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Our Guests Rick and Lori Taylor


Sid: We want everyone to know that there’s an epidemic. Yes there really is, there’s an epidemic of people being healed of cancer that’s my kind of epidemic. And I’ve got on the telephone the head of the healing rooms of Santa Maria Valley, California. And Rick Taylor I guess if someone had talked to you a few years ago and said that “The doctors would be sending patients to you; the doctors themselves would be coming for physical healing; that you would have 100 believers from different denominations all come together in unity and there would be an outpouring of the Spirit to such a point that not just gold dust but gold nuggets appear, and angels are being seen almost weekly that people have visions of Jesus when they walk in that place.” If someone had said that to you a few years ago what would you have said?

Rick: Well I would have had a hard time believing that it would have come through out ministry. But we’re just so excited that is happening and it’s…those prophecies are coming true today.

Sid: I have to ask you my favorite story from looking over the notes about that little girl that had all of those cavities. Tell me about her.

Rick: Yes there was a girl 14 years old who just got her braces taken off and the orthodontist discovered just by looking in her mouth she had quite a few cavities. So what they did is they x-rayed the teeth and sure enough they found 13 cavities. Now you know the parents didn’t have insurance and the little girl was really in a lot of trauma because of this procedure that was about to take place. So they set a date to begin the procedure. But mean while this girl told her mom, she said “You know I heard that there’s a place in Santa Maria called the Healing Rooms and they’re seeing miracles. Take me there and maybe God will heal my cavities.” And sure enough the mom took her in to see us and as the team was praying for this girl she felt a sensation happening in her teeth. And the very next day she went to the dentist, the dentist looks into her mouth and he was in shocked he no longer sees the cavities. Well he does another x-ray and he thought there was something wrong with his x-ray machine so he sent her to another dentist. Now the next dentist x-rays her and she brings the x-rays back to the original dentist and he’s holding up these ex-rays and he’s shaking his head and he looks at her and said “What did you do?” And this little girl just said “You know what I went to the healing rooms and they began to pray for me and I felt this strange sensation happening in my teeth. And now this little girl is healed, actually she had 13 cavities; God healed 11 of her cavities. Now I don’t know why the Lord did heal all 13 but that’s pretty amazing.

Sid: Now how could this dentist does he think maybe the x-rays were wrong?

Rick: He thought originally he thought there was something wrong with the x-rays but the second set of x-rays proved that it was truly a miracle that took place. And that’s all he can say this is a miracle.

Sid: I love it when dentist say that. Let me take you back to the beginning when you were a young child you had Godly grandparents that were actually part of a famous ministry on the west coast Amy Semple McPherson. And even most of us have heard they actually saw Smith Wigglesworth minister. As a young child they used to tell you stories of what they had seen what impact did this have on you?

Rick: It had an amazing impact. I remember as a child just a young child I would go to my grandmother’s house and I’d say “Grandma tell me the stories of the miracles.” And she would tell me over and over of the people who walked in who were blind and after prayer they received their sight. Those that could not hear were hearing, people in wheelchairs she witnessed and saw people get out of wheelchairs. She was telling me one time an ambulance pulled up to the Evangelist Temple and they brought a guy out on a stretcher who was not expected to live. And immediately he rose up and I never got tired of those stories. And the problem with church was we never saw that in church and so as a young man I really began to get bored with church because I didn’t see the power that was in the Bible and the power that was my grandmother saw. And I knew that church has to change, we need to get the power back in the church once again to let the world know that Jesus is alive.

Sid: And what’s the Spirit of God telling you? Are we in this generation going to see the power that most of us just read about in the Bible that does not happen in the average church? And yet when I read the history of the first church the least Christian walked in the supernatural power of God to such a supernatural point that if they would have been Catholic the Catholic Church would have called them a saint.

Rick: Yes, well not only are we going to see it Sid but we are seeing it. But wonderful thing about the healing room here is there’s not a superstar among us. We’re a group of about 100 people from 32 different denominations. The Lord said to raise up to train the ordinary Christians, we just ordinary Christians and we believe that Jesus is who He says He is and He’ll do what He says He’ll do.

Sid: Well you know what there are a number of other places some connected with your organization some not that are called healing rooms and they’re having some miracles but nothing like what’s going on at your place.

Rick: Well I can’t explain it I know there’s been a lot of prophetic words over our geographical area over Santa Maria. We’ve dug a well we spent a lot of time a few weeks in intercession digging that healing well. We have a lot of people that come to us with great expectation and I really believe that expectation is that key that unlocks the heavens.

Sid: When I hear that word what I think about is someone I had a chance to meet personally Kathryn Kuhlman. And when people would come in buses to her miracle services many would get healed on the bus, many standing in the long lines would get healed even before they got into the meeting and I think the word, the key operative word is expectancy.

Rick: That’s right I got to be in one of her meetings one time also and the very first word the first sentence she said when she came out on the stage was “I Believe in Miracles.” And as she said that…

Sid: You know you came as a skeptic didn’t you.

Rick: Well yeah you know when I was a little boy a young man I was a Christian but I got away I was disillusioned with the church because I didn’t see the power I got bored. I still had those inside me all of those stories my grandmother spoke to me and so I went just because I wanted to see even though I wasn’t a Christian at the time I wanted to see the power of God manifested.

Sid: You know non-believers want to see miracles now they think they’re fake but in their somewhere deep within they’re hoping they’re not fake.

Rick: Well I’ll tell you when Kathryn Kuhlman came out on the stage and she said “I believe in miracles” you can feel the atmosphere change and expectancy just came into the room and all over the room people were getting healed there was miracles happening without her laying on hands or praying for anyone. It’s because doubt and unbelief left the room and expectancy filled the place and Jesus just began to heal people.

Sid: So how much doubt and unbelief do you have in the atmosphere in your healing rooms?

Rick: Hopefully we have absolutely zero; we believe that God will heal every person that comes in.

Sid: 1996 you and your wife started have strange visitations. As a matter of fact, I wonder if you will put Lori on right now your wife and I’d like to ask her about this. I have on the telephone none Lori Taylor.

Lori: Hello.

Sid: Hi Lori would you tell our audience what you told me earlier about in 1996 when an angel came into your bedroom.

Lori: Okay, one night Rick and I had just gone to bed and just he was asleep and I was just falling asleep and all of a sudden our room just lit up. And we live out in the country and there’s no streetlights or anything so our room was pretty pitch dark. And it lit up and I opened my eyes and I looked and at the foot of our bed there was a large angel and he was kneeling. He looked at me and it startled me because I wasn’t expecting anyone in our room so I screamed and then Rick sat up and said “What’s the matter.” And I said “There’s a man in our room.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Lori: And he was kind of startled too but later as I thought back on it I’m not exactly sure why the Lord allowed me to see him or why he was there.

Sid: Did Rick see him?

Lori: No, Rick did not see him.

Sid: What did he look like?

Lori: He was just beautiful he had skin unlike a human skin it was just flawless clear and smooth and he had really pretty blue eyes. He had kind of sandy blonde wavy hair about to his shoulders. And when I looked at him he was smiling and he was looking at me and I just…and I looked into his face and I just felt just indescribable love and I knew it was an angel of the Lord and it was just a wonderful thing to see him.

Sid: Well put Rick back on the phone I want to see what he thought when his wife Lori hears that says there’s a man in the room. Rick what did you think?

Rick: What did I think about the light?

Sid: The light and the man?

Rick: Well the thing is you know when you’re asleep you’re not sure what’s happening but I saw the room just lit up and this is really strange. When Lori screamed you know something is happening here. And then she told me she saw a man and so we’re actually turning lights on and I can’t find the man anywhere. And so we were just awake with our hearts pounding. And so we just didn’t know “What was this?” That was just the beginning of series of visitations.

Sid: What happened next?

Rick: Well what happened next was it was a few nights later all of a sudden I was awoken and I looked at the right hand top corner of our room towards our ceiling and I saw a lion. Sid it was like it was a zoo it wasn’t a vision it was a real lion. Now this lion had eyes that were like penetrating my very soul. And I knew this lion knew everything about me and it was just staring at me. And then all of a sudden this lion began running at me and it just scared me to death I almost like I pulled the covers over me but it ran right through me and out the back wall of our room. And it was the weirdest thing I don’t know if I slept the rest of the night it was such an amazing thing…

Sid: Oh we’re out of time.

Our Guest Rebecca King


SID: When I met Rebecca a few weeks ago she said, “So many days ago, I had a life changing open vision.” And I just asked her now, “How many days ago?” And she said, 1810 days ago. Now why do you keep track of that precisely?

REBECCA: Well that was a lot of change in a day in my life. It was actually February 14, 2010, and later, God gave me revelation that is scriptural simply because God gave me a new heart that day. And since that day, I began to number the days, because truly, God gave me a heart of wisdom.

SID: Tell me what happened that day. Because it really was life changing. But as a result of that day, you operate in revelation, and we’ll get into that a little more later on. But tell me what happened that day.

REBECCA: Well God introduced me to his glory. I had heard songs about the Glory of God. I was highly anointed. I pastored a church. I thought I had everything God had made available for me. But his glory is his unexplained, convincing manifestation of himself. And so that’s what I was lacking. I was introduced to his glory that day. God sent me on a treasure hunt. It was Valentine’s Day, and he said, “I want you to spend today with me.” It was actually on a Sunday, that particular year. And he sent me on a treasure hunt that I actually went to my great-grandfather’s farm, and was able to go to different places, and God revealed himself to me as revelation. And since that day, 1810 days ago, I’ve been under revelation. I call it ridiculous revelation.

SID: Well tell me how this works. What is revelation?

REBECCA: Revelation is the Father’s explanation. So many times we’ve been told, no because I said so, without any explanation of why we shouldn’t do the things that we shouldn’t do. And so we, like Paul, end up doing the things that we shouldn’t do. And the things that we should do, we never get done, because there’s a lack of explanation. And revelation is simply, Sid, God’s explanation to his children. When I explain something to my children, then the chances of them falling short in that area are slim to none because they have that explanation of intimacy.

SID: Now during this open vision, you went to Heaven. What did you see in Heaven?

REBECCA: The first thing that I experienced when, on February the 14th of 2010, was love. I saw love for the first time. Even though I had been loved by my family and I have many friends, there was something within me that could not accept that love. I could feel lonely in a crowded room. I just couldn’t get to the place that that love would penetrate me and saturate me, and take me into the place that God had destined for me. And when he opened the heaven over me, of course, I now know that I’ve always walked under an open heaven, but now I have understanding. I have revelation of an open heaven, what it is, how it looks like, how do you stay there. I thought for sure I could mess it up.

SID: When you operate under an open heaven and you have knowledge, give me an example of something that could happen.

REBECCA: Oh anything can happen. And that’s one of the, that’s a good point, Sid, because under an open heaven, anything can happen. Generational curses, I walk by people and generational curses are melted by the presence of God.

SID: What happened, now you said that you had a wounded heart and that God healed it during that time. When, the same thing happens when you pray for people with broken hearts, what happens?

REBECCA: They receive a brand new heart. Why not? I asked God so long to fix my heart and finally he gave me revelation, “I can’t fix your heart.”

SID: God can’t fix your heart?

REBECCA: I said, “We’re jacked up, Lord, because if you can’t fix my heart—

SID: Big trouble.

REBECCA: I don’t know what’s going to happen.” And he gave me revelation. See, he gave me his explanation, because God can give us something, Sid, and we can mess it up if we have a broken heart. We can mess up the blessings that God has for us.

SID: So what did he tell you?

REBECCA: He said, “I can’t give you, I can’t fix you, I can’t fix your heart.” And I said, “Why God?” And he said, “Because every time I fix it, you bring up the past and you break it all over again.” He said, “But I can give you a brand new one.” And so I received a brand new heart on Valentine’s Day, 1810 days ago.

SID: Well let me ask you this question. Most people have been wounded.


SID: Maybe every one of us has been wounded. Not maybe, everyone.

REBECCA: Every one of us.

SID: Every one of you have been wounded, every one of you. So could it be so simple that you would pray a prayer?

REBECCA: Oh Sid, everyone in this, everyone listening to this broadcast, everyone that has an ear to hear what’s about to be said, everyone sitting in this audience, the people that drive by this building right now can receive a brand new heart from God.

SID: Could you pray for them right now.

REBECCA: Absolutely. Right now in the name of Jesus, there is a no time nor distance in the Glory of God. And right now, hearts are being passed out from Heaven. I see hearts coming down from Heaven for God’s people. The ones that have an ear to hear, hearts are being implanted right now in the hearts of God’s people. They have been broken for so long. And I understand that you think that God can’t fix your brokenness. God doesn’t want to fix your brokenness. He wants to heal you and your brokenness today. So receive a heart from God today and begin to count your days, in Jesus’ name.

SID: You know, you said that everyone has this portal, this cylinder of light that is their passageway back and forth for the things they pray for from Heaven. But you said most people’s are small, but there is a way of expanding these portals.

REBECCA: Absolutely.

SID: Tell me a couple of ways.

REBECCA: Well Sid, first off, if I’m going to have a portal, it’s going to want to be expanded. And a faith expansion portal loves patience, the fruits of the spirit. But you can also constrict your portal.

SID: How can you constrict it?

REBECCA: Fear, doubt and unbelief.

SID: I’ll tell you what. As she started talking about expanding the portal, the presence of God, did you feel that?


SID: I felt something happen. And when we come back, I think it’s time for you to start operating in revelation. Don’t you have a few questions for God? We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Michael Champagne

Sid: I want everywhere to demonstrate the power of God why? For the sake of the power? Absolutely not because the power commands the attention of the nonbeliever to hear the gospel that’s the whole premise of this ministry. And our job is to equip you and to do the works of Jesus. I have on the telephone a young man Michael Champagne. I’m speaking to him at his home in Palisade, Colorado. Michael comes from a good Baptist background he did not see the power, and through a series of events God got involved in Satanism. And through God’s grace got set free out at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Now his objective is to set as many people free as possible. And Michael I said to you before we went on the air most believers want to walk in the power that you’re walking in and you said “That’s because most have not surrendered is why.” What do you mean by surrendered?

Michael: Surrendered is… I use a visualization. Surrendered is like getting in an inner tube down a swiftly flowing river and just letting go don’t guide don’t steer just go with the river takes you. It’s giving up all of yourself will so that you can achieve something else.

Sid: But you know what that sounds like what you did with the devil.

Michael: Right it does sound like that but it’s not…

Sid: But what you’re saying is what you did for the devil you want to now do for God, but the difference between surrendering with the devil and surrendering with God, is the devil actually ends up controlling you.

Michael: Yeah.

Sid: Where as with God you always have to surrender would that be a good way of saying it?

Michael: Absolutely that’s exactly what happened.

Sid: Okay talk to us about how we can walk in the supernatural power of God for the sake of reaching the lost.

Michael: The first step is you got to believe. You see everything begins and ends with faith. In order for you to be able to see with your eyes of faith you have to close your eyes to what you physically see, not literally walk around blind, but walk around… you know the Bible says “What is seen is temporary; what is unseen is eternal.” And that’s literally how I look at it when I come across somebody with cancer, when I come across somebody with a demonic problem, when I come across somebody with addiction I see it so it’s temporary. And I look at it with the eyes of faith; the eyes of faith say this person is a child of God I’m going to pray for them that God touch them. And then I act on it and I know that God will hear my prayer.

Sid: If I’m understanding you right like if you were to pray for people that are sick right now all they would have to do is believe that you are praying according to God’s word and believe that it is already happened.

Michael: Yeah.

Sid: And as you said on yesterday’s broadcast do something they couldn’t do before. For instance there’s someone that is listening right now that has arthritis in their fingers. What would you say to them?

Michael: I would say that that person needs to do something with his fingers, or her fingers…

Sid: Pray for them right now.

Michael: Okay. Father right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray for that arthritis right now I command it to loose its hold it has no more hold on her right now in the name of Jesus. Now I want that person just to close and open their hands really quickly 2 or 3 times. Father I ask that You would do a complete healing, a complete healing right now, a complete healing in Jesus Name.

Sid: Alright if… praise God for the one that has manifested if it did not manifest at this moment what is your advice?

Michael: My advice is to wait because not all healings are simultaneous, not all of them are instantaneous and some of them are in steps.

Sid: Okay while you were praying I heard about someone with a severe back problem and a neck problem would you pray for them.

Michael: Hmm hm. Father God in the name of Jesus right now I pray for that person with the back and neck problem I ask that… I command that vertebrae to be straightened right now and you will be as God created you in the name of Jesus.

Sid: Now there’s so many people who are just saying “I need my first love back, I need a jump start Michael; I really want to surrender but my flesh is fighting me so hard; I need you to pray for God’s grace right now.” Will you pray for them?

Michael: Absolutely. Lord Jesus right now I come to You on behalf of everybody that’s going to hear this message, Lord I ask that you’d give them the grace to let go. Father you have given me a supernatural grace and faith to speak things into existence so right now I speak a downpour of you Spirit in everybody who listens and receives that life springs from them again Father God, let them begin to walk and talk and feel like You do, we thank You for it Jesus; we praise Your holy and mighty name. Amen.

Sid: Speaking of praise Michael because you have the gift of discernment and you can see what’s going on in the invisible world how important is worship and praise in causing God to move?

Michael: Worship and praise is utterly important people don’t understand that singing 3 hymns is not worship, clapping your hands to a high pace praise song isn’t praise. The Bible says that “You must worship in Spirit and in truth.” And if our spirits don’t reach God’s throne room we’re not truly worshipping God. See what happens with worship is when we worship we are letting… the Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people. If you want people healed in your churches pastors worship with all your heart open yourself let God sit enthroned amongst your people. You’ll see supernatural healing, you’ll see people come to Christ. See that’s the whole, that’s my whole focus is the Bible says “If I be lifted up I will bring all men unto Myself.” First we’ve got to get Jesus off the ground.

Sid: Now do you worship by yourself or do you wait to get together in a corporate meeting?

Michael: I have personnel worship time, but I worship in church also.

Sid: But your personal worship time what do you… what might you do?

Michael: Um.

Sid: Now tell me I really want to know.

Michael: Well you know first of all I put on music probably I have like dozens of worship tapes and stuff from different people. I began by praising God and thank You Jesus that you…

Sid: I’ll tell you what we don’t have the worship tape right now would you begin to worship God I can’t think of anything better. Would you do that right now Michael?

Michael: Thank You Jesus thank You I praise Your mighty name Lord, praise Your mighty name that you sent Your Son to die on the cross for us. Lord I thank You everything Your doing, Lord right now I just ask that You would pour Your Spirit out on me, fill me with Your Spirit. Make me more like You Jesus, Holy Spirit I want You to come and speak to me, commune with me, tell me Your secrets Father God. Lord anybody out there whose listening whose heart is reaching out to You I ask that You would reach down and touch them and heal their bodies, their minds. And that You would make Yourself enthroned in their life in Jesus Name.

Sid: Praise You Father, bless You Father, Oh Lord we worship You, we praise Your holy name glory to the living God, King of kings and Lord of lords we say that Yeshua Jesus the anointed as Lord over every person that is listening right now. We say that Your blood is sprinkled throughout their home. I want you to command every demonic spirit around them or in their office or in their home out right now. Would you do that right now Michael?

Michael: Right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command every single evil spirit that is hindering a family. Right now there’s a spirit of divorce in a family I don’t know who you are or where you are there’s been a spirit of strife against mother and father. And I command that spirit to be bound hand, foot and mouth you will not mutter whisper into their ears any more. You have been discovered by the power of Almighty God you have been rebuked leave now in the name of Jesus.

Sid: Bless You Father, bless You Almighty God we worship You Father, we worship You Father there’s no one else that we want to worship You are God. Father God I pray that You would remove the spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people. I pray Father God that these Jewish people would become red hot for You, come into the church form that one new man glorious congregation and not be confined to the 4 walls, and not be confined to tradition but open the box Lord. Father You want to do a new thing for a new time for the last great move of Your Spirit. I pray that each person listening right now would be part of that end time army and would walk in the greatest signs and wonders of any man or woman that has ever been on earth short of You Jesus. Grant that Father God in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Our Guest Michelle Gold

Michelle Gold

Sid: Sid Roth hear with Michelle Gold and Michelle I’m still thinking about the miracle that happened when you had the surgery that many people would never be able to sing or talk again after a surgery like that. It not only was successful but what happened to your voice?

Michelle: The amazing is that when after my dad was all worried about me; would I ever be able to sing would I ever be able to sing, would I ever be able to sing every night? We first of all Joe and I got married he mentored me in my faith as a Jewish believer. Even though he was in the church he was a kosher hearted Gentile.

Sid: This was the Youth Pastor that you met when you first went to the church go ahead.

Michelle: Yes and Joe and I fell in love with each other the whole another story in itself but the miracle was I went on a tour after that singing like 6 nights a week it was amazing. I mean that’s unheard of after I spent 13 years I could lose my voice on a cough prior to that you know. I went from losing my voice on one conversation to being able to sing every night and 2 on Sunday.

Sid: And you told me how many notes higher you could sing.

Michelle: I would say at least 8 notes higher if not 12 my voice therapist was in shock, she was amazed.

Sid: Okay you join Jews for Jesus and you go on tour with them tell me about that.

Michelle: So after the Lord healed my voice miracles of miracles. I get invited to go a tour with Jews for Jesus traveling music group called “The Liberated Wailing Wall.” And I’m thinking “This will be great because I could use everything God’s done for me and I could use my voice to sing every night on that tour and 2 times on Sunday was pretty miraculous. It was just amazing how hundreds of people came to the Lord through that tour every night when we sang we would do an altar call and the people would re-dedicate their hearts to the Lord. Even one night pastors were saved; one of them we shared the gospel on college campuses. It was amazing to see what the Lord could do when I was weak in the past and now the Lord restored everything to me and I was able to strong.

Sid: Now did you actually go out on the street with Jews for Jesus and witness?

Michelle: Yes I did, we were required you know that was one of the beautiful requirements of the tour. That they didn’t want us to be so focused on the business of music they want us to know that it’s a ministry, that we love people that we want to serve people and bring salvation and so part of that training was go out on the streets share through talking to people and interviewing people. And we always had to ask people who do you think Jesus is?

Sid: Tell me one experience on the streets.

Michelle: Gosh the best experience I had on the streets was at a college campus singing about the Lord and people coming up to me one by one just staring at me wanting and then asking me about the Lord immediately after singing. These people never would have talked to me if I hadn’t been standing there making a fool of myself singing in the middle of the sidewalk on the college campus.

Sid: Okay tell me about the vision God has put in your heart the urgency to reach Jewish people.

Michelle: Now over the years I… when I first started singing for the Lord it was a contemporary Christian kind of sound and I just thought I’m not going to talk to my own people about the Lord because frankly Sid it was so hard for me to be rejected and I didn’t like that not being liked. But when I shared my faith with Jewish people sometimes they would turn from me and I would lose the friendship. But you know the Lord started convicting me that sharing the good news is way more important than keeping a friendship intact that what good is it if I become their friends and then they don’t know about heaven and they don’t know about a better place. What if today is their last day they need to know that heavens real but forget everything else. But the Lord convicted me I had to share my faith with Jewish people one day when I was sitting down for dinner with some friends. And I said “Why do you need to go to the Jewish people so what can’t you just shard your faith with anybody everybody needs to hear the good news you know Jesus came for everyone?” And I was thinking maybe I don’t know and I got up and I started to talk to the Lord about it and He gave me He spoke to my heart very clearly and God said “If you don’t reach my Jewish people who else will, who else will go?” And I said “But Lord why are we the chosen people are we so special why are we so chosen.” And the Lord spoke to my heart “You have to reach the chosen people because we are the forgotten people.” not forgotten by God but forgotten by men nobody wants to reach the Jewish people. It was then and there I knew that I have to go and it was confirmed with the scripture of Isaiah 6 where he’s told he says “Here I am send me.” And also Romans 10:14 I love that scripture where it says “But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe and how can they believe if they’ve never heard about Him and how can they hear unless someone tells them and how can anyone go without being sent; beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” So I knew Sid I had to go, I had to be the one to share my faith and I then wrote a beautiful album’s worth of music where I could share my faith in a way that Jewish would understand where I’m coming from.

Sid: Tell me about the song “Who Will God?”

Michelle: Well that’s just it I just realized I’ve got to share my faith with my own people there’s just no excuse times running out. I don’t know if these is going to be my last day. Sure I’m 38 but I don’t know and what about what about my friends what about my father and people in my life that need the Lord. This just can’t be it this earth can’t be it there’s more than this there’s so much more there’s another place where they’ll be no more tears and no more pain; I want them to go with them I what to go with them to that place one day I want to share my faith. I constantly pray Sid every day “Lord fill me with urgency, fill me with urgency let not disaster strike before I have an urgency to reach my people; they need to hear the good news and the church needs to know about their Jewish roots so little Jewish girls like me who walk in will know the Jewish Messiah that they need to know and they will be revival in the land. So I am hoping that if you are listening today that you’re catching my contagious compassion; my contagious passion for sharing my faith and sharing the hope I have.

Sid: Michelle Gold “Who Will Go.”

Excerpt “Who Will Go.”

Sid: Now Michelle I’ve been in Jewish ministry for over 40 years and I can tell you I know what it’s like when there’s a move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people and I know what it’s like when there’s not a move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people. When I first got saved in the early 70’s there was an amazing move on Jewish people and many of the leaders today in the movement came to the Lord, but since that time outside of the Russian Jews there has been no big openness among Jewish people but things have changed we are hitting a major move and outpouring of God’s Spirit in Israel. And as I said that God just told me someone’s neck and back was just healed in Jesus name, and someone’s muscles in their arm. There had been a pain in your muscles you don’t have it anymore in Jesus name. What I have found is the combination of the set time to favor Zion that’s where we are right now plus understanding the supernatural. You see when I spoke almost a month ago in Jerusalem we had 550 unsaved Jewish people and they did not know I was going to talk about Jesus. They knew they were coming for a lecture on the supernatural and the minute I started speaking there was a swoosh of the Holy Spirit and many of them got instantly healed they stood up testified to the fact that they were physically healed and then listened to a full presentation of the gospel. The Bible says the Jew requires a sign the Jew requires a miracle and that’s why so many Jewish people are being swept into the New Age are being swept into the occult because no one is telling them my people about Jesus. I am all in favor or having rallies for Israel I happen to have dual citizenship I’m very pro-Israel I am all in favor of bless Israel nights and humanitarian activities towards the Jewish people. And I’ll tell you what God’s in favor and God’s going to bless you for it and I have to tell you there is an urgency to proclaim the gospel to Jewish people right now. There is a window that God has opened and woe is me if we don’t at this moment in history. But you must be mentored in moving in the supernatural…. It’s a phenomenal thing when Jewish people see the supernatural in things like Buddhism and New Age they flock. Michelle I was in Boca Raton and they have a New Age Buddhism Center just for Jewish people there and I drove by the place was filled with cars of Jewish people.

Michelle: Yeshua would be crying.

Sid: But this is the set time I want you listening right now I want you equipped to move in the supernatural we’re about ready to see the greatest miracles the world has ever seen. And I’m going to tell you one more thing when you reach out to a Jewish person… look when you are pro-Israel when you got to a bless Israel rally, when you give money for Jewish humanitarian activities you have already found out God will bless you. But how much more is God going to bless you when give a Jewish person the most important thing they could ever have. Michelle do you know about the increase in anti-Semitism that is going on throughout the world right now in Paris, France and in Ukraine Jewish people can’t wait to get out and come to Israel.

Michelle: My goodness I’m praying and you know they say the greatest defense the greatest way to offend the Jewish person is to not share about heaven and not share about Yeshua that He’s the way, the truth and the life you know. Everybody is so politically correct it just breaks my heart, it breaks my heart that we would hold back on great news like that there’s a better place.

Sid: Now God is really expanding your gifting and I believe that you could sing a song that God is going to give you right now with a word from God no music, would you do that right now?

Michelle: Amen. (Michelle worshiping) Oh Father God bless your people use them, use us Lord God because mighty vessels Lord God. And I just feel that somebody’s out there you need to be dipped in the waters of God; you’ve been like Naman you’ve been saying “No” but God is saying “Yes.” Dip yourself in the water of God there is healing there and you’re going to be touched right now thank You Lord for healing that person listening thank You Father God.

Sid: And I’m hearing that God is healing joints whether it’s your elbow or your hip any joint area, fingers the pain is gone it’s being removed in Jesus Name. Michelle I know that Yeshua is your life tell me about the time someone tried to assault you on a train in New York City.

Michelle: I was on the F train in New York City at 4:13 in the afternoon. I happened to be reading 2 Corinthians 4:13 about professing your faith in the Lord. Well I had been doubting Yeshua once again was He really the Messiah and I needed to know. And I had been falling asleep reading my Bible and heard this voice say “Wake up, wake up!” And I kept waking up and all of a sudden I stood up from my seat and a man that looked like something like 6’3” wrapped his arm around my neck and started to proceed to kill me. And my whole life flashed before my very eyes and the authority of the Lord that I had just received from reading that word came over me. It was amazing the voice I didn’t even recognize the voice that came out of me as he was pinching against my neck. And I said “In the name of Jesus back off.” And the man completely backed off. I was in my 20’s I had a lot of expensive things on me I was completely untouched the man did not touch me he completely let me go I walked.. the train happened to stop at that moment you know it had just gone through a tunnel I could have been with the man a long time it just stopped and it opened up and he watched me walk off. And you know what I was so filled with the faith of the Lord I then turned around and proceeded to rebuke him in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit (Laughing). I was so shaken up with praise I immediately fell down to the platform and started praising God. (Laughing) That night we didn’t cancel our Bible study we told all the youth in our youth group about what the Lord had done and their faith we increased. It was pretty awesome and not only that I saw God heal my relationship with my mom I saw Him heal her bipolar. He did an amazing miracle on her and she’s been an awesome Mom to me the most positive person in my life. Gosh I had a car accident I spun around 3 times hit a wall came out saying “Hallelujah praise the Lord” stood up no pain. God’s done so much for me it’s amazing.

Sid: Michelle I want you to give us one last thought what is God telling you to tell us right now?

Michelle: I feel the Lord is telling us to actually you know I was reading your book recently and I’m not saying this to bring glory to anybody Sid but I’m with you 100%. I think it is time for the Body of Messiah to receive and to be blessed with the supernatural move of God. We have to embrace it it cannot be life as usual it cannot be church as usual we need the supernatural move of God even if you’re not going to jump up and down scream kind of person, you can experience the supernatural in the peacefulness in your seat right now in your congregations. And we need to embrace those Biblical feasts because we need to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy it is time for such a time as this let’s not waste anymore time. We need to get on board with the Spirit of the living God people are hungry, they’re thirsty let us go into God’s presence and let us move in the supernatural and draw close to Him and bring His people home to Him.

Sid: Now I don’t know if those listening can feel what I can feel right now but there is an overwhelming presence of God in this studio. I believe that as I proclaim the name of Yeshua as I’m going to do in one moment whatever condition you have put your hand if you have a heart problem put your hand on your heart. If you have a pain like on your neck or wherever your pain is whether you have diabetes or whatever put your hand on your body and this is what the Bible says “Those that believe will lay hands on the sick,” you believe your laying hands on the sick and it says “They will recover.” So when I  count to three I’m going to say “Yeshua” and your receive it 1, 2, 3 Yeshua be whole in Yeshua’s name.