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Our Guest Dave Roberson


Sid:  We found out all of this week that Dave Roberson pastor of Prayer Center Family in Tulsa, Oklahoma really had a lot of strikes against him as a child.  His mother was an alcoholic, his father was in prison, he had many fathers over the years. His grandfather would remind him of his son in law and he would say “You’re no good, you’re not going to mount to anything.” So he got born again and he got filled with the Spirit and he prayed in tongues and he still couldn’t get a ceiling on his life he couldn’t get beyond that ceiling. And he found by persevering and praying in unknown tongues it opened up a door a level of supernatural restoration super natural peace that has changed his life. Now there are many people listening to us right now that are born again and you have actually asked Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit but you’ve never spoken in tongues so you just figure “Well maybe it isn’t for you.” Dave will you help those people get from point A to point B?

Dave: Yes and I can guarantee you one thing this is for you. It’s one of the most precious gifts that heaven has given for your edification and the building of you up in God. And when a person does pray in tongues it is actually the Holy Spirit taking the person lives of God and plan of God for your life for your person life. And praying and creating it to be prayed through you so that you can have the benefit of God plan being revealed in your own person life.  I mean this is all some of the things praying in tongues gets. First of all it is for you and I can help you. Nicodemus probably…he probably was on the Sanhedrim court and was a Judge in Israel and he asked Jesus about entering the Kingdom. And Jesus said “You must be born again to enter the Kingdom.” He didn’t understand that statement about being born again. So Jesus explain He said “The wind blows where it lifted you hear the sound wherever it comes or goes. So is every man that is born of the Spirit.” Well that word wind there is translated as breath that God breathed into Adam he became a living soul that spirit man he breathed into. Well what he was saying to Nicodemus was the Holy Spirit is going to breathe that new nature the very life of God into you when you ask and you’ll be born again.  Well that happened to your spirit, being born again happened to your human spirit.  You’re a person, the Holy Spirit is a person of God.  He’s one person of God you are a person and being born again happened to your human spirit as the Holy Spirit was there to do the work. Now for you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit this precious third person of the Godhead literally steps into your spirit in baptism begins to reside there in presence. And the first thing He wants to do when He arrives when He steps in now remember you’re one person He’s another He’s the precious Spirit of God. Being born again happened to your human spirit but when you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the third person of the Godhead the precious precious precious Spirit of God.  The first thing He wants to do for you is pray and He’s got within Himself the entire plan of God for your personal life because He was with the Father when the Father planned that for you. So he’s got God’s plan for you He’s got the understanding of who Christ is in you with Him.  And He wants to pray that through you so that’s what this supernatural language of tongues is all about. Now the moment that He steps in what He will do is He will begin to create that supernatural language on the inside of your spirit. When He does simultaneous as He creates it in your spirit He will want to complete the circuit of prayer from the realms of the spirit to the natural world that you walk in.  He does that through your tongue so the moment He creates the supernatural language in your spirit your tongue begins to shape and form the language He’s speaking in your spirit. Now if there happens to be some kind of stronghold tapped into your soul that tries to block that language from making it from your spirit out our tongue into this natural world then there’s some things you can do. Because when you pray He is going to come and baptize you and He’s going to begin and create that language in your spirit. That’s what He does in baptism. But I run into people who have been taught against it who had a stronghold built up in their mind and their emotion. So when the Holy Spirit would try to make that journey so that their tongue would begin to create the shape and form the words that He was creating in them to make that journey. That he would run into that block that stronghold and they could not feel those tongues coming up.  And this is what I have found I have found that if I can take a person like this if this is your problem and you go somewhere with somebody who knows how to worship and put a worship tape on and then just begin to worship God and you’ll just step over to Him.  Because what worship does it causes God to come trying to enter baptism of your senses kind of a presence that will come upon you that will so submerge your senses that in the anointing that you will have the special presence of the Holy Spirit working on the outside of you on your senses. And then you’ll have the precious presence of the Holy Spirit rising up on the inside of you. And I have found out that sometimes when you get a person to yield over in worship and worship Him for awhile until He’s presence begins to come.  And then stops and begins to thank Him for that supernatural language and then yield themselves over I’ve seen many many people get passed those strongholds and those blocks by returning to worship and then yielding themselves to the Spirit and waiting for their tongue to begin to shape those words for them to speak out. If it doesn’t happen that time then go back and worship Him and thank Him for it again and glorify His holy name.

Sid: And I’ve found people Dave that when even when they don’t even feel a word on their tongue if they’ll just by faith start speaking a language they’ve never been taught the whole thing will come out.

Dave: Yes that’s absolutely true Sid and at times I would…people have broke out and spoke with tongues when I’ve ministered to them like that just like you’ve said.

Sid: Would you do that right now?

Dave: Yes all you have to do to receive the Holy Spirit my friend is that if you’re listening to my voice it’s just get ready to receive Him by agreeing with me in the prayer that I’m going to pray for you now. In fact if you can repeat after me just repeat this prayer after me and the Holy Spirit will step into you and create this language it will come up to your tongue if you will open your mouth and begin to speak out with me He will begin to speak out with you.  So right now right now let’s bring it this far just get ready to repeat after me this is not a law or anything this is just receiving you.  Say “Oh heavenly Father.

Sid: Oh heavenly Father.

Dave: In the precious Name of Jesus

Sid:  In the precious Name of Jesus

Dave: I want to receive your Holy Spirit

Sid: I want to receive your Holy Spirit

Dave: Oh I ask you to fill me now

Sid: Oh I ask you to fill me now

Dave: I receive Him now by faith

Sid: I receive Him now by faith

Dave: Thank You Holy Spirit

Sid: Thank You Holy Spirit

Dave: For creating that language of tongues in my spirit

Sid: For creating that language of tongues in my spirit

Dave: I am going to begin to speak them out at this moment.

Sid: I am going to begin to speak them out at this moment.

Dave: Now begin to speak them out with me.

Sid: Now begin to speak them out with me.

Dave:  Now for you who are listening for the sake of getting these people we’re teaching on this gift now therefore we’re not speaking in tongues out of order over the air. We are teaching on it and people are receiving so begin to speak with me now.  (Dave and Sid speaking in prayer language)….See Sid has one tongue I have another it gives you a language for your own person life…(speaking on tongues) And if you didn’t receive at that moment I’m going to worship God for a moment just worship Him with me just Him with me.  Oh Heavenly Father I glorify You and I worship you I magnify You, I lift you up and exalt You with…I thank You for Your presence and I thank You for being filled with the Holy Spirit. And I am going to yield myself and speak in that language now…(speaking on tongues) Father anoint them to speak in this language bring them forward in them now….for you whose just joined us on the air many are receiving the Holy Spirit we are not speaking in tongues over the air out of order we’re teaching on this gift and people are receiving. So continue to pray…..

Sid: Dave I feel like we are so worshipping God in our prayer right now we’re telling Him how much we love Him we’re praising God well but we’re out of time Mishpochah.

Our Guest Dave Roberson


Sid: I’m speaking to my friend Dave Roberson he’s Pastor of Prayer Center Family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re talking about his series called “Removing the Ceiling.” And there’s something going on this week on this show Dave where you were talking about weeping that just came upon you and you just ministered to a group of pastors that came upon them and then they went to their churches and it came upon them. And then you were talking about a supernatural peace that comes upon us when we’re praying in tongues for a long enough period of time. Tell me about a bit about this peace this is so intriguing because the world is talking peace in the Middle East, the world is talking “What are we going to do about these AIDS viruses their mutating and that there’s no cures for them? And what are we going to do about the biological warfare.  What are we going to do about the shortages of blood of the shortages of water, the shortages of food on this earth?”  And the Bible itself talks about it the spirit of the last days which we are in is the spirit of fear. So when you talk about peace that’s got to be what everyone is looking for. But not just a positive confession of peace I mean living in a tangible presence of God’s peace tell me about that.

Dave: (Laughing) Well Sid you know it I didn’t even know it was what I was looking for because each time that I would make some level of peace you know something I’d make another level of peace and I’d find out “Oh goodness I didn’t really believe that it could be this way.” And the peace and as you said “God is love and perfect love casts out fear and it has not been perfected in love that is tormented in fear.” So if a person is perfected in that love and the absence of torment and fear you’ll have peace. But I’ve found the strongest key in my life from bringing me from torment and intimidation and failure and ceilings on my life of bad habits all kinds of things. That one of the strongest keys that I fell into quite by accident was praying in tongues. And praying in tongues begin an edification process in me that started building me up above the strongholds and the feelings that was robbing me of my peace. And sometimes of somebody who went through a second marriage and two a second marriage and the husband begins to do something that reminds her of her first husband and causes a stronghold to come forward and sabotages her life. Those are the kind of things that He will displace by absolutely destroying the root of them through edification and replacing them with peace.  And when the peace of that strength comes then those programs from those strongholds will no longer control any part of your actions.  And that strong peace begins to come.

Sid: That’s what happened in your life I mean you were sabotaged as a child.But not just a positive confession of peace I mean living in a tangible presence of God’s peace tell me about that.

Dave: Yeah.

Sid: With an alcoholic mother a father in prison and different fathers and grandfather that literally was curing you because you reminded you of your father who was upset over. I mean with all of the handicaps that you had unless God did something supernaturally I don’t think you could have overcome them.

Dave: (Laughing) And I was even born again and the holiness church thank God.

Sid: And Spirit filled.

Dave: And Spirit filled.

Sid: And speaking in tongues.

Dave: And I spoke with tongues and so if all of that of it was just possible by…

Sid: And you went to church every Sunday.

Dave: And I went to church and if it were just by merit of baptism of the Holy Spirit alone or salvation alone then I would have had it all. But I found out there was something I could do and so I began to pray and He began to edify me and build me out of those things. I was just in Brazil after this anointing to weep came upon me when He washed me and brought me to even a greater level of peace. And I’m in Brazil with an interpreter a language barrier had about 1700 preachers in the meeting. And I got up through the interpreter they didn’t know what happened to me I had given no testimony it was the first 15 minutes of the first service. I’d just got up and started talking about the love of God. They begin to breakdown those preachers and weep and weep and weep and weep. So finally under this anointing I said to them I said “Everybody with tears running down your cheeks come to the front and 100’s and 100’s stormed up to the front and broke down sobbing and crying on the floor.”  And I said “Father what are You doing?” Because it was still so new to me “What are You doing?” And He said “I’m washing them, I’m washing them of strongholds.” And yesterday at the end of the program and I broke down for a minute and just had to pray for people’s peace because all of those preachers were lying on the floor in front of it and I said “Lord what is this?”  And this is the same thing that went out yesterday over the air and set people free.  I said “What is this?” And He said “This is my grace the sower overtakes the reaper.” He said, “Son it took you 28 years to get here but you can sow this into people’s lives through teaching in just a few short years and they can overtake your harvest because it’s not by our works, it’s nothing we can do to earn it.  It’s simply when we can simply receive it whether that’s through fasting or prayer or me 28 years of exploring wrong trails only to come back and get on the right one.  Because you can’t get into error if you keep praying in tongues cause it activates you teacher by revealing the mysteries of Christ in you.  So I’ve had all of those years of going down some wrong trails for a short way and coming back and now I can teach you and save you a lot of time. And I can sow into your life in just a short time in one tape series in certain areas of your life like the one that you’re offering in this program.

Sid: Well I got this as a gift and I started listening to it and that’s where we get many of our guests and many of our tools. I listen to some and I saw “Wow this is really benefiting me!  I want to help other people.” You know there are people listening to us Dave that have never prayed in unknown tongues. And then there’s others listening to us that have but just don’t do it anymore. On tomorrow’s broadcast would you lead us and teach us just a little and lead us into how to pray in unknown tongues if there are people that have never done this?

Dave: I’d be glad to.

Sid: And but there are people listening to us now that do pray in tongues and they just stop doing it why have they stopped?

Dave: I understand that too because I had to overcome all of that I can teach on it hallelujah.

Sid: Why have they stopped?

Dave: Well the flesh isn’t always negative sometimes the flesh feeds lust and desire and things like the love of money improperly.  And so when we love something more than God then eventually you’ll make a move to move up above it and when it does it causes a war in the person’s soul.  And then at that point they’ll either fall out of praying in tongues or they will punch through and let Him show them what is dying in their life. And He’ll give them faith to move that out of their lives.  So usually it has to do with the flesh.

Sid: Isn’t it important to pray in tongues our loud or is it just as valuable if you pray in tongues and no one hears you?

Dave: It’s just as valuable to pray and no one hears you because he said “If there be no interpreter let him speak to himself and God. The fact that he’s speaking it’s not bothering anyone around him. So that means he’s doing it quietly enough he’s not bothering anybody else because there’s no interpreter yet he’s talking to God.  So it isn’t how loud you speak it isn’t the emotions you add to the prayer as it passes through the soul it’s the content of what you’re saying when you’re praying in tongues that changes everything.  So you can whisper and not even wear yourself out and it will be just as effective.

Sid: Dave when you pray in unknown tongues many times do you know what you’re praying or most of the times do you not know?

Dave: Most of the times I do not know but eventually much of it you will know because much of it is your future and He’s working His plan in your life and He’s also revealing mysteries. But the times that you don’t know is when He’s building you up over some problem that has a hold of you a hold of your life.  And He doesn’t want to let you in on it until your past it because you don’t know a lot of times what’s good for you or we don’t know the problems. He’ll just simply build us up above it and give us the strength to turn lose of it before He moves against it.  So no I don’t always know Sid and sometimes I do.

Sid: But I can tell you that what you’ve been teaching on all of this week…it’s causing the bubbling going on inside of my spirit.

Dave: (Laughing)

Sid: That’s what it’s causing.

Dave: That is when the Holy Spirit see will reveal a mystery in you He does it to your spirit and then your spirit will eventually it can illuminate your mind where you can word the revelation. And what that revelation is doing it is feeding your spirit in such a way that it’s broken down by the Holy Ghost so it’s broken down already where you’re spirit can understand it. And so what you’re feeling is the uplifting evidence it’s an edification process of being free being to go on in your spirit.  Then the tremendous thing is that will set you into prayer. Hallelujah.

Sid: Okay let’s just start no we only have half a minute but just start for someone who’s never prayed in tongues what can they do?

Dave:  All they have to do…

Sid: Born again but they’ve never prayed in tongues.

Dave: Just never prayed have been baptized or prayed? Oh all they have to do is just yield themselves over…. “Father God fill me with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.” You’ll note that they’ll begin to move on their mouth. When they do just yield over and start speaking it out it’s as simple as that.

Sid: And what if they don’t know what to say?

Dave: Well if they will just open their mouth and begin to speak it out by faith you won’t think so but His words will begin to form and be there because if you ask Him He will fill you.

Sid: That simple.

Dave: That’s simple.

Sid: Everyone who asks receives in Jesus name.

Our Guest Dave Roberson


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to know that miracles are not the exception but they’re the rule. I have my friend Dave Roberson on the telephone I’m speaking to him in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I’m speaking to him at his church Prayer Center Family and Dave you just got back from a campaign with Norvel Hayes.  Tell me some miracles that happened there.

Dave: I was at a Norvel Hayes Bible College in Tennessee and I went up originally for one week but the miracles broke out so strong. I mean what caused the thing to go for 6 weeks is that I think it was the last night Thursday night or so a woman came from a neighboring city that she didn’t have a short arm that was shorter than the other it was smaller arm and it was turned in smaller than the other arm. And when the Glory of God came on her the arm came out to the size of the other one and then turned upward freed up.  And I don’t mean short like 3 or 4 inches shorter and you pray and it lengthens.  I’m talking it was stunted it was smaller than the other arm. And so this miracle started 6 weeks and then Leigh College of course is the Church of God. Leigh College is in Cleveland, Tennessee and they heard about the revival and started pouring in from there. And one night a young man that played basketball come in on crutches and something had happened to his leg and the crutches went one way and the brace went another way and he went another way.  So he went back to Leigh College testifying of those miracles so this thing ended up going to 6 weeks.

Sid: You know something?  Jesus didn’t have a big public relations team getting crowds He had no problems getting crowds one miracle will bring a crowd (Laughing).

Dave: Oh it did and it ran for 6 weeks that in Corinthians when He said as at an open face meeting. Now that we have been born again we don’t have the veil over our face.  And Moses had to come down when he had the glory on him he had to have a veil over his face.  But once we’ve been born again we with open faces in a mirror that we could look at the image of Christ and be conformed from glory to glory. Because now we don’t have that spiritual death to contend with so we don’t have a veil over our face so we can go from glory to glory.  Well I found that praying in tongues we’ll bring you from glory to glory because that’s from one realm to another in the Spirit. And I was in October I was seeking God and that’s what led us to this 6 weeks. I locked myself away for 30 days in praying in tongues and seeking God and fasting and things like that. And about 26 days in Sid I started weeping and I weeped for 9 hours straight.

Sid: Why were you weeping?

Dave: I couldn’t even catch my breath.

Sid: Hm.

Dave: Because I had been saying God I want the power you know but not those words you know I was doing it humbly.  I want all that you have you know and my heart was I want it yesterday.  But when this weeping came and God unveiled Himself like an onion peal at a time and later he unveiled so thin but it was His heart He was revealing.  And what He revealed was His love for the people that were lost mangled up and crippled and hopeless people.  And for just that while His heart was unveiled and I couldn’t stand it Sid I wept for 9 hours solid.  And I came out of that into a March Power of Prayer Conference that we have every year for preaching. And on Friday night that weeping hit the preachers and they wept and cried like they babies and they went home and it hit their churches.  Well then I go to Cleveland and start that the week after that and after that woman’s miracle that Friday night the same weeping showed up and went through that whole crowd.  And repentance on levels you wouldn’t believe took place uncontrollable weeping and crying hour after hour as He washed preachers clean.  It was an operation of grace where He traded their weaknesses for His strength it’s another that has come Sid.  And if you ask me in this trail from glory to glory if you was to ask me what were you to attribute it to, Sid I found out how to edify myself. Build myself up on my most holy faith as Jude 20 says praying in the Holy Ghost.

Sid: What is going to happen to someone listening to us right now that is born again Spirit filled has prayed in tongues for years but now its maybe in a church service for a minute or a minute there a minute here when they get to heaven when they find out what they could have had how are they going to feel?

Dave: Sid at that point I believe that in 1st Corinthians the 3rd chapter when he talks about our foundation were built on what Paul gave us that if any man built with hay, wood or stubble and that they build upon that foundation that it will all be burned.  They’ll be saying as by fire whatever degree of loss of reward anything on the foundation the apostles gave us that is not of God it will be burned. And I think that when the secrets of our heart are made manifest that day.  That I think that there’s too times that there’s gnashing of teeth this last great acts of mercy of God. Two times there’s gnashing of teeth one is when a man finds out that he’s in a lost eternity forever and every being consumed by a fire from the inside out forever.  And the second the outer darkness where there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth I think that it will be when we see what we could have had, saw what was available and it was taken away from us.  Either else because we didn’t go further ourselves or somebody as a teacher took it away from us and put us in a holding tank and took our reward away.

Sid: That at least was scripture that I heard you teach on would you teach a little bit on when Jesus said “Many are called few are chosen.”

Dave: In Matthew the 20th chapter the 16th verse when He says “The last shall be first and the first shall be last many will be called but few are chosen.” And the answer to that verse is in itself it’s self contained when He said “Many are called few are chosen” and that is to walk and to serve with Him and to reign with Him both here and there when we get to heaven.  And here’s what qualifies us “Many have been called few are chosen.”  And the cry of my heart is “Please God can you show me?” Now can You show me what it is that causes me to be chosen? And it was in that verse when He said “The first will be last and the last will be first” what He was saying is those who exalt themselves and make themselves first in God’s kingdom they come in last. But those who make themselves last make themselves the servants in God’s kingdom they come in first.

Sid: Now is making yourself last going and washing latrines in the church is that what you mean?

Dave:  Not exactly.  When He said “The first will be last the last will be first many called few be chosen” and me making myself last that is the servant is what causes you to be chosen.  And what makes you the servant is when you are transformed to the love of Jesus His love and His compassion.  That’s what caused me to weep those 9 hours just to glimpse of how He loved people through the heart of the Father was almost too much for me to bear.   It caused me to weep and weep and weep but to become to become a servant to somebody else is what He was talking about here when He says those that make themselves last is servants. And where He has brought me in the Spirit and I don’t even know how to say this but I don’t care what it costs me any more to see somebody saved.  I just don’t care experiencing the heart of the Father and maybe being able to make a servant out of him maybe you know I don’t know what to say about that yet.  But I do know the love and the peace that He gives me I’m willing to hold Jesus’ blood up to somebody and I don’t care what they do to me.  But becoming that servant it is whatever He asks you to do.  And Sid I found the shadow of that under the Old Testament.

Sid: What was that?

Dave: It’s the Hebrew that had to sell himself as a bond slave to his master and then the Jubilee came along and when the Jubilee came the same slave was set free and then he came around and came back to the master that had set him free and said “I want to be your servant and slave forever.”  Well see it was the man under the law that was sold out to God to the law then the Jubilee came and set him free and he was born again.  And then the same man came back and reported to his master who set him free who said “I want to become your slave by my own choice and he took a nail to hold through the door post of the house. Well see that doorpost that he nailed your ear to now is the doorpost of God and you become His servant and His servant alone and you take instructions from none other and He will cause you to be a servant to humanity. And that’s what causes you to be chosen to reign with Him. But what I do love is what He gives you to serve Him with signs and wonders miracles and freedom from captivity all of those things.

Sid: That supernatural peace you’re talking about overcoming fear of all kind.

Dave: Yeah.

Sid: What away to live in this world where we’ve gotten bacterial logical warfare and diseases and all of the fear that is coming on man today that’s our weapon.

Dave: Peace yes peace.  I uh… Sid right now just His Spirits on me so strong okay that is it okay if I pray for peace?

Sid: Please quickly.

Dave: Father I speak peace to every troubled person and hopelessness on and pull the strongholds down Jesus name give this to them and I thank You for it Amen.