SID: Now, one of the things that I appreciate is something you said to me. You say, “Sid, people don’t come to my church for miracles, people come to my church because of the presence of God.”

WILLIAM: We’ve adapted a mentality that he’s not in our presence, we’re in his. And that changes your disposition and your posture because we’re not done until he is.

SID: Hey, it reminds me of a song on your new CD we’re making available. Stay, tell me about that song.

WILLIAM: This song is so deeply personal to me and to our church. I feel like it’s our story wrapped in that song.

SID: Did you write it?

WILLIAM: I did. And so for us, it’s a disposition that we have to say we were asking him to stay. And so really the song encapsulates both what we’ve experienced just by sitting in his presence and been the cry of our heart is that we don’t ever want it to end, we just want him to stay.

SID: Now, let’s go to the worship service and the very moment that Stay was recorded.

WILLIAM: We testify.

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