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Our Guests Tom Horn & Cris Putnam


Sid: My guest Cris Putnam is co-author of the bestselling book “Petrus Romanus” the final Pope is here.  But I’ve been going through this new book that is ready to come out that we have available right now it’s not in the book stores yet called. “Exo-Vaticana.” This intrigues me no end but there’s a little bit of background that I want you to bring out.  Experts in Bible prophecy over 100 years ago saw what would be going on today in our culture which is setting the stage for the book that you’ve just written.  What did they see?

Cris: Well Sid what I was referring to is George Hawkins Pember who was a theologian in England around the turn of the century. He wrote a book called “Earth’s Earliest Ages and Their Connection With Modern Spiritualism and Theosophy.”  What he was looking at was Jesus made this reference to as in the days of Noah so will be the coming of the Son of Man.  Now he pulled out just 7 points where he saw parallels between the antediluvian, meaning the pre-flood civilization. You know the culture that he was living in you know at the turn of the century turning to the twentieth century. Now the emphasis as you look at Jesus’ teaching in that passage He’s really saying that people are just oblivious that the majority of population is just not paying attention to the signs.  And yet Noah, it says in the book of Hebrews that Noah was a preacher of righteousness.  The people ignored Noah and I can imagine that they ridiculed him for building an arc.

Sid: You know when I think about that of “It will be like the days of Noah in the last days” I think about morality, just sinking to zero level; that’s what most people think about but there’s a lot more to it isn’t there.

Cris: Yeah absolutely the seven parallels that Pember commented on were an over emphasis of God’s mercy at the expense of holiness.

Sid: Well, that sounds like the popular grace message today, but go ahead.

Cris:  Yeah absolutely and there’s a whole movement of pluralism that believing that all religions lead to God; you know that all religions are correct.  The expense of this holiness if people don’t want to hear a convicting message about sin people don’t want to believe in a literal place called Hell…

Sid: You know it’s going to extremes there was a time when holiness was preached and today they say “Well, so many people are turned off that we just want to do the positives rather than the negatives and a generation is being raised without understanding without holiness you will not see God.”

Cris:  Yeah, absolutely and you know the gospel is unintelligible without coming to the end of yourself you know without an admission that your fallen and sinful you know without that it’s not really even coherent to have a Savior you know you have to be saved from something for that to be you know an intelligible concept.

Sid: What were the other points that he raised?

Cris:  Well, the second one was a disregard for gender roles and the contempt for marriage.  Now he was commenting on this at the dawn of the 20th century.  I don’t think he would ever even imagine you know the fact that we’re starting to legislate homosexual unions and people are calling that marriage.

Sid: Listen in my lifetime I can’t imagine the change that has occurred so quickly, I mean morality is “There is none” today and it’s getting worse.

Cris: Yeah it really is and the whole idea of relativism is so infiltrated the culture.

Sid: Now what does that mean relativism?

Cris: Well, this idea that morality is really just dependent on your opinion or your own feelings.  You hear the sort of nonsense like “Well, that’s true for you but it’s not true for me.  You know people will just…that’s just completely incoherent to even think that way because there is an absolute truth.  Which is what matches reality, it’s not an opinion and you know I think that people have abandoned this in this sphere of morality but there really are things that are good and evil.

Sid:  You know it goes back to Pontius Pilates question to Jesus “What is truth?”  Either there’s absolutes or there aren’t if there is not absolutes believe anything you want.  What were some of the other points?

Cris: Well, interestingly, the third point was how technology and entertainment entice man away from worshiping God. Again writing at the dawn of the twentieth century how much more so today then we have the internet and such a proliferation of mass media it’s hard to even keep track of it all.

Sid: I mean I go into restaurants and I don’t see people talking to each other anymore, they got their cellphones out or their iPads and they don’t even need someone at the table.  (Laughing)

Cris: That’s right and yet the thing that we have done is really dangerous is that we’ve embraced progress; we made an idol out of progress and we’ve defined progress as increased sufficiency and convenience.  Now you know those are the idols of America, you know we don’t really consider what we adopt a new technology we just don’t get the culture that you have plus the new technology.  The new technology radically changes the culture.  And you know it destroys what was there before.  I mean in a very real way things like texting that we are doing now are deconstructing the English language and it’s really nothing we can do about it once this sort of thing is in motion it’s pretty much a done deal.

Sid: What other things did he predict?

Cris:  Well, five was a vast population increase, and you know that is way beyond the sphere that he was imagining.  You know and that is a…it’s an issue for missions, for world evangelism as well, because you know you have such a population increase in some of these third world areas that it’s hard to keep up; especially with the unreached people groups.  So the sixth is the rejection of the prophetic warnings and preaching.  And that’s the most pertinent really to our discussion is that you know there’s so many signs, people that are you know that are familiar with Bible prophecy see what’s going on in Israel.  I mean things like the Arab Spring you know, there’s so many signs that you know it’s almost overwhelming I mean the general you know feeling in the prophetic community is that things are right on the edge.  Now the seventh idea that ever put forth was I’ll quote “The appearance upon earth of beings from the principality of the air and their unlawful intercourse with human race.”  Now when he’s talking about the principalities of the air that’s a reference to Ephesians chapter 2 where the devil is referred to as the prince of the principality of the air. Now what’s really interesting about that is that. Well the New Testament world view the realm of the demons is really the atmosphere between the earth and actually the moon is the way they really thought of it.  So when we’re dealing with the subject of unidentified aerial phenomenon and UFO’s and these sort of experiences that people are having it’s not really a stretch to posit these as demonic manifestations because the realm of demons in the New Testament world view is the sky.

Sid: You know what you’re saying reminds me of, the wheat and the tares that the parable, and Jesus said “Let the tares grow up.”  So what I’m hearing you say is that when we read the story about the ancient Nephilim where the sons of god cohabited with the human woman that that’s coming back.  Is that what you’re saying?

Cris:  Well, I think that there’s a lot of really compelling evidence that points to something like that going on. I mean in the study of UFO’s there’s several big named scholars who have studied the abduction phenomenon and have determined that it’s real.  Now one is Dr. John Mack who is a Harvard psychiatrist who wrote 2 very large volumes on the abduction phenomenon.  Now, Dr. Mack risked his career in academia to write this book on abduction and come out and say that he believed that absolutely something real was going on and that you know it wasn’t you know a mental illness of insanity that something was happening to these people. He really inferred strongly that it was largely a spiritual type of phenomenon.

Sid: Alright if the abductions are predominately spiritual are you talking about God or are you talking about the devil?

Cris:  Well, you know what we see in the abduction phenomenon is characteristically evil.

Sid: You’ll not understand end-times without these two books that document secret files in the Vatican Library and belief in aliens.  “Petrus Romanus” the last Pope hidden in the Vatican Libraries over 900 years ago a vision of the next 112 Popes; stunning accuracy of the first 111; now this last Pope will take office for the final judgment.  The second book “Exo-Vaticana” documents the Vaticans plan for a rival of an alien god with a small “g.”  Secret file sin the Vatican Library on the reality of alien presence.  Vatican’s position on extraterrestrials, Vatican’s project Lucifer; why 2013 is the year top astronomers say the aliens will be revealed.  The breeding and hybridization programs for humans and aliens….

Our Guest Ricardo Sanchez


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have no limits; it’s time to take the limits off of God.  It’s time to proclaim that “It’s Not Over.” I have Ricardo Sanchez on the telephone and we’re talking about his amazing CD “It’s Not Over.”  But from a life experience he’s literally, God has giving him a ministry because everyone is dealing with one or more serious problems in their life.  And some feel they’re hopeless, but when people go to his concerts or hear his teaching supernatural hope is infused and things turn around.  Well how would you like a report your 9 year old son was in a diving accident in the swimming pool, and he has less than 1% to recover, his prognosis is to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair; maybe a breathing tube, a breathing machine, the tube coming out of his neck.  So you get this report, you worship God, your oblivious to the people, did you feel a breakthrough at that time or you don’t know what you felt?

Ricardo:  Sid I wish I could say that on the airplane when I got the texts from my wife and the phone call that I believed in faith the whole time and that the plane got saved.  That just wasn’t my ending, that wasn’t, or my beginning I should say.  To be quite honest with you I responded quite naturally I was intimidated, I don’t like using the word fear because I have God “Whom shall I fear.”  So the word intimidated comes to mind, I felt like I was about to enter into this battle and I was very nervous and I was in the airplane and I just remember tapping into those old hymns “Amazing Grace,” “Oh the Blood of Jesus,” “Something About that Name.”  And that seemed to be the sliver of hope that I needed to allow the anointing of God, the Balm of Gilead to begin to flow and to begin to heal those areas.  Not just in my life but of my sons, my blood line, those that are carrying on my name and it was through that worship experience that the presence of God began to flow through.  And the song “It’s Not Over” again began to bubble up in my spirit and that’s where I felt it was in that moment of falling on my face in the terminal and crying out to God that the presence of God began to saturate my situation, begin to saturate.  I believe even though I was in Jacksonville I believe that at that very time God began to move in Atlanta, Georgia in my sons body, in the doctors hands, in the ex-rays in the prognosis.  I begin I believe Spirit of God begin to flow in our entire circumstance.

Sid: Now tell me what the firefighter said that loaded your son in the helicopter.

Ricardo: Hmm, Sid this firefighter who had been a firefighter for over 9 years he said “In my 9 years of experience I’ve never seen anybody whether it’s an adult or a young person sustain this kind of injury and ever survive.  So prepare your heart for the worse.

Sid: So although you couldn’t see anything with your eyes I believe that there was a major breakthrough that occurred when you were not ashamed of God, you didn’t care what man thought and you, right in the middle of the airport, you start worshiping your God with every fiber of your being.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Sid: I believe things started changing.

Ricardo: Sid, that’s a great way to describe it because that’s exactly what it was every fiber of my being; I was unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ I needed God to move.  In those moments I heard it said “Adversity doesn’t build character but it reveals it.”  And Jesus said “What’s in a man comes out of man,” what they’re made of your character will be speak in those moments of desperation. For me when we heard that paramedic say that, Jeanette had told me this I had nothing left Sid it had emptied the tank, but in the midst of that I hit the floor and begin to worship God and just begin to cry out to Him and begin to ask for His Healing power to touch my son.

Sid: Tell me about the song we’re going to play right now “I’m Not Ashamed?”

Ricardo:  Well, it was kind of one of those moments, I has in Phoenix, Arizona at a concert my record label at the time had gotten us phenomenal seats to sit in about the tenth row.  As the artist is playing and singing there’s a young woman probably 23-24 years old dancing lifting her hands in the air and as a Pentecostal Worship Leader who believes in the Full Gospel I could obviously see she was speaking in tongues, lifting her hands praying in the Spirit.  Well there was a couple behind her that were mocking her, making fun of the way that she worshiped laughing mimicking her, mimicking her in mockery.  And what grabbed my heart as a Worship Leader is I saw this daughter of the woman that was worshiping just so enamored it was almost like her mother was teaching her how to worship.  And I thought “What an attack upon this young girl and her mother in a beautiful moment.”  And right when I was about to say something to this group of people who are making fun of that…you know my father’s a Retired Command Sargent Major in the United States Army and so right when my father’s voice was about to out of me to correct these people my wife nudged me, and the Spirit of God nudged my spirit at the exact same time God spoke to me.  And sometimes my wife and the Spirit of God are the exact same person to be quite honest.  But it was in that moment that God said “These people have no idea of what’s like to be fully dependent upon me for rent, for food, for sustaining life.  This woman is unashamed and could careless who’s watching her worship me.  And I remember going home that evening picking up my guitar and writing “I gonna Dance for You like nobody’s watching me.”

Sid: “I Am Not Ashamed” by Ricardo Sanchez.

Worship excerpt “I Am Not Ashamed”

Sid: Because Ricardo Sanchez was not ashamed God began to move from a 1% chance of survival his son.  I mean he had these pictures of his son being in a wheelchair his whole life, his son having a breathing tube coming out of his neck, a breathing machine.  But he had a breakthrough and I believe that the breakthrough that God has for you is…did you feel the anointing, the presence as Ricardo preaches and teaches about this.  And the presence of God on his music, that’s an anointing and that anointing will remove the limits God has.  I don’t care what problem you have, but as you listen to his CD “It’s Not Over,” and this book, and his teaching CD the anointing is going to cause the same breakthrough that occurred for Ricardo’s son that you’re about ready to hear in your life.  I don’t care whether it’s marriage, I don’t care whether it’s finances, I don’t care whether it’s health, I don’t care whether it’s a flat spirit of depression; I tell you it’s not over.”

Our Guest Sharon Allen

Sid: My guest, Sharon Allen, she’s one of the 10 Jewish people that I put in my book “They Thought for Themselves.”  This is a book of 10 Jewish people from every walk of life from a Jewish concert pianist, to a Jewish Ph.D., to a Jewish mega millionaire, to Jewish people that are secular, Jewish people that are religious, but they had one thing in common, they thought for themselves, and they became believers in the Messiah. My guest this week is Sharon Allen, she has a fascinating story. She was raised in an observant Jewish home in New York City. She got married to a Jewish man, had a child; got divorced moved out to the West coast; got into the Real Estate business and married the fellow she was in business with. Only one problem, he loved everything Jewish; he was active in their synagogue, but when it came time for him to convert to traditional Judaism he said “I’ll do anything because I love everything Jewish, but I won’t renounce Jesus.” Sharon was horrified, although she knew he was raised in a Christian home he never spoke about church, he never spoke about Jesus, everything he did was Jewish; everything Sharon did was Jewish. So we so distraught she couldn’t understand how this wonderful businessman that loves everything Jewish could even be interested in Jesus. So what happened Sharon?

Sharon: Well like I said I was in absolute horror at this thought that all of a sudden my husband says he can’t renounce “That Man.” In the midst of all of this I had this thought, “I’ll just begin to read my Jewish Bible.” I start at page 1 and pretty soon I would find a scripture that prove to my husband that “That Man” could have never have been the fulfillment of the Jewish Bible.

Sid: Now who did you think Yeshua was at that time from your training?

Sharon: At the time, you know you grow up in America, and you kind of think it’s Roman Mythology. I thought that “That Man,” Jesus, was Roman Mythology. You know the idea of the virgin birth, and it was mashugana to me. It didn’t make sense, but I thought “Oh well it’s good for the Gentile people they don’t have the One true God, but through Jesus they have a good code of ethics, and they have learned about the One true God.” So it was okay for them, but it wasn’t okay for me and my family because my family is Jewish we pray directly. Until later when I studied and I realized that Moses brought the Israelites to Mt. Sinai and wanted to hear the Voice of God, and when the Israelites heard the Voice of God they said “No Moses you speak to God for us.” God originally wanted to be one on one. So I always…

Sid: So did you figure like one night of looking over the Torah, the Jewish scriptures would be all you’ll need to convince your husband, as you put it this mishegas, which means craziness?

Sharon: Yeah I didn’t think it would take me long and pretty soon I would find THAT scripture that would prove that “That Man” couldn’t have been the fulfillment of the Jewish Bible because I knew. There was one thing I knew for sure and that was everything that God wanted us to Jews to know about His Jewish Messiah, so that we Jews could recognize Him when He would come would be in my Jewish scriptures. So I went to the Family Room and I took down my Jewish Bible, every Jewish home has their Jewish Bible. Now I have many Bibles, but at the time I had my Hebrew Bible, and took it down from the shelf and I opened it to the first page, and I prayed this prayer “Dear God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, please show me the truth about Your Messiah so I can make my husband Jewish.” I proceeded to read, and my daughter went off to school that morning, and my husband went off to work, and there I was sitting and reading page, after page, after page. Hours later…

Sid: By the way, hadn’t you read the Bible before?

Sharon: You know as Jewish people we think we know what’s in our own Hebrew Scriptures because as children we go to Yeshiva, we go to Hebrew school. As adults we go every Shabbos to the synagogue and we hear a Torah portion, a portion from the Torah, 5 Books of Moses, and we hear a Haftorah portion, a portion from the prophets. Because of this we think we know what’s in our own Jewish Bible, but something completely different happened when I began to read page after page, after page…

Sid: By the way, I was raised in a traditional Jewish synagogue and I went to the synagogue, and I heard the first 5 Books of the Jewish scriptures, the Torah, and portions of the prophets, but I heard it all in Hebrew, and guess how many words of Hebrew I could speak? Maybe 3 or 4.

Sharon: I understand.

Sid: So it was like sitting in foreign language. Anyway you’re sitting down, you’re starting with Genesis and so by the end of the evening did you have your evidence?

Sharon: You know what, my husband came home from work, my daughter came home from school, and I was still reading. The next morning I was still reading page after page, and my daughter went to school, and my husband went off to work, and hours later my daughter came home from school and my came home from work, and I was still reading page after page. This went on for days, it went on for WEEKS, it went on for months. I couldn’t believe what I was finding in my own Jewish Bible.

Sid: What was one of the first things you made that made a major impact on you?

Sharon: Many things. I think that for me the Malach HaShem, now Malach HaShem in the English Bibles it says the “Angel of the Lord.” When you say “Angel of the Lord” you have this picture of a created being that could be the same angel, or different angel occurring each time. You have this picture of it being a created angel, but Malach HaShem, Malach in Hebrew means “Messenger,” and HaShem we’re saying “The Name.” HaShem means the “The Name” because Jewish people do not pronounce the Hebrew letters Yud Hey Vav Hey, which is the ineffable name of God, the Tetragrammaton, the name for God that we Jews don’t even pronounce. In prayers we say Adonai, but we do not pronounce the 4 letters that are the name of God. So here is… and I will call Him the Malach HaShem out of respect, and each time the Malach HaShem appears, and in your Bibles it would say “Angel of the Lord” but everywhere this unique messenger appears the people recognize Him as God. They are fearing for their lives and they fall on their face, and they say “They are going to die because they’ve seen God face to Face.” Instead of this Malach HaShem saying to them “No, no, no don’t fear for your lives I’m not God, I’m just a mere created being, I’m just an angel. Don’t worry I’m not…” He doesn’t correct them, but what He does say is “Shalom” He gives them peace. In Hebrew Shalom, I know we know it as “Hello” and “Goodbye” and “Peace,” but it is also means “Psychological wholeness.” In other words, this unique messenger recognizes that these people are in terror for their lives and he’s giving them psychological wholeness, but He never corrects them. Each time through the Bible, each time the patriarchs, or anyone meets Him, that is their immediate reaction, they fall on their face in fear. In Judges we meet Menoah, a very interesting thing happens. Menoah recognizes the Malach HaShem as God, and He also falls on his face and fears for his life. The Malach, this Messenger, comforts him and gives him psychological wholeness through saying “Shalom.” Menoah is so excited and wants to know what he can do that he actually offers sacrifice to this Malach, this Messenger. If this Messenger was an angel, an angel cannot accept sacrifice, only God. We only sacrifice to God. So Menoah offers this sacrifice and the Malach HaShem allows it, and not only that but as the flames are going up into the skies, the Malach HaShem goes into the flames raises up into the heavens and Menoah says “This is Pelly,” and the Hebrew word Pelly, which means wonderful, this miraculous wonderful thing that has happened. Pelly is a Hebrew word that is only used when we’re talking about God.

Sid: Now that had to be pretty shocking to you, but hold that thought we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

Our Guest David Brennan


Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, why because God has given him revelation on end times that I have never heard anyone discuss before; it comes from the book of Zechariah.  And it talks about a Quartet of four entities that will be raised up in the last days that will have amazing unity to come against Israel.  This Quartet had its first meeting. Tell me what’s the consequence Dave Brennan?

David: They did on April 30th 2003 the Quartet met for the first time. It was the brain child of George W. Bush he got together the United Nations, the European Union and Russia with the United States and they met for the first time in 2003.  It was a long awaited meeting and when they met on the very day they met, what is described by weather experts at that time as the worst weather in US history began.  It included some 562 tornadoes over the course of just about three weeks which is just incredible. Also over 1500 hailstorms were sighted during that time.  After that struck the United States, the European Union, or I should say Europe because I would say the European Union was involved with the Quartet. Europe began experiencing the worst heat wave in over 250 years and it was a devastating event.  It involved some, excuse me, about 5200 lives were lost which is just incredible and tragic.  And you know we had something occur in 2010 to Europe as well, in Great Britain on April 14 an organization referred to as the Advertising Standards Authority came together and said “Israel could not run advertisement, tourism advertisement in Great Britain depicting the Western Wall which is located in Eastern Jerusalem as part of Israel saying that “No it’s really Palestinian essentially.”  Well, that’s an assault on Israeli sovereignty of the land promised to them by God.  As coincidence would have it a volcano on Iceland the name of which I will not try to pronounce looks like a monkey hit a typewriter and stayed on it for a while it blew it’s top; something it hadn’t done in almost 100 years.  And the results was the tourism traffic was shut down for Great Britain because of the all the ash and smoke over the Island as well as elements of Europe as a whole.

Sid: You know over and over these events are occurring, but the thing that disturbs me the most is the anti-Israel sentiment of the current administration. For instance, when Obama first took office and he made his first trip to the Middle East you point out that he didn’t go to Israel.  When he made his second trip to the Middle East as you pointed out he didn’t go to Israel, and then when Netanyahu came to visit him he made him come in the back door, why was that?

David: You know there is a strong bias against Israel within the administration. I’m not sure of the reasons that President Obama has for being that way but I’ll tell you this, one thing that I look at is how there is almost a case, a case can actually be made that the Obama administration has derailed negotiations instead of being an honest broker between the parties, and this is why I say that. If you look at one of the first things that he did when he came in office was not what an honest broker would do where they would try to bridge the gap between the parties, the president’s administration actually injected a new condition for negotiations to begin between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians.  That condition was a construction freeze in East Jerusalem it was not the Palestinians asking for that it was the US Administration under Obama. Now at the time his supporters said “Well, he’s not sure what he’s doing that was a silly mistake.”  But it’s not the only time he’s done something like that. He actually jumped in and gave a speech on May 19th of 2011 the one that we had talked about in a previous session where Netanyahu was coming to town to make a big offer for peace in the Middle East. The President instead of waiting to hear what Netanyahu had to say came out with draconian terms for peace settlement, draconian against Israel on May 19th the day before Netanyahu was to give his speech.  And at the time this big supporter Alan Dershowitz who is a Harvard Law Professor said “The President’s done it again.” In other words, referring back to the first conditions that they came up with the freeze in East Jerusalem.  I thought that first one was just incompetency.

Sid: What was the second one?                                               

David: The second one was coming out with a proposal for peace in his May 19th speech that was so strongly anti-Israel that it killed any chance Sid what-so-ever for negotiations, and negotiations never took place.  It’s a negotiator or honest broker bringing a negotiating item that is going to kill negotiations. That’s essentially what took place.

Sid: So we see that the administration is really sabotaging the peace efforts, being anti-Israel I don’t even get it. What’s your spin on this, why?

David: I think what is happen is this, and I point this out in some real detail in three chapters in the “Israel Omen Two.” Is that you know you can reasonably conclude that the administration has done everything it can to spike negotiations to prevent negotiations from taking place.  What that did is, it effectively forced the issue into the United Nations, the United Nations just increased the status of the Palestinian cause within that body.  I believe that is the goal, I believe the goal is to continue to kill any chance for negotiations very subtly but effectively and force it to the United Nations where he can say “Well, I didn’t do it, it’s the United Nations” that’s what my gut tells me there will be granted a Palestinian State through the UN at some point. But I do see a clear effort to actually prevent negotiations. I’m not the only one, his supporters I take Alan Dershowitz as one that indicated that because he said “It’s the second time the President did it after his May 19th speech” so it’s not just critics of him but his supporters see it.

Sid: You know we were discussing before we went on the air Dave of the supernatural things that had to occur for President Obama to win the election, tell me a few.

David: Yes, well Sid he is the most amazingly lucky politician if that’s what it is ever.

Sid: No it’s not luck it’s supernatural.  Tell me what happened.                          

David: Okay, you have a storm that interferes the the Republican convention it shortens it by 25%, it pushes the keynote speaker Marco Rubio the Hispanic from prime-time. Romney really needed the Hispanic vote to win, it was a disaster for the Republicans.  People were focused on the storm, it caused disarray it really impacted the Republican effort that’s number one.  Number two, I intensely followed the polls leading up to this election and Romney had at least a two to three point lead going in to Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy strikes an unusual storm actually similar to the Perfect Storm that hit 1991 that we were talking about.  They compared it to that storm, it was so odd.  It strikes days before the election and you can watch the polls shift a minimum of 2%. That’s the second good fortune, the third or supernatural.  Project Orca, Governor Romney’s effort to get the vote out has a super computer they pump 40 million dollars into it and the result was on election day it broke down. They reported having over 30,000 campaign workers ready to make phone calls that could not swing into action.  There’s articles out in various publications that I don’t have those right in front of me at the moment but if you look up project Orca you’ll get the jest of what I’m talking about.

Sid: So these diabolical supernatural events catapulted President Obama because from what you’re telling me if that supercomputer program hadn’t broken down then he would not have won most likely.

David: I believe that the supercomputer had project Orca not broken down and there hadn’t been a Hurricane Sandy strike at that time you know once in a 100 year a Perfect Storm type crazy storm I think Romney would have won. I think it took both of those and my own opinion of studying it.  But that’s only resent good fortune or supernatural intervention that has helped this particular President. You go back to his senate race he was a US states senator running for the US Senate that had no shot, he was running in a Democratic primary against a guy who was going to wipe him clean who was very well funded and well established and that guy resigned, he pulled out from some scandal.  The Republican was equally powerful, he pulled out from some scandal. It was then just Obama essentially waltzing into that position.  Then if you look at that history of the individuals who have been keynote speakers at democratic conventions no one as a state senator since the early 80’s has been picked to be a keynote speaker but they picked Barack Obama when he was a candidate for the US senate that speech propels him to win the primary…

Sid: How about defeating Hillary and all of her machinery, that should have never happened.  This is the most amazing supernatural things that have catapulted him.  Let’s talk on tomorrow’s broadcast about what you see happening in the future just like you do in your books.