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Our Guest Kynan Bridges


Sid: Oh, my guest Kynan Bridges is red hot for the Messiah. You would be red hot for the Messiah if you woke up one evening and you see Jesus at the foot of your bed calling your name. Kynan, tell me what occurred.

Kynan: The amazing thing I’m sitting there and I hear Jesus calling me. Now I’ve been praying for these kind of experiences but I don’t think I was prepared for it Sid. And He’s calling my name and I look up and I see a man standing there in white. Now I know by the Holy Ghost this is the Lord Jesus Himself. And He reaches into His chest and He pulls out His heart and He extends it towards me. And I see it beating, it begins to beat (bump, bump), it’s beating. And He says to me “This is My heart for the nations.” Now when He extended His heart to me Sid this was almost like there was a connection in the Spirit realm and I knew what was on His heart. I knew what was in His heart supernaturally. And He begins to tell me His heart is broken over the condition of His Body. Because many in the body believe that He is responsible for their sickness and for their oppression. He’s crying and He’s saying “Son, tell them they don’t know I paid a tremendous price for their healing and for their deliverance, if they only knew.” And Sid I just began to weep because it was such a convicting moment, it was the most miraculous thing I’ve ever experienced.

Sid: You know what I find interesting because I’m a fairly logical type of thinker. First, the first visitation if you will you had was to correct your heart and then you were able to see God’s heart when He was at the foot of your bed. Well there is so many people that are doing exactly what Jesus said this breaking His heart. They’re saying “God I know you heal but why aren’t you healing me, what’s wrong with me?” What would you say to those people?

Kynan: Well one of the biggest deceptions in the Body of Christ is the belief not that God can’t heal, but that He won’t heal, that He will not heal me.” It is a belief that has been perpetuated throughout ages; it has been perpetuated across denominations. I have seen people tormented by this belief. I’ve seen people die prematurely because of this belief and it is an insidious attack from the enemy that must be exposed. And the only way to expose this is by the revelation from God’s word. You know Sid people need to understand something, and I want to talk to someone out there listening now. Nothing in your life will change ever until you receive revelation. Revelation changes everything; it is the catalyst for manifestation. Without revelation there is no manifestation. So many people can know intellectually that God can heal, but until they have revelation that it is His will and His desire unconditionally they’ll never find salvation.

Sid: So how do you get from intellectual knowledge to revelation? (Laughing) How do you make the jump?

Kynan: Well the Bible says first of all in Roman’s 10 it says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.” And so first of all we know that it’s a faith thing, but secondly Jesus said “And they shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Now that knowing there is not just talking about intellect, now we know that. But it’s talking about intimacy, we’re going to have to pray, we’re going to have to open our heart to the Holy Spirit through the word. Until a person really gets into the word and allow the Holy Spirit to give them revelation they’re not going to know what’s available to them. Then the first step is to release their faith, you have to trust God. And secondly we have to get into the word because the word is going to reveal to us what has been freely given to us.

Sid: Yeah but Kynan that okay, but what about a Christian that has heard and heard and heard the word but they happen to be in an American church where they don’t see anything going on. And they intellectually assent to it but it never happens in their life. How do they get from someone… they’re actually in unbelief and don’t even realize it. How do they get out of it?

Kynan: Well first of all they have to change their environment. The Bible talks about in
Roman’s chapter 12 it says “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Now that word anakinosis is so powerful yet very simple. You know when you think about a renovation of the home, like your home. The first thing that they have to do many times is tear down old parts of the infrastructure and build new ones. That’s what renovation is all about, that’s what my renewal is all about. We have to allow God to challenge our paradigm. You know the first thing that began to happen in my life Sid when it comes to healing is that I had to look at myself, my own situation and I had to begin to ask God the hard questions. Most people don’t do that, most people say “Well because it’s not happening for me it can’t happen.” That’s like saying “Man has never flown to the moon it can’t happen.” Well duh… it can happen.

Sid: Hm.

Kynan: But you have to be willing to make the investment in the word, they have to be willing to break those barriers in their mind and heart to push through to the next level of experience. So it’s going to take audacity, it’s going to take you changing your environment. It’s going to take you getting around people who are flowing in the things that you know God says are available to you. So we have to make some changes in our lives.

Sid: …tell me why [your book] will help someone.

Kynan: Well the first thing that it’s going to do is it’s going to challenge your mentality. Almost everything that we experience in our lives is a result in the way that we think. So if we want to change our lives we have to change our mindset. And Sid this cannot be underestimated this is one of the most powerful things. I have experienced in my own life the power of a transformed mind. It literally… your mind being transformed can be the catalyst for God releasing God’s supernatural power in your life. I had to do that, I wasn’t raised in a church where we saw miracles all the time. I saw them occasionally but I didn’t see them all the time. So I had to develop a new normal, I had to develop a new standard. And that came from making up in my mind Sid that God’s word is true no matter what. Let God be true and every man a liar. You know I quote from John G. Lake one of the most healing evangelists of our time. He said that when he read this scripture and I want to read it out to our listener Acts 10:38 how “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and went about doing good healing of all that were oppressed of the devil.” John G. Lakes said that when he saw that scripture he knew almost intrinsically that it was the absolute will of God to heal. And when he realized Sid that it was the will of God to heal he said these words “Everything in my being began to fight the devil” and that’s what has to happen. Everything in our being every fiber in our being has to fight against the will of the devil in our lives.

Sid: You know that is so strong and so important. I think that most Christians are passive and although they wouldn’t admit it it’s a “Que sera, sera.” Well if God does it find but He doesn’t fine and that’s not a militant approach is it?

Kynan: Not only is it not a militant approach but you have to understand something about the devil. Satan is a terrorist, he is a hardened criminal, he is a madman Sid. Jesus called him a thief, a murderer from the beginning. I mean we’re not talking about someone who’s coming to sell you Girl Scout cookies.

Sid: Hm.

Kynan: He’s talking about someone that’s trying to kill, steal and destroy according to John 10:10. So we cannot deal with him passively. The only thing he will respond to is brute power and force. And that power comes when we have a conviction in our heart that God’s word is absolutely true and that God… what God said in His word about model Christ. I must receive, I can’t live without it. Until you get there you won’t fight.

Our Guest Shane Warren


SID: So Shane Warren is caught up into the heavenlies seven hours and he’s taught how to change the atmosphere through worship. He’s taught why we should worship. He’s taught what happens when we worship. He’s implemented what he’s taught in his own congregation. That’s why he sees so many miracles. As a matter of fact, you’ve got to tell us about that blind person. You had all the students. You told the students, “Come up. I want you to watch this person’s blind eye.” Tell me that story.

SHANE: We have a school of ministry and I feel like God has called me to help make the next generation aware of the supernatural. And we were in a church in the southern part of the state, in Mississippi, preaching there. And this lady come up needing healing. I felt like God told me, interrupted me and said, “I want you to pray for the sick.” She came up. She had a milky eye. Her eye was almost looked like it didn’t have a pupil at all. It was very milky. She could not see out of that eye. And for the first time in my life, you know I’ve prayed for the sick and ministered to the sick ever since I’ve been a Christian, especially a preacher. But the first time, Sid, I knew that I knew, that I knew, that this woman was getting ready to get her sight in that eye, that God was going to heal her. So I called all of my students, we had numerous students, and said, “Come right now.” I said, “I want to show you the power of God. We’re not just preaching the Gospel, we’re demonstrating the Gospel.”

SID: Now wait a second. You are sticking your neck out. I mean, can you picture this. He has all these students, come close, I want you to watch, not after the fact, before the fact. That is chutzpah. That’s a Hebrew word for nerve.

SHANE: Well I just knew I had this confidence, this confident knowing in God that came behind me. And the Lord just whispered these words in my ear, He said, “Just say, ‘let the eye look straight on.'” And so I just spoke to the eye and I said, “Eyes, look straight on.” And as soon as I said it, all of a sudden, this milky substance began to dissolve and you could see a pupil forming quickly and clearly in that eye. Several of the students started running backwards. The lady began to scream and yell, “I can see! I can see! I can see!” You know, you believe, you say you believe in the supernatural, but then when it happens it catches you off guard. It’s so wonderful isn’t it? Christianity is so exciting. So they run backwards and someone said, “Oh my! Oh my!” Everybody in the place starts rejoicing and people get saved, come to the altar as a result of this woman getting her miracle. It was glorious.

SID: Those students will never, ever be the same.

SHANE: Normal church and normal Christianity, normal living is not an option for them because now they know the supernatural is real.

SID: Okay. Tell me some of the secrets you learned during that seven-hour visitation about worship.

SHANE: One of the things the Lord showed me is that so many people are unaware of the spirit realm. In fact, I feel like it’s my life call to make people aware of the spirit realm. In 1st Corinthians, chapter 11, Paul makes a statement that we need to be careful how we conduct ourself in church because of the angels. There’s angels that come together. And so when I was caught up in this place, I started seeing the working of angels as people were worshiping him. And I was praising God, God was showing me the release of these angels toward my situation, as well as I was standing in other situations. I had been praying for people in my church as a pastor bearing burdens for them and I was literally seeing angels running toward with the miracles that they were believing God for while they were in times of private worship. That was just one incident of one example of what I was seeing in the spirit realm. It started opening my mind up to the supernatural. And then God began to show me keys. He showed me what Jesus does while we’re worshiping. He showed me what Jesus does in a worship service while we’re worshiping. He showed me that the atmosphere of Heaven, what happens when we start worshiping, the response the angels have, the response God the Father has, the response Jesus the Son has. And as I was seeing this unfold, it dawned on me that we come to church and we do all of these religious calisthenics I call them, but we’re not really aware of what’s going on in the spirit realm. And if we really knew the power of praise and worship that it has so much supernatural ability and releases the supernatural. And people are ignorant. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.” There is not a lack of abundance. There is only an abundance of ignorance. There is more than enough of God to go around. He’s El Shaddai. He’s the God of too much.

SID: Now can I, you have this atmosphere in your congregations. The leaders of Louisiana said it’s the place to be because of the atmosphere of God you have in your congregation on Sunday morning. Can we have that same atmosphere in our homes?

SHANE: Every single person right now in this studio audience, every single person watching right now by television can have this atmosphere everyday of their life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can walk in it. They can live in it. This is what the Apostle Paul talked about when he said, “We were positioned in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” The problem is we don’t know who we are in Christ. And Galatians, chapter 4 says, “You can be an heir of everything, but if you have a mindset of a child, the Satan will treat you like a slave.” And so many of the children of God are living like slaves because they’re ignorant of basic biblical principles that tell us who we are in Jesus Christ and how to access the heavenlies.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. Shane accessed the heavenlies. He hears conversations between Jesus and God the Father. In fact, he was telling me about a conversation he heard recently. He then just was an actor on a stage, released it at a meeting of pastors. He knew the pastor’s name. He knew the pastor’s city. He knew the pastor’s address. He knew what was going on in the pastor’s life. It wasn’t he was so smart. He eavesdropped on that conversation. I want to find out about this when we come back.

Our Guest Pat Schatzline


Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah, he’s a prophet and he’s seen things that are going to happen in the last days. And in fact Pat Schatzline tell me about the prophetic dream that you had in October 2012. About the… you were in an old dinner.

Pat: I fell asleep late one night and God had put it in my heart that He was going raise up the remnant and I didn’t know how He’d do it. I had spent sometime with our dear father in my life Reinhardt Bonnke and he had even said to me “Pat you must get a generation filled with the Spirit. So to fast forward 10 months later and he said “Get ready for prophetic dreams like you’ve never experience.” I fall asleep late one night it’s probably 11:15 or so. I fall asleep I’m lying in bed and the Lord immediately took me away to an old dinner. Like a dinner you would see on Route 66 in New Mexico or Arizona. And I’m sitting at this table and great leaders are sitting around me. And Sid I need to tell you that I believe you were sitting there with me because there was a man there that I did not know. And I believe you were sitting there with me, anyway we’re sitting there and there’s a giant old radio in front of me like my grandparents had. You turn the dials and it would light up when you would land on a station. So I’m in the middle of the booth, everyone is sitting around. And I turn the dial and it lands on this open station. And the broadcaster says “The stadium is full in New York City and the remnant is worshipping God. We begin to laugh, we begin to cry. I keep turning it, the stadium is full in Atlanta, turn it again and the stadium is full in Dallas, turn it again and the stadium is full in Salt Lake, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, all the way down through. I’m weeping and laughing so hard that I sit up in the bed and wake up. My wife wakes up besides me and she’s my, what I call the Holy Spirit in the flesh she’s so pure. Karen jumps up and she says “The presence of God is in our room.” And I said… and I’m weeping and laughing at the same time. I look over at the clock I thought I’d been sleep all night and it was exactly midnight. I jump out of bed I run upstairs and I email Reinhardt Bonnke and said “God has shown me He’s coming to America, he’s not done with America he showed me that it’s going to happen.” And Reinhardt I call Pastor Bonnke emails me back and says “I know He has shown me the same thing, get ready and prepare the way.” And that was such a powerful encounter that God said for me “Get Ready.” What we’d been calling dead he’s been calling sleeping. He’s about to awaken this generation young and old. He’s about to raise up those that feel like they cannot be used, the remnant. Those that God says “I’ve been calling forth those that will be a rag in my hand.” The word remnant means rag, and it also means what ties the generation together. If you study the definition of remnant in the Hebrew it means those that are left over after others have followed apostasy or false doctrine. It’s those…

Sid: Speaking of apostasy and false doctrine I am amazed at what is flooding the airways right now in reference to a gospel without repentance. A gospel without sin just the good news, I mean it’s unbelievable that people are accepting a gospel without the cross!

Pat: And you know I’ve learned that the cross is offensive and if you mention the blood it offends people. But the gospel is offensive and we are living in a time… I wrote about this in the chapter in book called “Weeping Lions and Roaring Lambs.” Where the Lord spoke to me laying on my face one day 2 weeks in a row He kept saying “I’m looking for weeping lions and roaring lambs.” And I’m in Singapore jogging one morning and I said “What does that mean?” He said “I’m looking for those that have been standing on pride rock to weep again because He’s the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jesus was the weeping Lion for the roaring lambs. But we’re living in a time when people are preaching the gospel without repentance because repentance is offensive. So literally they’re preaching grace without responsibility and grace without responsibility is nothing more than a form of religion. Grace is not the invitation to leave the cross but an invitation to cling to the cross. Titus gave a clear definition of grace, but we’re living in a time of what I call greasy grace where people are preaching that… it’s kind of like this “They’re firing the Holy Spirit from churches. They’re not Father, Son and the Holy scripture but they do not want the Spirit of God any more so they fired Him, they kicked out. So I’m actually writing a message right now called “An interview with the Holy Spirit.” And the reason why I’m writing that is because I write in the book that the Holy Spirit has been fired because if we were ever to allow Him into our church then we would be messed up by the presence of God. But people don’t want to be messed up by His presence anymore because we’re living in a time… and I have to be careful you can tell this burns inside of me that people are preaching that there is no such thing as repentance anymore. Well if that’s the case throw out Revelation chapter 2, Revelation chapter 3 where over and over it says “Repent your running out of time.” And repented means to watch the house burn down and walk away, it means to get clean. But now, I’m going to tell you something pretty bold, I honestly believe the church will be packed out the day after the rapture if the remnant doesn’t rise up. Because we’re living in a time where he’s separating the 10 virgins, those that want the presence of God and those that don’t. All 10 were pure, but 5 of them missed the party. And I write about that in the book. God has had enough of those that are declaring a false doctrine, He really comes back to humanism and heathenism and really it comes back to if you study it the oldest religions in the book where it’s about self and manmade and it’s dangerous. But the remnant stands up and says I’m sorry that is wrong. You can’t live that lifestyle and go to heaven. And boy the attacks come right now for those of us who stand for truth.

Sid: Let me ask you this, you say there’s 3 things that we have to zero in on as a remnant purity, authority and joy; explain.

Pat: Purity number 1 is my righteousness is as filthy rages but His blood purifies me. Living a life that says “I am separate from the world; I am going to live a holy life I am going to stand up for what it means.” Not legalism but a life that says “I’m separate from what the world has to offer. I’m cleaning all of this stuff out of my life.” And then when it comes to joy you know honestly I preach in a different place every week all over America. One of the things that has been stolen from the church is joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory. And “In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand.” And what we don’t understand is if you’re not spending time in His presence you are not going to find anything but temporary fulfillment compared to His presence brings joy. And then the 3rd one authority, I’ll never forget we were in a hotel room. We got a little girl in China adopted her when she was 9 months old. And for one solid week she screamed every hour on the hour and the Lord finally spoke to me that son this is a terror attack, there is a demonic force that doesn’t want to let go of her when you take her home from China to America and restore her identity. She’s 9 months old and suddenly in the middle of the night I got up and I turned worship on. Our family had not slept, we were exhausted, we were at each other throats. I turned on worship and when I did a giant demon appeared in the corner of the room and was laughing and pointing at my daughter. And I stood up in that hotel room and I said very quietly so I wouldn’t wake anyone, you have no authority I’m taking her with me, I’m giving her an identity, she’s taking my name I have adopted her.” That demonic power went out the window. Suddenly the next day my wife and daughter and son were on a flight to another providence, something to do with the adoption. My wife looked over me and said “I saw it.” And said “You saw what?” I didn’t know that she had seen it, she said “I saw the demonic figure in the corner, I saw it crawl out the window.” She wrapped her arms around me on the plane and said “Thank you for being a man of authority.” Folks that are listening, you have the authority to walk through your house in Jesus Name and run every demonic force out. You have the authority to pray over your home to anoint your kids that, anoint your spouse’s pillow. You have the authority to say “Not in my house devil, my house will be holy.” So when you get a hold of a true biblical authority, and that comes through knowing the word of God, slowly studying it and having a prayer life. The other night and I’ll wrap with this for a week now I had a dream that my wife and daughter were killed in a car accident. On Friday night I went to do a wedding; my wife and daughter were meeting me at the wedding.   My phone rang at 5 minutes to 6 my wife wasn’t there yet, this was for 2 of our kids through our school of ministry. I said “Where are you?” She said “Pat I just had a wreck on the freeway but the minute it started to happen a car slammed on their breaks it was raining someone came around both sides she couldn’t get over. I heard angels begin to sing in our car, I locked our breaks, destroyed our car. It just happened Friday night, but she said “But Pat, she said “We’re fine, the person we hit is fine, your daughter is fine, she said “Preach the wedding and come get me.” And the reason why I say that, for one week I declared Psalms 91 over my wife and daughter, I knew the enemy, I had a dream that she was killed in a car accident. I knew the enemy was going to try to take my family. He lost because the authority God has placed in us to stop the plan of the enemy.

Sid: How far away are we from the return of the Messiah?

Pat: You know I honestly believe that as I watch Israel being surrounded, I’m watching Syria and Russia join forces with Iran. I honestly believe that we are less than 5 years away from the return of Christ. That’s why the mandate is so intense that we must lead a generation young and old back to the glory of God right now. We are there Sid, I believe with everything inside of me, that in fact prophetic words have been giving to us; get the message out now we’re out of time because God is coming back. He has to come back, because we’re at a place where the enemy is killing young and old in this generation, but the church is going to have to rise up and begin to pray 2nd Chronicles 7:14. We’re going to have to repent and get back to having encounters with God.

Sid: But the truth of the matter is you have a choice right now and you can be the 5 wise virgins, or you can be the 5 foolish virgins. But you need some anointed help from heaven. And we’re going to pray a special prayer for you the last maybe on Friday’s broadcast.

Pat: Thank you Lord.

Our Guest Steven Brooks


SID: What I love is when these gifts happen…when you’re having a cup of coffee. You were in Israel having a cup of coffee with your wife. What happened?

STEVEN: Well I went down to get a cup of coffee. I sat at the table. This was at the Jerusalem bus stop in a very busy area. I wasn’t doing anything spiritual. Matter of fact, Sid, I didn’t really want to have to pray for anybody or have to do any type of ministry. I just wanted to drink my latte. So my wife went in line to get me a cup of coffee and she got herself one. And two elderly Jewish ladies were there in line and my wife overheard them talking about how much pain they were in. One basically was saying, “My back is killing me.” The other was saying, “Yes, I’m in tormenting pain as well.” And my wife said, “Well my husband, he’s sitting right over there. Why don’t you go over and ask him to pray for you. He’ll pray for you.” So they came over to my table. They kind of interrupted my coffee time. But I said, “Okay, I’ll pray for you, but I have to use the name of Jesus.” And they said, “Sshh, don’t say that name here, you’ll start a riot.” And they said, “We don’t want anything to do with that name.” I said, “Okay. That’s fair, but I have to use his name because that’s where the authority comes from.” They said, “Okay, just be real quiet.” I said, “All right.” So I reached out to pray for the first lady. I felt an anointing, but nothing dramatic happened. I just touched her and I said, “Receive God’s healing power.” And then I reached over to touch the second lady. When I did that, the Spirit of God came on me with tremendous power. My hand from my elbow down to my fingers caught on fire.

SID: Now when I hear you say that, caught on fire, describe.

STEVEN: It was a spiritual feeling.

SID: I know it was spiritual, but describe what it felt like.

STEVEN: I felt flames leaping off my hand. Both ladies jumped back. One of them said, “Dear God, what is that?” I said, “It’s the healing power of God.”

SID: Can you picture, some of you young people, walking up to your teachers and putting your hand on them and the flames of God go right into your teacher? Forget class that day.

STEVEN: I had to calm them down. I said, here it comes. In other words, don’t be afraid of it. Here it comes. And I touched her also and they, she began to be like on fire herself. She said, “I’m burning up.” And I said, “It’s God’s healing power.” The other lady said, “I’m on fire, too.” She said, “I thought they spiked my coffee and put some liquor in my coffee.” And I said, “No, that’s God’s healing power.” Then they looked at their watch. They said, “We’ve got to catch our bus.” And they staggered out of the bus stop. They looked like two drunk ladies. They were overcome with the Spirit’s power. I don’t know what happened to them, but I know God got their number.

SID: And again, this is God’s dinner bell. They knew that Steven prayed in the name of Jesus. They knew that something supernatural happened to them and I believe as they went home they realized the pain was totally gone. Now you said that you want to demystify the gifts and you said that knowledge is so important. Explain.

STEVEN: Well the apostle Paul said, “I do not want you to be ignorant of the spiritual gifts.” And so what that word “ignorant” means is, it means uninformed or misinformed. And so I found out that the better we understand the gifts, we unlock them in a sense that now we know exactly what they, are and they come forth and begin to manifest so much easier when we have a proper understanding of what they are and how they operate. The rest after that is a very easy process. After that, really all you have to do is just step out in faith because they will come forth.

SID: Now speaking about stepping out in faith, tell me about the gift of faith. This is a gift.

STEVEN: The gift of faith is very powerful. And Sid, we have to understand it that all nine gifts mentioned in 1st Corinthians, chapter 12 are supernatural. We cannot pull them down and try to explain these as like just basic gifts. They’re all on a supernatural level. And when we keep them in the place that God assigned them to, then we see the power that comes with them come forth and build up the body of Christ, and reach out and touch the lost. So the gift of faith is not ordinary faith. In other words, this is not like, I believe Jonah was swallowed by a large fish and then later, three days later, he went and ministered to Nineveh. This is a supernatural faith that comes upon you and it won’t stay forever. It might rest for three minutes. It might rest for three days or three hours.

SID: Okay. Tell me about the person that had a problem with their feet.

STEVEN: Well I had this leap of faith come upon me one time when I was ministering to the sick, and I said, “Somebody needs a miracle.” And there was a young man. He was 17 years old and his feet were as flat as a pancake. He had no arches in his feet. And so his mother said, “Would you pray for his arches.” I said, “I will.” And I had such faith come upon me. I said, “Take off your shoes. Take off your socks and anybody who’s never seen a miracle, come watch, and when I pray for him, do not close your eyes. Keep your eyes open and you will see arches form in his feet.”

SID: But wait a second. What if it didn’t happen? You realize the faithful of the whole group would go [unintelligible].

STEVEN: Right if it wasn’t going to happen, I’m in big trouble.

SID: For sure.

STEVEN: But when that gift comes, it obliterates doubt.

SID: You knew.

STEVEN: There’s no doubt. There’s no fear. You know God is going to do that.

SID: Okay. So people are watching you grab his feet, flat as a pancake. What happens?

STEVEN: I took his, I took, it was the right foot, if I’m correct, I took in my hand. And before I could even pray, “In the name of Jesus,” an arch formed right in front of everybody. I couldn’t even get out the full prayer and the arch went [unintelligible] and a perfectly formed arch in his foot. I grabbed the other one. I started to pray, “In the name of…” and there went the arch. It formed completely in his feet. He stood up and I received the written testimony of his mother of this tremendous miracle that happened in his feet, and now his feet are normal. That’s not just a healing. That’s a miracle. And the reason it happened was because special faith came upon me. If people want to move into the gifts of healings and into the working of miracles, they have to go through the door of special faith. And of the power gifts, the greatest one is the gift of special faith. Sometimes I call it super faith because when it comes on you, you feel like Superman and it’s the power of God to do what you’re called to do, and step out and do it boldly.

SID: Okay. You also operate in, he actually operates in all the gifts of the Spirit, all nine. However, tell me about the gift of discernment, discerning of spirits.

STEVEN: This is a fascinating gift. Out of all the gifts, Sid, I used to look at them, I felt I was beginning to get a handle on some of the gifts and I would look at discerning of spirits. And one day I just set my Bible down and I said, “Lord, I haven’t a clue in the world what this gift is. Would you please help me understand it so it can begin to come forth in my life.” And many people call it perhaps a gift of discernment. But discernment is not necessarily a gift. We all should have good discernment. We should all be able to have what also we call good common sense. But this is something different. This is discerning of spirits. So it can be discerning of evil spirits. It can be discerning of angelic spirits. It can be discerning of the realm of God and His Glory or it can be discerning the realm of the satanic world. But discerning the spirits is when our senses are opened up, and God can open it up, and it can come in different facets. To be in the Spirit we can hear, taste, touch or smell in the spirit realm through the gift of discerning the spirits.

SID: And you know what I think is so neat? When we come back, I’m going to have Steven pray for you for just a release of the gifting that God has already put within you, maybe for healing. But he has the ability to see or smell when something is evil and when something good is going on. I want him to teach on that. We’ll be right back.