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Our Guests Chester and Betsy Kylstras


SID: Now Chester, God revealed to you a super stronghold, and I can’t wait for you to explain it.

CHESTER: It was amazing. We had been ministering, applying the integrated approach we had been talking about. One day we’re ministering to this lady and I said, “You’ve got these three different things, shame, fear and control, and they’re working together in a very major way, and I don’t understand it, but I know it’s really important.” And says to me, “How does it work?” And I said, “I just told you, I don’t understand.” And then I heard come out of my mouth, “Because of abandonment we get ashamed, shamed and rejected, and we think there’s something the matter with me.” That’s the basics of shame. And then out of the shame we get fearful. Well what if other people find out about my inadequacies, stuff like that. And we get a place to control them that I’m not going to let them find out. And so we put up walls. We get aggressive. We turn inward. Lots of ways.

SID: When you have a group and you’re teaching this, and you say, how many think that this is affecting you? What percentage would say that?

CHESTER: Well I usually don’t ask them that way because it’s shaming to admit that you have shame.

SID: Sorry.

CHESTER: So it’s an issue. But as we minister to people, we estimate over 80 percent in the United States are what we call shame-based.

SID: And if someone doesn’t get rid of it, what’s going to happen with their destiny from God?

CHESTER: Well certainly hindered, may be preventive. I mean, it’s really serious stuff. And as we see people get free of that super stronghold of shame, fear and control, and get released to where they can be led by the Holy Spirit and no longer in fear, you know, I’m afraid to take a risk, did you notice the Christian life requires taking a risk?

SID: That’s my middle name.

CHESTER: Yeah. And what if we can’t do it, you know? If we’re held back we’re not going to fully fulfill our destiny.

SID: Well tell me, actually, I got an email today and I believe that God has an answer for this from the two of you. Here it says, “I watch Sid regularly. I often times hear him saying, ‘someone with a back pain is being healed, someone struggling with depression is being healed, etc., etc.’ Has Sid ever felt anyone being healed from homosexuality? Is that even possible? I have never seen a single anointed person or pastor ever even mention a healing from it. Is that because no one wants to talk about it or does it not happen? I know many people, including myself, who have prayed about it and gotten not even a hint of a response from God. I’m not asking for resources. I’m asking if you have a clear understanding and message for me, maybe from a past experience.” Well I can tell you, we have interviewed people that have spent a lifetime in homosexuality and a lifetime being married, happily, to a woman, a man married to a woman with children. What is your experience?

BETSY: Well we have experience of helping people come out of homosexuality.

SID: Tell me one.

BETSY: Okay. I want to tell you one that really was supernatural. Sometimes they’re a process. Sometimes they just happen. This was a young, attractive man in his probably 30s who had been gay as long as he could remember. He had prostituted himself many years and he was in the middle stages of HIV positive. So he was not looking at a very bright future. And we were ministering to him, and first he recommitted his life to the Lord.

CHESTER: And we helped him get really serious about his healing. This is not a game of playing with God. This is serious business. So we took him to the integrated approach and did everything we knew to do.

BETSY: And God had begun to heal his heart of a lot of deep rejection, wounds by his father and some sexual abuse wounds. And then Chester, remember that day that we just stood there with our hands on his shoulders and just cried out to the Lord and said, “Lord, we don’t have anything else. Please come and just touch this man.” And we were just praying in our prayer language. And all of a sudden we saw these tears rolling down his face, and we saw him kind of expand his chest. Do you remember what he said?

CHESTER: Yeah. He said, “I feel fuller, solider and I want to go be with the guys, but not like the past. I want to just be with the guys.” And in that instance God changed his spirit from the feminine demonic influence he had to masculine.

SID: What happened to his HIV?

CHESTER: He got worse.

BETSY: He got worse.

CHESTER: He kept getting worse.

BETSY: A year later, we went down in the city that he lived. He was at a AIDS patient home preparing to die, and we went to say goodbye and pray for him one last time. And he said, “You know something. I’m going to declare the goodness of the Lord every breath to my last breath.” And we said, “Go for it. You know, we have a good God.” And he did. And little by little, God healed him. And he is alive today. Hallelujah.

SID: Chester, there are many people dealing with shame. Please pray for people to be free of shame right now.

CHESTER: Just pray with me. And the first step is, Lord, I acknowledge that I’ve allowed shame to control my life and that I have a shame-based personality.

SID: Lord, I acknowledge that I’ve allowed, say this with me, Lord, I acknowledge that I have had a shame-life and that I have allowed the enemy to access me.

CHESTER: Lord, I confess all the sins of my ancestors.

BETSY & SID: Lord, I confess all the sins of my ancestors.

CHESTER: Parents.

BETSY & SID: Parents.

CHESTER: All the authority figures in my life.

BETSY & SID: All the authority figures in my life.

CHESTER: Everybody that has sinned against me.

BETSY & SID: Everybody that has sinned against me.

CHESTER: That would cause me to give place to this shame.

BETSY & SID: That would cause me to give place to this shame.

CHESTER: I forgive them all, Lord.

BETSY & SID: I forgive them all, Lord.

CHESTER: Lord, I ask you to forgive me now.

BETSY & SID: Lord, I ask you to forgive me now.

CHESTER: As I have forgiven them.

BETSY & SID: As I have forgiven them.

CHESTER: Lord, I choose to forgive myself.

BETSY & SID: Lord, I choose to forgive myself.

CHESTER: For all the stupid things I’ve done.

BETSY & SID: For all the stupid things I’ve done.

CHESTER: To enhance this shame.

BETSY & SID: To enhance this same.

CHESTER: And give it place in my life.

BETSY & SID: And give it place in my life.

CHESTER: I break my covenant with shame.

BETSY & SID: I break my covenant with shame.

CHESTER: With fear and with control.

BETSY & SID: With fear and with control.

CHESTER: I dismiss all the demons I’ve given legal rights to.

BETSY & SID: I dismiss all demons I’ve given legal rights to.

CHESTER: I command you to leave me and my family line.

BETSY & SID: I command you to leave me and my family line.

CHESTER: Lord, renew my mind now.

BETSY & SID: Lord, renew my mind now.

CHESTER: Let me see myself as you see me.

BETSY & SID: Let me see myself as you see me.

CHESTER: And Lord, I trust in the coming days.

BETSY & SID: Lord, I trust in the coming days.

CHESTER: You’ll come and heal all the hurts in my heart.

BETSY & SID: You’ll come and heal all the hurts in my heart.

CHESTER: That have given place to shame.

BETSY & SID: That’s given place to shame.

CHESTER: Lord, tonight.

BETSY & SID: Lord, tonight.

CHESTER: I declare war on shame.

BETSY & SID: I declare on shame.

CHESTER: I will not stop the war.

BETSY & SID: I will not stop the war.

CHESTER: Until I’m totally free.

BETSY & SID: Until I’m totally free.

CHESTER: In Jesus’ name.

BETSY & SID: In Jesus’ name.


BETSY & SID: Amen.

BETSY: Thank you Lord.

Our Guest Robert Heidler

Robert Heidler

Sid: I am so excited about my guest he’s been a guest before, Dr. Robert Heidler. I’m featuring his book “Set Yourself Free” it’s actually the most practical deliverance manual I’ve ever seen. If I had interviewed him 10 years ago I don’t think I could have been as excited because 5 years ago the Holy Spirit began to show him how simple deliverance is. How you can at the specific sin areas; how people can repent and how it doesn’t have to be messy, or complex. In fact, Robert I have a copy of your book right here, and I’m looking at page 84; you talk about a subject called “Spiritual Pollution.” What is Spiritual Pollution?

Robert: Well Spiritual Pollution Sid is when things come into our homes, come into our lives that have demonic powers attached to them. The Bible says there are things that can actually pollute our spiritual environment. When those things are present then we live under the oppression of the enemy just because of the presence of those things in our lives…

Sid: I’m reading in your book right now; you list them of course because most people wouldn’t even realize it that they can be objects used in pagan worship, or occult practices such as crystal balls, Ouija boards, things related to astrology, good luck charms, objects exalting or promoting evil like demonic or occultic games. People can really get into bondage with games such as Dungeons and Dragons, is that correct?

Robert: Oh definitely, definitely.

Sid: Then you list things in New Age… also I like the idea of these symptoms. If you have the book handy you might want to read from page 84.

Robert: Yes here’s some of the things that happen we experience when we have spiritual pollution. It can be continual bad dreams and nightmares, insomnia, lack of peace, a lot of fighting and arguing in the family; Children are restless, disturbed, have a lot of behavioral problems; People see ghosts or demonic apparitions in the home; there’s foul unexplained odors; there’s just a heaviness in the atmosphere that makes it hard to breath; there’s on going unexplained illness, continual headaches and nausea.  Now some of the things can be caused by other things, but when you begin to see those things one of the first thing to check is to see if there is spiritual pollution in the house.

Sid: Now I read a few, but tell me a few of the things that… give me some examples of what might be spiritual pollution in the house.

Robert: Well one of the most common things is people by literally idols that have been made as objects of worship for a false god, and they buy them to decorate their homes with.

Sid: Well for instance I see a lot of these mask people pick up in Africa and they put on the wall. Those are for tourist or could they carry a demonic presence?

Robert: Oh they very often do, and it’s amazing most malls today, you walk through the malls, and their home décor shops filled with idols; Buddhas, and statues of various gods masks. People don’t realize that very often they are bringing spiritual forces into their home and it produces desolation in the home. You know Daniel talks about the abomination that produces desolations. Very often the presence of an idol or an object like that will produce spiritual desolation.

Sid: What should someone do that they say “Oh I do have that prob…” What about someone that used to be addicted to pornography and has a bunch of pornographic literature in one of their dresser drawers?

Robert: Well that’s another example, it can be objects related to past sin, We did a teaching on this at our church several; we said “We’re gonna give you opportunity to get rid spiritual pollution.” We had some friends that lived out in the country, and we had people search their homes for any spiritual pollution and we ended up with a huge huge stack of things. Made a bonfire that was about 6ft high and about 15ft across, it was amazing how many things were there. People came out of that thing “We are so free, that was wonderful to get those things out of our house.”

Sid: Now you list objects exalting, or promoting evil; includes things such as posters or CD’s with obvious demonic representations. I mean a lot of teenagers have this; books on Satanism, witchcraft, New Age, Free Masonry. Free Masonry?

Robert: Oh definitely.

Sid: Have you seen people that were set free as a result of repenting from being involved in Free Masonry?

Robert: Oh yes. In the area of the country we’re in that is very common for people to have that in their ancestry, for people to have that many many times in their own lives. They’ll be… you know when a person joins the Free Masons at every level they go into there are very specific curses that they give over themselves and over their descendants if they don’t continue in Free Masonry. So they’re literally putting curses on themselves…

Sid: Now when these curses are broken what difference could it make to a person as far as their freedom?

Robert: There are many many different kinds of things that are produced by that spiritually, and when those things are dealt with the oppression is broken. My wife is really the deliverance minister, but she’s shared with me many times of people that go through the specific steps that were taken and renouncing each step.

Sid: Now when you say there were curses, what kind of curses are in Free Masonry?

Robert: Oh there are some dreadful things about, [Laughing] there are some I would not want to repeat on the air, but literal ways of torture and destruction being brought into someone. When those things are dealt with it literally is the breaking of a curse, then people that were living under a curse are set free.

Sid: Now you were talking earlier this week about a woman by the name of Connie. Take me step by step in her deliverance.

Robert: I think hers is one of the clearest that I’ve ever seen, and it was also one of the most traumatic. As I said she was a strong Christian, she loved the Lord, she served the Lord, she was a wife and a mother, she was involved in ministry, but she had a debilitating problem. The problem was literally for a space of about 2 years everyday she had debilitating headaches. They would usually come on in the afternoon, she would have to go and lay down for 2 or 3 hours, literally could not do anything because of the severity of these headaches. She had been to doctor, after doctor, after doctor no one could find a cause, no medicines would work. So finally she came and said “Do you think this could have a spiritual solution?” We began to talk, and the first thing I wanted to see was what was the cause, was there something at the root of this that gave Satan an opportunity. I said “Do you remember when the headaches began?” She said “I remember exactly the day they began.” She said “Our family was going through a time there was a lot tension, we were very busy, it was very stressful, and my husband’s employer was putting some very unreasonable demands on his time. There was one day when his employer called and gave him an assignment that was so unreasonable in its demands.” She said “I just lost my temper, I got furious with that man.” She said “That day the headaches began.” I said “Well you know an outburst of anger like that is sin. That is something that gives the enemy an opportunity to come in and find a place.” I said “Have you ever forgiven your husband’s boss for what he did?” She said “No I never have.” I said “Would you be willing to pray right now and forgive him?” We talked for a few minutes and finally she said “Yes I would be willing to pray and forgive him.” So I led her in a very simple prayer, very specifically forgiving that man and releasing her anger. With that done I then took authority over that spirit of infirmity, I bound it I broke its power, and I commanded it cease and to leave her alone. The whole process did not take more than 20 minutes. That was, as I said about 5 or 6 years ago, and I ran into her last year, I see her from time to time. Every time I see her I say “Anymore headaches?” and she says “I have not had one headache since the day that we prayed.”

Sid: Why is it that so many Christians are afraid of deliverance?

Robert: Their afraid of deliverance partly I think because it deals with something they don’t understand. The idea of a demon sounds very frightening, something that’s very intimidating. Yet we look at the ministry of Yeshua and He cast out demons everywhere He went. It was one of the most common things He did. The other thing is because of the model of deliverance people have seen, and people are afraid if they get deliverance their gonna have to talk in strange voices and curse and roll around on the floor, be embarrassed, it’s a very intimidating thing. It amazes me how many people are willing to come for deliverance with the fear they have of what might happen to them. Yet what we’ve seen people don’t have to go through any of that, we don’t usually talk to demons, we don’t usually let demons manifest. A person can sit in their living room and go through this book.

Sid: You know that’s the most amazing thing you don’t have to find an expert like Dr. Robert Heidler.

Our Guest Paul McGuire


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. You know, sometimes I kid with people and they say, I watch you on TV almost everyday. And I say, well, I’ll tell you a trade secret. I’m watching you through your television. They don’t know what to make. I’m just kidding, you know. However, my guest has spent 30 years studying the Mark of the Beast, and he says our computers and our television sets have the capability for anyone from the government on down, at will, whether they’re turned on or not to watch what we’re doing right in our office, right in our home. This technology is getting out of control. I’m with my guest Paul McGuire. You might have seen him on Fox News, O’Reilly, History Channel on one of the top viewing shows. But as a young man, he had quite a background. You were raised to hate Christians. You thought the answer was in science and new age. So you go out to the University of Missouri where you’re really debating Christians and you’re going to put them in their place. Guess what his major was? You’ll never guess. I shouldn’t have said guess. His major was altered states of consciousness. That’s a major? And he’s in class one day, and he hears a voice. What does the voice say to you?

PAUL: It was an audible voice, which said, “Surrender to the dark forces within.”

SID: And what did you do about that?

PAUL: I freaked out. I never heard an audible voice before, and I looked around to see if anybody had heard it.

SID: Okay. So he’s tearing these Christians apart, but their love is kind of contagious. So he goes to a retreat meeting and he decides, oh no, they’re all hypocrites. I’m leaving this place. But he doesn’t have a car. So he hitchhikes. Tell me about your adventure.

PAUL: Well right after the religious retreat, which confirmed my worst suspicions about Christianity being a country club religion, the place looks like the “Field of Dreams,” the movie with cornfields in the middle of nowhere. I stick out my thumb on my road. A Pentecostal preacher and his wife pick me up in their car. And being from New York City, I said, okay, great, we’re in the cornfields, and there’s probably a lot of Pentecostal preachers nearby. They share with me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then they let me out on the road again. I stick out my thumb again. Within seconds, a station wagon pulls up. It’s a guy in a dark three-piece suit like an undertaker. He’s a Bible salesman.

SID: Does he have any Bibles in his car?

PAUL: Yes. He has, I don’t know, a hundred King James Bibles. You know, the big thick ones.

SID: Oh, I know.

PAUL: So he’s driving down the back roads of Missouri. He lets go of the steering wheel. It looked like a 65-pound King James Bible. He’s looking at me, not the freeway, and he’s preaching, and he gets right down to it. He says, “Did you know that you’re a sinner and that if you don’t accept Jesus Christ into your life you’re going to go to Hell, and you need to be born again.” And that basically was it. I’m from New York. I didn’t even believe in the word “sin”. That was an archaic concept. And he says, “You want to pull off the road and say a sinner’s prayer?” And I said, yeah. But inside my mind, I’m going, great. He’s a religious ax murderer pervert. He’s going to chop my head off before he does whatever and bury me in the bushes and say a couple of prayers over me. So I prayed with him. It was a real short prayer, Jesus Christ, forgive me of my sins. I asked him to come into my life and make me born again. So I forgot about it.

SID: So then a few days later, he’s in New York. He’s at a place called The Lamb’s Club. Briefly, what occurred?

PAUL: What happened was I was discussing my experience with people who had been witnessing to me. And as I was sharing this hitchhiking experience, a girl who we had never met before came over to me and said, “I couldn’t help but overhearing your conversation.” She said, “I’m a minster’s daughter. I was wrestling with these same questions, ‘Is Jesus Lord?’” And for some reason she looks right at me, and she says, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?” And I had never said this before, but the words blurted out of me: “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” At that moment, the sky cracked open and I saw God, not in the physical sense, but a spiritual sense. And I knew instantaneously that all the cosmic consciousness, astral projection, altered states of consciousness, all that stuff was illusions and false, and I knew that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, instantaneously.

SID: That is God. Now what happens next is so amazing because he then devotes his life to studying prophecy and studying what’s going on in the world. And then God starts giving him supernatural dreams to direct his research. Tell me a few things you found out about the one world currency.

PAUL: Well first of all, I do a tremendous amount of research from mainstream sources. It has to be documented. It has to be credible. Number two, is I studied Bible prophecy, and the Old Testament and the New Testament. But the third component is I do research where the Holy Spirit leads me and guides me into specific areas of research. So as I’m researching this I notice that in the Old Testament the Tower of Babel or Babylon is the world’s first one-world government, one-world religion, one-world economic system. That’s clue one. Then I get into Revelation 13 and I read about the one-world government, the one-world economic system, one-world religion, a false prophet, the religious false prophet and the Antichrist. And then I see that in Revelation it talks about a global government and a global economic system, and you can’t buy or sell without getting the Mark of the Beast. And then I realize that everything that was predicted 2000 years ago is coming to life in this world now even as we speak.

SID: Give me one fact that will knock me out.

PAUL: Well one fact is that the international banking elite have planned for there to be a world currency by 2018. Now that doesn’t mean they’ll hit the date. The target date is 2018, and they intend to bring in a one-world currency called the Phoenix, which just happens to be the bird on the back of the dollar bill. That bird on the back of the dollar bill is not an eagle. It’s a phoenix.

SID: And what is a phoenix symbolic of?

PAUL: It’s an occult, ancient occult symbol that goes back to Phoenicia.

SID: So what is going to happen to our currency when there’s a new currency? I want to find out. How about you?


Misty Edwards


Sid: My guest is Misty Edwards and you know as I started doing research on how God has used you Misty.  She is Worship Leader of IHOP ministry, but you weren’t a musician you only knew a few chords how did you become a worship leader? Just knowing a couple of chords on the piano?

Misty: That is a great question and one I’ve asked myself many times.  I grew up in a musical family so I had a certain grid for music but I never really applied myself to it.  I wanted to become a lawyer I thought musicians were just kind of flaky, so I never really studied it. But when the House of Prayer started the International House of Prayer here in Kansas City we were determined to go 24 hours a day 7 days a week nonstop you know music, so all of our prayer is bathed on music.  And there was only about 50 of us at the time.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity when I think of prayer being religious my religious mind doesn’t have music I just think you just get down on your knees and you pray.  Where did all this music come from?

Misty: Well, in revelation you see the harp and the bowl around the throne you have the prayers of the bowl the incense which would be more the intercessory prayers as you just mentioned.  And the getting on your knees and just crying out; but then there is this mysterious element of the harp and the music.  And so what we thought to do we thought to make prayer sustainable.  And one of the ways to sustain prayer is by making it enjoyable.  And to make it enjoyable we discovered that music is one of the primary ways to actually make it sustainable and enjoyable.  You know that you can sing a worship song or two or three for an hour far easier than you can… then only pray. So what we’ve done is we combined the spoken prayers with the singing prayers and together we find that it’s sustainable.  Fourteen years later we’ve still been going day and night.

Sid: Okay let’s go back to how yes you were raised in a musical family but you were going to an attorney, you knew a couple of chords on the piano so how did you become a worship leader?

Misty: Yeah, well like I was saying you know we  had this nobility that we had signed up to do 24 – 7 day and night the fire on the alter cannot go out which we were defining on the bed of music.  So everybody was playing an instrument it was like “All hands on deck the fire could not go out.”  So I started doing just doing my two chords, I had about four or five worship songs you know I was building up to. Then I would just do spontaneous stuff just because I didn’t know anything.  So for two hours I would just sing, do spontaneous and I ended up doing that probably four to eight hours a day in those early years just because of raw need.  And after doing four to eight hours a day my skill level just got better and better and I leaned more chords and I got a few new songs. Just over time I became a Worship Leader it was never my intention it just kind of happened.

Sid: Okay but then I mean you’re moving into your calling for life and your just 19 years of age. How does a 19 year old cope with cancer?

Misty: Yes, I got diagnosed with cancer at 19 for the first time and it definitely jolted me, it jolted me, but it jolted me in a good way because you know it was a cancer that was growing in my leg.  And the doctor told me that at that time either I was going to lose my life because of the speed of which it was growing, or at best I was going to lose my leg.  So I was looking at an amputation or maybe even death. So all of those feelings you know from the time I was very little I had thoughts of eternity.  And now at 19 they were just coming rushing in on me like a flood.  So it was at this point in my life that I really determined I am going to know God; I am going to face death in the eye and I’m going to find my purpose beyond the grave.  And that’s the only way I could make sense of the life I’m living if it’s six months or if it’s 60 years. The only way I can make sense of it is the continuity of into eternity.  And so I looked God in the eye so to speak and just began a wrestling match about 19 and 20.

Sid: What about when someone gets cancer they look at every method, every formula that is ever worked for any person.  We’re you in that realm?

Misty: Yes we did you know I tried many options I was trying to avoid the medical option just because of the effects of chemotherapy and all of the side effects. Yeah, I looked at many different options and sought the Lord, I went forward for healing many many times.  We believed in healing and I believe that the Lord did give me a measure of healing, I still have my leg today so praise the Lord for that.  Yeah, I was searching for many many methods and having to go through chemotherapy I lost my hair just all of that for a 19 year old girl is a little bit overwhelming.

Sid: So between you and me, how come you didn’t lose your zeal?  How come you didn’t lose your faith when you’re saying “Here I am, selling out to you since a 5 year old. I’ve been a believer in You Lord, now get rid of this come on God!

Misty: I had to ask those questions, I had that wrestling in my heart but the thing is the options to walk away from Him there was no option. I felt so divinely hedged in. I mean what was I going to do there was just nothing but a black hole outside of God.  So to walk away from Him I felt complete despair.  So even though I felt like I was in a wrestling match with Him it was better to be in the fight with Him than to turn my back on Him.  That wasn’t even an option to me it was way too despairing.

Sid: Well, most people are demanding answers from God but you got to a point I guess of surrender; tell me about this song we’re going to play right now “Finally I surrender.”

Misty: Yeah, “Finally I Surrender” was written in a time in my life where I was in that wrestling match and you know I have a certain tenacity with God I hope He appreciates where I was just like “Answer Me!”  You know I feel like I was kind of in His face like “Answer me!”  And He answered me similar like He would have answered Job.  “Like were you there when I spread out the Heavens like a curtain, were you there when I said to the sea this far and no further?”  It was one of those kind of “I am God, and you are not,” and just pour out your soul.  And I found a sweetness in the surrender to His sovereignty and going “You know what I’m a person who loves understanding but I’m not always going to understand everything but I trust you anyway.”  And to trust Him in His sovereignty knowing His heart is for me was a powerful thing for someone who loves, whose analytical and loves understanding.

Sid: Let’s here “Finally I Surrender,” I believe there’s a message for you.

Misty: “Finally I Surrender.”

Sid: If you like that music the anointing, I mean all those hours of prayer and revelation on Misty.  Do you want your first love back? I know you do.  Do you want that fire back you had when you were first believer.  Do you want that hunger back when you first came to the Lord?  Do you want a hunger so much that you want to be in God’s presence and that hunger is going to lead to the experiences that God has for you in your life?

Our Guest Roy Fields


Sid:  Now I’m talking to Roy Fields, Roy is a Psalmist; he lives to worship God.  He feels God’s pleasure when he worships. If you’ve been listening Monday and Tuesday you can tell how authentic it is with Roy.  But Roy I’m going to take you back your 16 years of age you get a prophetic word that you’re going to go to Africa.  Well 2 years go by and did you kind of forget that word?

Roy:   Yeah, I did kind of actually. I was just you know a young teenager going through life and yeah. (Laughing)

Sid: And so you find yourself on a trip going to South Africa that changes your life forever.

Roy:   Oh yeah.

Sid: Tell me what happened.

Roy:   Well, my mother actually when I turned 18 had married a godly man. So a couple of things actually happened at that moment as my mother had a new husband and I had a new father.  And there was an opportunity from somebody in the church that’s from South Africa that he was going to Africa to Zimbabwe and I asked if I could come along and they didn’t even know about the prophesy or anything. And then the pastor reminded them about the prophecy. My stepfather actually paid for both of us to go.  And when I got there it’s so funny we talked about Reinhardt a little bit because I thought I was going to have these extraordinary meetings you know with thousands of people and when I got there we were in little villages with 50 people in most places.  And at the end of the two months of going through Africa and helping people and praying for them and you know worshiping and leading worship and preaching and everything. I missed my flight to come back to America. I was riding on Balkan Airlines, and this pastor called up this other guy I was with and said, “We want to invite Roy to come to our school if he’s here another week, which I was. And I went to this high and while I was there the headmaster which is the principal said “You can have meetings this entire week every night it’s up to the kids if they want to come it’s not going to be mandatory.  You might have 8 kids, you might have a couple of hundred and so the first night I had 8 kids (Laughing) they were all saved Sid, they all already accepted Jesus in their heart and I only had two scriptures at that time I preached which was I had John 3:16 and Galatians 2:20.  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish he’ll have everlasting life.”  And Galatians 2:20 “I’ve  been crucified in Christ; it’s no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me, and the life I live now I live by faith in the Son of God.”  And that was it Sid my whole sermon was over with I had already led a little bit of worship and I heard the Lord tell me, I could hear His voice it wasn’t audible I just knew it in my spirit, in my heart “Call somebody up who needs healing in their body.”  Well 7 of them out of the 8 came up.”

Sid: You don’t think that young kids need healing, that took a lot of nerve you probably figured maybe 1.

Roy:  Well, the fact that I had never moved in healing in my entire 18 years of life was probably another factor, yeah. So you don’t think that about kids, what’s your problem you know what “Do you got a cold or a sniffle you know.”  And no they came forward and come to find out some of them was emotional healing, some of them was depression you know for their lifestyle in Africa. And I’ll never forget picking up my hand and putting it towards this kid’s forehead like I watched other ministers before and I didn’t even know what to pray, so I just said “Lord let the same Holy Spirit that descended upon Jesus on the day of His baptism and His ordination let it come upon this man right now, this young man right now.”  And this kid flew across the room, I mean went right over the chairs.

Sid: So you were as shocked as he was and the other kids too, you all were shocked.

Roy: I almost didn’t want to pray for the next bunch of people because I didn’t know what that was, I didn’t even and the thing about it is nobody was with me, I was all by myself this other friend of mine was in Malawi. So I’m like “Oh my goodness.”  And then I got kind of excited after my fear left me and I went “I want to do this again.”  So I went to the second kid and I lifted my hand and said “Lift your hands and close your eyes”  and this was because I watched other ministers do this before, and I meant it from my heart. I just said “Lord let the same Holy Spirit that touched Jesus touch this man now in Jesus Name.”  And the kid went flying, the third kid and I tell this story this way, the third kid I went to pray for him and all of a sudden I started to prophesy out of my mouth about this kid was going to be in full time ministry as a student leader and that his finances were going to change.”  And the crazy thing is that two years later after I had left Africa and came back to America I received a letter from that kid that a church had hired him over 500 students and put him on staff and they were paying him a salary.

Sid: Was that the first time you prophesied?

Roy:    Oh yeah, yeah.

Sid: And the first time you prayed… now explain to me exactly what happened, you touched him and he went flying through the air, how far?

Roy:   I didn’t touch any of them, didn’t touch them,

Sid: You didn’t touch them.

Roy:   No, I was going to but before my hand could even get to their forehead the first kid went flying, the second kid the same thing and the third kid I went to…

Sid: Now when you say “Flying, describe that to me because I wasn’t there, what do you mean?”

Roy:  If you were to be thrown back, okay if you were thrown back and just push on a bunch of chairs, that’s what happened to this kid but I never touched him.

Sid: Now, were any people, any of the young kids healed?

Roy:  Yeah, well what happened is after I prayed for all 7 that one kid that didn’t come up was afraid, he was a little bit timid and scared, there was only 8 kids in this room. I just went up to him, he was sitting down, and I noticed his foot was turned in a little bit. I says “Are you okay buddy? Can I pray for you?” He said “I was a little nervous I didn’t want to come up front.” I said “Well let me pray for you right here.” I remember watching a minister take a young lady’s legs bring them up side by side and noticed that one was longer than the other. Well this kids foot was, it was kind of turned in, so of course his foot was going to be shorter than the other. I put my hands up underneath him and I said “In the name of Jesus I speak to every bone, every muscle, every ligament; I command you to line up with the word of God right now.” Well nothing happened then I had fear again, then I went “Oh my gosh.” Well maybe if I leave now nobody doesn’t know my name anyway so I’ll be okay. (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing)

Roy: Then I went and prayed again and the kid went “Jesus please.” And when he did that in my hands I watched this kids foot crunch, snap and pop into place. All the other kids were standing around us now at this point and they screamed and he screamed and he got up and he ran around and we just sat there looking at this. The kid was completely healed.

Sid: Now the first night you had 8 people, how many did you have afterwards for the next meetings.

Roy:  This kid went running around the whole campus and when I had another meeting the next night 300 kids showed up because of that one little kid.

Sid: And what happened when the 300 showed.

Roy: Oh, my goodness that’s where things started changing.  I was late to the meeting the second night, all 300 of them, I didn’t have my guitar, I didn’t have a keyboard, I didn’t have a sound system Sid it was just my voice.  Right before I got to that auditorium, 300, just imagine 300 students rocking back and forth, I think some of those kids knew the song, Hallelujah and all 300 of them were sings “Hallelujah.”  You know the old Katherine Kuhlman song.

Sid: I do.

Roy:   I didn’t even preach that night I just walked in and said “Who needs healing in their body, who needs prayer?”  They all rushed the platform and we had to move out of the classroom into that auditorium because it just couldn’t hold that many kids.  And I started laying hands on everybody and they were falling out, I walked by 3 kids and they fell out without me even touching them, I didn’t even lay a hand on them.  And all of a sudden it grew again the next night there was like 500, and then it was like 700, and then by the last night we had 1000 students the entire student body and all the head mistress, headmaster, all the teachers were lined up along side of the walls and I was praying for all these kids. It was a revival

Sid: And were many delivered, healed, saved?

Roy:   Oh my goodness, yeah, people were you’d see young girls screaming and they would be delivered of demons coming right out of them.  And you know they have witch doctors over there Sid so they’d been like involved in all kinds of stuff that’s just really demonic and there were kids that where backs were healed…

Sid: I understand people were actually drunk in the spirit.

Roy: Oh yeah, yeah. (laughing)

Sid: Now, they have no paradigm for that, they’ve never seen anything like that before.

Roy:   No, no, no and to be honest with you I don’t think I had ever seen anything like that before. It was all fresh and brand new to me and I was just loving every moment of it because at one point I felt the Holy Spirit say “You know I’m doing this.”  And I said “Oh this is blowing my mind.”  I mean my relationship with God really started to grow, it really started to grow.

Sid: Well, I mean you never really thought that you would have a healing ministry I would imagine.

Roy:   No, I thought I’d sing songs the rest of my life

Sid: Well, speaking of singing sons I was so interesting in what you were saying we didn’t hear your music but it doesn’t matter everyone has heard the Spirit of God upon you and actually someone was just healed.  “Someone’s neck was just healed and someone’s back was just healed, there’s such an anointing even on us talking imagine what happens when he worships God with every fiber of his being.”  All these CD’s were done during revival the Spirit of revival is upon these CD’s.  People report the fire of God touching them, the love of God, breakthroughs they have such a hunger for God that develops within them.  Many people when they go to these meetings it’s contagious they develop a deep intimacy with God and that’s what you’re asking for, crying out for.