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Our Guest Donner Roberson


Sid: My guest her name is Donner Roberson and I’m speaking to her in her home in Tulsa Oklahoma.  You may be familiar with her brother who has been a guest a number of times on Messianic Vision Pastor Dave Roberson and he wrote a book that if you haven’t read you better read it it’s called “The Walk of the Spirit, the Walk of Power.”  And Dave literally as a new believer decided he would put in just like a work day he put in eight hours a day praying in tongues and I’ll tell you this man now walks in the Spirit.  And people that have read his book have finally understood the value of praying in tongues and it just supernaturally creates a desire for people to do it and shows you exactly what your accomplishing.  I can tell you testimonies of people that have gotten a hold of this book and they thought there was no ministry for them, they just thought they were going a regular person and God opened up such supernatural ministries as a result of it. But Donner it is hard to believe but you were literally one of the youngest prostitutes in America.  Tell me a bit about your family growing up.

Donner: Well, we came from a broken home Sid my Mom out of fear began drinking and she became an alcoholic at a very young age and we lived in farm labor camps I guess where migrant workers lived and traveled from here to there and crops.  And we lived usually in well a lot of times in just a one room shack kind of and all of us slept in the same bed.  And we had no bathroom or anything in our home.  But when she was drinking and stuff the fear would come and men would come and we’d get, well I got molested many times but by the time I was four she sold me to some people that couldn’t have children for $200.

Sid: My goodness, did you…of course your four years old but you still must have comprehended or did you comprehend what was going on?

Donner:  Well, I just knew that I couldn’t see my brothers and sisters and I’d cry and cry for them and my Uncle Leon he couldn’t stand it anymore they said and so they come and stole me back.  And then he hid me at his brother’s house which is my Uncle Fabian and that’s how I found out how much it cost because the lady came banging on the door saying “I want her back I paid 200 good dollars for her.

Sid: And then on your 6th Birthday your grandfather decided to take care of you, what happened?

Donner:   Well, again Mom got in a situation where she had no money, no food and we were eating literally out of garbage cans and it was just a really hard time so my Grandfather came, which is my Mom’s Dad and he got us and he got us.  And he got us a big box of groceries, chicken and all of that stuff and I thought he did it just for my Birthday and so he immediately became my hero.  And by December that was in November and by December he began molesting me; I was devastated because he really was the Apple of my eye.      

Sid: And he by about the age of ten you were starting to react to all of this stuff that was happening to you and you were actually getting kind of mean and how did he try to control you?

Donner:  Well with Grandpa it could be several different ways I mean he was forever yelling at us and telling us how dumb we were.  It was so hard even on my oldest brother that way, but Dave when he would kick you, he’d walk by and kick you and call you lazy and stupid and he had a little hand plows and we used to work in the field with hand plows and different things. But if you really got out of control he would threaten to put you in an orphanage and/or he would kill your favorite pet because we lived on a farm.

Sid: No wonder when you were fifteen you met the love of your life but it didn’t work out that way, tell me about it.

Donner: No it didn’t work out I was trying to escape and when you’re trying to escape something and you don’t know the Lord you make really bad decisions and since I was taught that basically I was told I would never be able to wear a wedding dress or anything like that I was kind of a shame already I didn’t feel like it mattered what I did and so when I got pregnant he ran out.  And it was extremely difficult because he was half Filipino and my Mom was more angry that he was half Filipino than the fact that I got pregnant before I was married so then it was just escalated from bad to worse.

Sid: Well they really, your mother really didn’t want you to carry the baby I mean did she really start hitting you in your stomach to kill the baby?

Donner:   Well, first of all she tried sending out people from an orphanage to intimidate me to give him up and then at early stages she tried to talk me into getting an abortion and I wouldn’t do that either.  I was very stubborn and then when I was eight months pregnant that was about when Kennedy got assassinated Mom was drinking and she tried to hit me in the stomach.  She said that “It should have been me or my bastard child that died, not the Kennedy.  And I was devastated to the point that they almost me when I did have him because I was in shock and trauma and my mom and them wouldn’t stay with me even during the labor; they just dropped me off at the hospital and left me.

Sid: Donner as I’m hearing how you were raised human’s must have a lot of survival instinct you shouldn’t have even made it to but of course by sixteen you decided you have got the solution, you got married and you would live happily ever after but that is not the way the script read did it.

Donner: No, he was angry himself and he never could accept my son you know he just couldn’t and he would get very physically and mentally abusive and so that marriage only lasted two years and produced one more child.

Sid: So now your a single parent two children not much going for you so you do what a lot of people do you got into drugs.  And in fact someone slipped an LSD on you and what affect did it have?

Donner:  I thought that I was going to die to be honest with you I had hallucinations.   I dreamed a friend of mine, I didn’t dream I hallucinated I guess that a friend of mine that had died called me on the telephone and my hair was down to my waist in those days, I saw black widows in my  hair and I almost pulled all my hair out.  I quit driving for a year because I kept thinking people were jumping out in front of me and it was a very trying time.

Sid: But then why did you get into witchcraft?

Donner: Well, when I was a child I had a lot of prophetic dreams, you know my younger brother when I was in the third grad I dreamed he went to war with an Asian type people but I didn’t know being that young I didn’t know who.  And when he was eighteen he was off to Vietnam but this intimidated and scared some of my relatives; one uncle in particular.  And so he would accuse me of being a witch and I think that’s how I slipped into it because it would put fear into him and then he wouldn’t hit you or anything, you could make him run.  So that’s how I learned to intimidate.

Sid: Now did you get pretty deep into witchcraft?

Donner: Yes, I did.

Sid: And what was your purpose, what was your objective?

Donner:  It was self preservation, I didn’t want people to hurt me anymore.

Sid: But what about the reverse, we’re you trying to get back at people through your hexes and things?

Donner: Some there was some I really tried and I was doing well with it I mean things were happening to those people I could unleash demons and they could go do things to them.  And then I targeted Christians even because they would come up judgmental judging because my Mom drank the way she had and they were you know not very kind people so I would pray against Christians too.  And when they would try to preach I’d even sick my dog on them, which weighed about 100 and something pounds.

Sid: My goodness things were going from bad to worse with you and your behavior became pretty violent.

Donner: Yeah, I was…unfortunately I can honestly say I used to really put fear in people.  I could terrify some of the best.

Sid:  You actually shot at people and stabbed people.

Donner: I never stabbed anyone I cut them with a glass which is the same thing, I mean I made them bleed,but it was when they wouldn’t leave me alone or anything and I’d tell them to take their hands off of me and he did not it.  So I hit him with a…  I was in a bar and I hit him with half a glass of beer and I cut him their eyebrow and on down to their cheek.

Sid: Did you see much purpose in living?

Donner:  No except to raise my children and I tried not to do a lot of things in front of them but I was still pretty volatile.

Sid: I tell you what Mishpochah we’re going to pick up here right at this point on tomorrow broadcast with Donner but this is such a miraculous, miraculous deliverance.  And one of the reasons she got free is she learned of the value of praying in unknown tongues.  And then a few years later she was reunited with her brother Dave Roberson who as you know wrote the book “The Walk of the Spirit” and the Walk of Power.”  And this book explained what she was doing in her life but there are ministries waiting for some of you right now…I know people and in fact Donner was telling me before we went on the air people that have been set free from so many things by praying long hours in the Holy Spirit…

Our Guests Don & Mary Jo Pennington


Sid: What happens if your granddaughter is frolicking, swimming, just 4 ½ years of age in your backyard swimming pool and the grandmother goes up the sliding board to slide down and doesn’t even realize that her granddaughter is following up right behind her and she had a knee problem, the grandmother, and so she falls and hit’s her granddaughter and her granddaughter goes flying off.  Remember now this is 9 feet up in the air on the bottom is just cement, and she falls and I have the Grandmother on the telephone, her name is Mary Jo, or her family calls her Ma Jo Pennington.  I’m speaking to her at that same home in Brandon, Florida. Ma Jo that had to be the biggest nightmare of your life, but as your husband explained yesterday she was supernaturally caught up by these big angels and didn’t even fall normal and just had a tiny scratch that a bandage took care of.  But she should have been dead and then and you didn’t know this but then when your granddaughter got on the telephone with her mother what did she tell your daughter?

Mary Jo: Her mother?  She said “She heard God yell, save the children, catch Victoria” and 6 big, big, big angles caught her and zoom took her up to Heaven.  She told us the color of their hair, they have different colors of hair; she described the angels.  And about the time that she was describing the angels and one had pale orange hair, one had red hair, one had light purple hair that was kind of blue and one would shine bright and one was golden.  The phone rang and her mother said “Ask her if she saw God?”  Well, I hadn’t even thought of that, I said “Victoria, did you see God?”  She said “Ah, hah” and I said “What was He doing?”  She said “Him was writing in a book, actually two really old phone books.”  And so then I asked her what God looked like.  And she said “Really shiny, bright shine, His hair was shine white in all colors and His robe was white and shiny.” And I asked her if God said anything to her.  Now these things are out of sequence because latter we can tell you the whole story, but she told me right then at that moment she said “Him didn’t talk, Him didn’t say.” Him say without talking always do what He say,” He said “Always do what I saw with His hands on my face.”  (Laughing)

Sid: Now again she’s using, she’s quoting the exact words of her granddaughter who was 4½ years.

Mary Jo: She doesn’t say that now, but she’s just like that.

Sid: Right, now did she tell you that she was afraid by this experience?

Mary Jo: She said she was scared when she first went in there, but when she was on God’s lap she wasn’t scared anymore.

Sid: She actually sat on His lap?

Mary Jo: Yes, she did.

Sid: My goodness, what a call on her life. We’ll go into later on this week the things that are going on in her life and the things that she knows.  But you wrote this book and where’d the title come from “Six Big, Big, Big Angels.”

Mary Jo: Yes, because the first thing she said was, “Six Big, big, big angels caught me and zoom took me right up to Heaven.”

Sid: What do you believe God wants to accomplish through this book?

Mary Jo: Oh there’s so many messages to people from this book and we haven’t even gotten into any of if yet but she spent a lot of time at the Baby Place and she saw the little tiny tiny babies all over the place.  

Sid:   Well, what’s the baby, this is in Heaven, what’s the Baby Place?

Mary Jo:   The Baby Place, the first Baby Place she went to was a huge beautiful building and she said “There were babies in front of her, babies over here on the left of her, little tiny babies on the right of her, babies behind her.  She said “Babies everywhere maybe sixty.  She said, “Jesus, He fixed them there, this is where the babies were first brought, the little tiny ones that she could hold in her hand.”

Sid: Now assume you talking about aborted babies, and her 4 ½ year old vocabulary, well how did she describe this whole thing in her words?

Mary Jo: Well, when she finally did tell me exactly what these babies were she said “You remember that first little tiny baby I held in my hands Ma Jo Lynn” because she gave her a name.  I said “Yes.” Her was squeezed out of her Mom’s pully pop before her was big enough to live”

Sid: So she was…she really doesn’t understand what was going on but she could describe this.

Mary Jo: Yes.   

Sid: Tell me more about these babies.

Mary Jo:   Well, these babies are fixed by Jesus over in the big baby place. While they’re there this is when she started telling us about television and Heaven.  When they’re first fixed and made whole they are given a brain, they can understand and see and hear and talk immediately after Jesus and the angels fix them.  They are trained right from that moment forward before they’re given…before they go over to the beautiful room that I’ll tell you about later. They are trained by seeing something much like a movie or much like TV but it comes out and it’s real.  I would suggest maybe it looks like hologram but they are taught about Jesus from before His birth when Mary is spoken to by Gabriel until His whole life.  They see, they love Him, they are taught to praise and worship Him as the shepherds come.

Sid: You know your book has something in it that is so helpful for anyone that has been part of an abortion, and has been traumatized, or just stuffed it.  Tell me some of the insights that would be helpful.

Mary Jo:  Well, when she told me about these babies and I can tell you more tomorrow about them personally because I know some of them, but I asked her after she told me.

Sid: What do you mean, you know some of them?

Mary Jo:  One of them was the grandchild of some friends of ours and they had just told me about her about two or three days before Victoria fell, and she talked to her there and she gave her her name.  And she said “Her lived with Uncle Tommy.”

Sid: And did she know that the baby had died?

Mary Jo: No, she didn’t know about that.

Sid: My goodness that had to be pretty conclusive evidence to you.

Mary Jo: It was a shock, I’ll tell you my heart almost stopped beating. She told me that the baby was sad for a little bit and she whispered a secret to her and it was many months before she told me what the secret was.  But she actually gave that baby her own name and we call her little Victoria. This child is growing up in Heaven and she Victoria sees her often and tells me you know about her birthday party and different things.

Sid: What do these, not this particular one but what does these aborted babies think about their parents?

Mary Jo:  Well, I asked her, I said “Victoria do the babies hold it against their mothers for giving them up?  And she said “Oh Ma Jo the mommy’s never give up the babies they will always love the babies and the babies will always love the mommy’s.

Sid: And one of the things I want to explain to you is that Victoria the granddaughter who at the time that this first occurred was 4 ½ years of age, keeps having these visitations to Heaven. I mean do you know how many she’s had?

Mary Jo: Oh no we could never keep up with it, I suspect well she can just lay in bed at night and as we’re saying prayers and she opens her eyes and can see God.  And she can often see Him that way and her mother says “How can you play, how do you walk around and do normal things?”  She said “I just don’t look up.”

Sid: Tell me how helpful your brand new book titled “Six Big, Big, Big Angels” is for people that had abortions?

Mary Jo:  Oh my, this will help them to understand that…and it will open the wound, the hard knot of pain that’s hidden deep down inside; it will open it up and it will break their heart but then they can grieve for their baby and they can actually name it and ask God to forgive them.  And start thinking about the baby because when they think about the baby the bay knows it, the baby know, they keep up with their parents.  They keep up with their daddies and their mommies and they grandparents, they know what they’re doing and if you think about them and ask God to forgive you and ask your baby they hear you.  They have forgiven you, Jesus taught them forgiveness and the baby has forgiven the mommy but the mommy has to forgive herself and she has to be willing to let Jesus clean her out and bring her peace and her life can be made whole again.

Sid: Now, in addition to the Baby Room which has all these aborted babies, you’re getting such insight…do you have any idea why your granddaughter was selected to do this and come back and report on these things?

Mary Jo: No idea at all, I had no idea for a long long time why she saw these little babies. She saw their little teddy bears, little tiny.. their beautiful room with  flowers growing up but their animals that they play with are alive and they’re like angelic creatures, but they’re alive and they smell good and they sing to the babies. And they keep them company but they change, they can be little for the little tiny babies that fit in Victoria’s hands they can be as little as that.  And also the babies have access to a wonderful, or many wonderful kangaroos that must be angelic creatures.  And Victoria and one of the little babies went for a ride in the pouch and one of the little babies nestle down in there, the pouch smells good and it’s warm and cozy.  And I suspect that it reminds them of their mother’s womb when they were carried there.  And I think that’s for their own healing and recovery of their little heart because when they…

Sid: Now, some of things that you are saying sound to the people that are listening so outrageous, but one of the reasons that I’, interviewing you is little Victoria saw so many things that she had no way of knowing that are right out of the Bible.

Mary Jo: Absolutely.

Sid: The other things the Bible doesn’t comment on and I find this interesting.

Our Guest Steve Hill


Sid: I have to tell you on yesterday’s broadcast Steve Hill was sharing how God took him out of the deathbed. He was in fact, Steve what did the Hospice workers say to you just before you said “Enough is enough?”

Steve: No they were just doing their job okay and I’m real careful about using name of organizations, but that’s fine, the bottom line is that it was over alright they’d been there done that and they knew.

Sid: How much time did they say that you could live?

Steve: Just a few days

Sid: That’s what I thought. You know there’s something about even though you had been prayed for by the best, even though you had prayed for all you were worth, even though you’ve seen 100’s of 1000’s of miracles of people with cancer, people on their deathbed, but there was something about you reached a point and you said “I’m going off of all medications, all of the radiation, and the chemo and all of these things.” It took you months to get that out of your system. It was gradual you explain that, but how does a doctor explain you have the amount of energy you have right now?

Steve: Let me tell you what I prayed to the Lord and some people that are listening you think I’m super spiritual “I am extremely spiritual but during this time I was not having two and three hour devotions with the Lord.  I couldn’t even, I couldn’t read the Bible, I couldn’t understand television, I called my wife if you were listening to yesterday’s broadcast I called her George.  And her name is Jerry.  And I was gone and so I prayed a prayer Sid I said “Jesus” it doesn’t look good, if you let me live I’ll tell You what I’m going to do I will win another million people to you; now Lord if I die I’m with You and that’s really to die is gain the Bible says Jesus.”  And I was just talking to Him He was just, Jesus in me alone.  And friend listener, you got to get to a place where it’s you and Jesus alone where it doesn’t it not somebody else interpreting everything you’re talking to Jesus.  And I said, “If You let me live” and He knew I wasn’t talking about a million more you know choir members. He knew I was talking about radical, radical evangelism that I’d win people to Him that have never ever known the Lord.  And that’s what we’re doing.

Sid: Okay, you have the energy level that you have I know few people that can do what you’re doing right now. God obviously took you up on that and you’ve got your work cut out for you are you’re going to make a million Steve Hill’s; that’s what I believe God wants you to do.  And so Steve the reason I contacted you is I heard about the open vision; tell me about it.

Steve: Just a few weeks ago I was sitting in my living room all alone and I start talking to Jesus. As I was talking to the Lord something happened that I never had happen before in my life.  He instructed me to close my eyes and He began, the only way I can say this is in modern day lingo is he downloaded a full color vision into my spirit about what’s going on in the western church, and how it’s spreading all over the world, and how I have been saved from death to help stop this avalanche of false teaching.  Let me go one step further, as we talk about this vision many that are listening and you’re going to understand this so well, “You’re going to see yourself in this vision and in the book,” Sid you are called to blowup this avalanche.  And an avalanche is piling up of snow, it can be a foot, two feet, four feet, five feet but it piles up.  And when it piles up if it’s not destroyed it’s going to come down the mountainside and kill everything in its path.  And what is happening right now so much false teaching is piling up, one on top of the other that if we don’t do something about it it’s going to come sweeping down on innocent Christians who have been listening and partaking of this candy, of this food that is actually poison and they’re going to be spiritually killed. I speak to you audience and I speak to you Sid as one whose experiencing that right now because the vision is online, it’s out there.  People are calling, people are away from God they’re asking me to forgive them, they’re asking Jesus to forgive them, they see themselves as one of those that is being destroyed by the teaching of today. I just know without a doubt that this is an open vision and I can talk about that from the Lord.

Sid: Okay, I want you to explain to me what you saw step by step.  Now I know that there is no way we can handle anything close to everything you saw in the teaching and that’s why we’re going to be offering your brand new book that’s not in the bookstores yet called “Spiritual Avalanche” and your 5 CD’s I want everyone to be mentored by Steve Hill to move in the supernatural, and the 5 CD’s are titled “Operating in the Miraculous.” So tell me about that vision Steve.

Steve: For those that are listening and I say that quite often with radio broadcasts and television, I’ve been doing radio and television like you Sid for many, many decades.  You can watch or listen but not be watching and listening. For those that are listening you will understand this word avalanche when you see the book you see the bedded predominate word; it’s going to jump out at you.  Not the spiritual but the avalanche that could kill millions, okay avalanche is what I saw.  And I’m just going to give it to you very quickly so listen, as I was sitting in my chair on my couch the Lord started giving me a full picture of a ski resort.  Now I am a skier I’m a downhill skier, my whole family is so I understood the places if you live in America like Avail Colorado, and Aspen, and some of these resorts they’re all Breckenridge there all just beautiful villages.  Swiss looking chalet’s and that’s exactly what I saw.  I saw people running around laughing having a great time and the details are all in the book and I saw so many details.  And then the Lord began to reveal to me as the people went to their homes to go sleep, went to their condos, they went to their chalets they went to their hotels the Lord showed me there was a group that was not going to the hotels and that was the avalanche patrol they were on full alert because it was about to snow.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you the thought that that’s coming to me, sounds to me like you’re describing the days of Noah; that’s what you’re describing they were marrying, they were working they were doing every…they were busy with the activities of this life and they didn’t know that that avalanche was going on.

Steve: I hope I have a couple of minutes because this is what I saw.  The ski patrol mounted helicopters, ski mobiles and then one group actually operating antitank artillery they set it up on the streets.  Now remember I’m watching this, I’ve never seen this in my life and they began going up the hill, they began sticking dynamite into the mountain.  They began blowing up the mountain from the helicopters, then they began shooting shells, massive shells from those artillery guns into the mountains and they were blowing up the avalanche knowing that in just a few hours if they didn’t do their job then skiers who had come to just enjoy life would die.  Now spiritually if we don’t do our job as prophets, evangelists, as teachers, pastors; if we don’t do our job then who is going to destroy the avalanche of false teaching that’s going to come down the hill and kill millions of people.  It’s already killing millions, I’m on the phone almost every day with young people that are saying “I’ve got to get out of here, I’ve got to get out of here.”  My own daughter Sid was taught two weeks ago that now that now that she’s a Christian she can do anything she wants, she can sin, she can go to bed with her boyfriend, she can do drugs, she can drink because she’s a Christian and she’s saved and nothing is going to separate her from God.  And I want to tell you something nothing more will separate you from God then that type of teaching because only the holy will see the Lord.

Sid: Well, again there is no way we can cover everything that’s why they’re going  to need the book.  But I can tell you that God has put in my heart even before I talked with you and saw the vision a lot of this false teaching it’s rampant.  It’s literally an avalanche right now; you can’t watch most Christian TV and listen to most Christian radio without hearing some of this teaching coming out.  Now unfortunately we’re out of time but we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

Our Guest Sean and Ayelet Steckbeck

Sid:  I can’t think of a better time to be alive; I can’t think of a better time to have intimacy with God, everything is about ready to happen. The thing that all of the prophets and all of the believers before us have been praying and fasting for this is the generation that is going to see it. The spiritual scales are literally coming off of the eyes of Jewish people; Israel is a modern day nation. The nations of the world are trying to come against Israel and destroy it, they won’t be able to because God says in Amos once He draws the Jewish people back to the land no one will ever drive them out again. Doesn’t mean there won’t be problems, but I tell you Israel is a Jewish nation getting ready to welcome the King. You and I have been given the high privilege, the high privilege of preparing the body, of promoting the kingdom of God; in order to do this the New Covenant church is deficient without the Jewish branches being grafted back into the olive tree. That’s why Paul said “Salvation has come to the Gentile” this is Romans 11:11 “to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” The call of the Gentile Christian is to reach the Jew; the call of the Jew was to reach the Gentile so that we are all equal in the Messiah. This is it.  I have on the telephone Ayelet and Sean Steckbeck. Ayelelt… they’re a perfect One New Man couple. Ayelet is sabra, a native born Israeli, Sean comes from a Gentile Christian background and the 2 have become one. We found out the amazing testimony of Ayelet where literally human agency didn’t lead her to God, Jesus Himself, the Holy Spirit, led her to know the Messiah. So she was so hungry for God she heard about a revival and she literally went to this revival for 3 months in Brownsville in around the year 2000.  She was at a meeting in which Sean, who became her husband, was… Sean was a waiter in a restaurant and a woman argued with the Holy Spirit and finally said “Okay.” So she went into the restaurant and had a word for Sean. What did she say to you?

Sean:  She came up to me and she said “I don’t know you but I was on a 40 day fast and the Lord told me to walk into this restaurant, and the young that would be my server has a call to Israel.” So she told me this, and I was like “Okay I believe in prophecy; I’ve been prophesied over before, but never anything like this.” At first I thought it was a little weird, but I said “Okay, I’m gonna test this.” She invited me over to her house. So I went over to house the next day, and I knocked on the door and there was that girl that I saw at the Israeli prayer flag that I thought she was really cute praying.

Sid:  This is Ayelet and of course, for those that didn’t hear, you had known the Messiah most of your life; you’ve walked with Him, and you hadn’t even kissed a woman before. So now you didn’t think in terms of marriage, you just thought “Well she’s a cute girl,” but then you get this prophetic word about Israel, then what happens?

Sean:  When she saw me in the door, coming to the door, the Lord told her…

Sid:  Ayelet, wait a second. Ayelet what did you hear from the Lord?

Ayelet:  I heard the Lord say “This is your husband.” It was pretty clear, but I remember my first response was “Okay I need to check this word.” [Laughing]

Sid:  [Laughing]

Ayelet:  So I didn’t tell him that until a year or so later when he already came to Israel to propose.

Sid:  Well Sean what took you so long? [Laughing]

Sean and Ayelet:  [Laughing]

Sean:  Well I wasn’t, you know, I’d just been going after God my whole life and you know I wanted to just test this word. She gave me Hebrew lessons, and she began to be my Hebrew teacher because she said she believed in my call to Israel. In one of the prayer meetings she laid hands on me and prayed the Aaronic Benediction and anointed my right ear lobe, my right thumb, and my right toe like they did to the Aaronic priest, and I felt like it was like a hot liquid fire coming from the top of my head to the soul of my feet. I really felt like the Lord confirmed that I was called to Israel right then and there. Then she left, and I never told her I loved her, and she never told me she loved me, but we kept in touch as friends. Until a year later after I met her, I had already graduated the school. I worked a job in the factory, and I called her up and I said “Ayelet would you like to take our relationship further?”  She said “I’ve been praying for the Lord to give you the guts to ask me that, but there is only one thing you need to know. I am not called to live in America, I’m called to live in Israel.”

Sid: [Laughing]

Sean:  “If you want to marry me, if in condition that you live in Israel and you have to check it out before you even make that decision.” So six months later I saved up and came to Israel stayed there for a couple of months and there I proposed. We came back to America, we got married because a Jewish person is not allowed to marry a Gentile in Israel. So then we came back to Israel to serve God.

Sid:  Now before we find out the exciting thing God has for both of you doing in Israel, and to me it’s high adventure. I want to hear a little bit in reference to when Ayelet you were taken up in the spirit and you saw the Holy of Holies, and the Ark of the Covenant. What did you see in the Ark of the Covenant?

Ayelet:  That was when I just got saved and I was still, you know, just came out of the Orthodox teachings. My question before I saw that was “If I didn’t receive the teachings of the rabbis as the Torah, the oral Torah, how can I accept the New Testament as Torah?” Then the Lord took me in the Spirit into the Holy of Holies and when the Ark of the Covenant opened up I saw the Tenach, the Old Testament, and the Brit Hadashah, the New Testament. So it settled in my Spirit that was divine from God.

Sid:  Tell me about, obviously your parents are Jewish, and I didn’t realize it, is your whole family from Brazil?

Ayelet:  My dad is from Brazil he was raised in Brazil.

Sid:  He had a serious heart problem, what happened?

Ayelet:  Right. He had, not this Rosh Hashanah, but the Rosh Hashanah before in the Jewish New Year. They took him to the hospital with his arteries clogged, but they couldn’t treat him through the holidays so he had to wait in the hospital. So we went… Sean and I we went to pray for him, we laid our hands on his heart and we prayed, of course in Yeshua’s name. The next day when they took the video camera to check his arteries, all his arteries were completely open, more than a few years ago when he had the same condition.

Sid:  Two weeks after what happened?

Ayelet:  He prayed to accept Yeshua, and he loves Yeshua, yeah.

Sid:  Now Sean, tell me a bit about what you 2 do in Israel.

Sean:  We do evangelism, first of all we were youth leaders in Tel Aviv for 2 years; helped raise up a youth group there, and helped raise up its leaders and release them. Train up the Israeli’s in the power of God, native born, indigenous, sabra, Hebrew speaking Israelis. We really strongly believe now is the time to see Hebrew speaking Israeli’s come to the faith.

Sid:  Okay, are you seeing… of course you haven’t been there that long, but I can tell you it’s highly unusual for an Israeli to come to the Lord every week. I’m told in some congregations this is what’s going on.

Sean:  Yes in our home congregation where we were youth leaders, we had in the last 3 years we’ve had an Israeli native born, Hebrew speaking come to Yeshua every single week. This is absolutely outstanding because before 3 years ago this was unheard of, and that is one of the reasons we really see a need to disciple these indigenous Israelis and see them start winning people to the Lord, them start being used in the power of God praying for the sick and seeing words of knowledge, and words of wisdom, and healing. We really believe that now is the time to release the indigenous Israelis because now we are beginning to see them come in at such a level that we believe it’s important for them to be the leaders.

Sid:  Now I understand you have a unique gift, that when you speak many times the prophetic starts operating on the people listening, explain.

Sean:  This is actually… well I’ve always believed in the prophetic, and we talk a lot about Israel in the churches when we come to America. Just recently this past time, I don’t know what happened, it just started happening but I started getting lots of words of knowledge and just started calling them out. We are beginning to see healing come with those words of knowledge. To me it’s been kind of an adventure because it was something I wasn’t used to. It’s been like…

Sid:  Tell me one thing you’ve seen from a word of knowledge.

Sean:  I just tell you what happened in a church I had spoken in Tampa. There was a church that had invited me to speak in Tampa about Israel, and afterwards that invited me to give them… help with something that is called a Prophetic Presbytery, a room where everyone gets together and starts prophesying over people.  I was with a team of 4, and every single person that came in everybody had prophetic words, but for some reason the Holy Spirit gave me words of knowledge. One person I got a word of knowledge for him, and I said “You have a shoulder problem” and he said “Yeah.” I said “The Lord is healing that right now” and I laid hands on him. He turned as red a tomato, I’ve never seen anything like it his face was like plum red. He started heating up and taking off his clothes. It happened to be that he had a bus hit him, and the doctors had to take muscles out of his shoulder.

Sid:  Bottom line, was he healed?

Sean:  The Holy Spirit restored muscles in his shoulder.

Sid:  Okay, we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.