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Our Guest Michael Zeitler

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; it’s so hard for me to believe that my good friend, Rabbi Michael Zeitler went through a pass like we’ve been talking about.  He was raised in a nice Jewish home, both parents Jewish. He was Bar Mitvahed like most Jewish people.  Then he went off a little bit, we went into drugs, and sex and alcohol and rock music.  In fact you were a musician, right Michael?

Michael:  That’s correct, yes I was a singer and I played the Blues Harp, the harmonica in a Rock band.

Sid:  But then, I mean for a Jewish person, he gets involved in witchcraft, in Wicca reading tarot cards; then he goes into forms of Buddhism, he chants three hours a day.  He’s got these beads, what you do with these beads Michael?

Michael:  Well, what I did you had them in our hands and we’d rub them together and they would make this very strange noise as we were praying, were rubbing these beads together.  I have no idea what it meant.

Sid:  But as a Jew how could you do that?

Michael:  Ha ha ha ha ha, I told you, Jewish people they have a nick name, wandering Jews, and so I was a seeker.

Sid:  Okay, speaking of wandering you then wandered to Peru with your girl friend, she wants you to see her parents, it happens to be Resurrection Sunday time and you don’t want to go to church because you’re Jewish?  Why didn’t you want to go, oh I remember, because when you were eight years old you had that trauma.

Michael:  I had that going on Sid all the way up until I was twenty one.

Sid:  I mean, when you heard the name Jesus, what happened to you, when you heard His name mentioned?

Michael:  Sid, every time I would hear the name of Jesus spoken to me, all the way from the time I was eight years old until…

Sid:  That’s when you were called Christ killer and you went home crying.

Michael:  Yes, my friend had a yellow broom stick in his hand he was slamming it down in the middle of the street yelling and screaming at me, saying I killed Jesus, that I was a Jew.  After that, I would smell an infant’s vomit strongly in my nostrils every time the name Jesus was mentioned from that point.

Sid: Okay, so you are definitely not going to go to church with your girl friend in Peru for an Easter Service because you know that you are going to hear the name Jesus.  So you find you’re looking for a movie that is in English that may not be too easy in Peru to find a movie.  Did you find one?

Michael:  I found one. 

Sid:  What was it called?

Michael:  Hahahaha, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Sid:  How could you go to that?  But that was better than church I guess.

Michael:  That and also because you got to remember I was a Hippie, so this was like a Hippie thing and I didn’t want to go to any of the other movies that were playing because they were all passion plays, and I did not want to see that.  So I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar and as I said, you know God can use a donkey so he could use anything.  And during that movie supernaturally God delivered me from that smell.

Sid:  In other words every time that he heard the name Jesus he would almost get sick to his stomach and all of a sudden instantly he was delivered.  So then you decide to go to the Catholic Church, did you become Catholic?

Michael:  No.

Sid:  Why, you became Buddhist, you became a witch, why not Catholic?

Michael:  Hahahaha it was too far to go.

Sid:  Okay, but you did pick up a couple of saints.  Tell me about that.

Michael:  Yes, while I was in Lima living there for eight months in Peru and Lima is Capital of Peru I picked up the Patron Saint of Lima, St. Rose Santa Rosa.  And also the black saint of Peru which is the only black Saint in the hierarchy of saints in Catholicism, San Martin de Porres, I took them home with me.

Sid:  Statues of them

Michael: I had a big framed picture of Jesus with a bleeding heart. Hahahaha

Sid:  You go full circle, hahaha. Okay, so you go home with your two statues and your girl friend, you marry her and how did that marriage work out by the way?

Michael:  It worked out wonderfully for ten years; I had a beautiful son who is now thirty-one years old, Jeremy and a beautiful daughter Alisha who is now twenty-eight.  She was on your program a number of years ago.  And then after I came to accept the Lord a number of years later you know during the marriage, the tenth year of our marriage I was no longer the fun party animal that my wife enjoyed and fell in love with.  She felt I was like a priest around the house, and she made that statement.  And little by little she got more and more turned off to me being this on fire believer that was running around chasing all our friends away because of who I was witnessing to and why I was witnessing to them.  And eventually she decided to divorce me because she could no longer live with this zealous believer.

Sid:  Okay, you get invited while you are still married, you get invited to an organization that I actually started speaking for almost the moment I became a believer and that’s the Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship International.  It’s a group of businessmen that have a luncheon or have a dinner and they invite people and you were invited and at the end of the meeting were you surprised when a Jewish man walked up to you and started talking to you?

Michael:  Yes, very much.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Michael:  He introduced himself as Joe Cohen.

Sid:  And Cohen, you come from the Cohan’s which is the priests of Israel.  But go ahead.

Michael:  I didn’t know that there were Jewish people that believed in Yeshua.  I was shocked.  I thought everybody was Gentile that believed in Yeshua and when he came up to me after I had been asked by the person who was the President of that chapter to give my testimony of what I’m telling you now on the phone and this interview to 150 people public speaking for the first time in my life.  And after I gave this whole story, he came up to me at the very end of the dinner.

Sid:  But wait a second, why would they ask you to share, you weren’t really a believer in Jesus?

Michael:  I don’t know?  I have no idea to this day I don’t why Norman Sherry asked me to give my story, because it wasn’t really a testimony, you know to have a testimony you have to have a test.

Sid: Okay, so this Cohen fellow comes up to you and what does he say?

Michael:  He says that was a nice story, but do you know Jesus?  And I said, no.

Sid:  Now, we Jewish people, we cut right to the quick, do you know Jesus?

Michael:  Hahahaha.

Sid: Okay, you said no, then what?

Michael:  Then he proceeded to take me outside, because they were closing up and we were in the parking lot for over an hour till about 1:30 in the morning and he told me his testimony about being a gambler, about being involved in drugs and all of his life and how he changed and after he explained everything, it made perfect sense. And so he asked me if I wanted to accept Yeshua and I said yes, and I prayed with him that night and accepted the Lord for the first time.

Sid: Okay, and then he tells you you need to go to a congregation to get mentored and disciple and you need to be immersed in the Holy Spirit.  It didn’t take long, you got rid of all of your charms and amulets and statues ha-ha, and you renounced your sin and then tell me about your immersion in the Holy Spirit.

Michael:  Well, after I called up Norman Sherry the next day, I was so excited and on fire for the Lord and this change…

Sid:  Do you know what every congregation in America needs, a brand new Jewish believer like Michael Zeitler, am I right Michael?

Michael:  Yes.

Sid:  I mean this would cause that life from the dead resurrection power in your congregation.  Okay, you called him.

Michael:  Okay, I called him up and said is there anything else to the Full Gospel Businessman.  And he enticed me by coming to a free dinner that was the only reason why I went honestly because he was inviting me to a free dinner.  I didn’t know what it was about.  So I said, is there anything else going on, he said yes, there is a breakfast this Saturday; so all of this is taking place so far in a week’s time.  So Saturday I go and they say to me tell the people that you are Jewish and you accepted the Lord, well I was afraid, because I thought that maybe they would be persecuting me because of that.  And then the president of this other chapter said, “Do you have the baptism of the Holy Spirit?”  I said no, I didn’t even know what he was talking about.  And at the end of the meeting he invited those that wanted to receive the baptism to come forward.  I came forward; a number of men laid hands on me, he’s saying there it is, there it is, I’m like, there is what?  All of a sudden a bubbling going on in my stomach and a stirring, I feel something coming out of my throat and the next thing I know I’m speaking in another language and I can’t stop for two your hours and I’m shaking like a leaf.

Sid:  Two hours?

Michael:  Couldn’t stop, I tried to close my jaw and it would pop open and I’d keep going.

Sid:  I’ll tell you though that when you receive the anointing for miracles, we’ll pick up right there on tomorrows broadcast.  But Mishpochah something so wonderful is happening in Rabbi Michael’s ministry now, I’m speaking to him by way of telephone, he is in Peru and the most outrageous miracles are happening when he talks about the miracles of Israel it’s like God is so pleased the presence of God just radiates.  Then for some reason, I shouldn’t say some reason, the shofar, the rams horn is a supernatural instrument when he blows that rams horn so many miracles have happened in the last few months?

Michael:  Over a thousand.

Sid:  Over a thousand and how many people have been saved?

Michael:  Over two hundred.

Sid Roth welcomes Mark Virkler

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; Mark Virkler’s come out with a series called “Prayers That Heal the Heart.”  It’s on eight CDs and it’s got seven supernatural prayers that covers every imaginable base to remove the anchors or the legal rights that spirits have and then they have to leave.  And people that have had problems and sickness, problems with certain emotions like fear that have been successive, problems with addictions, they’re getting free.  I wonder Mark if you would explain to me what a heart is like that needs to be healed and what a heart is like that’s been healed.

Mark:  Alright, that’s a great question Sid because a lot of times we don’t realize our need for deliverance and I didn’t realize my need for deliverance and when Kaye Cox prayed for me she cast out a good twenty demons or so.  And so I asked the question afterwards, “How could I had twenty demons inside of me and been a Spirit-filled pastor for the Lord and not known I needed deliverance?”  And the Lord gave me a definition of a healed heart, He said a healed heart is a heart that is full of faith, hope and love.  1 Corinthians 13:13 “Faith, Hope and Love now abide, faith, hope and love.  The abiding realities; they go into eternity and a healed heart is a heart that has that in it and an unhealed heart is a heart that has any opposite of faith, hope and love in it.  So the opposites of course of faith would be things like, fear, doubt, unbelief.  Opposite of Hope would be rejection, abandonment, loneliness; opposite of love would be anger, hatred, rage and bitterness; so those would be heart wounds.  We would consider each one of those categories a heart wound: fear, doubt, unbelief is a heart wound.  Rejection, abandonment, loneliness is a heart wound and demons can live there.  So if there is any area of my life or your life that you can look at and say I don’t have faith, hope and love there.  Like I look at my marriage do I have faith, hope and love this is going to be an exquisite marriage.  Do I look at my finances and say I have faith, hope and love; I’m going to have abundance and no lack.  Do I look at my children and my ministry and say I have faith, hope and love there.  If there is any area that you can look at and say I don’t have faith hope and love there then that’s a heart wound that needs some prayer ministry.                       

Sid: Mark as a pastor you had a very effective deliverance ministry and then when you saw just not getting results, you pray and nothing would happen, did you figure that maybe you didn’t have a deliverance ministry?

Mark:  Ha-ha-ha, well I obviously knew I did have a deliverance ministry because I cast thousands of demons out of hundreds of people.

Sid:  So why did you stop?

Mark:  Well, because I’m a theologian primarily and I got very frustrated theologically because I commanded a demon for an hour to come out in the Name of Jesus and it wouldn’t move and I said, “I’m so confused theologically I’m not going forward in this area anymore, I’m sorry.”

Sid:  Okay, so you stopped for at least a decade what caused you to start again?

Mark:  Ha-ha well, I got messed up in my own heart, my own heart picked up wounds during that ten to twelve year period and…

Sid:  It’s fairly easy to pick up wounds by being in ministry; actually it’s pretty easy to pick up wounds by being a human.

Mark:  Well, it really is you know, I got fired from a job or two, and I had a few people reject me from the things that I was saying so I picked up a spirit of rejection and a self rejection and I picked up anger and hatred towards those whose who fired me.  And so I had demons of anger and hatred and rejection and fear and fear of rejection and doubt and unbelief and all of them were attacking me.  And the way it would manifest for me is that I got into a situation that was the least bit fearful I would feel something rise up within my heart and grip me, it would rise up and grip me and I would be terrified.  And I said, “Man you know the situation is a little bit threatening but this fear owns me, it’s gripping me, it’s driving me and when something rises up and gripes you then that’s a good clue that it’s a demon.

Sid:  Okay, tell me about your experience with this woman, I’m not familiar with her “Kaye Cox.” 

Mark:  Yeah, Kaye Cox she was in Austria in the first seminar I went to.  Her husband was a surgeon and he said, that some of the third world patients he had he would give them to his wife and she would do prayer ministry and they wouldn’t need surgery afterwards and so…

Sid:  She’s going to put him out of business!

Mark:  Well, that’s why he didn’t give her all of his people…  Ha-ha and so I said, “Do you think that she would pray for me?”  And so he asked her and him and her got together and prayed for me the next day.  She spent about three hours and they cast about twenty demons out of me.  But they did more than that, before they cast the demons out they removed all the legal rights, the legal anchors that the demons had to get there.  They did inner healing prayer, breaking soul ties, ungodly beliefs, inner vows, inner healing, word curses and they went through and had me repent in all those different areas and that was removing the anchor that the demons were tied to and once the anchors were gone the legal rights were gone then she was able to cast the demons out very very easily and then the lights when on for me.  And then I said, “Now I understand why I couldn’t get that demon out even though I hollered for an hour at it in the Name of Jesus to leave because the demon had a legal right to be in the person’s life because the person had unconfessed sin.  And if we can break the legal rights and the anchors first then deliverance is easy.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity, when you had that session with Kaye and she cast these demons out of you you had been in ministry for how many years?

Mark:  Oh, probably a good fifteen to twenty years.

Sid:  Okay, what was there a perceptible difference in the way you felt, I mean did you feel lighter?  How did you feel?

Mark:  Oh yeah, see now I can face a fearful situation and nothing rises up within me and grips me.  Fear doesn’t rise up and gripe me and say, ah ha I own you, you know and now I don’t have anger rise up within me and say I hate this person, and control me and push me.  And I don’t have doubt and unbelief rise up.  You know my heart is free again, alright where it wasn’t free, I would have these things gripping my heart and there’s nothing inside now gripping my heart and pushing it in negative directions.  The only thing gripping my heart is the Holy Spirit saying, “Why don’t you forgive, why don’t you love, why don’t you be nice?”

Sid:  Tell me about the early church, we’ve kind of lost a lot of things from the early church, but was there view on deliverance?

Mark:  Well, one of the books I read many many years ago said that in the early church before people got saved, they automatically took everyone through deliverance as part of their preparation for water baptism and then they water baptized them; so it was normal and natural for everyone, everybody to experience deliverance.

Sid:  And do you know what’s kind of interesting is in books that I have read that after they ministered a little bit to the person they would exercise their faith just as in your series after someone dismantles all of the; you call them the anchors that are allowing the legal rights of that demon to be there, after that’s all dismantled you pray for the demon to leave.  Well what they use to believe is after everything is dismantled you just put someone and immersed them in water and when they come up they are free of every demon.  I kind of like that.

Mark:  Well, I like that too, you know we’ve heard stories today about people who went into the water of baptism and they were smokers and when they came out totally delivered from nicotine and they believed when then went into the waters they would be delivered and because they believed God met them.  And so yeah, we could train Christians, the young believers why don’t you believe to be totally set free of the power of darkness as you go through these baptism waters and if you’ll believe that God will break this all off you.

Sid:  Well what difference would it have made to you if you had gotten rid of all these legal rights, if these seven supernatural prayers had been prayed over you and every spirit was cast out when you first started as a believer?  Can you imagine the difference?

Mark:  You know I could have been a lot further down the road I think, because you know when you are believing people are going to reject you that doesn’t really facilitate an effective ministry because you are sending out waves of belief saying to the person I think you ought to reject me and there spirit hears that from my spirit, I think I should reject the guy.  So I went through a lot of rejection in those early years just because I believed that’s what was going to happen.

Sid:  Well, you have some amazing testimonies of people that have gone through your course and what’s happened with them and will talk about some of them later on this week.  But what do you feel like after you have taught this course and a hundred, two hundred people have these spirits cast out of them and their whole lives are changed, their whole destiny’s are changed?

Mark:  Ha-ha, well I tell you, yeah I’m over the top I am just as happy as I can possibly be, cause I’ll stay to the church and preach on Sunday because we do the deliverance on Saturday afternoon and evening usually and boy will share testimonies and they’ll say, “I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, I’m light, I’m light, I’m healed,” and it’s so rewarding to see the power of God transform a person’s life to deliverance for ministry.  It is just one of the greatest things that I’ve experienced.

Sid:  Give me something that just happened, a testimony that was just set free.

Mark:  Well, I’ll give you one from three days ago.  I was at Living Waters Ranch out in Idaho this last weekend and at the end of the seminar we broke into groups to pray for people who needed physical healing and one of the ladies in my group she had a neck wound.  She was in a car accident years ago and her neck, her vertebrae hurt her for many many years and we prayed for healing for that neck.  One of the things I prayed for was for deliverance for any demons attached to that neck to leave it.  And as we prayed that she said she felt something leave her neck, and we got done praying and she moved her neck all the way around in directions that she had not been able to move it for years.  And she said even though she had been prayed for several times for healing of her neck she had never had deliverance prayer and she felt that prayer and she felt that demon leave and it restored full mobility to her neck.

Sid:  This may be the key for all types of healings, but this has to be basic, basic, basic; the first type of discipleship for every new believer but the sad thing is most believer’s haven’t gone through this and so where ever you are at it is time to go through it and help others go through it.

Sid Roth welcomes Walid Shoebat

Sid:  You know many years ago I was a stock broker in Merrill Lynch and we were taught that it’s really wrong to get inside information, you can get in trouble over that and you could lose your license as stock broker.  But guess what, we have a book called the Bible that gives us inside information about what’s going to happen from today till the return of Jesus and even after.  For instance, I can tell you what’s going to happen to many nations in the world.  And my guest he’s put together a book so that you will finally finally understand end time Bible prophecy called “God’s War on Terror” Islam prophecy in the Bible.  His name is Walid Shoebat, and Walid tell me about some of these nations that are in the headlines today, what’s going to happen…let’s take the one where the revolt really started, Egypt.  What’s going to happen to Egypt, what’s their fate?

Walid:  Well, you could have a civil war in Egypt, because in Isaiah 19 “The Lord comes riding in a  swift cloud that is coming into Egypt.  When He comes to Egypt it is clear, it says an Egyptian will go against an Egyptian, brother against brother, neighborhood against neighborhood; so it’s clear Egypt is doomed to basically self destruct as this revolution will collapse be basically taken over in the future.  It will be taken over by the Anti-Christ because even Daniel tells us Egypt, Libya and Cush, which is Sudan and Somalia will follow at his footsteps will follow him in submission.  Islam literally means submission.  They will follow the Anti-Christ.  It is very difficult to have a European Anti-Christ with all of these Islamic hordes following him.  It doesn’t make any sense so the fate of Egypt is clear; also the fate of all the Islamic countries are clear if you want me to share…

Sid:  Tell me about Syria.

Walid:  Well, Syria Damascus will cease to exist in one day and that is a believe in Isaiah…

Sid:  Well, if I were a stock broker I wouldn’t be buying any stock in Syria right now.

Walid:  It wouldn’t be a good idea, in fact Isaiah tells us from 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 you know it’s amazing including in Isaiah 21 that God will destroy Arabia the burden against Arabia.  So it’s pretty clear.

Sid:  So Saudi Arabia has some problems too.

Walid:  That’s correct, it’s going to get nuked because Elam, which is Iran, Persian will arise and destroy it.  Saudi Arabia is that Harlot that the Bible talked about and the beast must burn the harlot, they must burn their holy place.  It is not farfetched.  God says I will put it in their heart to do such a thing.  God will burn Arabia with the oil with it by the hands of the Muslim nations.  If you think that this is farfetched then we need to ask the question in the 1st gulf war, how was it possible that the Muslim world was silent when Saddam Hussein lobed scuds at Saudi Arabia? 

Sid:  Speaking of that, I don’t want to digress too much, but I was recently talking to a man that watches the news and in particularly CNN and he said, how can Israel be so inhuman, how can most of the press be supported of Israel when they murder innocent women and children?  When they attach the Palestinians and the people you know that are having the scud missiles?  It’s horrible to scud missiles, but how can they kill these innocent children and women?  What would you say to him?

Walid:  Well, we are looking at only one part of the equation, Israel retaliating.  This kind of analysis is a faulty analysis, because we have to understand that every day in Israel buses blowing up, cafés and restaurants people being murdered.

Sid:  Well, I’m told many of the Palestinians put the woman and children out as human shields to protect their scud missiles.

Walid:  Well look, I know the subject very well because my cousin Irene Shoebat was a famous suicide bomber who was behind the operation of Rezone Letdowns (?) in which three Israeli’s died and of course when the Israeli’s retaliated they will always position their terror factories, their bomb factories amidst a major population.  You look at Mohammed Ambout a very well wanted terrorist in my village in which when he was finally executed by Israel the entire walked into the ceremony of the martyr; which mean the people themselves are very much imbed with the terrorists and support the terrorists and allow the terrorists to set camp in their midst. This calls for high casualty which is not the fault of Israel but the fault of the cowards who are murdering their own children by the hands of Israel.

Sid:  Well why, if it’s unequal, unjust waste which it is why doesn’t the world see it?  Why is the world on the Palestinian side? 

Walid:  Because the world hates the Bible, because the Bible declares that that land belongs to Israel.  And the world who don’t want to believe and reject the Bible; reject Israel because of the hatred to God.  It’s really a war on God and this is why Christopher Hitchens author a book is “God is not great.”  I dare him to author a book “Allah is not great.”  No such thing will ever happen.

Sid:  Okay, what about what we’ve talked about a lot about these Muslim countries and your book goes into detail, I mean you will know what is going to happen before it happens, what about Israel?  What’s going to happen to Israel with all this money and all of these nations have aiming their guns at Israel and their bombs?

Walid:  Well, eventually a war will commence coming from Turkey, holding hands with Iran against Israel in which Jerusalem will be invaded.  In fact the Bible tells us half the city shall go into captivity.  In other words not even all the city is occupied by the armies of the Anti-Christ.  Which tells me that the Anti-Christ doesn’t rule the globe; he only occupies half the city to Jerusalem.  The women will be raped in the old city of Jerusalem in which will cause jealousy among the Jewish population in which the Bible tells us and the feeble amongst Jews that will fight like King David.  That’s when the Messiah will land on the Mount of Olives.

Sid:  So the Jews will become super warriors at that point.

Walid:  Absolutely, absolutely it will be a tremendous day, the day of the Lord, in which we will all join with Christ in that battle.

Sid:  Okay, now out of just curiosity it seems like all the action is the Middle East.  What’s happening to us in America?  Are we going to survive?  Are we Swiss cheese, what’s going on?

Walid:  No, we will survive, because it says in the Bible in Daniel chapter 11 that the Anti-Christ declares war on the strongest fortresses.  The strongest fortresses in this case will be the west, will be the might of the United States of America.  Some might argue and say well that means he will defeat America.  No such thing is written in the Bible; in fact the Bible tells us the opposite is true; that the most powerful of the nations will defeat the Anti-Christ.  It is basically the wrong message when we tell people America will go down.  It’s not true.

Sid:  Okay, they are going to get your book but tell me about…I was amazed on your understanding and of course I shouldn’t have been amazed because of your background; of the crescent moon, explain that to me.

Walid:  Well, the crescent moon is called in Arabic language or Aramaic language, Hay ell.

Sid:  That’s the symbol of Islam?

Walid:  That’s correct it’s the symbol of Islam, but biblically it’s also the symbol of Lucifer.

Sid:  Really!

Walid:  Hosea fourteen, how aren’t thou fallen from heaven oh Hillel bin solar.  Look at the Hebrew, not the word Lucifer, which is a Latin word, the Hebrew word says, Hillel which means brightness, it also means crescent moon.  In fact the nick name of Lucifer in the Bible is always been crescent moon.  It is the Bel, the Bel was the horns, the two horns resembling the crescent moon.  In fact every knee will bow; every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord in the New Testament.  We must also look at the Old Testament in Isaiah 45 and 46, Bel bows, there’s Bel, the moon god, Bel bows, Nebo stoops.  But when it says every knee will bow, every tongue will confess, Bel bows, it’s pretty clear.  Even Arthur Jeffrey who is one of the greatest historians on Islam said that Bel is the moon god.  In fact even Christ will take the moon god and He will cast it down to the ground in fulfillment of Psalm Chapter 83 in which he will be like Gideon fulfilling Judges Chapter 8:21 when he casts the crescents to the ground. 

Sid:  What goes on inside of you with your background, Walid when you hear our politicians on television saying Islam is a peace loving religion?  What goes on inside, I mean when I’ve seen these facts that you have in your book I know what goes on inside of me, but someone like you coming as an ex-Muslim terrorist, how do you feel?

Walid:  I look at them and I see them in fear, but we must always understand that the Bible tells us that the cowards will not inherit the kingdom.  We cannot be believers and be cowards, the cowards will not inherit the kingdom, it is very clear.  We cannot be Christians and be cowards at the same time.  For the ones that coward to Islam are not one of the children of God, they will reject God.

Sid:  You know, I feel a lot of news people are afraid to say what they know about Islam.

Walid:  That is correct.  I’m sorry we are out of time.


Our Guest Mike Shreve

Sid:  Now several years ago I got the thought there are so many Jewish people trapped in the New Age.  There are so many Christians that are in mixture and they don’t even know it, trapped in aspects of the New Age.  Perhaps one of the most exciting evangelistic and/training books I can do is to the same format I did for Jewish people “They Thought For Themselves we followed that format in which I took the testimonies of Ten Jewish people that thought for themselves and became believers in Jesus with commentaries at the end of each of the testimonies.  Maybe I should do that same thing for the New Age and of course I knew my friend, Mike Shreve and Mike had a background before he became a believer as I did also in the New Age so I brainstormed with him a little bit and I said, why don’t I take some of the people that I have interviewed and some of the people that you know and do a book?  And let’s come up with a title and the title we came up with which is brilliant for people in the New Age “Truth Seekers” subtitled “Ten Amazing People Who Found It.”  And Mike was the editor and put it together and I am so excited, what am I excited about?  Because of the potential, now for starters for some of you that really don’t know what the word New Age means, “What does it mean, Mike Shreve?”

Mike:  Well the term “New Age” actually stems back to astrology, I’m sure some of the people listening to this broadcast remember that song that was so popular in the latter ‘60s “The Age of Aquarius.”  Well, that was talking about an astrological age; in astrology they believe the sun passes through houses as it goes around the earth.  Of course that’s an old way of viewing the solar system and that each of those ages last about 2200 to 2400 years.  And we happen to be according to astrological teaching in the Piscean age; which is an age of knowledge and reason and we’re about to enter into what they call according to that worldview the Age of Aquarius. Which is supposed to be an Age of great enlightenment where the human race walks in self realization and god consciousness and wars end and many of the problems and crisis’ that are going on in the world right now are solved; and we’re lifted to a whole new level of existence so it is a very hopeful optimistic way of looking at the future.  And that’s where you get the word or the phrase rather, New Age; it’s an anticipation of an Age to come that will be a beautiful and harmonious and peaceful Age here on the earth.

Sid:  You know as I hear you describe that it sounds like it is a perfect counterfeit of the Kingdom Age of God!

Mike:    Absolutely.

Sid:  I mean it’s a mirror perfect counterfeit of it!

Mike:  It is, because in a very qualified sense you could call Christians “New Agers” because we do believe a new age is coming, but we do not believe in the way that it will evolve or come about as taught in “The New Age Movement.”

 Sid:  Also, as you share that I think about some of the other related movements on planet earth like the people that are after peace, no war and they have these bumper stickers, is that tied in with it?

Mike:  Well, of course one of the basis tenants of the new age movement is the belief that all religions are different paths to the same god and you see a lot of bumper stickers promoting that idea that we can all live together having all the different religious symbols on the bumper sticker.  And I do believe that we need to tolerate one another’s’ difference of opinion to the degree that we still respect the person even if we don’t embrace the beliefs.  However, I do not believe as a Christian that you can synchronize or emerge all of these belief systems together.  But that’s a basic fundamental idea or concept in New Age.

 Sid:  Now what about disarmament, is that part of it in your opinion?

Mike:  Well certainly that will be part of the platform of the…

 Sid:  I mean, I remember when I interviewed you several years ago you you had a prophetic word that during the Obama administration there would be such a  proliferation of nuclear weapons and it such looks like that’s true and yet there’s a move for disarmament which means if you could trust everyone, everything would be fine.  But if you are dealing with liars as we are with many of these other countries I don’t think that it’s smart to disarm ourselves.

Mike:  Not that we would ever want a nuclear war or that God would want a nuclear war, but to disarm ourselves is to place ourselves in a vulnerable position.  I agree with you and the irony of the matter is that Obama has promoted, as part of his platform ridding not only our nation but other nations of nuclear weapons and thus hopefully making the world a safer place.  Yet what God told me is that during his administration that will increase; but see there’s three things Sid that are moving us toward a one world government.  Three forces that will provide the platform for the anti-Christ; one is economic, one is political, and the other is religious.  And the first is comprised of the elite banking societies that want a one-world currency and so forth, they want control of the world through finance.  The second, we can see that happening right before our eyes, individuals even in our government that are trying their best to dissolve our national sovereignty to blend us in with this new world order and that’s on both sides of the political spectrum, republican and democrats are working toward that end.  But the new age movement is that third leg or that third pillar that is pushing us toward a one world government because it provides the philosophy necessary to synchronize all these religions; because in the new age movement it pulls Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, all together into one.  And it says we are all in essence worshipping the same god and we are all basically saying the same thing.  Which sounds beautiful to the ear, but when you really inspect the doctrinal base of different religions you see how impossibly, illogical such a statement is.

Sid:  Well, you know Mike my heart in doing this book is I see it as so hugely evangelistic but I began to realize there are so many Christians that are involved in mixture and they don’t even know it.  For instance, your background before becoming a believer in the Messiah was in the area of yoga.  You taught at I believe it was four different universities; you had a couple a hundred students.  Today, knowing what you know about yoga would you be involved in it?

Mike:  Absolutely not!  Half of yoga is the most basic simple physical form of exercise in yoga but there are many reasons why I no longer do it.

 Sid:  Tell me a couple of major ones.

Mike:  Well, one of the major reasons is its spiritual roots are in Hinduism and it’s inextricable from Hinduism.  The main purpose for Hoffa-yoga is to prepare a person’s body and soul for something they call the awaken of the kundalini.  And the kundalini is a supposedly a coiled energy at the base of the spine and once it’s awakened it travels up through the spine and brings a person to enlightenment and is called, and now hold on to your seat, it’s called the serpent power.  That’s what kundalini means.

Sid:  But but but wait a second Mike, I have read that the exercise portion of yoga is very very healthy for an individual.  What if someone is that their goal…they’re not interested in these spiritual things, they just want health?

Mike:  Well, they’re putting themselves in a dangerous place though, if you walk into a studio where the statues of Buddha and Charisna and Shiva and pictures of gurus’, you may say well when they meditate, I’ll just say the Lord’s Prayer.  When they chant ohm, I’ll just think about the name of Jesus.  However, you are in an atmosphere which is impregnated with a demonic influence and you are positioning yourself in a very vulnerable place.  I have people call me all the time desperate for me to pray for them that got involved in just Hoffa-yoga but they started having these arousals of energy of suddenly surging through their bodies.

Sid:  But what if what if the teacher is even a church person?

Mike:  Well, this is something people don’t realize Sid, and I know it because I’m very much in communication with leaders in the industry, in the Christian fitness industry.  Most people don’t realize to be a Certified Yoga Teacher, even if it’s just plain old Hoffa-yoga, to be a Certified Yoga Teacher recognized by the yoga community you have to spend a certain amount of hours, I don’t remember what it is maybe a hundred, possibly two hundred hours studying under people who are given over to that far eastern mindset and studying Hindu scripture – debadas and so forth.  And in order to receive your certification you have to be immersed in Far East philosophy.  Very few people could do that without being tainted and what I warn people about is that if that yoga teacher is in any way given over to a New Age World view, even if they profess to be Christian, they believe all religions are different paths to the same god ect. ect; then by sitting underneath them and letting them dictate what you do and when you do it and yoga class you are submitting yourself to whatever spirit is in that room and whatever spirit…

 Sid:  And some of the articles that are in this book, I believe every Christian in America because I mean this is part of Satan’s end time strategy…