Our Guest Shane Warren


SID: So Shane Warren is caught up into the heavenlies seven hours and he’s taught how to change the atmosphere through worship. He’s taught why we should worship. He’s taught what happens when we worship. He’s implemented what he’s taught in his own congregation. That’s why he sees so many miracles. As a matter of fact, you’ve got to tell us about that blind person. You had all the students. You told the students, “Come up. I want you to watch this person’s blind eye.” Tell me that story.

SHANE: We have a school of ministry and I feel like God has called me to help make the next generation aware of the supernatural. And we were in a church in the southern part of the state, in Mississippi, preaching there. And this lady come up needing healing. I felt like God told me, interrupted me and said, “I want you to pray for the sick.” She came up. She had a milky eye. Her eye was almost looked like it didn’t have a pupil at all. It was very milky. She could not see out of that eye. And for the first time in my life, you know I’ve prayed for the sick and ministered to the sick ever since I’ve been a Christian, especially a preacher. But the first time, Sid, I knew that I knew, that I knew, that this woman was getting ready to get her sight in that eye, that God was going to heal her. So I called all of my students, we had numerous students, and said, “Come right now.” I said, “I want to show you the power of God. We’re not just preaching the Gospel, we’re demonstrating the Gospel.”

SID: Now wait a second. You are sticking your neck out. I mean, can you picture this. He has all these students, come close, I want you to watch, not after the fact, before the fact. That is chutzpah. That’s a Hebrew word for nerve.

SHANE: Well I just knew I had this confidence, this confident knowing in God that came behind me. And the Lord just whispered these words in my ear, He said, “Just say, ‘let the eye look straight on.'” And so I just spoke to the eye and I said, “Eyes, look straight on.” And as soon as I said it, all of a sudden, this milky substance began to dissolve and you could see a pupil forming quickly and clearly in that eye. Several of the students started running backwards. The lady began to scream and yell, “I can see! I can see! I can see!” You know, you believe, you say you believe in the supernatural, but then when it happens it catches you off guard. It’s so wonderful isn’t it? Christianity is so exciting. So they run backwards and someone said, “Oh my! Oh my!” Everybody in the place starts rejoicing and people get saved, come to the altar as a result of this woman getting her miracle. It was glorious.

SID: Those students will never, ever be the same.

SHANE: Normal church and normal Christianity, normal living is not an option for them because now they know the supernatural is real.

SID: Okay. Tell me some of the secrets you learned during that seven-hour visitation about worship.

SHANE: One of the things the Lord showed me is that so many people are unaware of the spirit realm. In fact, I feel like it’s my life call to make people aware of the spirit realm. In 1st Corinthians, chapter 11, Paul makes a statement that we need to be careful how we conduct ourself in church because of the angels. There’s angels that come together. And so when I was caught up in this place, I started seeing the working of angels as people were worshiping him. And I was praising God, God was showing me the release of these angels toward my situation, as well as I was standing in other situations. I had been praying for people in my church as a pastor bearing burdens for them and I was literally seeing angels running toward with the miracles that they were believing God for while they were in times of private worship. That was just one incident of one example of what I was seeing in the spirit realm. It started opening my mind up to the supernatural. And then God began to show me keys. He showed me what Jesus does while we’re worshiping. He showed me what Jesus does in a worship service while we’re worshiping. He showed me that the atmosphere of Heaven, what happens when we start worshiping, the response the angels have, the response God the Father has, the response Jesus the Son has. And as I was seeing this unfold, it dawned on me that we come to church and we do all of these religious calisthenics I call them, but we’re not really aware of what’s going on in the spirit realm. And if we really knew the power of praise and worship that it has so much supernatural ability and releases the supernatural. And people are ignorant. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.” There is not a lack of abundance. There is only an abundance of ignorance. There is more than enough of God to go around. He’s El Shaddai. He’s the God of too much.

SID: Now can I, you have this atmosphere in your congregations. The leaders of Louisiana said it’s the place to be because of the atmosphere of God you have in your congregation on Sunday morning. Can we have that same atmosphere in our homes?

SHANE: Every single person right now in this studio audience, every single person watching right now by television can have this atmosphere everyday of their life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can walk in it. They can live in it. This is what the Apostle Paul talked about when he said, “We were positioned in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” The problem is we don’t know who we are in Christ. And Galatians, chapter 4 says, “You can be an heir of everything, but if you have a mindset of a child, the Satan will treat you like a slave.” And so many of the children of God are living like slaves because they’re ignorant of basic biblical principles that tell us who we are in Jesus Christ and how to access the heavenlies.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. Shane accessed the heavenlies. He hears conversations between Jesus and God the Father. In fact, he was telling me about a conversation he heard recently. He then just was an actor on a stage, released it at a meeting of pastors. He knew the pastor’s name. He knew the pastor’s city. He knew the pastor’s address. He knew what was going on in the pastor’s life. It wasn’t he was so smart. He eavesdropped on that conversation. I want to find out about this when we come back.

Our Guest Pat Schatzline


Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah, he’s a prophet and he’s seen things that are going to happen in the last days. And in fact Pat Schatzline tell me about the prophetic dream that you had in October 2012. About the… you were in an old dinner.

Pat: I fell asleep late one night and God had put it in my heart that He was going raise up the remnant and I didn’t know how He’d do it. I had spent sometime with our dear father in my life Reinhardt Bonnke and he had even said to me “Pat you must get a generation filled with the Spirit. So to fast forward 10 months later and he said “Get ready for prophetic dreams like you’ve never experience.” I fall asleep late one night it’s probably 11:15 or so. I fall asleep I’m lying in bed and the Lord immediately took me away to an old dinner. Like a dinner you would see on Route 66 in New Mexico or Arizona. And I’m sitting at this table and great leaders are sitting around me. And Sid I need to tell you that I believe you were sitting there with me because there was a man there that I did not know. And I believe you were sitting there with me, anyway we’re sitting there and there’s a giant old radio in front of me like my grandparents had. You turn the dials and it would light up when you would land on a station. So I’m in the middle of the booth, everyone is sitting around. And I turn the dial and it lands on this open station. And the broadcaster says “The stadium is full in New York City and the remnant is worshipping God. We begin to laugh, we begin to cry. I keep turning it, the stadium is full in Atlanta, turn it again and the stadium is full in Dallas, turn it again and the stadium is full in Salt Lake, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, all the way down through. I’m weeping and laughing so hard that I sit up in the bed and wake up. My wife wakes up besides me and she’s my, what I call the Holy Spirit in the flesh she’s so pure. Karen jumps up and she says “The presence of God is in our room.” And I said… and I’m weeping and laughing at the same time. I look over at the clock I thought I’d been sleep all night and it was exactly midnight. I jump out of bed I run upstairs and I email Reinhardt Bonnke and said “God has shown me He’s coming to America, he’s not done with America he showed me that it’s going to happen.” And Reinhardt I call Pastor Bonnke emails me back and says “I know He has shown me the same thing, get ready and prepare the way.” And that was such a powerful encounter that God said for me “Get Ready.” What we’d been calling dead he’s been calling sleeping. He’s about to awaken this generation young and old. He’s about to raise up those that feel like they cannot be used, the remnant. Those that God says “I’ve been calling forth those that will be a rag in my hand.” The word remnant means rag, and it also means what ties the generation together. If you study the definition of remnant in the Hebrew it means those that are left over after others have followed apostasy or false doctrine. It’s those…

Sid: Speaking of apostasy and false doctrine I am amazed at what is flooding the airways right now in reference to a gospel without repentance. A gospel without sin just the good news, I mean it’s unbelievable that people are accepting a gospel without the cross!

Pat: And you know I’ve learned that the cross is offensive and if you mention the blood it offends people. But the gospel is offensive and we are living in a time… I wrote about this in the chapter in book called “Weeping Lions and Roaring Lambs.” Where the Lord spoke to me laying on my face one day 2 weeks in a row He kept saying “I’m looking for weeping lions and roaring lambs.” And I’m in Singapore jogging one morning and I said “What does that mean?” He said “I’m looking for those that have been standing on pride rock to weep again because He’s the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jesus was the weeping Lion for the roaring lambs. But we’re living in a time when people are preaching the gospel without repentance because repentance is offensive. So literally they’re preaching grace without responsibility and grace without responsibility is nothing more than a form of religion. Grace is not the invitation to leave the cross but an invitation to cling to the cross. Titus gave a clear definition of grace, but we’re living in a time of what I call greasy grace where people are preaching that… it’s kind of like this “They’re firing the Holy Spirit from churches. They’re not Father, Son and the Holy scripture but they do not want the Spirit of God any more so they fired Him, they kicked out. So I’m actually writing a message right now called “An interview with the Holy Spirit.” And the reason why I’m writing that is because I write in the book that the Holy Spirit has been fired because if we were ever to allow Him into our church then we would be messed up by the presence of God. But people don’t want to be messed up by His presence anymore because we’re living in a time… and I have to be careful you can tell this burns inside of me that people are preaching that there is no such thing as repentance anymore. Well if that’s the case throw out Revelation chapter 2, Revelation chapter 3 where over and over it says “Repent your running out of time.” And repented means to watch the house burn down and walk away, it means to get clean. But now, I’m going to tell you something pretty bold, I honestly believe the church will be packed out the day after the rapture if the remnant doesn’t rise up. Because we’re living in a time where he’s separating the 10 virgins, those that want the presence of God and those that don’t. All 10 were pure, but 5 of them missed the party. And I write about that in the book. God has had enough of those that are declaring a false doctrine, He really comes back to humanism and heathenism and really it comes back to if you study it the oldest religions in the book where it’s about self and manmade and it’s dangerous. But the remnant stands up and says I’m sorry that is wrong. You can’t live that lifestyle and go to heaven. And boy the attacks come right now for those of us who stand for truth.

Sid: Let me ask you this, you say there’s 3 things that we have to zero in on as a remnant purity, authority and joy; explain.

Pat: Purity number 1 is my righteousness is as filthy rages but His blood purifies me. Living a life that says “I am separate from the world; I am going to live a holy life I am going to stand up for what it means.” Not legalism but a life that says “I’m separate from what the world has to offer. I’m cleaning all of this stuff out of my life.” And then when it comes to joy you know honestly I preach in a different place every week all over America. One of the things that has been stolen from the church is joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory. And “In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand.” And what we don’t understand is if you’re not spending time in His presence you are not going to find anything but temporary fulfillment compared to His presence brings joy. And then the 3rd one authority, I’ll never forget we were in a hotel room. We got a little girl in China adopted her when she was 9 months old. And for one solid week she screamed every hour on the hour and the Lord finally spoke to me that son this is a terror attack, there is a demonic force that doesn’t want to let go of her when you take her home from China to America and restore her identity. She’s 9 months old and suddenly in the middle of the night I got up and I turned worship on. Our family had not slept, we were exhausted, we were at each other throats. I turned on worship and when I did a giant demon appeared in the corner of the room and was laughing and pointing at my daughter. And I stood up in that hotel room and I said very quietly so I wouldn’t wake anyone, you have no authority I’m taking her with me, I’m giving her an identity, she’s taking my name I have adopted her.” That demonic power went out the window. Suddenly the next day my wife and daughter and son were on a flight to another providence, something to do with the adoption. My wife looked over me and said “I saw it.” And said “You saw what?” I didn’t know that she had seen it, she said “I saw the demonic figure in the corner, I saw it crawl out the window.” She wrapped her arms around me on the plane and said “Thank you for being a man of authority.” Folks that are listening, you have the authority to walk through your house in Jesus Name and run every demonic force out. You have the authority to pray over your home to anoint your kids that, anoint your spouse’s pillow. You have the authority to say “Not in my house devil, my house will be holy.” So when you get a hold of a true biblical authority, and that comes through knowing the word of God, slowly studying it and having a prayer life. The other night and I’ll wrap with this for a week now I had a dream that my wife and daughter were killed in a car accident. On Friday night I went to do a wedding; my wife and daughter were meeting me at the wedding.   My phone rang at 5 minutes to 6 my wife wasn’t there yet, this was for 2 of our kids through our school of ministry. I said “Where are you?” She said “Pat I just had a wreck on the freeway but the minute it started to happen a car slammed on their breaks it was raining someone came around both sides she couldn’t get over. I heard angels begin to sing in our car, I locked our breaks, destroyed our car. It just happened Friday night, but she said “But Pat, she said “We’re fine, the person we hit is fine, your daughter is fine, she said “Preach the wedding and come get me.” And the reason why I say that, for one week I declared Psalms 91 over my wife and daughter, I knew the enemy, I had a dream that she was killed in a car accident. I knew the enemy was going to try to take my family. He lost because the authority God has placed in us to stop the plan of the enemy.

Sid: How far away are we from the return of the Messiah?

Pat: You know I honestly believe that as I watch Israel being surrounded, I’m watching Syria and Russia join forces with Iran. I honestly believe that we are less than 5 years away from the return of Christ. That’s why the mandate is so intense that we must lead a generation young and old back to the glory of God right now. We are there Sid, I believe with everything inside of me, that in fact prophetic words have been giving to us; get the message out now we’re out of time because God is coming back. He has to come back, because we’re at a place where the enemy is killing young and old in this generation, but the church is going to have to rise up and begin to pray 2nd Chronicles 7:14. We’re going to have to repent and get back to having encounters with God.

Sid: But the truth of the matter is you have a choice right now and you can be the 5 wise virgins, or you can be the 5 foolish virgins. But you need some anointed help from heaven. And we’re going to pray a special prayer for you the last maybe on Friday’s broadcast.

Pat: Thank you Lord.

Our Guest Steven Brooks


SID: What I love is when these gifts happen…when you’re having a cup of coffee. You were in Israel having a cup of coffee with your wife. What happened?

STEVEN: Well I went down to get a cup of coffee. I sat at the table. This was at the Jerusalem bus stop in a very busy area. I wasn’t doing anything spiritual. Matter of fact, Sid, I didn’t really want to have to pray for anybody or have to do any type of ministry. I just wanted to drink my latte. So my wife went in line to get me a cup of coffee and she got herself one. And two elderly Jewish ladies were there in line and my wife overheard them talking about how much pain they were in. One basically was saying, “My back is killing me.” The other was saying, “Yes, I’m in tormenting pain as well.” And my wife said, “Well my husband, he’s sitting right over there. Why don’t you go over and ask him to pray for you. He’ll pray for you.” So they came over to my table. They kind of interrupted my coffee time. But I said, “Okay, I’ll pray for you, but I have to use the name of Jesus.” And they said, “Sshh, don’t say that name here, you’ll start a riot.” And they said, “We don’t want anything to do with that name.” I said, “Okay. That’s fair, but I have to use his name because that’s where the authority comes from.” They said, “Okay, just be real quiet.” I said, “All right.” So I reached out to pray for the first lady. I felt an anointing, but nothing dramatic happened. I just touched her and I said, “Receive God’s healing power.” And then I reached over to touch the second lady. When I did that, the Spirit of God came on me with tremendous power. My hand from my elbow down to my fingers caught on fire.

SID: Now when I hear you say that, caught on fire, describe.

STEVEN: It was a spiritual feeling.

SID: I know it was spiritual, but describe what it felt like.

STEVEN: I felt flames leaping off my hand. Both ladies jumped back. One of them said, “Dear God, what is that?” I said, “It’s the healing power of God.”

SID: Can you picture, some of you young people, walking up to your teachers and putting your hand on them and the flames of God go right into your teacher? Forget class that day.

STEVEN: I had to calm them down. I said, here it comes. In other words, don’t be afraid of it. Here it comes. And I touched her also and they, she began to be like on fire herself. She said, “I’m burning up.” And I said, “It’s God’s healing power.” The other lady said, “I’m on fire, too.” She said, “I thought they spiked my coffee and put some liquor in my coffee.” And I said, “No, that’s God’s healing power.” Then they looked at their watch. They said, “We’ve got to catch our bus.” And they staggered out of the bus stop. They looked like two drunk ladies. They were overcome with the Spirit’s power. I don’t know what happened to them, but I know God got their number.

SID: And again, this is God’s dinner bell. They knew that Steven prayed in the name of Jesus. They knew that something supernatural happened to them and I believe as they went home they realized the pain was totally gone. Now you said that you want to demystify the gifts and you said that knowledge is so important. Explain.

STEVEN: Well the apostle Paul said, “I do not want you to be ignorant of the spiritual gifts.” And so what that word “ignorant” means is, it means uninformed or misinformed. And so I found out that the better we understand the gifts, we unlock them in a sense that now we know exactly what they, are and they come forth and begin to manifest so much easier when we have a proper understanding of what they are and how they operate. The rest after that is a very easy process. After that, really all you have to do is just step out in faith because they will come forth.

SID: Now speaking about stepping out in faith, tell me about the gift of faith. This is a gift.

STEVEN: The gift of faith is very powerful. And Sid, we have to understand it that all nine gifts mentioned in 1st Corinthians, chapter 12 are supernatural. We cannot pull them down and try to explain these as like just basic gifts. They’re all on a supernatural level. And when we keep them in the place that God assigned them to, then we see the power that comes with them come forth and build up the body of Christ, and reach out and touch the lost. So the gift of faith is not ordinary faith. In other words, this is not like, I believe Jonah was swallowed by a large fish and then later, three days later, he went and ministered to Nineveh. This is a supernatural faith that comes upon you and it won’t stay forever. It might rest for three minutes. It might rest for three days or three hours.

SID: Okay. Tell me about the person that had a problem with their feet.

STEVEN: Well I had this leap of faith come upon me one time when I was ministering to the sick, and I said, “Somebody needs a miracle.” And there was a young man. He was 17 years old and his feet were as flat as a pancake. He had no arches in his feet. And so his mother said, “Would you pray for his arches.” I said, “I will.” And I had such faith come upon me. I said, “Take off your shoes. Take off your socks and anybody who’s never seen a miracle, come watch, and when I pray for him, do not close your eyes. Keep your eyes open and you will see arches form in his feet.”

SID: But wait a second. What if it didn’t happen? You realize the faithful of the whole group would go [unintelligible].

STEVEN: Right if it wasn’t going to happen, I’m in big trouble.

SID: For sure.

STEVEN: But when that gift comes, it obliterates doubt.

SID: You knew.

STEVEN: There’s no doubt. There’s no fear. You know God is going to do that.

SID: Okay. So people are watching you grab his feet, flat as a pancake. What happens?

STEVEN: I took his, I took, it was the right foot, if I’m correct, I took in my hand. And before I could even pray, “In the name of Jesus,” an arch formed right in front of everybody. I couldn’t even get out the full prayer and the arch went [unintelligible] and a perfectly formed arch in his foot. I grabbed the other one. I started to pray, “In the name of…” and there went the arch. It formed completely in his feet. He stood up and I received the written testimony of his mother of this tremendous miracle that happened in his feet, and now his feet are normal. That’s not just a healing. That’s a miracle. And the reason it happened was because special faith came upon me. If people want to move into the gifts of healings and into the working of miracles, they have to go through the door of special faith. And of the power gifts, the greatest one is the gift of special faith. Sometimes I call it super faith because when it comes on you, you feel like Superman and it’s the power of God to do what you’re called to do, and step out and do it boldly.

SID: Okay. You also operate in, he actually operates in all the gifts of the Spirit, all nine. However, tell me about the gift of discernment, discerning of spirits.

STEVEN: This is a fascinating gift. Out of all the gifts, Sid, I used to look at them, I felt I was beginning to get a handle on some of the gifts and I would look at discerning of spirits. And one day I just set my Bible down and I said, “Lord, I haven’t a clue in the world what this gift is. Would you please help me understand it so it can begin to come forth in my life.” And many people call it perhaps a gift of discernment. But discernment is not necessarily a gift. We all should have good discernment. We should all be able to have what also we call good common sense. But this is something different. This is discerning of spirits. So it can be discerning of evil spirits. It can be discerning of angelic spirits. It can be discerning of the realm of God and His Glory or it can be discerning the realm of the satanic world. But discerning the spirits is when our senses are opened up, and God can open it up, and it can come in different facets. To be in the Spirit we can hear, taste, touch or smell in the spirit realm through the gift of discerning the spirits.

SID: And you know what I think is so neat? When we come back, I’m going to have Steven pray for you for just a release of the gifting that God has already put within you, maybe for healing. But he has the ability to see or smell when something is evil and when something good is going on. I want him to teach on that. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce

Sid: Now I have a book titled “Worship Warrior” by Chuck Pierce. I’m speaking to him at his office in Denton, Texas and I have to tell you after reading your book Chuck I put a worship CD on and as a matter of fact I did this last night. And I turned the lights down and I was in a room by myself and I just raised my hands and I started worshiping God. And of course I’d just read in your book about this whole concept of ascension of ascending but this wasn’t my imagination. In my mind’s eye I saw some angels, now I’d never seen that before is that unusual?

Chuck: Well, I don’t think it’s unusual because I think when we worship Sid we go into a dimension that is available to each one of us. And what we began to see is that the Lord of Host that He has available to us. And worship is the whole key to that, and it is such a blessing to be talking to you you know and I think one of things that knit us together in Israel at Rosh Hashanah was we were worshiping and this contexts of gathering of the nations. And the Spirit of God just came down and brought us you could just feel the Spirit of God and you could just feel revelation coming down. And when you worship I want to say to you listeners this ministry first of all that Sid has is worth supporting, worth being a part of. And then I want to say this, “When we worship we go to a place our spirit is positioned properly in the heavens and then all the blessings in heavenly places we have access to. Now there’s a verse that always come to mind that when you introduce your show that we’re doing right now. And you’re saying “Welcome family, there’s a trumpet going to sound.” I love the verse in Revelations chapter 4 it says “After these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven.” Now this is where the Lord had revealed Himself to John. And you want to find out what does it mean “After these things.”   Because God had come down on Patmos Island revealed Himself to John and then He spoke to John about the 7 key churches of that region. And he did 5 things and if you’re listening you can get an understanding of this what God will do while you’re worshiping. We find that the book of Revelation is an entire book of worship and something that we will experience in days ahead but it’s personal as well as futuristic. And so I want to explain this to each one of us personally right now. He came down and He told John He said “Here’s what these churches have been doing well.” And God always if you’ll start worshipping God and some of you might think that you’re separated from God but if you’ll start worshiping Him the Lord will remind you of His plan for you. And He’ll remind you of how you have pursued Him in the past but then what He will begin to…notice what He did with the churches He put His finger on the things they haven’t been doing well. A lot of time God will do that the Second Thing: He’ll say “Now this is what you’ve not done that would bring you into a more full plan that I have for you. The Third Thing: He did was He instructed each one of those churches. Well, He’ll do the same for you when you worship Him. And in the Fourth Thing: That He did was He said “Let me remind you of the promises I have and if you will listen by the Spirit of what I’m saying to the church right now you’ll hear.” God does that with His covenant people, He does it with Israel, His inheritance; He does it with the people who will…He has this special covenant with Israel but then when you come to know Him you’re grafted into that covenant and He’s ready to talk with you, He’s ready to commune with you. And here what I love about this scripture it says “A door was standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking to me saying ‘Come up here and I’ll show you things which must take place after this.’ In other words not only will I reveal to you what I’m saying to you today but I’ll show you what’s going to happen in the future.” And that’s why I think this book is so important for us right now because it brings us to a new place of worship where not only we can experience God’s host of heaven in our midst now but He can also open our eyes to where we’re going.

Sid: Listen, with what is going on as far as terrorism worldwide. What we know with all of the warning alerts we have all the time will happen right in this nation. I have friends that live in Israel and they say that before they go out anywhere they pray and if they feel a check in their spirit they don’t even go out. I mean if there’s ever been a generation that has to get in touch with God and has to hear God’s voice it’s us.

Chuck: Listen Sid I believe that if we’re worshipers and I say worship from a true concept. I don’t mean people who just get in that place and just they don’t understand how to walk in the earth. I believe if you learn how to come into the throne room you’ll know how to walk in the earth realm. And so I also know this if you get to know the presence of God you’ll know where His presence is not and your spirit will say. Your spirit filled with the Holy Spirit will say to you “Go a different way.” And so it’s very important right now that we get familiar with the throne room and then how we need to walk in the earth realm.

Sid: Now Chuck you’re a very prophetic type of person how’s worship connected with the prophetic.

Chuck: Well, the prophetic means this it simply means…I got another book called “When God Speaks.” And hopefully Sid we’ll have that available for us sometime. But it’s simply communicating the mind and heart of God. Now it takes both because the letter will kill us by just knowing the truth. But God has an emotion and heart and so I don’t think you can really perceive the emotion of God right without learning to worship Him. Because not only will He illuminate the word to you, not only will He give you revelation and talk to you about your life and your family and your city and your vision that you’re a part of. But what He’ll also do is He will begin to open up your understanding of how to know Him and how to really walk with Him in a very very practical way. And I believe that is the key to the prophetic because word…remember all of you that are listening as the word of God says in Proverbs 28:19 “Without a vision” what happens to the people? Well, that means they perish without a vision. But that means without prophetic revelation they perish. And so what you always want to do is you can always be assured if you’re willing to submit yourself to God He can give you how to resist the devil and you’ll move forward in victory.

Sid: You know I’m looking at my notes in chapter 7 titled “Host of heaven Judah and the Lion.” You talk about how one time you were worshipping God and you became overwhelmed with His presence and you began to thank God for all for all He had done for you. And then you could see the future blessings that God had for you and even for your children, explain that.

Chuck: Well, because see like I just said in Revelation once we allow God to bring a reality in our life by saying “This is what I have plan for you, you’ve done this well, you’ve not done this well, this is what I’m instructing you to do.” And we have a heart that’s willing to obey what He’s instructing us to do not only do we see the promise for our life. But then He opens this window like it says in Revelations 4:1 “He opens a door into the future.” And all of a sudden we know this is what God’s going to do with my children, this is what He has planned for us, here’s our inheritance. Inheritance means “God has a portion for you Gods got a spot for you.” Every one of you listening not only can you know how He wants you to operate in your spot but He can tell you how your promises are connected with the next generation.

Sid: Give me an example of what He told you for yourself.

Chuck: Well, first of all He showed me for me it was an interesting thing He spoke to me. He showed me that I had been called for the healing of the nations. Now I didn’t understand that at all and I was in a field called “Human Resource Systems in Cognitive Systems.” That’s my background (Ha). And which was a good background I could look at it now and I can see that that was a very good background because it looked at a whole person. It was a secular study and it involved education and it involved several facets of disciplines. What He did was He showed me that I was called for the healing of the nations and then once I agreed with that He showed me He began to direct my path where the 80’s I worked into the Soviet bloc countries and then of course I worked with Cindy Jacobs and Dr. Peter Wagner since the ‘90s. And been involved as the leader of the World Wide Prayer Movement, one of the leaders of that movement and now my whole life is for healing of the nations so even in the 70’s…

Sid: So, even when you didn’t understand what that meant.

Chuck:   Didn’t understand at all, see you don’t have to understand everything if you’re in God’s presence it communicates into our spirit and then we can walk it out.

Sid: Chuck you talk about well I like to call it “Cementing our brains and that worship brings us out of conformity.” I mean too often we just want to copy everyone else.

Chuck: Listen we’re made to worship Him and worshiping Him and when you understand the Spirit of God and we can talk about this more and you’re spirit that has been made uniquely you’re worship is going to have a unique flavor about it. Now we can worship corporately but still you are…there’s nobody else on the earth realm like you. And nobody in the earth realm like you and God knew you before the foundation of the earth. So when you start responding to Him you will demonstrate an aspect of God by Him flowing through you and you coming into communion and union with Him that no one else in the earth will demonstrate.

Sid: Chuck what kind of feedback are you getting on your book?

Chuck: This book has…it was really quite amazing Sid at the beginning because it was overwhelming the demand for this book. And I think it’s just because it’s the right time we know that we’re living in a war season and we know that the only way that we’re going to win that war is through worship. So you even mentioned that the book should be called “Worship Wars” I really think that is an appropriate title.

Sid: Oops we’re out of time.

Our Guest Jonathan Cahn


SID: I am amazed, Rabbi Jonathan, how big this is. This isn’t some little principle. This affects everything. Explain.

JONATHAN: Yeah. The Shmitah has so many facets. It’s not only, now we just touched on how it’s affected the economy, Wall Street, everything. But it actually affects even physical realities. And the first thing, one of the mysteries, it’s called the Mystery of the Towers. And the Bible word for tower is “migdal”. It comes from the Hebrew word “gadal,” which means greatness. So there’s a link between towers being built and greatness or, you know, a nation’s greatness or it’s pride, it’s glory were great.

SID: You know what that reminds of? The Tower of Babel.

JONATHAN: Exactly.

SID: That’s what they were trying to do. We’re going to make a name of ourselves.

JONATHAN: That’s exactly it.

SID: We’re going to build a tower up to Heaven.

JONATHAN: That’s exactly it. Now could there be, now there’s a mystery here, could it be that the rising of the highest towers in the world actually mark the rising of nations and powers. And we’re going to see, it’s linked to the Shmitah. It’s amazing. For instance, up from the Middle Ages the highest towers were in Europe, the center of power was Europe. But a change took place in about 1870, there’s the greatest tower rises up in a new land. It’s America, 1870. The next year, America becomes the strongest economic power on Earth. The mantel goes from Britain to America. So the rise of the tower actually marks it. From then on, America builds the highest towers on Earth as its power keeps growing and growing, and growing, and growing. But we’re going to see there’s a link with the Shmitah. Because in 1945, at the end of the Second World War, height of American power, there’s a plan to build a new tower that’s going to represent America’s greatness. It’s the World Trade Center. 1945 is the year of the Shmitah. The tower is conceived, the World Trade Center, the year of the Shmitah. It’s begun, they start building it in 1966, year of the Shmitah. It’s built for a seven-year cycle, the exact cycle of the Shmitah, seven years of the Shmitah. Finished in 1973, year of the Shmitah. And then finally, 2001, it’s destroyed in the year of the Shmitah. Now here’s a link. Now what’s the link? The towers. Tower is about rising. The Shmitah is about falling. It actually means “let it fall”. The tower is about the glory of man. The Shmitah is about humbling the pride of man or the pride of a nation. So here we see in the Bible, you know, the Shmitah wipes out accounts, we saw, that are built up. It also wipes out realities that are built up, too. And so here in the year of the Shmitah, actually as the Shmitah gets to its peak, that’s when 9-11 happens. 9-11 happens at the peak of the Shmitah. Last week, when it’s getting ready for the day of nullifying, wiping things out, and actually the collapse of the tower causes the collapse of Wall Street. You have the greatest, the collapse of a tower, I mean, pride of a nation, and you have the collapse of Wall Street the same time on the day of the Shmitah, which means that even the timing of 9-11 was to term, had to be determined exactly by the ancient mystery of the Shmitah. And what, here’s the prophetic thing with this, Sid. This is just one of the things. That if the rise of a tower speaks of the rise of a nation, what does the fall of a tower speak of? It speaks, it’s a warning of the future of America.

SID: So as you point out, the harbinger was 9-11.


SID: It’s a warning. How many warnings do we get before judgment? What’s the pattern?

JONATHAN: God is merciful. With the harbinger, exactly right. This follows, the harbinger, not only was that a harbinger, but then we are, there’s a tower going up right now at Ground Zero, which, it’s the fourth harbinger. Well that’s linked to the Shmitah as well. There are things happening, since the book “The Harbinger” came out, it’s becoming true and it’s linked to the Shmitah. That there are signs appearing, we can’t get into it, but the signs have to do with that tower about what is rising up at Ground Zero, which is linked to defiance. Because remember, you know, this tower also, the tower that’s rising now, was conceived in the year of the Shmitah at the same time, with that vow about defiance that was made on Capitol Hill. And it’s probably going to be completed most likely in the year of the Shmitah that’s coming. So that’s just a little bit of the Shmitah and the tower. But this also is about the rise and fall of nations. The Shmitah gives the key about when nations rise and fall, has to do with America. Let me give you an example how this mystery is so big it’s affected everything. Shmitah, it actually can be taken, as I said, shaking or falling, or collapsing. 1917, you have the year of the Shmitah. You have a collapse on Wall Street, but you also have a shaking of the nations called the First World War. The Shmitah is about collapsing. In that war, you have the collapse of powers, collapse of four empires. The German empire, the Hungarian, the Russian, the Ottoman all collapse in the year linked to the Shmitah. And you also have, it’s linked to the Shmitah, which is linked to the rise of nations. 1917 is the year that begins America’s rise of world power on the stage. It enters the First World War. Consider that. And so you have the beginning of this rise. But if you take four Shmitahs later, which is 28 years. Interesting, “4” in the Bible is the number of kingdoms. It takes you to 1945, and you have another global cataclysm. You have the shaking of the world, shaking, World War II coming. You have literally, actually, you know, Hitler’s attacks began in 1938. That was the year of the Shmitah. Go seven years to 1945, until it’s over, Shmitah. The Holocaust, Kristallnacht, it’s noted as 1938, as the faithful year, year of the Shmitah, ends 1945, year of the Shmitah. When you reach the peak of the Shmitah, you also get the peak of World War II, summer of 1945. You’re approach the Shmitah’s day of nullifying things, the day of wiping out. Unleashed on the world is the greatest power of wiping out ever, the atomic, nuclear warfare comes on at the end of the war. It’s like this crescendo. The war ends in the last week of the Shmitah, this whole seven-year period. And when, actually in Berlin, the allies have a victory parade. It’s on the day of the end of the Shmitah. And so world history, this launches America as the super power of the world. Even the Cold War, in the year of the Shmitah. Now if you go one more period, you go four Shmitahs later, 28 years, Shmitah can mean also the fall of a nation. It gets you to 1973. Key point. 1973, America decides to legalize the killing of unborn children, same sin, ancient Israel was judged for. And that same year, also is the year America loses its first war. Vietnam collapses on the same day, August 15, that America won the war before in the other Shmitah. And so you have this thing of the fall now. And the same year of that fall, you have the World Trade Center, which marks the same year that America legalized the killing of its children.

SID: Okay. Now with the amazing precision we’ve just seen in the past, what does that tell us about now and the future?

Our Guest Gary Whetstone


Sid: We want families of born again believers to be role models for the world. We want to provoke Jewish people and all people to jealousy. Our families are not what they’re supposed to be, children even in Christian homes are estranged from their parents. Husband and wives are bickering and fighting and flying in the wrong direction. And I believe that God has put into my hands a course called “What God has Joined Together, God’s Plan for a fulfilled Marriage.” I am raving about this teaching, I believe that if you have a bad marriage, if a husband and wife listen to this course and if it’s so bad that only one spouse will listen I believe that through using God’s word with the revelation knowledge that God gave Gary Whetstone that your marriage is going to turned around. If you know young people getting married or newlyweds, I urge you to get this into their hand. The course “What God has Joined Together” 6 audio cassettes plus a booklet “Life Changing.” I have on the telephone Pastor Gary Whetstone Pastor of Victory Fellowship in New Castle, Delaware. He is also the head of Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries and has founded over 207 Bible Schools worldwide. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Gary had a freak accident and went as we say in Hebrew mashuga, crazy, locked up in a mental institution, nothing to be done with him. They wanted to do an electronic lobotomy that would leave him as a vegetable. Two days before he get’s led to the Lord, he urges the head psychiatrist to let him out and not have this lobotomy. They don’t listen to him they thought “Oh, talking about God that proves he’s crazy.” And supernaturally he escapes from the institution, he runs on the highway and he doesn’t even remember this except he met the woman. This woman goes right through him on her car and she’s shocked. She recognizes that he’s a mental patient that has run away because she’s connected with that institution and she’s ready to call the police and a voice said to her Gary.

Gary: “Do not report him that this young man belonged to God and God had a call on my life.” Incredible isn’t it? Just think about that Sid that a person who was ready to take an action God intervened blinded the eyes of all of those guards, spoke to that woman, and now that woman was in our church and she did not even know that I was that young man until she had been in the body to Christ in our church for about 7 years. Incredible of the power of God delivering a person. You know Sid we had stopped with a fact that that car like went through me and then I literally did escape and did go to Florida. And I remember praying a second time in Florida the only time that I had talked to God that I remember and I said “God if You’re really real I want to be able to go back to Delaware and have a clean bill of mental health.” For some unknown reason this incredible peace came over my life which I now know is the peace of God. And I came back to Delaware they put me through months of evaluation again and tests and could find absolutely nothing wrong. Salvation Sid was a complete absolute turn around and transformation of my life. As soon as I got out of the mental hospital which was now in 1972, a young man that we know that anybody who was in a tremendous traumatic state of that nature is looking for security. What I did is I went back to some of my former girlfriends that I had had prior to becoming locked away in the mental hospital.

Sid: Now you really, although you were born again, you really did not know the word of God, you had not been discipled.

Gary: No knowledge whatsoever.

Sid: Okay, go ahead.

Gary: No knowledge, I mean to tell you. Well, actually I went to a church right after getting out of the mental hospital and the pastor invited me to leave. Because he said “We don’t have your kind here.” And it was really turned me off to even want to know God anymore. I started dating again a former girlfriend her name was Faye O’Neal, and she had known me all of my life growing up and knew what had happened to me in the mental hospital and all of the things and drugs and everything. And literally I married her on the 12th of May in 1972. You know sometimes when we understand the situation of a person prior to marriage we can look back and say “Oh yes, if they’d only had fixed that before they got married they would have been able to successfully been married.” Well, that’s what happened with me, I came into the marriage with all of the baggage of having such an incredibly tormented life. Even though I had salvation Sid I did not have knowledge. I didn’t know what the Bible said about marriage, I didn’t know what God wanted to do with marriage. My wife was not born again, we never went to church and after a period of just a few years I mean I went back into college and started growing academically in business and finance and industry that I was in industrial engineering. All of a sudden one day, now this happens to so many people I tried drugs one time just marijuana nothing serious. In 1975 all of a sudden all of this incredible torment came back upon my mind. One open door to the enemy caused a complete mental relapse. Sometimes we have people that are in our church and see that happen with drugs or alcohol and we don’t really give enough credit to the power of that mental torment and abuse. My wife said “Listen if you ever have a situation where you go back again to that mental process I’m out of here.” Well, she was and she sued me for everything and got it all. But what’s interesting is during that time my mother ended up in the latter part of ’75 had given herself to the Lord, had received the power of the Holy Spirit. She said to me “Gary, you know you’ve got a problem here.” Well I said it’s pretty evident got two small children that child support has given you $15 left a week to live on.” She said “No, no, no that’s not the problem; the problem is you’ve got demonic spirits that have really been tormenting your mind and you need to get set free.” I didn’t understand what that meant believe me Sid at all but I did know this it sounds far better than the mental hospital. During that time, and many of those that are listening today you’ve had similar experiences. Tremendous pangs of depression and mental anguish had gripped me to the place where I had attempted suicide in 1975 three times.

Sid: I read about that time you actually drove your car on the railroad tracks, heard the train and you were going to be… I mean that wasn’t Russian roulette that was suicide.

Gary: Absolutely, you know I had no plan of ever living. I had failed in suicide attempts before and I would watch the Amtrak Train coming up the east corridor here in Newark, Delaware which is right outside the church that I pastor in New Castle, Delaware. And I sat on the tracks of that train that sped by at about 80 miles and hours in my little Volkswagen waiting to be killed. That train was on a different track, I mean it’s incredible what God does. It turned out that the train had had some track problems several miles between Baltimore – Delaware and the rerouted the train to another track. It sped by me and missed me. Well, that was it. I ended up being majorly offended by these attempts of suicide, but one thing I did do which really brought a change. I got Spirit-filled in a small home meeting during that time. And a person ministered to me a Pastor in the region here and he got me set free mentally. Sid, that’s when I gave myself to the word of God. And I said “If God can deliver a mental patient like me, if God can take the pain of attempted suicide and the horrific areas of depression and mental torment that was in my life and break it, God could restore a marriage.” As I shared yesterday, I spent 7 years studying the word of God because of the failure that I was as a man, as a father, as a husband. And I realized that the word of God was only truth that had power to bring change and as well with the Holy Spirit. After I gave myself to that intense time of study and prayer for my wife Faye it was very incredible. As we were going through out divorce proceedings I would pray for her. And then I want you to listen to this if you’re listening because God gives you the same ability. I could see in the Spirit what was happening with my wife, I mean at first she took off with one of my best friends the very day that we separated. You think that anybody with this type of experience with marriage would become very embittered and have a lot of hatred and judgment. But you know God taught me something and that was that love literally has no account of sin or hurt. That love covers a multitude of sin. And I can tell you I remember when we published that article in Charisma Magazine which you’re referring to many times. I had pastors call me right after that and they say “Gary you should never own up to anything that is so controversial in your past.” And you know I said to pastors I said “Look what are we hypocrites to think that pastors don’t have challenges.” Any of you that are listening you know pastors that have fallen to immorality, areas of compromise and sometimes even ministers have the worst marriages in the church. And you know I settled in my heart that year that God was going to restore our home. I not only had conviction, but I gave myself 100% to the understanding of the word of God because the word of God is like it says “That which God has joined together let not man put asunder.”

Sid: But very briefly, at your divorce did… you did get divorced.

Gary: Oh yeah.

Sid: What did you tell the judge and put in demand to be put in the record?

Gary: You know this is kind of interesting my wife is you know standing there and I’m standing there and he asked me, “Do you have anything to say Mr. Whetstone before this divorce decree is final?” And I said “Yes.” The Stenographer is there typing all of the words being said. And I took the Bible off of the area that the judge kind of has you raise your hand to or whatever. He said “What are you going to do with that?” I said “I’m going to read a sentence. He said “We only use that as a point of reference for you to speak truth.”   I said “Well, it’s to me more than a point of reference, this is truth.” And I open up the Bible to 1st Corinthians chapter 7 verse 11. And I said “And I want it to be on the record that this statement governs greater authority than the courts of Delaware, greater than my wife’s desire to be divorced, it says ‘But if she departs let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband.’” And I said “I want it to be on the court record that I’m only going to permit Faye Whetstone to remarry me.” That judge looked at me like I came from Mars and he said “What you’re going through a divorce today.” I said “I realize that and I know that the law is bringing a closure to this area of marriage but I want you do know I will remarry this woman and I will not permit her to stay unmarried, she will remarry me.”

Sid: Our time is up.

Gary: I know.

Our Guest Hank Kunneman


SID: You think Hank Kunneman had problems. He had an adoptive father. He was a disciplinarian. Never said I love you, never affirmed him. His teachers said, you should never publically speak, you should never write. I mean, he would go into his bedroom and weep. But at 18, he became a believer in the Messiah, and in his bedroom, he was filled with the Spirit of God and began to speak in supernatural languages. What happened?

HANK: I had a vision of Heaven that night that I was filled with the Spirit of God. My mom, in fact, was yelling at the top of the steps trying to get my attention. Had no idea what was going on. And as I was praying in tongues, all of a sudden, I saw myself in a place where there was like a golden river and I could see a light all around me. It was so bright. And I could see a figure on a throne. I fell immediately down. I couldn’t stop weeping in the presence of what I believe now is I was getting a glimpse of Abba, Abba Father sitting on His throne. But the Glory was so great I couldn’t see beyond it. And that was a very, very dramatic experience for me.

SID: Now how did your parents take to the fact that you are now a believer in Jesus?

HANK: Well my dad and I had a working relationship. I worked for him and that was basically how I would sense any kind of love from my dad. We had a great working relationship. But he didn’t like the fact that I had just gotten saved because I didn’t use a lot of wisdom. Sometimes you know, when you’re first saved the tendency is you want to get everybody saved. You don’t use a lot of wisdom in the sense that you beat them over the head. I was pretty aggressive, over-zealous.

SID: Okay. They’re not happy with that. I get it. You had severe acne.

HANK: Yes.

SID: How bad was it?

HANK: Well that’s the part that made my dad even more angry. I had severe acne. Obviously, I worked at a service station, gas station, oil. And the Lord healed me at a service that I was attending. The pastor starts speaking a supernatural word of knowledge, calls out that somebody is being healed with severe acne. And I’m thinking, I didn’t what miracles were about. I had just gotten saved. But somebody next to me, an older woman who became a spiritual mother to me, said, “God’s healing you of acne.” All of a sudden, within a matter of days, it looked somebody took their handprints and went to my cheeks and left their fingerprint imprints, and little circles were appearing, different sizes on my face. My dad could not deny it. I began to tell him that I not only got saved, but I was being healed.

SID: But wait a second now. He saw severe acne. He saw it all gone.

HANK: Yeah.

SID: Did you see those fingerprints?

HANK: Yes. But he said this: “It would be a cold day in hell before I believe in miracles.”

SID: But he just saw one. So how could he say that?

HANK: Well I think part of it was, was my over-zealousness and my desire for him to get saved. Something happened. My dad was so angry with me declaring that I was being healed, even though he did see my face was clearing up, he said something to me. We got in a heated exchange. He said, “Hank, deny this Jesus or get out.” We were face to face. He was that close to me. I couldn’t believe it. Why am I in this confrontation with my dad? I don’t want this to be happening, but it was happening. And I said, “I won’t deny Jesus.” Now what he was saying is he thought I was an occult because he hadn’t heard of Divine healing like this. So he said, “Deny this Jesus.” Really, deny this cult in his mind or get out. And I said, “I will not deny this Jesus.” And the next thing I know, Sid, I’m tumbling down the stairs.

SID: He pushed down the stairs?

HANK: I don’t know exactly. I’m not going to say that my dad did that. But all I know is however it happened, we had a physical confrontation and I landed on the bottom of the stairs. I looked up and my dad was raging with anger. He said, “Get out!” I had just graduated out of high school. I had just accepted Jesus, been filled with the Spirit of God. I had nowhere to go. I didn’t know what to do. And so I began to pack my clothes and I remember the surreal feeling of backing out of that driveway that day not knowing where to go, questioning in my mind, is this Christianity really worth it? It just cost me my home. It cost me my dad. And I thought, well maybe I could just go back and patch this up. But I knew if I went back, I’d have to deny the expressive radical Christianity that I was living.

SID: And then his father develops terminal cancer. What happened?

HANK: So fast-forwarding into the future some 20 years later, my dad develops stage 4 cancer. I begin to talk to him about the Lord and about healing. I asked him, I said, “I know somebody who has a healing ministry, Dad. Have you ever heard of Oral Roberts?” He said, “Yeah.” But again, his thing was, he would say it often in life, it would be a cold day in hell before I believe in miracles. So he didn’t believe in it. But he said, “You know what? I know who Oral Roberts is.” I said, “Well I know his son, Richard Roberts who has a healing ministry. He’s having tremendous success praying for people with cancer. Can I have him call you?” I was surprised. He agreed. Richard prays for him. The doctors are amazed because the spots on my dad’s lungs are disappearing and they don’t have an explanation for it. My dad is seeing healing—

SID: Now did your father believe that was a miracle?

HANK: He said, yes. He told me, “Hank, I cannot deny.” In fact he said, because his words were, it would be a cold day in hell. He said, “Hell has a little bit more ice on it than it used to.”

SID: Hold that thought. We’re going to be right back because you are going to capture a revelation of how much God accepts you, loves you and is for you. Don’t go away.

Our Guest Hank Kunneman


Sid: My guest Hank Kunneman is so red hot for the Messiah. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that he came from a generation an adopted father that never affirmed him, never said “I love you.” In fact Hank you worked for your dad and you worked hard! What was that like?

Hank: Well when my dad retired out of the service out of the Air Force he opened up his own service station business and I was just a young boy preteen. My dad the way that he would express love again was no news or no affirmation was affirmation. His way of teaching was very much of a command or a demand. He taught you once, you’re supposed to get it right once. Now being in the service station business my fine motor skills, now that’s not a pun but my motor skills were not very good with my hands, I was not very good at things. It took me awhile to understand instruction so that’s not good for somebody who maybe didn’t have a kind of patience to handle. But the thing is I would say things like “I love you dad.” And he would say things like “Same here.” And that was his way of saying “I love you.” And so my relationship with my dad growing up mostly was built around a working relationship. When I went out to play football and baseball he was very busy working he had to supply for 7 kids and so he never attend any of my games and I certainly never held that against him. Boy when I’m watching other people having their father in the stands or their mother in the stands my parents were busy with work.

Sid: Okay, let me jump you up to age 18 you’re in your basement you get saved, tell me about when you were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Hank: Yeah, something happened to me when I was 18 years of age I got saved, I got Spirit filled shortly 2 months after that. And I was praying in tongues the whole night after I got filled with the Spirit of God I couldn’t stop it was like somebody turned on this force of power and I couldn’t stop praying in tongues. I got caught up and a vision of heaven and I saw a throne room of people singing and worshiping and a huge bright light coming from this figure that was seated upon a throne. And I immediately began to fall down on my face in my bedroom, my mom was at the top of the stairs and was calling my name and did not know that I had a visitation happening from the Lord. And so that was the beginning of my journey where things began to get very heated.

Sid: But I mean you have the most amazing testimony, after you get saved, after you get radically, I mean radically filled with the Holy Spirit you must have been… I know how it was with me I couldn’t keep quiet about Jesus. Now you have a family that’s not a church family, not raised to believe in Jesus and you have a very severe case of acne. How bad was it?

Hank: Yeah, now needing your affirmation from your father, having your grandparents trying to divide the family and having severe acne on your face you want to have any low self-esteem, lack of confidence have severe acne on your face on top of it. But something happened, I was in the middle of a service and the Pastor of that church started having a word of knowledge he said “Somebody is being healed of acne, somebody is being healed of blackheads and he started naming all of these different words for acne. I was sitting in the second row and I didn’t know understand a word of knowledge, I didn’t understand healing I had just gotten saved. I’m thinking “Look you can’t see that I’m in the second row like this is really God.” Well then a woman next to me a senior an elderly woman tapped me on the shoulder and said “That man he’s speaking by God for you God is healing your face.” Something began to happen to my face that I went home I was so excited I told my dad without any manifestations on my face of any proof of healing I said “Dad I’m going healed of my acne.” He said these words “It’ll be a cold day in hell if I’ll believe any of that stuff,” and it just made matters worse and it just began to make him think more and more that I was in a cult. But something very significant took place in a very short time and I mean within days. It’s looked like somebody had taken their fingerprints and took both sides of my cheek and where the acne was on my face and touched both sides and I began to see different circles appearing on my face like someone’s fingerprints and they were different sizes. You know your thumb is a lot bigger you know than your pinky it looked like fingerprints. The Lord was touching and kissing my face, within a short period of time my acne began to disappear, nothing I tried worked before.

Sid: I mean from what you’re telling me this was not a few pimples this was severe acne.

Hank: Yeah, it was. It was very bad acne, yeah.  

Sid: What did your dad and mom think of that?

Hank: Well this furthered in their mind that I was in a cult even though they were seeing the manifestation of this healing taking place on my face my dad he just could not come to terms that these kinds of miracles could happen today. So I began to explain to him about the miracle power of God, explain to him about salvation. And we got into a very very heated argument to the point where we were face to face. The next thing were in a physical confrontation and it didn’t end well. I remember picking myself up from the bottom of the stairs.

Sid: He threw you down the stairs?

Hank: Well that’s what exactly what happened this physical confrontation caused me. Yeah, we got into it pretty heavy to where I began to tumble down the stairs. But before that happened he gave me this choice and this is what I want people to understand. He said “I want you to deny this Jesus or get the hell out.” Now those were words that today as I share it I can still feel the pain and the shock of you need to deny Jesus. Now my dad he knew about Jesus in his own way. He wasn’t really asking me to quote deny Jesus but in his mind he was saying “Deny this cult you’re in.” And he said “Deny Jesus.” And I knew that I couldn’t deny Jesus or he said “Get out, get the hell out.” And before I knew it Sid I’ll have tears streaming down my face, just graduated out of high school. Wanted my parents to understand the Christianity that I experienced, I immediately started packing my clothes and you know grabbing whatever I could and I left that night and I drove…

Sid: But where would you go, did you have money?

Hank: I didn’t have anywhere to go.

Sid: Did you have money?

Hank: No, I didn’t have any money so I….

Sid: How does an 18 year old raised in a non-Christian home make such a bold stand for Jesus, how did you do it Hank?

Hank: You know when I gave my heart to the Lord it meant everything to me and Jesus I found out later that “Blessed are those that leave houses and fathers and mothers for My name sake.” And so I knew I couldn’t deny the Lord and so I got in my car and I just began to drive and I remembered that I had gone and visited a youth group 2 weeks prior a different youth program and somebody had given their number and said “If you ever need anything just you know give me a call.” That’s the only number to someone in my new found faith, I didn’t have any other contacts. So I called that number and they just so happened to have somebody move out of their apartment and it was in a very very bad part of the city to where gun shots would go off at night and all kinds of crime, and so it wasn’t the most ideal.

Sid: But at least… I mean you had no money, you knew no one so at least you had a place to stay. But what were family times say Christmas like for you when you had left your mother and father.

Hank: What was Christmas like? It was like this I spent it by myself I spent Christmas and Thanksgiving and the holidays for several years by myself because my dad was very upset, the relationship with my parents was strained.

Sid: Now your dad was a smoker and he get stage 4 cancer.

Hank: Yeah.

Sid: What happened?

Hank:   This would have been obviously 20, 30 something years later he began to reach out. And again his philosophy was “It’ll be a cold day in hell before he’d believe in miracles and he gets healed.” The doctors cannot believe that the cancer is disappearing from his body they can’t find the spots in his lungs. Here’s how it happened…

Sid: I’m sorry Hank we’re out of time we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast… finally just before the world is going to have a revelation of our awesome heavenly Father but the flip side that’s just as important is His name if Abba. Which means “Daddy.” I mean most Jews, most Catholics, many Christians they know about God being awesome and God but they don’t know about His tenderness and Hank Kunneman has been chosen by God to prophetically present the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation on the Father heart of God. And there’s a generation for many generations that have never experienced the love of God being poured into them, never experienced crawling into Abba’s lap.



Our Guest Bill Johnson


Sid: My guest Bill Johnson Senior Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California. And Bill I don’t know about you I’m in absolute awe when I speak and people get healed. It’s never going to get common for me.

Bill: Yeah.

Sid: I mean God was there, God showed up I mean how can that ever get common? Tell me about the time that you were just shaking hands with people and someone had a migraine for 10 years.

Bill: Yeah well that kind of thing has happened a number of times but I was standing at the back door of the church and just greeting people. I’m kind of a feely touchy very affectionate physically so when someone walks by I’ll grab their shoulder, pat them on the back or something as well as shake their hand. I just was doing that to people talking to them briefly as they walked by. And this lady comes back to me 2 weeks later she says when you put your hand on my shoulder greeting me 2 weeks ago 10 years of migraines ended as soon as you touched me. So that’s what we carry that we need to become conscious of a…

Sid: And yet I’ve been at a meeting and you don’t touch anyone you just speak and people all over the auditorium get healed.

Bill: Yeah, yeah yeah. we’ve seen them healed by walking past them the shadow healing, we’ve seen them touch clothing and get healed, we’ve seen them just sometimes just calling out a word of knowledge of a condition they’ll be healed. We just had one happen in England where I was calling out a word of knowledge for hearing, hearing loss and the second half of the word hearing was amplified. The person just heard a muffled hear and ring was amplified they were actually their ear was opened in the middle of the word. So we have all kinds of unusual things happen.

Sid: What is your… obviously someone coming to the Lord is a result of miracles there’s no close second. But from a physical healing viewpoint what’s the favorite healing that you’ve witnessed under your ministry?

Bill:   Oh goodness that’s a hard one. What I’ve been seeing lately that fascinates me so much is that we have so much head trauma being healed. I don’t have a favorite I just have we’ve had over 60 people with bipolar healed. Only 4 of them prayed for the rest of them have been healed either from hearing a testimony or from being in the room when the anointing of God is there and it’s just healing people. We had a gal with terminal systemic lupus of the brain. She was dying she had a blow to her head some years earlier and she was just completely totally healed by the Lord in a meeting. The next day her mother looked at her when she got up in the morning and said her facial features were the same before the accident and she had been completely traumatically healed. A man who had worms planted nest in his brain he had ate some bad food and it was killing him. They were able to do radiation of something to kill the worms in the brain but they couldn’t get rid of the nesting. He was in unbelievable pain, he walked into the meeting heavily, heavily drugged could not communicate well. And prayed for and within 3 days he was completely normal. All kinds of amnesia, total amnesia partial amnesia, dyslexia, I love to see people healed of brain disorders where they can’t read, they can’t write they can’t read a map, they can’t function normally because their brain just doesn’t function right. That’s what’s been happening of late.

Sid: So it changes as far as an emphasis with you is that what you’re saying.

Bill: Yeah, I think what it is I don’t want to just see one kind of miracle. For example, in the Charismatic renewal a lot of people were praying for legs to grow out. Well I think that that’s very legitimate but I don’t want to stop there and say I have a leg growing ministry I want to see what else He’ll do.

Sid: Alright but wait a second let’s suppose I’m going to use this as an example because the Charismatic movement where I became a believer that was very popular people like Derrick Prince used to pray for someone shorter than another and we would all watch the leg grow out. I mean it was amazing someone with a build up shoe would not need his built up shoe. But most stopped at that point, how do you go beyond your ceiling so to speak?

Bill: Well, you have to find out what He’s willing to do. See He said pursue earnestly spiritual gifts, there has to be a pursuit on our end of the equation. And so what I’ll do is if I sense God healing for example somebody’s leg well, I’ll find out what else He wants to do maybe it’s missing cartilage in the knee, maybe it’s a broken bone that didn’t heal correctly. Maybe it’s metal, maybe it’s a metal rod in the leg. We had one guy missing 2 inches of bone in his leg because of a motorcycle accident and the Lord did grow it out. We’ve had people with metal rods that can’t bend full length the full length of their spine they can’t bend, they can’t twist, they can’t turn. After prayer they have all movement restored to them and so these things are becoming more and more common. To me it’s I have operate out of what I’ve seen God do and I have to hold that standard and I also need to push into what else He might be willing to do. So I look for things I’ve never seen before. I look for conditions I’ve never prayed for. You know somebody’s hurting…

Sid: So in other words like someone that has never prayed for a deaf person to be quite candid with you the first time that I prayed for a deaf person I didn’t want to do it, I knew that they weren’t going to get healed and I was right and they weren’t healed. Are you telling me that living on the edge is looking for what God’s never done through you before and going for it?

Bill:   Yeah, absolutely. We had a policeman in our church that went with me down to Mexico a few years ago to do some meeting and he had never prayed for anyone before. A blind lady came up to me and asked for prayer and nothing happened. She still wanted to see she moved down the line she ended up having this policeman pray for her and her eyes opened up. The first miracle he ever saw was God opening blind eyes. And the crazy thing is before the week was over her had prayed for 5 blind people that all their eyes opened every one of them. And that’s more than I’ve seen in my whole life and he had it in his first time out so. You know I think the Lord just looks for courageous people, He just looks for people that love to take risks based on His goodness.

Sid: Okay, we are making available your latest course and it really is a course because it’s a textbook, it’s a workbook of 187 pages 2 DVD’s 8 sessions and it’s called “Hosting the Presence.” For those that haven’t heard you earlier in the week explain what Hosting the presence is.

Bill: Well, anytime if we’re to have you know highly favored person into our house for a meal we would cook the special meal, we do all kinds of things just to honor that person in our home. Well we have the most precious treasure in the universe in the Holy Spirit residing in us. I want to host Him, I want to treat Him with the same respect and affection and honor. And when you do that you learn that the Holy Spirit cannot just live inside of you but He also want to rest upon you. And for me hosting the presence means I live with an affection and a consciousness of the presence of God upon me and that awareness is bigger than any problem I face.

Sid: Are you indicating that you live with that consciousness and that awareness 24/7?

Bill: I don’t succeed at that no, but I certainly do better now than I used to you know that is what my life is about. So that’s what I really work to maintain that, not as a work thing just He’s a person, He’s a wonderful, wonderful person who loves us and is filled with such joy and affection. The more I live aware of Him the less I’m intimidated by any problem that I face whether it’s personal or national or international.  

Sid: Now how did you first find out about this?

Bill: My dad began back in the early ‘70s to teach us about worship and the privilege of ministering to Him. And you can’t be a worshiper and not encounter the presence. And learning how to maintain that has been kind of a lifelong ambition for me is to learn how to live aware of that presence that I felt in a worship service.   For me the normal Christian life should be that we become as aware of the present support in the marketplace as we are in the church setting.

Sid: Alright if you are aware, if you’re in a market, if you’re in a restaurant and you are totally aware of God’s presence in you, on you, all around you people you touch what difference does it make to you? What difference does it make to you knowing that God’s with you.

Bill: Well there’s automatic courage, you automatically have courage. You can’t look at a problem or a challenge the same way when you realize that the Almighty God is with you so there’s that sense of courage. There’s also when you’re aware of Him you would come aware of His heart, His compassion, His affection for people starts to override your bias’s you might have toward this kind of person, that kind of person. So there’s the affection thing. The compassion you start to get moved for people you look around the room and you just become aware of needs of people and it’s very important to feel the heart of God for people so I think it’s both those things courage and affection.

Sid: But you had an experience with the Lord that even magnified this understanding, tell me about that.

Bill: I just had this encounter with the Lord in the middle of the night where He spoke to me He actually woke me up by speaking and He said… I just woke up suddenly and He said “He watches over the watch of those who watch the Lord.”

Sid: What does that mean?

Bill: Well, you know what a watchman is he sits in a tower and he watches over an area to give warning of the enemy’s coming or to notify that friends are coming. And as a Dad or a pastor, or a husband I’m I watchman over my family, over my church, over my city. And this statement He made “He Himself God watches over my watch if I turn my watch towards Him.” So instead of me trying to be everything for everybody just turning my attention to the presence of the Lord in my life He ends up taking care of the stuff I would be concerned about. I think it’s another way of putting “Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness and all of these things will be added.” I think it was a directive of priorities if I would prioritize the presence He would take care of the things that concern me.

Sid: Okay, I want everyone listening to us to be so aware of the Holy Spirit His presence you’re never going to be alone, never. You’re never going to have to rely just on your ability, never. Really when He says You’ll do the same things I have done and even greater this is the training for it…

Our Guest Joel Rosenberg

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Sid: This why I’m so excited about Joel Rosenberg I have him on the line this week. Joel is a best selling author perhaps you read his first book “The Last Jihad.” It made the New York Times best seller list, Number 1 on Amazon but his second book he really out does it. And the thing that’s so exciting to me is that his background was he was a Senior Advisor to Netanyahu in Israel, he was the Chief speech writer for Steve Forbes when he was running for President. He worked 2 years doing research for Rush Limbaugh and on and on. And he’s taken all of this and he comes from a Jewish background, he’s a strong evangelical Christian and he’s put this all in a pot with a prayer. And the prayer was Jeremiah 33:3 and he called to God and God answered. He wrote the book and as you heard on yesterday’s broadcast he thought it was really messed up because he was prophetic and when 9/11 happened he thought “No one is going to want to read this book.” But to make a long story short God wants people to read this book because it’s such an action pack exciting book based on prophetic insight and current event insight that the secular talk show hosts in America they’re not religious at all but they’re saying that this is one of the most fascinating books that they’ve ever read and they get the gospel. Get it, that’s why God is doing it. On yesterday’s broadcast Joel we were talking about I asked you a point blank question and I said “What is your spin on the Palestinian state if you would pick up there.

Joel: Well, I believe that it seems almost inevitable I think it’s inevitable.

Sid: It feels like you made the statement and I feel the same way “The world is pushing for it and the world will not stop until there is a Palestinian state.

Joel: And I write about that in “The Last Days” just the compelling, the forces trying to destroy Israel as well as immense international pressure as well as the internal pressure among Israelis’ who want to be just like the nations as Jewish people always wanted to make peace with the world.

Sid: You know there is I believe Genesis 12:3 is still true today. And that means that God will bless the Jewish people and curse those that curse them. And I have grave in trepidation for the United States of America the greatest country the world has ever seen. I am proud to be an America citizen I have grave in trepidation for our country because we walk ourselves into a curse but I am also concerned about Israel if Israel goes along with this of course on the other side I don’t know how they can fight it. But if Israel goes along with this it’s not a blessing for Israel either.

Joel: No, it’s like taking…it’ll be like taking a child and cutting it in half. It’s not up to Israeli Prime Minister or Parliament or an America President for that matter to give away something that is not theirs to give. And Judea and Samaria is the land that God gave to the Jewish people. Now I have dear Palestinian Christian friends, I was just in Israel with my wife and my children and my parents. All their first trip to Israel and we had a wonderful lunch with our Palestinian Evangelical Christian friend right next to Beit Jala. I have great sympathy to the Palestinians their suffering both under radical Islam and Yasser Arafat’s reign of terror.

Sid: Their really the scape goats in all of this.

Joel: But that’s not having compassion for people isn’t the same as looking at the scriptures and saying “Well, God’s promises aren’t going to happen, let’s just divide up the land how we see fit.” That is bound to be trouble and in “The Last Days” what I basically envisioned was an American President conquering Iraq and then turning his attention not to Iran and North Korea the next elements of the axes of evil but to forcing the Israeli’s to make a make a peace deal with Yasser Arafat. And I began writing the last days in 2002 before my first book was even out and yet it is already coming true that America President has turned his attention now trying to persuade Israeli’s to make a peace deal when there doesn’t seem to be a partner for peace. Now that’s all political and I’m writing a political thriller that draws people in using current events but as you get drawn into this question should Israel or shouldn’t Israel give up the territories and try to make a peace deal with the Palestinian leadership as I draw you into that story the spiritual temperature begins to go up. Because the characters in it aren’t simply on a political or geopolitical quest, they’re on a spiritual quest because of all of the terrorism, because of all of the dangers to their life. You know you can’t just find homeland security or national security these terrorists are dealing with issues of their own eternal security. Which is amazing that God has taken this novel “The Last Days” it’s been out 4 weeks and it’s already 4 weeks on the New York Times best seller list.

Sid: You know what intrigues me Joel about “The Last Days” is one of the premises is they discover oil in the Middle East and this money maybe just the catalyst necessarily for Palestinian and Israeli Jews to get along.

Joel: Well you know Sid people have said for decades that how did it come that the Jewish people and the Isaeli’s are the only people and country in the middle East that doesn’t have oil. That’s been you know a joke like “Oh promise land, how come we couldn’t have gotten Saudi Arabia.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Joel: You know but there are some indications in the scriptures that Israel will one day discover a vast amount of wealth. Discover produce but they will have so much wealth that they will become an envy of their enemies and their enemies will come attack. And I had really speculated this is Ezekiel 37, 38, 39 but I’d really been thinking and praying about that. Okay what could that be and I was doing quite a bit of research, I’d been to Israel a number of times, studied there and as you mentioned I worked with Israelis’ and spent a lot of time there and I began to uncover that there has been huge amounts of natural gas discovered off of the coast of Israel and Gaza and some small amounts of oil. And perhaps it will eventually be proven to be commercial quantities of oil in Israel itself. And as a fiction writer I could take that and say well, “What if that natural gas and oil proved to be of such value and quantity that it could prove the basis for the oil for peace deal. The Palestinians would give up their radicalism and the Israelis’ would give up a little bit of land and that the 2 sides would make a deal. Now maybe a temporary deal, it might not be a deal that lasts but I was in visioning what if oil and gas and the promise of tremendous wealth for every Muslim, Jew and Christian in the region form the basis of an actual peace process.

And let me tell you something else that I find real interesting in your book Joel because see I approach it everything prophetically from the Bible and so I’ve got my speculations on the last days also. But you hit so many homeruns according to my speculation. One of my speculations is not only will they find oil which is going to get the whole world incensed with them but another speculation is the big bear Russia is not dead and is actually going to become a great advisory of the world including the United States in the last days.

Joel: Well, you’re beginning to give the early indicators of my third book in the series will be and that’s where Israel not only discovered oil and make a peace treaty based on it which is the book that’s out now “The Last Days.” But that Russia, Iran, Libya and others will begin to be so outraged by this by all the wealth that the Israelis are producing.

Sid: How did you feel Joel when you were involved with these think tanks, Heritage Steve Forbes Presidential campaign, Rush Limbaugh for a couple of years, and you see all the inklings of what the Bible talks about you can see it in their embryonic stages.

Joel: Well, you know what’s interesting Sid because you just put your finger on why I think the Lord took me to Washington and to politics rather than directly into ministry. Which I would have expected and even desired my wife and I both would have. But you know King David writes that “Your law of Lord makes me wiser than my teachers.” And it’s interesting when we know the word of God we have a sense of what’s coming, we may not have the specifics but there are clues to be watching for. And my fascination for the prophecies in Ezekiel 37, 38,39 the rebirth of the state of Israel, the discovery of tremendous wealth in Israel, peace in Israel and then just a cataclysmic, apocalyptic attack on Israel. And then God’s descent and then it’s the pouring out of the Spirit. Well that’s quite a thriller story and it’s true and it’s coming and the question is when? And by working in these think tanks and by working for an Israeli Prime Minister and working for Steve Forbes one of the really though I think one of the leading economic forecasters and someone who has tremendous insight on the global economy I got to meet people and see research and see inside information. But because of my understanding of prophecy totally fascinated me because I said “I think these things are starting to come true.” And that’s what lead me to write well let me just take that and put it in novel form. I didn’t think a non-fiction book would work because it’s all you know because maybe I’m wrong.

Sid: But wait a second now Joel, what I mean here in this country where you can’t even put up the 10 Commandments in a federal building didn’t you think that this would stop your book when you preached the gospel in it in a sophisticated way? But when you preached the gospel didn’t you think that this would stop it from being a best seller?

Joel: Well I was a little anxious about that, curious about it but look I have 3 little prayer warriors in my family…for 2. But we were praying every night with my children I mentioned before on the show Caleb, Jacob, Jonah.

Sid: Well, look with that combination you can’t miss.

Joel: How could you miss exactly and Jonah you know he’s the feisty one in the family he really rings true with his name. But we prayed every night we said “Lord” kids we need an agent for this book to…

Sid: Oh Joel, we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow broadcast.