Our Guest Jonathan Bernis


TVBackground_Bernis_SHOW733Sid: Well my guest is Jonathan Bernis; you’re familiar with him from “Jewish Voice With Jonathan Bernis.”  Jonathan and I go back many many years. I’m reminded of a time that we had a meeting of leaders of Jewish believers in the Messiah. At this meeting Jonathan said “I feel like God is directing me to go to the former Soviet Union to evangelize.”  And you laid out a little bit of a plan because you hadn’t done it; you didn’t know what to expect, and it was really shot down but I loved the idea.  Jonathan and I went to the former Soviet Union several times and you… how did you even come up with the concept to go there and do a special event of Jewish music and dance for the Jewish Community?  I know it came from God but how did it happen?

Jonathan: Sid, just reflecting back on the whole experience it was a process that began with a need that I identified which was the plight of Soviet Jews.  Then the conviction in my heart the conviction that the Lord dropped in my heart that He wanted me to be involved in this somehow.  Out of obedience and faith I went to Russia back in 1990 just out of… I walked in the light that I had and that many many Jewish people that were very open of the gospel which led to more trips back and forth.  And then the Lord spoke to me very clearly on an airplane in 1992 and said “Go back to my people and proclaim the good news.”  And I was reading Matthew 24:14 where Yeshua was saying that “Before end will come the gospel has to go to every ethnos.”  In Greek the word ethnos which is translated nation is people group.  And so understanding that the gospels to the Jew first I simply went back in faith and this plan unfolded. It’s all about faith Sid; I have to tell you the Bible’s so clear “Without faith it’s impossible to please God.”  The fight of every believer is the fight of faith. And it really was the call of God and the response in faith that brought this all about.

Sid: Well, I want to take you back to the first night there were advertisements. I was with you, and there were some Messianic Jewish music groups.  That first night we didn’t know what to expect; so we ran ads.  And it’s never been done before it’s a foreign country you need translators.  The auditorium was packed, and then when you gave the altar call explain that moment.  Because I know what happened inside of me I was there, but you explain that moment of what happened inside of you.

Jonathan:  Well, you’re right none of us knew what to expect; I had these dreams of these nightmares of an empty hall and this was a 4,000 seat hall.  I have all my friends there including you and Joyce. And I’m thinking that this is going to be a disaster and I’m going to be embarrassed.  The enemy will do that, but to our amazement the hall was packed we had to turn people away.  And when the time came in the music for me to share I just went out with a microphone and with a spot light.  And I told people how the Lord had changed my life.  I shared some scriptures; very simple scriptures about the Messiah standing at the door of our heart and knocking and whosoever will call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.  And then I gave a simple invitation for people that wanted to respond to come forward.  And Sid to my shock almost the whole auditorium got out of their chairs and came down the altars; just pouring down.

Sid: But I saw something even beyond that Jonathan in addition to what’s you’re saying.  I saw Jewish people running to get saved; I’ve never seen that before in my life! (Laughing)

Jonathan: I haven’t either Sid and most of the people in that hall were Jewish; there were very few people that weren’t Jewish.  And they did they came running down the aisle with their arms outstretched tears on their faces.  And I did everything I could to fight back the tears.  Because even now as I talk about it I’m just gripped by that picture, I’ve never seen anything like it before that.  And of course the years that followed we saw football stadiums filled mostly with Jewish people open to the gospel and responding to the gospel.  Sid we’re living in remarkable days.

Sid: But you know what I want I want to see because I believe the greatest miracles; the greatest evangelism the world has ever see is about ready to happen. So I want those that are listening to be mentored by what you did and I did it right along with you because we’ve been friends for all these years.  What you did what word would you say are the major keys that allowed you to accomplish and be used by God like He used you?

Jonathan:  Well, Sid I believe that everything that we do is lasting is done by faith.  Again, we’re to fight the good fight of faith; “Without faith it’s impossible to please Him.”  It’s all about walking in faith and when we walk in faith we’re able to hear the voice of God.  And I believe the scripture teaches two ways that we can build up faith.  We can walk in faith and actually grow in faith. The first one is praying in other tongues.  I love in the Book of Jude where we have this warning against those that have been sensual which means to become sense controlled.  Controlled by the senses; they have been overtaken by materialism; by the cares of this world; they’ve been deceived. Because the mind; the renewed Sid are against the things of God.  And the exhortation in verse 17 “But you dear friends you don’t have to be this way; you can rise above the senses.” Verse 20 and 21 “You dear friends build yourself up in your most holy faith.”  How?  By praying in the Holy Spirit.  And I believe that’s talking about other tongues.  And one thing that we’ve done together over the years Sid is times of fasting and prayer where we spend hours praying in other languages and it builds up our faith; it releases things.

Sid: You know both of us as new believer’s in the Messiah we came in… there was the Charismatic Movement was going, the Full Gospel Business Men, churches would not say go to the back room and we’ll pray for you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in a supernatural language.  It hadn’t been demoted to the backroom or out of the church.  You and I would pray days in tongues and at that time I have to tell you Jonathan I knew that it was God and I knew that it was important but I didn’t know how important it was.  Because when we pray in supernatural languages we are first of all faith; we’re prophesying our future, and we’re prophesying our future in perfect prayers with no unbelief and the devil can’t even understand what we’re saying. I am convinced that when you and I were praying in tongues all those years ago I was prophesying the ministry It’s Supernatural; you were prophesying the amazing things you’ve done over the years and we didn’t even have a clue. (Laughing)

Jonathan:   Not only that Sid but through praying in other tongues and bypassing my mind and building my spirit. Which is how we hear the voice of God by the way not with our mind; I moved into new dimensions of intercession of travail, of supplication. I had these experiences Sid as you remember where I would be brought down to the ground in travail.  I was giving birth to things that I didn’t even understand and I believe that was the preparation for the outpouring of the former Soviet Union that we both…

Sid: Others that we’re praying in tongues with us they would start travailing and it’s almost like a woman giving birth.  That’s what we were both doing we were giving birth.  But then the second key is meditating on God’s Word.  And that’s why I’m so excited to be releasing your brand new book “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures, The Lord is Peace.”    And these are scriptures that you have personally selected on having peace.  And as you explained in yesterday’s broadcast the word peace is Shalom but it means completeness in all the blessings, in all the favor; in all the promises of God.  And you have it in Hebrew and you listen to a native born Israeli speak the promises in Hebrew.  Then you have it transliterated so anyone can speak Hebrew.  And they can speak it out in the promises in the original Hebrew.  There’s something supernatural about the spoken word; I mean the whole earth was created with the words of the Living God.  But it’s being spoken in Hebrew.  It’s changing the chemistry of your body and then it’s in English and you have a CD so not only can they read it phonetically as this transliteration method that Jewish Community developed so that we could read Hebrew.  But now instantly people can read it in Hebrew.  And people are taking this book and this powerful CD; they’re going to sleep with it at night, they’re doing it during the day.  They’re making it a wonderful gift.  And the book is so beautiful it would make a beautiful book to just put on the coffee table… Jonathan tell me we did this once before on Hebrew Scriptures on healing.  Tell me what feedback you got from the people that got a hold of this kit.

Jonathan:   Sid do I have time to read a quick letter.

Sid: Go for it.

Jonathan: I got it – we had just released Adonai or Jehovah Shalom it’s brand new; but the healing one has been out for a couple of years on scriptures that confess  or proclaim the Lord is Our Healer and Health. I got a beautiful letter from a Pastor that says “He had a woman in their congregation who was dying with leukemia.  I ordered the set for her and the doctors gave her 10 to 12 days to live.  I gave her the CD and asked her to listen to it continually with our prayers, our faith in the scriptures in Hebrew God healed her.  The same doctors came in and told her that she does not have any leukemia cells at all.  Plus her body is producing the blood again and she’s not dying but will live and declare the works of the Lord.”

Our Guest Coach McCartney


Sid:  If you’ve been listening this week you’re getting clues; literally you’re getting supernatural coaching.  And my guest is a coach of the supernatural of God he’s also a football coach; you’ve heard of him Coach Bill McCartney.  God used him to start Promise Keepers and I mean I’m overwhelmed they had 1.4 million men gathered to worship God in one arena. 1.4 million men from all different types of Christian backgrounds that’s a supernatural feat. You know in the Bible it says “Despise not small beginnings.” I would imagine that the nucleus of Promise Keepers began at the 6:15 AM Bible study you had with 5 guys.

Coach:  Yes, way back when I first came to Christ at the age of 33; five of us agreed, actually there was 6, 5 other guys and myself agreed to meet in a restaurant just outside of Detroit.  I was Coaching at the University of Michigan so I would drive 35 miles east into Detroit right off of the expressway we’d met an then it was so good; our time together was so good that we started to invite other guys.  And soon we were 2 tables and then there were 3 tables of guys, and then pretty soon it the only way it made any sense we were having between 25, 30, 40 guys every Tuesday morning at 6:15 that we had a speaker.  And then they weren’t going to chase us out of this restaurant because we were bringing a lot of business that they weren’t getting.  And…

Sid: What did you do at this Bible study?

Coach:  Well, it started out when there was just a few of us as we opened the word of God and just kind of shared what God was doing in each other’s lives and we were holding each other accountable.  We were sharing some of our struggles; it was kind of a accountability group but it grew to go beyond the boundaries of accountability there was so many men flocking into this restaurant.  This restaurant was just a breakfast dive and I mean it wasn’t an attractive place at all, but God was showing up and so it started up with 6 of us and then pretty soon there were 25, and 30 and then 40.  And just 60 and then every Tuesday morning there were 80 adult men gathered to hear the word of God and it went from there to 120.  And the restaurant didn’t even hold 120; it was exploding and then that’s when God showed me in men there’s a longing there’s a craving for authenticity; there’s a craving within men for a real man as a godly man. A man of real substance and fiber and strength and significance and he’s a godly man.  I got to tell you for every guy that came and came back there was at least one other guy who would come look around the room and see somebody he didn’t trust and he was out of there and he never came back.  For those that came back and surrendered their hearts to the Lord none of us have ever been the same; God’s just radically resurrected a right spirit within us.

Sid: Now that was the nucleus the beginning but how does someone go from this 120 men that are jammed into a restaurant to the 1.4 million; what happened next?

Coach:  What happened was I began cheering after some extraordinary experiences in the University of Colorado where God was just showing Himself strong in the midst of my football program.  I began sharing with men that I believe that if we went after Him we could fill stadiums with men.  So the last Saturday in July of 1990, 72 men gathered together in a small church in Boulder, Colorado and they came there to hear the vision.  And I shared with them that I believed that if we trusted God and we went after it we would see stadiums filled with men and these guys…

Sid: Now where did you get this thought from? How did that happen?

Coach: There was another guy and myself he was at the time he was the President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Colorado and he invited me to speak at a fund raising banquet at Pueblo, Colorado. It was a 3 hour car ride from Boulder and on the way we were just kind of sharing our hearts together.  And I said to him his name is Dave Hordell, I said “Dave if you could do anything with your life money not withstanding what would you do?”  And he didn’t even hesitate he said “Coach he said I would disciple men one on one; I’d meet with them on street corners, coffee shops and I’d lead them into a discipline walk with Jesus Christ.”  He said “How about you Coach if you could do anything in your life what would you do?”  I said, “Dave I believe that God would fill stadiums with men and if we asked Him to do it and we went after these men.”  So he and I kind of felt that the Lord was in that and we felt that we agreed to pursue that.  And that’s how in 70 we invited just friends; he knew more guys than I did and that’s how many guys showed up.  We didn’t know at the time that it would be a Biblical number but 72 guys showed up in a church and I shared what I said and Dave shared what he said and we said “We think God’s in this, would you agree to fast and pray and let’s see what God will do.”  So the next… in the months that followed we prayed and then I took my vacation time.  A College football coach only gets 1 month a year in vacation and that’s the month of July the way that we worked it. So I took my month instead and I went and knocked on the doors of all the churches in Colorado.  If the pastor was there I sat with him and told him of our vision; if he wasn’t there I left him a leaflet and just explaining an event that we were going to have. So the last Saturday in July 1991 and a year later 4200 men showed up in the basketball arena in Boulder, Colorado.  God was all over it and God united that thing.

Sid: Why does God want this, why is God so eager for this? Why I mean why not just men and woman? What is it about men that was so special to God in this moment in history?

Coach:  Isaiah 38:19 says “A father to the children shall make known the truth.”  You know they’ve done studies.  If mom comes to faith in Jesus Christ there’s a 19% chance the whole family will.  If a teenage son comes to faith in Yeshua there is a 31% chance, it’s greater.  But if dad comes to faith in Yeshua, there is a 92% chance the whole family will.  It’s the providence of God.  The man is to be the spiritual leader in the home but the definition of a spiritual leader is a servant.  A guy that lays down his life for his family and so it’s always been in the heart of God.  But I got to tell you what was in my heart was the brotherhood of believers.  In other words, here I am a coach I understand the component of a team and how we need each other.  And so as a born again Christian who was involved in building teams what was in my heart was that the body of Christ would come together.  And never forget this, at the very first event for Promise Keepers that when there were 4200 men there it was my privilege to close out the program. I was standing at the platform looking out; 600 guys had gotten saved, the worship was off the charts. None of us had ever felt the Spirit of God in that way before; it was way beyond anything that any of us had known personally.  I mean it was electric in there and so I felt like the Lord whispered to me and He said “Coach, look at these men and tell Me what you see.  And I said “God I see guys who are excited about the gospel.” He said “Well, what else do you see?”  And I said “There almost all white guys.”  He said “You get up and tell them because see we had challenged the 4200 men if each one of you goes out and gets 1 guy a month for the next 12 months we can go from 4200 here to 50,000 in a football stadium.  In other words we can turn this into something extraordinary if we’ll just step out in faith now that God has allowed us to taste this.  Well, God said “You get up and tell them if they fill that stadium with 50,000 white guys I ain’t coming.”

Sid: Hm.

Coach:   And so I did, you know I got up and I said “God just spoke to me and told me that if we fill this stadium with 50,000 white guys He’s not coming.”  Well, I came under attack, they said “The coach, bless his heart, you know he means well but he contradicted the word of God said ‘If two or more gathered together in My name I am there.’”  But the truth is I had not contradicted the word of God because when two or more gather in His Name you gather in his character, you gather in the fullness of the Father’s heart.  And the Fathers’ heart is for all of His Sons.  See what God birthed in Promise Keepers was a bonding of the brotherhood, what God wanted was that all of His sons would come together across all boundaries.  And quite frankly Sid we unwittingly did not understand how the Messianic Community was supposed to participate in that.  When you talk about the 1.4 million men that was the first time the Messianic Community was there.   It was in the Mall in Washington DC. We all knelt, if you’ve ever seen 1.4 million men all on their faces.  Every one of us all had our face on the ground and we submitted ourselves to the Lord.  Well, it was at that event…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought, I know you’ll be back tomorrow….

Our Guest Dr. Howard Morgan

Dr. Howard Morgan

Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his home in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Howard Morgan. I’m interviewing him on his book “Leaves From the Olive Tree” which he shows exactly how Christianity has deviated from the Judaic Biblical pattern, moved to a Greco-Roman pattern, and it was ever so subtle to the point that today you can’t tell the difference between Bible and tradition. Two thousand years ago the greatest rabbi that ever lived, His name was Yeshua. He went into the synagogue and this is what He said: “Your tradition makes void the power of God.” Why? We Jewish people for thousands of years started with a genuine act of God, but the human is you add layer and layer and layer and layer of tradition down. You deviate from the pattern. Well God said that Christianity has been around, this is in word to Dr. Howard Morgan that Christianity has been around for 2000 years. The same thing that happened to us Jewish people has happened to Christianity.  If He walked into the best churches today he would say “Your tradition has made void the power of God.” Dr. Howard Morgan on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking how the church veered little by little into Greco-Roman culture. I want you to explain how it deviated from what the pattern should have been. Where is it now, and where should it be?

Dr. Morgan: Well I think the answer to that question goes to the crux of what Greco-Roman philosophy taught. You know that man was the sum of all things, and the whole idea is summed up in, “I think, therefore I am.” So everything was all about what we think and what we feel. Into the midst of this comes the revelation of the Torah and the Brit Hachadashah in which God says “He is the center of everything.” So there is a difference between rationalism, that is “How I rationalize things,” and revelation is what God says to me. So if God speaks to me I have to lay down my understanding and trust the Lord, and then have a walk of faith by the Spirit and not by my sight. We walk in Proverbs 3 where “We trust in the Lord with all our heart and do not lean on our own understanding.” That’s completely contrary to the humanistic, if you will, came out of Greco-Roman culture particularly the Greek philosophers where everything is based on what you can see with your eyes, you’re limited to your senses. In the Spirit Jesus said “If you were born from above” now a river of living water can flow out of you, you can live by revelation. So we can either live rational lives, or revelational lives. This doesn’t mean that we will be irrational, we don’t leave our mind out we love the Lord our God with our whole mind, but our mind is submitted to the revelation of the Spirit. Then we can walk with the Living God which is the invitation of the covenants that God made with Israel through Sinai, then through the nations of the world through the resurrection of beloved Messiah that everybody is now invited into a revelation walk of faith with God.

Sid: Okay everyone is, and most real Christians would say “I agree with what Howard has said.”

Dr. Morgan: Right.

Sid: But it’s not playing out in the institution called the church. Why?

Dr. Morgan: That’s again because we go back, and I encourage all of our listeners to be students of history. Read church history, read secular history, read Jewish history and you will see how little by little political things moved people away. People vied for power and authority, they used church offices, they established institutions and organizational dynamics to control other people so that one group of the elite had the power the “Clergy,” then they kept the laity suppressed. You know in the body of Christ Sid there is no such thing as Clergy and laity. This is something that came out of the Christian religion, if we study the Torah we see that EVERYBODY had access to God. EVERYBODY had the opportunity to come to the tabernacle, or the temple, have the atonement made. They were all represented by the high priest there was not this kind of hierarchy. The priest served the purposes of God in the lives of the people. We talked… the other broadcast about how Paul was expressing his heart. He wanted to do everything by whatever way he could to bring people to maturity. You study church history you don’t see that at all, you see people dominating other people, controlling other people to the point Sid that the church was guilty of murder literally persecuting and murdering other believers because they didn’t do what they wanted them to do. They believe it the way they wanted to believe it and they became a threat to their power. “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” is one book and that was written in the 1500’s that talks in horrendous ways about the bloodshed of the church. Of course as Jews we know what the church did to the Jewish people, our people down through the centuries and it’s still happening as you read things and reports on the internet, and churches are talking in horrendous ways about Israel.

Sid: Howie, as you talked earlier let’s bring things down to the lowest common denominator. Yes God loves the church, of course He does Jesus came to die so that the body of Messiah could be formed.

Dr. Morgan: Amen.

Sid: But, even the good churches have deviated from the pattern which is literally not by words but by action is just cutting the glory that God wants released in the church.

Dr. Morgan: Yes.

Sid: Now my heart and yours is to release that glory. So here’s what I want you to do, I want you to take me Sunday morning and you now are walking into a building called “Your Church” and take me step by step and show me what we have and where it deviated.

Dr. Morgan: Okay. I think the first thing we’re going to look at is the fact that there are pews in this building and most people are sitting back to back where we are looking at the back of someone’s head. So right away architecturally the dynamic is that everything is focused up on the platform, and then everything really on the platform then gets focused on the pulpit. So we have a pulpit centered building to create a pulpit centered experience. We are always looking for what is going to happen on the stage. The dynamic in the New Covenant is that everybody is supposed to bring a gift, everybody is supposed to be equipped and everybody is supposed to be participating. So instead of having everybody participating we have few people actively participating and most people are simply being spectators. So we go into this building where this is a “religious” spectacle taking place, a “religious” service taking place. So we go for the service instead of being equipped for service. There’s the dynamic then of… for example what we call praise and worship. So many times what we call praise and worship are song services that are structured by the clock. How many times have we been in church buildings and looked from the platform and saw this clock staring at us telling us that you have to begin at a certain time, and you have to end at a certain time because the theatre is scripted. The service is contrived and then it is controlled. Jesus said “That the children of God would be like the wind. You don’t know where it’s coming from, you don’t know where it’s going.” You can just see the effect thereof the glory of God when the Holy Spirit moves. If we have created, even in the good churches as you said, a mentality that we’re here for a service and we are going to go for an hour and a half, rather than saying “Holy Spirit come this is the day that the Lord has made.” We want to be free to allow the Holy Spirit come so that we can not cut the worship off. How many times have we and so many people said to us “I’ve been so frustrated because just as the worship was reaching a crescendo where we were about to break through into another level in the spirit somebody got up to make an announcement.” Somebody got up to do something else and we left so frustrated because of the spirit of religion wouldn’t let us in, didn’t take us to the next level. It was like having the key of knowledge but not using it and nobody was going in because the mentality of the way the Christian service is operating is according to the clock. It’s according to we’re going to do this at this time, and this at that time and people say “Yes, but if it goes too long the children… you know they get upset and they get bored and we don’t have the workers.” I say to people “Go back to your Jewish roots.” God said, I believe it’s in Deuteronomy 18, “That you know you teach your children as you go in the morning, in the evening so your children stay with you all day. If they’re hungry feed them.” “Oh no!” in some churches the board of demons shows up and says “You can’t have food in the sanctuary.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Dr. Morgan: “…but I have a hungry child.” So what if the carpet gets stained what’s more important my son or daughter staying in the presence of God in the anointing of the Holy Spirit that changes their life forever? Or we take them out to feed them because God forbid the carpet gets stained. I’ll stain the carpet!

Sid: (Laughing)

Dr. Morgan: Jesus put oil and wine right on the altar and stained the brand new carpet so that nobody can complain about the stains in the carpet because we’ve got the wrong mentality Sid of going to a service rather than being equipped for service and giving the Holy Spirit the kind of freedom that he really needs to do the deep work in people’s hearts.

Sid: You know Howie we’re out of time today, but I want you to pick up on tomorrow’s broadcast. You state because that the system because it’s Greco-Roman rather than Hebraic is almost an emperor type system.

Dr. Morgan: Yes.

Sid: Then you, I’m quoting your book, “The emperor only sees your value as you work to accomplish his goals.”

Dr. Morgan: Right.

Sid: That’s pretty explosive, but we’ll pick up right there.

Our Guest Sandra Teplinsky


Sid:  Now we’re talking this week with Sandy Teplinsky.  She is a Messianic Jewish attorney that has written the most wonderful book that every Christian in America must read must get the facts so you’ll find yourself on the right side with God.  The title of the books is “Why Care About Israel?”  And the Holy Spirit quickened a scripture to me that I haven’t talked about in years that I want to bring to your attention.  Because on yesterday’s broadcast Sandy from the book was quoting the actual history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It is so different than what most “Christians” even know because we’re at the mercy of the press. And the press is prejudice and we must know the historical facts and it’s in this book and you must understand this. But even with the historical facts; even with them being so overpowering; the most important issue is God.  What does God say about this that’s what I want to know!  And in Acts the 17th chapter the 26th verse did you know that God has the exact place where you should live; listen to this.  “He has made every nation of men to live all over the earth and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of where they live.”  Another translation says “He has the exact place where He wants you to live.”  But there’s a cross reference to that scripture that is so exciting; the cross reference tells you how He determines where you should live.  It’s in Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 8.  And it says “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance and divided the human race He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the people of Israel.”  In other words the boundaries of the Gentiles were contingent on the boundaries of Israel being correct.  And when Israel is correct then the nations will be correct.  So what is the devil tried to do?  Tries to get Israel out of place to make the whole world out of place.  When the Jews get into place that God created the whole world will be in place; Jesus will be here and praise God we don’t have to put up with the nonsense we put up right now because He will rule from Jerusalem.  Yes, He’s in our heart right now but one day He is going to rule from Jerusalem and all of the nations are going to be in place.  Now I want to leave you with one more Psalm before I get to the interview; Psalm 105 tells me God’s position on the Jew in Israel. Psalm 105 verse 8-11 God says “He forever remembers His covenant.”  Now forever is a pretty long time.  “The promise He ordained for a thousand generations.”  A thousand generations is a pretty long time.  The covenant that He made with Abraham swore to Isaac and confirmed to Jacob as a decree and to Israel as an everlasting covenant.”  That’s a pretty long time.  Listen to the words He’s using; forever, a thousand generations, everlasting covenant.  Who is it with?  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob not Ishmael, not their cousins; not the Arabs; with the Jews.  It’s an everlasting, a thousand generations, it’s forever.  What is it?  I will give the land of Canaan to you as your inherited portion.  He’s saying “I give the land Israel to the descendants; the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob forever; for a thousand generations and everlasting”  And when they are in place whoa the world is going to be in place.  Sandy Teplinsky you did a wonderful review on how we got to where we got to.  But one of the things you said which was really kind of fascinating was “The land that was promised to the Jewish people of Israel because of Arab pressure was cut down to not the 100% of the land went to the Jewish people because of Arab pressure.  Now of this 20% they want to cut it down more and make a Palestinian State and they talk about West Bank.  What is the West Bank?

Sandra:  Sid the West Bank is known in the scriptures as Judea and Samara which is since Bible times been Jewish land.  And of course today we know that there’s tremendous controversy over who will occupy that land.  Whether it’ll be turned over to the Palestinian’s to rule or whether it will remain under Jewish control.  And you know in kind of picking up just a bit where we left off yesterday, the very fact that you and I are talking today about the West Bank, Judea Samara is just evidence of another important historical reality which is that the Arab nations have kept this controversy going by their own admission in order to use the Palestinian people as a pawn.

Sid: Now since these Palestinian people most of them were not even born there they came from other countries because the Israeli’s made wonderful job opportunities for them.  Why when Jews were kicked out of the different nations and came to Israel, Israel financed them, fed them, gave them medical aid, took care of them.  Now why couldn’t the Arab nations where these “Palestinians” really came from; they didn’t come from the land of Palestine. Why couldn’t they do the same thing, they had more money than we Jews had?

Sandra:  Sure, absolutely.  You know throughout the 20th century there has been millions of refugees as a result of wars, far greater numbers as a result of Arab refugees stemming from the Israeli war of Independence.  All those other refugees with the exception of these Palestinians have been resettled by now. However despite Arab petro dollars astronomical amount of petro dollars in Arafat’s multiple millions of dollars that money has never been spent in order to improve the lot of the Palestinians.  It has rather been spent to accommodate the rulers of the Palestinian Arab peoples and it has been spend for weapons with witch to terrorize Israel.  More than enough money has filtered into Palestinian hands to completely provide good infrastructure and housing and schools and employment opportunities.  However should that happen then the Arab nations surrounding Israel would lose much of their impetus for calling to the world’s attention a so called need to take away land from Israel.  The eventual goal of which is to completely annihilate Israel.

Sid: I know that’s the goal; you know that’s the goal.  Anyone that reads the Koran knows that’s the goal; that no one wants on the Arab side a Palestinian State in the area that their talking about.  What they want is a foothold into Israel to make all of Israel Palestine.  How can you ever have peace it that’s the objective?

Sandra:  Well you can’t and that’s why despite Yasser Arafat’s recent death; and despite the fact that Ariel Sharon has set in place his unilateral disengagement plan we have statements that was issued just recently by the temporary Palestinian. The guy in control right now Mr. Abas that says “He will settle for nothing less than the pre-1967 borders.  Which means taking away about half of Israel’s land.  Now the reason he’s saying that is because Palestinian documents that are easily available on the internet on our other sources that I mentioned in my book we document this at length.  Palestinian documents state over and over again that this obtaining of land in the so-called West Bank or in Gaza or East Jerusalem is intended as a pretext to become a launching  pad for the soon to follow complete annihilation of the Jewish State.  In other words once they get their feet in the door…

Sid: It’s a Trojan horse is what it is.

Sandra:  Exactly, and by their own admission they state that.

Sid:  And so why does Israel go along with this?  Why does the US go along with this?

Sandra:  Well, we have to remember Sid that as you and I know that Israel is primarily a nation of unregenerate precious souls that need to come…

Sid: But you have to be mashuga to negotiate with someone that says “I just want this as my launching pad to take over all of your land!”

Sandra:  Well, living with terror day and night; seeing your children blown to bits not knowing you know when Dad leaves the house in the morning Mom and the kids not knowing that he’s going to return is enough to make anybody crazy or mashugana I think.

Sid: So why is it that as I go to Paris; as I go to Vienna, I go to different parts of the world and the world hates Israel and loves the Palestinians?

Sandra:  (Laughing)

Sid: I don’t get it the Palestinians terrorist are the ones that are maiming innocent men, woman and children and the only time that happens from the Israeli side is when Israel is going after soldiers and innocent people get in the way.  I mean it’s not equal weights; I don’t get it Sandy!

Sandra:  No the ultimately this points to a devil who is intent on destroying the Jewish people because he knows that for several reasons, Israel is the apple of God’s eye. The devil hates God and he hates who God loves and what God loves.  Israel is being used as a refining tool for the Bride of Christ and so we have a devil hating Christians.  The devil knows that if he can do away with Israel he is going to do away with an essential soon to be increasingly re-grafted in portion of the Body of Messiah that is essential for…

Our Guest Vickie Faurie

Sid: My guest Vickie Faurie; I’m speaking to her at her home at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  On yesterday’s broadcast you were just finishing up Vickie. You were sharing a message from your book “Dead Men Walking” Billy Joe Daugherty’s Church in Oklahoma, Victory Center.  And you were teaching a class on this subject and all of a sudden you told me that there was just like on yesterday’s broadcast there was such a strong presence of God.  There was a release of the Holy Spirit and what happened to the people in the class?

Vickie:  Well, what happened and as we were telling those who are ready to enter into this to the river of dying to self who are embracing this and saying “I am putting everything on the altar of sacrifice; I am sacrificing it all.”  The power of God came into the room literally.  And people as they were coming forward the Spirit of God was hitting them.  And they were all laid out in the Spirit on the floor and then as others were waiting because we had a class right after that that followed it.  The Spirit of God was hitting them outside of the room and as we were trying to clear the room to bring others…

Sid: You mean they weren’t even hearing and they were falling in the Spirit outside of the room?

Vickie: Yes, the Spirit of God was so strong so they could hear parts of it but the Spirit of God was so strong that you could feel the presence and the power of God.  When you’re in the presence in the power of God you don’t have to have to hear everything perfectly.  Because when God touches it doesn’t matter what man says it’s His touch anyhow.      

Sid: And for those that are perhaps that are tuning in for the first time Vickie has an anointing similar to Kathryn Kuhlman in that people get healed all over.  She’s just speaks and without even laying hands on them.  And I believe that that’s going to be happening as you’re listening to us right now.  What did the Lord show you before we went on the air about what is going to be going on in the future in America?

Vickie: He had showed me that with America that this great shaking and everything that has been occurring that those who say to Him “Lord, we’re going to follow You we will deny ourselves; we’ll take up that cross and follow You.” That He will keep His hand upon them.  But for those who don’t there is going to be such a shaking an inflation is going to occur where the gas prices will go up; interest rates.  Everything that’s going to overwhelm people as this shaking they’re going to be overwhelmed.  You know we felt just a tad bit when the gas prices went up; we felt a tad bit when it was hitting $2 marks and various things but that is nothing compared to the pre-warnings.  But those that; core that is red hot on fire for God that says “Lord, I’m going to come after You; I’m going to deny myself, take up the cross and follow You” they will have no concern.

Sid: But what about the people that have said “No, to God not really but they had the inclination to do something and they haven’t done it and they’ve hardened themselves.  Is there a chance for those people?

Vickie:  When that’s shaking starts if they do not repent and turn and they were to lose their life through the midst of everything that is going on. There will be terrorist attacks and various things.  God is trying to awaken the church and awaken it’s people.  He has to come back for the bride without spot wrinkle and blemish.

Sid: So now is the time for a true believers to be praying and yielding to the Spirit of God and not playing religion and dying to self.

Vickie:  That’s right, these are serious times we’re living in Sid.  It’s no time to play games with God.  9/11 proved it.  God is saying “Wake up people!” Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me” in Mark 8:34  “If anyone would come after me He must.” And when He uses the word must He’s telling you “He must follow this.”  “He must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me; for whoever wants to save His life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for Me has got the gospel will save it.”  And as you said “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his soul; or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”  See our time frame here is short but eternity is for eternity and where do you want to spend eternity?  Do you want to spend it in hell or do you want to spend it in heaven; the choice comes down to you.  Decision, what is your decision?  Are you going to be red hot, on fire?  Sid brings these show across and he tells you to be red hot and on fire for God.  He’s teaching the death position; he teaches it.  He lives it and he wants the people of America and the people of Israel to see the truth.  And the truth will set them free and the only way you can be free is to walk with God your Maker.

Sid: Vickie there are a number of prayers that you have written out in your book “Dead Men Walking.”  But I believe that there are people now that are saying “I am so desperate for more of God; I am so desperate to hear God’s voice; I’m so desperate to make my life counts.  I’m not even talking about whether I go to heaven or hell I just need intimacy with you God.”  Would you lead these people in a prayer of consecration right now and I’ll repeat it after you and everyone that feels they want to pray this prayer should repeat it with me.  Because this is the time now to have intimacy with God.  Remember the 5 wise and the 5 foolish virgins?   It’s what do you want to be wise or foolish.  The foolish had the door locked.  The wise heard the bridegroom’s voice and went in.  Will you lead us in a prayer Vickie?

Vickie:  Certainly will.  Oh heavenly Father, we glorify Thy Name for You are holy.  Lord God,

Sid:  Lord God.

Vickie:  I come before You

Sid: I come before You

Vickie:  And the prayer of my heart

Sid:  And the prayer of my heart

Vickie: Is to be totally dead to self.

Sid: Is to be totally dead to self.

Vickie:  I want to surrender everything

Sid: I want to surrender everything

Vickie:  My mind.

Sid:  My mind.

Vickie:  My body,

Sid: My body,

Vickie:  my Soul,

Sid:  my Soul,

Vickie:  and my spirit.

Sid:  and my spirit.

Vickie:  I want to abide in the cross of Christ

Sid:  I want to abide in the cross of Christ

Vickie:  crucifying the flesh 

Sid:  crucifying the flesh 

Vickie:  in total surrender ship to You Lord.

Sid:  in total surrender ship to You Lord.

Vickie:  For You have commanded us Lord

Sid:  For You have commanded us Lord

Vickie:  to deny our self

Sid:  to deny our self

Vickie:  to take up our cross

Sid:  to take up our cross

Vickie:  daily

Sid: daily

Vickie:  following You

Sid:  following You

Vickie:  According to Your will

Sid:   According to Your will

Vickie:  and according to Your way.

Sid: and according to Your way.

Vickie:  So Lord I empty myself

Sid:  So Lord I empty myself

Vickie:  of all my worldly ways.

Sid:  of all of my worldly ways.

Vickie:  I will no longer be a part of this world

Sid:  I will no longer be a part of this world

Vickie: for I set myself a part

Sid:  for I set myself a part

Vickie: to reflect Christ.

Sid: to reflect Christ.

Vickie:  in me.

Sid: in me.

Vickie:  I choose

Sid:  I choose

Vickie: to be

Sid:  to be

Vickie:  a divine imitator of Christ.

Sid:  a divine imitator of Christ.

Vickie: to those around me.

Sid: to those around me.

Vickie: Lord, with great joy in my heart

Sid:  Lord, with great joy in my heart

Vickie: I take up the cross

Sid:  I take up the cross

Vickie:  of dying to all of my selfish will.

Sid:  of dying of all my selfish will.

Vickie:  And I humbly submit myself now

Sid: And I humbly submit myself now

Vickie:  in utter total obedience

Sid:  in utter total obedience

Vickie:  to You and to You alone.

Sid:  to You and You alone.

Vickie:  Lord, I seek to be absolutely

Sid:  Lord I seek to be absolutely

Vickie: surrendered into Your hands.

Sid:  surrendered into Your hands.

Vickie: in every area of my life.

Sid: In every area of my life.

Vickie: Lord, I thank You for hearing

Sid: Lord I thank You for hearing

Vickie:  hearing this prayer this day

Sid: hearing this day this day

Vickie:  and I know that Thou answers it.

Sid:  and I know that Thou answers it.

Vickie:  I worship You.

Sid:  I worship You Lord praise Your holy Name.

Vickie:  Amen.

Sid:  Amen. Well Vickie we’re just about out of time and I believe that God heard that prayer and is in process of answering it.  And great miracle ministries are being raised up.

Our Guest Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Kevin Turner, and Kevin is President of Strategic World Impact. I’m catching up with him with his office in the Sudan, Africa areas.  And he’s at their base with his entire family there.  He works primarily in warzones; disaster areas, and where there’s Christian persecution.  Kevin you’ve got a young family; you’re a young man; why are you putting your life on the line and your family’s life on the line?  You could do very well in America; you know that and I know that; God knows that; why are you?

Kevin:  There’s a really incredible hymn that I think will sum it up for you and it’s says this.  Only one life will soon be past and only what’s done for Jesus will last.  And then the second stanza and then people forget this one.  And when it is over how glad I shall be if the lamp of my life has been burned out for Thee. 

Sid: We don’t hear things like that here in America. Tell me 3 or 4 hot spots and persecution that’s going on for Christians.  I mean you don’t have to go any further than Sudan.  I don’t understand why the world hasn’t been in an outrage over this for years they’ve been systematically murdering Christians. I don’t get it Kevin.

Kevin:   Well, unfortunately I think that the god of this world has blinded the eyes of our press and various things.  So that after all it’s just a couple million Christians who have been systematically subjected to genocide.

Sid: A couple million!?

Kevin: In the last, in the last, in fact me and my wife were counting. In the last 8 months on 5 occasions our lives had been directly spared. We had literally 26 jihadists they were posted on the roadside waiting to attack us with our PG’s, and machine gun fire. The Lord prevented that from taking place. All I can say is this, I believe the greatest thing in life would be for me to live for Jesus, and the second things is to lay my life down for Him. I believe theologically that Jesus said “Come and die” and He meant it.

Sid: Question…

Kevin: He meant it.

Sid: It’s one thing for you, wait a second Kevin, that is one thing for you, and yes He meant that.  But how come you have your family; how old are your children?

Kevin:  Well my oldest is 14 my daughter; in fact she was attacked here in Africa.  And my second daughter is 8 I’m sorry 11 and my son is 8.  And what’s really interesting about that we wrote an article me and my daughter together, my 14 year old daughter.  It’s called “Calvary’s Love” and after she was attacked my wife…

Sid: Now wait a second, why was she attacked?

Kevin:  Well, because of the country and the area of where we’re working.  It was actually an insane man who jumped out and grabbed her by the neck and began choking her.  I ran over there to rescue her and we were attacked by a mob of about 50 people.  We barely got out of there with our lives it was just me, my wife and my daughter.

Sid: Oh, why the mob attack you; I understand the crazy man but why the mob?

Kevin:  Well, they’re Muslims and I think what happened is we’re very well known that we’re Christians.  And they were beating and trying to smash our windshields on our vehicle, which I literally had to fight to get my wife and daughter into.  They were sitting inside screaming and when we finally got back to my missions compound my wife was I mean incredibly disturbed as you could imagine.  My daughter is crying and literally I mean it was probably 5:00 AM my wife had finally went to sleep and I stayed up even a little bit longer to pray.  And the nest couple of hours she woke up and said “Kevin I just want to know why; why did God allow this to happen?”  I said “Because He’s giving us the ability to understand what Calvary’s love is all about.” You see the love of the flesh only goes so far but to love people that attack your daughter, well that’s Calvary love that’s the love of Jesus.  And what we’re able to do through that is grow and the most important thing out of that entire episode for me was seeing my 14 year old daughter, she was 13 at the time weeping she just turned 14 weeping, crying; pleading that she wanted to stay. She didn’t want to leave.  My wife was ready to change the tickets and finally the Lord touched her heart we ended up staying.  When we went back to America I was scheduled to come back to Sudan and my daughter was weeping and saying “Dad you can’t go without me; you can’t go without me you got to take me, I have to go back.”  And I’m thinking “This is in the heart of a 14 year old girl who understands what Jesus meant when He said ‘Come and follow Me.’” You know what the modern lie the biggest lie in the church in America is today?

Sid: What’s that?

Kevin:  It’s called the doctrine of in expendability.  And what the pastors, preachers and evangelists have told the church in America today is.  “You’re too important to die.”

Sid: Hm.

Kevin:   “You’re too important to lay down your life” If you’re going to have good ministry it needs to be long ministry.  And as Jim Elliott wrote in his diary before he was speared to death by the Auca Indians he said “Can’t thou bear the short lived life oh my soul?”  And I thank God John the Baptist did subscribe to that false theology “I believe and therefore I live.”  And until I knew Jesus I didn’t have hope; I didn’t have anything worth living for; I didn’t have anything to die for.  But He revolutionized my life and because of that I want to live for Him and even die in His service.

Sid:  Kevin what is it like when you’re in a life threatening situation which happens to you more than we have time to discuss and you feel Jesus with you?

Kevin:  I’ll tell you this right now I sometimes almost think that I’m an adrenaline junkie because what I’ve seen is in the midst of chaos, turmoil, or when I don’t even know if I’m going to be alive tomorrow Jesus is so near.  I remember one time in fact that we were attacked by helicopter gunships.  I had my right knee opened to the bone; a bunch of people were shot and killed around me.  I ended up running 90 miles through the desert.  And as they were shooting at me rockets my back pack was blown to smithereens by a rocket.  I was crawling on my hands and knees and trying to get into these huge rocks and I remember as I clawed by way up the side of this mountain. I finally saw this crevice in these rocks I crawled in and I thought I’d be safe from this fire.  This is helicopter gunships circling us.  And literally when I crawled in that crevice in those rocks Jesus met me in there.  And this is what He said “Kevin I’ll hide you here in the cleft of the rock and I’ll cover you with My hand.” (Crying) And I’ll tell you there’s not a dime, there’s not a million dollars; there’s nothing that anyone could give me in response that knowing Jesus called me by name and He put His hand on me.  And there’s something that you get to experience when You say “Jesus Your my all and all.”  And when He’s your treasure, and of course we know He lives in heaven at the right hand of the Father; then the things of this earth grow strangely dim and it’s not about your kids; and it’s not about living for your wife, or any other thing. It’s simply this “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  And the only way that can be reality; the only way that you can truly say that is when Jesus is more important to you than anything.

Sid: You know I was reading that article that caused me to call you right outside of Sudan, Africa.  I’m going to quote from it; it says “A Chinese Christian who spent more than 26 years in a tiny prison cell was asked upon his release how he handled this confinement?”  His answer rocked me to the core; he said “It was like a honeymoon with Jesus.”  Do you remember when he said that Kevin?

Kevin:  Yes I did, and yes I do.  In fact I remember being there in that underground church and meeting with this precious saint. He actually was friends with Watchmen Nee; they were part of what was called the Magnificent Seven of China along with Allen Yun, and Samuel M.  And this was so that Wayne McDowell and in fact there was a book about his life called “A Stone Made Smooth.”  I’ll tell you I remember sitting there with these precious believers but before I could sit with them I had to get to the front of the church because they were calling me to the front.  It was so packed with bodies seated on the floor was the only way I could get there was to step on the hands, on the knees, on the people that were sitting there on the floor worshiping.  And I was so humbled because they weren’t looking at me say “Hey buddy you bumped me, hey you stepped on me!” they were smiling with the radiance of the Son of God.  I got to the front of there and I sat with the man who’d been in prison for 27 years.  He said that “After 12 hours of forced labor he would literally have 10 minutes outside behind his cell, and there’s only consolation in life was that he would hum “The Old Rugged Cross” to himself.  And I thought “Jesus this man knows you in a way that I only dream of.”  What I’ve seen in life Sid is this “Calamity clarifies and comfort confuses.”  When the church in America wants to say how God has blessed them they point to things.  When the church around the world wants to say how God has blessed them they point to souls.  They point to the interaction; they point to the intercourse of God in their soul and it’s so valuable.  It’s such a precious thing it blows my mind.

Sid: You know the most popular message on American Christian TV today is “Give to my ministry and you will have such abundance of money and wealth.”  How far removed from is that from the Book, the Bible?”

Kevin:  Huh, well my message to the Church in America is come and die.”  Few people take me up on it but I believe with all my heart that I have divine obligation to stand up and say “Come and be a Martyr for Jesus; come and lay down your life for something more important than yourself.”

Sid: Kevin, we’re out of time right now we’ll pick up on tomorrow’s broadcast.

Our Guest Freddy Hayler


Sid: I have Freddy Hayler on the telephone right now we’re discussing his 2 CD’s and DVD’s called “Song of Angels.”  Freddy when you worship God what happens; for lack of words “What is the benefit of worshiping God?”

Freddy:  Well, I believe that worshiping God makes you and allows you to experience the atmosphere of Heaven. And when the atmosphere of Heaven descends wherever you are becomes a sanctuary.  And that sanctuary and that sanctuary is the kavod, the Hebrew word for God’s glorious presence.  And in His presence the Bible says “There’s pleasures forever more; there is abundance; there is copiousness; there’s creativeness; there’s visions; there is provision; there’s salvation; there’s healing.  There’s everything; every abundant blessing in His presence in His kavod that’s when you worship God when you exercise the highest form of intercession.

Sid: How does worship tie in with the end time revival?

Freddy:  The end time will have the Spirit of Elijah; will be consecrated and set aside; they will be true pure worshipers.  Not serving God or loving God for any other motive but simply to love Him.  And they will be used; they will have their ears attuned to spiritual warfare; they’re know how to pray for their family.  They will experience the protection of angels and they will walk in power of Enoch and Elijah. Because there were men of like passion but they were also able to be translated into Heaven.  And I believe that we’ll see more miracles when the end-times comes closer and closer to the coming of the Messiah people will be translated to Heaven. They’ll be translated from one place to another as they were in the book of Acts.  I just think that it opens a door a portal to the atmosphere of heaven. And when you dwell in the presence of God, and as Zechariah experienced the greatest assembly of angels that are on the earth and in Heaven, you’re able to do more for God with less effort including evangelism; including missions.

Sid: Okay, tell me about from Song of Angels the Song “Elijah.”

Freddy: Well, you know there were 3 men that were caught up into Heaven and the fiery chariot came for Elijah and Elijah saw that.  But Moses was caught up in Heaven; Enoch was caught up in Heaven. And it’s just a song about getting that mantle of glory upon you from Heaven through worship.  And that spirit of holiness and that unction to have; I mean He wants His bride to be pure and holy and to be set apart from all mixture and from Babylon.  And to prepare to rule and reign with Christ and  the New Celestial City which is Jerusalem which is coming to earth and He wants us to be like Elijah pure of heart and pure of motive and like Jesus and He’s empowering those who obey and seek His face.

Sid: Are you ready for a transformation in your life? Of course you are and I tell you that literally your DNA is going to be affected by this worship on Song of angels “Elijah.”

Excerpt “Elijah”

Sid: Tell me about the person in the auto accident that the “Song of Angels” was being played while the accident was going on, explain.

Freddy: There was a very serious accident; this woman and man this couple had this beautiful family of 4 and they were all in the car and it was a minivan and they were heading home from school or something they were doing.  And while the cars were spinning out of control after colliding she said that it was like they were on feathers; everything was put on slow motion.  She couldn’t figure it out but she could hear the song of angels playing  and the beautiful music in the car and none of them were afraid.  And she said that it was like molasses, she figured out later those were angels protecting us from getting hurt. Other than her son having bump on his head nobody was hurt in her vehicle and when they got out they were not shaking.  They had peace and the police were listening to this album playing in the wrecked total car after the accident.

Sid: Now on the DVD of “Song of Angels” that you have the most beautiful scenes from nature; how did you get such beautiful scenery?

Freddy: (Laughing) Well, you know God’s creation is a small glimpse of Heaven and everything in Heaven is on a more grandiose and perfect scale but Earth is incredibly beautiful.  And so we have a lot of HD footage that many of which that you’ve not seen before that’s just pictures of waterfalls; mountains; valley’s flowers that are just beautiful.  The most pinnacle of God’s beauty and creation in HD and we had some of the top animators in the industry do all the great movies and whatever we hired the best to do my animation to try to recreate the visions that I had in CD.

Sid:  I mean what peace!

Our Guests Marc & Shirley

Sid: I’ve got two people that are red-hot for the Messiah; they’re Mishpochah in the flesh they’re my brother-in-law and my sister, Marc and Shirley. They have recently made Aliyah 3 years ago.  That means they immigrated to Israel at the height of the Intifada, the suicide bombers and everything else that’s going on there.  If you knew my sister you would know no one short of God Himself could have called her to leave her family.  She’s so family oriented; she’s got two sons that are married with children.  And she’s so family centered there should have been no reason short of a dream from God.  They knew that they knew, that they knew that God was calling them to Israel.  And I must I have my sister Shirley on the phone, but I really believe what you said on yesterday’s broadcast after having that dream you believe that God was showing you Jeremiah 16.  You know I remember you said in that dream that you said that you got on the last plane to Israel.  I believe that prophetically speaking we’re about ready to see the last plane for Jewish people to get to Israel right now.  I believe that God is using this broadcast to speak to people but I want… Shirley in the natural you walk into this “War zone.” You leave your family, you’re in good health you and your husband, you’re in good shape financially.  You get to Israel you feel tremendous peace and here you are now in a land that you don’t even speak the language.  Tell me some of your most fond experiences over the last 3 years.

Shirley:  Oh, there’s so many, we have seen God’s grace and love for us every single day we’re there.  It’s just amazing to us; for example we walk into a bakery; it’s Marc’s birthday and I’m looking for some goodies to serve some company that are coming over that evening.  And we’ve never been in this bakery before and the little clerk; young lady behind the counter. We start talking to her and say “We’re new Ohleem and we say “We don’t speak the language, do you speak English?” And she says “Oh, yes I speak English.” and we start talking and she said “You want some coffee?”  And I thought she wanted to sell us some coffee; and she said “No, no it’s a gift.”  And I said “You want to give us coffee?” And she said “Yes.”  And I said “Well, thank you.”  So we go sit down and she’s bringing the coffee cups towards us and I get up to get them from there.  And she says “Oh, no I want to serve you.”  This is a complete stranger, then Marc and I are sitting there sipping the coffee looking at each other saying “Boy, this is nice and she comes over with this big pastry.”  And I said “No thank you we don’t want any pastry right now.”  And she said “No, no this is a gift from me to you.”  And I said “A gift…”  Well, I said “Thank you,” You know you don’t turn down a gift and so this young lady she has become like a daughter to us.  Every time we come into this bakery she comes around the counter and gives us a big hug and says “How have you been, why have you stayed away so long?”  She’s like family to us; and this has not happened to us just one time.  We’re sitting in a restaurant having coffee and the waiter by the time we’re ready to leave the restaurant is inviting us to his house for an evening.  The people are unbelievably warm and they just take you into their lives like their long lost relatives.  We just love Israel.

Sid: How fearful are you when you get up in the morning and when you get your coffee.  What is that Hebrew word for coffee that you get?

Shirley:  Ah Café Afuq, different.

Sid:  Okay. Watch your language okay I’m just teasing go ahead. But how do you feel really?  When you open the newspaper, when you see TV and suicide bombers all over the place and surrounded by people that hate you.  Europe hates Israel with a passion. I mean the whole world outside the United States hates Israel and is favoring the Palestinians for a state. How do you feel?

Shirley:  You are 100% in what you said. I feel safer in Israel then I do in the United States to tell you the truth.  They know what they’re doing, they know how to take care of situations immediately; not 20 minutes or 15 minutes down the road.  They have security guards all around the mall every entrance.  So even though there’s a large crowd there I feel so safe; everybody that’s gone into that mall has been checked. And they’re belongings have been checked.  I feel very safe there; but the bottom line is you are in the safest place if you are where God want you to be. And we know with all our hearts that that is where God wants us to be and in the natural it doesn’t make sense that we’re there.  Because we’re not doing a big ministry for God or anything.  We’re just being obedient to God and He is opening up doors for us as we walk with relationships with different people.  I’ll tell you; in Israel it’s so exciting because like in the United States all our friends were believers.  But in Israel like it’s 50% believers 50% nonbelievers now.

Sid: Are many Jewish people coming to the Lord?

Shirley:   They’re coming but not many, not in 100’s in like 10, 12, you know small numbers they’re coming.  But they’re very open; our friends that don’t know the Lord yet; we believe that they’re our friends because I believe there was that connection there to make us friends because God wants them to come to know Him. And we are talking to them and they are so open to listening to what we have to say.  They’re interested in our testimony; they’re interested why we’re in the land.  Many of the Russians there especially ask us “Why are you here, we had to come here but you had a choice?”  It’s a testimony in itself just us being there.

Sid: Let me ask you a question; you’ve like myself we learned how to read Hebrew and Marc the same.  We didn’t understand many words at all; you knew zilch really.  And you and your husband are in Ulpan, that’s where you’re studying the language.  How old are you you know I’m told not to ask this question.  How old is your husband how’s that.

Shirley:  My husband’s much older than me; not really; 67…

Sid: Alright 67.

Shirley:   Yes.

Sid: How are you and your husband learning Hebrew at these ages?

Shirley:  I’ll tell you it’s hard but God has given us such a love for the language.  I never like languages going through college and I was never a scholar in languages.  But in Israel we both love studying Hebrew.  And we are now at the point that we can speak Hebrew. We can have a short conversation; we can tell people our needs or our wants but it’s something God has given us.  We just love learning Hebrew and our teacher and the students in our class have become like a family to us.  We love them; they love us.

Sid: Shirley speak to that Jewish person that’s listening to us right now and that says “I wonder God are you calling us to Israel?”

Shirley:  (Laughing) First of all I’d like to say don’t believe everything you hear in the news.  The news is definitely prejudice.  I’d say if God speaking to you be obedient; we have never been happier in our lives.  And we’ve had a wonderful life; but we feel like we’re on the biggest adventure with the Lord than we’ve ever had before.  So all I can say is if you feel God is telling you something be obedient to what He says.

Sid: Well, I’m going to tell you something right now. I am going to tell you that the one thing you know, that you know; that you know; that you know is that this is the set time to favor Zion.  And God wants desperately Jewish people to come to know Him.

Our Guest Dr. David Remedios

Dr. David Remedios

Sid: You’re not going to believe what I’m about ready to tell you.  I met a man in Alexandria, Louisiana, Dr. David Remedios.  He’s a vascular surgeon; so I got a bad report from my daughter.  She needed heart surgery; we prayed and she actually had a dream and the Lord said to submit to the surgery.  So she hasn’t done it yet and she’s about ready to have that surgery.  So I had met Dr. Remedios in Louisiana and he told me that many times he’ll see what’s going on and God will show him how to perform surgery.  Now this is my kind of doctor.  My daughter’s about ready to have this heart surgery and I decided I would call him.  Well as I’m talking to him I said that would you pray for my daughter?  And I have on the line right now Dr. David Remedios. David do you remember what you said to me, if you don’t I remember?

David: Yes sir; I remember that; I saw a vision I saw that she was undergoing that surgery and that she was supposed to have the surgery; I believe that that was about it.  And that God was doing some other things in her life at the same time if I’m not mistaken.

Sid: Very good memory; I’ll tell you you’re my kind of doctor.  But you’re whole life really got tremendously transformed when one of the leaders of the revival from Argentina Claudo Freidzon, another Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus, laid hands on you.  How did your life change after he did that?

David: Well, there was an incredible increase in signs, wonders, miracles and a greater passion in my life.  It literally took a different turn; it was as if God literally turned up the tiles several notches.  And it’s been the most exciting walk I’ve had ever since; in ministry; with my family with my children.  Even in my practice so it’s just so awesome.

Sid: Just out of curiosity did you have these like these… for instance when you were talking to me on the telephone did you see what you were describing or was it just an impression?

David:  I literally saw what I was describing; I saw the inside of the heart; I saw the myocardium; the endocardium.  I just saw it; that’s all I can say and I just felt “Lord what does this mean?”  And the Lord just gave me what that meant and what was supposed to happen.

Sid: I am in awe of what’s supposed to happen in many different arenas, but one in particular which we’ll deal with people where their organs have grown back.  I imagine that you have to be in greater awe than me; as a medical doctor.

David:  Well, absolutely; there’s several things Sid that a couple of things when I face things like this.  Number 1 this is totally; God is the healer. He’s the God that healeth us.  And I believe that God is speaking to someone here is someone right now that he turning your situation around.  Even as we speak. Brother Sid I believe with all my heart that there’s a healing anointing hearing the radio waves going everywhere. And that you’re going to get reports back and we’re going to hear about the signs; wonders ad miracles. You cannot but talk about what He does and He begins; He begin to do what we’re talking about.

Sid: Now I know what we see God doing in your ministry but what by the Spirit… paint me a picture of what God is going to be doing in the next few years in the miraculous in the United States.

David:  I feel that the miraculous is going to be more common than we’ve ever seen before.  It is going to become almost common place for a lack of a better term.  But it’s going to be so frequent because I believe that God is about to showcase His people; His true church.  Those that are walking with Him in obedience and that the heartbeat of God is souls.  So people from all parts of the world from all races; from all nations; all languages He’s drawing them unto Himself.  He came to heal; He came to seek and save that that was lost.  He came to heal the sick; you know that’s exactly what Jesus did when He was on earth.  He went about and He healed; everywhere He went and He healed. Everywhere He went He just had a ministry of healing; of restoration of building people up.  I believe that the church; His children will begin to walk again in the character and the works of Jesus.

Sid: David I wanted you to just talk with me a little bit so that people would get an idea of who you were.  Now I’m going to go all the way back to age 13 Bronx, New York.  What was going on in your life?

David:  Well, it’s a very difficult part of my life and obviously I was the oldest of 6 children, the son of Cuban immigrants. We were living up on the 6th floor in the South Bronx.  And as you can well imagine Jimmy Carter declared it at that time Federal disaster zone with buildings burning up and drug abuse and all kinds of alcoholism.  You name it.  Everything was rampant crime; was being rampant and obviously at that same time… and within my parents there was a great battle.  My mother and father obviously were undergoing a great stretch in their marriage.  So as a result there was frequent violence in our home.  For me as the oldest child obviously it was quite difficult; for me I was trying to help any way I could.  To make a long story short my life literally came to a point where one day I literally I literally ran away from home.

Sid: Listen a 13 year old in the streets of Bronx; how did you survive, I mean on your own?

David: Were ever the night would catch me different people would take me in here and there.  In the subway; in church wherever I mean.  I survived the best I could; I still kept going to school, which is another miraculous thing.   

Sid: Did you know the Lord at that time?

David:    Yes sir I sure did and that was the place of refuge.  All night prayer meetings became a common thing for me.

Sid: What was it a double duty thing; in other words it was prayer but it was also a place to stay warm.

David:  Absolutely and to get fed and people would call me.  They would see me walking thru and say “Won’t you come up and eat?”  And I would ask that; people literally I believe God moved on the.  And they knew that I was hungry and they would just feed me.

Sid: Did you find that you were even at that young age 13 in the streets directed by God to spare your life?

David:  Oh, definitely.  So many times I would be walking through one street and the Holy Spirit would say “Don’t walk through there.” And sure enough there would be a shootout and there would be dead people.  So I had to… I had to learn to hear the voice of God because my very life depended on it.  It was not about being super spiritual; it’s literally a matter of survival.  And scripture says that His sheep hear His voice.  And I believe that that’s about to become more common place.  It’s what the Word talks about.  I had to learn to live by it; but of course at a very young age.  So to me it has been nothing really extraordinary but living by what the Word of God says.  So my life depended on it and so it’s really been so instrumental of the rest of my life.

Sid: So how in the world does a 13 year old whose heritage is Cuban… so obviously your parents probably came with just the clothing on their back. Am I right from Cuba?

David:  Yes Sir.

Sid: And now you’re on your own in the streets; just turned 13.  How do you become a vascular surgeon out on the streets?

David:  (Laughing) God is so awesome; that’s just a testimony.  See it’s not by might; it’s not by power but by His Spirit.  I thank God that He does not call the equipped but He equips whom He calls.  If we receive Him and we do believe Him He’s said that He’ll done it for me.  He’s no respecter of persons; that’s the beauty of this whole thing.  I’m not anyone special or extraordinary.  I have an extraordinary God.  I was a very vulnerable young man and very common young man if anything young man.  Blend in the fabric of the streets of New York but I’ve had an extraordinary awesome wonderful God who saw the desire in my heart.  I always had the desire in my heart to become a doctor; I always knew that I was going to become one.  It’s just at that point in time it seemed anything but possible for me to become.  But yet God; I stayed in school.  I was able to have the grades and I moved on.  And that’s the whole… the keeping power of God because I should have been dead.  I should have been…

Sid: For sure.

David:  I should have been a drug addict.

Sid: David let’s hold that thought we’ll pick up here on this tomorrow’s broadcast.

Our Guest Jose Santana

Jose Santana

Sid: Guess what, my guest in the studio his name is Jose Santana and the Spirit of God has just descended in this studio and I am expecting the miraculous.  Don’t you dare touch that dial, stay right where you are.  In my studio is Jose Santana he is a New Covenant Prophet, he’s from the Rochester, New York area.  He’s an apostle, he works with backslidden pastors.  God has entrusted him with a wonderful gift of prophesy.  Most people I know merchandise their gift in the wrong way.  Because they live an unholy life they don’t even have the gift it comes out as mixture and it’s a stench in the eyes of a holy God.  Jose how do you protect your gift; you have a wonderful gift; I mean how do you protect it?  People probably put you on platforms; they’ll do anything for you.  “Give me a word, give me a word.”  That must be what everyone says to you that meet you; how do you protect the gift from being cynical, from not walking a holy life?

Jose:  Well, I protect it by first honoring the one that gave me the gift the Lord Jesus Christ.  And when He gave me the gift I asked the Lord “I will never ever forget who is in control of this gift, it’s You.” What was the reason that I asked for the gift was to serve the body of Christ to be a blessing to other.  I’m one of the least of the least of all the saints, this gift was given to me so that I could serve the Body.

Sid: Now tell me the circumstances as to what was going on in your life when the gift really started developing.  Were you praying for this gift?

Jose:  Yes Sir; I was praying about 2 ½ – 3 years because people would come to the church and say “And God spoke to me; and God showed me this.” And I said “Lord would You consider, speaking to me; would You consider…”

Sid: Did you really talk to Him that way, “Would you consider?”

Jose:  Yes.

Sid: That really is a respect there.

Jose:  And He gave me the scripture of 2nd Corinthians 2:9 that declare that “Eye have not seen and ears have not heard.”  So I went to bed with that scripture and I said “Lord if I have not seen; open my eyes that I may see; and if ears have not heard speak to your servant that I may hear You.”  And I went 2 maybe 3 years with that scripture and one day I’m walking in the church and I see a brother with his whole body almost dying, that the enemy has thrown some darts. He was not using the shield of faith.  And I said “Oh, Lord what is this all about?”  And He explained and that was the first time I had ever seen in the spirit.

Sid:  Alright, you saw that.

Jose:  Yes

Sid: And what did you do about it?

Jose:  Yes, I was so overwhelmed and I went to pray and I said “Lord why are you showing me this thing?’  And He told me “Tell My people that they must use the shield of faith because they are in war with Satan.”  I warned them.

Sid: And there are so many people listening to us right now and they have so many fears and they have these darts that have been coming at them.  And what they have to learn is not just that shield of faith to knock it down but they have to have a sword to give the demon behind that thought the business.  And the sword is speaking the Word.

Jose:  Speaking the Word; Amen.

Sid: Do you ever sometimes concern about the gift that you have? Or worried that when God gives you a Word… I assume that you have good Words but you have also assume you have very negative Words.  Do you ever see people sins?

Jose:  Absolutely, a lot of times we have an encounter with the prophetic and the Holy Ghost is moving so powerful and the Lord is giving me good words. And I could hear the thoughts of the people when they’re going back to the seats and they were said “Ah, Lord this man of God has the wrong person Lord” I hear every thought so I have to call them back out of the chair and say “How come you told the Lord that I have the wrong person?”  And usually 99% they cover their mouth and they repent because it’s the anointing of God.  The Spirit of God searches the deep things of God.

Sid: Jose, can this gift that you have operate at will whenever you want it to operate?

Jose:  No, it only has the Holy Spirit of God release, I could not see unless He allows me to see.  I cannot hear only if He’s speaking to me, it’s only by His doing.

Sid: So tell me, what would happen if the next 5 prophetic words you gave the people came back and said “Jose you said I was going to have a child.  I didn’t have a child. Jose they all turned out to be wrong; what would you do?”

Jose:  Well, that would bring to examine myself because then I was operating in the flesh. Like I got a friend and he’s a pastor and we went to his kitchen and there was a whole lot of people there and the Holy Spirit spoke to me “Tell my daughter the next year at God’s appointed time of birth she will have a baby boy and the baby boy will be a pastor.”  And I’m not thinking about none of these things but when He speaks, I recognize His voice.  And that is the only way I speak, when He speaks to me.

Sid: I’ve noticed Mishpochah because I’ve asked him things and he won’t answer.  He’ll say “I’ll tell you what the Bible says” but he won’t answer but I’ll tell you what God said.  But I actually question and maybe I’m going to get in trouble now Jose I question those that can prophesy at will.  I believe it’s as the Spirit of God wills.

Jose:   It is very dangerous because what happens people will prophesy out of will they have a tendency of tapping into a familiar spirit.  And that’s not of God that’s of the other guy.

Sid: And that’s a very scary thing.

Jose:  Oh yes it is.

Sid:  Because they’re intent could have been honorable and they could be deceived.

Jose:  Right, they crossed the border.

Sid: And that’s happened unfortunately to a lot of people.  You must have a great deal of insight on how all of us that perhaps are not prophets but we can all prophesy on how we can hear God better. Because as far as I’m concerned if someone has tasted the goodness of God the only thing that counts in their life is to hear God and be obedient to God plus nothing.

Jose:  I’m so excited that you asked me that question.  I do seminars of the prophetic but I share with people how they can keep the spiritual pump primed.  And they go “What are you talking about.”  I said “I see you driving a car and going from Georgia to the Carolina and all of a sudden the Lord put a thought on your heart to call a friend that you haven’t spoken in 3 months.  And you go I will do that later, wrong if you train yourself to park your car and make a phone call at that time God will put words. God will use you as an instrument just as you avail yourself.”

Sid: What if you wait a day.

Jose:  It might be too late; let me give you an example of when I first started to operate in the gift we were invited to a company party. I just sat in the seat and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “Get out of there and go to your brother.”  So I told my wife “We have to go.”  She says “Why, we just came.”  “We have to go if you don’t go with me I’m leaving you behind.  So she said “Let’s go.”  So we go to my brother and I knock at his door and we waited 8 minutes and then he put the light and he came down.  So my brother’s name if Tony, so I said “Tony, are you okay.”  He said “He said “Yes.”  The third time he told me “I was this close of killing myself.”

Sid: Hmm.

Jose:  So, of my obedience his life was saved.

Sid: And you know what God says “If I can trust you in little things; I can trust you in big things.

Jose:  Hmm. 

Sid: And what happens to me I’ll get faked out and I’ll say many times, that’s my thought, that’s not God.  But I also know it’s God.  In the past I got faked out, I’m not going to get faked out now

Jose:  Amen.

Sid: But many of us do.

Jose: Yes.

Sid:  Jose we’ve just really met and I was telling you in my office before we started this interview that God has entrusted to me a very very precious vision. I’ve labeled it what Paul called it “The One New Man.”  Because in Ephesians he said “The reason that Jesus came was to break down the wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles to form One New Man.”  Or we might paraphrase that as “The complete body of the Messiah.”  Because the Jew that believes in Jesus without the Gentle that believes in Jesus is incomplete. The Gentle that believes in Jesus without the Jew that believes in Jesus is incomplete.  And I was explaining in the office I’ve been to many reconciliation meetings between let’s say black and white Christians.  And it’s what I call a 24 hour wonder; they’ll even go so far as washing feet.  But at the end of 24 hours the black pastors go back to their black churches and the white pastors go back to their white churches and nothing changes.  Could it be Jose that because we haven’t approached the foundational sin, the rift between Jews and Gentiles, we can never address the other sins the rifts between races and all the other differences in theology and all of these other differences?  And so God has entrusted this One New Man.  I got such a revelation the other day.  I found out that where it talks about New Covenant and it’s prophesied in the Old Testament in Hebrew and in the New Testament in English.  The word new which means never existed before is a mistranslated.  The word really is renew.

Jose:  Amen. 

Sid: Meaning that you take the scriptures in the Old Testament and you don’t throw them out.  You take the festivals in the Old Covenant and you don’t toss them out. You renew them with the meaning of Messiah who has come and rose from the dead.  And I’m seeing that this is… the definition of insanity Jose is to keep doing the same thing the same way and expect different results.

Jose:  That’s right.

Sid: It’s insane; well I believe that when the church understands this renewed covenant and we need money in this ministry to get this word out.  I’m calling this week for those to plant a seed in this ministry; maybe you’ve never sent to any ministry ever before.  I bless you with Genesis 12:3.