Our Guest Dr. Mark Gabriel

Dr Mark Gabriel (1303) 2002

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah. He formerly, Mark Gabriel, was a professor of Islamic History at the most prestigious Islamic university in the world. He holds a doctorate degree in Islamic Studies. He’s explaining why there are over 1 billion people on this planet that are followers of Islam. We were talking on yesterday’s broadcast about the strategy as outlined by the life of Mohammed in the Quran, and these are the 3 stages of Jihad. The Jihad is a holy war and most people here in the west do not understand that the only form of assurance that a Muslim will go to heaven is to die in a Jihad, or die as a martyr. Is that true Mark?

Mark: Yes absolutely it’s true.

Sid: That kind of explains why so many people are willing to be suicide bombers because that’s the only way they know for sure that they’re going to go to heaven. Now you explained on yesterday’s broadcast the 3 stages of Jihad in a nation, and you can see it happening in England they’re a little further progressed than in the United States. The first is called the Weak Stage, where they’re small minority and they submit to the laws of the United States and they work to increase their numbers. Then comes the second stage which is the Preparation Stage and explain that to me.

Mark: The second stage, Preparation Stage which means the Muslim community they must prepare themselves for taking over the assistance in the county wars which they living there. For example, like in England or in America they must prepare themselves money, prepare themselves whippings, trainings, establishing secret military, or a secret group so that they can start practicing Jihad, you see take over the country. This second stage was presented by the life of Mohammed when he immigrate from Mecca to Medina and he spend only 1 year in Medina preparing himself and after he had the success to reconcile the most 2 Arab tribes that were fighting each other for almost more than 40 years called the Aust tribe and the Kedarish tribe and when they reconciled by Mohammed himself they was converted to Islam. This is how his number was increased so extremely in the first year in Medina. He established his power and he start again the Jewish community and the other Arabic tribes practicing what you call Jihad. So this is the second stage, the Stage of Preparation, which means the first year which Mohammed had been in Mecca.

Sid: Okay then looking at Mohammed’s life what do Muslims call the third stage?

Mark: The third is called the Stage of Action.

Sid: Explain that.

Mark: The third of action which means the third of practicing Jihad as follows, or the fighting itself by starting a war fighting the non-Muslims. Mohammed started that the first time in Medina when he decide to hijack Arabic Meccan caravan was coming to Mecca. So nobody attacks him, no one came and tried to destroy him in Medina, but when he finished preparing his military and his power, and he start the third stage which means action. He takes his military from Medina to a valley called Badr between Mecca and Medina, and he hijack a caravan for the Meccan idol worshipper people.

Sid: Now why is it that radical Islam is so upset with the United States?

Mark: Yes because the United States presenting the most powerful country in the world today. United States dominating the entire world by the American system, by the American culture, by the American media, by the American politics, and America presented the political system called Democracy. Democracy America is working hardly to present this system to every or each country that is specific to the third world countries, and to establish freedom and democracy. Democracy according to the Islamic law and the Islamic theology it’s something like evil, it’s against Islam totally. Muslim’s like Bin Laden, like the Muslim’s… orthodox Muslims, any Muslim who understand Islam very well he does not believe in democracy or in westernize the world by the western system, or political system. The Islamic law requires Muslims to go and fight till the end for one goal, to let the Islamic system rule the entire world.

Sid: Let me ask this question, there are many Muslims in the United States of America that it is true they are peace loving. There are many Muslims in the United States of America that love America they don’t want to see America destroyed. So who are we talking about? I mean if they’re so peace loving why… according to your book if anyone follows the Quran they can’t be peace loving, so how come there’s this difference?

Mark: You’re talking now Sid, you’re talking about nationalism. Islam does not believe in nationalism, Islam does believe the entire airs does belong to Allah and belongs to Islam. What you talk about these Muslims here in America they loving America, they care for America. America is not all… Muslims are not all the same here in the United States there is a different type of Muslim here. I can assure you that the secular Muslims who run away from the dictatorship and the persecution of the Middle East and the Islamic countries and came to the United States to look for a better future, better job, better education these people I do agree with you they will not agree, or they will not… or they are loving America and they do not want anyone to hurt America. But there are Muslims committed, Muslims living here in America the people who are running the Muslim schools, the people who are running the Muslim centers, and running the Islamic mission activity, these people actually they are… does not believe in the same way of the other secular Muslims.

Sid: But yet on television I see many of these Imams come on and they talk about just the verses in the Quran that are peace loving, are they lying to us?

Mark: Absolutely we come again to the same question you asked me before, “Does Islam ask Muslims to lie or allow Muslims to lie?” Yes for the benefit of Islam. This Imam that was standing and speaks in that way they was afraid that the Islamic image would be destroyed in America if they were to present the true teaching of Islam.

Sid: You know time is slipping away… But I’ll tell you the most important question on my heart Mark. I go to New York City a lot and jump in a taxi and in most instances they’re Muslim taxi drivers. I get into a conversation with them about Jesus and about the Quran, and about the Bible. I say “Listen, I’m Jewish I’m also a believer in Jesus and you’re Muslim we all believe in the Torah, the first 5 books of Moses.” Then I start reasoning with them and they say “Oh no your Bible us mistranslated.” Why do they believe that because our Bible predates their Quran, their bible? I mean so how could they say that? Then when I say that to them then they say “Yes but someone’s changed it.” But they don’t know about the Dead Sea Scrolls that proves that no one’s changed it, but you can’t win through logic. So what can I say to that Muslim cab driver that I want him to know Jesus? God loves him as much as he loves every Jew on the face of this earth. God loves Muslims. I know this, you know this, God knows this, so how can we share?

Mark: Amen. Sid I was one like this people before I meet with Jesus. They’re actually are deceived by the Quranic verses who accused the Jews and the Christians that they were changed and corrupted their books. But the way actually to speak with this people to show them the truth just to win them by logic, but sometimes we can’t use the logic. We can say that the only source for the student of Abraham and the student of the prophets of God is the Bible it’s specific to the Old Testament. Yes the Quran does speak and mention about Abraham and about the prophets, but from where does the Quran bring that information? How does Mohammed catch all this information, from where does he get that? So there was our only source in the world today to know about the life of Abraham, hence the Bible there is no other book.

Sid: I’ll tell you our time is up.


Our Guest Brian Simmons


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest bound himself in the library of Heaven and he saw books on every subject you can imagine, books on science and medicine, things like cancer cures that haven’t even occurred yet. And then he saw one book that was called John 22. There are only 21 books in the Gospel of John. Twenty-two had to do about the next great, greatest revival the world has ever seen. I want you to get some insight. I’ll be right back. So Dr. Brian Simmons, in the military, he gets radically saved. This was the Jesus movement. He was a druggie. Gets radically saved, runs back to the army barracks, and what happened, Brian?

BRIAN: I was so excited over what happened I just went through the barracks yelling out to all the men, “Come and listen to what happened to me. You’ve got to hear this.” And we found a room, in the barracks. We all got in there together, probably 50 men. “I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my heart. This is about love. This is about acceptance.” And as I shared with them about my conversion, 10 people that very day came to know Jesus. It was so amazing. It made me think from that moment on maybe I’m called, maybe I have a calling to do something for God. I went from LSD to G-O-D. I went from, like in one day’s time I went from being just really a very messed up, disturbed person to becoming one who loves Jesus, and he’s put up with me ever since.

SID: Now he gets mentored and discipled, and his wife is as crazy as him about Jesus, as crazy as they were in drugs and things like that before they knew him. And they go to Central America with three children to a tribe that they didn’t speak a word of their language. And it was a tough time for them, needless to say. And so in desperation, Brian had an all-night prayer meeting with

the craziest prayer you have ever heard. What was it?

BRIAN: Desperation drives you to desperate measures. And we had been in the jungle for two years. It was difficult. We had to break down their language through a linguistic analysis. The people were very hard. They were very stubborn. They stole from us. They virtually closed their ears to the message we brought. I cried out that night, middle of the night, and here’s the crazy prayer. I said, “Lord, if you don’t come and move in this village, move in my heart and move in the hearts of these tribal people that have never heard, understood the Gospel, if you don’t move with power, I’m going to go back and tell every supporter, every prayer partner, every church we’ve ministered in that you weren’t big enough to tackle the Pia Kuna people and to bring them to know you through Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.”

SID: Did you mean that?

BRIAN: I meant it with all my heart.

SID: That is a desperate prayer. Did God answer?

BRIAN: Did he ever. That morning, the air around our village was supernaturally energized. I can’t describe it other than it was just, you felt the presence, like God had stepped down, like a steel punch of God had come through the atmosphere into our village. And here’s what happened. I broke. My heart broke open. So I went to every hut in our village, over 500 people in our tribal village, and I went to every hut, started early in the morning, and I asked them to forgive me. I repented and I said, “I have not been the messenger of Jesus that I should have been to you. Would you forgive me? I’ve not loved you the way Jesus loves you. Would you forgive me and would you come tonight and let me give you the living message of truth.” I couldn’t even get done asking them to forgive me. They would fall down on the ground. The power of God would land on them and they had never experienced this before, and I had never seen anything like this before, in the mid-80’s. And there they were trembling on the ground shaking like a leaf in the wind. The power of the Holy Spirit had fallen on them and they were weeping, and they were crying, and they had never even believed in Jesus yet. They were experiencing the power of God.

SID: He then hears an audible voice. It was God. And what did God say?

BRIAN: It was five in the morning. I was, as I usually do every morning, I get up early, I seek the Lord, I pray, and there I am. I no sooner began to pray that he spoke audibly. It was not inside, it was not just a whisper in my ear. It was a sound that was all around me. And he says, “I’m calling you back to North America. I’m going to send revival to the nations and you’re goingto be a part of it.”

SID: He came back to the United States, he founded a church and then one day the wall melted.

BRIAN: I was in my room praying and actually what I was doing, was I was asking the Lord to help me as a pastor to show His love and to be the servant that He wanted me to be in our church. And the wall in front of me, five feet away from me, melted. It just, it literally melted. And walking through the wall was this light so intense and so bright it was a ball of light. It was so bright I’m sure there was the one I love was inside of that light. But I couldn’t focus my eyes on it. It was so bright, all I could do was hide my face and I still felt the light piercing through me. And I screamed and I said, “Lord help me. Give me grace to endure this.” And for it seemed like maybe 20 minutes that light just burned through my life. It burned up some things that needed to be burned up. It exposed some things that needed to be exposed and from that encounter, I became a different person. But I actually got to the point where I had to say, “Lord, you’re going to have to lift this from me. I’m going to die. You know, my wife will come home later and there will be dust and ashes on the floor, and she’ll sweep it up not realizing it’s me.” I just felt like I was going to be consumed in this fire.

SID: So there would be less of you and more of God. Okay. When that happened—

BRIAN: A lot less.

SID: Listen to this. When that happened, he then went out because he felt, he was reminded he had to buy some milk. So you go to the store and what happens?

BRIAN: I remembered that it was my duty to get some milk for the family. I went to the grocery store.

SID: It was very important after that inspiration, you understand.

BRIAN: So I make my way through the store and I no sooner come through the door and about a 10, 12-foot radius around me, any person that I passed fell over. They just fell over, right out. And I thought, that’s interesting. How could so many people have a heart attack at one time? I really didn’t know what it was. And half way back to the dairy counter, the guy with the green vest looks down the aisle and sees what’s happening, bodies out on the floor, and he started to panic. I realized I know what this is. This is the presence. It’s not me. It’s the presence of the one who came to my room just a few minutes. He is clinging to me. The presence was on me for that day.

SID: The children. When you went back to the church, what happened to them?

BRIAN: Well I gave up on the milk and remembered that I had an appointment to speak in chapel. We had a wonderful school, beautiful kids, little kids in our school, the first six grades, and I was going to be the chapel speaker that day, and I just remembered that. So I went in the office and my staff froze, like I hit the pause button on the remote control. They just froze staring at me, and for minutes. And finally, Jeff, one of my staff members said, “Pastor Brian, what happened to you?” And I said, “I’ll tell you later. I’ve got to go speak in chapel.” Made my way through the hall, went into the chapel. As soon as I came into the auditorium, every one of those children, probably 50 to 60 kids, every one of them fell down. The power of the Lord came into that chapel. They all ended up on the ground and it was like a repeat of what I saw in the jungle. They were shaking and crying, and stumbling.

SID: They had never seen anything like this.

BRIAN: These are little, these are children. and they’re not of course going to make this up or just mimic somebody else. They were under God’s power. Some saw angels. They told us later, some were being taken up into heavenly visions. And I just sat there. I didn’t know what to do. What do you do, something like that?

SID: You get out of the way is what you do.

BRIAN: That’s exactly what I did.

SID: God has given him a gift where it’s almost like he sees, Brian sees a television screen and knows what’s going to happen. When we come back, I want to find out when he saw this television screen of a baby that was dead coming back to life. Be right back.


Our Guest Julie Meyer


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Are you interested in a breakthrough in one or more areas of your life? I am. Well my guest has been shown a way for breakthrough that I believe is an ancient way that God is restoring right now, because when she prays this way that God instructed her, she has 100 percent breakthrough, 100 percent of the time. I want to find out about this. How about you? I have to tell you, there is such a presence of tranquility as Julie Meyer plays the piano and sings. I have felt peace, but this is almost a different level of peace. The only word I can come up with is tranquility. And Julie, I think it has to do with your beginnings. You see, she had an alcoholic mom and the only peace Julie could find is to go to her piano and just sing. And she wasn’t even a believer in Jesus, but she knew hymns that would bring her such peace. And then, believe it or not, she met a pair of twins, the Roth, R-O-T-H, twins, no relation. And the Roth twins kept pestering her, “You got to come to our Bible study.” She didn’t want anything to do with it. But she said, “If I win this state piano competition I’ll go.” She did awful, but she won. She went, age 17, she becomes a believer and she hasn’t been the same since. But like a lot of 17-year-olds, she didn’t like the way she looked, she didn’t like the way she played the piano. You were pretty negative, period.

JULIE: I was very negative, yes, towards myself.

SID: I know, I understand.


SID: But you found something that supernaturally broke you through to be the person God wanted you to be. Tell me about it.

JULIE: Yeah. And that was in my 30s. So I spent a lot of time from 17 to 30 not liking me.

SID: You had a lot of practice.

JULIE: Yes. I began to sing the Word. I began to, I would take a psalm, I love the Psalms, I would take a scripture, maybe just one or two and I would just sing the Bible, and I would sing it three ways. I would sing it word for word and then I would take the same two scriptures, it doesn’t have to be a whole chapter, and I would turn it into a prayer. So it was just my prayer. And then I would sing it as if God were singing to me.

SID: That’s a hundred percent breakthrough, a hundred percent of the time when you did this.

JULIE: It is my testimony.

SID: Can I hear like 30 seconds of you demonstrating this.

JULIE: Yes. I would take a scripture, you know, Psalm 116, verses 1 and 2, [singing] “I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my cry. You’ve been down and listen, every time I sing…” [talking] If I’m going to turn it into a prayer, I’m singing, [singing] I love you Jesus. You hear my cry. You see me right here, right now and you’ve been down to listen.” [talking] And the best part is you prophesy it. So I’m putting me in it and I’m singing it as if God were singing it to me. [singing] Julie, I hear your voice, I hear your cry and I’m not too busy. I love your song. Just hold on. Just hold on. I’m going to answer you. You’re going to hear my voice. Just hold on. Things are gonna change. Just listen, listen, listen. [talking] Hallelujah. That is a prophetic word for somebody today.

SID: I agree. But I’m going to tell you something. I cannot carry a tune except if I pray in tongues. Then I can carry a tune. But I can’t. And I’m doing the same thing now. So if I can do it, you can do it. Now Julie, there is a song that you sing called, “Healing Oil”. I want to release you now to the piano to sing that song, and minister to us. But I’m going to tell you something. That healing oil, you get ready. You get prepared to have it just drip upon you and wherever that oil goes, healing is going to go deep, deep inside of you, physical, spiritual, emotional, anything you need. “Healing Oil”.

[piano music]

Julie [singing]: Let your oil flow down. Let your oil flow down just as a river flows into the sea oil flow into me. Right here, right now into me. It’s sweet like honey as it tenderly flows washing over me dripping into my soul. I’ll stay in your presence, I’ll never let you go. I’ll just get letting your oil flow. Let your oil flow down. Let your oil flow down just as a river flows into the sea oil flow into me. Right here, right now let it flow into me.

Our Guest Bob Larson

Bob Larson

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is red hot for Messiah; he knows too much to be anything but red hot for the Messiah.  His name of Bob Larson; I’m speaking to him at his office at Phoenix, Arizona and I’m interviewing him on his latest book it’s called “Larson’s Book of World Religions an Alternative Spirituality.” I am amazed at two things. Number one how many there are and it’s in alphabetical order and number two how simple he has made this to explain what they believe and why it’s umbilical.  So when you have a friend that said “Oh, I just got involved with Kabbalah” I mean movie stars are into Kabbalah. Bob Larson what would they find out if they read your book of Kabbalah?

Bob:  Well, they would find out that it’s just… the Kabbalah as it’s taught today by the branches the movie stars are into is just warmed over New Age occultism that embodies all types of looking for the inner spiritual, self-reincarnation, talking to the dead.  They would be very surprised to see it that has nothing to do with Judaism.

Sid: No and you know that was the amazing thing when I did my research on Kabbalah and read what you had to say in your book. It’s not even a Jewish thing it’s some man said he found some ancient manuscripts that were Jewish of a famous Rabbi.  Well that’s a bunch of garbage that’s almost like the story of Mormonism.

Bob: Yeah and they carry it a step further because they believe in all types of superstition and you see Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore and these are the people running around with these colored string bracelets.  I mean they’ve made millions off those things, it’s just a piece of string but it wards off the evil eye. There is nowhere in Judaism that it’s taught and that’s occultism clearly renounced in the Old Testament.

Sid: Speaking of occultism, speaking of things that are renounced in the scriptures we were talking yesterday about the movie Star Wars which is becoming almost become a cult type of thing.  As a matter of fact you point out there was actually a survey done of the citizens of Great Britain and for the number one religion it wasn’t Catholicism, it wasn’t an Anglicism, it was The Force.

Bob:  Yes.

Sid: What would happen if we had such a survey in the United States?

Bob:  I dare say if you surveyed young people and you ask them “Is the concept of The Force more of a guiding tool spiritually in your life than organized Christianity?” I know what the answer would be.

Sid: I have a quote the you researched of George Lucas and his quote says “Christ is one of a long long long line of heroes who don’t have fathers. a lot of Greek gods came down and impregnated mortal women.”

Bob:   That’s right.

Sid: You see how he’s trying to water down Jesus.

Bob:  Well, I’ll add to that quote here and I’ll add directly what else he said. “Whether it’s Hindu, Chinese, or Middle Eastern all the mythological heroes didn’t have fathers.  They’re fathers were gods.”  Then he goes on to say and this is rather interesting, “There’s a powerful idea in Buddhism is that life is in the breath.  The road to the force if through the breath, that’s the theme too.”  So admits he’s encompassing Buddhism and this whole idea of the force he’s tied back to the breath.  Now this is what you get in Yoga where it’s called Prana, vital breath is another concept, or key or chi; the idea that energy or breath is something that you can soak up breathe in from the world around you.  Well you and I both know that what people are getting in touch with is occult demonic forces when they do that. That is not how we receive God or Jesus Christ, it’s through faith.

Sid: Bob, I have to tell you a story about myself and this was over 30 years ago I came from a traditional Jewish background. I figured I had my religious base covered and I got into something called Silva Mind Control.

Bob:  Oh, boy.

Sid: And I started but I found out I got more than I bargained for it started growing and they didn’t know how to protect themselves back then and so they’ve made it more squeaky clean today.  But back then they would teach you to invite a counselor or an imaginary friend inside of you. Unfortunately these imaginary friends became real and that’s what happened to me.  And some Christians finally, after I almost died literally, got a hold of me and they said “Sid in your own Tenach, in your own Jewish scriptures, God calls what you’re involved in an abomination.”  Bob Larson, I have to tell you that when I read Deuteronomy 18 it put the fear of God inside of me.  And I don’t know why I was never taught that in an Orthodox Synagogue; I don’t know why most Christians aren’t taught that if they were they might not get involved in things like Star Wars and Harry Potter. I wonder if you would teach a little from Deuteronomy 18.

Bob: Well, I honestly believe that one of the major spiritual forces attacking the Jewish community is the spirit of abominations, and it is that spirit which consistently draws the Jewish people away to false religions and the Holy Scriptures. In Deuteronomy the 18 chapter there are listed what I call 9 covenants of the occult.   

Sid: You know the New Testament says about the Jewish people that “We have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.”  And because most Christians are not sharing with Gentiles, let alone Jewish people, and most Jewish people turn off a Christian by saying “I’m Jewish, I’m not interested.”  That’s the end of the discussion. The first thing that has power whether it’s God or the devil that comes down the pike we latch on to.

Bob: That’s right, that’s right. Right back in Deuteronomy 18 are all the forms of the New Age, the occult and the false religions and its Genesis. And they may have variations but they are basically 9 areas God says don’t tough. Human sacrifice and purification, seeking the future through nonsense remains like deviation, observing times, planets, eclipse and stars the moons astrology excreta.  Analyzing omens or divination, whether it’s rooms like Harry Potter serpents, entrails whatever; also witchcraft and sorcery.  Then the sixth area is one who charms or cast spells the cemetery has to do with necromancy, consulting familiar spirits.  Then the eight theory has to do with spiritualism the belief that there are unseen forces in nature.  And then finally very specifically the ninth one listed goes back to what it referenced earlier, but it’s specifically condemns psychics calling upon the dead or seeking to speak with the departed.  So you know the devil doesn’t come up with anything new this stuff has been around for thousands of years and he just keeps repeating the same old tricks over and over and over.

Sid: You know what I find interesting going back to that 18th Chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy which listed all these things that God Himself calls abominations. In that same Chapter it talks about one who will come from the Jewish people that will be greater than Moses.  Where as we did not listen to Moses we must listen to this one and it’s talking about the Messiah the Yeshua or Jesus.  Right in the same Chapter with the abominations isn’t that interesting.

Bob:  It is and that’s why the Jewish people in the Old Testament and unto this day continue to have this interest in spirituality, but turn to abominations.

Sid: Hey hey listen it’s not just us Jewish people let me tell you when I was involved in that Silva Mind Control there were nuns and priests and religious people and crosses. Whether you’re Jewish or Gentile it seems Bob as though people don’t know the difference anymore.

Bob:  Well they don’t. It’s this religious syncretism that we have in society; we have lost the idea of the exclusive nature of the Judeo-Christian faith of being one God worshiping one God and Him alone being as Isaiah 43 talks “The God that all that is and that it there is no other God beside Me.”  People today they want to make it up on their own and they want to borrow from a lot of different religious traditions which is what the Jews of the Old Testament are doing. They would get to the Canaanites and the Amorites whoever else “ites” keep borrowing bites and pieces and mixing it in with the true faith.

Sid: It sounds like the New Age to me.

Bob:  It is the New Age and that is the definition of the New Age Movement this syncretism, as it’s referred to, of taking what you wish and adding it into a potpourri of spirituality.  Of course the danger of that is that you lose ultimate truth.

Sid: One of the things that I appreciate about your ministry Bob is that you’re not shy about the deliverance ministry. Out of curiosity, very briefly, how did you find out about its reality?

Bob:  I found out about it when as a young man as a new Christian I traveled the world and investigated other religions and witnessed a number of very demonic rituals and ceremonies in which there was not subtlety to it but it was out in the open.  I came to America and then I said “Lord show me where this is in America.”  And people started coming to me; I made myself available and people would walk up under very ordinary circumstances start telling me their troubles and problems and it was not uncommon for a voice to take over.  Another voice would say “Leave them alone they belong to me, stop talking to them you can’t have them.”  And early on in my ministry I had to make a choice how I was going to treat that as a mental illness or something that was too spooky to deal with or take it head on.  I chose to take it head on and I still take it head on.

Sid: You know with all of these different religions and cults and occult groups that are out there you have to understand concepts more than even names today because the names keep changing.

Our Guest David Herzog


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be free; you say you are free. I’m talking about a freedom of walking with the Spirit of God; basking in the Glory of God; walking in the miraculous; seeing people all around you hunger and thirst for righteousness.  The only righteousness is the King of Jews, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.  My guest walks in that realm; his name is David Herzog.  Now David you’re not supposed to be walking in this realm right now because it’s the Gentile believer that has to provoke us to Jewish people to jealousy.  But according to the Bible in the last days just before the great and awesome Day of the return of the Lord God says “He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh;”  But then He specifically says “Your sons, your daughters, your old men, your young men, dreams, visions, signs, wonders.”  And the “your” is the physical Jew; so I guess it’s okay for you as a Jewish believer in Jesus to provoke us to jealousy.  Now I really don’t want to have some weight loss company’s go out of business, but is it true that you had some meetings in Las Vegas and people had instant weight loss?

David: Yeah, we’ve seen them all over the world but in Las Vegas the first night 20 people had up to 5 dress sizes of weight loss and we have pictures of it on our website and they show, their pulling out their pants are falling down, they’re trying to hold them up and they’re skirts.  It’s just amazing how God’s doing that right now in America.

Sid: What’s the most amount that someone has lost in a meeting, I mean instantly?

David: Oh yeah either it’s right away you see the dress sizes where they can’t literally hold t their pants up; their walking out with their pants as if there just regular baggy pants that their grandfather had or something.  Or we’ve seen where they actually weight themselves; I think in Memphis or Jackson, Tennessee last year and a half ago the man he lost 70 pounds instantly within a few seconds of just the word coming out “Someone’s losing weight.”  And whack; that’s the few times that we actually had them weight it, it’s probably even more than that’s the time that we know for sure it was confirmed 70 pounds amazing.

Sid: And there are people that have lost up to 5 dress sizes?

David: Yeah, 5 or 6.

Sid: They have to get whole new wardrobes so don’t you feel guilty?

David: Exactly, yeah.

Sid: (Laughing)

David: It’s very very it’s just in a split second; later I’ll explain to you how and why it happens in the glory realm but yeah it happens and I think America needs it right now.

Sid: Now just very briefly you’ve been to Israel and had meetings what happened?

David:  We had it during one of the feasts, we recently had it during the Feast of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, in Jerusalem and we had another one in the desert during Passover.  And so they put a big big tent and people came from all over the country from Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and it was a great place and all kinds of miracles.  Again instant weight loss happened a lady lost I think it was 4 or 5 dress sizes; tumors disappeared; deaf ears opened up; just every kind of thing. And right away when they saw that with the presence of God that was there I mean instantly they said “Well, we want to know the Messiah, we want to know Yeshua haMashiach if this is what He does and this is who He is we want to know Him personally.

Sid: Now I’m hearing reports of Jewish people throughout the world and Arabs for that matter that are having visitations of the Lord; did that happen at these meetings?

David: Yeah, in one meeting I explained to them about the 3rd Heaven and how that realm operates and how people can see 3rd Heaven like Paul talks about in the Old Testament, Genesis how Jacob’s ladder opened up.  And we had a session on that and taught on it and literally it happened right there in the meetings people said “They were taken to Heaven, or some were transported or some were transported or dreams or visions.”  It’s all the similar realm dreams, visions, trances, transportations, 3rd Heaven experiences, angelic visitations.

Sid: Now you sound like this is almost normal for you; do things like this happen at every meeting of yours?

David: No, every meeting is totally different it just depends on what God wants to do or where the people are that.  It’s not from a man; it’s not my anointing necessarily it’s just opening ourselves up to what God wants to do.  It’s every meetings different you know; some will be this kind of transportation and people will be seeing the Heavens and others will be more evangelistic and miracles and others will be more prophetic it’s just God is so multifaceted it just depends on what He wants to do.

Sid: David I want you to do what God has called you to do right now; I want you to talk to us about the Glory of God, and I want to give instructions to our listeners right now.  I want you to soak in everything that David is saying and expect not just a lecture but a tangible presence of God’s Glory.  And when God’s Glory appears all things are possible; David.

David: Yes, well the Bible says “Lord You will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” If you were to walk in Heaven right now and you had a big cancer coming out of your stomach and you walk into Heaven how long will that cancer take to dissolve?  It will probably take like not even a second.

Sid: Well, there’s no cancer in Heaven.

David: Exactly, so what makes it on earth as it is in Heaven.  In Heaven there’s the Glory of God; if you had sickness; if you had even financial debt anything that’s not of God when you got to Heaven it’d be gone because of the Glory.  Well, if that same Glory comes down on the Earth in a meeting then the same things would happen on Earth as it would be in Heaven.  How would it be in Heaven?  It would be instantly the cancer would be gone, people are not unsaved in Heaven so they get saved; so I notice when that Glory comes down in a meeting not just an anointing but the Glory at that moment God will have me just give some words and instruct people and instantly that’s how the weight loss would happen.  If you went to Heaven 300 pounds, by the time you got there you weighted your normal size that you should be weighting.  So that’s how that Glory realm it’s an acceleration; even people with debts.  I’ve seen people with huge huge financial debts in the meetings and they’ll give in the meetings while the Glory is operating and they’ll see incredible incredible debt cancellation within minutes, within hours that they didn’t see in a normal church service giving an offering.  So everything in that Glory realm is an acceleration “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  And so bring in that Glory down to Earth from Heaven and there’s different ways that happens.  You know there’s different keys to that we might share about that tomorrow but you know praise and worship; and fasting and prayer and holiness and giving unto the Lord and there’s different things.

Sid: Now I’ve found something interesting you talked about when people give if they give into evangelist groups moving in the glory, plus Jewish evangelism; explain that you have that in your book.

David: Yeah, Acts Chapter 4 most of us or Acts Chapter 2 maybe we pray for the sick and we go witnessing once and while and some people are added to the church but in Acts Chapter 4 says “A new Glory came and the place was shaken and different things happened. They prayed for signs and wonders, not just healing and God’s hand touched people not just their hands.”  And it says “Those who were in lack, anyone who was poor among them were no longer poor or lacking.”  And so I believe in that moment what happened they bumped into a new level a higher level of Glory and in Heaven there is no debts.  So we’ve seen in our meetings literally money appearing right in people’s pockets and bank accounts; after the meeting they go to the bank and there’s $4,000 that wasn’t there the day before; the bank doesn’t know where it came from.  So these are like supernatural miracles even in the financial realm that we see while the Glory is there.  People would take a step of faith and they’ll usually give something that’s a sacrifice or something.  But the miracle is different than they’re used to; its supernatural it’s very fast and I can’t explain it’ it’s like a Glory zone when that high level Glory zone.  When that high level Glory is there the miracles are faster; the financial miracles are faster; the salivations are quicker, the deliverances are quicker; everything’s accelerated as if we’d been in Heaven it would take long for those things to happen once you got to Heaven.

Sid: Now I’ve asked you this question before, but I love your answer and want you to answer it again. Explain the difference between ministering under the anointing as opposed to the Glory.

David: Yeah, you minister under the anointing let’s say for instance that you’re casting out demons or intercession or praying for the sick a lot of times you feel tired after that time as if strength came out of you.  So it’s partly you and the anointing in you that together God’s using in you.  When the Glory comes it’s like the priests they could not minister in the Temple at all when the Glory comes it’s pretty much just all God. The Glory comes down and He’ll just give you a word to start of He’ll probably say “Someone’s getting healed of this or there’s gold teeth fillings occurring or whatever.”  And then if you’re just staying there on the stage and it’s happening to 100’s of people you’re not tired your ministering directly from the Glory from Heaven not just from the anointing on your life there’s a big difference there.

Sid: Now I have a friend that talks about he has a special feeling in his body maybe one particular finger or something and He knows what God is doing.  Now I’m going to kind of take a leap right now for some reason my fourth finger is just vibrating right now; David any idea what that means.

David: Hmm, well God’s presence is here so when God’s presence is here things happen.  If you put your finger in an electrical socket you get electrocuted. So it’s just a sign that there’s a greater Glory or power now that’s present from Heaven so many times our flesh will begin to manifest in a certain way when that anointing and that Glory starts to come.

Sid: I don’t see any difference between you praying in a meeting in person and praying over the radio right now as far as results; do you?

David: No, there’s no distance in the Glory.

Sid: And I am hearing hair; but David I’ve never prayed for someone that has had hair come back.  Would you pray for that person right now?

David:  Sure, let’s pray right now. If you want while you’re listening you can even if you want lay hands on your head, you don’t have to but you can.

Sid: Well, I’d like my hair to be thicker could I do that?

David:  (Laughing)

Sid: With this finger that is vibrating all over the place?

David:   Sure.

Sid: Well, okay.  Oh, and in our studio right now in the control room there’s some people that they want to lose weight but no.  I’m serious right now I heard this from God; David would you pray.

David:  Yeah, pray for heads to get hair okay.  Well, we just pray for those right now that have problem with balding and hair loss.  We thank You Father God Lord we ask You to stretch out Your Hands now and heal; we declare creative miracles because You’re the creator and declare hair being recreated on the top of their heads on the Yeshua’s might Name.  We declare hair to start growing back on people’s heads, hair to thicken also where they are thinning and bald spots to be filled.  In Yeshua’s Name I declare that even right now roots of people’s hair turning back to the original hair color that where they’ve turned gray or different colors we command it to come back to the original hair color; the roots even right now.  And You renew their youth as the eagles in Yeshua’s Name in Jesus Mighty Name.  Amen.

Sid: Amen means so be it.

David:  So be it.

Sid Roth welcomes John Kilpatrick

Sid:  And after listening to this broadcast this week and if you haven’t heard it, go out to our web page and listen to the entire interview.  It’s Pastor John Kilpatrick, Senior Pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama and God has given John prophetic insight as to what will happen in the next few years in America.  And I have to say John although it’s some of the things that God showed you are horrible, I have never seen so much encouragement for believers during these horrible times as God has outlined to you…  Angels will become so real to people, most people don’t know this but you’ve only seen angels once in your life, but they are as real today in your life and when people hear your teaching they will become so real to them.  But we can’t let the week finish with you talking about the economic storm that you saw.  You had a dream in April of ’08 about an earthquake, tell me about that.

John:  I was sound asleep in the wee hours of the morning and I don’t know exactly what time it was but probably around four something in the morning.  And it looked like I was over a river and I saw a river flowing normally and the river seemed like it was right near my house and immediately that river went from a river to like an ocean, there was a deluge of water that hit that river and it was just out of sight, I couldn’t even see the banks on either side.  And then the scene changed and I was in an old school house, like an old dilapidated school house and me and a friend of mine was going through this school house and all of a sudden it began to rock violently, just buck and it was throwing us around like ragdolls and I knew in my heart that it was an earthquake.  And the scene changed again and I saw an old map, it looked like an old Spanish map of antiquities and I saw up above on that map Indianola and then I saw it scroll down and go to a city called Europpa.  And when I woke up I have to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve ever been that afraid in all my life; when I woke up my heart was pounding so hard I called for my wife and I’ve never done this, ever before and I asked her to hold me, I was trembling and shaking that hard.  And when I told her what happened we immediately went upstairs to the computer about 5:00 in the morning and we pulled up Indianola and there was several of them in the nation but I remember seeing in my mind how that thing scrolled down.  And when I saw Indianola in Illinois and it scrolled down to Missouri, later we found out that if you put the new Madrid fault over that area that I saw from Indianola, Illinois to Europpa, Missouri; it’s exactly the New Madrid fault.  And the Holy Spirit was showing me that there’s going to be a tremendous earthquake hit in the middle part of the country and I don’t know exactly when that’s going to happen but whenever I saw it I knew that God was giving me a warning and it really troubled me.  I never really had a dream that real, as a matter of fact I walked by my television for the next few days and in my mind I couldn’t understand why that wasn’t on CNN or Fox New, that’s how real it was to me.  Well a few days later, about four days later, on Saturday morning I was coming out of sleep again I heard the voice of the Lord and the Lord speaks to me many times as I’m coming out of sleep and He said, “A storm is coming, and immediately even though we live in hurricane country we live right here on the coast, I knew that it wasn’t a hurricane, I knew that it was an economic storm and I told my wife, I said, “The Holy Spirit is showing me that there’s an economic storm that’s coming.

Sid:  Well, you know the obvious thing that you’re saying right now, especially on the earthquake that you saw, could it be that if we divide the land of Israel the land of the United States will be divided?

John:  I am so glad you said that, because that’s exactly what I believe.  I believe that if we are privy to dividing Jerusalem, if we have a hand in that, our Secretary of State goes over and puts pressure on Israel to give up Jerusalem, I believe if we cause them to divide that land then I believe our land will be divided.  I believe that with all of my heart.

Sid:  Okay let’s go back to that audible voice of the Lord.

John:  And the Lord said that a storm is coming and I told my wife that it’s an economic storm and I went and told my church the next Sunday I said, “I want you to understand that I’ve heard from the Lord and I said that the Lord has shown me that a storm is coming and it’s all I heard.  But in my spirit I understand it to be an economic storm.  Now this was in April, this was before anything happened, this was April of last year and the bottom started going out of the economy I think around September if I’m not mistaken.  But they gave our people plenty of time to move their money and many people took their money out of the stock market and moved it elsewhere and many people in our church saved tens of thousands of dollars.  Some saved even more than that.  So the Lord gave me warning and I told the people and as a matter of fact I pushed the tapes, whoever could get a hold of the tapes that they could save some money because a storm was coming.  And I’ve never in my life ever encouraged my congregations even during Y2K to stock pile food for a reasonable amount of time, but I did that.  I encouraged them to develop a storehouse that God could kiss and bless.  They could have extra water, have some extra cash put up and things like that because I really believe that the Holy Spirit is showing me and by the way, one of the things, the last thing the Holy Spirit said to me was, during that period of time, the latter part after all of this begun to happen in the Fall the Holy Spirit said to me, “Tell the people to prepare against the summer.”  Not prepare for the summer, but He said, prepare against the summer.”  And summer you well know starts June the 21st.  So I don’t know what’s coming, I don’t know what it holds, I don’t know what the summer holds but the Lord said, “Prepare against the summer.”  But I do know that God loves us enough to give us warning, that’s why there’s prophets on the earth; that’s why God gives prophetic words to His prophets, but I saw that earthquake and then the Lord said, “A storm is coming,” but as I said I have such a sense of alarm in my spirit that I have preached, I have literally preached to the point that people need to have a reserve cash on hand if at all possible and they need to have food and water put up and they need to start making provisions to protect their families because God is going to help His people and God is going to bless His people.  But yet Joseph when He showed him what was going to happen there in Joseph’s time, Joseph helped a nation prepare for seven years of plenty for the seven years of famine.

Sid:  You know what I believe John?   Your three CDs series that we’re making avail this week called “Angels Enforce Blessings” and then your prophetic insight for the future on that one CD called “Resurrection” is going to prepare Christians for the future.  Especially in fact, I was amazed at some of the numbers that you gave, how many angels is it estimated that are on earth and how many angels are per person that’s a believer?

John:  You know what when I preached that message to our church on Resurrection there was a powerful, powerful anointing as that was preached that morning.  It was unlike teaching it but it was preached and it had a real bite to it and a real sense of urgency… I really believe it will be a source of encouragement but it will also change their lives, because I believe that.

Sid:  Out of curiosity, it’s one thing where the rubber hits the road, have you done what you’ve advised your congregation to do?

John:  I surely have, I surely have, I have a basement where I live in my house in Alabama and I have stored beans and I’ve stored rice, can goods, water other toiletries and things like that.  I’ve tried to store up enough for my family and some friends to take care of those that are going to be in need.  I even bought some fuel tanks and put on my property, diesel fuel tanks and gas fuel tanks to have extra fuel on hand and I’ve made other arrangements that I won’t go into.  But that’s how much I believe in it because when I heard the Word of the Lord say “Storm is coming.”  What you do is you prepare for a storm, in hurricane weather when they put a sign up that a storm is coming, everybody along the gulf coast goes out and they make preparations.  They get batteries, they get water, and they get all these kind of things; so when the Holy Spirit said that a storm is coming it would be so foolish of a church to hear that word and not to make preparation.

Sid:  John, we have approximately one minute left; your last thought.

John:  One of the things that I would say, that the Lord gave me on this message of Resurrection, he gave me the word, see.  And that has to do with candle sticks and the Lord said to me plainly in this message, He said, “I’m going to be removing some candlesticks in the next several years of major ministries so I don’t want the Body of Christ to be too troubled about that when they see it happen, but at the same time the Lord said, “I’m going to remove some candlesticks, I’m going to set up some brand new candlesticks so people that love me and have a heart for me and I have a heart for the ministry.  So He said, “I’ll be removing some candlesticks.

Sid:  So it’s like the Joshua and Caleb generation coming quickly.

John:  Exactly.  And the other thing was the last thing that I would like to say your listener is the Lord said, “On s res resurrection, He said, “Signs in the Heavens,” He said, “Warn my church that there is going to be increasing signs in the Heavens that’s going to bring terror to many unless they’re warned.”  He said, “But if they’re warned when they see these signs begin to take place in the heavens it will encourage them and not discourage them, it will not bring terror to their hearts, but it will let them know that my coming is very, very near.”

Sid Roth welcomes Matt Sorger

Sid: My guest is Red Hot for the Messiah, Matt Sorger.  I talked to his mother on yesterday’s broadcast, she had MS and no doctor could cure her; she went to Alternative Health that wouldn’t have helped; then she got into New Age type activities; Hinduism and Buddhism and she just sicker to the point that she was bed ridden.  Her mother takes her to church before anyone could even pray for her, the power of God hits her, threw her back ten feet from the altar and she was instantly healed.  The doctors had diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis, that had such a dramatic affect on young Matt Sorger that he became a believer in the Messiah and he would spend an hour a day worshipping God till he reached what he calls the saturation point where he would feel a tangible presence of God every time then and there after he would begin to worship God. Its Supernatural!  And Matt there was a couple of key moments in your life it felt both very important; when you were seventeen the Lord spoke to you about your real identity, explain.

Matt: Yeah, that’s right it was you know, I believe everyone is on a private journey in the Lord where God is bringing them from glory to glory and making them the person He’s destined them to be.  And one of the things I really believe is that if we are to have an extraordinary power filled anointed life where we move into our future, our future is brought into our now moment there are times where God will have you deal with issues from your past because you can’t move forward until you deal with your past.  And for me as God was raising me up and calling me and preparing me for His future work for me one of the things that He dealt with in my own heart was my sense of identity.  You know, I think because of what God was doing in my life I was not the type of kid that just fit in with the crowd.  I didn’t fit in with the crowd and as a result of that I experienced some rejection, I experienced some things in my life that were very painful and the Lord had to come into my heart and show me how even my painful life experiences distorted my sense of identity and self image and self worth.  The Lord had you know, I was going on a Young Adult Retreat, I was one of the youngest ones there and I was in prayer during the retreat and the Lord spoke to me that my identity had become an idol.  The way that I perceived myself had become an idol because it was exalted above what God said about me.  And I didn’t even realize that my perception was off, I didn’t realize it, I didn’t know it; that my identity was wrong or that there was…

Sid: Just briefly so I can understand what was this wrong identity?

Matt: It was a sense of rejection that I carried around with me, where I just felt like an outcast, I felt like I didn’t fit in, I felt like I didn’t belong.

Sid Roth: So how did He change this to have your correct identity?

Matt: Well, as I was praying the Lord through that weekend the Lord began to give me revelation.  First He spoke to me at another point in the weekend that, that my mindset that the enemy had gotten a foothold in my mindset and then another day later He said that foothold has been there so long that it’s now become a stronghold.  It’s become something ingrained in your way of thinking and you need to be set free from it.  And once I got that revelation that I actually needed to have my mindset free I went to some of the leaders in the group and we prayed together and as we prayed together this anointing came upon me and I could feel inside my heart inside my soul walls crumpling down.  Literally emotional things, walls that had been built up on the inside of me just crumble and demolish and I could feel freedom.  And the Lord began to renew my mind and began to renew the way I saw myself, the way I saw God, the way I saw other people and my whole identity began to get formed and solidified in Christ.  Who He said I was who I was in God and it totally set me free from the past so that I could be free to move forward.

Sid: And this is so important for everyone, because everyone has been wounded from the past but then there was another highlight in your life where you spent a day with God at your office at the church.  Briefly tell me about that. – Its Supernatural.

Matt: Yeah, this was when a few years past and you know God was working in my life and then the Lord called me into ministry and I was a young pastor at the church and as I was one day walking into my office in the church and as I opened up my office door the literal tangible presence of God’s glory was in my office.  And I walked in and the voice of God spoke to me and He said, “Shut the door I want to spend this whole day with you.”  So I shut the door, I sat down in my chair and the weight of glory so strong I didn’t even have to wait a minute it was just right there, He was right there.  He came upon me and it must have been twelve hours where I spent the whole day, afternoon into the night just in the manifest presence of God.  One of the strongest glories I have ever experienced in my life.

Sid: And He spoke to you about taking time with Him.

Matt: Yeah, because you know what happens is that I think this happens with a lot of people, they start to pray, they start to set time aside with God and then their mind goes in all these different directions of what they have to do and just things of life and that is what started to happen to me that day.  And I felt guilty actually for taking time to pray, because I knew that I had other things that I had to do in the natural.  But the Lord spoke to me so clearly that day, and it shifted my whole life.  It literally set a plumbline for my walk with God Sid Roth.  And He said, “If you don’t have this time with me now, you’ll not be able to walk into what I have for you in the future.”  And at that point as a Pastor I had no idea that God was going to launch me into a worldwide healing ministry, prophetic ministry where we would see thousand saved and healed.  I did not know that that was in God’s plan for me back then.  But alls he told me was you have to have this time with me now, it’s vital if you want to move into what I have for you in the future.

Sid: And you know, it’s like I can see how God is preparing you for what you would do in the future, but there’s an area where most ministers that have a tremendous presence of God fall.  And when you were a freshman in college, God spoke to you about the importance of character.

Matt: Yeah, it was the very first prophetic word God ever spoke to me.  I was a freshman in college and there was a word that the Lord gave me.  He said, “The top of my list for you is the bottom of your list and the bottom of your list is the top of my list.”  And the Lord said to me, “The top of my list for you is the refinement of your character, not the fulfillment of your ministry.”  He said, “I want your roots to go so deep in Me that when the day of success comes to you you’ll not be moved, but you’ll be solid and strong.”  And the Lord showed me that day that His agenda for my life was the refinement of my character and building that firm foundation and having my personal roots go so deep in Him that when He would use me in the future that it would not move me at all; all the glory would go to God and there would be a depth in my spirit.

Sid: You know Matt, one of my concerns is there are so many young people in many new Bible schools that are getting moving in the prophetic, moving in signs and wonders, but it seems as though they’re deficient in the character, they dress like the world, they talk like the world, they go to the same entertainment as the world.  And I have a great trepidation that with all that power they’re still going to self destruct.

Matt: Right, and you see the power of God is access by faith, so you can be saved one day and by faith begin to access the prophetic, access the power realm, access miracles, but yet you’ve had no time for character development or that refinement.  And I think that it’s so important that we teach people that you don’t have to be perfect for God to use you, but let it be a priority in your heart for God to really refine you so that you can carry whatever anointing God chooses to give you for the long haul it’s not something that’ll be temporary or momentary, but they’ll be a real firm foundation and it does take years to develop character.

Sid Roth: You know Matt, just kind of a PS on what’s you’re saying in the forty’s it was called the Great Healing Revival and hundreds of men and women, it’s just the presence, they got saved, the presence of God went on them and the next day they were in a tent.  And just about all, and they accomplished good from the view point that people we healed, they accomplished good from the viewpoint people were saved, but all of them self destructed; not all but most.

Matt: Yeah.

Sid: And that is so important, why do you believe that God told you to write your new book, “Power for Life” and the four CDs “How to Pull Your Future into the Now?”

Matt: Well, I believe that God wants people, His people to live an extraordinary life in His presence.  You know God wants our lives filled with power.  Not just power to heal the sick or power you know to walk in signs and wonders, but also power to live victoriously over sin, power to have joy, power to have peace.   So I really…

Sid: Matt with the times we’re moving into you don’t have to be a prophet or a mental giant to see that unfortunately you US economy is on the downward rollercoaster roll, but if people don’t understand what God has taught you over the years even though they know the Lord I don’t think they are going to stand.

Matt: Yeah, we need to know in these days, in this time that we’re living in with everything being shaken we need to know God is our source, we need to know how to plug into His power and presence, how the sustain it and then release it through us to help other people.  And I think it’s such a vital time right now for people to really know for themselves how to do it.  You know it’s one thing to see somebody else moving in the power or moving in anointed life, but you want to know the behind the scene stuff.  How do you personally in your day to day life not just in a church meeting, but no one else is there and you have to go your secular job or you have to take care of your family or you just have to live your life, how do you it with the power of God in every area of your life.

Sid: And you do such a masterful job, you really are a God ordained teacher. – Its Supernatural.