Our Guest Charles Cowan

Charles Cowan

Sid: My guest is Pastor Charles Cowan Pastor of Faith Is The Victory Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  I’m interviewing him on his brand new book titled “How to Deal With the Cares of Life.”  You know Charles it talks about the seed being the word of God and then different types of ground.  And one type of ground it talks about that when the testing comes you’re not going to stand; when the cares of life come you’re not going to stand.  Explain the different type of ground.

Charles:  Well you know Jesus talks about you know the stony ground; He talks about you know about the different levels there now.  Here’s what will determine what type of ground that an individual might be.  Whatever an individual allows to go on in their mind will control the level or will control the kind of soil or ground that they become. Also what they allow to go on in their mind controls the level of peace that they will enjoy in life. So what we have to do we have to be sure we become the good ground for the word of God.  Now what Satan does with these cares that he brings they are specifically designed to steal the word of God out of the believer.

Sid: Alright, what is the Bible mean by the phrase “Cares of life?”

Charles: It means distraction, cares just simply means the distractions of life that will distract us from God; distract us from what God has said, distracting us from the word of God.  Now they could come in the form of financial lack, it could come in the form of even sickness and disease, it could come in the form of family relationships.  There is a multitude of ways that care can be introduced into the life of a believer, or the life of any person.

Sid:  What about the people that lived in Washington, D.C. when that the shooter was just murdering people at random and no one knew what happened and they were literally afraid to go out of their house?

Charles: See they were terrified, that situation brought so much fear to that community; that community was terrorized.  Not just by the individuals that were using guns, but they were terrorized by this thing called fear.  And it is a work of the enemy; it is called a spirit the spirit of fear.  So they… every time they stepped outside their home they had to deal in their thinking with these thoughts of “Could I be the next one?  Where would the next place that this terrorist will strike.”  So yeah, they had to deal with that in their mind and if they didn’t know how to deal with that in their mind in their thought life it would actually drive them into their house and they would not come out of their house for fear of what might happen to them in a situation like that.  Well now that’s what Satan seeks to do; he seeks to drive every one of us as it were into our house so that we will not come out in the advancement of kingdom of God; in the advancement of the word of God.

Sid: How about someone that witnesses and the person they could have witnessed to someone like my father.  I come from a Jewish background and I remember a Christian friend of mine came up to me one time and he said “I sat next to your father, I didn’t know he was your father, but the minute he mentioned your name I started witnessing to him and he screamed so loud I ran out of that restaurant.”  That man may never share again with another human!

Charles:   Well that’s true now until he’s taught; until he gets into a place where he can be taught how to deal with that to overcome that.  He may never do it; that situation may have been on his mind that every time that he thinks about witnessing fear is the thing that grips his thoughts and mind.

Sid: Alright what should he do; what should he do?  What should he do let’s take this example right here. If that were you what would you do?  You just had this traumatic encounter in witnessing, the devil is telling you in every fiber of your being “Never witness again that’s someone else’s ministry.”  God has said “This is the purpose that your living.” Now what are you going to do Charles?

Charles  When that happens you have to determine which way you’re going to go, you’re going to determine if you’re going to go with the thing that’s bringing the stimuli to you that external thing.  Or you have to determine if you’re going to follow what you know that the word of God tells you to do.  How He tells you from His word how to handle your particular situation.  And so you determine then that you’re going to go by practicing what you have read from the word.  Putting it into practice what you know that the word of God says.  You know the word says “Casting all of your care, or casting all of your distraction over on Him because He cares for you.”  So you simply make the choice, and I say simply, yeah that you simply make the choice that you are not going to follow what the external thing is that has created the emotions and the feelings that you’re having.  But you’re going to do what God tells you to do going to set your mind on Him on His word.  And you’re going to put it into practice and become a doer in what God has instructed you to do; so that God’s power and God’s Spirit can work with you and work for you to bring you above that situation.  You know Peter and his writings say “Cast all your care on Him for He cares for you.” And that verse before he says “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due season.” In other words, the word exalt means that He elevate you above what it is that you are dealing with in your life at that point in time.

Sid:  So what you’re saying again in other words it’s a choice but when you choose to side with the word of God you get elevated supernaturally to be able to demonstrate it.

Charles: That’s exactly right. Now we talked about it today one day earlier here that “How can two walk together except they agree.”  God’s power is available to me to exalt me or to elevate me above this situation but I’ve got to come into agreement with Him.  And so therefore I have to make my mind I have to make up my mind that I am going to go God’s way no matter what I feel, no matter what the emotions may be that I’m feeling.  No matter what the situation is that I’m dealing with that I’m going to go God’s way so I’m going to cast that thing over on God.  And say God here it is “You take care of it now elevate me above it so that I can walk victorious over it and move on with my life so this thing does not bog me down and keep me in a defeated place in my life.” So it’s a matter of a choice, all of us make choices.  We make choices about a lot of things every day and the word of God is no different. God does not make choices for us; he does not force us to do things that we do not choose to do.  He said “I have set before you life and…

Sid:  I wish He did; I wish He forced us to do the right things.  I mean He’s just too good.    It would be easier to be forced.  I’m that pragmatic type of person I wish it wasn’t a choice but it is.

Charles: It is a choice and He made us that way and gave us this power of choice and the freedom of our will.  Because He wants us to follow Him and to walk with Him and to worship Him out of the freedom, or out of our freewill because we want Him and He’s not forcing us to take Him.  Everything that we do where God’s concerned is a choice it’s a choice whether a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, or whether they don’t.  It’s a choice whether or not whether the read the Word of God; it’s a choice of whether or not they think upon the word of God. Everything in life it’s a choice; we choose to get up in the morning; we may not want to we may not feel like it but we make the choice “I’m going to get up because there are things I need to tend to through the day.”  So if a person doesn’t make up their mind or does not choose to follow God God is not going to force them.  But His power that’s available to them is not going to be there for them because they haven’t chosen to agree with Him so God’s power cannot work for them in that situation.  So choices every day we make choices, and so He said “I set before you in the book of Deuteronomy I’ve set before you life and death, blessing and cursing therefore you choose life. Now listen to this you choice life that both and you and your seed may live.”  Every choice that we make affects more than just us as an individual it affects our seed.  And so God lays out there before us what He wants us to choose; but He lets us do the choosing.  And when we choose Him and choose to walk with Him then He comes together with us and His power is made available with us.  And He then will elevate us above the cares, the distractions, the problems whatever it is that’s come against my life He will elevate me above that and will bring me into a place of peace and cause me to have victory in every area of my life. So that’s what we have to do; we have to choose choose choose His word; choose what God said; choose to think on what God says.

Sid: I suggest that everyone listening make another quality choice; we are dealing in a tough world.  I don’t think it’s ever been as bad as it is today.

Our Guest Ron Cantor

Ron Cantor

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah how could he help it. The last 10 years this American Jew that is red hot for Jesus made aliyah, immigrated to Tel Aviv, Israel.  I’m speaking to him by way of telephone right now. Ron Cantor we’re talking about your new book “Identity Theft.”  It’s written as a novel and the premise is so amazing a Jewish reporter does his investigation about who Jesus is but does it an amazing fashion.  He has an encounter with an angel; and then in a time machine he goes back throughout history to see how something so Jewish has their identity stolen from the church.  As a matter of fact I understand that as people read your book first of all they can’t put it down, second of all they’re getting information that nowhere else on the planet are they going to get.  Because very few pastors understand the Jewishness of the New Testament, therefore how could they teach it.  And then you understand why so much confusion in the Jewish Community about who Jesus is.  A lot of Christians say “I don’t understand why Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus.”  But people are saying their intimacy goes off the top when they read the book, explain.

Ron:  Well, the main character David as he begins the search he’s learning all of these new things but as he get deeper into this search I don’t want to give away the whole book but in chapter 24 and 25, people write me all the time. Ron, I got to chapter 24 and it wrecked me; it crushed me I was in tears.  What they don’t know is that when I wrote those chapters I was weeping.  Sid I have never written a novel in my life and it was the most amazing experience because it was like the characters were directing me.  And I didn’t… I’ve heard from other writers that it’s often how it happens but it was such a unique experience for me and when I got to chapter 24 and 25, which I didn’t know they were 24 and 25 at the time. He meets the Messiah he meets the Messiah in Jerusalem, in the year 30 just before his crucifixion that’s all I’m going to say.  All I can tell you is that he has an encounter with Yeshua that is…it broke me I literally was writings these chapters and crying because I was so Identifying with the character.  I have people write me all the time and just talk about how they know; they now know Yeshua Jesus in a whole new way.

Sid: Okay, explain to me why in the Old Testament there’s a sister of Moses and her name is Miriam and then in the New Testament there’s the mother of Jesus and they call her, not by her name which is Miriam but they call her Mary.  And that’s true for a lot of the Jewish people in the New Testament; why was that high jacked?

Ron:  Well, it could have been innocent simply because if you take the name Miriam and translate it to English it becomes Mary or Maria.  But it’s interesting that in the Old Covenant which is my Old Covenant that I read in English; they didn’t change the name of Miriam the sister of Moses to Mary when the…. probably because when they went straight from Hebrew to English, whereas in the New Covenant they went from Hebrew to Greek to English.  And it’s the same thing with the name Joshua; a lot of people don’t know it but the name Y’hoshua is the long form; that’s the name Joshua in Hebrew but it’s the long form of Yeshua a shortened form.  Yeshua and Joshua is basically the same name; when I tell people here about Yeshua the Messiah they often think that I’m talking about the Old Testament to your Joshua.  And I have to explain to them and say “No, this is the Son of God the Messiah.” And we see that with Peter.  If I told you a story about Peter, James and Mary or Peter, Paul and Mary as the old band you would say this not a Jewish story.  But if I told you a story about Shaul which was what Paul’s name was.  By the way he never changed his name.  The Bible never said he changed his name.

Sid: But wait a second many Christians say his name was Saul but then his new name was Paul; what would you say?

Ron:  I would say that ridiculous because Paul at the time wasn’t a Christian name it was a typical Roman Latin name.  There was nothing spiritual about it; the truth of the matter is that most Jewish people; you probably have two Jewish names Sid.

Sid: I do, it’s whatever nations were in like my name if Sidney in the United States but in Israel it’s Yisrael.

Ron: Right so your parents gave you two names a Jewish name and then an American name.  My parents named me Ron but I also have a Jewish name Chaim and it’s very normal.  So Paul when in a Roman speaking world he was Paul; when he was in Israel amongst Jews he was Shaul or Saul, he had two names.  The Bible doesn’t say that he had an epiphany and suddenly took on a Roman name to replace his Jewish name that would be ridiculous.  Then we have Peter the word peter is not actually a name but it’s become a name.  It means rock; it comes from the Aramaic word Kepha, which is what Yeshua called Peter when he said “Your name is no longer Peter, rather no longer called Simon you’re going to be called Kepha you’re going to be called rock.  It was a very cool name but again, when you refer to people as Peter, as Paul as Mary you don’t think Jewish.  You don’t think a Jewish story; I want to tell how about Yakov the bother of Jesus name was Jacob.  Yet in every English Bible in the world just about it says that his name is James.  Nobody ever… James is a great name if you’re a butler, if you’re a….

Sid: (Laughing)

Ron:  But it’s not a Hebrew name; a Hebrew name is Jacob.  The Book of James is actually the book of Jacob.

Sid: How about something like communion and last supper and the Passover Seder.  You don’t even get the connection that the last supper was a Passover Seder.

Ron:  Right.  Well, David has that revelation in the book when he gets to view the last supper and he realized that it’s a Passover Seder that the imagery is amazing because Yeshua becomes the Passover Lamb who spills His blood for us.  The blood that in the Exodus would to on the doorpost of your house; it’s now the blood of the perfect Lamb of God Yeshua and it goes on the doorposts of our hearts.  And so when John His cousin, John the Baptist, saw Him a few years earlier he had a revelation.  I believe personally that it was a first time that he understood that Yeshua was the Messiah and then He said “Behold the Lamb of God the Passover Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.” But when Yeshua took that cup and he took the bread; the Matzah and He said “This is My body and this is My blood” this was in the middle of a Jewish Passover Seder.

Sid: So if we denude all of the Biblical feasts from Christianity we miss a whole lot of the New Testament.

Ron:  Absolutely, and the second coming. The Bible says very clearly that when Yeshua returns Zachariah 14 He’s coming back to Jerusalem to fight for Israel. His feet will land on the Mount of Olives and He will set up His Messianic Kingdom in the great city.  Then the world of the Lord will go forth from Zion to the nations of the world.  And then He says “Any nation that will not come up to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles is going to be in big trouble.”

Sid: What would you say to believers that have turned against the Jew in Israel?

Ron:  I would say “Be very careful because the great hope of the Body of Believers is the return of the Messiah,” that’s what we long for.  That’s the longing of Paul as he writes the epistles we’re looking for His return.  And when He does return Sid He cannot and will not return to an anti-Semitic bride.  I cannot that He as a Jew is going to return to a bride that hates Him, that is against Him or that believes that His people have been rejected by God.  As someone said to me recently, “Jesus is not going to marry anyone that doesn’t like his mother and his mother, Miriam, is a Jew.

Sid: Well as far as I’m concerned that’s settles the argument.  But Ron you wrote the book with humor and it’s so poignant.  And because it’s a novel but all the facts are historical facts people are… Are people reporting to you they can’t put it down?

Ron:  Yes, in fact… Evan Horton the Senior Pastor of Brownsville Assembly of God when there was the great revival in the 90′s he wrote me and said Ron as soon as I started reading I couldn’t put it down.  Don Finto from Tennessee a very well know pastor and author he said “From the introduction he was glued, never put it down.”  Then I’ve gotten emails just from around the world who have said “Ron…

Sid: Oh, it’s going to change your paradigm of understanding who Jesus is and it is going to literally increase your intimacy with the Lord like you’ve never had it before.

Our Guest Hank Kunneman

Hank Kunneman

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have such a passion for God because He says “If you will draw near to Him He will draw near to you,” there’s no maybe and there’s no might.  There are people listening to us right now and they’re saying “I wonder why God isn’t drawing near to me. I wonder if there’s something wrong with me?”  No you’re probably missing that one scripture from James, this is it “Draw near to God He will draw near to you.”  My guest Hank Kunneman I’m speaking to him in Omaha, Nebraska where he’s Senior Pastor of Lord of Host Church.  Hank I have heard some pretty interesting things about you.  One of the most amazing is when you got born again baptized in the Holy Spirit you had a heavenly visitation tell me about it.

Hank: Yeah, actually it happened back in 1984 I was filled with the Holy Spirit; had just been saved about two months.

Sid: How old were you?

Hank:  I was about 18 years of age and I got filled with the Holy Ghost. One night people laid hands on me and there was a fluent language began to come.  That night I went home and began to pray in this heavenly language and immediately I felt this sensation that I was being lifted up and I was being pulled up from my body and I was pulled out up into a vision.  And I was standing before what felt like a multitude of people I could see in front of my eyes that there was a throne and I did not see who was on the throne because of the brightness of the light.  I could hear the sound and I could hear singing; and immediately when we began to sing it was like a whole choir of heaven and the angels were gathered there together.  We just began to fall on our face and we began to cry and worship the Lord.  It was shortly after that also I was praying in the spirit again and all of a sudden I had a vision again, I was taken out again and Jesus appeared to me.

Sid: Excuse me, when you use terminology I was taken out in the spirit, what do you mean?

Hank:  Well, in the book of Ezekiel the Bible talks about that that happened to prophet Ezekiel where he could be lifted up or drawn out of his body and taken in the spirit realm into a visitation from heaven.  That’s what it felt like to me the only way I could describe it is that I didn’t see it with my eyes I literally felt being pulled up out of my body being carried out into a vision and then everything at that moment becomes subject to what you are experiencing.  And I saw Jesus at that point and He said “I want to show you some things.”  And we began to take a walk and looking I remembering seeing the mountains and I remembering seeing the hills.  I remember seeing people visibly going back and forth in heaven.  And I hadn’t been saved very long so I didn’t have time for theological mind to really compute what was happening.  But what happened is Jesus said “I want to show you some things.”  We began to walk into this town into this village and there was what looked like people that were working on houses and they were building things all around me.  And then the Lord said this to me “I want you to come and see one of the greatest parts of heaven.”  And I thought boy “What would be one of the greatest parts of heaven.”  So we walked out of this village, all I can remember Sid there was this open field and it was very vast rolling hills and there was flowers and the trees were blowing and the grass were blowing.  And the Lord looked at me and He said these words and He had a very serious look on His face.  He said “This is reserved for the last final great harvest that is yet to come and for their places of dwelling that are yet to be built.”  And I remember looking at that moment going “My goodness this is huge there is so much room here.”  And we began to walk and when we began to walk I began to hear what sounded like people crying.  And all of a sudden Jesus turned around to me in this experience and He said “They’re not crying like you would hear crying in earth.  He said “Hank this is the cry of prayer, the prayer of travail.”  Of course I didn’t know what that meant I hadn’t been saved that long.  We immediately walked in and there was this garden, and Sid it was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen it was like an outside garden.  And there was people relatives, patriarchs of old.  I just knew it in my heart as I was looking at them they were kneeling praying and they were interceding.  And I remembering going to this wall with Jesus aid He said “Come and Look.”  As we went to this wall and we were able to look somehow into this earthly realm and see what was happening.  And there was great prayer and there was great travail and it was being brought up in heaven for the saints that were on the earth and for the events that were on the earth.  And Jesus turned to me and Hank he said “Always tell the people of the earth that I stand forever to make intercession for them.  And the saints that have gone before you and those that are even in heaven are praying for the events of earth and lose not heart.”  It was shortly after that I woke up and I began to have supernatural experiences.

Sid: Why did God do this with you; you were a baby believer, you’re brand new. Why did you have such an extraordinary experience?

Hank:  I think that when I gave my heart to the Lord; I think that’s one thing.  Number 2 I think that the grace and the callings of God they come without repentance and God puts them in your life.  And so I believe it was part of the training of some things that I would later walk in whether it be national events

Sid: Did He tell you much about your ministry during those visitations?

Hank: That actually happened later on in about 19… I want to say it was about 1986.  I used to pray about 4 to 6 hours a day as a young man I had nothing else to do I worked at a gas station just trying to serve others.

Sid: How did you pray 4 to 6 hours?

Hank:  I would pray in tongues a lot and that’s all I would do.

Sid: That be the only way that I think that you could do it.

Hank:  Yeah, because you don’t know how to pray as you ought the scriptures say.  So I would just pray in tongues.

Sid: How did you know to do that; most Christians that are baptized in the Holy Spirit speak in unknown tongues they do that once and then they don’t realize what they’re missing. How did you know?

Hank:  Well, I knew because of first of all because of how different I felt the very night that I began to begin to be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking tongues.  Number 2: I was so hungry for God.  Number 3: Just the supernatural experience that God brought into my life made me very very hungry and I always had it.  Even when I was 5 years I remember I used to live on the Island of Guam.  My parents were in the… my dad was in the Air Force.

Sid: Wait a second, did someone some great man or woman of God lay hands on you as a child as you know of I’m just curious.

Hank:  Never, I mean I was a heathen we were all heathens

Sid: Okay.

Hank:  And when I was 5 years of age I remember I heard a voice that startled me.  I was sitting out in my parent’s home there in Island of Guam and I heard a voice speak to me that His hand was upon my life for good and not for evil and that He had great and mighty things for me.  But my heart and my job and my life I don’t remember the exact words He said but “My responsibility,” and again it was in the language of a 5 year old,  “was to do good and to seek to do good.”  So my mom would she would always laugh because I would walk into shopping centers with her and some place and little old ladies and little old men would walk up and say “God’s hands upon your son the Lord’s going to something great with this young man.”  And so of course Sid that would frighten me because whenever I wanted to do something bad when I was a teenager I was always afraid because of this “Hand” that was upon my life.  And so I could see from a very beginning of 5 years of age and my teenage years…

Sid: That’s almost like Samuel he was taken care of like as a child.

Hank:  Right.

Sid: By being in the temple he couldn’t do the things other kids did.

Hank:  And even the friends that I used to hang around with would always say “Hank how do you know certain things about people?”  So I really believe that as Jeremiah was anointed as a prophet when he was in his mother’s womb I really believe that that gifting was upon me even while I was in my mother’s womb.

Sid: You know Hank I have no noticed this people that have this gifting and then they get saved it’s like you can either use it for the world or you can use your gifting for God.  I’m amazed the number of people that say that even before they were saved they were prophetic and didn’t understand the gift.

Hank:  Well, and that’s really what happened with me like I said in 1986 I was praying; I used to pray mostly in the Spirit and I worshiped God.  And all of a sudden I was kneeling down by my bed and I looked up and all of a sudden I saw a bright light and as soon as I looked at the bright light an angel appeared and stood before me and he said “Come, you have a visitation (I forget if it was the word visitation), but you come to a place that has been prepared.”  So I remember he grabbed my hand and I went and I remember the same sensation.  And I remember Ezekiel and he would fall on his face or he would stand up straight and he would be pulled up he would be lifted up by his hair.  And I read stories like that and I think “God that’s happened to me.”  And I was taken out by this angel and I remember we were moving in the spirit realm at this point; whether it was a vision or it was happening.  Boy I wish I could explain that and I just know that it happened and I was being taken now in the Spirit and all of a sudden we came down in a platform and another angel that was waiting for me to arrive on this platform.  On this platform Sid there was kings, there were rulers of nations, there was presidents that were seated upon these seats.  I knew it because it’s almost like in the Spirit realm you know things and I knew not only by the way that they were dressed by the way that they were sitting; I knew that they were men and they were woman of prominence.  And the angel that was waiting for me on the platform turned around and he said “Behold the tongues of the tribes of many nations.”  And he had me look out and as far as my eye could see I saw masses of people.  Now the Angel of Lord said “God holds you responsible to reach these that you have seen with your own eyes.”  And then he turned around and he pointed his finger and he says it shall even be written of your life that you shall decree the word of the Lord to kings and rulers of nations.  At that moment the angel that was waiting on the platform immediately gave me a book.  And again my… it seems like a lot of my supernatural experiences have been a lot like Ezekiel.  Now I’ve never had to thank God lay on my side for certain amount of time or I think he had to be nude at one time; thank God that I never had to do that. But what I’ve had is supernatural experiences and there was this book that was handed to me by this angel.  And it was written upon it and it was written “Revelation 10.”  And I’ll read it to you and it said verse 9 “I went to the angel, he gave me a little book and he said unto me take it and eat it and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be in your mouth sweet as honey.  Now here’s the part that when I was commissioned into the ministry in 1986 with these 2 angels.  Here’s what was written upon the scroll and he said unto me “You must prophesy before many people, nations, tongues, and even kings.” That was what was written upon the very scroll that I ate.

Sid: Hank were out of time we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  Mishpochah, Hank has verified prophesies of so many events before they came to pass.  He has seen the near future of America.  He has seen what is about ready to happen with the church.  We’ll be talking about that all this week.

Our Guest Eric Carlson

Rabbi Eric Carlson

Sid:  I just got back from Siberia and I have such news to tell you I mean strap that seatbelt because I am so excited about what I’m going to tell you. On yesterday’s broadcast I explained that Dr. Hudson Taylor in 1855 suddenly he was in the middle of preaching. And this is a proven Missionary that is… you know there are prophets that prophecy and things don’t come to pass and they say “Well, you didn’t believe God enough.”  And then there are true prophets that are just like Samuel his words did not hit the ground whatever he said was what God said.  And if God said it it had to happen.  The reason that it had to happen is because God saw it happen already. That’s why in Deuteronomy the 18th chapter Moses says “You’ll know if a prophet is from God or not he doesn’t make any mistakes.”  Well Dr. Hudson Taylor was from God he accurately predicted World War I.  And that was in 1855, he accurately prophesied World War II and that was in 1855. Then he said “In Russia I saw that there will come a general all encompassing national spiritual awakenings so great that there could never be another like it.  From Russia I saw the awakening spread to many European countries.  And then I saw an all out awakening followed by the coming of Messiah.”  Well I went with Eric Carlson, Rabbi Carlson is with me right now, and we went to Siberia. We went to a city called Krasnoyarsk, Siberia where we were having a big outreach to the Jewish community.  I teamed out with my friend Jonathan Bernis and we partnered to do this gigantic outreach and it is so amazing. I shared this prophesy about Hudson Taylor at the first church that I went to and the Pastor came up to me and he said “Sid there’s a little bit more to that prophesy than you even know.  Because the prophesy states that the spiritual awakening will not only begin in Russia, a lot of people say and he didn’t tell me this but I’m just inserting this. A lot of people say “Well Russia has already had a great awakening.”  No, they haven’t you have 70 years of Communism and you don’t allow people freedom of religion and then you preach the gospel you’re going to have large numbers come to the Lord.  But I’m not talking about a spiritual awakening I’m talking about a swish of God’s Spirit to the point that bars close down.  Where immorality is finished; where people repent and are pleading with God for forgiveness of sins; where entire cities change.  I mean this is what we’ve been praying for several thousand years now.  And it’s about ready to happen I believe and so the revival has not hit Russia yet.  It’s just a little bit of rain that came that’s all. But I mean a revival that will hit Russia and according to this prophesy by Dr. Hudson Taylor it’s going to spread to the four corners of the earth and then the Messiah is going to return.  What this pastor said to me he got so excited when he said “I was the first one that he had heard share about this Hudson Taylor prophesy.”  But he had gotten a hold of it years earlier and was praying at this sports arena. That was the gigantic arena that we had rented for our big Jewish outreach festival.  And for years he’d been praying that prophecy. But then I gave him some insight; and then he gave me some insight.  He said “Sid the prophesy goes on to say this would take place in the center of Russia.  And Krasnoyarsk, that’s the city that we were in, I’d never heard of Krasnoyarsk before, but on the news it says Krasnoyarsk is the exact center of Russia. This is where this revival is going to take place.  And then I shared with him one of my favorite prophets, and this is another true prophet of God not only was Dr. Hudson Taylor a prophet of God but Amos was a prophet of God. And you can read it yourself in the book of Amos the 9th chapter. And Amos says in the 11th verse “In that day I will raise up the Tabernacle of David.” Well, the word Tabernacle is the Sukkot,  Is the house. If you study this in the Hebrew you’ll find out that it means the family, your ancestry of King David. Well, whose the family or the ancestry of King David; the Jewish people.   So it’s saying that a day is coming in which that the Tabernacle or the family or the Jewish people are going to be restored. When this happens it says “All the Gentiles which are called by my name are going to be saved.”  In other words, the great, great gentile revival will happen after the restoration of the Jewish people into the church.  It’s talking about the One New Man.  And when I shared this this pastor, I mean he could not contain himself because he said “Sid I don’t understand it but I’ve had such a love for the Jewish people. Here you’re having this big festival in the center of Russia in Siberia of all places and it’s to reach Jewish people. This is the place that Hudson Taylor said the great revival will break out and I’m going to tell you my expectancy just zoomed.  But then there was all sorts of demonic stuff to stop our meeting.  Literally the newspapers came out with articles against what we were doing; they were accusing us of all kinds of lies.  It seemed like on the news channel where ever I turned they were calling it the Russian word sounded like scandal.  And they were calling it the great scandal and so we established our own press conference and we had all the media show up. And Eric you were at that event and we answered questions and all the objections that the media had to what we were doing and all the charges by the Orthodox Jewish Community. They were so smart the Orthodox Jews then that were opposing what we were doing they called their press conference for right after ours and we asked permission to attend. And they said “Yes you can attend but obviously you can’t ask any questions.” And so we were attending their press conference and there were 7 news channels there.  There were cameras from 7 different television stations.  I mean it was big time news in Krasnoyarsk.  And tell me what some of your observations were Eric.

Eric: Well Sid not only was there 7 news cameras but there was over a dozen reporters. There was three newspapers represent in this place.  And the general feeling of the press was that this was a positive thing.  And although most of them didn’t know who God was or didn’t have a relationship with God by hearing the press conference and how you answered the questions there was only 1 or 2 that gave a negative reply and the rest of them were in a positive manner saying this was going to be a good thing for the city. And this was going to be good for the people. And it was amazing how when the questions began being asked and they focused in on and picked up that this was going to be some sort of revival or that there was going to be an outpouring for… as we watched it on the television later on as we saw the interviews it was except for one channel portrayed that this was going to be good thing which even brought out more people to come and find out what was going to happen. And what was going to go on and what was God going to do in these meetings.

Sid: Well you know the Chief Rabbi of the city was there along with an anti-missionary. Well you know what a missionary is an anti-missionary is someone that tries to stop a missionary. And this guy came in from St. Petersburg.  And then one of the Chief anti-missionaries from the United States flew in and so they had all of their… they thought that they had everything in order to just totally undermine us. Then in the press conference that they had right after our press conference I found that as they were saying things that I was getting so upset but they weren’t going to allow me to speak. And then the thought crossed my mind “Wait a second, I have a press card; I have my credentials with me.” So I stood up and I said “Excuse me I’m not talking as someone that is involved with the organization that you’re trying to stop from having an outreach meeting to the city, I’m standing up as a member or the press and here are my credentials.”  And they of course immediately said “No, you can’t do this you can’t speak.”   And the press started screaming “Let him speak, let him speak!” And I wasn’t even aware of this but Jonathan told me that the minute I stood up and the press started screaming “Let him speak!” All of the television cameras almost like in unison turned around away from the Rabbi’s and put their cameras on me.”  That must have been a sight to behold; I mean I was so focused I didn’t even see what was going on. Eric, what did it look like to you?

Eric:  Awe, it was fantastic, a wall come over the place; a great hush if you will all of the cameras if you will they all turned and you could see the lenses turning and zooming in on you and the translator as you stood up to ask a question. And it was fantastic the press was almost hollering at the board because they did not want you to ask a question. They did not want you to speak at all. And the press in unison “We don’t have any questions because the professors and all of the scholars and all the rabbinic scholars had been going on for so long that the press was actually bored, it was putting them to sleep.” And they wanted to hear your questions and why you had to say to that board.

Sid: And you know I really felt Eric like you read in the book of Acts where Paul was talking to a group of Jewish people and he saw one group was Pharisees and the other group was Sadducees.  One group believed in life after death and the other did not believe in it, and he literally I mean he was like an attorney and he divided the group against each other and this was not preconceived on my part.  But I stood up and I almost felt like I was an attorney and I literally split the Orthodox Rabbi from the Lubavitcher Rabbi. The Lubavitcher Rabbi he was turning colors because of what I was doing and I was talking about the resurrection.  They claim their Rabbi Schneerson is going to rise from the dead as 10 years. And the Orthodox doesn’t believe this; we were having so much fun but we’re out of time right now.

Our Guests Pat & Patty McEnnerney

Pat & Patty McEnnerney

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Patrick and Patty McEnnerney. I’m speaking to them in their home in Casa Grande, Arizona.  They move in extraordinary power; extraordinary words of knowledge and wisdom.  And I’ve asked Patrick and his wife to just yield to the Spirit of God and be obedient, Patrick.

Pat:  You know the heart of the Lord right now is for believers and maybe some that don’t even know Jesus listening to this to come into His fullness; to come in to what Jesus has paid for in being transformed in the miraculous.  And my wife and I and our heart is to serve the Lord.  My heart cry is to heal the sick; my heart cry is to minister to the children of God the helpless, those that are broken; those that are burdened, those that are lost.  And Jesus gets all the glory and I would like to just wrap this up; I believe that God, and I’ve been seeing in our ministry phenomenal things happen and things have happened, transfer of impartation, where people become overwhelmed on fire for Jesus…

Sid: Now, you’ve been seeing this.  What happens to the person that’s on fireball hits them?

Pat:  They get radically changed. I mean it just radically turns them on the corner.  I’ve honestly lost count of… I only do it when it’s like an overload of anointing on me and I’ll let off and I’ll let loose with the fireball; and I’ve seen them explode in the natural where my flesh was overwhelmed by fear as it came down to the floor thinking that it was going to burn.  But when I’ve released those there have been people that totally delivered and God says “When we lay hands on people and then we impart.”  And when you prophesy in the Word of God or do an action by faith it moves hell out of the way.  When we put a demand in heaven; heaven comes and hell has to go.  And putting a demand in heaven is those that walk in faith believing, and I’m willing and I realize that I may lose my life pretty soon for the gospel.  But I’ve found God that is worthy to die for.  And I haven’t found anything in this world that can measure.  Because everything that I chased prior to Jesus has ended up in the junk yard.  But this love that I’m talking about can be transferred.  And you have to receive it though.  And as we’ve been talking on the program and I’ve got a name “Jane, June 16th 1962” and God specifically told me that this is a marital marriage or emotional problem that you’re at the end of the rope and you’ve been thinking of taking your life. Now don’t do that; cry out right now.  Cry out the name of Jesus Christ, and you’ll be saved; cry out right now; tell God that it’s broken.  Tell Him there’s nothing that you can do; cry out to the Lord and give Him the little that you’ve got left.  But whatever you do don’t take your life.  Okay, my wife has something as well, for this lady Patty says “There’s a revelation of contentment of who you are in Christ.”  And let me finish with this.  Matthew is blind, 1942.  Right now I command the spirit of blindness to submit to the Lordship of Jesus; be loosed in Jesus Mighty Name and I charge the Holy Ghost hallelujah to be released and enforce the Covenant life around Matthew right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus.   Now friend there’s others out there that have the similar problem.  You know grab it for yourself.  You know it’s amazing to me that God can speak a person’s name, their birthday by word of knowledge but you don’t have to have it because that anointing has been released. Hallelujah.

Sid: And let me ask you a question; what about the Jewish people that are listening right now that do not know Yeshua as Jesus the Messiah?

Pat:  Friend the ground of Israel belongs to God; (Laughing) it’s His and every Jew whether they know it or not is going to be drawn to Israel.  You know to me the amazing thing is that many Jews have fallen so far from God that they don’t know who God is and they’re totally confused and they’ve fallen into the world system.  But in you is the seed; in you is the covenant promise that God says “That the children’s children will follow Me. The children’s heart will be for Me. And I challenge you right now “Is it true that here is one God and His Son, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?”  This Bible that I have is partly yours as well, and it’s all yours.  But I challenge you right now to cry out to the Messiah, cry out to God right now and challenge Him to remove from you the blinders off your eyes; to open your eyes to understanding; to give you understanding.  That He would put upon you the garment of His presence. Hallelujah.

Sid: Now what about those fireballs, I’m ready for them?

Pat:  Yeah, well it started in my ministry, we’ve had a lot of strange things happen and a sign and a wonder is that you know they are a sign and wonder. (Laughing)  And it’s been learning really to walk in the Lord but God has given me this revelation about Sons of Thunder a covenant sons and daughters.  They will move with phenomenal power and in Isaiah we see he cries out “Lord use me.”  And a cherub fire angel is sent and this hyssop holy fire, this hyssop holy oil that we need a holy fire to come like a crucible and cleanse away so that the new man can come forth. And so in Revelations it talks about the fire angel on the altar throwing to the earth fireballs and thunders and lightning and in our meetings I prophesied the elements to be changed  and sons of thunder lighting will strike around where I’m preaching and torrents of rain like you’ve never seen.  And God obviously gets people’s attention.  In South Carolina we had over 100 people fall out over a 100 healings when God did a supernatural thing and these fireballs are seen in the natural sometimes; not all of the times.  But when they are received I just feel the anointing of God get so strong on me I have to get some of it off. And so the Holy Spirit will reveal to me a person and I’ll just let it go; just like I did to you right now and it will strike them and all kinds of different things happen.  Sometimes they can’t walk and they get totally drunk and they fall down laughing as they go through deliverance; the results are people will get open heaven.  People will get an open vision. They’ll be translated into the presence of God where’s there’s fire and incense and His presence just permeates them.  And from them; when we talk to God there has to come a change when we believe anything from the gospel it has to bring corresponding action or it’s not the gospel.

Sid: That’s not true repentance; unless there’s an action connected with it.

Pat:  That’s it; that’s what I’m talking about.  If you believe truth it has to of course your walking in repentance.  You know that I don’t have the full knowledge but I do know that God has used this in our ministry many times to touch people way in the back and heal them.  And it’s something that we’re on the horizon for; I believe that soon; very soon sooner than we can grasp with our intellect Jesus is coming back and there has to be a radical change because He’s coming for a bride that’s wrinkle free and true.  And they’ll be burning on fire for Jesus.  They’ll be delivering; they’ll be going into dark places and raising the dead literally rotten bodies will come up.  And there are people doing that today on the face of the earth; all those that are in pain and those of you that have bad backs.  If what I’ve been speaking about bears the weight of heaven if there’s a supernatural power behind it I just want to be able to demonstrate to you the Lord Jesus was resurrected and He’s alive and well.  If you have the pain put your hand on it right now.  Those of you that have bad backs; I’m going to have you stand up.  In Jesus Christ Name I rebuke this lying vanity of pain; you submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ; in Jesus Mighty name I loose you and cast you off.  Thank you Lord, Thank You Lord. Thank You now start thanking; those that have pain start thanking Jesus.  Now Father in the mighty name of Jesus I rebuke the residuals of the pain in the backs right now and I command the vertebrates come under the blood of Jesus and pop into place right now.  Be loosed in Jesus Christ Name and do not come back.  In the Mighty Name of Jesus I charge the Holy Spirit to be released right now and force the Covenant Life.  Now those that have bad back right now bend over and do something that you couldn’t do by faith in Jesus Mighty Name start thanking Him and shout to the Lord “Hallelujah.”  God we just praise You for these miracles right now in Jesus Name amen.

Sid: Does Patty have something?

Patty:  I’m just hearing a long with what Pat was saying that Jesus is calling each one to throw aside the garment and begin to walk out the promises.  And all their hearing is that Satan wants them to quit.  And we’re saying in the Mighty Name of Jesus stir yourself even in the midst of your trouble of your hard time by way of remembrance count your blessings and begin to confess and prophesy the life that you already have been given.  And I believe there’s women and men out there that have a spirit of boredom and discontentment on them.  And I just think that if they ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus for that revelation of contentment that they will receive it and they’ll begin to walk out.

Sid: Patty we’re out of time right now but I really thank you and your husband for being part of this broadcast.  Mishpochah this is God’s time, Oral Roberts recently had a visitation from the Lord and God showed him that the spiritual scales are coming off of the eyes of Jewish people.  This is God’s time to reach the Jew; this is God’s time for you to be freeaand for the Jew and Gentile to come together to form that one new man.

Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

Jonathan Bernis

Sid: Now I have my good friend Jonathan Bernis on the phone and most of you are familiar with his TV show” Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis.”  Jonathan you came out with a concept that frankly I haven’t seen anyone do before.  And that is I’ve seen people have scriptures to mediate on God’s word and list them and tell us to mediate rightfully so.  But you came out with it on a CD as well as in a book with a special way so that anyone can read Biblical Hebrew instantly.  Why the Hebrew, most people don’t understand Hebrew?

Jonathan: Well, Sid I believe that Hebrew has a unique power to it, and I believe it’s connected to Roman’s 11:25.  Which I think it’s often misinterpreted; it says “A blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.”  And I don’t believe it’s talking about a full number but a fullness coming back to the church; a restoration as Acts talks about; a restoration of all things.  Part of this divine restoration and I believe Sid it’s a last days restoration is the revival of the Jewish roots of our faith.  And that includes the language of Hebrew which I believe is dynamic and powerful which I believe it began with restoration that began with the 1800′s with Hebrew coming back to a people that had been wandering for almost 2000 years.  The Jewish people who are now back in the land and the national language in Israel is the language of Hebrew.  I believe that this is a modern day miracle Sid.  And I believe that Christians can tap into this amazing restoration.

Sid: Well as far as I’m concerned not only is the language supernatural it was prophesied they’d be speaking it again in the streets of Judah.  But it is… there’s something about sound.  For instance, I interview Psalmists and some of them literally they have portals to heaven for peace, or for healing, or for various things.  There’s something about Hebrew that opens up the heavens.  What do you feel about that?

Jonathan:  Well I believe that God responds to any language but I believe that there’s a unique anointing on Hebrew and some have suggested Sid, I can’t tell you dogmatically that this is the case, but that when the Lord spoke the world into existence and said “Let there be light” He was speaking this forth in Hebrew as a creative force.”  So I believe that Hebrew does have a supernatural dimension to it.  There’s frequencies that resonate in the Hebrew how detailed I don’t get into.  But I do believe that there is a very unique power to Hebrew; it’s called the language of the prophets the language of the tongue of the prophets.  And I believe that it’s part of an end-time restoration.

Sid: Now in Jeremiah 31:23 Jonathan read that verse.

Jonathan:  “Thus says the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel, they shall again use this speech in the land of Judah and in its cities when I bring back their captivity.”

Sid: Well, how much more specific can you get?  I can just tell you the way it affects me.  I love to hear the language of Hebrew.  And tell me about how this prophesy of God’s word that once again the words of this supernatural language will be restored in Israel. How did it come about?

Jonathan:   Modern restoration of Hebrew goes back to the latter part of the 19 century.  Actually the middle part; the 1860′s and 70′s thought a man that God called to move back to Israel before it was restored as the nation of Israel.  A man called Eleazar Ben Yehudah and he was responsible for the restoration of the Hebrew language.  He spent the majority of his life developing ancient Hebrew into a modern spoken language that could be used by a people because he was confident that one day the Jewish people would be restored back to the land.  And it came to past Sid in 1948; Israel supernaturally in a day was restored back to the Jewish people; the birth of the modern birth of the state of Israel.  And then 1967 with Jerusalem coming back into Jewish hands; I think this was the singular greatest event in the last century to signal the near return of Jesus to this world.

Sid: And you know what’s so amazing about our God is here He said that the Jewish people would be scattered to the four corners of the earth. He prophesied they’d be maintained as a distinct people.  He prophesied a land would be born in a day, and He prophesied from the four corners of the earth we would return but when we returned we returned we spoke the language of whatever country we were scattered to.  So if Eleazar Ben Yehudah had not restored modern Hebrew how could be communicate with one another?

Jonathan: Yeah it was a miracle. Sid there was 3 restorations just to continue on this that are absolutely supernatural.  One is the restoration of the Jewish people scattered to the nations of the world back to their land after almost 2000 years. There was only a remnant of Jewish people living in Israel after the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in 70 AD.  We were scattered to the remote parts of the earth.  But since 1948 God has gathered us back as a people and there’s more Jewish people living in Israel today.  That little sliver of land the size of New Jersey than any other place in the world including America.  Secondly He’s restoring our faith.  Jewish people are coming to faith in the God of Israel through the Messiah.  Eyes are being opened; there’s more Jewish people that believe in Jesus today than any time since the first century, then third restoration of the modern language. They’re all tied together; their all supernatural and we’re experiencing this before our very eyes Bible prophesy being fulfilled.

Sid: Now tell me about this beautiful book and CD that’s included titled “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures.”

Jonathan:  Okay Sid I have to give credit where credit is due and you played a role in this believe it or not.  A number of years ago you confessed healing scriptures and put them to music.  And I listened to those tapes and I never knew if they ever came out in CD’s it was a while ago.  They were on cassette tapes and I sent those to friends and it was soothing for the soul; faith came alive for healing and health through the confession of God’s Word.  I’m a big believer in confessing the word of God; faith is built as we confess the word of God.  But then I coupled that with a method that I had learned growing up in synagogue and that is the idea of transliteration.  Most Jewish people can’t read the Hebrew and so our prayer books transliterate the Hebrew into English phonetic English to sound out the Hebrew so then we can follow along using the phonetics.  Now I learned to read Hebrew the transliteration was kind of a cheat sheet that we could use to speak out the prayers  in synagogue. What I’ve done is I’ve taken that method that transliteration…

Sid: Now that was done because so many Jews relocated to the four corners of the earth as God prophesied and they did not know how to speak Hebrew after several generations. So it had to be started a system like this and it’s actually a supernatural way for any one that never went to Bible School of any sort, or a language school of any sort to be speaking the Biblical language.

Jonathan:  That’s right Sid in 5 minutes you can sit down put the CD on and you can be speaking in Hebrew without any Hebrew background or training or education whatsoever.  You can actually speak these scriptures out following along in the Hebrew and using the transliteration.  And you can be speaking forth confessing the Hebrew scriptures related to the Name of God Jehovah Shalom; or Adonai Shalom the Lord our peace; the Lord our completion.

Sid: Now you have scriptures about the word shalom peace but most people think of that’s what it means peace.  But it means so much more explain.

Jonathan:  Well, shalom is one of the greatest words in the Hebrew language; it means much more than just peace.  Although it does bring with it a supernatural peace.  But it also means wellbeing; it means wholeness.  And the greatest translation I think of shalom is completion; to bring to completion. When we’re exhorted in Psalm 122:6 “To pray for the peace, the shalom, of Jerusalem.”  In fact God is asking us to pray for His plan and purpose to be brought to completion, fulness.

Sid: So that’s why you know many people say now “Why did God pick only one city in the whole world that we’re admonished to pray for?”  And that’s Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”  Then He makes a promise connected with it.  “They shall prosper” and the word prosper in the Hebrew (talk about peace) means heart peace.  You shall have heart peace; because you’re praying for the completion of everything that God has prophesied so Jesus can come back and rule this earth.  We certainly need something better than Democrats or Republicans. (Laughing)

Jonathan:  (Laughing) We sure do Sid; and something really exciting is that first pray for the shalom of peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee.  Which means there’s a promise of property connected to that is also the word shalom.  Pray for the shalom of Jerusalem of Israel and God will shalom you.” He’ll prosper you back; He’ll give you peace, He’ll give you wholeness. He’ll complete the work He began in you.  It’s just amazing as you sow that prayer into Israel He pours it back into us.  That word is shalom.

Sid:  Now this brand new but we’ve already field tested this and people are listening to this in the Hebrew because the CD has beautiful relaxing music and then you hear the promise in Hebrew; then you hear the promise in English.  And you can also because it’s transliterated and the most beautiful pictures in this book.  And it’s really a book that you’d be proud to put on a coffee table; what a conversation piece you’re going to have in your home.  So as people do this at night they get totally relaxed and I believe as you’ve just pointed out the word shalom is completeness and all the promises of God… it’s called “The Lord Is Peace.

Our Guest Ricky Sinclair

Ricky Sinclair

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Ricky Sinclair; Sr. Pastor of Miracle Church in Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  Ricky was set for a life crime; he was set for life in prison; he was set to die many, many times.  But God had a plan for his life; he had a destiny and no matter how bleak a situation looks if you take a look at what God did with Ricky he can do it with you.  Ricky your wife says that when you picked up this revelation of love and it’s really what Jesus said. We Jewish people call it the Shema.  “Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad. Here of Israel the Lord our God the Lord is One.  And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all of your mind, and with all your strength.  And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  When you got that revelation your wife says that there was a total change in you which reflected a change in everyone you met.  How did you get that revelation Ricky?

Ricky: Sid, I don’t know how I got it all I know is that I’ve been living for God; serving God in my ministry and never really saw the supernatural.  Of course read the Bible and I saw the miracles in the Bible but I never really saw the supernatural.  But I just realized that it wasn’t about tradition and different denominations and religions.  And it wasn’t about religion, but what it was about was just simply loving God and loving people. That if I would live my life and put God first and then to love the precious people that He created then that was what life was really about.

Sid: And in love God is there because God is love. Tell me about a few people that I’m interested in in your congregation.  Tell me about Adrian

Ricky: Adrian now Sid let just say we see 100′s of miracles, but we don’t really make a big deal out them.  We don’t document them; people have been delivered from alcohol and drugs every day.  We see people delivered from homosexuality; we see people… we see tumors fall off. We see blind eyes open; we see deaf ears. We don’t really make a big deal.  The biggest miracle we see love come into people’s heart, joy, hope come into people’s lives.  We’ve seen them transformed right before our eyes through the love of God. But Adrian was a young lady that came to visit our church. And often times Sid too we don’t even pray for people.  When they walk in the building something supernatural takes place in their heart and in their life and they change.  And so it’s not like I don’t want to… it’s not like a big hype thing. Really, love is a decision and it’s action and that’s…  Listen being kind to the person at the grocery store; being gentle and really caring and genuinely caring that’s what love really is.  Love is action and so when people walk into our church or just simply come around us we see the power of God just touch their heart and their life.  Adrian was a young lady that came to visit out church; she had been battling with cancer since she was 14 years old; and it went into remission twice.  Here she comes to visit us about 18 years old in the church.

Sid: And that’s cancer of the ovaries.

Ricky: And that’s exactly right and she couldn’t get pregnant either; they said that she would never be able to have a baby. Well we prayed for her and God healed her of the cancer; we literally laid hands on her and prayed for her.  Then ultimately she got pregnant and so now she’s got a precious new baby and she is healed of cancer and that’s just one.

Sid: Now tell me of someone that had HIV AID’s.

Ricky: That’s a woman that came to us; her name is Lindy. Now let me tell her story; at our church is not a normal typical four wall church.  Our church is kicking it’s 21st century church.  It’s church on the move; it’s fun, it’s exciting. And there’s a coffee shop in our church; there’s an ice cream parlor, there’s a snack shop.  The youth has a car we cut in half; there’s Christian graffiti on the walls; the music is upbeat it’s not dead or stale.  And so here we are 4th of July shooting fireworks in our parking lot with the Fire Marshall with us. And Lindy is over strung out on cocaine and on heroin living on the streets across the railroad tracks. She sees all these fireworks and she thinks to herself, now this is what she’s told us since she’s given her life to the Lord and since she’s starting coming to our church and ultimately healed of even HIV. But she said, “I thought that any church that is shooting fireworks has got to be a cool church.” Sid let me tell you something; love does not put on a show; love doesn’t put on an act that’s hypocrisy.  Love is real and so she came to our church actually she tried to come to our church twice; she came into the parking lot on Sunday and could not get into the door twice.  On the third time she came to visit our church she made it into our service and then at the end of the service she came to the altar and gave her life to the Lord.  Then she had HIV and then ultimately she went to the doctor they tested her and she was… it was documented she had it and then it is documented that she is totally free of the virus of HIV.  And then we never even; listen Sid let me say this.  It’s not a big hype thing; it’s not a big hokey pokey, for lack of better terminology, a hokey pokey thing.  We never prayed for her; that’s what happens in the love of God it just simply happens because it’s supernatural and it’s a work of God.

Sid: Now God did such a miracle in your life and in your wife’s life and in your son’s life. And look at the destiny you would have had if God had not come into your life.  If you had not yielded really to God and look at all of these what 800 people come to your church right now. I haven’t been there yet but I am told that the whole atmosphere is like electric with the love of God.

Ricky: It is just simply the love of God; that’s what it’s all about.  It’s not putting on a mask; it’s not putting on a show; it’s not putting on an act acting like you’re something that you’re not.  It’s just simply being genuine and sincere and walking in love according to God’s plan.

Sid: Are you finding marriages are being restored by people that come to your church.

Ricky: By the 100′s.

Sid: By the 100′s.

Ricky: Listen, listen every family that comes here….

Sid: Don’t say that too loud my whole staff are liable to leave me and go out to your church; now you be still. (Laughing)

Ricky: I don’t want them, we’ll love them right on back to you. (Laughing)

Sid: Okay. (Laughing) You know I’m just getting to know you but you are carrying an anointing.  I guess that it’s got something to do with the brokenness you’ve gone through but it’s a gift from God.

Ricky: Yes Sir.

Sid: Walking in God’s love is a gift from God.  I know that it’s a decision but you’ve moved from the decision stage to the reality stage.  I believe that everyone that wants to walk in this love and this love realm and this God realm.  Someone’s neck and back and head and anything in the head you need you’re healed. Sinus conditions and in the head area you are whole in Jesus Name. But I believe Ricky if you will pray for people right now and backs are being healed so strongly; anyone that has a back problem  you just pull to the side of the road.  But don’t even do that right now Ricky, you pray for those that are hungering and thirsting to walk I the love of God realm please.

Ricky: Lord right now we just release Your love; God Your power to touch every heart and every life that’s listening to us today. And we thank You Lord that you’re doing great miracles in peoples’ lives right this second and right now in the Name of Jesus.  I thank you that joy is coming into people’s lives.  I thank you that you’re raising people up where they were downtrodden; where they were hurt Lord your encouraging them; your strengthening them right now.

Sid: Now Ricky with all the junk that you did are you a forgiven man?

Ricky: Yes Sir you got to walk in forgiveness. When you forgive what you’re saying is I hold no debt in any person.  And so when you forgive you say “I totally release you and let you go; my heart is clean and pure towards you.”  And then when you do that you release the power of God.

 Sid:  Ricky, were out of time.  Mishpochah if you don’t know Jesus just ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins. Tell Him you’re sorry and believe the blood of Jesus has washed that sin away and changed you. And ask Him to be your Messiah and Lord and live inside of you.

Our Guest Richard Mull


Sid: We want everyone everywhere that has heard the good news and received the Messiah to hear God’s voice for themselves.  And God has raised up Richard Mull so that he can mentor you in how to be normal. Normal as defined by the Bible; we have the most wonderful brand new Bible.  It’s the NET, the New English Translation, put out by Dallas School of Theology.  It is color coded for everything supernatural is one of the finest translations available in modern English.  It’s got an imitation leather cover; it’s very readable.  And what we want you to do is every time you find something color coded for angels or miracles or God speaking or dreams and visions. Or anything supernatural you can say “That’s mine; that’s what God wants me to have.”  And start meditating on it and let the word become flesh, you’ll literally be impregnated with the Word of God.  And then we have a four week workbook on how to hear God for yourself and I’m going to tell you something.  Things are coming on planet earth that if you don’t hear God’s voice it’ll be life threatening.  For instance, Richard Mull tell me about the time that you’re son died and had you not heard God’s voice he would have stayed dead.

Richard:  Yes, we actually had just gotten to the hospital.  Had been concerned for about 24 hours, we had seen him failing.  He was almost 2 years old and didn’t know that some medicines in his stomach had caused an ulcer in his stomach to rupture and he had been being poisoned by his own stomach juices.  So we got to the hospital and as I pulled him off of my chest the words that came out of my mouth were he’s gone.  He’s dead; and I set him down on the hospital bed and the girls that were in the room were just techs they left the room .And I began to pray over him; doctors immediately came in began to work on him.  They could not find a heartbeat; they said “He’s gone” and knew he was dead. Hooked him up to machines and could not get heartbeat, could not get blood pressure; continued to work on him.  While they worked on him I answered questions but most of the time I was praying out-loud pretty fearlessly because this is game on, and I’d been studying healing for 15 years and believed that I would see the dead raise.  But I hadn’t had that opportunity before the last thing that I ever thought was that it would be one of my own children.  But I thanked God that I understood that I understood our authority in the power of God. I began to operate and listen to the voice of God and rebuked death; I thought of every scripture I knew on healing prayed through each one of them. I knew that his spirit was gone; I knew that I was looking at just the shell because his spirit was gone. The son I knew was not there but I was telling him that Nathaniel you come back here now; you listen to your daddy and you come back here right now.  I remembered the passage where the father brought his son to Jesus and said “Lord heal my son” and Jesus said to him “Do you believe, Lord I believe help my unbelief.”  And in that moment I said “Lord you know I believe, Lord you know I’ve seen most of the miracles in the Bible.  But Lord help my unbelief I repent of any unbelief.  I want complete faith for this miracle right now.”  In that very moment I saw in the middle of this hospital room a boat being tossed by the wave.  The kind of boat Jesus and His disciples would have been in to fish.  And I saw that boat and in that boat Jesus was standing; it was right there in the middle of the room I saw this vision.  And I knew that that was God’s promise to me that my son was going to live.  Well, 8 minutes; 15 minutes; 22 minutes; 25 minutes; 30 minutes I knew that we had passed the barriers where they say “Brain damage happens and everything else begins to happen.”  And we got to 40 minutes and found his heart beat and his blood pressure and whisked him away.  They had discerned that “He had an ulcer that ruptured because of the medicines that he had been on. And the toxins had been poisoning and they told me that he will not make it through the operation and there is no way he is too weak there is no way. If he does he will be totally brain damaged.”  And I did not listen to what they were saying; I knew God had promised me that he would be well.  And we heard them one more time explain to us the hopelessness of the situation but we weren’t receiving anything that they were saying.  And our son today is full of joy and life; he makes us laugh all day long.

Sid: How long was he dead?

Richard:  Forty minutes

Sid: I mean if someone is dead for 40 minutes they should not even have a brain.

Richard:  Yeah.

Sid: He should be brain dead.

Richard:  He spent 10 weeks in recovery drug induced coma because of the operation.  His body had to heal and there were complications they had to do dialysis for a week and there were other things.  But God healed every part of his body and he came home.  When we came back for a checkup the doctor walked in the room and started to cry and turned around and walked out because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Nathaniel was playing with a fishing pole catching fish with a magnetic fishing pole.  And the skill level involved in doing that is pretty high for any 2 year old and there he was you know catching fish with this fishing pole and just laughing and smiling.

Sid: Now a few years ago God spoke to you to sell your house do you know why God said that?

Richard:  He was actually speaking to us about first of all decluttering being ready to respond whatever he led us to do.  He also began to speak that there was destruction coming to cities in America.  And that we would need to be ready to move and to go.  That was my wife that first heard about selling the house and if you know my wife that is not what she would typically think or want to do.  We love our house; we love where we live but we learned God’s voice.  And we’ve learned every time we obey Him we hit a home run.  But the first time He told us we didn’t listen and if we had we would have been able to pay cash for our house just 2 years later.

Sid:  You hear from God and the most amazing miracles are happening.  For instance, briefly, because of whose hands because of such severe arthritis were about ready to be amputated.

Richard:  We knew that that type of arthritis comes from self-hatred and as we were ministering to her the Holy Spirit just impressed upon me to ask her if there was anything that she hadn’t been able to forgive herself for.  And in that moment she asked if her daughter could be excused from the room because she had come with her daughter and her daughter left the room.  And she opened up to us about something that happened when she was a young girl that she had never been able to forgive herself for.  That day she forgave herself; it took a while because if was one thing for her to believe God forgave her but it was another thing to receive His forgiveness.  She knew it all of her life but she never received it because she never deserved it she felt.  So she received God’s forgiveness and then I asked her can you forgive yourself now.  And she said “No, I could never do that.”  And I said “If the highest court in the land abdicates them of their sin; removes them of their guilt; can a lower court hold them accountable?”  She said, “No.”  Do you realize that you’re putting yourself above God?”  If you can receive His forgiveness do you believe your justice is greater than His?”  And she said “That doesn’t sound really good does it?”  “No, but would you agree that that’s what you’re doing?” And she said “Yeah.”  And she forgave herself and God totally healed her hands that day.

Sid: Could you briefly tell me, this is amazing, about a pastor it’s ready to divorce his wife after 18 years of marriage and what happened real quick.

Richard:  Yeah, this was 11:00 at night which isn’t my time of day.  And I said “God I want to know right off the bat what the issue is that we need to deal with.”  And we had our brief introduction, a little chit chat and I said “Whose Karen?”  Because I had been getting the name Karen. And he said “I don’t know.”  Somebody in your church named Karen? No.  Somebody in your past named Karen? And he said “Yeah.”  And he said “I dated a girl when I was 15.”  And I said “You had sexual relations with her?  And he said “Yeah.”  I said “You have her picture in your wallet and you have her phone number on the back of the picture.”  And he said “Yeah.”

Sid: How did you know that?

Richard:  You know I just learned to pay attention to the still small voice so it’s less than a whisper but it’s as clear as can be.  And I just knew in my spirit about those things.  And I just often praise Him in the form of a question because sometimes even when you are right people either want to hide something or its different things.  I was just wording it I was like “Is there a picture in your wallet?” And he was like yeah. And her phone numbers on the back of the picture. And you fantasize about her when your with your wife.  Every question was “Yes.”  And I said “You’ve got an ungodly soul tie with a woman that you had a relationship with 36 years ago and you got to break up with that fantasy or you’re going to be miserable.

Sid: What happened when he broke that fantasy through prayer?

Richard:  His ministry was restored, his marriage he’s happily married.  He actually has a healing ministry in his church and God kept him from walking away from the ministry, and his wife and family.

Sid: Okay, you’ve been listening to us all this week and you’ve been thinking “That is wonderful for Richard Mull but what about me God?  Well, I’m telling you this is why God raised up Richard Mull to mentor you in hearing God’s voice for yourself.

Our Guest Tatsuo Akamine

Sid: My guest comes from Japan his name is Tatsuo Akamine and I met Tatsuo at a meeting for America for Jesus.  And for those that are not familiar with America for Jesus   on the mall in Washington D.C. on October 22 there is going to be a gathering of believers for one purpose to pray and fast that America will remain the greatest country in the world.  The country that can literally proclaim the gospel to the four corners of this earth. We are at the most critical juncture of the history of the United States of America. If politicians get in that are for death, it’s called the nicer term is called abortion. If they are for murdering the babies in the womb; if they are for homosexual marriages; if they are for what Hollywood’s agenda is, then this country doesn’t stand a chance. This is our final warning.  So when I was at the coordinator’s meeting for America for Jesus I met a young man from Japan Tatsuo Akamine, and Tatsuo has been called from Japan to the United States sovereignly, supernaturally.  Just briefly Tatsuo how does someone that’s raised a Buddhist, the short version become a believer in Jesus?

Tatsuo: Well Sid my whole story is absolutely supernatural. I was raised as a Buddhist you know Japanese kind of almost synonymous with each other. And I was taught that Christianity Jesus was simply the western religious institution and I was a son of the east. Therefore, I was Buddhist I never went to church in my life and never read the Bible.  But I had an encounter with Jesus that just revolutionized my life.

Sid: Well, you got to tell me how?

Tatsuo: Well, it was near death experiences there in high school and we were kind of messing around in the showers and like a lot of young teenage boys during that time you get very mischievous we kind of flooded the hallway showers. As I was running to slide 10 to 15 feet and on to my belly, instead I fell backwards and slammed the back of my head on that tile floor. Went into a coma and doctors had very little to say to my mother in terms of maybe I’m coming out. And if I did recover I would be a vegetable.  But two days later by the grace of God I did recover. And it was during a two week period that I had to stay home out our shear boredom and just kind of boredom I read this tract this Bible tract and it talked about Jesus.  And I said “Lord, I don’t know if you’re really out there but if you are I ask you to come into my life and if you died for my sins come into my life and save me.” And Sid I can’t explain it other than if you know Jesus you know what I’m talking about.  A presence of another world, I never had any experience like this invaded my heart and my mind and my soul.  I knew at that point that Almighty God existed and my life has never been the same since and has never been the same till this day and never will.

Sid: Now you have in the natural an impossible call from God.  You are calling for a million, no I take it back 20 million Christians to be involved in corporate fasting worldwide 200 million Christians starting on Yom Kippur that ‘s September 24th for a 40 day fast. Number 1 why are you doing this? Why does someone have to come from Japan to tell us American believers to fast at the most critical point of the history of America?

Tatsuo:  Well God’s ways are above our ways and you know one thing that I want to make mention Sid is that you know when something is of God it’s never 1 individual…

Sid: Is that because He can’t trust individuals (Laughing)

Tatsuo:  (Laughing) I don’t know it’s His sovereign choice. And I’m just simply just one of many that God has spoken to. There have been people such as Ray Brigham of World Prayer Summit, and Gary Bergel, and Allen Copeless of Intercessors for America.  Chuck Pierce, you got people like Bill and Beth Morocco of Community Prayer Watch, Lou Engle that God spoke to simultaneously. And when the Lord began to speak to my heart on the West Coast calling for a national 40 days of corporate prayer and fasting for National repentance it just resonated with these other individuals. And soon I mean within weeks it has turned into a firm storm, I mean from west coast all the way to eastern seaboard states. This is nothing but a hand of God and the way we see it I mean none of us really have any money. It started on my side with a phone call to Vanette Brights office back at the end of April.  Mary, her assistant, had given me Ray Brigham’s telephone number. And we connected and he had the similar vision to call for this most critical time in our nation’s history.  We are at that cusp to either coming to God in either whole sale repentance because that is the only hope of the nation, or to face the inevitability of His holy severity.

Sid: Now let me as you a question.  A lot of people have been saying things like you’re saying for many years now what makes you think that this is not just another bump in the road?

Tatsuo:  Well, you got to look at where we are in the nation here in America.  As you mentioned briefly, I was in a missionary in Japan for 15 years. You know coming back here the Lord placed on my heart as well as other missionaries for revival in America. And revival is always proceeded by repentance, and repentance is always proceeded by a massive ground swell of prayer that moves into our nation. And one of the things that I noticed as I speak with other leaders, I was speaking with Gary Bergel this morning. The rate in which this thing is spreading across the nation is beyond human capability.  It is not like another time; in fact as I look at what’s taking place here in the nation and the enthusiastic response of God’s people and the dictates of 2nd Chronicles 14. The response is not just going nationally but is going internationally.  I believe that we are at the beginnings of the greatest prayer movement in the history of Christianity.  As it impacts the United States and simultaneously around the world.

Sid: Okay, you’re talking… your calling… God is calling for a 40 day fast from September 24th which is the beginning of Yom Kippur until November 2nd which just happens to be election day in the United States for president.  Help me out, some people are going to fast with just water, other may fast one meal a day.  What are your suggestions?

Tatsuo:  You know we’re just trusting the Holy Spirit, if you know the Lord Jesus I want you to pray. Ask God, Almighty God how is it You want me to respond during this solemn time. Do you want me to fast one day a week, there are people who are diabetic and physically cannot fast from food and that’s fine. Well they can fast from television and instead read the word of God, get together with others that are praying. There will be others that God will be called for an extended 40 days others for 2 days a week; I don’t know were not putting…

Sid: Alright your spiritual hunch if we get the proper prayer from believers, and by the way that includes you.  If we get the proper prayer from believer paint me a picture of what could happen to America.

Tatsuo: Well, you know the solution to our nation, the solution to our family, to the solution of our region is us coming back in brokenness in genuine repentance to almighty God. When that happens our lives are transformed, a new obedience and from that obedience it impacts our society, it will impact those around us. You see this is not a program, it’s not a man made program; this is something that God is calling us to. And we can see this nation completely turned around and it’s happened in history.  And in fact Sid this year is the centennial of the Walsh revival back in 1904. Evan Roberts message was simple it was repentance we must turn from all known sin. We must obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: And isn’t it amazing because you wanted to have the fast for 40 days before the presidential and it just happened to begin on September 24th which just happens to be Yom Kippur. A Jewish day of atonement in which we Jewish people go in the synagogues beat on upon our chest and say “God we’re sinners forgive us.” Do not remove our name from the book of life.

Tatsuo: Absolutely.

Sid: And that’s what we Jews and look how Jews and Christians are going to come together on this repentance. And after all isn’t that the reason the book of Ephesians says that ‘s the reason that Jesus came?  He came to break down the middle line of separation between Jews and Gentiles to form the One New Man. Now if people what to get some additional information they can go to your web site and what is that?

Tatsuo:  The national website is: www.40daysusa.org

Sid: Mishpochah if you’ve never done anything like this before I don’t want you to pray about it I want you to do something.  Something means whatever God shows you.  It maybe one meal a day, it maybe deserts, it maybe sugar.  It maybe TV it maybe something and when you do that repent.  You know Tatsuo a lot of people could fast and go on their merry way and miss the purpose of the fast if they’re not repenting along with fasting.

Tatsuo:  Absolutely.

Sid:Once again on September 24th of all days the holy day of Yom Kippur when Jewish people are praying and fasting that our names will be inscribed in the book of life that our sins will be forgiven; this is the date that has been called to start this 40 day fast, then on October 22nd America for Jesus. A million Christians are going to gather on the mall in Washington, DC. If you would like more information on America for Jesus their web page is www.AmericaforJesus.org.

Our Guests Gennady & Svetlana

Gennady & Svetlana

Sid:  I have a Russian Jewish woman that is so red-hot for the Messiah, her name is Svetlana. You met her husband Gennady yesterday and this is a wonderful Messianic Jewish couple red-hot for the Messiah. As I said to Gennady yesterday Svetlana who would have thought that God was going to open up a supernatural door where you and your husband could speak on secular Russian radio in the land of Israel without compromising and holding back on the gospel, and large numbers of Russian Jews in Israel that have similar backgrounds to what you and Gennady had before you came to know the Messiah are going to be listening.  Then you offer my book in Russian of the 10 Jewish testimonies; this is a book that God told me in a dream to write.  He said “More Jewish people would come to know him through this book than anything I have ever done.” And history shows that that was from God.  And it’s 10 Jewish people; a Jewish concert pianist, actually a Russian Jewish concert pianist, a mega-millionaire; a PhD, a holocaust survivor; Jews from every walk of life that came to the conclusion that Yeshua was the Messiah.  We offer that we offer that free of charge and I might add we’re out of the books and we just ordered another 50,000 of them.  And you told me something Svetlana you said “Sid your testimony book you had printed in Russian and that I should reprint that, why?”

Svetlana: Yes, why Sid because right now Jewish people are waiting to think in the supernatural.  Because of the openness of everything especially in the previous Soviet Union.  And the gospel is flowing free also is a lot of cults and occults flowing free.  So many people are open to the supernatural realm and I know that personally many people who are involved in that trying to know their future.  And trying to go to occultists and…

Sid: But let me interrupt you Svetlana for those who do not know my testimony I’ve been a Jewish believer in the Messiah for over 30 years. But the first 30 years of my life I was a secular Jew coming from an Orthodox Jewish background. I got involved in what back then was called the occult and today is called the New Age.

Svetlana: Yes.

Sid: So what Svetlana is saying is my testimony would so relate to Russian Jews today. And we are believing God; I mean we had a scrape to do these last 50,000 of the Russian versions of “They Thought for Themselves.” But I want to do 100,000 of the book “There Must be Something More.”  That’s my full testimony in Russian, we already have it laid out and done and it’s just a matter of printing a 100,000 and I need to do another 75,000 of “They Thought for Themselves.”  And you know Svetlana I just believe that this is time for the Russian Jews to come in large numbers to the Messiah.

Svetlana: Yes Sid, yes and you know I personally believe that they’re very open.  I believe that the Russian Jews is one of the most open Jewish people which is open right now to the gospel.

Sid: Now tell me a bit about yourself; tell me where you were raised and what your understanding of God and Judaism and heaven and hell was.

Svetlana: Okay I grew up in communist Russian and of course I had no religious background whatsoever.  I was totally atheist, total.  But you know in my heart, in my deep deep heart it was a fear of death.  I couldn’t understand why I was afraid of dying.  And I had a Grandma whom I loved very much and she loved me very much too. And I asked him when I was 3 years old I said “Grandma, will I ever die?” And she said “No my dear, you will never die.”

Sid: Hm.

Svetlana: Can you imagine and he just couldn’t understand how right he was at that time. I constantly just imagined myself dying and then what nothingness, nothing but blackness.  I couldn’t imagine stop existing.  And that fear was paralyzing me, but of course we never heard about God or the Bible. Anything we heard about our religion it was very negative. They had books on religion that was very negative and scary so the propaganda was very strong against any religion.  And of course against Jewish people,  Jewish people was the persecuted minority.

Sid: Now where did you meet Gennady?

Svetlana: (Laughing) We lived in Russia, we fell in love as children and we left for Canada.  My dream always was to leave Russian and live in a free country, it was my dream.  And of course when I met Gennady we get married and shortly after we came to Canada.

Sid: Okay, now the story continues with Gennady if you’ll put him on the phone.

Svetlana: Yes, just a minute.

Sid: Now Gennady and Svetlana have a congregation in Montreal, Canada right now. Gennady are you there?  Hi Gennady, I want to find out you and your wife meet fall in love and you want to be a big musician, a rock star, you came to Canada.  What did you first think when you came? How different was it from the former Soviet Union?

Gennady: Well first of all I was looking for a great freedom in Russia I didn’t have that. When I was going to the west I knew that we had come into the land of freedom.  When we came there was much freedom, a lot of freedom.  I mean everything was available, you could go and buy any instrument you want, you rent an apartment with stove and fridge and telephone right away.  In Russia in our days you have to wait 20 years in line to get a telephone to get connected.

Sid: Hmm.

Gennady: It was quite free. So my first car was bought in Canada and so it was the land of milk and honey in those days for me.

Sid: But you met a very interesting couple that invited you to a prayer meeting over their house. Why did you go?

Gennady: Well I was invited… I just want to go back just a few seconds.  I thought that my life would be completely satisfied in Canada and I would kind of find myself here and I would be totally happy.  But when I met with the reality face to face I couldn’t find the job that I was looking for as a musician and everything else.  My language was very low so I had to take any position that was available and I took just a minimum job to meet the needs of my family. A few years later we met a couple through other people and God sent these people from Northern Manitoba it’s another providence in Canada to this city specifically. They had a radio program in Ukrainian, and then when we met them they were an elderly couple and I was not looking for friends who will be older than me twice or more. I’m just sorry to say that but that was my mentality and I was about 24, 25, 26 years of age and in any case when they invited us to hear them once when it was sort of like a house meeting it was a Jewish home and these people they knew the Lord these Jewish couple. And when we came to listen to this man what had attracted me that he was speaking on miracles that he experienced in his life.  Somebody was healed from a severe disease and that caught my attention. Also when he was speaking I felt in that little living room it was different atmosphere it was peace, it was joy unspeakable.  I couldn’t understand; I never felt that in my life.  Whatever I was looking for I never felt that in my life such peace and joy and happiness. I thought to myself and to my wife “Something happens here, let’s meet with this man again and see what he has to say.”

Sid: Now if there were not miracles, and I know that it’s difficult to answer this, but if there were not miracles would you have been attracted to keep going back?

Gennady: No I was not interested in God because I didn’t believe that God existed.

Sid: So you see Mishpochah it’s the miracles.  God knew what he was saying when He said “The Jew requires a sign.”  So you actually started reading the Bible and asking God if He was real?

Gennady: Not right away when we met with this people we began to meet with them on a regular basis at their home they were very hospitable and they begin to tell us then. They begin to tell us about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; I was amazed this people they were Ukrainian and to my knowledge when I was living in Russia the Ukrainian people they were very anti-Semitic.  So I thought to myself “How did this man being Ukrainian living in Canada knows about my Jewishness more than I do.” And he would point to me from the Bible left and right about my roots about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, about my history. My interest was very very caught to this. And then they begin to witness to us for about 8 months, we developed very good friendship between each other.  My wife and myself and these people. At the end of this 8 month journey as God knew one day I was in my room it was in the living room…

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time here but Mishpochah can see how God created Gennady and Svetlana to do Russian evangelistic radio on secular radio stations.  Right now we’re in Israel and the Russian Jews are exactly where Gennady and Svetlana used to be so they’re telling the basic stories but they’re not compromising on the gospel.  And now were in Germany on a Russian Jewish secular; it’s not Jewish but it’s a Russian secular station and there are over 100,000 Russian Jews that have recently immigrated to Germany. And we have opportunities to take his Russian show throughout the entire former Soviet Union.  I’d like to put it throughout the United States.  Only money is stopping us from developing this. And we must publish more books because we offer the book “They Thought for Themselves” the 10 Jewish testimonies that God Himself told me to write this book. And we need the money to do my testimony book in Russia. And I believe that God’s going to provide this, it’s God’s time.  But I’m concerned about America Jews, I’m concerned about the Jewish person that God Himself has had cross your path.