Our Guest James Durham


SID: Now James, on one of your trips to Heaven, Jesus gave you a couple of stones. Tell me about that.

JAMES: Well Sid, he asked me if I wanted these stones. They came one at a time. The first one that came was about the size of an egg and it was a ruby, and it landed in my left hand, and I could feel it just as real I could feel anything I touched. I was excited. I thought that when I came back to Heaven I’d still have that in my hand.

SID: I understand.

JAMES: I thought I was going to be able to show this egg-sized ruby to everyone. But it started to melt in my hand, and when it started melting in my hand there was extreme fire that came into my hand. It was very painful. And then the stone that came into the other hand was also melted into my hand, and it was also on fire and very painful. It was a stone for releasing gifts of healing and ministering impartation to people. And my hands were on fire seven days a week, 24 hours a day for more than two years. And the only relief I could get was to go put my hands under cold water and get relief for a few moments. As soon as I took my hands out, they would be on fire again. And I immediately noticed that my wife started feeling the same thing. So I know that what God placed in my hands is transferable, and that it can be passed to other people. And I believe that some people here tonight are going to begin to feel the fire of God in their hands, going to begin to feel the power of God moving in them, and it’s going to bring a healing anointing, and an anointing to release the love of God to people.

SID: Tell me about two or three people that actually were healed as they heard you speak.

JAMES: One of the most dramatic was speaking in a church in Chicago and the, a woman who had had her neck broken in three places went into a trance. Her neck had been fused and she was in great pain, and couldn’t move her head. And in that trance the Glory came and God restored the vertebrae in her neck. And not too long after that, I was sharing that in another conference, and while I was speaking the Glory fell. The presence of God came and another woman, no one praying for her, no one else really knowing she had gone through almost the same thing. The doctors said, “The rest of your life will be controlling the pain.” Her neck was totally restored in the presence of God, the Glory of God. And I believe that Glory and that presence is here with us tonight and it’s going to be with everyone who is watching this program, God is going to release that anointing to them.

SID: James, I have to describe what I witnessed before the show started. I was talking to James and my eyes went down to his hands, and his hands, it looked like there were scars. It was so red and it look liked there were scars almost all over. Do you understand what I’m saying? It was so obvious that I said to him, “What’s going on?” And we all, it wasn’t just me. Several looked at your hand and before our eyes, the redness and what looked to be like burns almost, disappeared while we were watching that. I’d be remiss before God if I didn’t tell you, pray whatever God wants you to pray right now.

JAMES: Right now, I’d just like to say, Sid, that over and over I’ve experienced angels coming into our presence and they’re holding the angels that have come into the presence. They started coming in this afternoon. They’re still moving in. And those angels are touching people right there, right now, and I believe they’re also, they’re coming into the homes of all the listeners. And these angels are drawing people on to the Father, bringing them closer to the Father. I believe that tonight there’s a lifting up to the Father. And when those angels began to manifest, healing angels also came. And I believe that we have healing angels throughout the room tonight. And the Lord is saying right now, we just pray over you and we release to you right now, the love of the Father, we release that anointing to you that you would feel a supernatural flow of the Father’s love. And that when those angels of holiness come and touch you we release them right now to touch you and lift you up, and draw you to the Father in Heaven. And as those healing angels begin to manifest, we release those angels to minister healing. And I’m hearing that many people are being healed right of severe headaches, of chronic headaches. And right now, you’ve just been healed by the power of God being brought by these healing angels. The Lord said that upper respiratory infections are being healed right now. Right now if you have an upper respiratory infection, just let that healing angel touch you, release the power of God while the Glory is manifesting and powerfully present here and in your home as you watch this. There is a healing in the abdominal region, people receiving it right now for all kind of different issues in the bowels. Chronic problems are being healed right now by those healing angels. They’re coming to you. So right now in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, we release that anointing for healing and for holiness, and we ask those angels, give to people what God sent you to give. We receive it and we believe it in the mighty name of Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen and Amen. Amen.

SID: You see, when James goes to Heaven, he’s instructed by God to teach certain things. One trip, he was taught about the Kabod, the Glory, the heaviness of God, the presence of God and how wonderful that is. And the Lord taught him there were seven levels, the Kabod of Glory. Tell me the top level that He explained to you.

JAMES: The top level, Sid, is the unity glory. And I believe we see that in that same chapter of Ephesians. Ephesians 2:6, that we’re seated with him in heavenly places. But you read on a little further and we’re told in verses 13 through 18 that the dividing wall has been brought down, separating the Jewish believers from the Gentile believers, and one new preacher, one new man is coming forth, one new human being is emerging from that. And in verse 18 it says, that in this newness along with unity with Jesus, the Holy Spirit is giving us access to Heaven, and we literally are becoming members of the family of God. We’re part of the household. You have a chair in Heaven and it’s time to go sit in that chair and visit the Father, and visit Jesus in Heaven. Amen.

SID: Tell me as quickly as you can, what is going to happen in this unity of Jew and Gentile? When Jesus said, “You’ll do the same works that I have done and even greater,” is that what he’s talking about?

JAMES: Sid, I believe that’s exactly what he’s talking about. And what the Lord showed me is that as Jesus, when he ministered on Earth, was able to see what the Father was doing and hear what the Father was saying, literally Jesus was experiencing Heaven and Earth at the same time, and that you and I can have that same experience. You and I can experience Heaven and Earth simultaneously.

SID: But step one to experience Heaven and Earth is to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. You don’t need my words. Get right with God now.

JAMES: Amen.

Our Guests Barry & Batya Segal

Barry & Batya Segal

Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah I’m speaking to Barry Segal and all this week we’ve been speaking to his wife Batya. The two of them are Recording Artists from Jerusalem. I’m actually speaking to them at his home in Jerusalem right now and his latest CD which he puts it has a Levitical anointing it’s called “God Through the Gates.” Now what I’d like to know Barry how you and Batya got together. I know that she had this long extended court case, a custody for her daughter because she became a believer in Messiah. And her former husband was using it against her and you were praying with her a lot. You had music in common but how did you eventually determine that the two of you were to get married?

Barry: Well it’s a real invitation of the Holy Spirit I think when two people are joined together in matrimony and covenant. And I think we were the classic picture of east meets west in the Middle East. And really when I came to Israel I came with an opportunity to live with very well-known Bible teacher who since went to go home with the Lord Dr. Derrick Prince and his wife Ruth. And as a single guy coming over from the US and they saw my love and passion for Israel; they asked me to come on over and to assist them the first year and finish out their home as they were settling in Jerusalem. And here it was Jew and Gentile kind of settling together in Jerusalem and in that first year in that incubation period as I had entered Jerusalem and Israel to make it my home; I used to actually go down to the bus stops along the center of the neighborhood called the German Colony of Jerusalem and at times I would run into Batya at the bus stop because she was born and grew up on the other side of that road by her parent’s house. And so just over the divide was where Batya and somehow we would run into each other. But the actual place that we first met I remember was at a Bible study in a home in Jerusalem for Messianic Jewish Song Writers and Singers and there were about a dozen people there. When I walked in that first night, which was somewhere around the winter of 1982, they were all praying in a circle I had come in a bit late and when she opened her eyes I was standing right in front of her. That was actually the first time she saw me; I was the second angel she would say.

Sid: (Laughing) Tell me about that what happens when an American Jew immigrants to Israel and falls in love and marries a Yemenite Jew and they have a Yemenite wedding, what is that like?

Barry: Well it was really unusual it was like a movie being filmed because after Batya’s court trial was finished in the Supreme Court for custody of her daughter Meital. And after several years of having prayed together to get with Derrick and Ruth Prince in their home on behalf of Batya’s court trial and for her daughter and other things going on in our lives. It was almost as if the Lord had yoked us together. He was calling us to be yoked together to carry on a great burden and work which would start in Jerusalem and do to Judea, Sumeria and the ends of the earth. So several years later of course we would be engaged right after the court trial was finished and then married in 1987. I’ll never forget the time that my parents from America came over to meet Batya’s parents it was so funny because we were the only 2 in the middle that could translate between the Hebrew and the English between my parents and her parents. Of course that was kind of classic it was like the ancient meeting the modern.

Sid: Hm.

Barry: And finally we both being Levites by birth both Batya and I. Batya from a Yemenite Jewish Levites and myself from an Ashkenazi European Levitical background the rabbi’s wanted to be sure that we were Levites so our parents had to prove this in some rabbinical court. And upon that we were approved to be married and we had an Orthodox Jewish ceremony in Jerusalem with a few hundred guests. And it was quite exciting actually at the time because when we came we did not know that Batya’s older brother had arranged for a Yemenite dance troupe to come in dressed like probably they were dressed 100’s of years ago with flower baskets on their heads and all sorts of ornaments. They came and they put us in chairs and they picked us up in the chairs and they danced us all the way to the chupa. I just kind of waved goodbye to my parents and they just had tears in their eyes; it was just so classical it was so joyous. In its own way it had a Levitical anointing that feel into that place and people just don’t forget the wedding that came to it even to this day, it was spectacular event.

Sid: Barry you mentioned that you were really discipled by a great great Bible teacher Dr. Derrick Prince. He went on recently to be promoted to heaven. If he was around today and he was giving advice to our listeners about what’s going on prophetically in the world what do you think he would be telling them?

Barry: Well there’s no doubt even to the very end of Derrick’s life he believed that the Lord’s return is much more imminent than we all can fathom or understand in the natural mind. That in fact the prophetic word of God; what was spoken in centuries of old by the prophets of old is so real; so in affect today and so centers around the re-gathering of Israel physically and as well as re-gathering of Israel spiritually. And that we see also a parallel restoration within the Jewish people and nation and also the church. So that what we are experiencing and the tremendous upheaval which includes the words that Jesus spoke about towards the end time. That there would be violence in the days we live in is so picturesque of the time that we really should have a heart for the lost and we really should be earnestly looking to His coming. And working for the night is coming when no man can work. I think these would be some areas that Derrick would have reflected on and summed up; I think he saw the evil of the world and the curtains being pulled in this age coming to a close. And I think he saw his own passing on just a thin veil away from all eternity.

Sid: I’m speaking to Barry and his wife Batya Segal and we’re featuring this week his latest CD called “Go Through the Gates.” And as Batya explains the gates are Yeshua and it’s a call for Jewish people to find the true peace. “Go Through the Gates” it’s got a Levitical, I mean it’s Levitical as you can get, they both have a Levitical heritage. And what do you want to accomplish with this CD Barry?

Barry: Well I think that that’s a very very good question. I think you know my heart always in worship and in music is that there will be a restoration of fellowship with God through what we do. I think scripture that sums up so much to me about music and worship is in 2nd Chronicles 5 where it says in verse 11 “And it came to pass that when the priests came out of the most holy place having had sanctified themselves without keeping to their divisions. And the Levites were the singers” and on and on it goes about those with cymbals and stringed instruments. But summing it up it says “In deed it came to pass when the trumpeters and singers were as one to make one sound to be heard in thanking and praising the Lord and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music and praise the Lord in saying ‘For He is good for His mercy endures forever’ that the house of the Lord was filled with the cloud so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.” It’s for His glory.


Our Guest LaDonna Taylor


SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest as a young person started playing the violin and what she found out is people started getting healed. I mean, people would feel the pain just coming out of their body as she plays the violin. Others, I know this is going to stretch you some, but then you deserve to be stretched. If the Bible is normal, you deserve to be stretched. Metal started turning to bone when she played her violin. Now LaDonna, when you did, in 2012, you did a show and I knew you were sick. But I didn’t know how sick you were. I didn’t realize that you went in for simple surgery and it was a physician’s error, and she was in a life-threatening position. When you, why did you even come to do the show?

LADONNA: I didn’t realize I was as sick as I was either. Everything was going wrong, but I thought I needed one more surgery, and I was going to fight my way through because I knew the Lord was leading me to come and do this show.

SID: Okay. She does the show. Even in the airport, how sick were you?

LADONNA: Even coming over, I was changing planes from wheelchair to airplane, to airplane in my wheelchair. I didn’t even have the strength to go to the restroom myself and no one would help me.

SID: Okay. She had nine surgeries because of this physician’s error in 90 days. She literally, literally was dying. Her colon was dying. What did the doctor say? What was your future like?

LADONNA: I would, if I recovered, and they couldn’t tell me that, if I recovered I would have blood clots, swollen kidneys, bladder infections, arthritis, full blown diabetes the rest of my life.

SID: Just from an error. Okay. You’re down to 89 pounds. The next surgery will be to remove your dead colon. Spirit of Death came on you. What was that like?

LADONNA: It was dark. It drew the strength out of my body. I literally felt myself starving to death. Eight-nine pounds and my stomach was very protruded.

SID: But you know what? There, as a young child, you knew God. Tell me the first time God called your name.

LADONNA: I was 12 years old walking through an empty church. My dad was outside the church and when I heard a deep male voice call my name, “LaDonna”, I turned and said, “Yes Dad,” but he wasn’t in the church, and I knew immediately it was Father God calling my name.

SID: And shortly thereafter she started learning the violin. She fell in love with the violin. But did you see things they used to do in churches, like pleading the blood of Jesus


SID: What did you see happen when people pleaded the blood of Jesus as a young child

LADONNA: I saw amazing miracles happen. I would love, I’ve always been very curious about miracles, having no idea that that would be a main part of my life, later in life. I saw crippled people throw crutches down, people get out of wheelchairs. I saw big tumors disappear off of people, blind eyes see, deaf ears open, everything.

SID: I want LaDonna to play on the violin. And you get ready for an encounter with God. If you would go to the music set, “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”. Do you understand the title? You don’t need anything but the blood of Jesus, and I plea that blood of Jesus over you and everything where you are right now: the office, the home, the bar. Wherever you are, I plea the blood of Jesus.

Our Guest LaDonna Taylor

LaDonna Taylor

Sid: This is not supposed to be happening, LaDonna Taylor is a toddler going with her grandmother; would see her grandmother pray for the dead people, 3 dead people that came back to life. She understood healing in the atonement; she lived a life for God but there was a botched surgery; then they had to follow it with 9 surgeries to fix it; they weren’t able to fix it. She’s literally dying; she watches the television show she had previously done of It’s Supernatural while she’s in the hospital. The nurse whose convinced she’s going to die is crying while she’s watching knowing that LaDonna is going to die. LaDonna is down to 89 pounds; she’s 65 years of age and even though that was a tremendous encouragement you still have that spirit of death in the room and demons coming upon you and you were in for a battle. What did you do?

LaDonna: I was in for a battle but in the battle I found God’s plan and God’s plan was after I watched the show email started coming into my little smart phone laying by my bed. I began praying for others, I began answering emails with the little keyboard on that phone promising the people that I would pray for them; writing their names down and calling their names before God. And realizing that on the inside it was restoring hope. Now I still was very confused in my mind because I’m receiving high powered pain meds every 2 to 4 hours. It was everything I could do to function and pray for others and answer their emails. But I had picked up my destiny and I just knew that I would keep fighting and the truth was that “By His stripes I am healed.

Sid: Out of curiosity did you feel a degree of His presence even in those horrible situations in the hospital where you’re dying; slipping away?

LaDonna: Absolutely, His presence was my focus. I have a dear, dear friend I call her my spiritual mother Billye Brim. She would called me often and she would say “Practice the presence of God. To me those words mean shut everything else out and put your mind on Him, your thoughts and your faith on Him, He is your only help and your only hope.

Sid: Now during that time you had a visit from your pastor who happens to be a friend of mine Pastor John Kilpatrick, he was the Pastor of the great Brownsville Revival and now he has another church which you’re a member of. When he came in what did he say “He say?”

LaDonna: He actually called me.  

Sid: Okay.

LaDonna: On an evening after I had cried myself to sleep. That very same day Billy Brimm my spiritual mother had called me that morning and read a John G. Lake sermon to me. And it encouraged me in a principal of healing.

Sid: Do you remember the principal that it encouraged you in?

LaDonna: The principal of healing she encouraged me in she read a John G. Lake sermon and in the sermon it said “We must realize that just as Jesus dwells in your spirit and also possesses your soul in actually the same way He is possessing every cell in your body. The same Christ that dwells in your spirit is just as real in your body with His healing power as He is with your spirit. Many of us have Jesus in imprisoned in our soul and spirit as Savior; and must open prison doors and permit Him to be our healer.

Sid: I’m reminded that Jesus said “Out of your innermost belly will flow rivers of living water.” So you’re releasing those rivers if I’m understanding you right into every cell of your body.

LaDonna: That day as soon as I hung the phone up all day long Billye called me at 10:30 in the morning and all day long until I cried myself to sleep that night hoarse. I said “Lord God I open prison doors, I proclaim that You are the healer of every cell of my body. Then after I cried myself to sleep Pastor John Kilpatrick called and this is what I heard on the phone. “LaDonna is that you?” And then he said “This is John Kilpatrick your pastor, God told me to call you and tell you that today you hit breakthrough.” He said “Your coming out of that bed and out of the hospital. Then He said “You’re going to fully recover; today you hit breakthrough; you may not know it and you may not feel it but you hit it.” And then he said “It’s your time, close your eyes now and go to sleep and when you open your eyes tomorrow will be a new day.”

Sid: I have to tell you LaDonna if John Kilpatrick were to call me and give me a prophetic word I would believe it was from God; how about you?

LaDonna: I started crying, that pain medicine did not affect my mind any more; I became totally sober. To this day I remember I could recite those words he said to me every single word in order. And in 5 hours my body heard those word and in 5 hours my colon started functioning and in 4 days the doctor said “God home” and the 5th day I was in church.

Sid: And did the doctors have any comment, I mean what you told me I don’t think they expected you to do anything but die.

LaDonna: That’s exactly right, I remember that the doctors were so happy, they were so happy. I had been playing my music in the room they saw how I was doing every thing I could to hold on and they were just very very pleased but very surprised that all of those things about God that I had been telling everybody were coming true in that hospital room.

Sid: I want you to tell me about the worst moment before you were healed, the worst moment. Was there a point where it was touch and go that you were going to give up, that you were going to just give up the ghost so to speak.

LaDonna: Yes, I remember that the surgeon that was watching over me just before my 9th surgery came into the room and when I saw him come into the room I felt alarm and I knew what he was going to tell me. This is what he said, he came to the bed, he smiled and looked down at my bed and he said “I’m so sorry to tell you this but your going to meet me in the operating room again in 5 minutes; we’ve pushed medical science this is as far as it can go you’re going to die if I don’t operate another time.” That was surgery number 9; as my hospital bed was being rolled down the hall to surgery that was probably my most difficult moment not understanding why one more time I would have to have surgery when I was so weak all ready.

Sid: Well, after that 9th surgery was there anything really, you know you went home and then you went down hill again. Was there anything encouraging the doctors said from the natural viewpoint about recovery?

LaDonna: No, no encouragement from the doctor; the first encouraging thing that I heard from somebody else was that prophetic word from my pastor and my body heard it and responded to it.

Sid: What would you say to someone that’s probably listening to us by way of CD or radio and they are in a critical situation; what advice would you give them?

LaDonna: I would say that it’s God ordained that they’re listening right now. And I would say this that this is their moment for breakthrough. This is their moment to touch God. And they maybe just like me; they may not know it and they may not feel it but this is it. Just touch God because He’s available to you; He’s done all of the work on the cross and by His stripes you are healed!”

Sid: Now when people listen to your music it’s the same as you being in a concert the anointing is on your music. Tell me one brief testimony that comes to mine. Oh, tell me about the person that got a new heart.

LaDonna: Oh, there was an elderly man in Branson, Missouri; he came to the altar very very slow after I had played some music. And actually I was still playing when he worked his way to the altar; he walked so slowly. When he go to the altar we prayed for him; Billye Brim was ministering with me at the altar that day and we prayed for him. After we prayed for him he started walking; I was still playing and he started walking and as he walked he walked faster and faster almost ran around the room at least 80 years old, at least 80; ran almost around the room. And when he got back he had opened his arms and took me in his arms and he said “Oh, my goodness I couldn’t have walked 5 steps without being winded and look what I just did.”

Sid: But this isn’t usual; you prayed for people with fibromyalgia, you prayed for people that are deaf. You even told me people are getting metal is turning to bones.

LaDonna: Absolutely.  

Sid: I mean the way you say absolutely I mean this is a miracle.

Our Guest John Bevere

John Bevere

Sid: My guest John Bevere and you’ve probably read his bestselling book that’s 20th year anniversary “The Bait of Satan.” Well over a million of “The Bait of Satan” have sold. And John on yesterday’s broadcast we had to stop you were talking about your son worked with you on this book on “The Holy Spirit” and you were telling me a story about it.

John: Well I asked my son to help me write this book because I look at the young generation. They young generation many of them back away from the Holy Spirit. And Sid I think it’s because some of the strangeness that occurred when he was you know 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years old and all of them and what happened was he saw things that disturbed him. And I want to make very clear is… and let’s just be honest we’ve got listeners right now that are like “Oh, I’ve seen weirdness.” Now let me make this statement “Nobody can detect weirdness better than a little child. I remember my kids we’d go into some churches and they’d be 5 years old and their leaning in as far as they could into their mother because of the person sitting next to them that was just doing something really really strange. And when it’s God it’s not strange, and so my point is this “Nobody yielded better to the Holy Spirit than Jesus, nobody fully allowed the Holy Spirit to express the will of God better than Jesus. Yet kids jumped in Jesus’. Yet mafia invited Jesus to their parties because tax collectors were the mafia of the day. If you look at businessmen and the leaders sought out Jesus. So in other words Jesus wasn’t weird and yet he gave full expression to the Holy Spirit. So my statement to these young people, I said “Wait a minute if you saw things that you knew were not right, weird strange
I said “Chances are good that it was the person they might have been strange if they were playing cards or playing tennis,” but if you see somebody whose completely yielded to the Holy Spirit no matter what the manifestation and there are some; there are manifestations that are amazing that the Holy Spirit will do; spitting on somebodies eye to get them healed but it’s not…. But when He’s in it it’s never perceived as weird or strange or repulsive. And so I had a great burden because this young generation has a deep deep desire to reach the world. I’ve never seen a generation that wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves more so than this generation. I’ve never seen a generation that want to be so much a part of a team. I know that their intentions and their compassions are good to help the needy, the poor, those that are victims of social injustice. But if they don’t have the power and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and they aren’t friends with Him, intimate with Him, they’re not going to be able to fulfill what God had put in their heart for their generation.

Sid: But I don’t care if whether you are a young person or you’re in your 80’s there is a depth of fellowship. As a matter of fact we didn’t finish that. John the other day we were talking about the word communion and the personality of the Holy Spirit and you started with fellowship.

John:   You know I look at the way… fellowship means to interact; it means to companionship. I know that none of us would jump in a car and not speak to somebody for 20 minutes. Well how many times do we do that with the Holy Spirit; sometimes I think that He’s the most ignored person in the church. So if you look at the apostles in the Book of Acts; if you look at Christians the leaders you will find out that they have interaction with the Holy Spirit. I mean Paul says in Acts chapter I think it’s 20 he said “The Holy Spirit has told me in city after city.,..” So you see that there’s an ongoing interaction there. If you look at Philip when Philip was in Samaria conducting some service and Samaria is getting saved and there’s miracles and healings. The Bible says that an angel spoke to him; it doesn’t say “That an angel appeared.” Now it says an angel appeared to Mary; an angel appeared to Joseph; an angel appeared to Zechariah; an angel appeared to John. It said an angel spoke to Philip and said “Go to the desert.” So Philip listened to the angel and three verses later he’s out in the desert he’s been there a couple of days; he sees a royal Ethiopian chariot. And the Spirit then said “Go and join this chariot.” Sid Philip, these guys knew the voice of the Spirit so clearly they could differentiate between His voice and the voice of angel. Now that sounds weird and strange to some today but I don’t think it is because let me give you a natural example. If I’m in a room and I’m talking to you Sid and there’s a couple a couple dozen people in the room and my wife is sitting across the room and she’s talking to your wife she may make a comment and I’ll hear her voice above all 2 dozen of those people in that room. And I’ll say “There’s my wife’s voice and I’m not looking at her; I’m not seeing her.

Sid: Absolutely, but if you had never heard her you would not know it. If you have never realized the Holy Spirit’s talking to you you’d never know His voice.

John: Correct, so just as I know each of the voices on my team, I have 30 team members. If I call my office I’ll know which one answered the phone, I know their voices. So the early church they could tell; think about it; when Philip was sitting there with Dr. Luke, and Dr. Luke is writing the book of Acts and Philip says “Now wait a minute Luke; it was not the Holy Spirit spoke to me in the city of Samaria it was an angel. Now when I got out into the desert that’s when the Spirit spoke to me. They could tell the difference, that’s how well they knew the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Tell me about partnership with the Holy Spirit.

John: Oh, I love partnership. If you look at partners, partners develop what I call a ebb and flow. In other words they know what each others going to do. I played Varsity Tennis at Perdue University I was paired with the #2 singles and we were the #3 doubles team for the Varsity Tennis Team. And I remember that we were a bit awkward because balls were going between us and I’m thinking that he’s going to get it and he’s thinking that I’m going to get it. But after a few matches we developed a flow and we were very tough to beat we really operated as one man on that tennis court. We knew what each other was thinking. Well the first time that I spoke I told you on the first program I put Lisa asleep. Now I speak in front of 5000 people and 10,000 people and 20,000 people and they don’t go to sleep when I speak, why? Because I’ve learned how to yield to my partner. I’ve developed that flow with Him. So when I was with Lisa I was speaking out of my head, I’m bound to my notes. Now I’ve learned how to listen for what He’s leading me to do in my heart when I speak. And so there’s an ebb and flow that has developed. The first book I wrote it took a year and it really wasn’t that good. Now He tells me to write a book and I crank it out in a couple of months. So I’ve learned how to partner better. Because Paul made the statement “We are fellow workers for and with God” in 1st Corinthians chapter 3. If you look at the Apostles in the book of Acts they said “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” You can see His representation and their representation so it definitely means partnership.

Sid: And the third thing you talk about is intimacy with Him.

John: That’s the best, that’s the best. I could talk about that for hours so I have to be really careful. (Laughing)

Sid: You have to we only have a couple minutes left. (Laughing)

John: Well intimacy is fellowship but it goes deeper than fellowship; it goes to the thoughts to the secrets the desires of the heart. Intimacy is a sure avenue to a deep friendship. If you look at that Message Bible it says “May the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with you.” He desires to be our friend, in fact if you look at James chapter 4 verse 5 it says “The Spirit who dwells in us yearns.” Now the word yearns means He longs for intensely and consistently. What does He yearn for? He yearns for our friendship. But the thing you’ve got to remember is James said “He yearns jealousy.” What does jealousy mean? It means that just as Lisa wouldn’t share with me secrets and desires of her heart in intimacy if I was pursuing a relationship with another girl. Even so the Holy Spirit will not share with us the secrets and the desires of His heart if we’re pursing a relationship with the world. That’s exactly what James meant when he said 3 verses earlier in James chapter 4 verse 2. He said “You’re seeking a friendship with the world and you’re an adulterer. An adulterer is one who has a covenant relationship with one but violates that covenant to pursue that relationship with somebody else. So if you want to have intimacy with the Holy Spirit you have to make sure you’re not pursuing a relationship with the world.

Sid: And speaking of that very briefly it was amazing that you decided to fast TV and then you just walked by a TV and all of a sudden you felt something you didn’t feel when you had not fasted TV. What was that?

John: Well it’s interesting, it wasn’t a really particular bad program it actually was nothing. You know some programs today, I don’t care if you don’t fast for 3 years you can’t watch them if you really are a follower of Jesus. But this one was not particular bad one but it was just actually policeman that had to use a gun to take somebody’s life okay. And remember what happened on the inside of me I was so sensitive to it I had to walk back out of the room. I like “Oh my gosh I’ve been in the presence of God for all of these days and yet now I just get out and I get exposed to this and I was like “Ah uh, I don’t want this.” So I find what happens is if we don’t spend that time with Him like you were talking about we get a little dull. We get dull in our spirit, you know just like… you know I go to the gym 3 times a week at least. Why, because I want to keep my body in shape. If we’re not praying in the Spirit and we’re not in the word of God and spending time with Him in intimacy we get a little dull in the spirit.

Sid: John, we’re out of time I’m so sorry… I want you to develop such a friendship with the Holy Spirit….


Our Guest James Goll

James Goll

Sid: Well my guest his name is James Goll, and James has had more supernatural encounters, visits to heaven, angelic visitations; miracles, healings, all the gifts of the Spirit. But there’s a reason; he is grounded in the word of God and his heart’s desire is because he knows that there’s such and in fact God told you what is about ready to happen supernaturally on planet earth. Tell me the good that you see.

James: (laughing) That’s awesome Sid; you know one of the… there’s lots of things but one of the things right now is that the Holy Spirit has spoken so clear to me is that the door of the harvest is opened. And one of the… and so actually I was in a service in a church and the door to the church (I’m speaking) and the door to the church literally blows open. A wind comes through the door and I look at this and I go “Lord, what is this, what are you saying?” And He speaks to me and says “The door to the harvest has now been opened.” And then just as a little way of like confirming that then I was in another church and I’m ministering and the Holy Spirit says to me “I want you to like lay hands upon people that Sunday morning that are of a different background different ethnic call or background.” And I’m like “Well God this is kind of like this isn’t going to take very long because I was in the church in another state and there was like another class like church. And so that assignment won’t take long; well it ended up that Sunday morning I guess the Holy Spirit sent out a memo and a bunch of people came that were from many different backgrounds. And so there was a man from Nigeria, a man from Ethiopia, and some from Bosnia and some other different places. And so there was this little brown couple and so I’m just going doing what the Holy Spirit said. So I laid my hands upon them and I’m just blessing people. I then turned around and I twirled in the Spirit and I pronounced over this couple “By the way there’s only one God and His Name is Jesus and He is the holy Man of God and He wants you to know that He loves you.” They raised their hands and they throw their hands in the air and they say “We want this Jesus.” Holy Spirit fell on them and they got saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in that one moment. This is only one story and I have a bunch of stories; the background to this is the door of the harvest is open. And I want you right now; I want you to believe for your loved ones or you’re believing for backslidden people. I want you to be believing for all of your relatives to have visitations and to get saved and their names written in the Lambs book of life. So the background is that this little couple that I know they were from India and they were Hindu’s and they had never ever attended a church service in their life time. So they come that week they met a believer from this particular church. They tell them “We want to meet the holy man; we want to meet your most holy man. So this person says “Hey, come to church; here at this church and come on Sunday morning and you’ll meet this most holy man. Well I didn’t have a clue that this was going on if I’d known that Sid I’d probably would have fasted for 48 hours and I might have even shown up in a white robe or something okay. I don’t know, any way so…

Sid: (Laughing)

James: There they come to meet the holy man; I’m up there and see what I prophesied I laid my hands on these guys I didn’t know that they weren’t even believers. I didn’t know that they never attended church.   I laid my hands on them and I said “By the way, there’s only one God,” because these Hindu’s worship many gods. I said “There’s only one God and Jesus is His Name; He’s the most holy man.” And in that day they met the most holy man and His Name is Jesus. Right now where ever you’re listening you can meet the most Holy Man and I’m just going to exercise faith with you for visitation of whole families. Because the door of the harvest is open. So I just speak right now; I pray according to the book of Luke and the book of Matthew we pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He sends forth labors. I want you to name your family members, and your neighbors and the people that you work with to the Lord right now. And we just say the word of the Lord goes forth and labors are being released right now and we just declare that hearts of stone are being turned into hearts of flesh. Why? Because God loves and “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever would believe in Jesus will be saved.” And so we speak the door of the harvest is open. That’s only one of the things that I see and I believe.

Sid:     What do you see from the viewpoint of the miraculous?

James: Oh, there’s increase, there’s huge increase. I had the voice of the Lord come to me in December in my bedroom. And I’m not talking in my heart I talking about the external voice of the Lord and He said “The seeds that the seerers and the Prophets planted in a younger generation decades ago are now coming into fruition, therefore they will be now an increase of the word of knowledge and the gifts of the Spirit will be on the increase creating an atmosphere of the fear of the Lord and signs and wonders.” And so I’m seeing this already myself, I’m seeing this in the lives of others and this where we’re at right now. It’s another outpouring of the Holy Spirit and it’s going to be growing, growing and increase in Jesus Name.

Sid:     Help me out you shared on yesterday’s broadcast about 9 straight weeks of angelic visitations. By the way, how does an angel look; does it have wings, how does angels normally look to you during those 9 straight weeks?

James: You know that’s fascinating because I’ve had many different angelic visitations. Some angels do appear like in the Book of Isaiah with wings. And in Isaiah the Seraphim they have like a hand that comes out from under the wings, I’ve seen angels like that. But also the Book of Hebrews says that be careful how you entertain strangers because you could entertain angels unaware. Now in this package there going to get this amazing inspirational new message on angels aware that I’m going to be teaching and praying prayers of impartation. So this is just awesome.

Sid: Have you found that when you pray prayers of impartation people report back to you they start having a touch or they feel or they see angels?

James:   Oh absolutely, there’s definitely you see why you have experienced you have authority to give away. When you’ve gotten healed of something you have faith to release healing to others. When you’re forgiven you have faith to help other people get cleansed. When you’ve been delivered you have faith to release deliverance to others. When you’ve had angelic visitations that realm is so real to you that you have authority to give away what you have received.

Sid:   Okay you had the 9 straight weeks of angelic visitations; pull out one experience during that time, just one.

James: Yeah one of the nights there was fireballs, okay it sounds a little crazy but it’s true.

Sid: It sounds wonderful to me; go ahead.

James:   It does doesn’t it 29 of them circulating around in the ceiling of the bedroom and they were just soaring around and we would pray “Press upon us; hit us with the fire of your presence.” And then this fireball would just come down and hit us on the body and then it would like we’d be sanctified or just the fire cleansing or the fire healing or the fire empowering when it hit us. And we would just say “Send another one.”   And then it would just crash in upon us and it might just like give us more fire of His love. Then we would say “Come on Lord, we want more.” So right now where you’re at right now I just speak, “You can have more, you can have more the depth of your hunger is the length of your reach to God. So I just speak “More fire on you right now. (Laughing) the fire of His love, the fire of His power; the fire of His presence; the fire of the angelic hosts.” And we just speak upon you right now, boy I tell you this is happening right now; I can sense it in my own body; I can sense it in my heart; I can just sense it in this very room that I’m speaking from right now. The fire of the Holy Spirit, the fire of angelic activity. Why do I say fire and angels? Because in Hebrew chapter 1 verse 7:14 it says “Aren’t the angels and ministering spirits flames of fire?”

Sid:     Right.

James: “Ministering to those that inherit salvation.” So I just speak forth fire even as we had the fire in just increase of fire on the day of Pentecost something like tongues of fire had rested upon their heads. So this is all totally difficult so I just speak forth right now and fire upon all of these people here listening and they’re just going to have increase visitations, increased angelic activity, increase of healings. There’s fire right now that’s going to burn in someone’s intestines that’s going to burn colitis and burn Crohn’s disease. And that’s just a word of knowledge but I see that right now and fire is going into people’s hearts right now. And someone’s getting healed of a heart murmur right now and the finger of God the Holy Spirit is going into someone who has a hole in their heart and He’s touching them right now. Just as even we were experiencing these balls of fire I just come on it’s going to be great, just balls of fire okay. So more of the fire of God’s holy presence be released and as we’ve been experience 9 straight weeks of angelic visitations I just release upon you right now visitations from heaven. Because Jesus taught is to pray Kingdom come will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Sid: James, our time has slipped away but the devil wants you to be ignorant of the spiritual gifts; this is God’s moment for you….

Our Guest Laura Harris Smith


SID: Now my guest tells me she gets angry because it’s the devil that is causing insomnia to stop God’s people from hearing God, seeing God so clearly in their dreams. Insomnia is a big problem.

LAURA: It is. And it’s not just God’s people that the enemy doesn’t want sleeping. Remember, Jesus can reveal himself to people, and this is happening a lot in Muslim nations right now. He can reveal himself to people in their sleep. So you know, be comforted by that. That family member that you have thinks they’re an atheist by day or they think they’re an agnostic by day. We are made of three parts in God’s image. And so there’s that portion of us that does not sleep, just like there’s that portion of God that does not sleep. Our body and our mind sleep at night, but our spirit is awake. And so that person who says by day, I’m agnostic, listen, they go to bed at night and their spirit is the Lord’s, so the enemy doesn’t want them sleeping either. Insomnia and other sleep disorders—

SID: But Laura told me, this is so exciting, is when she has friends that are non-believers, agnostics, atheists, another religion, she’s got a captive audience to pray for them while they’re sleeping, because the Bible says that God neither slumbers nor sleeps and the human neither slumbers nor sleeps. But tell me a bit about what you learned about insomnia.

LAURA: Yeah. Well there’s 40 million people in the world who struggle with insomnia, chronically, another 20 million who just have it periodically. There’s always times for each of us, maybe we can’t sleep. But yes, I believe it is attack of the enemy to come against that period of the day. Listen, the moon and the stars, and the nighttime, those were not an afterthought when the Lord created those. That is a sacred time and it is a time for you to be able to receive information from the Lord when your busy mind is turned off. And I sat next to, on a plane one time, a person who was really into Sigmund Freud, okay, and they had a lot of psychologists in their family. You know, Freud was Jewish by birth and atheist by choice.

SID: Unfortunately.

LAURA: Right. But his, can you imagine having those roots and ignoring them? But his whole take on dreams was that it was a psychological. I’m like, it’s so much more than that. We can receive in our spirit from the Lord as we sleep. So yes, the enemy does not want us to sleep and that’s the place where I get excited about praying for people.

SID: Now you actually had a dream before my staff called you, that told you what was going to happen.

LAURA: I’m so thankful. I woke up one morning, so it was a waking dream, and yes, there was a dream. And I saw a—

SID: Excuse me, what is a waking dream?

LAURA: Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. You wake up to this dream.

SID: Just as you would in the middle of the night.

LAURA: Yes. It can be in the middle of the night if that dream wakes you up.

SID: I see.

LAURA: This one was in the morning and I saw a hand. It was knocking on a door. It wasn’t my hand. It was a hand knocking on my door and that was it. Then I heard, “opportunity knocks”. So I waited. Well the morning before that I had a dream that I was big and pregnant. Okay. So I’ve had six children, so that was analogy that the Lord knew I would understand. I was expectant. You know, you’re expecting, when you’re pregnant. So I put those two together in my mind and I thought, something big is about to knock at my door. I’m full and here comes the opportunity for, you know, delivery. And hours later, we got the email from your executive producer.

SID: You know, that is exciting to have this knowledge before it happens, that it really is God knocking at your door. But also, you can have what you explained, warning dreams. Explain a little bit more.

LAURA: Can I give an example of one?

SID: Please

LAURA: Because it’s sort of self-explanatory. But I love this example. It was a warning waking dream, and waking dreams you just have a hard time shaking. I woke up one morning, it was a Sunday morning, and I saw myself standing in front of my church. My husband and I pastor in church in Nashville. And there was a huge wrecking ball, and it was coming towards the church. Now I’m standing in between, you know, it, so I see it coming at me. And I woke up, and I knew immediate danger—

SID: That’s dangerous.

LAURA: It was, it was, not just because I saw it coming to me at my church, but it was staring me in the face at a rapid beat. And so I got up, I got out of bed. I knew that the early morning prayer team, the pre-service intercessors would be there praying. And so I must have barged in there like a bull in a china closet. I gathered every elder I could find, I gathered every pastor, the music pastor, everybody. And I said, “Listen, there’s something that is about to happen. I’m not sure, but if we’ll pray with this, I believe we can thwart it.” So sure enough, that week we had two of our key families, a feud broke out between them that could have been really divisive. It could have split the church. But because we had already been praying, we had fondued the whole situation in prayer. We had gotten prepared to clear our schedules if need be. We did. We had some mediation meetings. And you know, love won. Prayer won. They—

SID: If you had not had that warning dream—

LAURA: Exactly.

SID: What would have happened?

LAURA: Exactly. Well who knows? I mean, the enemy, he was after more than just our family, he was after our church. These were two very key families. So you know, I say it’s like those DVDs that you can watch. You have the alternate ending, you can choose which ending you want. That to me is what a warning dream is about. It’s not fate, it’s not set in stone. Many people mistake them for nightmares because what they actually are is they’re information like intelligence being given to you by God to pray to change a situation.

SID: You know, a lot of people miss that. They see a warning dream and they say, oh no, something awful is going to happen. Oh no, you’re to pray so something awful doesn’t happen. Well Laura, you researched 1000 symbols, if you will, from the Bible, and when you did this, what did you find as far as opening your understanding of your dreams?

LAURA: It was so important. It was difficult to write a dictionary. I wasn’t quite sure, you know, what I was biting off at first. But I did it because I wanted people to be able to understand what they were dreaming and not to just rely on, oh my goodness, the secular websites that are out there or New Age interpreting books on symbols. I went to a secular website and dreamed or saw that if you dream about biscuits, it said you’re a woman who’s ambitious in your career. And I was like, what does that have to do with anything?

SID: Toss that stuff out. I like the biblical understanding.

LAURA: Exactly.

SID: I’ll tell you what, when we come back, I’m going to have Laura pray for you. She’s prayed for people with insomnia that have been able to sleep. She’s prayed for people that don’t remember their dreams. They start remembering their dreams. I’m going to have her pray whatever the spirit of God wants her to. Be right back.

Our Guest Katherine Ruonala


SID: Tell me about this former prostitute.

KATHERINE: Well I was doing a series of meetings in Australia and a lady came to the meetings and she was listening to the message, but she didn’t feel worthy to come forward. I didn’t know about this until on the last night, she came forward for prayer and gave her heart to Jesus. And the Lord just did a huge work of deliverance. I was on the floor praying for her and I found out later, she wrote me a letter a few days later, to say that she had been a heroin addict and a prostitute since she was very, very young. And the next morning, she had woken up and tried to have a cigarette and choked on it, couldn’t have the cigarette. And so she brang up all her supplies and said, “Stay away from me. I’m a born-again believer now. I am, I’m a Christian. Stay away from me. I don’t need that stuff anymore.” And then went out on the street and met another heroin addict and just began to share her testimony. She said, “Guess what, I don’t even have a shake. I don’t have, I haven’t had no withdrawal symptoms. I’m free. Jesus has set me free.” And this man said, “Well you know, I’d believe that if God would heal my stomach,” because he had terrible stomach issues. And she, not even 24 hours saved, said, “Well I’ll pray for you.” And right there, she laid her hands on his belly just as she had seen me do, laid hands on his belly, and he was slain in the Spirit, fell out under the power of the Holy Ghost on the sidewalk. And when he got up—

SID: No catcher.

KATHERINE: No catcher. When he got up out of the bushes, he was speechless. He had been healed. And he reached in to his pocket, pulled out $800, gave her 500 and gave his girlfriend 300 and said, “That’s what I would have spent on heroin this week. I’m not going to need it now.”

SID: Wait until you hear about the chair in the air.

KATHERINE: Well I had a vision, actually, it was a dream. And I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to us in dreams and visions. And one day I was, the Lord had promised me that He was going to open doors to the U.K. and I had very dear friends now in the U.K, that at that stage I didn’t know anybody, and I had these prophetic words. And so in faith, I felt the Lord just tell me to pencil a couple of weeks that I would go to the U.K. But I didn’t have any invitations. I hadn’t heard anything and I wasn’t going to knock on a door. So as I got a bit closer, I started to think, oh Lord, maybe I’ve missed it. And I went to sleep that night thinking about this. And during the night I had a dream, and in the dream, I saw myself being brought into sit in this chair, and we were about to watch something wonderful unfold. And then as I was sitting there, I began to think, this is great seats. This is a great seat. And it was suspended in mid-air, until I finally started to try and figure out how I was suspended in this chair. And then I wobbled and I woke up, and I said to the Lord, “Are you trying to speak to me or was I just too hot under the covers? You know, Holy Spirit, you are the revealer of mysteries.” And then the Lord began to speak to me. He said, “Katherine, have any of these miracles happened because of you?” I said, “No Lord, you’ve done them.” And He said, “Any of the doors that have opened, have you done that?” And I said, “No Lord.” And then He said, “Well why are you worried about England?” And then that morning, my secretary came in, she looked at my calendar and went, “What’s this about the U.K.” And I said, “God’s got it.” And then that night I received an email. Someone had been watching us and on the Internet, and it was an invitation from a pastor in the U.K. He said, “We live five, six miles from where Wigglesworth used to minister. We were wondering if there was any chance that you might be able to come and release that anointing for miracles in our region. Would you have any space to do that?” And I said, “Well I’ve got this two-week gap.” And I began to understand since then God had opened it up.

SID: What did you learn from this? What would you say the bottom line is?

KATHERINE: Well you know, I really believe we’ve got to learn how to settle back in back to the strength of Jesus. I’ve been praying for people at times in meetings and feeling the anointing bounce back on me. But you know, I believe that even as that’s been happening, I thought, what do I do Lord, and heard the Holy Spirit behind me saying, “Just lean back. Lean back into me.” And as I’ve done that, suddenly the power of God has come.

SID: Would you lean back right now and pray for miracles.

KATHERINE: Absolutely. Father, I thank you for your power. I thank you Holy Spirit for your healing and anointing. Father, for everyone watching right now, Lord, I decree I thank you that you are hovering over them right now in the room, as they are listening, as they are watching. Lord, I thank you, Spirit of God, that you are touching, you’re healing cancer, you’re healing MS. Lord, you’re healing all kinds of diseases because it’s your power. Just reach out now and lay a hold of the power of the Holy Spirit as he’s touching and healing you in the precious name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for that tangible power of God touching and healing bodies right now. I thank you Spirit of God that even as they cry out to you, you are manifesting yourself as the answer, because you are the same yesterday, today and forever. And I thank you Lord that you will meet their need as they expose their vulnerability, as they expose their need in their weakness to you. I thank the rush of the Holy Spirit. You come and you touch, and you feel the need now in Jesus’ name. I look forward to hearing the testimonies.

SID: I know that that presence of God is on you. It’s in you, right now. Now for the few of you, there’s actually a lot of you that have not made Jesus your Messiah. Such a wonderful God. He died for your sins before you even knew him. Just ask him to forgive you. Believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins. Ask him to come inside of you and be your Lord, your own words. Make that peace with God and watch how He makes His peace with you. But I tell you this, everything that Katherine said is about ready to happen to you. The healing is ready to erupt. I see ears open. I see arthritis leaving fingers right now. You are going to be a walking miracle in Jesus’ name.

SID: Next week on It’s Supernatural. My guest had nine straight weeks of visitations of angels. He was taught by Jesus on how to pray for the sick. He heard things that are going to happen shortly in the future. Anyone interested in what he’s going to teach? Me, too.

Our Guest Trisha Frost

Trisha Frost

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be whole.Many people are stuck because of stronghold that have formed in their life from events there not even thinking about and they wonder why they’re stuck. But there’s nothing that they feel that they can do about so they go throughout life without having the intimacy, the friendship, they peace, the sweetness of a full relationship with God. So my guest Trisha Frost was like that, and her husband Jack Frost was like that. And Jack was a very very driven man, his father was an alcoholic, he got into after he became a believer Jack got into performance based Christianity. His wife Trish had very low self-esteem and he went to a conference and for the first time he realized that he and his family members were judging God by their relationship with their father. And he broke it in himself and then he preceded to show… just out of curiosity Trish did he come home and start teaching or did you just notice the change in him? What occurred?

Trisha: Well whenever he first came home when he walked through the door from the conference where Jack Winter… isn’t that nice of God, Jack Winter had…God had Jack Winter speak a blessing over Jack Frost.

Sid: (Laughing)

Trisha: But he came home from this conference and he was not the same person, and he walked in the door and he immediately began to sit us down and he just started saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I’ve treated you this way, I’m sorry that I didn’t value you.” And there was no but attached to any of the sorry. You know there was no “I’m sorry but if you hadn’t had done this we wouldn’t be this way.” He took responsibility and ownership for his behavior; he took responsibility for all of the ways that he had wounded his family because I think for the first time he had a revelation of just how much he had wounded his family. He didn’t want that for his family any more, and so he immediately… he didn’t just come in and say “I’m sorry” that was great but then his whole behavior changed. He began to act differently, you know we didn’t have to…

Sid: You know most people think no one can change “That husband of mine, that wife of mine that’s the way they are they can’t change.” But you’re saying your husband changed.

Trisha: Given the right environment anybody can change. And Jack was placed in an environment of unconditional love and acceptance himself when Jack Winter prayed over him. He was placed in an environment that he’s never felt that kind of love and intimacy from a father. And I think all of us need, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? We’re all looking to be valued and loved especially by our fathers or and our mothers too, but especially we long to hear those words Sid “I love you son, I’m proud of you son,” and just words of blessing. So many people live by words that have been spoken over them because they’re word curses you know “You’ll never amount to anything you stupid idiot you know you can’t do that,” or all of the “I can’ts” instead of creating an environment where we we can believe in a person and we can see the potential and purpose and the destiny and then as parents begin to bless that. So when we create environments like that anybody can change.

Sid: Now I’m going to read a quote from you “Pain turns to behavioral patterns which cause us to then be pain, for those that we love.” It seems like such a viscous cycle.

Trisha: Yeah, we called our cycle of pain because what it is for us it is a cycle. Because this cycle of pain it starts with a wound somewhere in our life. Either a word curse is spoken or someone does something that just hurts and wounds us to the point that we get stuck believing a lie or word curse that we can’t. Out of that woundedness then it causes us to begin to think negatively about our self “Well maybe their right, I can’t do this or I can’t do that and so I might as well live life.” And then the next part of that cycle whenever you don’t believe in yourself and you start believing a lie about yourself and then you step into disobedience. God did not make any of us to not be successful and so we step in… we embrace the lie and we step into sin and disobedience. Well that opens up the doors for isolation, you know well I just don’t trust you enough to allow you to be a part of my life. And whenever we open up the doors for darkness and isolation, I hate to say it but then we open up the doors for demonic oppression. You know our enemy is looking for ways to just devour us, I feel like the devil has just had one mission statement and that’s to divide and conquer. So he’s constantly looking for ways to divide families and to conquer whole families and he does that through separation. “You know if I can get this person to believe that they have no value especially by their earthly parents of even their spiritual authorities in their life. Then I’ve got them, if I can convince them to believe a lie long enough that sooner or later that lie becomes a reality it’s not their truth.” But I heard it said one time that Joseph Gobel who was Hitler’s minister of propaganda he made this statement “If you can convince a person of a lie long enough they’ll believe it.” And that’s how he convinced Germany to believe the lie that Jewish people have no value.” And you saw that, I mean really it almost produced one of the greatest genocides in history ever.

Sid: But you know what’s interesting, the flip side of that is also true. “If you believe the word of God and hear it long enough and start following that you will believe the truth.” In other words, that’s the way the human body is created, we will believe what we hear long enough. So we have to make sure we hear the right thing.

Trisha: Exactly, exactly. Well how do you do that? You know people ask me all the time “Well how do I identify the word curses in my life, how do I understand what wounding is?” Well I think Jeremiah 1:10, 11 help’s us out there. Because it says “See today I have set you as rulers.” Sid I really don’t believe that people believe that they have that kind of authority. God has set us up for rulers, you know we’re joint heirs but in being set up for rulers He’s told us to go out and uproot, tear down, overthrow, and destroy all the things in our life those root issues, those ungodly beliefs so you can build and plant. So many people get a hold of the faith message build and plant you know that mouth confession is really good but when you try to just do mouth confessions on top of ungodly beliefs then it doesn’t change anything for you and then you get frustrated and you lose hope that “I’ll ever change, that I can ever have purpose and that I can ever have value.” So it’s when we go after those things you know those ungodly beliefs you know those strongholds, those habit patterns.

Sid: Now when you say stronghold what’s your definition of stronghold?

Trisha: I think a stronghold is a fortress of thought or could be a fortress of many thoughts that actually influence the way that we respond to life you know. Again it’s a habit pattern, it’s a habit. You know a habit is something that we are we or it’s an act or something that we believe so often that it takes no new decision of mind to perform the act.

Sid: Now how does the stronghold actually get to be a stronghold in our life?

Trisha: Well through word curses; you know whenever you’re told a lie it goes back to that. When you are told a lie long enough you begin to believe it, even though you know that that’s not true, that’s not your destiny, that’s not the purpose and plan of your life you begin to embrace that as truth for yourself. And then involuntarily you will begin to live from that lie thinking that that’s your truth. I see it over and over and over again. I mean I travel, mainly in North America right now but I travel at least twice a month and I do encounters and seminars. And Sid I meet people every day in these seminars that have embraced an orphan heart. You know that heart that tells them that they don’t have a right to belong. And they embrace that orphan heart mainly because they’ve not had a place to belong. They’ve not had anyone speaking into their life that they have value, that they have purpose, that they have destiny. And so they begin to believe that they don’t and believing that they don’t they live their life most of time… I hate to say subservient but just beneath their potential. And I believe it with all of my heart and I believe this. And I have been especially been living this way since Jack died I believe with all of my heart that Father God wants each and every one of us to not just be successful but to live abundantly above anything that we could dream about. And why not?

Sid: I have in my hand your bookmark which is called “I am Father God’s happy thought.” Tell me about this bookmark very quickly.

Trisha: I keep that bookmark most of the time taped to the mirror in my bathroom because I need to remind myself that Father God has happy thoughts. See we don’t believe that, we tend to view Father God the same way that we view our earthly dads. And that’s such a misrepresentation of who He really is, because He says in 1st Corinthians that He can’t think an evil thought. And if He cannot think an evil thought about us where do we get the idea. Who’s telling us that He does, “Who’s telling us that we’re a failure that we can’t.” Because I just believe with all of my heart that if it hadn’t had been my belief of the image of who Father God really is today I never would have been able to walk through the last 7 years of Jack not being here. You know I was so afraid to do anything, especially anything on my own and Father God’s given me the courage to believe in my destiny and purpose and the plans that He has for me. But Sid it has not come without a cost.

Sid: I’ll tell you what out of time right now.

Our Guests Nancy Alcorn & Laura Schultz

Laura Nancy

Sid: My guest by way of telephone from Nashville, Tennessee the head of Mercy Ministries is Nancy Alcorn. Nancy’s just come out with a new book called “Mercy for Eating Disorders.” And there are so many young people involved in anorexia, bulimia, binge eating that there are more young people that can even get into her program at this moment. So she just felt a compulsion from the Holy Spirit that this book had to be written. And what I’d like to deal with this day Nancy what are the tell-tale symptoms if your children are involved or your spouse even in anorexia, bulimia, how would you know that?

Nancy: Well some of the things that you look for… is one of the things that people do is they gaze into the mirror a lot. They seem to be a little uncomfortable when eating in front of other people, constant weighing and sometimes avoiding weighing.

Sid: Why don’t they want to eat in front of people, what causes that?

Nancy: Well it has to do with their own feeling about it because just so demonic it causes bizarre behavior like hiding food. We’ve had some young girls in our program that will steal food out of kitchen and then they’ll go into the closet in their bedrooms and like throw-up into their shoes. They’ll hide food under the mattress, I mean it’s just really bazaar.

Sid: It sounds to me like the behavior you would expect from a drug addict.

Nancy: Well exactly, it’s pretty much just like that but it’s food. But another one of the signs is just an inability to concentrate, definitely a preoccupation with exercise. And I mean not normal exercise but like beyond the limits almost to exhaustion. And being driven, it’s just a driving force of eating or not eating, or exercising way beyond what is normal. And then one of the difficulty in sleeping, very performance based, perfectionist, highly competitive. Those are just some of the things, really obsessive compulsive behavior you know, pulling hair out, hand washing, that kind of thing.

Sid: My goodness it’s you know this is a whole realm that I’m not familiar with. But you say it’s epidemic in America.

Nancy: It really is and you know like we had one girl that came to us and she started with real severe depression when she was 15. And out of depression she began to overeat and be inactive and kind of hid and stuff. And she developed a weight problem and so she decided she had to get rid of the weight to be accepted by her peers, because her friends were calling her fatty at school and stuff like that. So she ends up just not eating anything practically. And her weight had gotten up to over 200 pounds and she decided she wasn’t going to eat until she became thin. And a dangerous amount of time she dropped 100 pounds and became anorexic. And then after her parents got help for her then she tried to start her college education, and she ended up getting back into binging and purging and hear heart almost failed her one night. And she was taken to by ambulance to a hospital and she went through all of these treatment programs and she still had the eating disorder. She didn’t feel like anybody could help her, she didn’t feel like anyone understood her. And so finally one night she just said “There is no help for me and I’m hopeless and I’m worthless.” And she tried to kill herself a serious suicide attempt, ended up in the hospital. And then they just finally told her parents we don’t know what to do with you so we’re going to try shock treatment, so they tried that. And that didn’t seem to do anything, and so they finally said “You will need to be on disability for the rest of your life, you will never be able to get a college education and you’ll never be able to function in a job. This is a disease there is no cure for it, you just have to learn to cope as best as possible.” And so they prepared her parents or family. Well she was somewhere where one of our girls who had come through Mercy and had been set free by the power of God was giving a testimony about freedom. She said “I am free from my eating disorder.” And it shocked Laura to hear freedom and eating disorder in the same sentence. And so she said “What do I have to do lose?” And so she called us, got an application, came into the program and in 6 months’ time she was able to get the healing that she needed on the inside and deal with the issues that confronted her. And the pain of rejection and just all the hurt. And she more than anything she realized who she was in Christ. She had all of these lies in her head about herself. And through God’s word we were able to push out the lies of the enemy and the lies of self and put the truth of God’s word in there and help her see herself as beautiful and see herself as the daughter of the King and as a Princess. She actually got a revelation of who she was in Christ and that she was forgiven and that she was an overcomer, she could do all things through Christ who strengthens her. That girl went and got her college education and got her Master’s Degree and now is back on staff as our Director of Communications. That’s the very same program that she herself graduated from almost 7 years ago. And she travels with the girls from contemporary Christian artists “Point of Grace” gives her testimony in concerts and conferences that they’re doing for teenage girls around the country. And she’s just one of many girls that have been set free because of the truth of God’s word. And we tell our girls who have been set free because of the truth of God’s word and the fact that we tell our girls “You really can choose.” There are people out there I really sense that there are some young girls listening to this program right now maybe even some older woman who are caught in this bondage and you’ve listened to the lies of Satan and the lies of the experts of the world that say you have no choice. But Deuteronomy 13 the Lord says “This day, this day right now when your hearing this, this day I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.” And God says “Choose life that you and your seed may live.” And we have girls that come through this program whose mothers have had eating disorders and it’s a generational thing that runs through. In Christ the curse is broken.

Sid: Okay, one of those girls that’s listening to us right now…. with your book how much hope would she have?

Nancy: Well I believe in Christ if you turn to Him 100% and surrender control to Him and renew your mind to God’s word and replace the lies with truth I believe it’s 100% every time. Because in Christ we win, I believe that the name of Jesus is above every name including eating disorders. And most of us want a quick fix like we go through a drive through. “I’ve got 1 minute so fix me God,” and it’s not like that, it’s a process of transformation that goes on and it’s taken steps toward it and allowing the power of God to release us from that bondage.

Sid: Alright there’s some people listening to us right now that are involved and they know they are in this anorexia or bulimia or binge eating, what are the medical consequences to them? You shared one person but was this the exception or how serious could the hurt themselves for the rest of their life?

Nancy: Well it’s very serious, the medical consequences there’s a large number of them. But young girls we have many young girls that are 18 – 19 years old that have had eating disorders for years and have never actually even started their menstrual cycle because of it. We’ve had girls that have burned holes in their colon because of laxative abuse. We have had girls who have the acid from throwing up the reflux acid from throwing up has actually created a situation that endangers their very life where they have a hole in the lining of their esophagus. It actually causes severe constipation, it causes your eyes to be very puffy, blood vessels to break and that’s force those girls that would be forcing themselves to throw-up. It causes all kinds of medical problems. And for girls that come in and they’ve had eating disorders for years and years usually the acid from throwing up has taken the enamel off of their teeth and they’re severe cavities and damage that sometimes even dentists that are the best cannot do anything about their. There’s organ damage, hair loss, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and heart failure. And I told you that Laura almost died from her heart failing…

Sid: Nancy, just a couple of keys from the book that people will be getting from us at this moment to be set free.

Nancy: One thing that has to happen is that there has to be a belief that the Name of Jesus is above every name. And as we call on the Name of Lord that we can be saved, not just saved one day when we get to heaven but saved from whatever bandages the enemy is trying to bring into our life. So we have to understand two things, it’s Satan that comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly, every good and perfect gift that is from above.” An eating disorder is not a good and perfect gift and it is a weapon of destruction. And we have to know that Christ died and paid the price for that so we can be set free. So we have to surrender our lives to Him, make Jesus the Lord of our life. And then renew our mind to God’s word and to forgive the people that have hurt us. To believe that God wants to transform us on the inside to be able to deal with and face the issues of our life. And in many cases girls that have been sexually abused. We had one young girl who had been sexual abused by a youth pastor and developed an eating disorder out of that. And she had to go back and be able to forgive and to also to confront the person who had abused her so that she could tell him how much it had done to her. And he had abused all of these other girls and they were able through some evidence that came forth to get a conviction so that he wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone else. And so just to know that we have a chose, that in Christ we can have freedom. And we can take the lies that we have and replace them with the truth. And we have seen our self the way that God sees us.