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Our Guest Dr. John Miller

Sid: This is your week to experience healing. I have on the telephone Dr. John Miller he’s a Chiropractor from Tampa, Florida he has spent the last 20 years studying communion. And he’s convinced and I’m convinced that because we haven’t had proper teaching on communion many are sick and even dead among us as scripture has to say. Now John on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about a strange symbol in the Old Covenant people that were bitten by snakes that were dying would look at a bronze serpent on a pole and stare at that pole and everyone that looked at it was healed. Would you continue?

John: Yes it’s because when Jesus took our sins in Him He became polluted with our sin. The scriptures say in 2nd Corinthians that He actually became sin He knew no sin but He became sin. And I began to talk about how the two elements of communion, one had fermentations or sin in it and the other didn’t. The bread has no fermentation because it represents the body of Christ His body never partook of sin it never committed a sin. So the bread of communion is without fermentation which represents sin, but the wine we know was fermented because Paul said they were coming to table and drinking so much that they were getting drunk. Now why did God allow the wine to be fermented? It’s because Leviticus 11:17 says “For the life of the flesh is in the blood and I give it to you for an atonement for your soul.” So the life that’s in your body is in your blood. Now James 2:26 says “For as the body without the spirit is dead so faith without works is dead.” That tells us that the Spirit is what gives life to your body. When Ananias and Sapphira lied to Peter about how much they paid for their property God took their body. There was nothing wrong physically with them but they dropped dead because their spirit was gone. Now sin is an issue of the spirit, if the life of the flesh is in the blood we know that the life of the flesh is the spirit, so the spirit is in the blood. When Jesus took our sin in Him it spoiled His blood with our sin. Now we can proved this with typology also; on the day of atonement the lamb was brought to the priest and the family’s head laid his hands on the head of the lamb imputing his sins and his family’s sins into that lamb. Then the priest took the lamb, took the blood and took some of the blood and put it on the mercy seat. Well that was tainted blood, the blood in that lamb now was tainted with that Hebrew family’s sin. So we have the picture of Jesus taking our sin in Him and spoiling His blood because the Spirit is in the blood. The Spirit gives life that’s why God did all blood covenants all life matters with blood covenants. So when we take communion it’s representing the fact that Jesus took our sin. I personally use wine, I use the Manischewitz wine…

Sid: But if somebody doesn’t use wine it doesn’t diminish the value does it?

John: Not as long as they understand what they’re doing. I’ve used on occasions water and crackers when I didn’t have the elements of communion because this is only an element to put you in memory of what Jesus did for you both spiritually and physically. So anything that we can use as a contact point will bring about the desired effect. I like the wine because the sweetness of the wine reminds me of the sweetness of redemption, but the bitterness of the alcohol reminds me of the bitterness He went through for me when He took my sin at Calvary.

Sid: You know one of the amazing things is that not only are you telling me people are being healed that start really doing communion daily and understanding as you put it in remembrance of what the Messiah did for us really understanding it. People are taking communion for others, tell me quickly about that Pastor’s wife and the healing she had when her husband took communion for her.

John: In 1st Corinthians 11:33 it says “When you come together to eat tarry yea one for another.” So that means we can take communion for someone else. Remember Job offered sacrifices daily for his children. Now I have a friend that’s a wonderful evangelist that started taking communion every day when I taught it in his church and he had done it for years. He would take communion for his wife his wife didn’t take communion daily; she ended up with cancer of the breast and they operated and took the lumps out. She got the lumps again and they operated, she got the lumps again and they scheduled her for surgery and he told his wife “I take communion for you every day, but I’m going to have to have you start taking communion for yourself.” And by the time she went to surgery the lumps were gone so there’s a case that she needed to do it. God first point this out to me when I was going to a church to teach on communion and the pastor there had gone completely blind in one eye and almost blind in the other eye. He’s a man that travels with Morris Cerullo for 6 or 8 years and had a tremendous healing ministry himself. And on the way to that church God brought out that verse in scripture “When you come together to eat tarry you one for another.” And God spoke to me and said “Nicky has the gift of healing when he is in that church he keeps everybody healed with that gift now when you have communion tonight I want you to put him in the middle and have the elders get around him and place their right hand on his head; when they eat the bread of communion he will be healed.” And so we did that and there wasn’t an instant manifestation that very second but within 2 minutes there was. He began to pray for people and all of the sudden he screamed and he came up on the stage and he picked me up in a bear hug and he picked up a song book and he covered the eye that he could see a little bit out of. And he said “Point to any line I can read it.” His eyes were totally healed in that communion service and that’s the first time that I ever saw in scripture that said “Tarry yea one for another.” I have a list of ministers that I take communion for on a daily basis.

Sid: Now let me ask you a question because Passover is coming up and it says in Exodus the 12th chapter a lamb for a house what about taking communion as a point of contact for the salvation of our entire house since under the Old Covenant type it was a lamb for an entire house?

John: Communion should be taken to do any spiritual warfare and what you’ve talking about actually is spiritual warfare. Everybody that’s not born again is of their father the devil; they have to be born again to get put into the family of God. Now satan is the god of this world. See we sent Missionaries over to Africa and we send them clothing and food and they get so many people saved and they’re in their life hut but we know that there’s princes of Persian, Princes of Greece, Princes of Tarsus their demonic heads over all of the nations and if you’re not born again then you belong to that side of the family that spiritual family. And so getting someone saved really would be a matter of binding and losing, binding those spirits that control those people and losing those people in the name of Jesus to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. And there’s no better time to do your spiritual warfare than after you take communion.

Sid: Tell me about the race car driver that lost his peripheral vision.

John: I had a friend who was a very famous guy he was voted race car driver of the decades, 2 decades in a row his name was Jan Oppermann. He crashed on the Sacramento mile in a Sprint car in California and lost the peripheral visions in his right eye. And in my living room at 2:00 in the morning I explained the communion message and I had a large loaf of bread and we took a big chunk of it because I like to take more bread than normally they give because I like to meditate on different parts of the body and different things that need healing. And as we took communion at 2:00 in the morning in my living room his eye was completely head. Now people will say “How can you do that not in a church and nothing having a preacher?” Certain denominations you have to be an ordained minister you can’t even be a licensed minister of that denomination to give out communion. And in 1 Peter 2:9 says “But we are a chosen generation a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Now anyone that has been called out of darkness into His light in others words if you’ve been saved the Bible says that “You’re a chosen generation, you have been made a royal priesthood.” Now being a royal priesthood by God is greater credentials than being an ordained minister by any denomination.

Sid: Whoop we’re out of time.

Our Guest Brian Simmons


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest bound himself in the library of Heaven and he saw books on every subject you can imagine, books on science and medicine, things like cancer cures that haven’t even occurred yet. And then he saw one book that was called John 22. There are only 21 books in the Gospel of John. Twenty-two had to do about the next great, greatest revival the world has ever seen. I want you to get some insight. I’ll be right back. So Dr. Brian Simmons, in the military, he gets radically saved. This was the Jesus movement. He was a druggie. Gets radically saved, runs back to the army barracks, and what happened, Brian?

BRIAN: I was so excited over what happened I just went through the barracks yelling out to all the men, “Come and listen to what happened to me. You’ve got to hear this.” And we found a room, in the barracks. We all got in there together, probably 50 men. “I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my heart. This is about love. This is about acceptance.” And as I shared with them about my conversion, 10 people that very day came to know Jesus. It was so amazing. It made me think from that moment on maybe I’m called, maybe I have a calling to do something for God. I went from LSD to G-O-D. I went from, like in one day’s time I went from being just really a very messed up, disturbed person to becoming one who loves Jesus, and he’s put up with me ever since.

SID: Now he gets mentored and discipled, and his wife is as crazy as him about Jesus, as crazy as they were in drugs and things like that before they knew him. And they go to Central America with three children to a tribe that they didn’t speak a word of their language. And it was a tough time for them, needless to say. And so in desperation, Brian had an all-night prayer meeting with

the craziest prayer you have ever heard. What was it?

BRIAN: Desperation drives you to desperate measures. And we had been in the jungle for two years. It was difficult. We had to break down their language through a linguistic analysis. The people were very hard. They were very stubborn. They stole from us. They virtually closed their ears to the message we brought. I cried out that night, middle of the night, and here’s the crazy prayer. I said, “Lord, if you don’t come and move in this village, move in my heart and move in the hearts of these tribal people that have never heard, understood the Gospel, if you don’t move with power, I’m going to go back and tell every supporter, every prayer partner, every church we’ve ministered in that you weren’t big enough to tackle the Pia Kuna people and to bring them to know you through Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.”

SID: Did you mean that?

BRIAN: I meant it with all my heart.

SID: That is a desperate prayer. Did God answer?

BRIAN: Did he ever. That morning, the air around our village was supernaturally energized. I can’t describe it other than it was just, you felt the presence, like God had stepped down, like a steel punch of God had come through the atmosphere into our village. And here’s what happened. I broke. My heart broke open. So I went to every hut in our village, over 500 people in our tribal village, and I went to every hut, started early in the morning, and I asked them to forgive me. I repented and I said, “I have not been the messenger of Jesus that I should have been to you. Would you forgive me? I’ve not loved you the way Jesus loves you. Would you forgive me and would you come tonight and let me give you the living message of truth.” I couldn’t even get done asking them to forgive me. They would fall down on the ground. The power of God would land on them and they had never experienced this before, and I had never seen anything like this before, in the mid-80’s. And there they were trembling on the ground shaking like a leaf in the wind. The power of the Holy Spirit had fallen on them and they were weeping, and they were crying, and they had never even believed in Jesus yet. They were experiencing the power of God.

SID: He then hears an audible voice. It was God. And what did God say?

BRIAN: It was five in the morning. I was, as I usually do every morning, I get up early, I seek the Lord, I pray, and there I am. I no sooner began to pray that he spoke audibly. It was not inside, it was not just a whisper in my ear. It was a sound that was all around me. And he says, “I’m calling you back to North America. I’m going to send revival to the nations and you’re goingto be a part of it.”

SID: He came back to the United States, he founded a church and then one day the wall melted.

BRIAN: I was in my room praying and actually what I was doing, was I was asking the Lord to help me as a pastor to show His love and to be the servant that He wanted me to be in our church. And the wall in front of me, five feet away from me, melted. It just, it literally melted. And walking through the wall was this light so intense and so bright it was a ball of light. It was so bright I’m sure there was the one I love was inside of that light. But I couldn’t focus my eyes on it. It was so bright, all I could do was hide my face and I still felt the light piercing through me. And I screamed and I said, “Lord help me. Give me grace to endure this.” And for it seemed like maybe 20 minutes that light just burned through my life. It burned up some things that needed to be burned up. It exposed some things that needed to be exposed and from that encounter, I became a different person. But I actually got to the point where I had to say, “Lord, you’re going to have to lift this from me. I’m going to die. You know, my wife will come home later and there will be dust and ashes on the floor, and she’ll sweep it up not realizing it’s me.” I just felt like I was going to be consumed in this fire.

SID: So there would be less of you and more of God. Okay. When that happened—

BRIAN: A lot less.

SID: Listen to this. When that happened, he then went out because he felt, he was reminded he had to buy some milk. So you go to the store and what happens?

BRIAN: I remembered that it was my duty to get some milk for the family. I went to the grocery store.

SID: It was very important after that inspiration, you understand.

BRIAN: So I make my way through the store and I no sooner come through the door and about a 10, 12-foot radius around me, any person that I passed fell over. They just fell over, right out. And I thought, that’s interesting. How could so many people have a heart attack at one time? I really didn’t know what it was. And half way back to the dairy counter, the guy with the green vest looks down the aisle and sees what’s happening, bodies out on the floor, and he started to panic. I realized I know what this is. This is the presence. It’s not me. It’s the presence of the one who came to my room just a few minutes. He is clinging to me. The presence was on me for that day.

SID: The children. When you went back to the church, what happened to them?

BRIAN: Well I gave up on the milk and remembered that I had an appointment to speak in chapel. We had a wonderful school, beautiful kids, little kids in our school, the first six grades, and I was going to be the chapel speaker that day, and I just remembered that. So I went in the office and my staff froze, like I hit the pause button on the remote control. They just froze staring at me, and for minutes. And finally, Jeff, one of my staff members said, “Pastor Brian, what happened to you?” And I said, “I’ll tell you later. I’ve got to go speak in chapel.” Made my way through the hall, went into the chapel. As soon as I came into the auditorium, every one of those children, probably 50 to 60 kids, every one of them fell down. The power of the Lord came into that chapel. They all ended up on the ground and it was like a repeat of what I saw in the jungle. They were shaking and crying, and stumbling.

SID: They had never seen anything like this.

BRIAN: These are little, these are children. and they’re not of course going to make this up or just mimic somebody else. They were under God’s power. Some saw angels. They told us later, some were being taken up into heavenly visions. And I just sat there. I didn’t know what to do. What do you do, something like that?

SID: You get out of the way is what you do.

BRIAN: That’s exactly what I did.

SID: God has given him a gift where it’s almost like he sees, Brian sees a television screen and knows what’s going to happen. When we come back, I want to find out when he saw this television screen of a baby that was dead coming back to life. Be right back.


Our Guest Benny Hinn


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I love it. When I was a brand new Jewish believer a little over 40 years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman. I saw miracles and precise words of knowledge that in all candor I haven’t seen to that degree since. But there was a young man just recently saved. And this young man went to the meeting of Kathryn Kuhlman, and he saw something in her he had never seen before. He saw such intimacy with God, with the Holy Spirit. He wanted it desperately, and he got it. His name is Benny Hinn and he says that he has learned secrets that everyone can have that same relationship with the Spirit of the Living God that Miss Kathryn Kuhlman had. You know, what I found out is that it’s almost like, Benny, it’s almost like the devil has some sort of sense that God has a call on someone’s life and tries to sabotage them before they even get started. For instance, I never knew this, but you had a stuttering problem, and not only that, your teachers and your father said that you were a hopeless case by age [?]. But, now you were raised in a Greek Orthodox family, born in Israel. Boy, you’re provoking me to jealousy, not the stuttering but born in Israel. And at 11, you know nothing about, really, Jesus beyond religion. But you had a visitation. What happened?

PASTOR BENNY: You know, in the eastern culture to have a daughter first is a shame. So my mother had married into a very difficult family. My dad’s family were not very nice people. They’re much nicer today, but anyway. And they persecuted my mom for having a girl first. She had just married my daddy and my sister Rose was born, and shame, shame, shame on my mom. So she prayed. She had Greek, you know, Greek Orthodox woman, prayed to the Lord. Now she wasn’t saved and she said, “Lord,” she said, “If you give me a son I will give him back, I will give him back to you.” Just like Hannah. The Lord heard her, surprisingly. And so when I was just a little boy, I keep saying, 11, my mom says I was younger, but anyway, it doesn’t matter. I saw the Lord come to me. I’ll never forget that. And when He looked at me with an amazing heavenly smile, I don’t know how else to describe the smile except pure love. But when I woke up I could not move. I was just frozen. Every part of me was overpowered by this heavenly electricity.

SID: Now remember, he’s about 11 years of age. He can’t put any paradigm on what has occurred.


SID: But he felt something. He felt this electricity. And then he went to a meeting, I believe it was in high school, and he felt that same presence at the meeting, and he got saved. And you would have thought everything would be wonderful after that. But he gets home and he’s so in love with Jesus, and his parents didn’t like it. In fact, your father, what did he say to you?

PASTOR BENNY: My father sent me to a psychiatrist.

SID: I didn’t know that.

PASTOR BENNY: Oh no, he did. I still remember they plugged my head with all kinds of plugs. They thought something was wrong with me. So a few years after when we had immigrated to Canada — now remember this happened, when I saw the Lord, happened in [unintelligible]. But then in ’68, we immigrated to Canada. In Canada, I heard about the Lord for the first time. How sad I had to go to Canada to learn about Jesus. Anyway—

SID: You would think in Israel, I suppose.

PASTOR BENNY: In Israel, I thought that the Lord was Catholic. But anyway, so you go to Canada, where I discovered that the Lord was really alive. And in high school when I got saved, February 14, 1972, at 7:50 in the morning, to be exact, I felt that same electric current go through me, and then I connected it everything together. And the Lord just became very real to me in a very different way.

SID: But God used the persecution he went through. He, you know, he’s kind of withdrawn because of his stutter. His father can’t stand him because of his fanatic belief in Jesus. So he spent most of his time in his room reading the Bible, thousands of hours. He hears about Miss Kuhlman. He decides to take a bus ride to Pittsburgh. You’re standing, there’s where I want to take you, you’re standing outside in a line.

PASTOR BENNY: I was wrapped up like an Eskimo, it was so cold, and I began to tremble.

SID: It was so cold.

PASTOR BENNY: Well no, no, no. I was not cold. I was all wrapped up. I just began to tremble. I thought, at first, I was cold. But it was not a cold feeling, you know, at all. And we ran in to get a seat and then as I sat there with my coat off, hat off, gloves off, all that, I’m still trembling, and I trembled more inside than outside.

SID: It was the Spirit of God that was causing it.

PASTOR BENNY: Well I did not know that until I sat down. Yeah, I mean, because this was so new to me. When she came on the platform, it’s very hard to describe it to someone who had not been to Miss Kuhlman’s meetings, there was such a substance of the Lord, the only way I can say it, where you felt, strongly felt His person, not just the atmosphere, but His person. And as she came on, I was so taken by it, and so amazed and awed, I couldn’t even move, hardly breathe, because the overwhelming presence of the person of Jesus was there. And now I’m just weeping. I mean, how can you not weep at that amazing presence. And I felt, I had my arms up because they were singing, and I did not even know the song, “How Great Thou Art.” So I’m trying to sing it and I feel a breeze. So I looked around, I thought something over at the window. This was December. It was cold out there. No windows were open. But I felt this breeze go by, very gentle breeze. And at that point, I’ll never forget, I said, “Dear Jesus.” And that was the first time I think I ever called him Dear Jesus. I said, “Dear Jesus, have mercy on me.” I heard his voice so clear, and now it explains much of what’s happened to me in the last 40 years. He said, “My mercy is abundant on you.” And then I felt this overpowering love just go through me, and I felt a tingle go with it.

SID: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought. When we come back, I want to tell you how that same presence that was on Miss Kuhlman apprehended Benny, and even better, how it’s going to apprehend you. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Dr. James Maloney


Sid: Now in addition to myself and my guest Dr. James Maloney, Professor at Christ for the Nations who travels the nations because he has the most amazing prophetic and miracle ministry. But it’s the greatest miracle is that this man survived that he didn’t end up in a penitentiary or mentally insane or dead because just a baby he was neglected because his mother didn’t have the money to support him. And his mother’s husband wasn’t his father came back from penitentiary and just would beat him and smash and step on his face and beat him against the wall. Finally fortunately he was adopted by a family that loved him. But as a teenager he rebelled and almost understandable with a background like that. And finally 14 years of age 1970 I guess Jim I don’t know what was going on in your life but you must have been a pretty desperate youngster.

James: Yes Sid I was desperate a lot like many teenagers my adoptive parents were wonderful people, but they were hard working people they were gone an awful lot and so I had a lot of woundings because of the early years. And I couldn’t figure out why my biological mom didn’t love me enough to keep me and you know various questions that many people have.

Sid: Sure.

James: And so I just was very desperate by the time I’d turned 14 years of age I was rejected, wounded even suicidal I didn’t want to live anymore there was a lot of confusion a fear. There was a lot of activity I see now, I didn’t know back then, but in the area where I grew up in Southern California there was a lot of demonic activity and occult operations because it was an area that was strong in spiritism and this mysticism so that didn’t help me either. So when I was 14 it was December of 1970 I was very very desperate and I needed to know the reality of God and I needed to know I was loved for who I was, and I needed the acceptance. And even though my adoptive parents as I said Sid gave me as much as they could they were just gone a lot and hard working people and so we were neglected and I have some what the time we wanted to spend more with them and I have a sister who is younger who is about 3 years of age and so we were just very very desperate and so I cried out. It was December 31st and I just cried out to God I said “God if You’re real You’re just going to have to reveal yourself to me because I don’t think I can live another day.” And I was very desperate and the Lord knew that if He did not answer my cry for acceptance I wouldn’t be here today and He wonderfully answered that.

Sid: Tell me how He answered that.

James: Well you know if someone usually, and I’ve traveled all over the world Sid and I’ve shared this in conferences and Full Gospel Businessman’s Meetings and regional conventions of this and that and so it’s just touched 1000’s of people. And it’s very supernatural because somehow I wept myself to sleep it was December 31, 1970 as I shared with you. January 1st when I was awakened it was very early in the morning and sun had not yet come up and I was laying in bed and I woke up and all of a sudden I felt that someone was standing in my room. I know that it’s kind of hard to describe and someone was standing there in my room and I begin to shake. I wasn’t fearful because whoever was standing in my room there was a sense of peace and a sense of warmth and acceptance. My eyes were really tightly closed because I didn’t want to look to see who it was, but then I got like most young people I go very curious and so I opened up one eye and I just sort of peaked over to the left and I lifted my head up off of the pillow a foot or so and I looked down on the floor to the left side of my bed and I noticed that there was like this glow this light that began to spread. And wherever this light begin to spread Sid it just covered the area where it was you couldn’t see the carpet, you couldn’t see the wall as it began to rise up right in front of me. This light, this glory I can’t describe it correctly I mean I’ve shared this many many times and I cannot fully articulate the light and the glory of the Lord. But I knew that whoever was in that light the thought came to me that it was a person of royalty. And so what I did was I figured you know if it’s a person of royalty He deserves that I get out and kneel in front of Him. And so that’s what I did I got out of the bed and I knelt in front of this light, I didn’t see anyone at that time in the light. And as I just looked into that light it was kind of interesting because I felt compelled to just reach out and so I reached out my hands towards that light and that light penetrated my hands and literally went into that light. I just have to stop and say this I mean every time I share this I just get somewhat choked up because you know it was an experience that changed my life. But as I reached out into that light I always say this when I share this, that if you know that if Krishna would have been in that light I would have worshipped Krishna, if Buddha had been in that light I would have worshipped Buddha. But it wasn’t Buddha or Krishna because when I put my hands on into that light I looked down right in front of me I looked between my arms and there were two hands that came out towards me. And I looked into those hands and I knew immediately that they were the hands of Jesus. Jesus spoke to me and He said “I heard your cry for acceptance and I’ve heard your cry for reality.” And He said something Sid that just forever changed my life He said “I love you the way that you are.” And that touched me powerfully because I had spent a lifetime striving for love and acceptance. That wounding of rejection the fear, the torment the first 2½ years of my life many times because of their lifestyle my natural mother and her husband they would take me and throw me in the closet and they would just shut the door and lock it and sometimes I would stay there a whole day even 2 days at a time. And you know I don’t’ even remember the beatings but I do remember being in that closet and sense of isolation and that engulfing of darkness that just penetrated my soul and I would just sit in that closet just weeping and crying and wanting that acceptance why isn’t someone here to open up the door. And so there was a tremendous fear of rejection. And so when Jesus spoke that to me and said “I love you just the way that you are” I’ve got a purpose is what He was saying. I was gloriously touched in my inner man and…

Sid: Would you do something right now there’s someone listening right now that needs to hear that and the truth is that God loves them as much as He loves you.

James: Oh He does Sid.

Sid: Now will you speak on behalf of the Lord and say that to someone listening right now?

James: I definitely will share that to the people that are listening to this program. I just want you to open your heart because Jesus is one that shows no respecter of persons He loves you as much as He loves me and He wants to minister to you as He touched me. And I believe that one of the reasons why God gave me this encounter was to have a faith, a childlike faith, to reach out to people that are hurt, wounded and bruised. I know somebody that are listening your laboring under tremendous torment and fear. Maybe you’ve been abused physically, even sexually a sensing of neglect, Jesus is our great physician. The Bible says that He heals the brokenhearted He binds up the wounds and so I just want you to reach out just as Jesus answered my cry for acceptance you open up your heart to Him His ear the Bible says is open to your cry. And I’m going to pray for you right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord You’re the great therapist, You’re the great healer, You’re the one that restores people’s souls. As these precious people are listening to this program I ask as they’re opening their heart now and crying out to You for acceptance that You would hear their cry and that the anointed of the Holy Spirit would break every yoke of bondage that every fear, every sense of torment and rejection would be eradicated and that Your healing balm would be applied within their hearts, their souls. And Lord You see the tears, You know their hearts cry, You know what they’ve gone through let them hear as I’ve heard that their life has purpose and that Lord You love them just the way that they are You will receive them just the way that they are in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and amen. Praise God.

Sid: I’ll tell you what the presence of God.

James: Oh, I feel it.

Sid: Can you feel that Jim?

James: I sense the presence of God.

Sid: It’s like the best way that I can describe it is that the Lord who reached out and touched Jim’s hands is reaching out right now and He’s putting His arms around you.

James: That’s right.

Sid: And He is saying “I’ve heard your prayers and I want you to know you are accepted by Me, I love you just the way you are.” And you know Jim I’m overwhelmed when I take a look at just a smidgen of how God has used you with the miraculous, but this is absolutely ridiculous in my notes it says in California that there was a woman by the name of Mary that had a pace maker and you prayed for her and you tell me what happened.

James: Well Mary is a precious lady and she was in one of our meetings and she was scheduled for heart surgery and one of the ways that the Lord uses me Sid is that sometimes He’ll give me a word of knowledge that simply means that He’ll reveal to me a person’s condition because it’s His way of Him wanting them to know that He’s there in the night and wants to heal them.

Sid: In other words you’ll know what’s wrong with them before they tell you.

James: Many times that’s correct. Of course the Holy Spirit brings it to me and I can’t just make them up but as He brings them to me and this is what happened to this lady I saw it in her. There was probably about 400 people in the service…

Sid: You know a fellow by the name of Branham used to do that.

James: Yeah Branham, William Branham was very prolific in word of knowledge very awesome in the late 40’s and early 50’s and he was used that way. So I just pointed to her and I said “Your scheduled for open heart surgery is that correct?” You know when you give a word like that Sid you’re either right or wrong. (Laughing)

Sid: Yes.

James: She said “Yes” and…

Sid: Oh I hate to do this hold that thought…

Sid Roth

sid roth

Sid: Well this is Purim week and I’ve been talking about Purim, and I’m going to speak on it all this week. At Purim time we’re instructed to read the megillah, which is the scroll of Esther and we read every word in the synagogue. I believe the book of Esther is not an end time book to the church, I believe the book of Esther is thee end time book to the church. Keep listening you’ll understand why.

One of the traits, one of the things you think about when you think about Purim is you think about joy. When I think about joy I think of the words from the book of Romans “That the kingdom of God…” Here let me read this to you, it’s Romans 14:17:

For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

You see at Purim we Jewish people we have a lot of joy, but unless we know the Messiah we don’t have the kind of joy in the Holy Spirit that the word of God is speaking about here in Romans chapter 14 verse 17.

For the kingdom of God is not…

Having the best food, the best drink, yeah you can have joy from wine but there is a joy a supernatural joy in God’s kingdom. See the problem is many people that are in God’s kingdom have one foot in God’s kingdom, and one foot in the world. We’re coming to a time in history where the devil has more demons per square inch released for anyone that is playing one foot in the world and one foot in the Lord. See there is a season, there is a time God gives people a period of grace but that time is over, that time of playing games is over because the stakes are so high we’re so close to the return of the Messiah. I mean you’ve got to choose who’s your king. Is self on your throne, or is Jesus on your throne?

Let me tell you one of the benefits of being in His kingdom, and it’s the greatest benefit in the world. You can be happy and you can have joy, you hit the lottery and win a million dollars you’re going to be real happy; you’re going to have money to buy things the rest of your life, but what good is that money if you develop a tumor of the brain that’s inoperable and cancerous? You’re dying and there’s nothing medical science can do for you. What’s going to happen if you develop AIDs? What’s going to happen if, God forbid, your wife leaves you for another man, or your husband leaves you for another woman? What’s going to happen if your kids are into drugs, they’re out on the streets selling their body and stealing? They are the children you gave your life for.

You see the most important things money can’t buy and we’re coming into a time in history where it just plain doesn’t matter because you can have all the money in the world and you’re not going to buy the most important things in life.

I mean with the biological warfare that we see all the time as far as potential terrorism could be and the cells that are within the United States. I mean, it says in the Bible:

That the age will be an age of fear in the last days. Men’s hearts failing them for what they see.

That’s what we’re seeing right now. This is the time to put both feet into God’s kingdom and then you have the King running interference for you. I like to be in God’s kingdom, I like God running interference for me. For the kingdom of God, and that’s the kingdom that I’m in is not eating and drinking the nice things of life, not that you can’t have nice things, but that not God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom is something that nice things can’t buy, it’s righteousness. It means total forgiveness of all of your sins if you have repented and believe in the blood of Yeshua, the blood of Jesus washing away your sins. It means when God looks at you He doesn’t see you He sees His Son Jesus, and you are the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus. It means no condemnation, nothing separating you from God’s love that means being a clear vessel. It’s not something you work up; yes it’s a free will decision to will to follow God but it’s pure grace. That’s why we’re so grateful to our King.

So the kingdom of God is first of all, no condemnation, walking in righteousness, walking in purity, walking total forgiveness better than forgiveness, your sins are remitted. God remembers them no more. The kingdom of God is walking in peace. The Hebrew word for peace is shalom, which means completeness, completeness in your spirit, completeness in your soul, and completeness in your body. I like walking in shalom.

The kingdom of God is joy in the Holy Spirit, and that’s what I saw at this great Purim celebration that we had in Kiev at the world’s largest Messianic Jewish congregation that I like to call a One New Man congregation.

You see at Purim we are commanded by… in the rabbinical books we’re told we have to get drunk to the point to where we don’t know the difference between Mordechai or Haman.

So when I was conducting this Purim service several years ago in Kiev, Ukraine, I made a little joke, a toast. I had an imaginary wine glass, and I poured the wine . You just picture me pouring that wine in that glass. Then I took the glass and I said the Hebrew toast. You know what the Hebrew toast is? L’chaim! That means to life. Then I would take a drink and I would pretend like I was getting a little drunk. But guess what, all of a sudden I wasn’t pretending, the people weren’t pretending, the Spirit of God moved on us just like it did in Pentecost. Do you know what happened at Pentecost, the Hebrew word is Shavuot, the outpouring of God’s Spirit? The people acted like they were drunk but it was 9:00 in the morning, they didn’t have any alcoholic beverages, but yet their actions were as if they were intoxicated. I mean people were falling out of their chairs. They were so drunk and so happy, and let me tell you these people in Ukraine have nothing except God, and they trust God. They have faith in God, and they walk in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. I say although they have nothing materially, they’re the wealthiest people in the world. Oh did we have a service.

You see another thing at this One New Man congregation that I’ve been talking about so much is the music. The music pleases God, and they use an ancient form of music it’s a Chasidic type of music, it’s called Lubavitcher music, Klezmer if you’ve ever heard that. You know I can’t describe it I just want you to hear some of their music right now.

Music excerpt – Mashiach

I don’t about you but I get happy over that, but even at home we get happy over that. You know when we did that several hundred people were instantly healed. I mean instantly several hundred people just stood up and they were healed of everything imaginable. There’s something about this supernatural joy, and I’m so joyful.