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Our Guest Becky Dvorak

SID: Now what Becky loves to do, she knows how to do it the hard way. She doesn’t wish that on anyone.

BECKY: No, I don’t.

SID: Her heart’s desire is to train you. Tell me about the parents of the three year-old girl that you trained.

BECKY: Yes. I receive prayer requests all the time from people and I try to answer them the best I can. And there was a couple in the United States and the man’s name is Victor and they have a three year-old little girl. And the little girl was suffering for seven months already with epileptic seizures and they were just very bad seizures and no medication, nothing was working for her. And he cried out to in desperation and he asked me to pray for him. So I prayed for him. This is online. And I prayed for him and then I gave him direction. “Now I need you to renounce the spirit of death and release the spirit of life.” And part of what I taught him to do is what I teach people when it comes to epileptic seizures, which can be very deadly.

I told him in the name of Jesus, you go in with your words and prophesy over that brain and in Jesus’ name we supernaturally erase every pathway that those seizures are following. And we declare the word of the Lord and it may not re-dig anymore pathways for these seizures to follow, because in Jesus’ name that spirit of death, that premature death, that epileptic spirit is gone in her, in Jesus’ name. And so I told–

SID: I tell you what, just as you’re saying that I feel like something good is going on.

BECKY: Amen. Amen. The word never returns void. Amen. And so I told him, “Just start speaking this no matter what it looks like. I don’t care how many seizures she has in front of you. You just keep quoting it out loud.” And seven days later he wrote me and he said, “I have a testimony to share with you, and it happened right away, but I waited for a full week before I contacted you again. She has never had one more seizure. It’s gone.”

SID: You know.

BECKY: Amen.

SID: This woman has been taught, personally taught by God to teach others and I think it’s so wonderful. You’ve written the prayers out for different types of diseases. There are people watching I believe even in a hospital room and other places right at this moment, and they’re battling the same thing you’re talking about, a spirit of death, would you look at them and give them advice? Be their coach right now.

BECKY: Right now in Jesus’ name, I say, never give up no matter how bad that situation looks, no matter how bad the medical report is, you never give up. You have to learn how to choose to live, choose to fight and choose to win. And so you lay your hand on yourself right now and you renounce spirit of death. You renounced that sickness and you’ll command it out of your body in the name of Jesus, and then you release the spirit of life and the healing power of the Holy Spirit to flow into your body. But first of all, you cannot give up. You have to choose to live and you have to choose to fight.

SID: I have been reading the reports of people that sit under your teaching. Let me ask you this, you’re driving, I guess, towards Guatemala and there was a crazy man driving a truck. Tell me about that story.

BECKY: Yes. This happened many years ago in our early years of living in Guatemala and we were driving through Mexico on our way to Guatemala. And we were on this trucker’s route. It’s by the Gulf of Mexico and they’re really crazy drivers at that point, anyway, it’s all hill country. And it was clear for me to make this pass. And so I’m going along and all of a sudden this man in this semi-truck looks down and I think because he saw I was a woman driving this car and at that time it wasn’t very common there. And he saw me and he started to laugh at me. He stepped on the pedal. So he went faster and faster and I’m telling you-

SID: And you’re trying to.

BECKY: I’m trying to pass.

SID: And he’s going faster than you.

BECKY: Up in the distance I see over on top of the other hill another semi-truck coming over the hill. And the guy can see it coming and he’s laughing away at me and I’m going as fast as I can and there’s nothing I can do. In the natural, there’s no way of escape. This man, I just have to say, just had the spirit of death over him and just this murderous type of spirit came over him and this semi coming over the hill, it’s coming down and that semi is picking up speed. And I didn’t know anything that I know today. I just knew I had a God that loved me and cared for me. And this was not of God, this was purely of Satan. That’s all I knew at that point in life.

And this semi is coming and it’s coming and it’s sounding its horn and all I know, Sid, is I saw the brightest, widest glorious light and it was just a big flash of light. And the next thing I knew, we were far ahead of this man as if nothing had ever happened and there was no explanation for it other than what I read in the Bible about being translated.

SID: What actually happens, do you know what actually happens when you die? Becky died and she’s going to explain what happens. Be right back.

Our Guest Robin McMillan

SID: Robin, is there a hope for the United States of America?

ROBIN: I have absolutely no doubt, as I sit here, that God has to pour out his spirit in our nation in an unprecedented way. And here’s why I believe that, first of all, the gospel tells us that the harvest is the end of the age. There’s a harvest yet to come. The Bible also tells us in Romans chapter 11 all Israel shall be saved. That indicates another massive evangelism among the Jews. The Bible also tells us in Amos that we will have an unprecedented harvest to gathering all the Gentiles who are called by God’s name in a time where there’s an outpouring of the intoxicating power of the spirit and it must happen in the season where the Jewish people were brought back to their homeland, never to be displaced again.

I believe in a harvest for the United States and an outpouring in the United States because of a number of prophetic revelations I’ve had. And because of the very nature of God, when there’s gross darkness, he will bring bright light. And I will say this too, during the Jesus movement, our nation was turned upside down. And if you look at society, if you look at the social conditions today, they are identical now, as to that era where God moved mightily in our nation, he is going to move again.

SID: You know, like most revelations, they are so profound, yet they’re very simple.

ROBIN: Yeah.

SID: And actually, in studying your materials and hearing you speak I don’t know why we don’t understand it, but we don’t.

ROBIN: Yeah.

SID: Tell me about the wagon of hope.

ROBIN: Well, there’s a Bible translation called the Wuest Translation.

SID: One of my favorites.

ROBIN: And Romans chapter eight begins this way, “for we are saved in the sphere of hope.”

SID: Hmm.

ROBIN: Sid the truth is, the hope of God and God Romans 15:13, “now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace and believing that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy spirit.” There is no one, if you said, tell me what verse do you know about hope, they’d say hope deferred makes the heart sick. I think that’s ridiculous. No one can defer your hope but you. The devil can’t, circumstance can’t. You have in your power to maintain hope but because you were born again into a sphere of hope and Christ, the hope of glory lives inside us.

SID: All right, but wait a second, there are people where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, that are watching us right now, listening to us, viewing us right now and they say, but you don’t know about my kid who is in prison for drugs.

ROBIN: Right, right.

SID: You don’t about my wife who’s having an affair with one of my best friends.

ROBIN: Right.

SID: Or you don’t know about the diagnosis I just got.

ROBIN: For those of you who have suffered, your children a mess, maybe your marriage is in trouble. Maybe things are going on in your community and you have no answer for. Let me say this to you. The Lord says, is there anything too hard for me? I release to you authority to speak into every one of those situations and a grace to believe that the God of the whole earth will come to your aid and answer your question. He loves you. He knows what’s going on. He’s looking for people that will cooperate with him to release that power, to change those situations.

Here’s the thing Sid, we all have challenges. For instance, even the great prophet, Jeremiah, suffered with hopelessness.

SID: You were telling me in the dressing room before the show.


SID: Just a few lines from the book of Jeremiah, and they just literally, I believe that as you teach just a few minutes on that it’s going to inject supernatural hope into people.

ROBIN: Well the first thing we need to realize that hope[lessness] is a consequence and not a cause. It’s a delusion it’s the consequence of an inaccurate belief system. And so, in Jeremiah 15, Jeremiah makes an accusation against the Lord. He says, “are you like waters that fail, that streams that cease? Are you unfaithful?” And here’s what the Lord says, and you find it the clearest in the amplified translation. Therefore, thus says the Lord to Jeremiah, “if you return and give up this mistaken tone of distrust and despair, then I will give you again, a settled place of safety and quiet and you will be my minister. And if you separate the precious from the vile, cleansing your own heart from unworthy, unwarranted suspicions concerning my faithfulness, you shall be my mouthpiece.” Now listen Sid–

SID: Isn’t that strong?

ROBIN: There are pastors all over the world, who have ceased to have the authority as one of God’s ministers and one of God’s mouthpieces because, they have yielded to a mistaken tone of distrust and despair. You know what God’s remedy for it was?

SID: What?

ROBIN: Give it up.

SID: That’s simple.

ROBIN: Give it up, disagree with it. Then he said, I will make you my mouthpiece. God does not want hopeless people speaking for him, Sid. He says, if you will cleanse your own heart from unworthy, unwarranted suspicions concerning my faithfulness, you will be my mouthpiece.

SID: And by the way, that’s not just for pastors.

ROBIN: That’s for everybody.

SID: That’s for you, that’s for me, that’s for everyone. I mean, when you come to your senses and realize what Robin just taught. It’s a deception. And if Jeremiah, the great Jewish prophet could be deceived, no wonder, cut it out.

ROBIN: That’s right, I heard that, I got it, yeah. And if he read the rest of the bucket book of Jeremiah, he made the turn. He made the turn.

SID: When you’re going to make the turn, as a matter of fact, I want you to make a turn right now. I want you to make sure that you don’t have to have the Jesus of religion.

ROBIN: Come on.

SID: That you have the Jesus of your own personal, intimate relationship with the God of love.


SID: Pure Love.


SID: Not human love, not a love that is fickle, but someone that is pure, unadulterated love. Say this prayer out loud. I want it to be a new beginning for you, that you would make a mega jump in knowing God. Say this out loud, Dear God, I’m a sinner, against you and you alone have I sinned, and I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and according to your word, I’m clean. It feels so good to be clean and now that I’m clean, Jesus come and live inside of me.

ROBIN: Yes, yes Lord.

SID: I make you my Lord. I want an experience with you. Amen. Robyn, I want you to pray for are an injection of supernatural hope, and I say—your hopelessness is a delusion.


SID: Cut it out.

ROBIN: Go ahead, pray that.

SID: Give it up! We release the faith and the power, in the name of Jesus, to give up despair, to give up delusion and to give up hopelessness and call it what it is. It’s a lie, it’s not the heart of God. The mercy of God is present now to impart into you, to give you an infusion of faith, to give you an infusion of hope that will transform not just you but your family. It has the capacity to change your region, your neighborhood, even your nation, because the power of God is not hindered because Jesus is alive. He rose from the dead and he reigns forever. Amen and amen.

Our Guest Stephanie Schureman

BOB: Welcome back to Something More. I’m your host, Bob Duvall, here with Stephanie Schureman. And before we took the break, Stephanie, we were talking about how busy you were. I’m sure you still are.


BOB: But you were raising six kids, and you didn’t feel like you even had the ability to spend the time to hear Jesus.


BOB: I’m sure that had to be extremely frustrating.


BOB: So, what happened that you got your breakthrough?

STEPHANIE: Well, as you know, when you’re a mother or any kind of a parent, the next thing is an emergency. So, the diaper needs to be changed. The next meal needs to be fixed.

BOB: Right. Right.

STEPHANIE: Just everything. There just doesn’t seem to be a minute of the day many times that goes by where you have time to, actually, do anything, let alone think or pray. And so, one day I was feeling this way. I was completely frustrated. I was beyond – What I wanted to do was get everything done, and then spend time with the Lord.

BOB: Right.

STEPHANIE: That never happened. I did it over and over and over, and it never happened. It was never a possibility. So, this particular day I went down to my laundry room, and I saw the piles of laundry, and I –

BOB: [Laughs]

STEPHANIE: And I just laid my head over onto my big, huge pile of laundry. And I just began to weep. And I said, “Lord, I will never have time. There’s just not enough time to ever spend with you. How am I ever going to do that?” And it was almost like as I breathed in the Lord said, “I want to do it with You.”

BOB: Mmm.

STEPHANIE: And it just broke. Everything broke right there. I began to weep. I said, “Lord, I want to do this with You, too.” [laughs]

BOB: Yeah.

STEPHANIE: And so from that moment on, everything I did, it didn’t matter if I was changing diapers, cleaning the floor,  the most mundane tasks became extremely important. Because I was doing those things with the Lord.

BOB: Mm.

STEPHANIE: And that’s how many times we think of ministry as being in front of a lot of people. But, no. Ministry is right in your home doing the most mundane tasks. If you’re taking care of an elderly person, if you’re taking care of a baby, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re doing it is as unto the Lord.

BOB: Mm.

STEPHANIE: And the Lord is pleased when we take those on as our daily tasks. That’s what He’s put our hands to, so why not do it in the glory of the Lord. And worshipping while we’re doing it.

BOB: Absolutely.

STEPHANIE: Just talking to Him.

BOB: Makes sense to me. Yeah. Now, what if somebody, and here, so far, they’re convinced, “Yeah. I need to hear Jesus.”


BOB: “And I want to hear Jesus. You know, it says in the Bible that God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts,

STEPHANIE: That’s right.

BOB: And His ways are higher than our ways,


BOB: And how am I ever going to understand, even if He is talking to me?” [laughs]

STEPHANIE: [Laughs] That’s right. I have made it my life goal to read through my Bible every year. This year I’m on my, I’ve just finished fortieth time.

BOB: Mm.

STEPHANIE: And I’m not that, I read through two or three times on some of those years, because I finally upped it to where I could get through more than one time a year. (laughs)

BOB: That’s really a key. I mean, if we really want to hear what He’s saying, the entire Bible is what He’s saying. But, yeah. Go ahead.

STEPHANIE: Right. Exactly. And I learned that as I would read through the Word of God something would come up during my day, and it would trigger back to where I, actually, was in the Scripture at that time. The Word of God is so relevant. It is way more relevant than today’s newspaper. And so the, obviously, [laughs] even it’s more relevant than what’s on the internet. Let’s put it that way.

BOB: Yes.

STEPHANIE: That way it makes it more relevant. [laughs] But the Word of God is more relevant even tomorrow than it is today. It is perfect for our lives. It’s our lifeblood. And we need the transfer of information that comes from heaven that is in the Word of God. It is relevant. It is real. It is powerful. It is life changing. The Lord has set me free and healed me from just reading the Word.

BOB: Wow. Now, Jesus speaks to different people in different ways.


BOB: He has kind of a different language maybe,


BOB: For different people.

STEPHANIE: Absolutely.

BOB: So, how do you figure out what unique way He’s speaking to you?

STEPHANIE: Well, you know, I can hear the voice of God. And I know I can see pictures when I close my eyes. The Lord speaks to me that way. And because we’ve practiced hearing from Jesus we know that’s how He’s talking. But there’s a lot of people that say, “Well, Stephanie, I can’t hear Jesus at all.” Especially when we’re training children in the prophetic. There are some of them that can’t see a picture in their mind.

BOB: Uh-huh.

STEPHANIE: But they can actually get a picture and draw it on paper.

BOB: Hm.

STEPHANIE: And so, we actually had an experience this last year where we had a child that we knew was hearing from the Lord. We knew he was picking up things. And he was not able to say it with his mouth. And so we got out the paper one day, and got the crayons out,

BOB: [Laughs]

STEPHANIE: – and said, “Okay. Just do a simple picture of whatever.” And, of course, we did this with everyone. We actually had two children that were not able to hear from the Lord. They could draw. And they had the most accurate –

BOB: Hm.

STEPHANIE: Prophetic pictures that we had seen. And we were shocked and just blessed.

BOB: Yeah. Yeah.

STEPHANIE: At how the Lord was speaking. So there are many ways that the Lord can speak. Art. Music. He speaks, you may wake up in the morning hearing a song and just know that that’s from heaven. And it may even be a secular song. The Lord spoke to me one time about [laughs] “How sweet it is to be loved by you,” that wonderful old song.

BOB: Right. Yeah. Yeah. [Laughs]

STEPHANIE: And my heart just wept when I, when He was–

BOB: Yeah.

STEPHANIE: I knew He was singing that song straight to me,

BOB: Wow. Wow.

STEPHANIE: And I was like, “Oh, how sweet it is to be loved by you.”

BOB: Wow. (laughs)

STEPHANIE: So what a precious way. The Lord speaks to us in gentle, precious, sweet ways, and,

BOB: Okay, Stephanie, so, I understand I need to hear God’s voice.


BOB: I need to hear Jesus. I’m with you.


BOB: And I’ve discovered how He speaks to me, and I’m hearing things from Him. But sometimes I don’t understand what He’s saying.


BOB: I don’t get it. What do I do?

STEPHANIE: Go back to the Word of God. The Word of God will teach you His thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. His understanding is way higher than ours. Now Jesus spoke in parables in the Word, and so many times if you have a picture of something that keeps repeating, like we said, numbers – But there may be a picture. Maybe fish come up, or something. You keep seeing fish over and over. What’s the Lord talking about? Well, go back to the Word of God and say, “Lord, I’m going to look, I’m going to search for fish. And I see You’re doing this. And it could have something to do with multiplication. It could have something to do with – Fish can also represent lost souls that are coming into Jesus. Could be even praying for other believers, because we know, even the Christian symbol is a fish.

BOB: Uh-huh.

STEPHANIE: So it could be praying for other believers, and missionaries, or whatever. Maybe the Lord’s calling you to something. So begin to tie whatever picture that the Lord is showing you over and over to something out of the Word of God, or even a story. Go in and search, even do a word search through the Word of God. And the Lord will show you. You will know.

BOB: Okay. We need to take one more quick break. And when we come back, one of the things that Stephanie says you can do if you’re not sure what God is saying is you may just have to wait. Wait on Him. And she had an experience where she had a dream, [music] and she didn’t know for five years what it meant.


BOB: But God showed her. So come right back after this.