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Our Guest Craig Hill

craig hill

Sid: There are certain things that many believers have if not most believers have the Bible calls them little foxes bondages, compulsive habits, shame based thinking that stop you from being free, therefore stop the glory from God from being all God wants for you and stop you from fulfilling your destiny. Have you said “You know I think there is something stopping me but I’ve prayed, I’ve fasted I’ve read the Bible I’ve prayed in tongues, I’ve mediated on scripture, I’ve done all of these principals but there is something gnawing at me I’m really not that free I have a compulsion to watch TV, I have a compulsion to gossip, I have a compulsion to tell little white lies or to stretch the truth, I have a compulsion to smoke, I have a compulsion for drugs, I have a compulsion for sexual thoughts.” Where is this coming from, what really drives this compulsion? If you understood the source and then understood how Jesus has broken this for you you could be free and accomplish your destiny and accomplish that intimacy with God that you want it’s so deep in your heart. That’s why I’ve asked my friend Craig Hill to teach us. He’s Founder of Family Foundations International. We’re offering his book “Freedom from Compulsion Habits, Bondage Broken” and “Identifying Shame” a 3 audio cassette teaching that explains what’s behind these compulsive problems the two really go together. So Craig how did you get a revelation on what really drives compulsion?

Craig: You know Sid years ago I was experiencing the same type of frustration and I shouldn’t say “Years ago” because I think that a lot of us repeat this experience periodically where we find things in our lives that simply don’t work; and we’re frustrated because as you say we pray and we seek God, we read scripture, we do everything we know to do and it just doesn’t seem to change. But I got a revelation several years ago from Hebrews chapter 4 verse 10 that says “Therefore there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God for the one that has entered into His rest (That is God’s rest) has himself also rested from his works as God did from his.” And what I suddenly saw is that in these compulsions these types of things like overeating or fingernail biting, things that were just real simple things that were going on in my own life that there was a deception that I wasn’t aware of and the deception was my flesh was very busy working trying to bring a false comfort to an area of my soul that was not yet peace. And what I began to see was this that any time the soul is not at peace the flesh gets real busy working to try to do something to bring a false comfort, a false peace to that area where the soul is out of peace.

Sid: And as you explained we don’t know where soul isn’t at peace, the only way we know is by the smoke that shows that our soul isn’t at peace. And the smoke is the overeating, the drinking, the compulsive habits, the watching TV, the talking so much etcetera.

Craig: Exactly, years ago when I saw this I did have a really funny experience on a Saturday one day. It was one of those days when it was a real cloudy rainy outside, I was bored I had a thousand things to do and I really didn’t want to do any of them. And I thought well I’ll just sit down and watch TV for a little while. And I was sitting there and watching TV and all of a sudden a thought came into my mind “You need potato chips” and I thought “Yes, potato chips.” So I went and got a big bag of potato chips and I ate a whole bunch of them.

Sid: You’re making me hungry Craig. (Laughing)

Craig: Plus came “You need Pepsi” so I went and got a big bottle of Pepsi and I was drinking that and that made me feel better. And here just a little while later came another thought, “You need Pizza.” And I thought “Yes, Pizza that’s what I need.” And I was on my way to get the Pizza and the Holy Spirit stopped me He said “What are you doing?” I said “I’m eating.” And He said “Why?” I said “Because I’m hungry.” And then I heard this He said “Son, you’re not hungry you’re deceived because you just had lunch a short time ago and so you don’t have a nutritional need you’re not eating food of nutritional value you’re eating because something deep on the inside is out of peace and you’re using food to try to comfort that.” And then the Lord said a thing that I’ll never forget He said “Son in reality you’re in idolatry.”

Sid: Ooh!

Craig: And I thought “Idolatry, that’s sounded sort of serious I thought…

Sid: Because you wanted some Pepsi and potato chips.

Craig: Exactly and I thought you killed people for that in the Old Testament that’s sort of serious, “What do You mean idolatry any way I haven’t been bowing down worshiping little stone figures recently, what do You mean?” The Lord said this to me and I’ll never forget it He said “Whatever you look to as a source of life and comfort and peace that is god to you and today you have decided that I AM not your God you have shut Me out of your life and you’ve decided that food will be your god today.”

Sid: You know that is so profound that would you please repeat that and Mispochah listen clearly to what Craig is saying.

Craig: Well the Lord just said to me “You’re in idolatry and He said “Anything that you look to as a source of life, a source of peace, a source of comfort is God to you.” And the Lord said “Son I Am Jehovah Shalom, I Am God your peace, I Am the Prince of Peace, I want to come and be your peace today but Son today you have shut Me out of your life and instead you’re looking to food and you’re drawing comfort and life from food and so today you’ve decided food is your god and you’ve got Me shut out of your life.” And when the Lord said that to me I began to weep, I said “God that’s the last thing I’d ever want to do, I love You Lord, I want to serve You, I want my whole life to be given over to You, I don’t want to be looking to something else as God.” And the Lord said “That’s exactly what you’re doing you’re allowing your flesh to rise up and to offer to you a false peace, a false comfort instead of looking to Me; and you don’t have a need for food you just got a great big gaping emotional hold on the inside and you’re trying to fill it up with food instead of coming to Me and allowing Me to fill that, allowing Me to love you, allowing Me to be your life.” And you know underneath that soul being out of peace there’s something that drives that, you know what cause the soul to be out of peace? Well, you know the Lord showed me from 1st John chapter 4 verse 18 where it says “Perfect love casts out fear, for fear hath torment.” And when I read that you know there’s torment sound like something a little bit not peaceful?

Sid: Of course.

Craig: And you know what I discovered is that beneath the soul being out of peace there is always a fear there, there’s an intense deep fear that has been put there that is really like fuel that burns whenever that fear gets simulated and it’s not an intellectual level it’s on an emotional. Fear is really one of two areas it’s really “I’m not loved and I have no value or it’s a deep fear my needs are not going to be met.”

Sid: And many times we’re not even aware of what you just said that’s so buried.

Craig: No, we don’t know the fear is there you know if you take these steps backward…

Sid: Someone would deny if you confront them because you’re dealing with fear.

Craig: That’s right but again the proof’s in the pudding if it’s not there then why are you doing this, why are you struggling with overeating, why are you struggling with anger, why are you struggling with impure thoughts? Again when I found Sid for example with pornography so many men struggle and battle with impure thoughts and pornography but it has nothing to do with sex it simply has to do with something deep on the inside where the soul is out of peace. The reason the soul is out of peace is there is a deep tormenting fear on the inside, “Fear hath torment.” And if we get down to the bottom line how do you get rid of fear well again 1st John 4:18 tells us “Perfect love casts out fear.” So when obviously when I see an external going on of impure thought or somebody struggling with pornography I know that that person’s soul is out of peace. And I know the reason that soul is out of peace is because there’s some kind of fear tormenting on an emotional level and I know that the reason that fear is there because sometime and somewhere in that persons life something’s happen to them that created an inability to receive love in that particular area. The bottom line the way that we’re going to get rid of that we know that perfect love casts out fear. So when I get to the root of that and discover where did that… where is the fuel, where is the fire the fuel. The bottom line is a lack of love, a lack of the love of the Father. So when I have by experience have not received either by revelation or by experience the love of the Father I will by default have an area where fear is functioning and that fear will torment my soul, push it out of peace. And when the soul is out of peace my flesh will do something externally to bring a comfort. And if all we do is try to stop the overeating, stop the anger, stop the lust, stop the fingernail biting, stop whatever the external is all we’re doing is trying to manage that external like managing smoke leaving the fire raging burning on the inside and the fuel is still in tack and Jesus didn’t die for…

Sid: Let’s talk on tomorrow’s broadcast of what to do about the problem when you identify them. But what happened with your overeating medication through the food to take care of that soul that was not in peace?

Craig: When I got that revelation of idolatry it just broke my heart Sid and I began to weep before the Lord and I said “Lord what do you want what do You want me to do?” And He said “I want you to run to Me, come to Me instead of the food.” And so I did, I repented and renounced I was looking to food as a comfort, I came to the Lord and I said “Lord Jesus where is this coming from?” And the Lord began to show me some pain on the inside and feeling of worthlessness and of being of no value. And He said “I want you to just ask Me a simple question.” I said “Lord, what’s the question?” He said “And the question is who am I?” And I said “Lord who am I?” And the amazing thing happened I began to experience His love, He began to speak to me the truth of who I am and deep on the inside that began to fill something on an emotional level on the inside. And as that filling came it drove out the fear and as the fear left the soul came back into peace.

Sid: Whoa, we’re out of time…

Our Guest George Otis, Jr.

George Otis

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is George Otis, Jr. the leader of an organization called “Centennial Group” that does investigative reporting of transformations of cities or states or countries. They’re located in Lynwood, Washington. And many of you perhaps have seen his city of transformations; if you have not he has 4 cities that people have prayed for and literally the entire cities have changed. I’ll tell you George it can’t get much worse than the city we were talking about yesterday. Cali, Columbia the drug capitol of the world, it was loaded with New Age occult, and there was one weekend when 25,000 Christians gathered to pray. I don’t think any of us can comprehend… just as we’re talking about a city being transformed with the power of God this city had been transformed to be under the thumb, if you will, of demonic powers. I mean they were having like 15 murders a day so these 25,000 Christians show up and they pray and what happened?

George: Well the marvelous thing was that within literally a matter of hours the headlines of the city newspaper blazoned “No Homicides.” Now think about that this is the city newspaper that’s how rare the event was that it would become the city newspapers headlines.

Sid: Hm.

George: Nobody was murdered over a weekend this was huge news in the city of Cali one of the most violent places on the face of the earth. Those 25,000 people that saw that headline in the newspaper began to reflect back on what they had just been talking to God about a few hours earlier. They made a connection somebody was listening to us somebody had inclined their ear unto our desperate petition and answered our prayers. And so they said “Well, let’s do this again.” And 90 days later they met again in the municipal auditorium about 25,000 people, and this time they began to talk to God about corruption, political corruption which had become an acid a corrosive with in this society and in their lives and in their emotions. Within a matter of days 900 police officers were fired on corruption charges along with multiple other civil servants.

Sid: But wait a second with the control that the organized crime had in that city, as you pointed out yesterday, how in the world could they do that?

George: There was tremendous pressure brought by federal authorities that were now beginning to intrude upon the city and this had never happened before…

Sid: They probably wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the prayer.

George: And once again, no I’m convinced that’s true. And the people made a connection and they said “My goodness somebody is listening to us.” So they stuck their necks out and decided to lease the largest public venue in the city which is the Pasqual Guiro Soccer Stadium seats about 60,000 people. Ninety days later they filled it to capacity and now this time they began very boldly to call out upon the Name of the Lord and ask Him to release them from the icy death grip of the drug lords. And again within a very short span of time the entire city was closed off by federal authorities, all the roads were barricaded, the airport was closed. The air space over the city began to buzz with helicopters. The doors slid open on the sides of the helicopters ropes dangled down and 1000’s of Special Forces troops landed on the streets of the city under orders from the federal government to find and arrest the drug lords. And over the coming weeks all of those drug lords were either arrested or were killed. And I have actually walked through the compounds of these drug lords and I can tell you they’re ghost towns. They’re completely empty now…

Sid: For those that were not listening yesterday would you describe what they looked like at their height.

George: Their cities, their small cities behind huge 15 to 25 foot concrete walls with the most sophisticated surveillance you can image. Fleets of black Mercedes cars, helipads, airstrips literal shopping malls not stores but malls inside these compounds, restaurants, they have sports teams that they owned that will come in and play. They’ve got their own militias. It is absolutely beyond comprehension and many of these compounds these assets have been turned over now to the churches. There’s one tall building in the city of Cali where this garish penthouse is not the headquarters of Christians television city. (Laughing) Because the guy who owned it got saved while he was in prison and turned over the assets to the church. Increasingly the body of Christ has begun to become a force to be reckoned with replacing the power of the drug cartels to the extent that today as you and I speak the body of Christ in the city of Cali, Columbia is doing more in the public health sector and the public education than the municipal government is doing.

Sid: My goodness the democrats and republicans ought to go to Cali rather than what they’re doing and find out how to change a city, let’s change a country.

George: Yeah.

Sid: Can you imagine if we had all of our senate and have all of our congress go out there and get hit with the power of God what would happen in America?

George: Well one of the exciting things Sid is that’s happening now is the increasingly around the world we’re getting phone calls and emails of heads of state, from governors, from police chiefs, from all kinds of top business leaders who have seen the transformations videos and have called us to travel to their nations to meet with political and business leaders saying “Tell us how can this happen?” This last year I’ve been in a number of countries around the world meeting with presidents and with prime ministers talking to them about how God intends that the church and the state come together under His name and under His banner to solve the problems that vex all of our cities and nations today. And we’re now beginning to see the firstfruits of people obeying God in the nation of Uganda and more recently in the nation of Fiji, and also in the Canadian Arctic. We’re seeing civil governments working hand in hand with men and women of God to see their societies absolutely turned around and transformed.

Sid: Now when I think of Uganda I think of Idi Amin, and I think of just a tremendous murderer and the last thing that I would think of is that being a godly nation. Tell me what happened there.

George: Well you know once again you had a disruption to their society that brought the church out of it funk and out of its disunity and out of its game playing into really serious petitioning of the Lord of Hosts. Many of the church people were chased out of their churches into the jungles and into the swamps where they learned how to really pray; how to really call upon God there. There was no television, there was no bowling, there was no football going on, there weren’t even fun church meetings, there weren’t home cell groups there was nothing. It was where faith… the rubber meets the road. During those years they learned how to pray and how to call upon the name of the Lord. And the Lord came down in a mighty way and removed not only Idi Amin, but his successor who was just as bloody a man by the name of Milton Obote. And they were chased out by the current president a man by the name of Yoweri Museveni whose wife is as fervent and as passionate a Christian as you’ll find anywhere walking this earth. And that government is now stocked with one fervent man and woman of God after another. They even formed a new department, a cabinet level post in Uganda called The Ministry of Ethics and Integrity.

Sid: Hm.

George: And the woman who heads up that ministry is featured on our 2nd transformations video.   And she stood up in front of all of the nations she said “Here I am. I am the Moses of Uganda appointed by His hand to lead the nation away from immoral and unethical conduct into the right direction.” And she showed me this road map this manifesto that they developed to see the nation led away from corruption. And they have appointed judges who’ve begun to do their work to bring down corruption to a manageable level. And the Ugandan economy is now the third fastest growing economy of all of Africa. They have lifted the AIDS and HIV epidemic; the only nation in Sub-Saharan in Africa today where the rate of HIV has plummeted. The church has taken it upon themselves to adopt all of the orphan children of parents who have died from AIDS. And now abstinence and faithfulness in marriage has played a huge role in overcoming the spread of AIDS in this country. And also, many people who had contracted full blown AIDS and had a death sentence on their lives God graciously has come and healed these people. We interviewed scores of these people Sid and literally 1000’s of people dying of AIDS have been healed by the gracious hand of God in the nation of Uganda. It is a marvelous thing of what God is doing in this country today. And this is one example…

Sid: I’m wondering why the world doesn’t know about it. Well one reason is that that they haven’t gotten a hold of your videos. We have the first video called “Transformations” which has 4 Communities and this is a reward winning documentary and it shows exactly what George is talking about.

Our Guest Hal Lindsey

Hal Lindsey

Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his home in the suburb of Los Angeles California Hal Lindsey. Now Hal if I was to ask you why you sincerely believe we’re in the last generation, we’re in the last days what would your answer be?

Hal: Well, it’s a combination of many things that have been fulfilled like the most important and key sign against all odds the people of Israel have returned to their ancient homeland and become a nation again. That started the fast track for all prophecies that fit together. Then there’s the rise of the United States of Europe which I said would take place to become a revived Roman Empire. The rise of power in Asia with China, India, Pakistan, North Korea all of them nuclear armed. The fact that there are a number of general signs that Jesus said would increase toward the time in concert together toward the time of His return. And He said that they would increase like birth pains they would grow in frequency and intensity. And I’m talking about the fact that He said that there would be wars and rumors of wars. That’s His way of saying hot wars and cold wars, that nation would rise against nation, ethnic group would rise against ethnic group. He said that earthquakes, great earthquakes would increase and certainly we’ve seen a great acceleration of activity in that. He said that there would be famines and we now live in what is called the age of famines there’s always a major famine going on somewhere in the world at all times. He said there would be great plaques and I know that we thought that our old embassies of diseases was finally broken when antibiotics came out. But now there are virulent strains of these that have developed immunity to even our most advanced antibiotics. And WHO World Health Organization says we are always on the brink of some worldwide plague. And now add to that biological warfare. Jesus said also that there would be a change in global weather patterns. And the book of Revelation talks about killer heat waves. You know in Europe just this last summer they’re now tabulating that more than 20,000 people died from the intense heat that hit Europe for the month of August. So these are the few of the things that Jesus said would increase in frequency and intensity in concert with each other towards the time when He would return.

Sid: Now tell me something about because you deal with this in your video a country that we know is a player in the end times but we don’t think in terms of that right now China.

Hal: China is I believe the sleeping giant that has been awakened. Revelation chapter 16 speaks about a great movement from Asia that would come into the war that starts in the Middle East when a Russian led Muslim evasion hits Israel. It says that “The kings of the east shall come and cross the ancient boundary between east and west the Euphrates River.” That they would come into battle with and then have to connect that with Revelation chapter 9 which talks about the number. John says “I heard the number 200 million soldiers that come from Asia to this battle. And it says that “God has appointed them to kill a 1/3 of the population of the earth with fire, smoke and brimstone.” Well, I think that that was a lst Century description of the use of nuclear weapons. Smoke being fallout…

Sid: I have to ask you a question. On an earlier broadcast you talked about the prophets like they wrote say the take the book of Revelation they literally saw this happening. When you talk about this experience or Revelation 9 A third of the world’s population being killed I see you really getting choked up on this video, are you almost seeing this?

Hal: Yes, I really you know when I was studying and praying on this I got a vision of how many people this is. Now let’s say that this happens in the near future we now have over 6 billion people on earth. The book of Revelation says that the first stage of war would kill a forth of the population so that have to mean that 1.5 billion people would die in a short period of time. And then 1/3 of that remaining would be another 1.5 billion and so within a very short space of time over 3 billion people will be killed.

Sid: You know unfortunately this generation is almost numbed when they hear large number of murders because I read a static recently when people watch television I mean they see so many murders we’re numb to things like this.

Hal: Yes, it’s just absolutely awesome and I believe that we have become numb to the normality of suffering that is about us but the world has never known anything like what is about predicted coming very soon.

Sid: What advice would you give a young family listening to us right now hearing what we’ve been talking about all of this week, seeing that it’s going to be in our lifetime? I mean where do you put your money, you put your money in the stock market in the United States? Do you I mean there’s really no place you’re going to be able to put your money if the dollar loses all of its value which is where we’re headed towards. What advice do you give a young Christian family that’s just starting and their hearing all of these things?

Hal: I know it’s terrifying but the good news is that if we learn to put our faith in the promises of God; we learn to crack the faith barrier and we learn to say God’s promises as more real than what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. Then God will give us an inner peace and direction as to how to take care of our family and to give us peace and opportunity to bring 100’s to Christ even in the midst of this turmoil. But the really good news is the promises Jesus made Himself that when the worst of this breaks out we won’t be here he’s going to snatch out every living believer before all of this breaks out into its worst form.

Sid: On the other hand I think that even not the worst that it’s going to be a horrible time to be here without Jesus.

Hal: Oh man, I mean if someone is trying to make it without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ it’s just not going to happen. I mean the most important investment anyone could do is come to the realization that God so loved us that He step out of eternity into time in the person of Jesus the Messiah. And He took upon Himself every sin that we’ll ever commit and He bore His own judgment toward that sin in His own body. And He purchased a pardon for everyone when He did this but we have to claim it, we have to receive it. So the most important issue before everyone today is to receive the gift of pardon, that Jesus the Messiah purchased for them and then he can know that no matter what happens Christ will never leave us or forsake us. And He will guide us through and protect us even in the worst of times.

Sid: And even for believers that are listening to us right now there’s never been a time in history of about what ready to face and if there is known sin in your life I urge you to repent, turn from the sin, turn to God for the power to get free from this sin. Because listen sin blocks intimacy with God. And the Bible says “My sheep hear my voice.” Now if you will repent of those known sins and get right with God I tell you you’re going to hear His voice. And the word of God says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” I believe that you will be sitting with armies running around you with guns in the worst of times and you’ll be walking in perfect peace. I believe that there is coming such an outpouring of God’s protective canopy over believers that are sold out and that’s the key “Sold out.” I use an introduction “Red Hot” for Jesus because the Bible says “I’d rather you’d be hot or cold but if you’re lukewarm I’d vomit you out of my mouth.” And that’s Hal what I understand it says in the Greek is that true?

Hal: That’s correct; absolutely it says that if we’re lukewarm He’ll spew us out of His mouth.” And that’s what I do not want to be, I want to be in fellowship with the Lord and really seeking to walk with Him every day. And your right sin does break the fellowship.

Sid: Hal, we’re out of time thank you for being my guest.


Our Guest Dr. Jim Richards


Sid: My guest Dr. James Richards interviewing him on his book “How to Stop the Pain.” Jim we’ve been talking about just a few of the areas in your book but I cannot give a stronger endorsement that this is one of these books that will literally stop people from shooting themselves in the foot with their marriage, with their children, with their job. And you don’t want to be doing this but you’re doing it because you don’t even understand.

Jim: That’s right.

Sid: There is such correlation as you said between this judgment, let’s talk a little bit about this.

Jim: The incredible thing is you know the Bible says that “All of our life flows out of the issues of our heart.” Now the issues of the heart or the heart itself actually is that part of us that we really develop our self of identity or our sense of self. As a matter of fact an incredible thing that they discovered recently the physical heart has more neurons than the brain does, therefore it has a greater capacity for memory than the brain.

Sid: Boy that gives you that just really explodes some of the things in the Bible that Jesus was talking about.

Jim: Oh exactly. You know all of these things that the Bible says about the heart you know there’s some link between the physical and the nonphysical heart. So what they’re discovering in the latest cutting edge of medical science is that every organ in the body influences a different aspect of thought and a different aspect of emotion. So there’s a connection between the brain and the organs. Interestingly with the heart, the heart is a link to our long term memory. A person’s heart condition affects their ability for long term memory. This is why when some people get older they may dying and they can’t remember what happened yesterday, but their heart is still strong and they can remember what happened when they can remember what happened when they were 5 years old because they still have that long term memory. Well long term memory is what gives us our sense of self this tells me who I am. So what we understand is what I believe about me ultimately is going to determine all of the issues of my life. Everything that I do is going to come out of a heart that has determined who I am. So when we pass judgments, and most of the judgments that we pass that alter our life we pass them before we’re 5 years old. See…

Sid: That’s kind of scary because who can remember what happened before you were 5 years old.

Jim: You can’t remember that’s why you don’t realize that these things are affecting you. You know you’re born with a sin nature and my belief on the sin nature is not that it just makes you inherently evil per say as it makes you inherently fearful which leads to evil behavior. You know the first thing that happened to Adam whenever he became a sinner was he didn’t say “I’m going to go find me a marijuana plant and another woman.” Immediately he just became afraid he was afraid of God he became fearful, insecure and then that fear caused him to run away from God and try to meet his needs independent of God. Now one of the things that fear does is fear places “me” at the center of everything. You know the fearful person…

Sid: So fear and pride are synonymous.

Jim: Fear and pride yeah, fear and self-centeredness because the fearful person thinks that everything is about them. They see 2 people talking off in a distance they think that they’re talking about them. They just think that everything that happens is about them and of course that goes back to…

Sid: The world revolves around them.

Jim: That’s right I am now god of my own world everything is about me. So as a child with a sin nature, or a fear nature, things happen in your world that you can’t intellectually explain but at a very early age you begin to assume why they happen. For example, most children of divorces parents feel like they did something wrong or they could have done something to save the marriage. So they take on themselves a guilt, a shame, a burden that has nothing to do with them. Or if abusive parent for example and that child passes a judgment and says “This is why my parent does this to me because I’m a bad child.” But we pass all of these judgments and what these judgments do is they affect our heart and develop this sense of who we are and we live the rest of our lives out of that.

Sid: So what can we do about this that it happened before we’re 5 and we’re not even in touch with these things?

Jim: You know the great thing is if we renew our minds in who we are in Jesus, you don’t even have to remember when it happened or how it happened you just have to believe the truth about who you are in Jesus today. I think that one of the most fatal things that is left out of a new converts teaching right off the bat is now there’s over 200 scriptures in the New Testament alone that tells you who you are now that you’re in Jesus. Listen make sure that you see those and that you come to see yourself that way. See that’s how you renew your heart because you begin to believe these things at such a deep level that it changes your sense of self. Now we should see ourselves as priests and kings. We should see ourselves as loved and excepted and approved of God. But most of us never renew our mind and so all of these things from our past you know we believe on Jesus we believe we’re going to heaven but we still have low self-worth. We’re so afraid of rejection and afraid of other people’s judgments and we don’t even know why. And we think it’s because you know we pass a judgment about our self. “The reason I’m this way is because I’m not a good Christian, the reason I’m this way is because I must have some sin,” and we pass judgments about ourselves.

Sid: Now you talk much in your book about most Christians will forgive but they won’t release the judgments explain that.

Jim: You know we do that to other and we do that to ourselves because we do have these events that we can remember, we can remember from these pains that came into our life. We can remember these awful things that people did to us or awful things that we did. And what I find you find Christians all the time it’ll come to their mind about something someone had done to them and yeah they’re going to pray this out “I forgive this person in the name of Jesus and I forgive them in the name of Jesus.” And they get some momentary relief from that, but then suddenly it immerges again.

Sid: All they have to do is hear that person’s name. And the anger will bubble inside.

Jim: That’s right hear… in their heart hear an emotion remember something and then there they are again “Well I forgive them in Jesus name and I forgive… and pretty soon they’re saying “You know what this doesn’t work.”

Sid: So how do you release?

Jim: Well if you were sitting in jail because you had been convicted of a crime; in other words you were charged with something a judgment was made and based on that judgment you were given a sentence. And so you are sitting in jail and one day you’re lawyer comes in and says “Hey I’ve got great news for you the judge is going to forgive you of your offense.” He’s like “Oh, this is incredible I’m going to get to go home.” So your lawyer takes you back before the judge you stand there and the judge says “I just want you to know that in the case of Jim Richards the State verses Jim Richards I want you to know we forgive you.” And I’m thinking “Praise God I’m forgiven.” I turn around and I start to walk home and the guy grabs me and throws me in my cell and I’m like “Wait a minute I thought I was forgiven?” Well, you are forgiven but you still got a judgment against you you still got to pay the penalty.”

Sid: Well, it doesn’t even help that you were forgiven then.

Jim: Exactly it doesn’t help at all. The judge went home and said “You know something the State is not mad at Jim Richard’s anymore but I’m still paying the price.” So what we do is we release people from, or we forgive people we say “Okay I forgive you,” because we never release them from the judgment and the ultimate penalty.” And see the penalty that we sometimes pass upon people is “I will have to be angry with you all of your life.” Or the penalty will be “You need to be suffering; for the rest of my life I need to know that you’re suffering.” There has to come a time when I say “You know something since I don’t know why that person did what they did I don’t have the right to sentence them to anything.” Because it’s my assumptions about why they did that caused the pain anyhow. You know my step-father broke into my room, stabbed me in my sleep would have killed me. Let me say by the way before he died by the way I had the opportunity to led to him to Jesus him, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and most of the people that some time in my life had tried to kill me I got to lead them to Jesus. You know one of the things I discovered about my step-father was 5 years old he was in an automobile accident he lived in rural Alabama. They didn’t have enough money to take him to the doctor he had a piece of glass shoved through his skull. He was screaming in pain they had no way of doing anything about it so they locked him in a shed to die.

Sid: So you had no way of knowing what that man went through that made him the way he was.

Jim: Exactly.

Sid: I tell you what we’re out of time.