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Sid Roth welcomes Dr. Caroline Leaf

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here and welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I have been so looking forward to my guest. Why? Because I have been studying the promises of God for many, many years, and I believe them because they’re God’s word. But now science has just figured out the words of Jesus that they’re true. Now my guest, Dr. Caroline Leaf, has spent 25 years researching the brain. When you started researching the brain, they were really in the Stone Age as far as brain understanding, weren’t they?

DR. LEAF: They really were. There’s been a Dark Ages in brain research for a long time, and it’s only in the last 10 to 15 years that people are really starting to get an understanding of the brain, and the more we understand about the brain the more we realize we don’t understand about the brain.

SID: But when you told me that we could change our genes I wish every doctor in the world would understand this cutting edge research because, you know, you go to a doctor and say your cholesterol was high, and they say, well, exercise, change your diet, but it could be your genes and there’s nothing you can do, so take this medicine that will have a zillion side effects. But you say, according to the latest brain research, if you follow what Jesus said you can change your genes. That’s just so amazing.

DR. LEAF: I know. It is phenomenal. If you think of it, it’s logical too, Sid, because we’re spirit, soul, body and it’s our soul area, which is literally the brain insulating the will and the emotions that is processing and boding all these thoughts into real things, so structural changes are happening in the brain. And whatever is going on in the soul will affect the spirit and will affect the body. So if our mind is filled, our thoughts, our mind is all filled with chaos, chaos will reign in our bodies. So, you know, the science of finding out that 87 to 95% of current of mental, physical and emotional illnesses come from our thought life.

SID: You know, Jesus put it very well.

DR. LEAF: Yes.

SID: He said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” So you’re saying that these thoughts, as you say in your book, take up mental real estate. They’re real. It’s not just a fleeting thing.

DR. LEAF: No. It’s a real thing. And even in science we call them the magic trees of the mind because the nerve cells in the brain look like trees. So your brain, which is the size of your two fists, this is a little bigger than a normal brain, is made up of all these nerve cells or neurons, and they look like trees. And I’ve got some props that I brought along just to help us understand. Literally, we have these forests in our mind of all these trees branch. And as you are listening to me now your brain is processing at 400 billion actions per second. And during that–

SID: Whoa, whoa, whoa. If I heard it right, 400 billion actions per second and someone wants to say it was a coincidence creation? I mean, I don’t have enough faith to believe that it was a coincidence.

DR. LEAF: No. Exactly. I agree with you. More faith is needed for that. That process in an unconscious mind is building memory as we’re speaking. So every single thing that you hear, everything that comes into your brain through your five senses converts, we think about it and then we make choices, and it converts into a structural thing in your brain, which is a thought, and they look like trees. And that’s why the scientists refer to the forest of the magic trees of the mind because that’s what it looks like in your mind. Now you have about a hundred billion nerve cells in your brain. That’s a lot of nerve cells. But each nerve cell can grow up to 200,000 branches. So that means we have around three million years plus worth of space in our brain to build memories.

SID: That’s better than any computer I know of.

DR. LEAF: Exactly. That’s just what we understand from our basic understanding of the brain, and it would probably be even more than that. But the point that I always like to make with people and to emphasize is that because we can’t see a thought out here, it’s not like my hand, people tend to think their thoughts are harmless. But a thought is real. It occupies mental real estate. It looks like a tree. As you’re listening to me now you are causing the trees of your mind to change shape. You are growing branches as we are speaking. So every time we listen and think about things it results in choices that you make, which will result in thoughts or memories that we build, and that’s what they look like. They look like trees.

SID: Okay. This is green and this is nice. I like to see the green where ever, a golf course or trees. I mean, this is beautiful. I want my brain on the inside to be beautiful. You want your brain on the inside to be beautiful. But show me what happens to a lot of people with toxic thoughts.

DR. LEAF: Well what happens is that this is the norm. This is how we’re wired. And if you think of it, we’re made in God’s image and He’s wired for love and God is love. So therefore, all of the processes that we go through to build thoughts is all wired in a positive direction, in a healthy direction. But God gave us the choice, free will. So it says I lay before you life and death, choose life so that you and your descendents may live. But if you choose death you and your descendants won’t live. So if we choose life, good choices, we’re going to build those trees.  But if we make bad choices, we build toxic trees.

SID: I saw that in the lobby of the hotel this morning, and I was wondering, what is that? What is that?

DR. LEAF: Well this is just a visual image that I use to try and demonstrate the fact that when we think a bad thought, when we make bad choices and we hang on to anything that is negative: anger, abuse, irritation, frustration, all the negative sides of emotions, that’s not just a harmless thing, it is a physical change that occurs in your brain. So we are designed and wired that every time we think we will build thoughts and as we are thinking if we choose to think in a negative direction we are still gonna build thoughts, but because we are wired for love, that’s what the scientists said, that we are wired for love. That’s what they found in the laboratory.

SID: Finally, they’re catching up with the Bible. Maybe, is this why Jesus said only say things that are good and pure, and lovely and of good report, because if you don’t, if you do the opposite this is the way your cells are gonna look.

DR. LEAF: Well exactly. There’s a consequence. You know, God is very conditional. He’s a God of grace. But if you do this then this will happen. So our bodies are designed and aligned like that. So if we’re going to choose the negative it’s not the norm for the body. It’s the highjack. So whenever we build the highjack into our body it’s a choice that we make God has given us that ability to choose.

SID: Okay. I have a problem. I became a believer at age 30, and even after a believer I did not have my mind renewed like I do today, and have got close to 70 years of building that. What am I gonna do about that?

DR. LEAF: Well here’s the good news. These things, as God, as we know in the Word it says renewal of the mind, like you’ve just said, that’s a lifelong process. So these, fortunately we build these, but we can rewire them. And that’s what I love about science. Science is a tangible way of showing the truths that God teaches us.

SID: You have a word that you describe, neuroplasty. What does that mean?

DR. LEAF: Neuroplasty. What that means is that your brain can change. These things can change. In fact, what I always say is that God made you an authority. You’re a neuroplastician. I don’t know if you realize that, but you are neuroplastician. So am I.  So is everyone. God designed us with the ability to change our own brains. So when He says renew our mind, He would give us the ability to do that. So scientifically we find now that these ugly toxic trees that we build through bad choices and physical realities occur can be rewired.

SID: You’re gonna show me how to rewire my brain. Okay. And I want you to eavesdrop so you can rewire your brain. We’ll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth welcomes Rabbi Michael Zeitler

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Rabbi Michael Zeitler. Michael, tell me about that little 12-year-old girl, born deaf. What happened to her?

MICHAEL: Twelve-year-old girl, born deaf. I had blown the shofar and three people came up to give testimony that they could hear, but she hadn’t received her hearing. The Lord directed me to lay hands on her ears and to ask God to open her ears. She instantly received her hearing and the expression on her face, Sid, to hear sounds for the first time, her mother crying because she knew that her daughter was now hearing. It was just absolutely fantastic.

SID: And when Michael shares about miracles of Israel, Israel is a miracle nation. When he shares there is a release of glory. I believe, Michael, it comes from Genesis 12:3, in which God says, “I, God, will bless those who bless the Jewish people.” When Michael shares about the miracles of God he’s sharing about the blessings of God, and the blessings overflow and people get so miraculously healed. One more.

MICHAEL: Another one in the War of Independence, Sid, really hard to explain except just to repeat what I know. The unit was without ammunition. There were thousands of Arabs below, down below on this Galilee hill that they were on. And in desperation they pour gasoline over 50 empty drums and roll them down the mountain toward the Arabs. At the same time a tropical storm is starting. And so between the thunder, the lightening, the flaming barrels and the sound of them hitting the rocks, the Arabs thought it was a secret weapon and they all ran off.

SID: Rabbi Michael, my faith is soaring right now. I believe it’s time for you to blow the shofar. And if you are ready we’re gonna have more miracles than we’ve ever had in the history of our show. Blow that shofar, Michael.

MICHAEL: [shofar]

SID: And I know that as you start speaking what God is telling you right now the miracles will break loose.

MICHAEL: Sid, right now I see the Lord healing people. God is moving in backs and necks right now. There’s somebody that has a herniated disk. There’s seven herniated disks in your back, and God is replacing those right now with a brand new spine. I see, thank you Lord, there’s a liver that’s being healed right now. You have cirrhosis of the liver and God is replacing that liver with a brand new liver. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Almighty God. Right now there’s somebody who has pressure on their brain and God is releasing that pressure right now from your brain. You were gonna have an aneurism and God is releasing that right now for you. Sid, there’s people that are having their hearing opened right now, that they heard the shofar and you heard the shofar, and your ears were instantly opened. There’s someone else right now that has a corneal ulcer in their eye, it’s your left eye, and God is healing your eye right now. Thank you, Almighty God. Stomach ulcers are being healed right now. Thank you, Lord. Depression just left. When you heard the shofar being blown, depression and fear just left. It literally just left your life forever and left your thinking, your mind. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Almighty God. Someone, their right leg, they have a shortened leg and they have a problem with their knee, and their femur bone, the bottom part of their calf, God’s healing you right now. You can get up and you can walk around. There’s someone that just heard the shofar, and hearing my words, you were in a wheelchair. You have multiple sclerosis and you feel an electricity going through your body right now. I want you to get up out of your wheelchair and tell us what happened, because God just took you out of the wheelchair right there while you were watching. Thank you, Almighty God. Thank you.

SID: Do you remember this Jewish man that didn’t know his right hand from his left hand, and was challenged by another Jewish believer in the Messiah, and he said, “Nice story, but do you know Jesus?” I challenge you right now. You’ve got a nice story, but do you know Jesus? You know, it said Adam knew Eve, had intimacy with Eve. God wants you to have such a flow of His love, such a flow of His peace that nothing, nothing can steal that from you. The only way to have that is to start out by saying, “I have made many mistakes, God. Please forgive me. I believe your son, Jesus, died in my place, and by his blood my mistakes are washed away and I’m clean. And now that I’m clean, Jesus, come inside of me. God of love, come inside of me.” I see the tears coming from your eyes right now. Say that loud now.

Our Guest Rabbi Michael Zeitler

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Rabbi Michael Zeitler, and Michael, you just got back from Peru. It’s the most miraculous thing. When he speaks about Israel, you see so few people, believers in the Messiah, traditional Jews, people, Buddhists, anyone who understands plan for Israel and the connection between Israel and the United States of America. And when Michael starts sharing, especially the miracles that have happened in Israel, it releases a miracle atmosphere, and many times he’ll just blow the shofar and people are instantly healed. Tell me about the time that people heard an angelic choir while you were speaking.


MICHAEL: Yes. I was in Peru and basically it was God just orchestrating the whole thing. All I was just doing was narrating. And I blew the shofar and then this one particular pastor starts singing, and it’s in the spirit, and the Lord says, “That’s an angelic song that he’s singing right now.” And when he finished singing it, everybody heard the angels singing the very song that he was just finished singing.


SID: Not just one or two people? Everyone.


MICHAEL: No. Yeah, the pastor. I asked. I said, “How many of you heard the singing?” Yeah. They raised their hands. And there were miraculous things that took place. Seven people were miraculously healed as they heard the angels singing of their hearing. They had bad hearing. Their hearing was completely healed.


SID: Let me ask you a candid question between two Jews. What’s this big fuss about Israel? Why is it so important?


MICHAEL: Because it’s God’s time clock, Sid. As goes Israel, so goes the spiritual Israel, the church, okay, Israel in the natural, the spiritual Israel, so goes the world. Everything that takes place in Israel then continues to follow suit with the rest of the world. That’s why it’s so important. It’s the apple of God’s eye and it’s where God says His presence will be. It was before in the Tabernacle with Moses. It will be again in the New Jerusalem when He returns.


SID: In your book you teach about the connection between the United States of America and

Israel. Many people don’t know this. Tell us a few nuggets.


MICHAEL: Okay. Well the United States, when the Puritans came they thought they were coming to a promised land and they were believing that this was truly the Promised Land as they related to what happened with those so long ago in Israel. And all the various different presidents in the administrations in the White House were supportive of having a nation for the Jewish people to come back to Israel. It wasn’t called Israel. There was no name for it at that time, maybe Palestine, which was basically what England gave it, but the United States and Israel have been literally, like you said, married to one another, and being able to be influenced. And so the United States has blessed the Jewish people and blessed Israel, the United States has prospered and grown economically and in other ways because of the blessing of the Nation of Israel.


SID: And you point out when the United States goes against Israel what the world might call is natural disasters, economic disasters happen.


MICHAEL: Yes. All various different kinds of things, like what happened with Katrina. Ten thousand people were removed from Gaza forcibly and 10,000 people were displaced and killed in New Orleans.


SID: And what I also love is the connection between great events in the history of Israel and great events in the history of the church. Tell me a few.


MICHAEL: Well in 1948, when it says in Isaiah, “Can a country be born in a day?” It happened. This little tiny nation, smaller than the state of Delaware, is now established. Eighty different people groups have a 2000-year-old language that’s resurrected from the dead. And in 1948, as that was happening, also at the same time just a few months later, the healing revival, the healing movement started with Jack Cole, with Catherine Kuhlman, with Oral Roberts, all happening at the same time. Another one, in 1967, with the Six-Day War, just a few months after the Six-Day War when they were outnumbered by the Arabs there was no way that they were going to be able to succeed in victory. And yet, after a few months, the Jesus movement starts in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and leaders like the leader of the Messianic movement, Marty Chernoff and so many others that are leaders today came forth from that. As what was happening in Israel so went God’s time clock to affect the spiritual Israel and the world.


SID: And I love all the miracles that God does in the land of Israel. And watch what happens to your faith level as Rabbi Michael shares about these miracles. I don’t know about you, Michael, but I feel the presence of God starting to invade this studio. Tell me one miracle in the history of Israel.


MICHAEL: Okay. In 1948, the War of Independence, there’s 200 Syrian armored vehicles, 45 tanks coming to the oldest kibbutz called Degana and all they have, because the British, two weeks before their independence is announced, all the weapons that are available are taken away from them. They only have four cannons and they’re from the 1870s from the Prussian War. Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Dayan quickly has it assembled and fires on the lead tank coming into this kibbutz. They take the tank out. The Syrians get scared and the whole 200 of them turn and go back to Syria thinking that there’s other weapons available from Israel.


SID: Now that’s just a little example. But there are so many examples, and believe me, as you hear these miracles your faith will grow. And I’m gonna have Rabbi Michael blow the shofar. He just got back from Peru, 2000 miracles. Be right back after this word.

Sid Roth welcomes Rabbi Michael Zeitler

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. The rarified care of Heaven is going to be invading wherever you’re watching me from right now because my guest, Rabbi Michael Zeitler, when he speaks about Israel, especially when, Michael, when you blow the shofar, the ram’s horn, you just got back from Peru. You said you had like 2000 miracles in Peru.

MICHAEL: That’s correct.

SID: People are hearing angels singing.


SID: They’re seeing gold dust. In fact, you’re even running out in the streets. Now what is a nice Jewish guy doing in Peru having 2000 miracles happen? I’ll tell you, Michael, you were raised in a conservative Jewish home. My father used to say, “Conservative Judaism, that’s not even Jewish.” When I became Messianic he said, “Conservative looks pretty good.” But you were raised in a conservative Jewish home, and you had an experience at a young age of anti-Semitism. Tell me about that.

MICHAEL: Well I had some friends in my neighborhood and we were good friends, and just one day came home and one of them had a yellow broomstick handle in his hands, screaming and yelling that I killed Jesus, that I was a Jew. At eight years old I didn’t even know what he meant. I ran home crying. My mother and sister didn’t know what was going on. And after that every time I heard the name, not Yeshua, but every time I heard the name “Jesus” mentioned I would smell baby’s vomit all the time after that.

SID: So you didn’t want to be around anyone speaking the name Jesus.

MICHAEL: It was an aversion to me to have anything to do with it.

SID: Okay. So in high school this nice conservative Jewish boy gets involved in witchcraft, gets involved in what other things?

MICHAEL: Got involved in Buddhism. I was a hippie. I was into drugs, sex, rock and roll, all of that.

SID: Anything but Jesus.

MICHAEL: Exactly.

SID: Okay. You have a girlfriend. You go off to Peru with her. But it’s Easter. So what is a nice Jewish boy do when everyone in town is going to church on Easter? Would you go with your girlfriend?

MICHAEL: I went with her to a movie. It was the only movie that was playing that had English language. There was everything with subtitles, and it was “Jesus Christ Superstar” of all things.

SID: Did you realize it was that?

MICHAEL: I didn’t want to go. But there was nothing else and I was bored. So I went and during the movie, God can use anything. I was delivered from that curse that just happened so long ago when I was eight years with the baby’s vomit. I was able to sing the songs from “Jesus Christ Superstar” and nothing. Everything was gone.

SID: Now, but you started going to church with your girlfriend, because I guess you’re open to anything. And you come back to the states and he goes to a Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting, and they find out someone Jewish believes in Jesus. He doesn’t know Jesus from anything. And so he shares his story. What kind of story could you share at that meeting?

MICHAEL: The whole story about the baby’s vomit, about witchcraft, about being a hippie, about going into Buddhism, everything I shared, and I didn’t even know I was doing it. It was the first time I was public-speaking. I was in front of 150 people.

SID: Okay. But a Jewish believer in Jesus comes up to you, points his finger in your nose, and what does he say?

MICHAEL: Joe Cohen, a good friend of mine.

SID: Sounds Jewish to me.

MICHAEL: Oh yeah, definitely so. He says to me, “That was a nice story, but do you know Jesus?” And I said, “No.” And he witnessed to me. He spoke to me outside, giving me his story about how he came to know Jesus and said, “Do you want to know him?” And I said, “Yes, I’m ready.” And that night that I accepted him, it was over an hour and a half in the parking lot with him, I gave up all these little good luck things and witchcraft stuff, and all kinds of different things, paraphernalia that I used to carry around with me, I threw it in the garbage that night.

SID: And then he goes to another meeting and he learns that 2000 years ago at Shavuot, the spirit of God descended on these Jewish believers and they spoke in supernatural languages. And what happened to you at that meeting?

MICHAEL: They were very insistent about me being Jewish and knowing Jesus, and I was a little bit apprehensive because I thought based on my past experiences that it wasn’t a good thing. And at the end, the leader invited me up and they said, “Let me lay hands on you.” And they put their hands on my body and they said, “There it is. There it is.” And all of a sudden I feel something bubbling, Sid, out of my stomach and language, a foreign language comes out of mouth, sounds like at one point Chinese. It went on for two hours.

SID: Two hours!

MICHAEL: Yeah, I couldn’t stop.

SID: What did you think was going on?

MICHAEL: I didn’t know. I was shaking like a leaf. Everything was going on at the same time. It was wild and I had no idea what was happening.

SID: Then he goes through, you can see step by step how God is leading this conservative Jewish man. Then he takes him to a meeting where the man talks about forgiveness.

MICHAEL: That’s correct. Another Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting, and a man names Austin Myles, tremendous giftings of God, and toward the end of the service he says, “Those of you who need to forgive whatever it is that you have problems with.” And then he says something very unusual. He says, “And childhood memories of people that hurt you, whatever you need to forgive.” And so after I forgave, then all of a sudden a flood of childhood memories came into my mind and I started to release unforgiveness. And I felt at that moment my arm shoot out in front of me and like electricity in water flowing from this point of my elbow all the way down out through my fingertips, and it just continued to flow like that. I never experienced anything like that before in my life.

SID: And since that point something else has been happening. You pray for the sick and what happens?

MICHAEL: They get miraculously healed.

SID: Real quick, tell me, you go out in the streets like you just got back from Peru.


SID: Tell me a story of someone in the street.

MICHAEL: A beggar, who I did not know until after it was explained to me, was born deaf, and he was there outside a restaurant begging. I said, “I don’t have any money to give you, but I can pray for you.” And I asked God to open his ears that he would be able to hear. He was instantly healed by God and he was able to hear. And he was shouting and carrying on, even though he couldn’t really speak. He was [unintelligible]. It was so exciting.

SID: You just got back from Peru. Two thousand miracles and when he speaks about the God connection between Israel and people that know God, miracles explode. Michael, when we get back, you’ve got to talk about Israel. Don’t go away.

Sid Roth welcomes Kris Vallotton

SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter of the Supernatural here with Kris Vallotton. And boy, leaving you at the edge of your seat. I mean, for three and a half years he’s shaking. He’s got a demon, he’s got no hope. He’s getting these visions of doing horrible things. He’s hopeless; he’s finished; he’s history! And he just happens by coincidence, except we know better than that, he hears a radio show. “God has not given you a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind.” And it was like the power of God penetrated and he realized that this was a foreign entity and he commanded it to go because it was nothing more than an illusion that was trying to destroy him. And it left and he got so excited he said “I’m going to tell everyone about this.” And all of a sudden he had a thought. What was that thought?

KRIS: That thought was “If you tell anyone I’ll kill you.”

SID: Was it like an audible voice or just a thought?

KRIS: You know I think it was just a thought, but it was so strong it was like an audible voice.

SID: And all the symptoms came back?

KRIS: All the symptoms returned.

SID: Did you start shaking again?

KRIS: In five seconds. I couldn’t drive I shook so bad. So I pull over alongside the road. I told you it was pitch dark, it was an eerie place, no moon that night, and I’m literally wondering how I’m going to get home. I can’t think. And this still small voice says to me “Does the devil hate you?” And I said “Oh yeah, he hates me.” And He said “Why didn’t he kill you when you first received Me?”

SID: Good question.

KRIS: And I said “I don’t know.” And He said “Because he can’t. He’s a liar. And his power lies in illusion.” And He said “As long as you believe him, then you empower his lies.” And immediately this peace just flowed over me. The shaking stopped and I got back in my right mind again and off I went home.

SID: It was almost a demonstration of the reality of God, the reality of the devil, and the greater strength in the Word of God, who happens to have a name: Jesus.

KRIS: That’s right. You know, Isaiah 54 says “Oppression will be far from you for you will not fear.”

SID: Speaking of fear, you had more than your share. It was almost like you were tested now on what you had just learned.

KRIS: That’s right.

SID: For instance you were driving, there were children in the car, and someone started chasing you?

KRIS: Yeah, you know what we did was we did eighth grade…my son went to a Christian school. There was only eight graduates in the eighth grade graduation. A pretty small school; again, we were living in the mountains. And we go to Santa Cruz beach, and we’re coming home from Santa Cruz beach. We pull over to get gas and to let the kids go to the restroom and get something to drink. We get back on the road and this guy pulls up right next to us. We’re in a ten passenger van. He pulls up right next to us. Driving down the road, we’re getting on the onramp. Pulls over right next to us and goes, like “Your tire is flat.” And he’s in a white Chevy, an old white Chevy truck. So I start to pull over and I look out the window of the van and we’re going about five miles an hour on the freeway now, pulling over, I’m in the gravel. And I look over and his eyes are glowing bright red. And so I’m like “I’ve seen that before from the visitations I’ve had.” One of the evil spirits that used to visit me had bright glowing red eyes. So anyway do I’m pulling over, and just as I’m pulling over this voice says to me “Peace be with you. There shall no harm come to you.” And I’m like… I haven’t a clue what that’s about. I’m like “I wonder what that’s about.” So I look over at the guy and I’m about to pull over and I see his eyes are red and we’re in the gravel and I think, I just had this thought: “Don’t pull over.” So I thanked him, “Thank you very much. Yeah I got it.” And I go to pull back on and he runs me off the road.

SID: Oh my goodness.

KRIS: And so I’m like “what is going on?” I have no clue what’s going on. And so I kind of stop and he gets out of his truck and he starts running towards the van and he looks really violent and I go “I’m out of here.” So I take off and for forty miles this guy tries to run us off the road, traffic’s stopped on both sides of the road. This is on Highway 5, a major highway in California. He tries to ram us from behind. He pulls his truck sideways on the freeway and he waits for us and we’re going down the road and he’s waiting to ram us from the side and so I stop, he stops, he gets out of his truck, he starts running for the van. The kids in the van, they start screaming “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!”

SID: Oh my goodness! How fearful were you when all this is going on?

KRIS: I had total peace. Actually I kept laughing. I’m like “This is crazy.” And I just had this total peace because a voice said to me “Peace be with you.” And when He said “Peace be with you,” this overwhelming sense of God’s presence just came over me. Is that amazing?

SID: We serve an amazing God. You know Kris I want you to look in the camera right now and I want you to pray for someone going through fear.

KRIS: You know I just thought a few minutes ago, I was thinking of my testimony while I was sharing with you, and I thought there’s a woman, that she’s for seven years been on antidepressants. And I really felt like, and she’s having a lot of the same symptoms, can’t sleep at night and has an incredible fear of her children being molested or taken from her. And I felt like the Lord was releasing you right now. Just like that man who was on the radio with me, I’m sure he didn’t know me, but he said “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind.” And I really believe right now that the Lord is delivering you from that spirit. And not only that but there’s problems inside your stomach and in your colon area and I think that probably is stimulated a lot from anxiety. And the Lord right now… you can feel like a warm oil going down your esophagus and over into your stomach area and the Lord is healing you right now. And I think your name is Jane and I also see someone named Karen that’s somehow related to this whole thing. Maybe it’s your daughter. But the Lord, He’s doing a healing in your life right now that has many dimensions. He’s healing you physically, the whole stomach issue, He’s healing you spiritually because He’s delivering you from that spirit, but you’re going to be opened up to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is going to begin to talk to you and there’s going to be dimensions of God’s voice that you’ve never ever seen before. The first visitation is going to come tonight. And the third thing is He’s healing you emotionally. David said this in the 23rd Psalm…

SID: I tell you what; our time is up but here is the important thing right now for you: Kris Vallotton was a dead man. God rescued him by the power of His Word. Today he pastors a wonderful church, Bethel Church.  God did that in his life and God wants to do the same in your life. God is not a respecter of persons.

KRIS: That’s right.

SID: He knows you. He had you watch. I tell you, if you turn your life over completely to God, repent of your sins, believe the blood of Jesus washed them away, make Jesus your Lord. Your own words not Billy Graham words, your words. I tell you, this is what you were created for. There is a destiny on your life. Don’t miss this chance now.