Tommy: Everything we have in Christ because of the blood of Jesus. The blood cleanses. The blood sets us free. The blood protects us. The blood of Jesus is a covenant for eternity. Somebody say “The blood .” Jesus is the final sacrifice. Thank God every day for sending Jesus to us. Thank God every day that He sent His son to us. Thank Jesus for what He did for us and still doing for us at the right hand of God right now, interceding, praying for you, praying for me. Now, I want you praying for me, and I want my Grandma praying for me, and I want my Mama praying for me, and I want my Uncle John praying form me, but Jesus is praying for me. Devil you ain’t got a shot, Jesus is praying for me. Devil you might as well leave me alone, Jesus is praying for me. Devil you ain’t got a shot. Jesus is praying for me. You might as well leave me alone. The blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, (laughs) I’m telling you, it’s the blood. Do you realize through prayer the blood can be applied to our family, our job, our finances, whatever, and God will honor it? God will honor it. There’s no magic formula here, it’s only faith in Jesus Christ. That’s the formula. The key is to apply the blood to the Word of God. God supplies, we apply. The Word says the blood does. “And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and thy sons forever.” And we’re celebrating, we’re celebrating today. And forever means forever.

How often should I pray for God to cover me with the blood? Everyday. Everyday. Everyday. ‘Cause the enemy likes to come out in the morning and ruin your day, and the enemy likes to come out at night and ruin your night. Where in the world would you get that? Well, I would go back to David and Goliath. And I would know that Goliath came out in the morning to ruin their day and I would know that Goliath came back in the afternoon to ruin their afternoon and night. But David pointed his finger at him and he said, “The blood, the blood. I’ll kill that uncircumcised giant right there. I’ll do it ’cause God’s on my side. God’s on my side.” Say it! God’s on my side. He’s not against us. God is on my side. Forever means forever. Everyday cover your family. Everyday cover yourself. Satan you hear me real good, you can’t touch me, you can’t touch my family, the blood is covering me. That’s what you say to him. If the blood of an animal could protest, then how much more the blood of Jesus can protect us. The blood of Jesus. At age ten, I was saved at a little church of God in Dora, Alabama. Now Mama and my brother and sisters would go to the little Baptist church that we went to. It was called Second Baptist ’cause we didn’t go to First Baptist, we went to Second Baptist. Anybody with me? But I would go to church with my Grandma at the little Pentecostal church in town because I loved to hear the singing the praise and worship and watch them as they walk across the stage. Do you, don’t remember the day, some of you, I can tell by looking at you, you don’t remember the day when they would take bobby pins and color the tip of them a different color. What are you talking about? Women would take a bobby pin, like my Grandmother would cover, put bobby pins to put her hair up and she would color the tip of the bobby pins red, where my other Grandmother on the other side, the tip of her bobby pins would be blue and another woman in the church would have white bobby pins. Why? Because after they shouted their hair down, they had to go around and pick up the right bobby pins. You didn’t want somebody else’s bobby pins in your hair. So you got all the white ones or the red ones or the blue ones. And I loved to be in that. So I want to be around that, so I go to church with Grandma. But that morning, as that preacher preached, my heart started going nine thousand miles an hour. I mean hush, preaching man; I’ve got to get saved. Hush preaching, I’ve got to get in the altar. I mean hurry up! But he was long winded. Hurry up! I got to get saved and finally, “If you need Jesus…” I jumped and ran. I jumped and ran. Get in the altar. Prayed the sinner’s prayer and got saved. My great uncle prayed for me, I’ll never forget it. My great uncle was the one that put his hands on my head and prayed for me that day and I gave my life to Jesus. I was ten years old. Four months later, I’m a sick young man. Now, my Daddy was an underground coal miner, Walker County, Alabama, my Grandfather worked underground forty-four years, my grand-my Daddy worked underground forty years digging coal.

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