jesus dwells in your spirit and also possesses your soul in actually the same way He is possessing every cell in your body. The same Christ that dwells in your spirit is just as real in your body with His healing power as He is with your spirit. Many of us have Jesus in imprisoned in our soul and spirit as Savior; and must open prison doors and permit Him to be our healer.

Sid: I’m reminded that Jesus said “Out of your innermost belly will flow rivers of living water.” So you’re releasing those rivers if I’m understanding you right into every cell of your body.

LaDonna: That day as soon as I hung the phone up all day long Billye called me at 10:30 in the morning and all day long until I cried myself to sleep that night hoarse. I said “Lord God I open prison doors, I proclaim that You are the healer of every cell of my body. Then after I cried myself to sleep Pastor John Kilpatrick called and this is what I heard on the phone. “LaDonna is that you?” And then he said “This is John Kilpatrick your pastor, God told me to call you and tell you that today you hit breakthrough.” He said “Your coming out of that bed and out of the hospital. Then He said “You’re going to fully recover; today you hit breakthrough; you may not know it and you may not feel it but you hit it.” And then he said “It’s your time, close your eyes now and go to sleep and when you open your eyes tomorrow will be a new day.”

Sid: I have to tell you LaDonna if John Kilpatrick were to call me and give me a prophetic word I would believe it was from God; how about you?

LaDonna: I started crying, that pain medicine did not affect my mind any more; I became totally sober. To this day I remember I could recite those words he said to me every single word in order. And in 5 hours my body heard those word and in 5 hours my colon started functioning and in 4 days the doctor said “God home” and the 5th day I was in church.

Sid: And did the doctors have any comment, I mean what you told me I don’t think they expected you to do anything but die.

LaDonna: That’s exactly right, I remember that the doctors were so happy, they were so happy. I had been playing my music in the room they saw how I was doing every thing I could to hold on and they were just very very pleased but very surprised that all of those things about God that I had been telling everybody were coming true in that hospital room.

Sid: I want you to tell me about the worst moment before you were healed, the worst moment. Was there a point where it was touch and go that you were going to give up, that you were going to just give up the ghost so to speak.

LaDonna: Yes, I remember that the surgeon that was watching over me just before my 9th surgery came into the room and when I saw him come into the room I felt alarm and I knew what he was going to tell me. This is what he said, he came to the bed, he smiled and looked down at my bed and he said “I’m so sorry to tell you this but your going to meet me in the operating room again in 5 minutes; we’ve pushed medical science this is as far as it can go you’re going to die if I don’t operate another time.” That was surgery number 9; as my hospital bed was being rolled down the hall to surgery that was probably my most difficult moment not understanding why one more time I would have to have surgery when I was so weak all ready.

Sid: Well, after that 9th surgery was there anything really, you know you went home and then you went down hill again. Was there anything encouraging the doctors said from the natural viewpoint about recovery?

LaDonna: No, no encouragement from the doctor; the first encouraging thing that I heard from somebody else was that prophetic word from my pastor and my body heard it and responded to it.

Sid: What would you say to someone that’s probably listening to us by way of CD or radio and they are in a critical situation; what advice would you give them?

LaDonna: I would say that it’s God ordained that they’re listening right now. And I would say this that this is their moment for breakthrough. This is their moment to touch God. And they maybe just like me; they may not know it and they may not feel it but this is it. Just touch God because He’s available to you; He’s done all of the work on the cross and by His stripes you are healed!”

Sid: Now when people listen to your music it’s the same as you being in a concert the anointing is on your music. Tell me one brief testimony that comes to mine. Oh, tell me about the person that got a new heart.

LaDonna: Oh, there was an elderly man in Branson, Missouri; he came to the altar very very slow after I had played some music. And actually I was still playing when he worked his way to the altar; he walked so slowly. When he go to the altar we prayed for him; Billye Brim was ministering with me at the altar that day and we prayed for him. After we prayed for him he started walking; I was still playing and he started walking and as he walked he walked faster and faster almost ran around the room at least 80 years old, at least 80; ran almost around the room. And when he got back he had opened his arms and took me in his arms and he said “Oh, my goodness I couldn’t have walked 5 steps without being winded and look what I just did.”

Sid: But this isn’t usual; you prayed for people with fibromyalgia, you prayed for people that are deaf. You even told me people are getting metal is turning to bones.

LaDonna: Absolutely.  

Sid: I mean the way you say absolutely I mean this is a miracle.