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Sid Roth welcomes Katie Souza

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. So Katie, what is this banking in the presence of God, banking in the glory? What do you mean by that?

KATIE: Well in this time of famine in the United States, boy we need all the help we can get.

SID: Sure.

KATIE: So we need tools in the natural and tools in the supernatural, too. And there is creative power in the glory cloud, so we can utilize that to begin to create finances and provisions for us. And I got a bunch of stories, so I’ll just share with you.

SID: I love it. Tell me about this $21,000 debt. You think you’ve got problems. Tell me about that, Katie.

KATIE: Okay. So here we are, this fledgling ministry and we’ve got, we’ve accrued $21,000 worth of debt. So I put my whole team on a 21-day fast and I said, “Lord, you got to give me keys to be able to break this debt.” And so during the fast He gives me Psalm 100, which says, “We enter into the gates of Heaven with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.” He said, “This is one of the ways that Jesus opened the heavens to get the glory cloud to come and cause the multiplication of provisions.” And I’m like, okay, what is that? And He says, “I want you to read the story in Luke 9 about the multiplication of the fish and bread. So I go to Luke 9. Jesus is feeding 5000 people with five loaves and two fishes. And I saw it. I saw exactly how he did it, Sid. It said that, “Jesus took the five loaves and two fishes and looking up to Heaven praised God and gave thanks.” What’s going on? Jesus knows, “I got to feed a bunch of people with this little bit. I need the power, the creative power of the glory cloud.” So that’s why he first “looked up to Heaven”. He’s looking for the open heaven to get the cloud to drop. And the next thing it says is, “The praising God, he gave thanks.” What’s he doing? He’s doing Psalm 100 entering into His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. There’s gates in Heaven. You can open them with thanksgiving, and then the glory cloud will fall, and our praise, God’s presence or His glory will have our praises. So he’s looking up to Heaven and he says, “Okay, now I need to get it open. I’m using my thanksgiving and praise.” He gets it open. The cloud drops. And the next thing it says is this: “Then he spoke a blessing over the bread.” What’s he doing? He’s doing what God did in Genesis 1 when God created the world. God had His glory cloud and He spoke into the cloud. He said, “Let there be light. And there was light.” Jesus gets the presence of the glory. He lifts the little bit of bread he has up into, and he speaks a blessing over the bread, literally commanding it to prosper, to multiply, and it does in the creative power of the cloud.

SID: Okay. That’s well and good. That is Jesus. You learn these tools, if you will.

KATIE: Right.

SID: How does it play out with Katie who’s $21,000 in debt?

KATIE: Okay. So I see this revelation and I’m like, that’s how he did it. I can do it, too. So I did the exact same thing.

SID: You really have a childlike faith, don’t you? You do.

KATIE: Well if the Bible says it I can believe it.

SID: And you also get revelation teaching. You’re not like a normal teacher. You teach by revelation.


SID: Jesus fast. You had, I want to go back to the 21,000. But this Jesus, you have a fast. You call it a Jesus fast. What is that?

KATIE: Totally focusing on Jesus, just worshiping, doing songs that are about him. Reading all the gospels, reading all the prophecies, reading everything about Jesus, spending all the time meditating on him, speaking within our heart, and just doing that in a elongated period of time. And what happens is you begin to carry him and birth him when you do that.

SID: Okay. You owe 21,000. What do you do?

KATIE: So here I am. I see it. I was like, wow, that’s how Jesus did it. Oh my gosh, I can do the same thing, right? So I begin to do exactly what Jesus did. I had $3000 to pay on my $21,000 debt. So I took that little bit of money like Jesus took his little bit of bread and fish, and I began to do a Psalm 100. “Enter into the gates of Heaven with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.” I just pressed and pressed, and kept my focus, and kept praising and thanking God. And when I felt the atmosphere change I felt the burning and the glory, I felt like a heaviness on my shoulder, I knew the tangible presence of the glory was there, and I had created power. So I did what Jesus did. I lifted up my bread into the cloud and I spoke into the cloud a blessing over it. I commanded it to multiply. Well the day after the 21-day fast ended we got a check for $21,000.

SID: Katie, as you’re sharing this story, the atmosphere is changing. I don’t know what you want to pray for those that are watching, but I believe with this atmosphere changing you should move into this right now and pray.

KATIE: It’s not only to break your debt, because you can do that first. Then you can also cause finances to multiply for you. I ascended up into Heaven and got a diamond that my husband had. My husband had been out of business for nine months, and we needed financial income. I ascended up to Heaven, got a diamond, came back down and God said, “Now command it to manifest in the glory.” I did and we got a $250,000 miracle. You can do the same thing.

SID: Now the diamond, though, it wasn’t a real diamond. It was a, you saw it in the spirit?

KATIE: I saw it in the spirit and God says, I said, “What is that?” And He goes, “It represents what I have for you in the glory.”

SID: And then you prayed for it to manifest as in Heaven on Earth, and how much money came in?

KATIE: A quarter of a million dollars.

SID: Now a lot of people are having difficulty believing this. But the truth of the matter is you have found a supernatural key. Now if we are going into an economic crisis worldwide and the Bible talks about the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous, there will be a wealth transfer. I believe that God has given you a key towards the wealth transfer.

KATIE: Yes. Once you learn how to cultivate the glory and speak into the cloud then you can use this all the time for any situation, to break debt, to cause an increase of financial income. Once you have the tool you can use the tool over and over again. We’ve had so many financial miracles: $100,000, $32,000.

SID: All right, very briefly, give us a jump start on how we can ascend up into Heaven and get the answers to our prayers and bring them back to Earth just like the angels did for Jacob.

KATIE: Well use your faith. It says that by faith that Enoch was transferred into Heaven.

SID: Pray that for us.

KATIE: Okay. Right now I just want to break off anything that’s on you that would hinder you from believing that you have the legal right to ascend into Heaven and get everything you need to cause your promises to come to pass in an accelerated manner. So I pray for you now. Just receive it right now. I command everything that will hinder you from ascending into the heavenly realms to be gone right now, right now in the name of Jesus, and for you to by faith be able to go into the heavenly realms and bring back everything you need to live life and life abundant. And I decree an open heaven for you that you will become knowledgeable about the glory, how to cause it to manifest in your house, how to bring it in, how to open the heavens, and have a tangible manifestation of the glory cloud coming into your home so you can begin to write your monthly bills and your checks, and command a blessing over them. So every time you pay your bills you’re gonna have a multiplication. I decree that for you right now in Jesus’ name.

SID: Katie, you know, when you’re talking about ascending and descending, I’m thinking about that one day very soon a shofar, a ram’s horn is going to blow, and we are going to ascend. But we’re not going to ascend to get something to come back. We’re going to ascend to be with Jesus. And I can almost hear that ram’s horn, that shofar, blowing right now. I don’t know about you, but I am getting ready to ascend, especially with the glory level that’s on this show, as I’m talking with Katie. But in order to ascend you have to be a spirit being. Your spirit has to have control over everything in your life. First you need the life of God in your spirit. You need your sins just as Katie when she was in prison, gave up. It’s time for you to give up and make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. I’m not talking religion. I’m talking about intimacy with the living God because He loves you. You are special. Believe it. Believe that Jesus died for your sins and your sins are washed away. You’ve repented of them and asked Jesus to live inside of you and be the Lord of your life. Do it now. Now.

Sid Roth welcomes Katie Souza

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. And Katie, I am so excited that a supernatural way to speed up prayers that might have taken 20 years, things that you’ve been contending with, and contending and battling. It’s all being compressed, I think because the Messiah is coming soon. Now tell me about this tool, that you call it, called ascending and descending.

KATIE: Well ascending is not just meant to be a supernatural carnival ride. It’s a powerful tool and it can cause acceleration, ‘cause when you can ascend up into Heaven, ‘cause we have the legal right to do so, you can get whatever is in Heaven and bring it back down to Earth and cause the promises that God is speaking in your life to happen in an increased and accelerated manner. And we’ve seen an example of that in Jacob and the ladder. Remember that story?

SID: Yes.

KATIE: Jacob sees the ladder, right? It’s going from Heaven to Earth. And at the top of the ladder God is standing there and He’s speaking these promises unto Jacob. And as God is doing that the angels are ascending up the ladder then descending back down. Okay, that’s kind of a strange order, you would think, that they would descend first, right?

SID: Sure. If they’re coming from Heaven, they descend.

KATIE: Right. But Hebrews 1 says that angels are ministering spirits sent to minister to us. They’re already, there’s angels already down here. They’re already helping us. So that day when Jacob saw that, what happened was this. As God was speaking promises over Jacob’s life, the angels that were already down here at work did what angels do. The scripture says that angels hearken to the voice of the Lord. So they heard God speaking the promises. They ascended up into Heaven, got the stuff that they needed to make the promises for Jacob’s life come to pass, and then brought them back down to Earth and released them.

SID: Okay. How does that affect me? Those are angels doing it. Are you telling me I can do that?

KATIE: Yes. We’re seeded in the holy realms of Christ. Seeded is past tense, meaning we are already there. Christ already won the right for us to be there. And men in the Bible ascended into Heaven. You saw Moses and Aaron, and the 72 elders. They went up, they ate and they drank, which tells me they went up in their bodies, too. Paul talks about the man that went up into the third heavens, whether in the body or out of the body, he didn’t know. And John, John the revelator went up into the heavens and he got all the downloads for the Book of Revelation. So you can see that they went up and they got these encounters with God, and they also got revelation and enablements, and brought them back down here to Earth.

SID: All right. Give me an example at how you ascended and got information. Tell me about those farmers.

KATIE: Okay. So I’m on tour. I’m in Oklahoma City and it’s harvest time. I’m staying at some farmer’s house, right? And all the farmers in that area had lost their harvest for the five years previous, right at the end when they were gonna harvest. It’s harvest time again, and suddenly this huge storm comes. And there’s torrential rain and 60-mile-an-hour winds, and hail is on the way, which all destroys the crops.

SID: So they’re gonna miss another harvest.

KATIE: Another harvest. Okay. So we’re all sitting on the backyard looking at the [unintelligible]. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Bind the storm. We muzzle the storm. Be quiet in the name of Jesus. And it’s not working. And as we’re doing this the Lord speaks to me and He says, “Why are you trying to battle something that’s originating in the second heavens from underneath it? You don’t even know what’s going on. Why don’t you go and ascend up there and find out what the strategy is of the enemy so you can have the victory.” So I excused myself. I went inside the room. I said, “Lord, you just told me to go, so I’m gonna leave here and you can take me right now.” And I was there, Sid. I was there in a second and I saw the strategy of the kingdom of darkness.

SID: What did you see?

KATIE: I saw two dragons, a red one and a black one. Now I looked up those colors later on. To be in the red means only to be indebted. To be in the black means an area blacked in a drought. You see, the sign of the enemy all those years was to let those farmers put all their energy and their time, and their water, and their fertilizer and everything into their crops, and then cause them to lose their harvest right at the end so that they would be in the red owing, so they’d be in an area blackened with drought. And so there was the disguise of the enemy, and now I could see it because I knew how to use the tools ascending. And so I’m up there, and I look down, and without even asking God has supplied me with a sword. That’s just how it works in the realm. You have everything you need. And I took it out, and I only had to take like three or four strikes at this red dragon and he went down. I turned around and I took one strike at the black dragon and he went down, too. Now think about that. They harvested that year. In 20 minutes–

SID: Wait a second. All the storms and everything were coming towards them?

KATIE: The storm stopped. The fields dried up enough to where they could get their harvest in. After all those years a major breakthrough. And it happened in 20 minutes of ascending. Ascending is a powerful, powerful tool.

SID: But it also helps you with physical things. Tell me about your skin condition.

KATIE: Okay. That was with the glory cloud. So can I go into that?

SID: Sure.

KATIE: Your buddy David Herzog talks about that. Years ago he had a teaching about God. He used the creative power of glory cloud to create the whole world. In Genesis 1, the earth is void and then the spirit of God or the glory came down and hovered over the void of the earth, and then God spoke into that void, into the cloud and said, “Let there be light,” and bang, there’s light. So there’s creative power in the glory. Okay. So I’m on high and I’m in my worship time with God, and in our worship God’s presence or His glory will become manifest and become tangible, because that’s what the scripture says. So as I’m worshiping the glory just exploded. It exploded so much that my arms felt like they weighed 200 pounds. I was pinned to the bed. I had burning tangible glory in my face. And what happened was this, is a few days before that I had found a patch of melanoma skin cancer on my leg. And I prayed for it. I put my hand on it. I prayed for it and I didn’t feel anything, and nothing happened. But now in the glory, in the presence of the glory which has light in it too, because the glory cloud has light in it, I began to command that patch to die in Jesus’ name. Three days later, Sid, it dries up like a little flake of skin and I just literally flicked it right off my leg and it was healed.

SID: You know what’s kind of interesting to me is that the latest things in skin care is to use lasers, which are light. How much more the light of God, but we’ll get into that on another show. But what I’m interested in is there is supernatural banking in the glory. Well there is a bank crisis in the United States of America and many other countries. How about supernatural banking in the glory? Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

Our Guest Katie Souza

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Katie Souza was a career criminal. It’s hard to believe, Katie, you were in movies and television, and modeling, and got in with a fast crowd, got into drugs. But what I don’t picture is these high speed chases with guns. I mean, that’s Bonnie and Clyde stuff.


KATIE: Definitely.


SID: How does a nice girl like you get into this?


KATIE: You know, I grew up around guns my whole life. I had been a tomboy. So when I got into drugs and it totally turned my already volatile personality into somewhat of a terrorist personality, so it was natural for me to go that direction to start doing collections on other drug dealers and to start forcing people to pay their drug debts.


SID: Just out of curiosity, you’re forcing people to pay their drug debts. Aren’t you concerned that they might have a gun and they’re crazy from drugs anyway, and you’re life is going to be over?


KATIE: You know, right at the moment I never actually thought about that. I just went in head first to do it. But it did actually go from very dangerous entanglements later on. Because I would collect on bigger clients like biker clubs they would start actually putting contracts on my life and try to take my life many times.


SID: Then, maybe I don’t know, did you get greedy? What was it? You started your own meth lab.


KATIE: Well I got tired of buying and selling drugs. That’s a real hassle. And so I said, well you know, if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it right. I’m gonna be the top dog. I’m gonna start manufacturing my own speed so that I can do good dope and I can sell dope, and be treated somewhat like a rock star, because if you’re a meth dope that’s the kind of treatment that you get.


SID: So did reality really set in, in 1999, when they finally got you, they finally were gonna send you away for, what, 11 and a half years?


KATIE: Twelve and a half, yeah. They did. They caught me. They apprehended me, federal marshals did. And my first year in lockdown I spent in and out of the hole because I was fighting everybody, and I ended up actually attacking an officer. And so I was completely out off control like I was on the streets. And then one day God walked into that cell and He arrested me



SID: Wait a second. God walked into that cell. What really happened, between you and me?


KATIE: Okay. So I had found out that my codefendant was going to testify against me, and I was looking to up to 20 years in prison.


SID: Ouch.


KATIE: Right.


SID: So that would sober you, I would think.


KATIE: Yeah. And it made me really mad at the time, as I wasn’t walking with God yet. And so I went out to the yard, and me, her and a girlfriend actually threw down and had a fight over it. So we got taken to lockdown. And while I’m in lockdown, this was like my umpteenth time in the hole, I’m in a cell that’s covered with urine and feces, and vomit, and it’s freezing cold, and I just all of a sudden it hit me. Wow. I am tired. I have been doing this for ten years on the streets. Now I’m doing it in here. And now I’m looking at all this time in prison, and I just felt like I was at the end of my rope. And at that point I had a diabetic seizure. And when I woke up I was done. I was completely done. And I said, do you know what, I just give up. I surrender. And that was what God was waiting for, Sid.


SID: And then you actually had these Bible studies, and you started, what did you call it, a God Pod in prison?


KATIE: Yes. In my unit we got so involved in God. We started doing the Bible studies and worship, and praying for people, and baptizing people in the shower.


SID: But you started hearing God’s voice, and God said to you, you get an early release. How specific was it?


KATIE: Well I was meditating on God on night and He came and said, “You know what? I’m gonna do a jail break. I’m gonna get you out.” And then He even gave me the exact date He was gonna do it. So I run out to the whole facility the next day and I tell everybody what God told me, and at the end of the day I got 12 women laughing at me.


SID: I can imagine.


KATIE: Right. And then my counselor gets wind of it, and she’s like, “So you think you’re leaving on that certain date?” I’m like, “I don’t think so. I know so. God told me.” She picks up the phone, Sid, looks me in the eye, picks up the phone and calls the guards to come and escort me to the facility psychiatrist. Then I get to the facility psychiatrist and she’s told that I’m hearing the voice of God, so she wants to put me in suicide watch. But six months later I won a case that I had in federal court, and the exact date the Lord gave me came to pass.


SID: What impact did it have on the prisoners that knew that you were so crazy they sent you to the psychiatrist because you knew the exact date and told everyone you were gonna get out so early?


KATIE: It was a massive impact from everybody, and it was great because even the unbelievers were like, wow, now we have something to believe in. Now we can see that God is real. And even my counselor, I can remember her calling me, paging me after she found out what happened. She paged me into her office and she said, “My fish are dying. Would you please pray for my fish?”


SID: Your faith must have been zoom, skyrocketed.


KATIE: Absolutely. It was.


SID: But you know what’s so amazing to me is as fanatic, and that’s the word, I mean, if “fanatic” is a good term for football, why not for God, you know? As fanatic as you were for crime, you’re that fanatic for the Lord.




SID: And why is He showing you principles that are keys, if you will, that speed prayers up supernaturally? Why you?


KATIE: Why me? ‘Cause we’re doing a prison ministry now. We have an international prison ministry. And those people need everything God has. They need healing. They need deliverance. They need acceleration. They need to be discipled quickly. Everything needs to move in a faster level because God’s Kingdom is coming in such an accelerated manner and we’ve got to keep up.


SID: You go, she goes and she speaks in prisons now, and everything happens almost instantly. It’s a whole acceleration. But it’s a tool that Katie has been downloaded, that will speed up your prayers in an amazing fashion. Give you supernatural information in an amazing fashion. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

Sid Roth welcomes Carol Reed

SIDHello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Isaiah and Carol Reed.   Isaiah and Carol in a very improbable, impossible, unrealistic miracle, get clean, drug free.  Were you delivered instantly of drugs also? 

ISAIAH:  Yes sir.  Absolutely! 

SID:  That’s going – you know if you’re stuck, that’s the best way – both of you were.  And you weren’t going to marry him ‘cause you didn’t even really trust that he really was a new person.   

CAROL:  No.   

SID:  He was.  But God came to you, told you to marry him, told you that the two of you would walk together serving Him and you did marry him. And I have to ask you, I know that you have a heart for prostitutes, you can understand them.

CAROL:  You know there is such a desire when you have been brought from such a bad place you know, I thank God because He gave me a desire from where He took me out of, and I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the world and out of the country to South Africa and just to sit with young women who are prostitutes and have them look in my eyes and know that I have come from where they came from, it’s just so important. 

SID:  Pick one and describe that. 

CAROL:  I just came back from South Africa and there was a young girl by the name of Hanna Lou that I met and she was living in a box on a porch and the Lord just really tore my heart to go and minister to her and she wouldn’t go with anybody but me. And I said do you trust me? And she said I trust you. And I began to minister to her and she just laid on my chest and she just cried and cried. And it just touched my heart and she looked at me and I was crying and she said “Why are you crying?”  And I said I’m crying for you. And it just made her cry.  She said she had never had anybody cry for her. You know and I really have the heart that we need to be people that believe in people until they have the ability to believe in themselves. The Lord allowed me to go to Durbin, South Africa where I went to an area which is called The Point, it’s a red light district, and literally we had nine girls, nine prostitutes, leave the streets with me and stand on the pulpit with me before thousands of people claiming Jesus as their Savior.   I mean what a greater gift is to tell people about the love of God, that their sin is not too great that God can’t forgive them. How awesome that is. And the realness is that I know it to be true because He brought me from a place where I thought I was completely unforgivable.   But yet He still loved me. How great God is. 

SID:  Isaiah, you were in that place also yourself but now you literally go into mosques, you – twenty-five hundred Muslims came to the Lord.  Is that true? 

ISAIAH:  Yes.  What we have to understand is that sin doesn’t believe in whether you are Muslim, Jewish, or Christian. Your children still can be drug addicted; your children still can be murdered, so when the Jewish community, I mean the Islamic community heard that I was raised from the dead by my mother’s prayer, you have Islamic mothers that pray for their children. And so they asked me to come and share that about how she was tenacious and how I got raised from the dead. They really didn’t want to hear evangelical belief or promote the gospel or Judaism; they just wanted to know the love of a mother that could rescue a child. And as I was sharing I knew the mandate was to share about how my mother held on to my life and believed for me, but I also knew that God was going to do something special, I didn’t know what it was, so I submitted to the criteria, the format of the speaking engagement, and as I began to share how God brought me out of drug addiction and how He raised me from the dead, even being a sinner, the Spirit of God began to touch these Islamic young people, and not only before they even asked me to call down for prayer, it started beginning, slain in the Spirit. Now this was on their own territory – 

SID:  Now were you laying hands on them and – 

ISAIAH:  No.    

SID:  And they were falling over?  They just fell over by the spirit of God? 

ISAIAH:  No.  That was not the format; the format was for me to present being raised from the dead.  That’s what they wanted to hear about.  And the format was how my mother basically stood in the gap for me. 

SID:  Now this was in a mosque? 

ISAIAH:  In a mosque.    

SID:  And you’re saying the Spirit of God came to them and they were just falling to the floor? 

ISAIAH:  The Spirit of God came on them, and they didn’t have catchers or anything. They were just falling out and so the leadership after that was just kind of confused and so they told me they were having a heat stroke. And so they led us out and as we were going to our vehicles in the parking lot the people began to chase – run after us and some of the pastors took out their camcorders because we really didn’t know – was it a riot or what, and started filming it. And the young people wanted prayer, they wanted to be saved. And so we began to lead all those young people to receive Jesus in their heart and twenty-five hundred of them gave their hearts to Jesus that day.  

SID:  Now, how many children do the two of you have? 

CAROL:  We have five wonderful children. 

SID:  Tell me about your little daughter. 

CAROL:  Siania.  Siania is my miracle baby.  I had been believing for a little girl for so long and then at forty years of age I got pregnant with my last child. And I didn’t want a boy, I wanted a girl, and on the day that she was born they came to me that she was severe Downs Syndrome, then the next day the came and they told me that Siania was deaf and it devastated me. It devastated me to the point that I told God I wasn’t going to minister anymore. And the Lord told me, He said Carol, what you do for me is based on what I do for you? Haven’t I done enough?  He said you know what; you are looking at a symptom and a symptom I can heal. He said if you go after souls like I told you to you will look back and those things that were meant to be a problem will disappear. And when I got mad at the devil and made a determination in my heart that I was going to go after souls, didn’t care about my own circumstances, nine months later the doctor came to me with a doctors report of all the complications Siania was supposed to have, and then she showed me the new doctors report, and she said this is not even the same baby. And my daughter is a living miracle.  She has no signs of Downs Syndrome, she can hear in both of her ears, she’s a prayed for – 

SID:  Was she deaf before? 

CAROL:  They diagnosed her as deaf in both ears.    

SID:  And so God opened her ears? 

CAROL:  Absolutely healed; absolutely healed.  What we do as people is we focus on our problems so much that we let our problems overwhelm us and we have to understand your problems is only a place of promotion, God wants to develop you into a person, but He needs to instill integrity in you. And if a problem can get you down it can keep you from your purpose and your goal and we have to stop looking at our problems. And so God said, don’t focus on your problem.  Focus on Me. Why did My Son Jesus come into the world?  To save sinners, and if you would go after souls everything that seems to be a problem when you look back over your shoulder, it will all be healed. And when I realized that, I said, you know what?  I know how to get even with the devil; I’m going to win souls.  That’s what I’m going to do. 

SID:  Let me tell you something, it is not a matter of religion. 

CAROL:  That’s right. 

SID:  It is a matter of you were created, hear me, you that have called out there must be something more, you were created for intimacy with God, to walk with Him, and talk with Him, and be so close to Him. There was a Jewish man by the name of Enoch, and it says he walked with God and then he was no more because God had taken him.  I mean if you got to die, that’s not a bad way to die.   but if you can encounter and experience and have your own intimacy with God – please hear what I’m saying – I am not talking about the things that have turned you off – I’m talking about the only one that can turn you on.   I’m talking about the one that came and died and rose from the dead. Isaiah died and he literally rose from the dead, but he can’t change your life. This one can change your life, this one can give you purpose, this one can give you a song in your mouth, this one can give you joy no matter what’s going on in this crazy world, and it is crazy because there’s a devil running loose. But the only one that can give you – shalom – that’s what we Jewish people call it, completeness. God wants you complete.  Get to know Jesus. You don’t need theology. All you need is a heart that wants to know truth. This is your moment, don’t miss it. DO – NOT – MISS IT!  

Sid Roth welcomes Carol Reed

SID:  Hello, Sid Roth your investigative report here with Carol Reed, and a man that would become her husband, Isaiah.  Last week we found out Isaiah, you were one of the major pimps in Hawaii, making upward of twenty millions dollars a year. You had a stable of women of which Carol was one, and Carol, one of the women, one of the other prostitutes was so jealous, she stabbed you in the eye? 

CAROL:  Yes, seven days after I had my oldest son, Decat, I went into a bar and we got in an altercation and at the end of the altercation she came with her little hunting knife and stabbed me in my left eye where I lost my vision in that eye, and ah, it was really hard you know because here I, I just had a baby and now I’m going through, going back into the hospital and losing my sight, and it was just really me believing you know God was speaking to me in all these different ways. 

SID:   Yes Carol, well – now, I don’t think back then you knew diddly what was going on. 

CAROL:  No, I didn’t know anything. 

SID:  Now Isaiah, you in the meantime have a radical experience with God but you did wrong and you have to pay the price, you go to prison and from prison, you call Carol who is now out of Hawaii, you call Carol to marry you?  Why? 

ISAIAH:  Well, when I got saved of course I had a father in the Lord, and started getting discipleship in prison.  And like you say, I had to pay for my crimes that really was a mandatory twenty, but I only did five years. So the pastor said that Carol would be my wife and I said well, she’s not saved, you know she had all these issues as I went for a Godly woman. And the pastor said this is a word of the Lord.  So I waited five years, and the day that I was getting out of prison, getting processed out by the grace of God, the Lord spoke to me and said, call Carol now.  And I said, well Lord, I don’t have a cell phone in this cell. He said, call her now. So the long and short of it is a guard took me to the guard shack and let me make a long-distance call and I called her in California and asked her to marry me and she said yes, in the midst of all of her confusion. 

SID:  Now Carol, what was going on in your life when Isaiah calls you out of the blue? 

CAROL:  Well, this was right after my father killed the young man so I was in a lot of turmoil, I was very suicidal, I had two children, I was sitting that night, I’ll never forget, it was two-thirty in the morning and I was debating how I could kill me and my kids. And I heard – 

SID:  For real? 

CAROL:  I was going to kill us.  I was tired of living.  I remember I was screaming out to the Lord and I told Him how can You allow me to stay in my mess?  And I heard the Lord tell me, you know you got it right.  You’re in it, because I’ve always been at the door.  I’ve just waited for you to knock and then He told me, you can’t leave here until you do what I say.  So you might as well get comfortable, and as soon as I heard that – it was two-thirty in the morning and the phone rang, and it was Isaiah calling on the phone saying I have one minute and one question, “Will you marry me?” And immediately I said yes. But the funny thing that happened, after that as soon as I hung up the phone I heard a voice say, he doesn’t want you, he just wants those kids. And I said okay, fine. Well now I don’t have to kill the kids I can just kill myself. I’ll take him his sons, and when I finish taking him his sons, I go on and kill myself.  And so the pastor found out that he’d asked me to marry him and so they volunteered to pay for me to come to Hawaii with my kids. I only came there to get rid of the children and then go kill myself. 

SID:  But along the way, you went into a church.  Why? 

CAROL:  I went in the church to make a mockery of God.   I had no desire to get saved.  I had a twenty-dollar rock of cocaine in my purse. I was going to just go in there and make a mockery of his God he said he had found and I was going to go back out and do my thing. And low and behold when I walked in the church praise and worship was going and I don’t remember what was preached but I knew that I had reached the place that I was looking for, I just didn’t know that was what I was looking for. And I ended up at that altar, and within a minute, within less than a minute, within a second, God came, and the Holy Spirit just baptized me in the Holy Spirit and I was delivered of everything, low self-esteem, lesbianism, drug addiction, smoking cigarettes, lying – 

SID:  Instantly! 

CAROL:  Instantly.  Within less than a second I was delivered.  When I got up I actually had to look down at myself to see who I was. Because it was like I had came out of a bad dream. 

SID:  Now Isaiah, when she told you what happened to her, what went on inside of you? 

ISAIAH:  Well, when I first saw her and you know I picked her up at the airport like she said, she was still dressed up, we call it “hoochy mama” she had on everything showing, and so I says man, God missed it.  You know here I am I had been saved five years and so I had this religious kind of a mind. I was really embarrassed. And like she said she ended up at church in front of all my Christian peers. And I said now they’re going to think I’m full of lust because look who I desire to marry. And so the Holy Spirit started dealing with me in the service saying, you can believe I can save you but you can’t believe I can save her after all you’ve been through. And so I just closed my eyes and just trusted God, I didn’t know she was going to get saved that night but I really was kind of repenting that I would stop being religious. And sure enough, I mean she got gloriously saved and baptized in front of the whole church congregation –   

SID:  Question?  God began speaking to you about him and about your life.  Tell me about that? 

CAROL:  Yes, when I received the Lord, I knew that it was a touch from God, there was no denying that it was God, but I still did not trust Isaiah the man. And so I told him I don’t know about you but that night I had a dream, a vision, and the Lord showed me and Isaiah walking from, on a pulpit, him walking from one side and me walking from the other, and when we reached the pulpit a Bible opened up and a dove flew out, and He said I ordain this in the name of the Lord.  Go ye therefore. And then I knew I was supposed to marry Isaiah. And that next week at the testimony service I told them not only am I going to stay here, but I’m going to be your wife. 

SID:  Let me tell you something, if you don’t feel the presence of God, the spirit, the Shekinah glory of God – you need to have an encounter with God through His Son Jesus.  We’re going to come back and we’re going to find out – you literally went into a masque and the spirit of God invaded that place?  Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.