Our Guest Rolland and Heidi Baker

Rolland & Heidi Baker

Sid: If you’ve been listening all this week I’ve had Heidi Baker on and Heidi is, I would not call her red hot for the Messiah, I’d call her white hot which is a shade more than red hot, red hot for the Messiah. I have her husband on the telephone right now. The Baker’s have a wonderful ministry in Mozambique, Africa. They’ve about 3000 churches started in the last couple of years. Leading large numbers of Muslims to the Lord, they have…Rolland how many orphans do you have now?

Rolland: We have well over 1000 in our main 2 centers in the southern capital of Maputo, then we have many others taken care of by our bush churches basically around the country.

Sid: Now I want the people to get to know you a little bit. I got to know you in a very indirect fashion. Many years ago I read a book called “Visions Beyond the Veil.” I was so impressed with this revival that occurred in China, then I found since he has the same last name as you that he was your grandfather. You recently… for those that are not familiar with “Visions Beyond the Veil” just very briefly what did your grandfather observe in China?

Rolland: Well he went to China as a Pentecostal missionary in the 1920’s and he really didn’t exactly what to do. He tried to be a classic missionary by preaching to adults and so forth. My grandmother didn’t really know what to do with herself, but she discovered outside their very very simple Chinese courtyard type house in this wild west town of Kunming where I was born. That she discovered children in the gutters just literally dying in rags and she began to take them in and wash them off and give them clothes and eventually they had a group of about 50 orphans. Many of these orphans were so sick and far gone when they picked them up they literally died in a few days, but eventually they had a group of 50 or so children that were actually were very ordinary children. They’re not particularly interested in spiritual things just naughty kids that wanted to play and so forth and didn’t want to sit in chapel and hear about the Bible or anything. So one day the Holy Spirit just fell on them very very powerfully so much so that these plain ordinary 10 year old kids were convicted of sin to the degree that they wept and hid under their benches and chairs, and for night and day, for days then were caught up by demons and carried off to hell. They didn’t understand the gospel for all they knew they were totally lost and had no hope whatsoever which is an experience I think most people need to go through but don’t in the western church. Then in these visions they experience being caught by angels saved by angels literally over the saints of hell and taken up into heaven and explained the gospel and taken to see Jesus. Then for days and weeks even months these visions would occur every day all day you know except for a brief times of rest and eating all heaven was opened up to these children in a fabulous way that I’ve never heard the equal of in church history.

Sid: Now did you ever meet your grandfather?

Rolland: Oh I knew him very well.

Sid: Did he ever prophecy or lay hands on you because it just seems there’s too close a connection with orphans both of you had with supernatural signs? It’s too close, did he?

Rolland: Well he never just formally laid hands and pronounced anything but he obviously took a deep deep interest in me. I have 4 sisters I’m the son in my father’s family and he only had one son. He just took a terrific interest in me as his grandson ever since I was a small boy 3 – 5 years old on his lap. He would just spend hours with me telling me stories of the supernatural world that he lived in when he was in revival in southwest China.

Sid: One quick story Rolland of what he told you when you were young, just one that had an impact, one supernatural story.

Rolland: Well he made the world of angels and demons very very real. He would tell me stories of how demons would get ahold of children and get ahold of people and entice them with worldly pleasures. In fact in his orphanages these demons would sometimes come inside and just spirits right through the walls and take them away and entice them with toys and money and delights and just offer them all sorts of enticements to keep them away from the things of God and thinking about the next life and all. The angels would come and rescue them and bring them back. Oh I could just go on and on. He always had a different story each time, but they would be so particular and so beyond the experience of the average Christian. So beyond the typical normal Sunday school life for the average kid. He would tell stories of demons giving them supernatural strength and power and insolence if only they would only give their soul to the devil and do his work and all. Then angels would come and he would tell stories of services in the mountains of China where demons would surround the churches outside in the night while they were trying to worship. Angels would be around the church inside the walls keeping the demons out and you could hear the demons outside screaming and cackling, and chanting, and yet these bright white angels inside would be protecting those who were worshipping. It was just extraordinary you know this whole supernatural world of heaven and hell and angels and demons and all was real; the average church goer never hears this stuff at all and the Bible just seems like a bunch of fairy stories and it’s hard to believe.

Sid: You recently went to China what happened?

Rolland: Well there is only one orphan alive still that I know of. He had been separated from the west behind the Bamboo Curtain for all those years. My grandfather was forced out by the communist in 1949. In 1980 China opened up again and my parents went in and met this particular man he’s now 83 years old. This is the man who became my grandfather’s walking companion, ministry companion all those 20 years that he was in the mountains after my grandfather moved out from the orphanage. He was my grandfather’s right hand preaching companion he did all his interpreting, and arrangements, and helped him with all his living arrangements, and carrying his possessions, he did all his translations he was just his man Friday. He just wanted to meet me that the years went by we were able to go to Kunming for a number of visits. But my father and even my mother had never been up to my grandfather’s territory in Yunam it was so far so remote and permission was not granted to westerners even after 1980 for a long long time to go up into that region. So even my parents had never seen it, but now China is getting more and more open, and more more free now finally those regions are open to foreigners to visit. But Lee Shui this man is now 83 and he does really not think that he could possibly go to heaven without a visit from me.

Sid: Hmm.

Rolland: He just really wanted to see me one last time in my grandfather’s territory in his home, in his mountain valley before he went to heaven. He was able to get that message by telephone to my mother last year. My mother went out to visit the city of Kunming where the orphanage was. It’s still a long ways from where my grandfather worked in the mountains, but she met with Lee Shui and he said he really wanted me to come and visit him, be with him, and go there before he died. He just could not die until I came. Last month, actually a few weeks ago I was able to finally make the trip and that was the first time a white man had been in that area in 50 years. It was so long ago most people had never seen a white man at all till they saw me.

Sid: So did you have people, children following you around wherever you went?

Rolland: Yeah nobody had ever seen a white and I was just a total object of attention. They had heard about my grandfather and my arrival just caused a huge stir. It was very emotional for me because when I was little I would hear about all his 20 mile hikes everyday from village to village evangelizing entire mountain valleys and one community after another with signs and wonders, extremely Pentecostal. Nothing had to be forced, contrived. He baptized personally some 10,000 people in wild cold mountain rivers and high altitudes and these people would just get so overcome by the presence of God on the river banks; they would just get lost in the Spirit and fall to the ground and roll and shake and laugh and get up in visions, and they’d come up out of the water speaking in tongues without ever hearing about tongues, and prophesying…

Sid: Speaking of prophesying out of curiosity in China or any of your travels have heard, or has the Lord shown you or Heidi, an indication as to where we are in history?

Rolland: Well my grandfather’s children had a lot of visions not just of heaven but past events and also future events of the tribulation. Now they do not know anything about the current controversy over when the tribulation is and the rapture is or anything like that. But they certainly saw a lot of the kind of power that we can expect in the last days. From those visions we can certainly see that God is not finished yet, He has not finished pouring out His Spirit on all flesh and we’re going to see a time of incredible harvest where the Holy Spirit takes ahold of His church, takes the reigns of His church and individuals of His body, and completely removes all reason for the world to accuse us of hypocrisy and weakness and all. He’s going to build a beautiful spotless bride and church and it’s truely going to glorify Him in the last days. The children would see God’s people transporting themselves like Phillip, you know to Samaria just going from place to place to place as they needed without the benefit of helicopters and airplanes, calling down fire from heaven on unrepentant towns and cities. Just being given extreme authority that was possible by the reason of their holiness and purity. We are entering that realm, we really are in Mozambique we’re beginning to see the possibilities. Our eyes are being open to that sort of thing and we realize that nothing is impossible all those dreams and desires and all the things we dared to hope for in God all of our lives, all the things we read in the Bible, all the greatness of God that we long to see fleshed out is actually unfolding.

Sid: We’re out of time!

Our Guest Joan Gieson

Joan Gieson

Sid: I think that’s a very apt description of my next guest her name is Joan Gieson. I’m speaking to her at her home in St. Louis, Missouri. And you’ve probably seen Joan on television if you’ve ever watched the Benny Hinn show; she’s the woman that says “Pastor Benny” this person has just been healed of this disease or that disease” and now she’s in her own ministry. And the thing that I found so intriguing is that for years she also worked with one of my favorite ministries the Kathryn Kuhlman Ministry doing similar things and she has pretty much picked up strong anointings of healing from both of those wonderful ministries. But actually I want to take you back to the beginning you just had your first child and something happened to you and it only happens in the movies it’s not supposed to happen in real life what happened to you?

Joan: I just want to say hello to you this morning and thank you so much for allowing me to be with you today. You know I felt as though when the first call came in to be with you on your television program that it was one of the top 3 important things that ever happened in my life. And that saying something because I’m an old woman and I’ve done a lot but it was from the Holy Spirit that He allowed me to know that and I feel the same way about being with you today and tomorrow and the following days. In saying all of that thanks a million for allowing this to happen. But yes…

Sid: Well Joan that’s as a nice a compliment that I’ve ever had on the air so thank you but what happened after your first child?

Joan: Honey it was devastating I’m Italian and my name my maiden name is Palermo and my mom and dad they had 3 kids and all of us were strong as anybody could be there was no sickness other than measles and mumps and colds and just the general thing you know. And in the…with the Catholic people I don’t know if it’s with all of the Catholics, I mean Italians I didn’t mean Catholic Italian a pedigree is given to the intended husband. Before the marriage my mother and father took me to the regular doctor and the gynecologist and check all over and I had all of the reproductive organs in good condition. My teeth were good and my hearing was good and it sounded like selling a poodle (Laughing). And so my mom and dad that and said that “She’s healthy and she’s strong” and it was like part of dowry. And I got married and a wonderful wedding went on a honeymoon and now sometime later our first child was born and when he was just a little more than 2 years old I stooped over one day to pick something up off of the floor and my husband at that time was working from 12 noon until 10 at night and so he had already gone to work. And Michael was, that’s the little boy’s name, he was playing and when I stooped over to get this whatever it was that ever had fallen on the floor I got up and Sid I was completely blind.

Sid: Hm.

Joan: Well it’s not something that you can practice for or you can prepare for it’s like oh there was a fear that gripped my body that was so inclusive that I mean I could literally feel it’s clutches around me. And I yelled for Michael to come and he brought the telephone to me and I called the operator and had her dial my mother. And I said “Mom you’ve got to come quick I can’t see.” Well her and my grandfather came in a minute it seemed like and I was sitting in the living room and I would see bits and pieces of my sight coming back and then it would go again. Well within a couple of hours it had come back but the fear had not left. And my mom said “Okay now what happened here there’s something wrong we’re going to go out and buy a new hat and we’ll divert your attention to something else,” but she said “When I gave your hand to Frank that’s my husband you were perfectly sound and good and she said I want to know what happened.” That’s a good Italian mom.

Sid: It sounds like a Jewish mom but go ahead.

Joan: I think it came from the same pod you know I really do.

Sid: Well we both speak with our hands I know that.

Joan: Yes and I’m speaking with my hands yes absolutely. But my mom did she took me out to buy the new hat and I was thrilled with the new hat but it certainly did not take that fear away. And then she waited until Frank came home for dinner late that night after 10:00. And she said “Frank you know what’s happened here you know are there problems that I don’t know about?” And he said “No!” I mean he was just as shocked as we were. Well then we kissed each other goodbye and she left and we went to bed and the next day the very same thing happened. And at the end of our street there was a doctor, just a general doctor which I had never seen before. But when my mother and grandfather arrived my dad was at work also they took me down to this man and this man I was still blind when they took me into his office and they took me in as an emergency. And this doctor said “I do not know what’s wrong with her but I have a friend whose name is William Bailey and he’s an ophthalmologist and I called him and told him you were one the way. Well I went to him Sid and he said “You have optic the hemorrhages are behind both eyes and the optic nerves are swollen into the brain” and he said “There’s major trouble here and of course I can’t tell you conclusively what’s wrong but I’ve made an appointment with another doctor named Edmund Smallick” and I said “What is that?” And this time again the fright had come back but it wasn’t right. And he said “He’s a brain surgeon and I want you to see him and it’s my thinking that it could be several things. He said it could be a brain tumor and we want to check this out.” And so I went to this Edmund Smallick and what an unusual man this was. Now this was in one day Sid one day I went blind the next day it happened again. I went to the first doctor he sent me to the ophthalmologist which sent me to the brain surgeon that day. He said “I’m going to send you over to the hospital and I want you to be in there tonight we’re going to do some tests tomorrow and we’re going to see what we can find.” And I started crying, the guy gave me his handkerchief and he said “You know I haven’t done anything to you yet don’t cry” and he felt really bad for me because I was just…I had not really been sick and I did not know what was going on. And to think that this blindness could be part of your life now, but you know Sid the thing that scared me the very most was…

Sid: What was that?

Joan: If I would die I mean immediately I mean there was not only a blindness but there was a sick feeling that came over when this. Now I don’t know if it was an emotional sick or what it was but physically I felt sick. Again I don’t know if it was because of the stress of the thing but I just felt terrible, and so this is in one day. Now that night I’m in the hospital and laying there I’m crying. I never missed a Sunday for over 20 years in my Lutheran church I was born and raised in a Lutheran church not Catholic as Italians usually are but a Lutheran church. And I thought “If I die will I get to heaven?” Now that was so big inside of me the fear from the blindness was one thing, but the fear of maybe not making heaven was the…I think the most important of the two. And so they did the test the next day they injected radioactive isotopes into my veins through my arm. And they pact my body in sand bags and they today it’s an MRI and it’s very quick but then they ran this x-ray across my whole body to see if they could pick up any problem areas. Well it was almost an entire day that I had to lay still and I came out of that thing desperate, I was desperate. And so I called for my pastor and he came and I said to him “Pastor Zigoran I’m afraid if I die I don’t know if I am even going to get to heaven.” He said “Joan first of all you’re probably not going to die, second you will get to heaven because you’re a member of our church.” He said “And you and your husband tithed to our church” and he said “You’re little boy has been baptized in our church and everything that you’ve done revolves around the church; so because I can assure you that you’ve been a good worker you’re going to get to heaven.” Well I felt good but then when he left all of my hope went with him. And the next day testing was more grueling than the day before and on and on I remember staying there for 2 weeks and they could never pinpoint anything. So my plea by this time is desperate because this blindness is coming and then it’s going now it’s affecting my hearing, its affecting my walking, I cannot walk correctly, my balance off I’m dizzy. Now what I once knew as a perfect body was not any longer a perfect body I was an absolute mess.

Sid: Joan we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

Our Guest Karen Salisbury


SID: Now another key for making right decisions every time simply is praying in a supernatural language. The Bible refers to it as unknown tongues. Tell me why that’s so important.

KAREN: Well it’s your spirit praying directly to God. You know, when the Bible says when we pray in tongues we don’t have an understanding in our minds, and so there’s so many benefits to praying in tongues. First of all, it makes you bold. Second of all, it gives you, it helps you pray out the mysteries of the future. You know, he who prays in tongues is praying directly to God for his mysteries. And you know, the future is a mystery to us. Right. And so if you’re seeking God’s direction or asking him for right decisions, when you pray in the Spirit or pray in other tongues, you’re praying out things in your future, like when you get there, it’s ready for you already set up by God. And another, in you know, Romans 8:26 it says that, “The Spirit helps us pray when we don’t know what to pray for as we ought.” I don’t know about you, but there’s lots of times I run into things when I know somebody should pray, but I don’t know what to pray for.

SID: You know the symptoms, but you don’t know the causes. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pray precise prayers.


SID: From the Spirit of the Living God to change the circumstance in your life or a loved one’s life.

KAREN: You know, I think about Peter on the day of Pentecost. This is a guy who denied the Lord three times and was probably feeling guilty, and was feeling weak. But he went to the Upper Room with the disciples. When the Holy Spirit fell they all spoke in other tongues and then Peter preached, and won 3000 people to the Lord that day.

SID: Well my message to you is start praying in tongues.

KAREN: Yes, absolutely.

SID: But you tell people, and I think this is phenomenal, when they go to sleep, go to sleep praying in tongues. Explain a little bit.

KAREN: I was in children’s ministry for like 21 years and so I got lots of kids filled with the Spirit praying in other tongues, which is so exciting. I used to tell them, guys, you got to practice and so I gave them a practice time. Every night when you lay your head down on the pillow just pray in tongues. And then adults heard me teaching kids that, and they would come back to me and say, you know, I go to sleep praying in tongues and I wake up knowing stuff.

SID: The Bible says you have to become like a little child.

KAREN: It’s true.

SID: Pray for people right now that are born from above, because that’s the only requirement, born again. You believe Jesus died for your sins, his blood washed them away, you’ve repented and you asked Jesus to be your Lord. If that’s you, pray for them to receive the filling the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. And by the way, you can be filled with the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues, but you could speak in tongues if you’re filled with the Holy Spirit.

KAREN: Yes. And it’s easy. You know, this is a gift from God. When somebody wants to give you a gift and they’re holding it out like this, what do you do? You just take it. You don’t have to qualify for it. You don’t have to earn or deserve it. It’s just something given to you by God. And God has put his Holy Spirit on the earth ever since, Acts, Chapter 2, Verse 4, ever since the day of Pentecost, for us, for a gift, and it’s not hard to receive it. In fact, all you have to do is just pray this prayer with me. Father God.

SID: Father God.

KAREN: I ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

SID: I ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

KAREN: Fill me with your spirit.

SID: Fill me with your spirit.

KAREN: With the evidence of speaking in tongues.

SID: With the evidence of speaking in tongues.

KAREN: I receive it now.

SID: I receive it now.

KAREN: In Jesus’ name.

SID: In Jesus’ name.

KAREN: It’s that easy.

SID: Now you can’t talk English without cooperating with your mouth and your lips. Right? You can’t speak from, it’s not coming from here any more and this will rebel, it’s coming from here, your belly. Therefore, you’ll not hear it until you do your part, God will do his. You can’t speak in English unless you articulate the words coming from your brain. You can’t speak, I don’t know how, perfect, it’s unknown. You start speaking as quickly as you can, a language you haven’t been instructed, like a little child, right now. [speaking in tongues]. Now if you don’t start speaking, no one else will do it. [speaking in tongues]. Someone’s ear was just opened in Jesus’ name. [speaking in tongues]. Hey, this really is supernatural, Karen. Now what if someone has missed it? They know they’ve missed it. Are they finished?


SID: Good.

KAREN: Haven’t we all.

SID: Of course.

KAREN: You know, I think nobody has done everything perfectly. And the devil would love you to believe that now you’re disqualified, you know, or that was your only chance and it’s over for you. But he’s a liar, you know. If the Bible shows us anything, it shows us people who got another chance, you know. Look at Moses. He killed an Egyptian and he thought his time for being a deliverer was over, but no, God’s plan for him was go, he kept going.

SID: Look at David.

KAREN: Look at David. We’re talking about, you know, sleeping with somebody else’s wife, getting her pregnant and killing her husband. I mean.

SID: You think you did bad.

KAREN: Exactly. And yet even the New Testament still calls him a man after God’s own heart. He repented, you know. And so if you’ve missed it, if you feel like you’ve gotten off track, I’m telling you, God is big enough to get you back on track.

SID: Well I want you to pray right now for people, right now.

KAREN: Okay. Father, we just come to you, I come to you on behalf of those who have maybe missed it, maybe gone off track, maybe gotten in the wrong direction. And Father, if I just pray that you give them Divine impartations and truth, and revelation that they can ask you for forgiveness and they can go on that your plan for their life is still coming to pass, that what you created them for will, is still your plan for their lives. I pray over those people. I pray that you are able to just receive God’s forgiveness and keep on going because he knows how to get you right back on track in Jesus’ name.

SID: And my way of saying the same thing is just throw off the dust and the horrible things and say, thank you for your blood. I repent, Jesus. Now you have to repent. Don’t get me wrong, that means a change of action, you’re sorry. You repent and I’m going to tell you, you will not miss a step of what God has for you in your life.


SID: You are ready to walk into your destiny. And God told me tell you that right now. That’s his message for you.

Our Guest Gary Keesee


SID: So have you ever said to God, God, I’m so practical, just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it. Have you ever said that? You know, have you ever said, God, I just don’t hear your voice. I feel so sorry for myself. No, you never say it that way, but that’s what you’re really saying. That’s the way most of us feel.

GARY: Yes. Before I learned, that’s how I would feel. But hearing God’s voice is the key. The Bible says that, “The Kingdom of God does not come by observation, but it is in us,” Luke, chapter 17, verse 20. We already have the Kingdom. We already have every answer we need, the capacity to hear already in us. First Corinthians says that we have the mind of Christ, and so that’s, we have to tap into that. And like the story we told about Luke, chapter 5, the fishermen, Jesus told them where the fish were. Now all we need is to be able to hear. And of course, when Peter had taxes to pay, Matthew 17, Jesus said, “Go catch a fish and you’ll find a gold coin.” And so.

SID: But you know, if someone just had that thought, they would say, that’s ridiculous, I’ve just been fishing all night, I’m not going to do that.

GARY: Yes. Yes.

SID: That’s what people do, you explained to me. We get these God thoughts and we flick them off. I don’t hear from God. Get off that thought.

GARY: Yes. Well a lot of thoughts we hear are for a reason. I always say your answer is hidden from you for you. We read in First Corinthians, second chapter, speaking of Jesus being born, that if Satan would have known about the plan of God he would not have crucified Jesus. So Satan will always, if he can pick up on the plan of God, he will change his tactics. So God uses strange and sometimes unusual directions to us so that Satan does not know what the heck is going on. And we actually go capture wealth and capture opportunities before he actually can pick up on it and interfere with it.

SID: We talked about a secret weapon that’s mysterious.

GARY: Yes.

SID: What’s the secret?

GARY: First Corinthians, 12, 13 and 14 — 13 says, “Show the love of God,” the love chapter, but it starts, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels.” And First Corinthians 14:2 says, “A man who prays in the Spirit, who prays in tongues utters mysteries out of his own spirit, and he actually edifies himself.” The word “edify” means teach or instruct. So as we pray in the Spirit, God is downloading to our spirit mysteries that bring the capacity for us to pick up on revelation of direction of things we have need of, of the instructions. Just like as if Jesus were sitting there with you, he would say there’s the fish, go catch them.

SID: Stop flicking off God’s ideas. That’s the message.

GARY: Yes.

SID: So we have a young man in our mailroom and he got so excited, he’s working for us, and he said, “You’re having Gary Keesee. I listened to his teaching and I had literally a miracle happen.” Ian, you’re sitting in the back. Would you stand up for a moment. He, newly married. They had their first child. They want a home. All he has is a couple thousand dollars. So he reads the teaching. There’s the most phenomenal story. And rather than use the 2000 for the house, which they probably could get the house they wanted anyway, rather than use that he found out about a woman that had a severe need. And guess what he did? He planted his 2000, which is all he had, all he had into that family. So what happens? Make a long story short, a relative says, I’m going to give you $15,000, out of the blue, and he gets the house of his dreams because he applied, he didn’t just give to get. He gave where his heart showed him a, really a bigger need than he had.

GARY: Yes.

SID: And that made the difference. But that was following, and that’s the amazing thing. It was following after he listened to Gary’s teaching.

GARY: Right.

SID: When you apply God’s laws in the Spirit, the supernatural happens and although it may take a few years using supernatural principles to get out of debt, do you know that God is speeding everything up. This is your moment right now. Don’t miss it. We’re in a living in a new time, a new period. Heaven is coming so close to Earth. Don’t give up. You’re at the finish line. Pray what God is showing you right now.

GARY: Father, in the name of Jesus, I break the spirit of anxiousness over the fear of lack. I break the spirit of poverty in Jesus’ name. Father, your Kingdom is a kingdom of wealth and you give us the grace to prosper in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our Guest Hank Kunneman

TVBackground_Kunneman_SHOW842SID: You know, I wish you could hear the conversations I have with my guests during break time. It’s some of the best stuff we do is during that time. For instance, Hank said to me during the break, accuracy isn’t the only barometer to measure a prophet by because if you remember it was Balim prophesied accurately. But so what is it besides accuracy, you were telling me, God spoke to you?

HANK: Balim was a very accurate false prophet. Okay. The Lord said this me. He said, accuracy, yes, is important, but authority. And when Jesus spoke, they didn’t say, who is this that speaks with such accuracy. They said, who is this that speaks with such authority. And I believe that you’ll be able to feel on the prophecies that are given the authority that which comes from Heaven, prophets of the Lord versus prophets of the land. There is a difference.

SID: Okay. Obamacare, what did God tell you about it?

HANK: Well one of the prophecies that the Lord gave is that Obamacare, it will be repealed. Now when that’s going to happen, I’m not sure. But I will say this. Will it be repealed? Yes. That was the prophecy. Does that mean that it’s going to be overthrown? Does it mean that there’s going to be something else in its place? All I know is however it shakes out, it will be repealed.

SID: What about you were really grieved when the same-sex marriage was approved by the Supreme Court and God spoke to you about that.

HANK: Yeah. What I was saying, I spent two days with the Lord and I said, “God, what is wrong?” And I said, “Lord, what were you thinking?” He said, well, he said “Hank, obviously the White House knew the outcome” just like God did because they had the lights that shown with the colors of the rainbow. But I said, “Lord.”

SID: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I hope you caught that what he just said. They knew before the public knew. They had everything set up for those colors.

HANK: And so I said, “Lord,” I said, “People are calling me on the phone saying, ‘America is now finished.’” I said, “God, what do you say about this? What do you think?” And you know what God said to me? He surprised me, Sid. I said, “Lord, what did you do?” He said, “I turned and I looked at the mercy seat and I remembered my covenant that I have with my son Jesus Christ.” You see, what overcomes evil? The Bible says it’s good that overcomes evil. It’s the goodness of God that leads men to repent. God doesn’t like certain things. But it’s his goodness that will lead men to repentance. That’s why Jesus went about doing good, Acts 10:38, in healing all that were repressed of the devil. The Spirit of God says, “Why do you fear? What is about those in this earth that at this time that are fearing,” says the Lord. “Why do you fear North Korea? Why do you fear Russia? Why do you fear those who desire to come against the apple of my eye, Israel? For God says, do you think that I have lost control? For I tell you in this time that I have an arsenal, a host that is standing upon the horizon of this planet that are ready to shift things in favor of me and of the risen Christ Jesus. Do you not understand that in this moment of time that this earth is being awakened to my goodness and to my power, and to my Glory? For my Glory, yes, it shall come and it shall overcome the darkness and you will see the manifestations of my power in unusual ways and unusual places.” And God says, “It shall deal and grab a hold of the spirit of fear by its neck, for it shall lose control because of my goodness and my glory that are coming upon this earth.”

SID: So give me some advice. You’re watching CNN, you’re watching Fox, you’re watching news, you’re talking to most Christians. You’re listening to most prophets and it sounds like it’s the end of the world. It sounds like the worst times. It sounds like everyone is going to be beheaded by ISIS. How should we react? What should we do?

HANK: Well Jesus said it. He said, Luke 21, he said, “Men’s hearts are going to fail because they’re looking at the things that are coming here after the earth.” This is where prophets have to be careful and here in the body of Christ. We can’t spend all of our time listening to the news report and getting the reports of this realm. We’ve got to start going up higher and getting the perspective of God. That’s why Moses had to go above the dark cloud. But here’s the thing. Matthew 24, people quote that all the time. Even the disciples were saying, once we enter the age, you know, Jesus said there will be wars, rumors of wars, nations in perplexity, earthquakes in various places. And then he said, “But the end is not yet.” But he says something in Verse 14 that we completely pass over. He says, “This Gospel of the good news will promote my good. This Gospel of my kingdom, the good news of my kingdom shall be preached as a witness.” What witness? The witness of the demonstration of the power of God mixed with the good news of God. Then the end shall come. We need to promote his good. We need to declare his goodness. His proclamation and his goodness go together. For example—

SID: What do you mean by proclamation and goodness?

HANK: Well Jesus went into the temple, Luke 4:18. He said, he proclaimed, “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me.” He proclaimed it. He said it. We have to say it. He said, “He’s anointed me”, what, “to preach the Gospel,” there’s the good news again, “to the poor.” When Moses wanted to see the Glory, Exodus 33:18, the next verse, God said, “I’ll cause my goodness. I’ll proclaim and cause my goodness to pass before thee.” There is something that God does when we start declaring his goodness. For example, the Lord said, “Quick cursing America. Bless America.” I remember one time, Sid, I was praying in my brown, at that time I had a brown sofa. And the curtains began to blow and there was an aroma that filled, you know how the Bibles call in the Rose of Sharon, the smell like a rose smell, beautiful smell. The curtains began to blow. Jesus walked in. And I tell you, he put his hand on my shoulders and I buried my face in the couch. I was so afraid and I trembled like a young child. I was, and it felt like I was out of control. He put his hands on me. He said, “I called you to be a prophet to this nation. I called you to be a prophet to the nations.” But he said, “I want you to understand about America, Hank.” And he held out his hand and he said, “I still hold in my hand the sands and the prayers, and the tears of your forefathers, and the sands that are soaked with the tears and the prayers of your forefathers. I still hold them in my hand.” You see, God is looking at this nation and the earth from a whole different perspective. He’s wanting to bring his good that overcomes the evil. He’s wanting to bring his Glory. You know one of the ways to bring his Glory is through, again, proclamation, proclamation and goodness to the Lord.

SID: How about the reverse? If you proclaim doom and gloom, and fear.

HANK: Exactly.

SID: You bring that.

HANK: That’s why we’re seeing what we’re seeing on the earth today, people going the way of fear. And what it’s doing, and God even spoke one day and he said these words, and I want you to hear what he said. He said, “Why are they stealing the future from the children of this generation and the next?” It gives them no hope. It gives them no future when you tell them that, you know, there’s no good any more. Everything is just going to go bad. Well if that’s the case, then why doesn’t the Lord come for us? It’s because he has a plan. Listen, Isaiah, Chapter 9, Verse 6, let me quote this. It says, “Unto us a child is born,” talking about our Messiah. “Unto us a son is given. The government, the kingdom shall be upon his shoulders.” And it says, “And of this kingdom that’s on his shoulders, it shall increase” As long as God’s church is here in the earth, we don’t need to go anywhere. We don’t need to be afraid. It’s going to continually increase. And the Bible says in Verse 7 of Isaiah 9, “It will have no end.”

SID: When we come back, I’m going to ask Hank what he sees for 2016.

Sid Roth


Sid: We have found the way everyone everywhere is going to hear the good news is Romans 1:16 by going to the Jew first it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism to all people. And I call it the law of evangelism and wake up sleeping church; this is your greatest hour. I believe the harvest is upon us we’re just waiting for the laborers we just don’t even realize it.

Now on yesterday’s broadcast I told you that I was in Israel; I had one of the most amazing experiences I’ll tell you about all this week in the land. I was walking up early in the morning and I heard a near audible voice that said “Economic Judgment.” And my discernment was that it was the Untied States and it was because we were tampering with the apple of God’s eye. You see Israel is the plum line if you will that’s what Amos calls it. “Israel is God’s plum line.” And when you cross that plum line you’re in no man’s land, every single time the United States of America has come against Israel there have been warning judgments from God. It’s all been documented by my friend John McTernan and what’s going on right now there’s a security fence that Israel is building. Why? If they can save one Jewish life it would be worthwhile. And what’s the United States trying to do? Muscle Israel so that every dollar that they spend on a security fence to save Jewish lives will be deducted from the loans the United States is giving. Well God’s not very happy over that, God’s not very happy about forming a Palestinian state. Let me tell you something I am not political and God is not political it’s not a democracy it’s the King, and the King speaks and those that love Him obey.

I believe the first Zionist. A Zionist believes the Jewish people are entitled to the land of Israel unconditionally forever was God almighty. Not the political, I’m not talking about the political I’m talking about the biblical. Psalm 105 verse 8 to 11 says “God has given the physical land of Israel.” He says this 3 different ways in this Psalm 105 verse 8 to 11 “I’ve given the land of Israel to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” not to Ishmael the father of the Arab people but to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob He says for everlasting. I’ve given this land to them forever, I’ve given this land to them for a 1000 generations.

I have to tell you this I’m reminded of a wonderful waitress in Israel. This waitress looked at me when I asked her the question “If you could talk to President Bush what would you tell him?” And she said what a lot of Israelis say I think that their bargaining for time when they say it “That’s a difficult question” but then she gave me an answer. She said “When 9/11 occurred, when September 11th occurred the great tragedy of the Twin Towers we Israelis wept because we understand what it is to have our loved ones destroyed.” And you know what happened, the Palestinians danced in the streets. And so my question to President Bush and to the Americans for that matter is “Do you weep for our dead ones?” Very penetrating question I tell you God says “That the plumb line I tell you that the last chance for any nation is your position on Israel.”

Joel chapter 3 I’ll give you an Old Covenant quote and then a New Covenant quote. Joel chapter 3 says that “Nations of the earth will be judged for one thing in the last days dividing up His land” the land that He gave for everlasting, forever and a l000 generations to the Jewish people. And Matthew 25 says that “Nations will be divided as easily as the shepherd knows the difference between a goat and a sheep.” A goat has a mind of its own a sheep follows a shepherd. Nations will be divided in the last days according to Matthew 25 verse 40 on one point and one point only “As you have done to the least of these my brethren.” Now that was before Jesus died and rose from the dead so that means there were no Christians at that time. So who were His brethren His physical brethren were the Jewish people? So He says “As you have done unto the least of these my brethren (My Jewish people) you’ve done unto Me and nations will be divided in the last days over that issue.

So you can see why I heard the word economic judgment I believe that we can buy time and we can buy time by praying for the President of the United. I believe that God means to bless the United States of America. Why? Because of Genesis 12:3 United States has been a blessing to the Jewish people and I believe this is the single reason why we are the most blessed country on the face of the earth. There’s other things that we’ve done that are good but there sure are a whole lot of things that we’ve done that are bad. So I believe the swing vote always will be and always has been the nation Israel. And we have been a blessing to the nation Israel and that’s why we’ve been blessed.

But… if we do not pray for the President of the United States I mean the fact that we have an outspoken man that loves God in the White House was he was put into the White House for the blessing of the United States of America. But the fact of the matter is he is surrounded by advisors some that are Christian I might add, but are into what is called Replacement Theology. In other words the church replaces Israel, I don’t know what they do with the scripture that says the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” In other words God doesn’t change His mind, however I’m glad He doesn’t change His mind with His promises to natural Israel He will not change His mind to the spiritual seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That’s what gives us our security, but the truth of the matter is that we’re at a crossroads and those surrounding the President are either into this replacement theology or there into economic plans such as oil. And our State Department has a spirit about it, and it’s had it for years and it’s an old time spirit it’s found in the book of Esther. Esther is a type of the church.

Esther was the only one on behalf of the Jewish people, the only one that could go to the king a type of god. And Haman was the one that wanted to kill all of the Jewish people and that spirit is on our State Department now and on our advisers now. And the only thing that’ll get rid of it is prayer. So if you have ever prayed, listen I’ve been to 3rd world countries, I like the prosperity that we have in the United States of America. I don’t want to see it change and I believe that we have a President that could be a God pleaser rather than a man pleaser. And I believe the swing vote is not the President of the United States I believe the swing vote will be the prayers of believers.

So I tell you that a day will come when a dollar will not have any value in the United States of America. There will be economic judgment in the United States, the question is can we delay this? I believe that our prayers can, but if we don’t the only thing that is going to have value will be the kingdom of God. And that’s why actually when I was in Israel I got an email and the email said from our supplier of books “We’re passing your books out in the streets of Jerusalem and we’re down to 100; we did find another source in which there were some more books that we could get in their hands but they are low, can you reprint?” And I believe just as I said the shofar is used to announce judgment or danger, the shofar is used to announce royalty.

This is God’s time to have mercy on Israel. Just as in the natural they had almost historic amounts of rain a type of the Holy Spirit. I saw things on this trip I can’t wait to tell you about them that tell me that the rains are about ready to fall of the Spirit of the Living God. The shofar is like the prophet’s voices all of them wailing at once. All of these prophecies ready to come to the front. It says in Romans the 11th chapter the 11th verse. “I say then have they the Jewish stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not but through their fall provoke them to jealousy salvation has come to the Gentiles. Now if their fall is riches for the world and their failure riches for the Gentiles how much more their fullness.” In other words, Paul is saying a time is coming that will be such a blessing to the world when the fullness of the Jewish people come in.

I believe that I can hear the rain now, can’t you hear it? I can hear the rain of the Holy Spirit coming down on the land of Israel, I can hear the prophets for the past 1000’s of years all of their voices wailing. I can hear that shofar blast right now. (Shofar blast sounded) It’s coming to the land of Israel, revival is coming to the land of Israel and if it was a blessing the Jewish people rejected their Messiah, so the Gentiles could be grafted in how much more a greater blessing when they receive their Messiah, it’s going to cause life from the dead, resurrection power from the dead. I believe it’s going to cause the return of the Messiah. After all Messiah said “I shall not return until the Jewish people say “Baruch haBah b’shem Adonai”   Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Our Guest Eric Morey

Eric Morey

Sid: My guest by way of telephone, I’m speaking to him at his office in Tiberias, Israel is Eric Morey. One of the things that I always want, and I always need, many times I can’t even put my hand on it is a Jewish Biblical calendar. Why do I want this? Because I want to know when the Biblical festivals are because there is such insight into understanding what God’s going to do in the future all wrapped into these Biblical festivals. So the last time I was in Israel I was visiting my friends Eric and Terri Morey who run several businesses in Israel. They showed me a calendar which they called “The Zechariah Prophecy Calendar.” I have Eric on the telephone; Eric why did you pick the Prophet Zechariah to revolve with pictures around this calendar?

Eric: Well Sid the prophecies of Zechariah are so timely for today, especially in towards the end of chapters 12 and 14. It’s like reading tomorrow’s newspaper. It’s so incredibly timely…

Sid: Speaking of about tomorrow’s newspaper, I must ask you a question because you’re living in the land. Yet prophets that I respect are prophesying now that there will be a relative calm in Israel as opposed to… almost the daily or weekly suicide bombers. You’re living there, what are you sensing, what are you experiencing?

Eric: Well I have been sensing for some time that the violence is going to reach a climatic period, then it was going to drop off and that there would be a period of relative calm; not that it would be confused with peace. “Peace, peace, peace, but there is no peace.” There can be a calm and I believe that it may not be too far away. I sensed actually back at Passover when there was that horrible homicide, I like to refer to this as homicide bombings, rather than suicide bombings. That horrible homicide bombing at a Passover Seder in a hotel in Netanya, 26 people I believe were killed and many wounded. It was an atrocity above most atrocities you could imagine. The Israeli army then reacted very strongly and went into several of these refugee camps especially Jenin and I believe that was probably the peak in the violence that I was expecting. I expected the period of calm to develop more quickly than it has. We don’t see in it our eyes yet, we are still experiencing suicide bombings, and the threats of suicide bombings, but I really do believe that a period of relative calm could even last for several years is just around the corner.

Sid: I believe that too, I also believe that what a time for Christians to show solidarity to Israel by going on a tour. They’ll probably never have it not crowded as it is, and the prices as low as they are.

Eric: Yes that’s true this is a great time to come. For the next few months if there is a period of calm, and it stabilizes then tourism will… there will be a rush actually to come here. So it would be better to come earlier rather than later.

Sid: I agree. Now going back to the Zechariah Prophecy Calendar I have it in front of me. Some of the things I love about it, and I literally love about this calendar Eric, is: Number 1, right at the start you list every one of the Biblical festivals and you explain from the scriptures what they mean. But the thing that really attracted me, I have to be candid with you, is you just happen to have my favorite scripture on the cover. It’s Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit sayeth the Lord.” Describe to me the artwork on the cover.

Eric: Well that prophecy by Zechariah was given at a very interesting time in the history of Israel. They had returned from Babylon, or a remnant had returned from Babylon, and they were trying to… they had started to rebuild the temple. Then there had been some controversy and the king, or the emperor of Persia, had ordered the construction to stop. It stopped for 14 years, meanwhile the Jewish people who had returned from Babylon are building houses for themselves and farms and so forth. Zechariah, and also Haggai a contemporary prophet, both began to prophecy that the time had come to build the house of the Lord. To finish, complete the building, only the foundation had been laid. So this… and there were many obstacles to this, in fact the king of Persia had not yet given permission to restart the building. It was one of the obstacles. So it looked like it was a great mountain of obstacles in the way of this building project which was God’s House. Zechariah said “No God will provide the way, but it won’t be by power, it won’t be by might, it will be by His Spirit,” sayeth the Lord of hosts. So the prophecy there at that point in chapter 4 it describes a scene, a very prophetic scene, a very mysterious scene. Many many interpretations of what this means but it has 2 olive trees. Between the 2 olive trees is a beautiful gold 7 branched menorah, candelabra. This candelabra is a kind of perpetual motion machine because connected to it are some pipes that go to a bowl of golden oil. There are 2 pipes coming from these 2 olive trees that feed olive automatically, no human intervention into the bowl and then the bowl feeds it into the lights. You know candelabras in those days didn’t work from candles actually…

Sid: You know most people when they read about the menorah, the candlesticks, in the Bible they don’t visualize what it really looked like. This is really exactly what it looked like.

Eric: Well we commissioned these paintings from a Russian artist, a Messianic artist who was trained in classic painting in Russia and she is just an extraordinary artist. She’s able to create in her mind these incredible pictures and I was taking direction from the scripture and giving her input and going back and forth with sketches, and paintings and so forth until this is what came out. It’s this incredible gold menorah with the oil coming out of the 2 olive trees, lighting the, it’s a perpetual light this light will never go out because as long as the trees are producing olives the olive is going into the bowl, the oil is going into the 7 branches of the menorah and the light will be continual. In the background, now we see a building project some stones on the ground and a man holding the plumb line. This man is Zerubbabel because Zerubbabel was the governor of Judea…

Sid: Now what is a plumb line used for?

Eric: The plumb line is an engineering tool and it is used to measure the vertical dimension a building to make sure it is straight. So it’s an engineering tool, it’s an architectures tool. So he is back there getting ready to start the building again. He’s holding a plumb line. A plumb line is mentioned in the prophecies of Zechariah as well. It is a very very interesting side line to this scene because they thought that they could never build this temple because the king of Persia had forbidden it and he never changed the rule. They started building anyway and Zechariah and Haggai had concurred so much that they went ahead and started building again. The Samaritans, the old Samaritans our friends, came down and started to interfere in the building project that had just had they done in the days of Nehemiah, similar story it was a latter period of time than Nehemiah. So as they are interfering they write a letter to the king of Persia, the new emperor it was not the same emperor who had stopped the construction, and it wasn’t the sand who had commissioned it in the first place, it was the 3rd emperor in the line of Persian emperors. They sent a letter to him and said “These Jews are starting to build their temple again and they’re probably going to rebel against you and it’s going to be nothing but trouble. So you better stop it now.” But then they mention in their letter the fact that the original king of Persia, Cyrus the Great had actually ordered the temple to be rebuilt. He had commissioned the temple to be rebuilt. In a sense sends Ezra and Nehemiah back to begin the building project. So they mention this is their letter, the king of Persia had his archivist go back into the archives and pull out this old scroll, I think it was maybe 50 years later, and sure enough Cyrus the Great himself had commissioned the building of this temple. This emperor sent back a letter and said “Look, not only are they going to build their temple but you Samaritan governor are going to supply all the building materials.” That’s how the prophecy was fulfilled, “Not by might, nor by power.” The mountain Zechariah was referring to was overcome so much so, not did they get to build it, not only did the king allow them to build it; the king ordered his servants to supply the building materials.

Sid: You know as I studied that specific prophecy that we’re discussing. Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but My Spirit sayeth the Lord.” The prophecies in Zechariah about the candlesticks and the 2 olive trees, I think it is very obvious it stands for the 2 witnesses of the last days. But I see it also as a type of the of the One New Man, the Jew and Gentile becoming one and that’s what got me so excited about this cover you have here for your prophecy calendar. This must be an unusual artist that you commissioned Eric?

Eric: Very very talented, and very very well trained.

Sid: What was her training?

Eric: She was trained in Russia in classical painting. They don’t train artist like that in the west anymore that’s hundreds of years ago, but in Russia they still listen to the classical music and they appreciate the classic arts, and they have trained painters in these antique classic painting methods that create these incredible pictures. It’s like a Renaissance painting, it’s like a Michael Angelo, or Leonardo da Vinci paining it’s that style it’s classic.

Sid: Actually someone could actually just probably tear this calendar apart, I hope you don’t do it and frame every one of them they’re suitable for framing.

Our Guest Dr. Mark Gabriel

Dr Mark Gabriel (1303) 2002

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah. He formerly, Mark Gabriel, was a professor of Islamic History at the most prestigious Islamic university in the world. He holds a doctorate degree in Islamic Studies. He’s explaining why there are over 1 billion people on this planet that are followers of Islam. We were talking on yesterday’s broadcast about the strategy as outlined by the life of Mohammed in the Quran, and these are the 3 stages of Jihad. The Jihad is a holy war and most people here in the west do not understand that the only form of assurance that a Muslim will go to heaven is to die in a Jihad, or die as a martyr. Is that true Mark?

Mark: Yes absolutely it’s true.

Sid: That kind of explains why so many people are willing to be suicide bombers because that’s the only way they know for sure that they’re going to go to heaven. Now you explained on yesterday’s broadcast the 3 stages of Jihad in a nation, and you can see it happening in England they’re a little further progressed than in the United States. The first is called the Weak Stage, where they’re small minority and they submit to the laws of the United States and they work to increase their numbers. Then comes the second stage which is the Preparation Stage and explain that to me.

Mark: The second stage, Preparation Stage which means the Muslim community they must prepare themselves for taking over the assistance in the county wars which they living there. For example, like in England or in America they must prepare themselves money, prepare themselves whippings, trainings, establishing secret military, or a secret group so that they can start practicing Jihad, you see take over the country. This second stage was presented by the life of Mohammed when he immigrate from Mecca to Medina and he spend only 1 year in Medina preparing himself and after he had the success to reconcile the most 2 Arab tribes that were fighting each other for almost more than 40 years called the Aust tribe and the Kedarish tribe and when they reconciled by Mohammed himself they was converted to Islam. This is how his number was increased so extremely in the first year in Medina. He established his power and he start again the Jewish community and the other Arabic tribes practicing what you call Jihad. So this is the second stage, the Stage of Preparation, which means the first year which Mohammed had been in Mecca.

Sid: Okay then looking at Mohammed’s life what do Muslims call the third stage?

Mark: The third is called the Stage of Action.

Sid: Explain that.

Mark: The third of action which means the third of practicing Jihad as follows, or the fighting itself by starting a war fighting the non-Muslims. Mohammed started that the first time in Medina when he decide to hijack Arabic Meccan caravan was coming to Mecca. So nobody attacks him, no one came and tried to destroy him in Medina, but when he finished preparing his military and his power, and he start the third stage which means action. He takes his military from Medina to a valley called Badr between Mecca and Medina, and he hijack a caravan for the Meccan idol worshipper people.

Sid: Now why is it that radical Islam is so upset with the United States?

Mark: Yes because the United States presenting the most powerful country in the world today. United States dominating the entire world by the American system, by the American culture, by the American media, by the American politics, and America presented the political system called Democracy. Democracy America is working hardly to present this system to every or each country that is specific to the third world countries, and to establish freedom and democracy. Democracy according to the Islamic law and the Islamic theology it’s something like evil, it’s against Islam totally. Muslim’s like Bin Laden, like the Muslim’s… orthodox Muslims, any Muslim who understand Islam very well he does not believe in democracy or in westernize the world by the western system, or political system. The Islamic law requires Muslims to go and fight till the end for one goal, to let the Islamic system rule the entire world.

Sid: Let me ask this question, there are many Muslims in the United States of America that it is true they are peace loving. There are many Muslims in the United States of America that love America they don’t want to see America destroyed. So who are we talking about? I mean if they’re so peace loving why… according to your book if anyone follows the Quran they can’t be peace loving, so how come there’s this difference?

Mark: You’re talking now Sid, you’re talking about nationalism. Islam does not believe in nationalism, Islam does believe the entire airs does belong to Allah and belongs to Islam. What you talk about these Muslims here in America they loving America, they care for America. America is not all… Muslims are not all the same here in the United States there is a different type of Muslim here. I can assure you that the secular Muslims who run away from the dictatorship and the persecution of the Middle East and the Islamic countries and came to the United States to look for a better future, better job, better education these people I do agree with you they will not agree, or they will not… or they are loving America and they do not want anyone to hurt America. But there are Muslims committed, Muslims living here in America the people who are running the Muslim schools, the people who are running the Muslim centers, and running the Islamic mission activity, these people actually they are… does not believe in the same way of the other secular Muslims.

Sid: But yet on television I see many of these Imams come on and they talk about just the verses in the Quran that are peace loving, are they lying to us?

Mark: Absolutely we come again to the same question you asked me before, “Does Islam ask Muslims to lie or allow Muslims to lie?” Yes for the benefit of Islam. This Imam that was standing and speaks in that way they was afraid that the Islamic image would be destroyed in America if they were to present the true teaching of Islam.

Sid: You know time is slipping away… But I’ll tell you the most important question on my heart Mark. I go to New York City a lot and jump in a taxi and in most instances they’re Muslim taxi drivers. I get into a conversation with them about Jesus and about the Quran, and about the Bible. I say “Listen, I’m Jewish I’m also a believer in Jesus and you’re Muslim we all believe in the Torah, the first 5 books of Moses.” Then I start reasoning with them and they say “Oh no your Bible us mistranslated.” Why do they believe that because our Bible predates their Quran, their bible? I mean so how could they say that? Then when I say that to them then they say “Yes but someone’s changed it.” But they don’t know about the Dead Sea Scrolls that proves that no one’s changed it, but you can’t win through logic. So what can I say to that Muslim cab driver that I want him to know Jesus? God loves him as much as he loves every Jew on the face of this earth. God loves Muslims. I know this, you know this, God knows this, so how can we share?

Mark: Amen. Sid I was one like this people before I meet with Jesus. They’re actually are deceived by the Quranic verses who accused the Jews and the Christians that they were changed and corrupted their books. But the way actually to speak with this people to show them the truth just to win them by logic, but sometimes we can’t use the logic. We can say that the only source for the student of Abraham and the student of the prophets of God is the Bible it’s specific to the Old Testament. Yes the Quran does speak and mention about Abraham and about the prophets, but from where does the Quran bring that information? How does Mohammed catch all this information, from where does he get that? So there was our only source in the world today to know about the life of Abraham, hence the Bible there is no other book.

Sid: I’ll tell you our time is up.


Our Guest Robert Inguanzo

Robert Inguanzo (1282) 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone if you haven’t gathered is red hot for the Messiah; his name is Robert Inguanzo. I’m speaking to him at his home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. And Robert has reason to be a grateful man because he not only was healed of so many incurable diseases but unbeknownst to him he had HIV-AIDS and his wife did not have AIDS, his daughter did not have AIDS, and the little baby that his wife was pregnant of did not have AIDS but he sure did and God performed a mighty miracle. But you know something Robert that intrigues me is the gift of prophecy that operates within you. For instance you were one of a number of people that several months before 9/11 you were speaking in a church this was April of 2001 and you had a warning that you prophesied, what was that?

Robert: Well I was giving my testimony and half way during the testimony the Lord stops me and I start prophesying about the coming revival. And He shows me how there’s 4 angels at the 4 corners of the United States and see how those angels were being removed the protection of the United States was being removed and that how terrorism was going to come into the United States. Now He didn’t specifically tell me about 9/11 or the World Trade Center but He did show me that the protection was going to be removed. And I believe with all of my heart that that is only the beginning that there’s going to be much more attacks from different areas of the United States. And I do believe that the… He showed me how the economy of the United States was going to collapse and He showed me that all of this was going to come because the United States was going to stop supporting Israel. And when the United States stops doing that then that’s when all of these other attacks were going to take place. Ever since then the Lord has been using me in very peculiar ways of what I say. A lot of time I will be preaching and people will start getting oil all over them like an olive oil. A lot of times I will be preaching and all of a sudden there will be a scent of flowers in the church. A beautiful smell of flowers; other times there will be like a gold dust that starts falling and other times it falls on…

Sid: Now are you the only one that sees this or does other people?

Robert: Oh no everybody sees it sometimes it falls like rain, like a light mist. There was this one girl in this one church I was in that she was kind of sad because she didn’t get any dust on her any of the gold dust and when she went home she took her clothes off to take a shower and when she took her clothes off there was gold dust all over, gold dust all over her. Sometimes I’ll be driving and one time I’d be driving with my wife and we’re just listening to Christian music you know beautiful music and all of the sudden she starts getting gold dust all over her arm. One time I was in a restaurant and we were just eating talking about the Lord with some friends at church and my wife said “Robert you’re getting some dust gold dust on your face.” And I said “Oh wow praise God.” And then when I got home I was wearing a hat because it was a few months ago when it was really cold and when I took my hat off in my house all gold dust started fell out of my hat. (Chuckling) So God you know…

Sid: Now when these things happen in a congregation or when your speaking, these signs… are miracles released?

Robert: Very much miracles released but Sid something that really caught my attention at the beginning because you know it doesn’t happen when you want it to it happens, when God wants. But I noticed with the gold dust the oil and all of that it happens in my ministry at least when there’s not a lot of people that are not saved; I noticed that every time like when they’re all Christians we won’t see that many manifestations of miracles, but when there’s a lot of people that are unsaved that’s when we see them. And I’ve noticed that every time.

Sid: Well you know in my opinion the purpose of a miracle and the purpose of a sign is to demand people’s attention so that they can hear the gospel.

Robert: Well it does I’m telling you they run up to the front when I make the altar call I tell them I give 5 seconds for anybody unsaved that wants to get know Jesus and you have seen the reality of Jesus. All of these signs you are seeing is not for me it’s not to glorify me because I’m the first one Sid to admit that I am nothing; all I have is what God has given me and it’s all for His glory. And when I started explaining this Sid I’m telling you I give them 5 seconds and that’s all I need, they run they literally run to the front and accept Jesus as…

Sid: What is the Lord showing you about Israel being a time clock?

Robert: Okay the Lord was telling me about the coming revival. He was telling me about time was short how His coming was short and that Israel was like the clock of time. And He would say “Robert look, look what’s happening in Israel, look look what’s happening in Israel.” And He would show me how there was going to be a move of God in Israel and not only in Israel but that we were going to see that all around the world. He once showed me how this gigantic wave was going to cover the earth but he showed me something very interesting He showed me that the churches that were near to the water this is spiritually speaking not literally near the water. Meaning churches that were on fire for God this is very important for the pastors to hear churches that pray for Israel would be close to the water and those were the churches with the hunger of God that would be hit with the wave first. Then the other churches that were more in dry land he would show me the dry land you know farther away from the water they were going to catch the revival from those churches that first caught it. I thought that that was so interesting.

Sid: Well it sure fits spiritually based on the scriptures. What about the economy of the United States what is the Lord showing you?

Robert: The Lord showed me that the economy of the United States was going to collapse totally.

Sid: What would cause this?

Robert: The Lord showed me also the reason that this was going to happen was because the United States was going to be pressured to abandon Israel and when that happened then the economy of the United States would suffer greatly. And terrible things were going to come not only to the United States but to the world, but to the church the people in the churches and pastors that were on fire for God was going to be the best time in the history. The Lord showed me that it was going to be the last revival and that it was going to be the greatest revival that ever hit the church. That’s coming Sid that’s coming very soon. I couldn’t really honestly put a date on it but I know I feel in my spirit that it’s coming soon.

Sid: Let me ask you a question, if our whole economy is going to go tilt because we’re going to back off of Israel; by the way what will cause us to back off of Israel?”

Robert: He didn’t tell me exactly what it was but I believe in my spirit that it’s going to have to do with oil; the Arabs I believe this that it’s going to be the Arabs threatening the United States to pick either the petroleum or Israel. And the United States will be pressured by the people of the United States to abandon Israel.

Sid: Okay if the economy is going to go sour, go south so to speak, what should we be infesting out money in did God show you?

Robert: Yes definitely he showed me very specifically that we want to make smart investments, if we want to make wise investments we should invest into the kingdom of God where there will never be any collapse. When we invest into the kingdom of God with spreading the gospel so many people cannot travel like for example I travel to many different countries and a lot of time I depend on people’s offering and all of that. Sometimes they can’t do what I’m doing but you know because of their sowing in the gospel in me I’m spreading the gospel. That’s what we have to do to all of these ministries that are of God we have to very careful we have to sow in very good soil that the gospel is spread all around the world.

Sid: Are we going to see creative miracles?

Robert: Well Sid I believe in this coming revival that we’re going to see miracles like we have never even dreamed about. I believe that we’re going to see so many creative miracles; I believe that… the Lord also showed me about a generation that was going to be born in the fire. In other words that people that are going to be saved when the revival hits they’re going to think that all of the creative miracles and even raising dead they’re going to think that all of that was always in the church. It’s like if you tell…

Sid: I see what you’re saying we’re out of time.

Our Guest Anna Rountree

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Anna Rountree and her name had come up to me several times. I was up in Moravian Falls, North Carolina at a Leaders Idea Exchange with a friend of mine Rick Joyner. And sitting opposite me was a man by the name of Steven Strange and his wife Joy and they’re the Editors of Charisma Magazine. And Steven kept looking at me and he walked up and said “Sid I think you’re supposed to meet Anna and Albert Rountree.” And I said well their names come up before I’d like to meet them and so they arranged for me to meet Anna and her husband Albert. Of course there wasn’t an intriguing portion and that intriguing portion is that Anna has literally 100’s of visitations to heaven and has recorded it so accurately in fact let me read this from her book “The Heaven’s Opened” by Anna Rountree.

This is by Gwen Shaw the Head of End Time Hand Maidens:

“The Heaven’s Opened” is an amazing and beautiful revelation of the place that He has gone to prepare a place for us and where we will spend eternity. Of the many recent books written about our future home none reveals so clearly the glory of God that awaits us if we are faithful to Him during the days of testing that many have already begun to experience. You will read it more than once and you will want to share it with all of your friends you will not be able to put it down.

Sid: Now I found out things about Anna that I went there with Steven and Joy Strange and Joy was saying “Boy I didn’t know those things.” Anna you actually wrote the film script for Steven King’s first movie?

Anna: Well that’s exactly right I withdrew after writing it and took my name off of it because after I wrote it the Lord told me that I was going to be marrying a minister and I didn’t think that that sort of material would be right for a minister’s wife. (Laughing) to have written believe me I didn’t think it was right.

Sid: Now the circumstances of you marrying a minister were pretty interesting. You were being prayed for and being baptized in the Holy Spirit speaking in unknown tongues and what did God tell you?

Anna: Well, He told me I’d be marring the minister of that church.

Sid: Now how does someone walk up to the minister of the church and say God told me I’m going to marry you?

Anna: (Laughing) Well you don’t.

Sid: (Laughing)

Anna: Believe me you don’t do that. In fact the Lord said “Not to say anything to him that he was like a man asleep that He was going to say something to him.” And He did it took a couple of months but He did.

Sid: But then out of curiosity did he…Did God sovereignly tell him or was he attracted to you?

Anna: No, no, no, no he and I were not attracted to one another at all we just you know in the natural we weren’t each other’s type. Now you must realize that when I was working on the first draft of the screen play of “Carrie” I was not saved. I’m sure as a saved person I never would have done it, but I was not saved the Lord brought me into the…

Sid: That was a horrible movie.

Anna: Oh heavens my generation was traumatized byPsycho” and this other generation of the time when “Carrie” came out in the 70’s was traumatized by “Carrie.” And I mean it’s a ghastly film. What I was trying to do in the film was make it so real that it would be possible, you see. The producers allowed me to they wanted it changed from the location of the book from Vermont to a small Texas town. And I had been from Texas and said “I haven’t lived in Texas in years if you’ll let me go to go to Texas and sit in Texas in a small Texas town then I’ll write this for you.” And therefore I did and that’s when I met my husband they were having these meetings on a Friday night…

Sid: Now your husband was involved he was a Pastor in a church was it Church of the Redeemer was that Houston?

Anna: Yes he was one of the two clergy of that…

Sid: Now that’s the place where within a church the Charismatic movement really got started.

Anna: Yes true it’s very well known of that. In fact like the Vineyard up in Toronto and like Brownsville the world came to Houston to take a coal from the altar you might say and take it back and it ignited fires many places.

Sid: What was the catalyst that started the move of God in that Church do you know?

Anna: Well I believe that it was actually God Himself that did this but it wasn’t known to anyone. What He did is that He gathered together 12 people, two of them were clergy who prayed every single day. One of them had to drive over from Galveston to pray every day early in the morning. It was a church that had what they call a crypt, or a small chapel under… in a basement you might say, in New York, it’s down in the basement. But they would come together in that that particular chapel and pray and they knew that the Lord was doing something because He had moved within them in such a way that compelled them to come together to pray. He had brought them together. And He ignited from those prayers this wonderful outbreak of the Spirit within that church and wonderful music came from it. And my husband he says “Our mouths were just filled with laughter.” (Laughing)

Sid: Sounds like a Psalm to me. (Laughing)

Anna: (Laughing) They were like children because the grace was so great and the outpouring so mighty. He said that we would just ask for anything group for anything and we knew that the Lord would do it.

Sid: Wait that went by to fast “Did you catch that Mishpochah they just…she just said “We would just ask for anything and the Lord would do it.”

Anna: Yes yes it was an extraordinary period of time in everyone’s life. Of course everyone thought that it would last you know that it would go on and on and of course it did spread everywhere. It was a mighty move of God but as with all of the moves of God that have happened in the past they get corrupted they just don’t last.

Sid: Now I’m going to jump a little you got obviously got married and a lot of interesting things happened with the ministry that you and your husband had. But then you met a man by the name of Bob Jones who is a friend of mine. I’ve got a funny Bob Jones story He’s a prophet Mishpochah. And I called him once on the telephone to interview him and at that time I was in the Washington, DC area, I was actually in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I said “Hi Bob my name is Sid Roth an I’m from Washington, DC because who’s heard of Gaithersburg, Maryland. And he said “I can’t talk to you.” And He said “I can’t talk to you.” And I said “Why can’t you?” He said “Because I’m waiting for a call from someone from Gaithersburg, Maryland.’ And I said “Well, that’s me!” And so any way this Bob Jones has had so many amazing visitations and trips to heaven. And I understand that you met him and you decided you wanted to write his life story but you had a problem, what was that?

Anna: (Laughing) Well it’s actually the Lord answered the prayer because of that. We had been in Kansas City and we were interviewing him we were putting it on tape his life story on tape. His life story is really very interesting and we were taping him and also going out to eat I’m not sure which we were enjoying the most. (Laughing) taping or going out to eat together but we were having a wonderful time together. But I would ask him because he would go to heaven and he said “Well I went to heaven and such and such.” And I’d say “Well Bob what does it look like that up there? And he’d say “Well you know.” And I said “Well I really don’t know believe me I don’t know are there colors up there, is everybody dressed in white, does anybody have something that is a different color or something like that?” And he said “Well you know.” And I thought “Oh my word.” (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing)

Anna: Finally after we finished all of the taping I really told the Lord “If You want me to write the story of this man’s life and he’s going to heaven all of the time and I don’t know what heaven looks like.” And I said “You’re going to have to take me heaven and I need to see heaven myself if You want me to write this, but I just ask one thing I don’t want to have to be smashed up in a car or something you know.”

Sid: I understand.

Anna: Could You just do something a little different here (Laughing) you know? So…

Sid: Did you think He was going to take you to heaven when you prayed that?

Anna: No.

Sid: I didn’t think so.

Anna: No I did not but you know Sid almost from the beginning from the time that I was saved anyone with a prophetic ministry saw me they would say “Well you’ll be seeing into heaven.”

Sid: Stop for a moment we’re out of time Mishpochah.