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Our Guest Erick Stakelbeck


Sid: My guest, and you’ve probably seen him on CNN, on Fox, on CBN Erick Stakelbeck. He’s come out with a brand new book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy.” Erick you came to the Lord as I study it God used your father who had a great love for Bible prophecy, but he also used a book on prophecy by Hal Lindsey, “The Late Great Planet Earth.” However, the thing that intrigues me even more is what happened to you in 2008 in Israel.

Erick: You know Sid I have never heard the Lord, unfortunately I’ve never heard the Lord audibly in my ear. I wish He’s say “Samuel, Samuel” like He did to young Samuel. I wish, I’m waiting for that day but the Lord has spoken powerfully to my heart on several occasions. Sid in November 2008 my very first time in the land of Israel a lifelong dream I went to the Western Wall and I’m standing there I’m trying to take it all in and I feel powerfully on my heart “Help My people.” Now He wasn’t talking about the Amish people, or the Mormon people clearly in the land of Israel God was talking about helping the Jewish people, the land of Israel and the Jewish people. Suddenly Sid it all made sense, this lifelong passion for Israel, for prophecy a lifetime of friendships with Jewish friends, coaches, mentors, teachers it all began to make sense to me. This is why I’m here, this is why God has me in this field of covering counter-terrorism of warning against the threats against Israel, against America; it hit me like a ton of bricks Sid in Jerusalem in the eternal city.  And that started my path to embracing our Lord Yeshua living for Yeshua leaving all the consequences to Yeshua and just walking with the Lord.

Sid: You told me some very supernatural things that have occurred for you to have this new book. You told me about several situations where angels were involved, but I personally believe you were supernaturally helped to get these interviews. I mean the heads of Islamic terror groups, why would they even let you interview them?

Erick: Sid I’m asked that question all the time. First of all when you go into these situations I always pray Psalms 91 “God will give His angles charge over you.” And even Al-Qaeda situations Isaiah 54 “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Why do they talk to me Sid? I’m still trying to figure it out. Don’t these guys have Google, can’t they Google my name and see what I’m all about? I think it’s the Lord’s hand number 1. I think number 2 Sid from my experience these guys love to hear the sound of their own voice. They are very arrogant individuals. Number 2 they want to get their message out, and number 3 they see me a western journalist and they automatically assume “He’s just another naive liberal western journalist we can spin him like a top and use him to spout our propaganda to the world.” But at the end of the day, the Lord is opening those doors for sure.

Sid: For those that perhaps didn’t hear Monday or Tuesday, I urge everyone to hear this entire week. You state the Muslim Brotherhood was the first of the modern terrorist and they literally spawned groups like Al-Qaeda, like Hamas I mean this is not a friend. You also point out, and especially through these secret documents which I want to find out more about; just like Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf exactly what his strategy was to do and the world didn’t pay any attention, we know the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood, and you call it “America’s Next Great Enemy.” Tell us more of the strategy from these secret documents that you’re aware of.

Erick: Sid isn’t it amazing we actually have the enemy’s plans in our possession. Our own government has these secret Muslim Brotherhood documents. This is the equivalent as you said of having the Nazi plans of World War II, of having Stalin’s plans during the Cold War; we know their game plan. Sid in 2004 right outside of Washington D.C. the FBI conducted a raid, they raided the home of a leading Muslim Brotherhood operative just 10 minutes from the White House. In his home they found box upon box of official Muslim Brotherhood documents written in Arabic. Now when these documents were translated they provided the Muslim Brotherhood’s blueprint for America. What that is Sid, in the Brotherhood’s own words is “To destroy western civilization America from within.” In these documents Sid the Brotherhood names names, they have a list of all their friends, and all the organizations who they’re connected to in America. The end game is again destroy western civilization from within, and they are very very patient.

Sid: Give me, and by the way that is such a key factor, we in America think of everything instant, they’re just goal oriented they don’t care how long it takes. Give me an idea of their strategy with say the mosques that are going up in America.

Erick: You know Sid it is no coincidence that since 2000, in a little over a decade, the number of mosques in America has doubled from 1,200 to over 2,200 and that’s since 9/11 Sid. That is astounding and that is not a coincidence. The reason I say that is because these secret Muslim Brotherhood documents that we are discussing, and again Sid our government has these documents in its possession, these documents call mosques or Islamic Centers which is a much benign term…

Sid: It sounds, they posture them as neighborhood centers like the YMCA.

Erick: Yeah. It’s just like your local “Y” Sid move along nothing to see here, nothing to fear. They call mosques, thats the Brotherhood, the access of their movement where battalions are supplied. They compare the mosques, the Islamic center, to a beehive the center of activity. Sid I describe in the book I’ve been in these Islamic enclaves throughout America, throughout Europe and the mosque is always the center piece. You’re seeing them now in America in rural areas; people might not know that multi-million dollar mega mosques are being built in places like the Bible-belt near Nashville, Tennessee. In the Heartland Columbus, Ohio, it’s not just the traditional gateway immigrant cities like New York, LA. no this strategy is to spread out across a wide geographical area from coast to coast. This is the Brotherhood strategy…

Sid: Okay, but what is going on in the mosques? This is just Muslims praying, that’s what we think anyway.

Erick: Of course, with freedom of religion in this country of course, and not every mosque is a terror hotbed, but enough mosques have been terror hotbeds Sid that we need to stand up and take notice at their rapid spread in this country. I document in the book several instances of mosques being used to plot terrorism. I also document how the Muslim Brotherhood controls many American mosques. Sid I’ll give you an example, the Boston bombers who killed 3 people wounded 264 more at the Boston Marathon these 2 young men attended a Muslim Brotherhood controlled mosque…

Sid: Okay what you indicate is the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda from these secret documents is to turn out a new breed of domestically radicalized terrorists.

Erick: Yes. In the book I call it “Mosques Enclaves Victory.” Basically with the mosques, with the Islamic Center, if you build it they will come. That’s the Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophy; they build the mosque Sid as a sort of beachhead. Often times I’ve found in my investigations that they’ll build the mosques in a non-Muslim area where’s there’s a very small Muslim population. All of a sudden more and more Muslims come to the area, they move in they surround the mosque, non-Muslims move out. After a while all the stores in the area have Arabic on their signs; after a while you have Friday prayers spilling out into the surrounding streets, the call to prayer wafting through the area 5 times a time. There you have it that…

Sid: That sounds… I tell you I go to Israel a lot and that is a very disturbing disconcerting sound I wouldn’t like it in my neighborhood. (Laughing)

Erick: Could you imagine, but we see it in the Detroit, Michigan area in some places for instance Sid. You know in the Heartland of America we are seeing that.

Sid: Let me ask you a question, how much do groups like the Muslim Brotherhood control our media?

Erick: Well controlling the media, the American media, good question. We know they are regulars as guests in the American media Sid, we know these are the “go to guys” for CNN, for the New York Times; these are the moderate American Muslim spokesmen. I can tell that Al Jazeera, the infamous Al Jazeera Network, which by the way has a growing operation right here in America. Al Jazeera without a doubt is flooded with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers. As a matter of fact Sid, in Egypt the government there, the new military government actually shut down Al Jazeera because it was so pro Muslim Brotherhood. Isn’t this great Sid now Al Jazeera is coming to a TV set near you here in America.

Sid: I tell you, I just believe Christian in America must read your brand new book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy.” You really believe that, you really believe the Brotherhood is America’s next great enemy?

Erick: I do Sid. I say that for a few reasons. Look this group…

Sid: I’ll tell you what we’ll hold that thought till tomorrow’s broadcast.


Our Guest Robert Gay


Sid: My guest Pastor Robert Gay heard from God and God said, “That there is a connection between grace and the Ten Commandments.” And those that do not get the connection will not be walking with the intimacy that God needs to use them in the last next and greatest move of God’s Spirit which I can hear the rain drops coming right now.  Now Robert, what does grace really mean?

Robert:  Well; I think that traditionally that the definition that we have traditionally heard concerning grace is that it is unmerited favor.  And while I wouldn’t necessarily argue with that when you really define the word grace and you can go to a Strong’s Concordance and it really means this “The Divine influence on the heart and it’s reflection in the life.”  So the true definition of grace is God’s influence on your heart that is now reflected in the life that you are living.  You know I have seen people before who say that they are living by grace but they are living a lifestyle of sin. And that’s not living by grace because when you live by grace there is going to be a reflection of Divine influence upon your heart. And so we have to realize is that grace does not separate us from the Ten Commandments.  Grace does not liberate us from the Ten Commandments it actually empowers us to fulfill them and fulfill them at the next level that Jesus talked about.

Sid: Show me what you mean when you say that the Ten Commandments are prophetic picture.

Robert: Well, what we see happening whenever God delivers the children of Israel out of Egypt He says that He brings them out of Egypt He brings them out with just a mighty victory.  And of course we know that is a type of what happens whenever somebody becomes Born Again they come out of Egypt.  So we see a prophetic picture of God delivering the children out of Egypt and that is like somebody getting saved; they are coming out of Egypt; they are coming out of sin.  The next thing that happens is that they cross the Red Sea.  At the Red Sea the enemy is destroyed; again a prophetic picture of someone when they are Born Again; the enemy is put at your feet.  That is what Paul said, “The devil is under our feet.”  And then the next thing that happens is this God takes them to Mt. Sinai where there are actually commandments; the Ten Commandments specifically that are given.  And so likewise the same thing happens with us and we see that in Jeremiah where he says “I will write a new covenant and I will write it upon their hearts.”  So the same thing happens to those who are believers today.  We come out of Egypt when we are saved; the enemy is placed underneath our feet. And them at the same time God now writes His law upon our hearts.  So grace never separates us from the moral law that was contained in the Ten Commandments.  Grace actually reinforces that law; as a matter of fact we’re actually tied to it now to a greater level now to even what those under the Old Covenant were.  So the difference is now it’s not an external law that enforces us but it’s an internal law that begins to motivate us to do what’s right.  To live holy; to walk in a life style of obedience to God and do what’s pleasing in His sight.

Sid: I’ve often wondered about in the Ten Commandments it talks about “Make no graven image.  What does that mean?

Robert: Well, the heart of the Commandment is actually about worship. Because the reason that an idol would be created was for the purpose of worship.  In other words, people were not just carving things just to have something to sit around the house. These images were carved and they were graven for the purpose of worship.  It was an object that someone could actually look at and worshipping and paying homage to it. Well In the Old Testament of course we have the commandment of not making any idols and we’re not to bow down to them.  So the heart of the commandment is about worship; we are not to worship idols we are to worship God. And it’s just so interesting what begins to take place within our lives as a result of our worship.  Again Jesus when he was tempted by the devil; the devil tried to get Him to bow down to him.  And he said “If You’ll bow down to me I’ll give you all the Kingdoms of this world; all the riches; all the wealth.  Everything this world has to offer Jesus I’ll give it to you if You’ll bow down and worship me.  And what Jesus actually says is “I’m commanded; it’s written that we are to only worship the Lord God and Him only will you serve.”  Jesus was reaching back to the Ten Commandments; the second Commandment about idolatry and said “I’m going to worship God and Him only.”  And I personally believe this Sid I don’t believe that Jesus just quoted that.  But I believe Jesus on the heels of that He actually began to do that; I believe that Jesus began to worship.  I believe that Jesus began to honor the Father.  I believe that He had His on little praise break going on right there.  And the Bible says that immediately after that the devil left Him.  And fears great power that’s released in our life there’s supernatural power released within our lives whenever we begin to worship God.  And again that is obedience to the 2nd Commandment whenever begin to worship Him.

Sid: Now tell me the gang member in your church that when you started talking about honoring your mother and father what happened.

Robert: Well, he had been a part of a gang for many many years and you know the Lord began to convict him and he began to get an understanding of the importance of serving God.  And one of the first things that took place is he began to hear some of the teaching even about honoring your father and mother.  As his relationship with his mother that had been estranged and had been very tense it began to be very restored.  And God totally and miraculously restored this gentleman; totally and miraculously caused him to come into a place of newness of life as a result of this.  And of course today he is married; today he’s got a steady job; today God’s blessing him and his family also.  And again there’s always a blessing that is associated with obedience. I think many times Christians don’t realize that God does not command us to do things in order to cramp our style.  His whole desire for the commandment; His whole purpose for the commandment is to produce blessing and breakthrough in our life.

Sid: You know speaking of blessing; you have an interesting teaching on the commandment on the New Covenant perspective of “Thou shall not covet.”

Robert: Oh, exactly and really that’s about making the eternal your focus; begin to focus on the eternal.  And I’ve said this before because what happens many times is whenever people begin to see somebody else that has nice things they begin to covet it.  And the way that covetousness begins to manifest is through jealousy and envy and many times thought greed and discontentment.  And many times through greed, discontentment and ingratitude.  And I’ve said this before and if you see somebody being blessed you need to learn to celebrate with their blessing.  Because celebrating somebody else’s blessing will cause blessing to be attracted to your life.  Sid one of the things that we see in the Word, in the Bible is that every commandment that we see in the Ten Commandments has it’s basis in reciprocating love.  That means this; the commandment was given because of God’s love for us and is then fulfilled through out love for Him and our neighbor.  See as you walk in love the commandments are fulfilled.  Love is the reason the commandment was given and love is the way that we also fulfill the commandment. And also that causes our faith to walk at a higher level because the Bible says faith works by love.  And as a result of that we begin to see God’s blessing poured out within our lives in a an unprecedented manner.  And I’ll tell you obedience always has the reward of blessing; and if we will obey and we will do what God has commanded us to do there will be blessing; there will be supernatural occurrences that take place within our lives. Because God’s standing and He’s ready and He’s wanted to release those things but we have to align ourselves with His word and begin to live a lifestyle of obedience to Him.

Sid: Robert you believe and I believe the Ten Commandments when connected to grace result in supernatural blessings from God.  Tell me how important it is at this moment in history to be following the Ten Commandments connected with grace.

Robert: Well, I believe as we get this revelation and understanding I believe that it begins to open up supernatural doors for us to see the manifest blessings of God in a way that we never had.  And we see that God has always released blessing on the other side of obedience.  He always releases supernatural things; supernatural victories manifested within the lives of those who will actually adhere to what He has said.  And to be willing to say “Lord not my way; not my will but Yours be done and begin to walk that out there is great blessings in the lives of those that are willing to do that.

Our Guest Tom Horn


Sid: My guest Tom Horn is red hot for the Messiah; I mean you have put together a book that someone that has a degree of understanding of end time Bible prophecy can see how it’s all put together by the facts that you’ve gathered Tom and the book is called “Zenith 2016.”  And let’s start out with a question “What was the secret message of 9/11?”

Tom:  It’s interesting because the answer has to do with 9/11 as in 9-1-1 or 11, or twin pillars.  Sid a lot of people don’t know that when they joins the freemasonic order they have to pass through twin columns during initiation.  Because what awaits beyond those twin colors what awaits beyond those twin colors are mysteries of masonry and so on.  Now that’s not just my opinion freemasonic writers have written a great deal about how the pillars play such an important role in freemasonry.  And the idea that you have to move through them and beyond them to reach a particular knowledge.  They are even based by the way on the original temple of Solomon and the twin pillars of Solomon.  But what does that have to do with the attack on 9/11?  Well, symbolically maybe even occulticaly twin towers in New York as pillars echoed the masonic archetype where the pillars Hercules, Solomon and all of the stuff they talk about.  These are art type of what one would travel to reclaim what Masons believe was lost in Atlantis. Therefore, if in the occultic realms if truly dark powers had determined that the ascendency of the new Atlantis, the New World Order had actually arrived some believe that an occult magical tradition would require an event.  Something powerful enough to move the New World order goals beyond the symbolic pillars that you might think of there in New York.  The Twin Towers that represented the American industrial and financial institutions that would institute changes; something that could facilitate a universal call for order out of chaos.  That it would in other words bring, including the United States, to a point where we need a savior.  And so this would be something that would embed images in our minds that would cause us to buy into for instance a support for the war on terror; tolerance for diminishing domestic freedoms.  Something that would communicate to initiates around the world too at the same time that the oracular date for the culmination of their new Atlantis had arrived.  And so if what happened on 9-1-1 was meant to signal those objectives then it might be necessarily be accompanied by an appropriate redundant symbolism 11; 2 towers communicating to the members of the order that to reach the new Atlantis movement beyond the pillars had arrived.  Now here’s the thing regardless how fantastic it might seem when you do a though examination of the events happening on and then following 9/11.  They do affirm in fact what a linguistic specialist a simio technian that consulted first called “Persuasive Evidence of An Open Conspiracy” involving the symbolism involving 911 and then later said there is an undeniable occult signature linked to 911. Now what are they talking about?  And so 911 might be thought of in occultic terms as a mega ritual offering; now I would hate to think that we’re talking here about the people that died on 911, but occultism it would have to be powerful enough to compel the supernatural forces of nation to move towards these new world order goals that ultimately are going to result in the coming of the god of freemasonry.

Sid: Tell me about the events of 9/11 literally prophesied in the US currency.

Tom:  Well, you know Sid there’s something very curious related to numerology it’s something that could illustrate there was a foreknowledge of 911 that had existed for some time.  It’s what I call in the book “The US Currency Origami Prophecy”; strange title right?  It could be that it’s nothing more than a coincidence but following the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center at New York City and at the Pentagon it was discovered that by folding the US $20 bill three times in a specific way it appears to be an image of the Twin Towers hit and smoking and turns up on one side and then the Pentagon on fire on the other side. Now producing both of those images simultaneously on opposite sides of the dollar folded in that way and there’s occultism on that it produces.  There were three other things that we won’t talk about but what I did then when I found that out was I got the other new versions of the US currency and I found something extraordinary, and that is that by folding the same… folding the US currency in concurrent denominations in exactly the same way.  So we’re talking about a $5 bill; a $10 bill; a $20 bill; a $50 bill; a $100 bill all in that order creates the complete the complete template of the attack of 9/11.  And in other words when the $5 bill is folded that way it portrays the Twin Towers just standing there unharmed.  In advance to the $10 bill folded the same way the Twin Towers are shown after the first strike.  Fold the $20 bill accordingly it produces the Towers and on the opposed side the Pentagon has just been attacked.  Now fold the $50 bill and it shows the Twin Towers starting to crumble and the $100 bill depicts the aftermath and nothing but smoke rising into the air.

Sid: Okay just because of time tell me the tie in with the Mayan calendar and Masons.

Tom:  In my opinion Sid this is one of the most important fantastic discoveries that we made during the “Zenith 16” investigation and it was how Aztec and Maya civilizations they first saw a connection between the year 1776 and the ending date 2012 and they saw that as the final countdown to what afterward would be a final judgment.  And there is academic research that shows that the Mayan prophet who made these prophecies was a convert to Christianity. And that he was accurately predicting what he called the “Christian Final Judgment.”  Well, what’s interesting about his prophecies is that he predicted in 1776 there would be a 13 step countdown of 19.7 years.  Well that ends in the year 2012 after which he said the return of this horrible destroyer god would return to the earth and this great tribulation would begin.  When I read that research which was done by an academic by the name of Richard Lucston.  When I read his interpretation of these 500 year old Mayan prophecies what leaped off the pages was that this was an exact rendition of what had been repeated on the great seal of the United States.  Where the base of an unkempt pyramid in roman numerals you have 1776; over which there are 13 steps which Free-masons have told us that throughout time there was 13 distinct period of time ending in the year 2012.  Over which hovers the portentous eye which Horus represents the return of the god Apollo.

Sid: And so once again which is the Christian anti-Christ, but go ahead.

Tom:  Which again is the Christian anti-Christ and of course people will have to read the book to get all the information because what that set in motion was not only did I see replicated on the great seal identical these 500 year old Mayan prophecies.  I wanted to know if that was a coincidence, or was the designers of Washington, DC aware of these Maso-American beliefs.  And if they were aware did they intentionally incorporate these belief systems in the layout of Washington, DC and the great seal of the United States. I found fabulous irrefutable evidence that they were aware of it.  And in fact they incorporated it on the great seal. Not just that even inside the US Capitol dome Constantino Brumidi painted the Aztec calendar stone and the freeze of American history that rolled over in the year 2012 and he coupled all the symbolism together with it.  People are going to have to read the “Zenith 2016.”

Sid: Tom in addition to the Mayan calendar and the Mason tie in tie it in with theologians, Protestant theologians, at the turn of the century.

Tom:  Yeah, that’s true Christian scholars of the past actually saw the rise of the anti-Christ system and the destruction of Rome arriving in the year between 2012 and the 2016.  And in fact there was a whole plethora of them including the famous reformer Jonathan Edwards, “Old Sinners in the hands of an angry God.” Jonathan Edwards believed that the anti-Christ would arrive between 2012 and 2016. The Zohar which is such an important part of Jewish part of Kabala prophesied the arrival of their messiah in the year; following the year 2013.  They prophesied that 700 years ago; so the Maya saw the return of their god; the Aztecs; the Cherokee; the Hindu Kali Yuga; numerous ancient calendars predicting that the gods would return sometime between the years 2012 and 2016 exactly what the Free-masons also predicted on the great seal of the United States of America.

Sid: I have to tell you the thing that’s so mind blowing to me I mean everything that you’re talking about is mind blowing to me, but the half-human; half-animal.  The same thing that we read about in the Bible of the falling angels have being relations with the daughters of mankind and producing these super humans.  I’m just fascinated by this information; how in the world did you get all of this together like you did?

Tom:  Well, a great deal of investment also just being willing.  I went to DARPA, I went to the top US agencies. I found out that 150 human animals hybrid animals had been grown in UK labs.  And I just… it’s taken me some years some time and some monetary investment.  And what people are going to find is that we don’t use secondary sources.  It’s not just some guy on a blog site; these are all authoritative research products and materials based on departments of the US government giving grants for research.

Sid: Alright, our time is up; the book “Zenith 2016.”

Our Guest Dr. John Miller

Sid: You know what I always saw the bumper sticker “The family that prays together stays together.” Well I have Dr. John Miller on the telephone who has studied communion for the past 22 years, and I would like to make a switch on that. “The family that takes communion together stays together.” How do you like that John?

John: That’s wonderful.

Sid: Actually we’re going to take communion together. We’re going to do it with teaching by Dr. John Miller, and I’m going to pray the Hebrew at the end of each prayer that Dr. John Miller prays. This is the same Hebrew words that Yeshua, Jesus, said at the Last Supper. How do I know this? Because it was a Passover Seder and we have been praying these prayers now thousands of years; so get your elements together get your grape juice, or your wine, and your bread, or your matzah, and let’s partake all together. John I would like to have some understanding from you of what you do when you take communion. First of all, do you take communion every day; do you ever take communion more than once a day?

John: Yes quite often I take communion more than once a day. You know communion is the time set aside for us to sit down and remember, recognize what Jesus did for us. Actually He took the place of all of the sacrifices that were demanded by God’s people in the Old Testament.

Sid: You know what’s kind of interesting on Passover which begins tomorrow, the Jewish festival of Passover, that’s why we do it, to remember what God did for us. So that really ties in, go ahead.

John: So in remembering what Jesus did for us we need to take account of ourselves. Remember we talked about the passage in 1st Corinthians 11 where it said “He that eateth and drinketh unworthily” and we discussed what that really means, but it also says “Let a man examine himself.” When you sit down to have communion you need to examine yourself in many areas because you’re going to be identifying with the sacrifice of redemption that Jesus made at Cavalry for you. We discussed 3 areas out of Isaiah 53:5 spiritual, mental, and physical. So let’s start with examining yourself for those; what are your spiritual? What are your mental needs? What are your physical needs? See people don’t sit down and examine themselves to see what do they need to participate with the redemption that Jesus brought. We have financial needs; there’s emotional needs; there’s ethical needs; relationship needs, you talked about that at the end of our last program; families their relationship getting better when they have communion. Social needs, educational needs, vocational needs, so you’re to examine yourself and see what needs you have because Paul said “I care to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ in Him crucified.” Which means any problem that comes against a person will be in the spiritual, mental, or physical area. The only problem that we weren’t redeemed from by what Jesus did at Cavalry was persecution for the gospel sake.

Sid: What about long life?

John: Well you know I’m a nutritionist and there’s a saying in nutrition “You are what you eat.” I like to think I’m on my way back to age 33 physiologically (laughing) when I take communion. Jesus’ body was 33 when it died.

Sid: Well you better be careful if you take it too many times you may get too young looking.

John: (Laughing)

Sid: I’m just teasing, but I know that what you’re saying is truth. I know, and you’re teasing in a sense, but I know that what you are saying… I have to tell you something I have never felt better in my life, and I believe I am getting younger, I really believe it.

John: In the one area that we have fallen so short in in the church is this mental area. I want to read some of the words out of Isaiah 53 that Jesus “The chastisement of our peace was upon Him.” Listen to these words: rejected, “He is despised and rejected of men.” So He suffered rejection for us. He was despised for us. Sorrows, griefs, in verse 7 it says “Oppressed,” He was oppressed. Now secular and religious psychologist and psychiatrist treat people for the depression, the oppression, fear, rejection. Everyone has suffered some rejection, but can you imagine making man and then coming to redeem man and man not accepting you.

Sid: Hmm.

John: Every one of us is met with a certain amount of rejection. None of us has ever met with the rejection that He had. In Isaiah 50 verse 6 says “I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting.” Not only did he pay for the sin that you committed, but He took the shame and the guilt that goes with it. Now depending upon what study you’re in people say that… people in the hospital treated for disease, not all, from like 70-90% are there due to a psychosomatic disorder. This is a physical disorder that came from a mental state. That’s why the atonement is spiritual, mental, and physical. You cannot walk in physical health if you don’t walk in mental health; you cannot walk in mental health, the peace that passes all understanding, until you walk in spiritual health. So we need to examine ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically when we sit down to have communion.

Sid: John our time’s slipping away I think we better take communion now. I’ve got the elements in front of me I have a little piece of matzah, and I have, I don’t know if it’s wine or grape juice personally as a Jew… oh I don’t want to get into that theological bomb shell. John if you would pray over the elements and when you finish praying I’ll chant the Hebrew for the matzah and the wine.

John: Okay. Father as I hold this unleavened bread up to you I thank you for it. I ask that you sanctify it as the body of Christ that redeemed me spiritually, mentally, and physically. As I partake of the body of Christ I receive healing in every organ, every cell, and every function in my body in Jesus name.

Sid: And you know as I look at this matzah, and we’ll be having Passover starting tomorrow, and many of us will be eating matzah, it is unleavened. Meaning its represents the sinless body of the Messiah, but it is also striped representing the 39 stripes that Jesus took for us. We discern that those stripes covered every physical infirmity and sickness and pain, and mental, and emotional trauma; spirit, soul, and body. (Singing) Baruch atah Adonai Elohaynu Mehlehch haolam hamotsee lechem meen ha-arets – amen.  You may eat, but discern the body as you are eating. John if you would take the grape juice.

John: Yes Lord we thank you for this wine as representing the blood of Jesus which justified us in Your site. We receive now the blood of Jesus in our life which cleanses us from all unrighteousness. The life of the flesh is in the blood, so Father we receive Your life right now anew in our bodies as we receive this wine in Jesus name.

Sid: Just before you take the wine and recognize the rabbi’s say on Passover the wine can only be red representing, they don’t say this but I say it, the blood of Messiah. Yeshua took the wine and He prayed Baruch atah Adonai Elohaynu Mehlehch haolam boray p’ree hagafen – amen. You may drink the wine. John one last thought on communion.

John: I look at daily communion as going through the bank. If you were in a business that you needed a lot of cash, so you would pull in the bank and write out a withdrawal slip and they would give you the cash to carry on your day’s business. If you never took the time out to write the withdrawal slip and drive thru the bank and get the money, you’re not going to have it. That’s the same way with your spiritual, mental, and physical health. You need to sit down and take the time to make the withdrawal; Jesus already made the deposit and it’s up to us to make the withdrawal.