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Sid Roth welcomes Earthquake Kelly


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Earthquake Kelly. And Earthquake it is pretty fascinating, which moves in, what did you mother do about that, what about your brothers and sisters, you were what, the seventh child, did that have significance?


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, in voodoo they deal with numbers just like we do as Christians, but they copy everything God has, so they wanted the seventh child. Me being the seventh child they picked me to go down in to Port au Prince and City Sela to live down there and work with the President at that time, Papa Doc Duvalier. But thank God I had a praying mother, and she is still praying, thank God for that.


SID: Okay, so you are being equipped by this witch to be I guess some sort of a priest with Papa Doc Duvalier of Haiti. How come you didn’t go there?


EARTHQUAKE: One day my dad, the witch and myself, the witch packed my suitcase for it, it was a little brown bag, she packed it for me, she said this is the day for you, I am going to take you into Manhattan and put you on a boat and you are going to sail down to Port au Prince.


SID: Did you want to do this?


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah I wanted to do this because I was into power at that time because I was watching some things happen, man they did some, some things really take place in that realm. And when she told me that I could have free course down in Haiti, I was all for it, the power, with the money, the control, being a child being over a lot of grownups, stuff like that sort of excited me. And when the day came for her to take me away they were going to sneak me out the back door, put me in a car and take me into Manhattan and put me on the ship, I was going to sail down into Port au Prince, my mother came out of nowhere, I mean out of nowhere, she saw us sneaking out the house and she said where are you taking my baby. And the witch says he is no longer your child he belongs to me, and my mother said no way, and she grabbed, my mother grabbed me by the arm and was pulling me. And the witch was pulling me and I was going back and forth like a tug of war. And something happened, they got me away from my mother, they were going towards the back door, and before they could get me out the back door it was like they both saw something that was so big and it scared them, they let me go and they ran out the door. And I don’t know what they saw but I believe it was because my mother was praying and God must have sent an angel to prevent them from taking me down to Port au Prince.


SID: You know what I also found pretty interesting about these two powers that are sort of in competition with each other, this witch used to put curses on people, and you broke into a realm where you could leave your body explain that.


EARTHQUAKE: Right, right, right, I could astral project, I could throw my hand through glass and not be cut, I could put a match under my hand and not be burned. I could do all kinds of different things. At that particular time I had a couple of friends of mine who went and got saved, and I mean they were really saved and I didn’t like the idea that they got saved because I felt like they left me there in the realm, and so I sent out a couple of spirits after them and I said you go   and you curse them, you destroy everything they are doing. Those little spirits came back to me and they said we couldn’t touch them. I said go back and put a curse on them, I command you, order you to do so, and they came back to me again and said we can’t touch them, they are protected. So I astral projected out of my own body and I went to see the reason why I would tell these spirits and they would come back and I know I had sent them to do other things and had never had a problem. So I went to see for myself and when I got there I saw the two brothers walking around this particular place, and I saw these seven, almost eight-foot tall angels with swords were protecting everywhere they went. And I said wow that’s the reason why those spirits came back and couldn’t do anything. These guys got some way stronger than I had, these guys were protected, I mean protected by giant angels.


SID: I’m curious, why in the world did your mother stay with your father with these beatings, I mean how bad did he beat her?


EARTHQUAKE: He beat her to the point now where she doesn’t have any sight.


SID: Why did she stick around?


EARTHQUAKE: Back in those days Sid, you know it was different from these days. They taught you to stay with the man for the children’s sake, and a lot of the old school women, they did that for the sake of the children, and my mother was one, she just wasn’t going to leave there.


SID: Okay, these spirits are communicating with you now on a regular basis and one, they even taught you as a young child how to get high off of a melting, what, a plastic gun?


EARTHQUAKE: All kinds of stuff, I won’t go into say what it is in case somebody wanted to hear, but it – see what happened, I wanted to shoot heroin with my brothers, I used to watch them tie up and get ready and hit the main line and stuff like that, and I wanted to shoot that, I was only about four or five years old. And they said you’re too young, you can’t shoot up right now, but I really wanted to and said no, they pushed me out of the room and so I heard this voice say, you don’t have to wait for that, I’ll show you what to do to get high, thee was this voice, and I could feel a presence right over my shoulder and he showed me what to do. And so at four years old I listened to this voice, this evil spirit and I started what is called “huffing” they call it huffing and–


SID: Let’s fast-forward though, okay so this voice teaches you how to get high as a kid, how to put this stuff together, you hear this voice again that tells you how to get super high, tell me about that.


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, well I was fifteen, just turned fifteen and this voice said you have never really been high so why don’t you get this real super high so you can brag and boast, you know tell all your friends and all the drug people in the community, in the neighborhood that you can, you know, hold your dope. And so he told me what to do, he told me to get the cocaine, the weed, the tools, some pills, these tools –


SID: Fifteen!


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah fifteen.


SID: And this voice tells you to put all this stuff, what were the pills?


EARTHQUAKE: These pills, they were so strong, you take one pill, you cut that in half, then you cut that half in half, and it will keep you high for eight days, just a half of the half. I took about three or four of those, smoked some weed, did about five or six hundred dollars worth of cocaine all at one time, plus some beer, I hated beer but I was at this bar sitting there at the bar and some guy said you gotta drink or go home. So this guy knew I was underage and he still gave me the beer on top of everything else I had taken, and I overdosed, overdose of drugs, stopped my heart, it was just too much.


SID: That’s what the devil wanted to do, he wanted to kill him because he knows he is making an earthquake now for God, don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

Our Guest Earthquake Kelly


On “It’s Supernatural:” as a young child Earthquake Kelly was a master of witchcraft and voodoo. As he got older his powers increased. He could cast spells and kill people by cursing them and leave his own body at will. He soon died from a drug overdose and went to hell. See what brought Earthquake Kelly back to life and discover the amazing power that can bring people back from the dead.


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I mean I don’t know any other life, I wouldn’t want to live any other life. My guest is a fourth generation voodoo priest who died and went to hell. Before we get to that, Earthquake Kelly, how did you get the name Earthquake Kelly? Well I see the Earthquake part, but how did you get that?


EARTHQUAKE: Well back in 83 I was competing for the 84 Olympics in Los Angeles and there was a guy I was fighting for in an elimination bout, and he was starting to get the best of me and I closed my eyes and threw a jab and to my surprise he was laying out on the canvas, so the guys, the sports announcer at the time said that guy hits like an earthquake, so people started calling me Earthquake from 1983, but actually before that I had a dream and in this dream the ground was shaking and a voice said because of you the ground is shaking, because of you the ground is broken. And I believe God really gave me that name first before the people in the sports arena.


SID: Okay, but you just don’t look Irish to me, where does the Irish come in, Kelly?


EARTHQUAKE: I traced my family tree back all the way to Ireland to the slave trade, there was a man named John Kelly who was in Ireland, he left Ireland and went into the Caribbean, bought some land, had a plantation there, and from the slave trade that’s where we got that name from.


SID: And your great ancestor you came from was African and she was involved in voodoo and Mr. Kelly did not have a good time because of this voodoo, what happened to him?


EARTHQUAKE: Well my people from way back they put a curse on him and it is a historical fact throughout my family tree that we know about the curse that was put on the Kelly linage there in Haiti, and all his crops started to fail so he decided well I’m not growing anything here   and he took some of his slaves and went to New Orleans believing that he was going to get away from it, of course you know some of the things happening down there. He went from there to Texas and that’s where my father was born.


SID: Okay, so here you are with this voodoo heritage on one side, and your father marries a Pentecostal Christian, what a combination.


EARTHQUAKE: Right, he sure did.


SID: So there is kind of a tug of war on your life, but your father doesn’t even want you to be born, he tries to get your mother to have an abortion?


EARTHQUAKE: right, my mother tells the story, and she said I waited until you got grown to tell it, and it was really hard on her to tell me, but she did tell me. She told me the story, and thanks be to God she said there was another hand inside of her, she could feel another hand in side of her feeling all of these things.


SID: You mean when she went to the abortion clinic and they were giving her all these shot and these needles to kill you, she was being supernaturally protected.


EARTHQUAKE: That’s right, that’s right.


SID: But your father, he took matters into his own hands, he beat your mother, what did he do to her?


EARTHQUAKE: Well what she told me it was pretty rough, he would beat her and do some awful things to her trying to destroy me on the inside, but still God said no, no, He has purpose for me and I survived by the grace of God.


SID: So you survived, you are born, obviously you survived, but your father starts beating you.

Why did he dislike you so much?


EARTHQUAKE: I have no idea, I have no idea really, all I know is the beatings just kept coming and coming and thank God –


SID: He would beat you with a belt buckle?


EARTHQUAKE: The buckle, yeah, many times.


SID: And I understand from your book the doctors didn’t even expect you to survive too long.


EARTHQUAKE: No, they didn’t give me much chance, they said if I lived to see the 9th grade I would be an old man.


SID: Okay, according to my notes this is amazing. At four you start taking drugs, your brothers are selling, at five you see your grandmother use voodoo against someone, and what happened?


EARTHQUAKE: He dropped over, he keeled over, and that’s really what started me being interested in it because I said wow, what a lot of power for somebody to say a few words and a grown man to just fall over backwards and I started getting interested in it because I didn’t even know there was that much power in it. You know except what I saw on TV as a child, now I could see it with my own eyes it was like wow I wanted some of that.


SID: Did you try it?




SID: At that young age?


EARTHQUAKE: Oh yeah, oh yeah.


SID: What happened?


EARTHQUAKE: when I said the words that I heard, it felt like something started swirling around and got on the inside of me, and these things got on the inside of me and I became possessed and it started a spiral of going downhill from then on.


SID: You became, how old were you when you had a gun and were working with prostitutes and pimps?


EARTHQUAKE: About thirteen, thirteen.


SID: I mean you lived a whole life by the time you were a teenager.


EARTHQUAKE: A life of a fifty or sixty year old man by the time I got into my teens. Yeah it was a dangerous thing to do to work with the prostitutes, I had to go to each one with the day tricking and sit there with a pistol and make sure they got paid. I was only thirteen, it started working on my mind after a while Sid, I started going really crazy after –


SID: What happened when your dad brought home a witch to mentor you?  What was she mentoring you for?


EARTHQUAKE: She told me that I, being a Haitian background and that I was to be sent down to Haiti to work under Papa Doc Douvailier to be raised up under the President of the country to control the people through voodoo. And so at the time I was floored because of the power thing and I was preparing myself to go.


SID: What was your preparation like, how many hours a day did you put into this?


EARTHQUAKE: Well not so much the day, mainly the night because I didn’t get much sleep because there is something about, what they call the witching hour, which was between twelve o’clock and three or four o’clock in the morning which a lot of evil things are being – you are learning a lot through that time.


SID: She would give you; this witch would give you the names of demons that would then inflict harm on people.


EARTHQUAKE: Oh yes, by the hundreds, oh yes.


SID: So you then would then call out this name and then evil would happen to people?


EARTHQUAKE: You could send things to people, right.


SID: What happened, wait till you find out what happened when he tries to use his power against some real Christians; don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

Sid Roth welcomes Darren Wilson


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson, Darren you told me that homeless guy was panhandling for money after he got physically healed, what did he do about the money?

DARREN: He totally forgot, he was so happy and so excited he forgot to ask for it.

SID: You told me you have been showing this film all over to students, you showed it at Judson University where you are a professor, what happened?

DARREN: Well we showed it there and God showed up. I mean he shows up every time it is shown. And a bunch of kids were healed of depression, I had a girl who the next, two days later I was teaching a class and she raised her hand before it started and she said, “Professor Wilson, I just want to thank you for making that movie, I have struggled with depression my entire life and after that movie was over I got prayer and it is gone. Every day like for two days now I have woke up and I am the happiest person, I have never been this happy.” And two weeks later I talked to her again and she is still just bubbling over with joy.

SID: And gold dust appears when this is shown?

DARREN: Gold dust, yes, a lot of times that happens, it is just when God’s glory shows up, and gold dust shows up with it I guess. But yeah we showed it at Judson and about twenty students got gold dust on their hands, it was shown at a youth group in Michigan in like fifteen minute segments and they turned it off after the first fifteen minutes, turned on the lights, and all the boys were covered in gold dust. Just strange things.

SID: I have got to hear about Mozambique, you met a woman by the name of Heidi Baker and she has a strategy to reach Mozambique, and in particular, orphans. Tell me what her strategy is.

DARREN: Well first of all let me just say Heidi is the most loving person I have ever encountered in my entire life.

SID: I can tell you when I saw your video it just provoked me to jealousy and I prayed, I don’t know how it affected you or anyone else, but I prayed God I want to love people like Heidi.

DARREN: Yeah, she is fantastic, anyway what she will do is they will go into a Muslim village, a village that’s never heard the name of Jesus before, they go deep into the bush of Africa here, and they will go into these villages and she will do some singing and dancing, and everybody comes because of what’s going on, and what they will do, she will then, she will preach, for fifteen, twenty minutes, tell them that Jesus is real, tell them who he is, they will usually show the Jesus film at some point, then she will, what she has done is she says, “I am going to prove to you that Jesus is real.” And so she says, “Bring me your deaf, bring me your blind, bring me your crippled, whoever you have got here who needs to be healed, bring them up here right now.” And so the village will you know, bring up the deaf people say, and she will ask the whole village, do you all agree this man, this woman is deaf? Do you attest to that? And they will all say, yes, yes, yes, she is deaf. And so Heidi and her children, these orphans that she has taken in will lay hands on this person and they will pray for him and instantly their ears will be opened, their eyes will be opened, and the entire village will be converted literally in one day because the signs proceeded the invitation into the Kingdom.

SID: You went to Turkey with the Gypsies, tell me about the Gypsies and tell me about Heidi when she went with you there.

DARREN: Yeah, well the Gypsy trip was really interesting, we spent ten days with the Gypsies in Turkey and Bulgaria, and you know I didn’t realize until I got over there exactly how hated the Gypsies are around the world. Here in America they are kind of like a novelty you know there is something exotic about the Gypsies, but over there they are a real problem, they are scoundrels, they steal, you know nobody likes them. And so we went and we were encountering Gypsies that had been completely transformed by the love of God, and they had turned their life around.

SID: They really know how to celebrate.

DARREN: They know how to celebrate.

SID: Fun.

DARREN: Yeah, they love to dance; they love to dance. So we were over there and it was actually the last thing that I filmed in the whole journey. We were in Istanbul, in a little Gypsy village, and there was a, Heidi had joined us for the last couple of days out there, and there was a woman there, a Muslim woman who was blind in one eye, and Heidi was trying to pray for her, for healing in her eye, but she had to rely on this Turkish pastor to be her interpreter, and it was a really interesting segment, and as I was filming it I knew that this was one of those moments where you just dream as a filmmaker, I can’t believe I am capturing this on film because on the one hand you have Heidi, who just exudes love, and that is her whole life.

SID: When I saw the footage in Mozambique of Heidi with the orphans, how many orphans does she have?

DARREN: They have over seven thousand.

SID: Did you get that? Seven thousand orphans and she, it seems like she has orphans around her hugging, hugging, she is hugging them, all the time, that love that you said exudes, that is what I am illustrating right now.

DARREN: Yeah, and so she is trying to just love this woman and pray for her but the Turkish pastor wants to convert this woman first, and so you have this kind of dichotomy, on the one hand you have got just love with no strings attached, no obligations, God loves you and you know, let God touch you and then you have to decide for yourself. Whereas on the other hand, you have got religion coming in and saying no, you have to become a part of our club first and then you will get your healing. And so it is this back and forth between these two and it was just absolutely fascinating to watch.

SID: But you know there was a line by Heidi Baker that is ringing in my ears, she kept saying to this pastor that was let’s say, legalistic, “You have to love them.” She was almost pleading, “You have to love them.”

DARREN: Yeah you have to love, it is all about love and the pastor even said, “I do love her but I want to train her. I need to train her first.”

SID: He just didn’t get it.

DARREN: No, didn’t get it.

SID: Tell me about something that you saw with your own eyes in Mozambique.

DARREN: Okay I will tell you, it was the one time, the only time where I was filming where I almost dropped the camera, because I wasn’t prepared for it, and that was the first, we had gotten to this village and again they had never heard the name of Jesus, and Heidi had called for, the Lord had told her there was a deaf woman here, she had to pray for the deaf woman first, not to pray for anybody else until you pray for that deaf woman. So she called literally for twenty minutes, and I am sitting her thinking twenty minutes, it’s like she is not here, you know let’s move on. But Heidi is just stanch; I am not going to pray for anybody until I find this woman. So finally they bring this woman. She wasn’t there, somebody had to go get her. I remember, I asked Heidi “What took her so long to get up there?” And she looked at me really strange and she said, “She’s deaf, she didn’t hear me calling her.” And I’m like oh yeah. So this woman gets up and she has a little baby like it was a brand new born baby, and she is totally deaf, the whole village testifies, yeah this lady is deaf. And so Heidi starts to pray for her, she has the children pray for her. And the woman hears, it is on film, you see, and I remember hold the camera and tears are just streaming down my face, I have two small children myself, and just tears, I am shaking and my other camera guy has you know little children himself, and he could barely hold the camera because you are realizing this woman is finally going to get to hear her baby cry for the first time. She is going to hear her baby, her young child speak her name for the first time, and it just, I could hardly stand. And the presence of God was just so thick there. And then once that happened the whole village, the whole village was converted.

SID: Last thought, how has this changed you Darren?

DARREN: It has changed my DNA to be quite honest with you; it has changed me literally from the inside out. That’s what I tell people when they watch the movie, when I go to show it different places I say look you have to understand, this movie is zero to sixty in about 2.3 seconds and I have had two years to process what I have seen. And in those two years it has completely changed me from the inside out so that now I know that God is, he is a God of encounter, he is a God of extreme power, and he is a God of extreme love.

SID: Speaking of extreme love, do you remember when Heidi said “You have to love them”? Well you can’t love them until you have experienced love, and I want you right now, don’t wait, to experience the love of God. I pray in Yeshua’s name, that you would have an encounter with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Don’t settle for religion, don’t settle for tradition, there is more, you can experience the love of God and then you can do what Heidi said to others. You can’t give someone something you don’t have yourself. Then you can love them. It is time to experience God’s love yourself.

Sid Roth welcomes Darren Wilson


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson, Darren was literally commissioned by God to travel the world and capture the miraculous. I tell you one of my favorite things that I saw on your video Darren was when you went with Jason Westerfield out on the campus of Yale University; tell me about that.

DARREN: Yeah well I was actually told by a friend that I trust that I gotta meet this guy, Jason Westerfield, in Connecticut, so I went there, I had one day with him, I had never met him before and we went to the heart of Yale University’s campus. And while we were there Jason just had a really powerful experience with the Lord and he kind of was you know, having this experience and I’m off to the side waiting patiently for him to stop having this experience so we could go film, and afterwards he came up and he was relating to me some of the things that he saw, and I said wow, that’s pretty neat that you know, you had that happen to you. Meanwhile I was very bored. So then he looked at me kind of strange. I have since talked to him and I asked him why he did this and he said the Lord told him to do it. So he looked at me and he said, “You want to see into the spiritual realm?” And I said, “Sure, hit me with your best shot.” And so he says, “Take off your glasses.” So I took my glasses off and he put his hands on my eyes and he said a real simple prayer, he said, “Lord open his eyes and let him see.” And he still had his hands on my eyes and he said to me, he is like, “Now Darren, just so you know when I take my hands off of your eyes you are going to see into the spiritual realm, so don’t get too freaked out.” And so I am like okay. And so he takes his hand off my eyes and he said, “Now look up there between those two chimneys, and I look up there and there was these little poppy like sparkly firecrackers going off in the sky, saw them with my bare eyes. And I am putting my glasses back on and what is this? And it opened up like a banner.

SID: Now it wasn’t just through the power of suggestion?

DARREN: No, no I am seeing these things pop out, it is like the fourth of July in the sky, and I said, “What is that?” And he says, “That’s the glory of God,” he says, “That’s the glory realm of the supernatural.” And I’m like, “Holy cow.” And so he points down the alleyway, and he said, “Look they are down there.” And I look in the shadows and they are popping off in the shadows. And this is just blowing my mind. And so he said, “Oh, turn around and look.” And I turned around, and keep in mind five minutes before this happened I was bored out of my mind and so I am like just walking around, we are in a big huge courtyard, and I know what the courtyard looked like five minutes before, and so I turned around and half of the courtyard is covered in this like thick fog, and the other half there is no fog.

SID: Is there any natural explanation?

DARREN: No, no, unless somebody, unless those firecrackers were, I don’t know. But no, so I said, “What is that?” And he said, “That’s the glory cloud, that is the cloud of God’s presence.” It was the most, it was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me, I mean I was so shocked, I remember I picked up my camera, never even thought to hit record or anything like that, and we were, we walked out of the courtyard and we hit the street, and one of the guys that was with us said, “Look down the street,” So we looked down and the cloud was following us and the whole street is covered in this fog.

SID: Now when you were commissioned by an angel to document the supernatural you didn’t expect to be living it, did you?

DARREN: Didn’t expect to be living it, no, I thought I was just the messenger, so at that point that was when Jason said, he was like, “Well God is here so now we can pretty much do whatever we want.”

SID: I would like to see a clip from the film of the homeless man, what did you think of that particular clip?

DARREN: That was, it is probably my favorite part of the movie, it is the, I remember at this point this is actually the one-year anniversary of when I started filming the movie, I knew when I was shooting it that it was going to be the end of my film, I knew it. And it was midnight and we were heading home and this homeless guy walked up to us and he was an absolute stereotype, everybody has met this guy, you know smells, he is limping, he is asking for money, and you know Jason said, told him, it was like I’ll give you some money but first I want to give you something better.

SID: Let’s take a look at that right now.

Announcer: I was with my friend Jason Westerfield and we were heading home when a homeless man approached us, he was a stereotype, he smelled, wouldn’t look us in the eye, he had a limp and he was asking for money. Jason told him he would give him some money but first he wanted to give him something better. So first he prayed for the man’s back, which he had been complaining about. Then he prayed for his leg. And I just sat there and stared at this man. He had no one, owned nothing, was a homeless bum living on the streets, what was happening to him right now? What was God going to do to show him he loved this man? And that is when I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this man was going to be healed, not through anything Jason was doing, or Heidi, or Dennis, or Bill, or whoever, but through the love that God had for this man. He wasn’t homeless; he was a prince. He wasn’t broken; he was made whole.

Man: It feels much better.

Jason: Feels much better, how you doing?

Man: Good.

Jason: This is William, look at you, feel lighter?

Man: Yeah.

Jason: Those weights are gone and God healed you right there and God healed your neck and back and you look better, you look like, your face looks normal now.

Man: Yeah, thank you very much.

Jason: God does work miracles, he loves you, God set you up tonight to be right here, you thought you were coming for silver and gold, some money, but the Lord said, “Hey, I got something better for you.” He will give you that but he wanted to bless you tonight. You are his son; he loves you.

Man: I appreciate everything.

Jason: Yeah, God bless you.

Man: Love you guys.