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Our Guest Gary Kah


Sid: All of this week we will be talking to people that have a prophetic edge to give us insight because there’s no reason for God’s people to not have insight into the times and seasons that we’re living in.  I have on the telephone Gary Kah and I just recently read from your webpage an article called “America’s Wakeup Call.”  For those that aren’t familiar with Gary back in the 1980’s he was the Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the government of Indiana which caused him to visit more than 20 countries. And he came into information which has caused a lifetime investigation as to what is going on in the late great planet earth so to speak.  Gary the thing that really intrigued me is your information on the heart of Islam that Islam has historically been a bloody religion. Yet when I talk to my Muslim friends in the United States they seem like just like everyone else they do not seem after vengeance or that sort of thing or violence of any kind.

Gary: Yeah I believe honestly Sid that the majority of the Islamic people are peace loving and decent citizens who love this country. As Bible believing Christians even though I disagree with many of their religious and religious beliefs and practices and we need not to support them it would be wrong to persecute Muslims for their faith.  We need to go out of our way to show the love of Christ to these people in this point in time. But as you’ve said having said that people need to understand that historically that Islam has been a very bloody religion and there’s been a lot of persecution of Christians throughout the world. Most recently in the Sudan where over 2 million Christians have been wiped out by people rooted in Islam. And the reason for the bloodiness is really buried one of the reasons is there’s a very strong influence of violence secret societies that runs through the Islamic culture and has for centuries.  The second reason is a lot of the peripheral religious writings that some Muslims subscribe to promise a better place in paradise including a harem of 72 virgins for those men who die while taking the lives of unbelievers.

Sid: But even more important than that that’s the only assurance a Muslim has to salvation is to die as a martyr otherwise it’s guess work.

Gary: That’s exactly right and then when we add to all of this the Quran itself and when you look at some of the quotes.  I went out and got me a copy of the Quran and read through a good part of it and I just want to share 3 of the shorter quotes here they’re more than these but to give you an idea.  Surah 5:51 of the Quran says “Believers take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends they are friends with one another.  Whoever seeks your friendship they shall become one of their number god does not guide the wrong doers.”  In Surah 9:73 it says “Prophet make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them hell shall be their home and evil fate.”

Sid:  Let me touch on that I don’t know if you got that Mishpochah it says in their holy book it says “Make war on the unbelievers and hypocrites and deal rigorously with them hell shall be their home and evil fate.”  You could see how someone could read that and take it to the extreme to what we saw at the World Trade Center.

Gary: Absolutely and they’re other quotes that are even worse. This one says this is from Surah 9:5 “When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them; arrest them beseech them and lie in ambush everywhere for them.” And then finally Surah 5:33-34 says “Says those that make war against god (meaning Allah) and his apostle Mohammed and spread this order in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides or be banished from the land.” So that’s just a few of the examples. So for people to say the Quran is not bloody that it’s a peaceful book that part is not true.  But I personally believe and I hope that many of the Islamic people haven’t even read of the Quran or if they have they don’t take it all literally because if they did we would all be in a heap of trouble.

Sid:  Well what concerns me is the number of nations in the world today that have a majority Muslim rule which base their law on the quotes that you’ve just stated.

Gary: Well that’s exactly right. Even Saudi Arabia which is viewed as a moderate country as far as the United States is concerned is actually very stringent on the many of these things.  So you know they may be moderate politically in cooperating with us on certain things but when it comes to religious matters it is still a crime over there to witness to Muslims and try to convert them to Christianity. You can pay a stiff fine and possibly even pay for your life in places like Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iraq if you are caught.

Sid: So what is the goal based on your knowledge based on the various agendas what is the real goal of Bin Laden and what has just occurred?

Gary: Well I believe the purpose of terrorism as a whole not just Bin Laden is to tighten the screws on western society to get us as a people to be will to go along with something that under normal circumstances we would never go for.  And I’m speaking specifically here of world government. If we’re ever to go along with a one world political and religious system we have to have a reason for doing so. People are not going to do it automatically.  And if terrorism causes so much fear and brings us to the point that people think this is it the world’s going to destroy itself something has to be done.  Then those proposing world government can step in and present it as a solution to all of these problems and bring it on board in the name of world peace and solving many of the other worlds problems.  And I believe this is the specific purpose of terrorism is to apply that necessary pressure. I personally believe Sid that Bin Laden is not capable of carrying this out on his own I think its way bigger than him. And I think in time we’ll see that I think that you’ve got hidden powers secret forces involved in many countries around the world supporting this terrorist network. What you have to understand is… well let’s stay within the realm of Islam for a moment. This country has approximately 6 million Muslims I believe that’s the statistic I’ve heard sited most frequently on the media over the last 2 weeks.  If only l out of a 1000 of those people would be willing to commit an act of terrorism you’re talking about 10s of 1000s. And when you add to that other secret societies that are violent perhaps outside of Islam the propensity here for major havoc is enormous.

Sid: Gary let me read a statistic to you this was an online survey by the public newspapers and the question was asked on line “Would we be willing to surrender certain freedoms in favor of greater national security.”  72% of the people said “We’d be willing to surrender certain freedoms for the sake of our survival.”

Gary: Yeah I’ve seen that same study and I think people are always willing to accept major changes more readily during time of crisis rather than other times.  And so if we’re not very careful here… you know there’s several different directions America can take as a result of this act. One is more government regulation, less freedoms, more surveillance and ultimately the international infrastructure that is in the process of being built around the United Nations could be strengthened and we could be one step, a big step closer to world government after all of this that’s one possibility.  The second possibility is that terrorism could be used to bring the United States down.  If in the eyes of your global planners the United States has played its role and fulfilled its purpose then the next step in their thinking could well be that it’s time for the US to be eliminated. We want to bring the capitol back to Europe from New York and as long as the United Nations is in New York and it’s standing that is the seat of global government the way things are coming together. So if it is ever to go back to Europe then something would have to happen to New York.  And in my book “In Roots of Global Occupation” on page 65, again this came out over 10 years ago I describe exactly such a scenario amazing similar to just what took place in New York and what is happening right now.  So it is a time for us as Christians to be very very much in prayer and in step with God’s will for our lives that we make the most of time that we have left because we don’t know exactly what’s going to unfold in the months ahead the ways things are going to happen.

Sid: What is your sanctified speculation as to what will occur Gary Kah?

Gary: I think that we will see additional waves of terrorism and I don’t know how far it’s going to go and how quickly it gets there but I think we’ve just seen the beginning and I think that there will be more. And again all of this will be designed to tighten the screws on western society to get us ultimately to embrace some type of global system.

Sid: Do you believe that what the traditional rabbis out of Israel are saying is true that we are in the footsteps of the Messiah’s coming?

Gary: Well one thing is for certain we are definitely getting closer and we are getting closer by the day we’re not moving further away. What I do believe though personally I think in this country things are going to get very difficult before the Lord returns. And I know that’s not a popular thing to say but I sense that with everything in me and that’s why I have been teaching and preaching repentance on the part of everyone.  We in the church have become so complacent in many ways in this country and we have got to be ready to stand firm very firm for our Lord and not to be ashamed of Him in any way.  Because I think that difficult times are soon going to come upon America.

Sid: Gary our time is up and you have so much more to say we’ll be interviewing you on tomorrows broadcast.

Our Guest Perry Stone


Sid: Sid Roth here with Perry Stone. Perry the revelation that you have so in so many different areas it’s almost like it’s all converging together right now, but so people will understand how you get these revelations and how we can understand keys to our future from them you work a lot with what you call types and shadows explain what that means.

Perry: Well one of the things that I’ve discovered as a young minister first of all I’m going to give you a little bit of background here. When I was felt the call of God to go into the ministry I was a teenager of 16 years of age. I was in intrigued with the prophetic books of Daniel and the book of Revelation. And I saw Daniel as a young man that went into Babylon but God used him to understand ministries. And I began to pray and I think this is the First thing: people should do when they want to understand the deeper things of God is to pray for wisdom and understanding of the deeper things and the deep things of God. So I prayed that for 2 years; after praying that I began to notice that when I began to read the Bible it was very easy once I began to read it to put scriptures with scriptures.  I would say “Wait a minute that verse goes right along with that verse over there.”  Of course I had a study Bible to help me put it together but I began to put verses together.  I began to study by subject when I got into the prophetic word which was again basically after my first trip to Israel I began to just devour and have such a hunger to understand what it was all about. To understand how it was going to come together, to understand how everything was linked together.  So a lot of this began first of all prayer for wisdom because James said “If you lack wisdom ask God and he’ll give it to you liberally.” and I held on to that.And the Second thing: is to have a love and a hunger to understand. And the Third part: and I really held the Lord to this where He said in the Book of Daniel “Seal up the book till the time of the end many should run to and fro knowledge shall be increased.” So I looked at that verse from every translation I could find and it basically is saying “When we come to the time of the end there’s going to be this very heavy unleashing unlocking of mysteries of the Bible especially prophetic mysteries.” And I simply asked the Lord “Lord help me to understand the mysteries of God.”  And I have to say that the way the Lord instructs me the things He gives me to teach people many times will say “Man I never heard that before this is the first time.” And I remember when I was younger people would kind of look at that and say “Well if you’ve never heard it before how do you know it’s true?” But they would always be able to go back to the Bible and see I was backing up everything entirely from the word. So when people for example you’re going to offer 6 CD’s that we have prepared for you; these are best I mean these are the ones that to me, I have one called “Living in Prophetic Crunch Time”  that’s absolutely off the chain in my book. It’s one of my favorites of all time.

Sid: And we’ll discuss that just a little bit and that is in our package of course.

Perry: Yeah exactly and so I’m just…I just believe that because we’re living in the time of the end it is the will of God for us to understand the things that normally previous generations it was not…let me say it this way they were not prepared to understand it. Let me give you an example Sid.  People said to me “Why is it that when you go to the time of let’s say 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800’s a lot of the ministers who were well known did not talk a lot about what we would term “The coming of the Lord for the church.” Now the word theological word for the catching away is the rapture.  A lot of people don’t like that word but I use it because people understand what I’m talking about.  And the answer is real simple #1 how can you preach the signs of the times the Lord’s coming when there’s no signs being fulfilled?  If you’ll think about it something like the 15, 16, 17, 1800’s you know there’s a civil war in America; there’s the American Revolution but as far as to have Biblical signs that you could point to and say “The Lord’s coming based on this Israel was not even a nation. The Jews were scattered around the earth; they were comfortable in Europe, America or where ever they were living it wasn’t the time for them to understand.  And only when the Biblical prophecies of the Biblical prophets begin to come to pass can the people who read the prophecy know this is happening now. And this is why in 1948 when Israel was reestablished as a nation suddenly there is this surge during the great healing revival, and thereafter from 1948 onward especially the 50’s there was this resurgence “Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming.” There were books written on the subject. The reason why a lot of the western ministers were so emphasized that greatly. And Sid I could tell you from studying it there were a lot of ministers who taught that Israel would never be a nation again until the Messiah Christ returned back to earth and then He would gather the tribes from the 4 corners of the world and they were teaching that. I mean denomination after denomination, minister after minister but ’48 that one day “What a message One Day in 1948.” In May 14 – 15th when Israel is restored it shifted everything. And then went back to the prophet and said “Wait a minute Isaiah said a nation would be born at once.” Wait a minute Israel has to be a nation before the Messiah can set up His Kingdom because it is a nation when Messiah comes not after He comes when He comes.  This tied the timing of events began to trigger the men and women that studied the prophecy to begin to say “Something is up.” And when they took Jerusalem in ’67 and tore the concrete wall down with the barbwire and the country of Jordan, they annexed what was called east Jerusalem and united the Capital. And you’ve been there, I’ve been there and you can take tour buses in east Jerusalem, west Jerusalem, south Jerusalem, north Jerusalem, tourist all over the place people from all over the world coming. When that began to happen that was a second wave of understanding. And I would have to say that when about ’88, ’89 and 90 when in Russia the Jews began to come back from the north country and given the freedom to return that was the third wave that people said “Wait a minute we cannot interpret this to mean that all of these great things happen when Messiah steps foot on the Mount Olives, when Messiah rules for a thousand years according to Revelation 20 it’s happening now!  If it’s happening now what does it mean?  These become the signs of the time of the end.  And you can now disconnect it is impossible.  I get real amused at letters I receive from people or they’re email or something and they want to disconnect my preaching of Israel and my preaching of Jerusalem and the Jewish people and the blossoming of that they want to separate that from Biblical prophecy and make it an allegory, or say that the church is Israel, or the church are now the Jews, or you know kind of replacement theology.  But prophecies for Israel are for Israel, prophecy for the believer are for believers, prophecies for the nations are for the nations, prophecy for New Covenant believers and that’s where people have to rightly divide the word of God and say “Wait a minute yes you can look at this verse and apply it to us, but the primary meaning is the nation of Israel.”

Sid: You know Perry you talk about things I’ve never heard before even; you talk about I mean so many revelations. You talk about that we are in “Prophetic Crunch Time” I never heard that phrase before.  And you say that some of the most significant things are ready to happen. What does it mean when we’re in prophetic crunch time and how does that play out to us?

Perry: Okay I’m glad you asked that. In Ephesians 1: 9 and 10 it says “In the dispensation of the fullness of times God will gather together in one all things spoken in Christ both of things which are in heaven and which are in earth even unto Him.” Now there’s a phrase called the fullness of time or the fullness of times which is used in the New Testament. Now the first thing that we have to understand, I’m going to give you the abbreviated version here because on the offer you’ve got there’s a whole CD on this so I’m going to give a highlight point here 1 or 2.  There’s 3 ways that time is counted in the eyes of God number 1 is sabbatical cycles, every seventh day, every seventh year, every 7 times 7 years.  Then there is the Jubilee cycles every 50 years Leviticus 25, time can be counted on Jubilee cycles. We talked about the Rabbi who wrote about the 9 Jubilee cycles; then there’s something called covenant cycles and here’s what a covenant cycle is it’s Matthew 1:17 “So all of the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations and from David to the carrying away to Babylon are 14 generations from the carrying away into Babylon and to Christ are 14 generations.  Now that’s a pattern 14, 14, and 14.  Point being that there was a set time for prophecy to actually happen, normally when a prophecy begins to happen it happens within a 24 to 48 hour period. You can say that… it’s like Israel becoming a nation when it happened it happened.  Jerusalem the third day of the war 10:00 in the morning they officially had Jerusalem so there’s a moment you know. But the closer you get to the moment time begins to get reduced or shortened that’s prophetic crunch time.  Galatians 4:4 and 5 “When the fullness of time has come God sent forth His Son born of a woman made under a law to redeem those who were under the law that we might receive adoption as sons.” Now here’s the key “When the fullness of time had come.” So here’s where we’re at we’re at times where prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled, milestones leading into stepping stones; stepping stones leading into major prophetic fulfillment. As we move closer the time of it being fulfilled is going to be reduced. Time is going to be shortened; the work will have to be done faster. The work will have to be done quicker that’s why Sid you are like a wild man on a mission. I am like a wild man on a mission.  We don’t waste a day, we don’t waste a week, we don’t waste a month, we’re every day looking for every day how we reach, how do we reach out, how do we win people; how do we touch lives?  Why are we doing it? Because there is a crunch coming in which you and I can sense we are around the corner to the big things the Messiah is making preparations for big things.  We have to get the job done in order to accommodate what He’s about to do.

Sid: Okay let me put this in my word and tell me if this is what you’re saying. We are in a set time where all prophecy is speeding up as has occurred in the past. It’s called prophetic crunch time, but things are speeding up to such a point that if we don’t redeem the time in this set season we may miss it.

Perry: That’s exactly…you hit it on the head I couldn’t have said it any better, that’s exactly what I’m saying with this, it’s exactly what the revelation of crunch time is exactly.  You know because God only gives all of us a certain time in our lifetime to complete everything He’s told us to do and there will be a generation you and I know Sid that will not die in the sense of natural death they will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye and I hope that you and I both are in that generation of course.  But when we see the prophecies beginning to come to past the closer we get to for example the revelation of the anti-Christ the final 7 years of tribulation, the closer we get to some of these major, major prophecies we’re going to discover things start happening faster. You know Jesus said this “Wars, rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places.” And then He said “When all of these things begin to come to past.” We’ve always had war, famine, pestilence, earthquake that’s always gone on we’ve always had those things. However when all of these things start happening at the SAME TIME that’s how you know you’re entering into the birth pains and you’re entering into the time of the end.  And that’s why you’re seeing so many wars, so many rumors or wars, so many up risings.

Sid: Perry we’re going to break right now but when we come back I want to know because we’re right in between these very prominent blood moon patterns on feast days I want to know why this is so important and why people are making such a big deal of it. And I also want to know something they’ve all left out that you’re going to tell us when we return.

Our Guests David Herzog


SID: What I love about David Herzog, he says that part of a way of aligning with Heaven is to live in the Glory, and he says anything he can do, you can do better. You can align with Heaven. You can live in the Glory. Speaking of getting in alignment with Heaven, many of us have been robbed in our DNA by bad stuff. You go to a doctor and the doctor says it’s, you have heart trouble because it’s in your genes. And many of us have been robbed of blessings that our ancestors were robbed of and they can pass right through to us. I mean, this is an amazing concept. Explain this to me.

DAVID: Yeah. Well DNA and blood has memories. So yes, it has memories of sicknesses, of sins. You see people that have broken homes because their fathers had it. But then what people don’t realize, once you break the curse off your family life, you need to go back and say, now Lord, liberate all the blessings on my ancestors to me, the wisdom they had, the gifts, the talents, the abilities, the inheritances. When you start praying like that, suddenly things start to happen. Even abilities you did not have before that were dormant suddenly start to happen. You start to have business understanding. You learn languages very fast, natural gifts, spiritual gifts, amazing things.

SID: I have friends that have just the mind, if you will, to be a musician, the mind to speak different foreign languages. Are you saying that that can be, so they have good genes for that. Are you saying we can rearrange our DNA?

DAVID: There are some times where you have no gift at all in a certain area and you break the curse off your bloodline and you liberate the blessings off your bloodline with the blood of Jesus, and suddenly you have abilities you did not have before. They were encapsulated in your DNA, but they weren’t liberated. Like I started learning languages way faster that would normally take me a lot longer to pick up, Russian or German, and also in a few weeks I was speaking like three or four languages, conversationally, which it would take me way longer. Even my IQ went up. Something happened, like [Russian].

SID: Sounds good to me.

DAVID: I mean, I know the accent is quite bad, but I was just picking it up a lot faster. Stephanie tells me about this, in Daniel, God showed her that your IQ goes up in the Glory, because Daniel said he was ten times smarter, wiser than all the other men that were there in the king’s palace. And he didn’t say study more. He said God gave him all manner of wisdom, understanding, literature. So even your IQ can go up in the Glory.

SID: Tell me about Israel. What do you see happening there?

DAVID: I see in Israel what’s going to come and what’s already starting is a massive move of God, revival. Many, many Israelis are going to come to know their Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. It’s already started. I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. I’ve seen a few hundred come to the Lord. You’ve seen 600 recently. Something is going on. Yeah, there’s wars and rumors of wars. That will always be. But there is a massive move of God. As times get darker and darker, and the Israelis realize, wow, our only hope is God, many are turning to the Lord in these last days.

SID: You know, I’m reminded of the Glory cloud that followed the Jewish people in the desert. I believe people are going to literally see that Glory cloud in Israel, and just like people ran to Pensacola, Florida…


SID: …and Toronto, and the other revivals, people are going to run to Israel, not for just tours, but for the Glory of God. Would you pray for the Glory of God to come upon those that are watching right now.

DAVID: Yes. If you’re watching right now, I just say, God, bring your Glory, lift your hands and just close your eyes, and just receive this. Let the presence of God’s Glory permeate your room, your car, your television, wherever you are, let it just invade right now. Open heavens, the Glory to invade your life right now in Yeshua’s name. Every cell of your body, your DNA, your bones, your marrow, let it just explode inside of you, the Glory cloud cover you right now in Yeshua’s name.

SID: David, I have many friends that see doom and gloom, and destruction, and the economy falling apart, and bombs, and terrorism, and all these awful things. Then I have other friends that say, I may have seen the greatest awakening the world has ever seen. How can prophets of God have such two different views?

DAVID: It’s like, as for me and my house, we’re going to serve the Lord. Egypt was in the worst shaking ever. But God’s people within Egypt got out, transferred the wealth, the Glory cloud, signs and wonders. So there are things coming on the earth, but it’s perspective. What perspective are you looking at, positively or negatively? You do things in battle, a lot of people get saved. So for evangelists it’s going to be great. But the Lord showed me, it’s like when Elisha and the servant were stranded by the Syrian army. And in the natural we can see like in America there’s some really bad things being planned. But are you looking just at that or are you looking at third Heaven chatter, second Heaven chatter. As you look at the enemy’s war room you know what the enemy is planning, you can know all the details and get so engrossed in that and not go higher in the prophetic third Heaven chatter, where you’re actually in God’s war room and he goes, yes, the enemy is planning this, but here’s how I’m going to counteract it. Here’s how I’m going to bless you. Here’s how I’m going to even use that to bring more people to salvation. So yeah, the shakings are coming, but we’re not supposed to be in fear if we’re right with God and God will supernaturally use us and protect us.

SID: That explains it. Because I believe these people are hearing the chatter from the second Heaven, but I’m not. All I am hearing is awakening, glory, miracles, creative miracles. I want you to listen a lot to the third Heaven like I am.

Our Guest John Bevere









SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Could Christianity be so dumbed down that many will miss Heaven? My guest is going to expose something that is perverse in Christianity. Hello Side Roth here with John Bevere. Now most people assume a little baby, an innocent little baby is born with discernment knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. What do you say, John?

JOHN: Well that’s the whole message here that I want to bring to the people today. Good or God is synonymous because today it seems to be. When you say good, people assume it’s God. But yet the Bible tells us in Hebrews, chapter 5, that the only way to recognize between good and evil is through discernment. If you look at King Solomon before he started his reign, he cried out to God, “Give me a heart to discern between good and evil.” So if good is so obvious, straightforward, why do we have to have discernment to get it.

SID: And you know what the most amazing thing to me is, the revelation you’re about ready to hear, it’s probably one of the most important that you will get between now and the time you go home or Jesus returns. This revelation came in a supernatural fashion to John Bevere. And you have a best-selling book, a million and a half in print, “The Bait of Satan”. Everyone has heard of John Bevere and his book. But it took a supernatural revelation from God for him to get this. What happened?

JOHN: Well this all began years ago in the late ’90s. I was flying to Sweden and I remember landing and my host picked me up, and said, “John, you don’t know this, but a very, very famous woman, she was globally known, was killed last night in a tragic automobile accident.” I was shocked beyond words. She was pretty, she had a great personality, she loved her fans and she was using her beauty and her influence to help victims of land minds, help victims that were poor and needy, and social injustice victims. And so I remember watching this news about people just weeping at her gates, weeping in the nation, and I’m grieving for like two or three hours. And I’m thinking, I’m speaking to like 6000 people tonight. I got to get ready for the service. And I turned the TV off. And Sid, I felt like in my grieving I was in error. So I got down at the end of my bed in Sweden. I literally knelt at the foot of the bed and I said, “God, I feel like I’m in error. What’s wrong?” And I heard so clearly, and this is the supernatural aspect of it, the Lord said, “Read Revelation 18.” I heard that so clearly. So I started reading Revelation 18 and I got down to the 8th or 9th verse and it said, “In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously in the same measure give her torment and sorrow, for strong is the Lord that judges her.” And I’m telling you, I felt like a bucket of ice water hit me in the face, because I’m a fan of this woman. And I said, “God, how could you ever use that scripture to speak to me about this woman.” I said, “God, everything she’s done, she’s helping the land mine victims, the poor.” And the Lord said, “She’s flaunted her adultery to the whole world. She’s openly rebelled against the house that she chose to submit to.” I said, “But God, all the good she’s done.” And I heard this so clearly, and this is what changed my life, Sid. The Holy Spirit said, “Son, it was not the evil side of the Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil that Eve was drawn to. It was the good side.” And when I heard that, I flew over to my Bible to Genesis 3, and I saw these words: “When the woman saw the tree was good it was pleasant and was desirable to make her wise.” And I dropped my Bible on my bed and I went, oh my, my. And the Holy Spirit said to me, he said, “Son, there is a good that is very rebellious to me.” Right then I saw all the way to the fact that the man of sin, the man of rebellion that’s going to deceive the nations, he’s going to have a good that’s scary good, but it’s going to be perfectly rebellious to God. And so out of that what I started realizing is that the best way that the enemy can deceive people, because Jesus, the apostles, they all spoke about deception and the last of the last days. In fact, Jesus said, if possible even the elect are going to be deceived. And so I started realizing the person who is deceived believes they’re on the side of truth, when in reality they’re not. How is the enemy going to deceive even the elect? It’s through good.

SID: So what you’re saying is that the enemy is going to wrap deception, which you would obviously know, with a package of good. Isn’t, that’s in effect what you’re saying, what happened to Eve in the Garden.

JOHN: Well the Bible doesn’t say that Satan can transform himself as an angel of light. It says he does transform himself as an angel of light and so do his messengers. So there is not only Satan transforming himself into an angel of light, his messengers and the message of the messengers. So there’s a message out there, hey if it’s good it’s God. No it isn’t, Sid. There is sometimes a distinction between good and God.

SID: You had a revelation that in the last days this deception would occur, the discernment between good and evil.

JOHN: Malachi points it out. The Book of Malachi. The Book of Malachi said, “The final days, the days right before the coming of the Lord, you’re not going to be able to tell the difference the righteous and the wicked until the fire of refinement comes.” So in other words, there’s a time period.

SID: The weed in the tares that Jesus talks about.

JOHN: The wheat and the tares, the exact same thing. That you’re going to have the righteous and the wicked together and everybody is going to think they’re all serving God.

SID: It’s going to get tricky and it’s going to get trickier the closer we get to the return of the Messiah. Speaking of trickiness, in the grace-holiness debate, John has some interesting answers. We’ll be right back.