Its Supernatural

Our Guest Kevin Zadai

KEVIN: And being a Christian on this Earth is more than just trying to act right, and good behavior. There has to be a permanent change, and it has to be a change that is transferrable to other people. So we have to be something different, that’s not of this realm. That coal that touched Isaiah’s lips was not from this realm. Jesus told me, He said, “From now on, you give out to people something from this realm up where I live, and you give it to people down here on this Earth.”

SID: Can you do that?

KEVIN: I can do that through prayer, I can do that by speaking.

SID: Can you do that right now, for those viewers

KEVIN: I sure can.

SID: that are watching?


SID: Right this moment.

KEVIN: Yes. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just thank You that You are extending Your fire, from Your throne. Lord, I just ask that You would baptize; baptize in “the Holy Spirit and with fire.” I thank You, Father, in the name of Jesus, that there is a move of God coming upon this Earth, that is not from this realm; it originates from the holy altar of God. Father, I thank You for introducing into this realm, and into the viewers right now Your holy coals, from Your altar. And I ask, Lord God, that it would alter their life, and change their life; that they would become on fire, and “flames of fire”, and the chaff would be burned up. Father, I thank You that You’re showing people what they need to let go, right now. And the Lord says, to all of you watching, “Yield to the fire.” The Lord says, “I am in the fire. Yield to the fire.” Be made whole, in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father.

SID: Mm.


SID: I had a word of knowledge, while Kevin was speaking. Anything you need in the throat area, you are healed.

KEVIN: [breathes heavily]

SID: whether there’s tumors, whether you have difficulty swallowing, whether you even have, digestive problems; anything you need, and anything you need, believe God for right now! And I play pray the holy fire burn out everything that is not of God every pain, every sickness, every disease.

KEVIN: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that Your holy fire would start to burn, and push out every infirmity from the bodies of Your people. I break the curse, and I speak fire. The fire is now going through your body; it’s going into your mind; it’s correcting. Right now, there are there are brain issues; there are thought issues; they are being cleansed right now. There are I see I see nodules; I see tumors that are being burnt and scorched right now in the name of Jesus. I even see a back straightening up. I see that you have slipped discs down in in your waist, but in the back, in the small of your back, the Lord is they’re going to if you’re feeling heat right now, that’s being healed in the name of Jesus. demons are leaving because they cannot tolerate the holy fire. Demons are leaving right now; you’re feeling free, because the spiritual forces of evil have been working against you. The Angels of the Lord are coming forth right now to correct issues in your life. I’m seeing I’m seeing a woman who has given up; I’m telling you, by the spirit of God, don’t give up. The Lord has not given up on you; He has a plan and a purpose for you. I see you on the floor, kneeling and crying; you’re going to be okay. The Lord is coming to You. There’s many people right now; there’s many people with pain in their elbows and their shoulders and their back; it’s being healed right now, in the name of Jesus.

SID: Now, Kevin, what is true holiness?

KEVIN: Sid, I found that true holiness is not essentially just good behavior; true holiness has to do with relationship. Now, the Lord showed me that there was a positional for everything that God had done for us through Jesus Christ. So position ally, I am holy; position ally I am righteous.

SID: Hmm.

Our Guest William McDowell

SID: Now, one of the things that I appreciate is something you said to me. You say, “Sid, people don’t come to my church for miracles, people come to my church because of the presence of God.”

WILLIAM: We’ve adapted a mentality that he’s not in our presence, we’re in his. And that changes your disposition and your posture because we’re not done until he is.

SID: Hey, it reminds me of a song on your new CD we’re making available. Stay, tell me about that song.

WILLIAM: This song is so deeply personal to me and to our church. I feel like it’s our story wrapped in that song.

SID: Did you write it?

WILLIAM: I did. And so for us, it’s a disposition that we have to say we were asking him to stay. And so really the song encapsulates both what we’ve experienced just by sitting in his presence and been the cry of our heart is that we don’t ever want it to end, we just want him to stay.

SID: Now, let’s go to the worship service and the very moment that Stay was recorded.

WILLIAM: We testify.

Our Guest Rich Vera

RICH: And I want to encourage you to begin taking authority. You see God can do little things unless He’s being spoken and released. Amos says God will do nothing unless He shows it to his servants the prophets. Well we all run to a prophet but you know that all of us are prophetic people? So God don’t need prophet that comes from California to tell you you’re going to be blessed. You have the Holy Ghost. You’re a prophetic people. You can stand on your house and say there will be no rebellion on this house. There’ll be no sickness on this house. There’ll be no divorce in this marriage and God will do it according to your word. Oh! I believe that. So when we talk about the miracles of God, God breaks it in those four dimensions. Now this is what I really feel of the Lord today, if you allow me I want to lay hands on many of you because there’s going to be a release of something from the Spirit of the Lord that’s going to put you in a different atmosphere of God. Some of you are going to begin to hear God and to flow in the things of the Spirit like you have not done it before. I think God has been wanting to do this with you for a while and I feel there’ll be a release today in the name of Jesus. How many of you will say I receive that? In fact raise your hands to the Lord right now. And if you don’t mind for sixty seconds would you pray in the Holy Ghost? Just lift up your voices. Could I have anybody? Roy, please my brother. Thank you so much. Just pray in the Holy Ghost right now. Because I’M telling you even right now there’s a healing wave that’s beginning to come in the building right now. There are people with arthritis that will be healed. There are people with problems in the knee that are going to be healed. There’s even a person here with cancer cells in your body that God is going to burn out of your body today in the mighty name of Jesus! Somebody’s lungs are going to be healed today. You will not be on that respirator. You will not be connected to a tube. There’s four people here that have been depressed for a while. It’s been like this dark cloud that’s not even allow you to sleep. The Lord says today freedom is coming to your mind. Freedom is coming to your life. I declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that the power of the Holy Ghost will– just keep on praying in the Holy Ghost. Something is happening in the atmosphere right now. I declare the healing and deliverance power of God from the top of your head all the way down to the soles of your feet in the name of Jesus. I curse infirmity and I curse every disease. And I command every devil to come out of your life and of your body now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s who’s taking medications of pills God’s going to break you free from that today. There are people that cannot sleep in the night. God is going to deliver you in the name of Jesus. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. C’mon, raise your hands and press in, press in right now. Hallelujah! God bless you dear sister. You’re a minister? God bless you. God bless you. Dear sister you’re another person that the Lord has already put a message on you to write. And sister, a lot of things to deal with inside healing of people, especially the women that have gone through things and abused and are hurt. God’s going to use you to bring deliverance to them, dear sister. And I see some money that was withheld, there’s something in some legal stuff that the Lord’s going to release to you. There’s going to unexpected money coming your way. How many of you raise your hands and say unexpected money’s coming my way? Receive that in the name of Jesus. I release it upon you and a fresh anointing of the Spirit. I’ll be back. Yes. Raise your hands to the Lord. In the name of Jesus. Sister, the attack that the enemy has been bringing against you, sister that place where you fell like you hit a wall, God is about to tear the wall down and you are about to worship at His feet for hours and hours and hours just like you prayed to the Lord. I hear you praying to the Lord, Lord I just want to worship and hours and hours at your feet and the Lord says even that prayer that you pray as you were driving your vehicle, dear sister, God is going to answer for you and you’re going to experience a visitation of the Holy Spirit. Anybody else? Real quick. Should we end right now? Two more people we’re going to end and then we’ll go. I’ll pray for you. Sir, raise your hands to the Lord. Are you a minister? Chaplain? Sir, you come from a conservative Christian background? And the Lord did some things that caused you some trouble? Yeah. And sir, God is going to, you know God has filled you with the Spirit, sir. But God is bringing you to a place that many of those conservative people you’re going to bring to them the Spirit of God, sir. Get ready, sir. Some of these Baptists and Methodists you’re going to go right in there, my brother, where you came from and deliver them by the power of God. Raise your hands to the Lord, dear sister. Oh, I declare the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon you. Are you a minister dear sister? Dear sister, I see the Lord removing some people that have in a way betrayed you, sister. And God is saying He’s removing some of these close people that came to speak into your ear, even against some people in your own family, sister. And some of them– be careful with the people that are close to your money because these people are the ones that have interior motives my sister, and those that say that they have professional experience, you need Holy Ghost experience. And God says there’s a release of the anointing today in the name of Jesus!

Our Guest Elaine Hollmer

SID: All right, yesterday Elaine came in to my office. And she started quoting a scripture that I know well. I know this well because God told me that scripture about a month earlier and then she taught a little bit on that scripture. The scripture is there can be no sorcery against Israel. Now, if you are the Messiah’s, you are the same as Abraham seed. What were you teaching?

ELAINE: It’s illegal for the enemy to tell you that you are going to be overcome by a demon. Jesus said, “I give you power over all the power of the enemy.” The word of God is true and you with the authority of the Messiah in you, you are never going to be cursed. Stop being afraid of the curse of the devil. The devil is under your feet. He has no authority over a child of God. And it doesn’t matter what anyone says, they can say I’m going to curse you. They can say I’m going to put a fix or something on you, but that is a lie from hell because greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world. There’s no demotic force, nothing, any sickness, any disease, any words that have been spoken. They are all broken and under the blood of your shoe and we don’t have to succumb to any of that.

The Bible says you are the child of God. Do you know that you have an arsenal at your disposal? Do you know that the powerful angels and all of the beings of God. He has an army in heaven. There’s an army. There’s a force of God and he will make sure that those are at your disposal only at the name and the word and acknowledging who you are. If you know who you are, you can have what you want.

SID: Now you say it’s illegal. What do you do about the symptoms or the thoughts that you have that if it’s illegal, that means the demon shouldn’t be speaking to you, but he does.

ELAINE: Exactly.

SID: What do you do about it?

ELAINE: One of the most notable healing evangelists in the world came to Norvel Hayes and myself and he said, “Why do I pray for people? They get healed. They jump out of wheelchairs, it’s news everywhere, and then a year I go back and they don’t have it. They’re in the wheelchair or they’re dead, their families are mad at me.” And this is why that you receive something and then it goes because you don’t know how to keep what you got. You have to keep what you have. Now, tomorrow that thing may try to come back on you, but remember you’re a co-creator with God. The power of life and death is in your mouth and what you do is you say no in the name of Jesus.

SID: Would you pray for people?

ELAINE: Oh, I will.

Father. Oh, I thank you now that you have given us the power of life and death. So I speak life from my vessel, the spirit, the real Holy anointed spirit. I speak life, healing, strength. I speak to every spirit of hell that’s been released in the homes or in the lives of the believers. They are illegal. They cannot stay. They only come to see if they can stay. They come to check us out to see what we’ve got, but in the name above every name, I say they cannot stay. Now, be healed and be set free and be delivered as Jesus said go, I say go from the anointed people of God. Amen. Hallelujah.

SID: I’ll tell you what she was speaking people with arthritic fingers, pain in your fingers, in your wrists, in your hands. If you’ll just move, you’ll see that the pain is all gone. Especially backs. Backs are being healed right now. Stand and see that the Lord is good. Bend over and you’ll see that pain that was there it’s gone. And there’s someone with an oppression in their head, a headache. I command it to leave now. The blood of Jesus.

One last prayer, Elaine, look into the camera and pray for the glory that’s on you to be released on everyone that wants it at home or in the studio audience.

ELAINE: It’s for you and your children and all those that are called. The glory is for you. Father, I thank you that people in every room of their house, it’s not going to just make for one, it’s going to be like the house of Cornelius. The glory of God is penetrating through every house. Their children are going to be delivered from drug addictions. There’s going to be many cancers die right now. There’s going to be many people that are bound by dementia. There’s going to be foul mental torment and spirits, leave your house as the glory of God comes in right now. Now there it is. Raise your hands, raise your hands, grab it. You don’t have to wait for anything. No one has to touch you. You don’t have to be in a big meeting. Just right there, take it Jesus’ name.

SID: And I seal everything that has been done and the name that is above every name, the name of the Messiah of Israel, the name of the Passover lamb that takes away the sins of the whole world. (prays in tongues). Jesus the Messiah, our righteousness.

ELAINE: Jesus.

Our Guest Ryan Bruss

SID: And what would have happened in his life if you hadn’t gone out on the streets to do something a lot of people don’t want to do? Just talking to people about Jesus.

RYAN: He would tell you himself that “I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have made it.” I mean, he’s doing work in Israel now, in Brazil, all because he was going into a bar, we say “Wait, wait, wait. Just one second. We want to talk to you.”.

SID: Comment on, anyone can bring the kingdom to anybody, anywhere.

RYAN: See, if you’re born again, when you walk into a coffee shop, that means healing just walked into the coffee shop. Miracles just walked in the coffee … Everything in that coffee shop.

SID: But what if you’ve never seen people healed when you pray?

RYAN: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has a plan and he has a purpose for everybody in that coffee shop. And you are coming in to get a cup of coffee, but little did you know that that man sitting in the corner is suicidal, and you have the joy of the Lord living in you.

SID: Okay. Give me a real-life experience of you going into a coffee shop.

RYAN: It wasn’t too long ago, I went into a coffee shop and the barista, she looked like she wanted to hurt me, to be honest with you. She had this angry look on her face, and my flesh just wanted to get the coffee and go. She was just having a bad attitude. And as I was grabbing my coffee, I thought “You know what? No, no, no.” And I said “Are you okay?” She says “I have migraines.” And I thought “Well, you know, no wonder you’re so crabby.” And I say “Can I pray for you?” I didn’t go into this religious rhetoric, are you this, are you that, you go to church? I just said “Can I pray for you?” She goes “Yes.” I may have said I was a pastor. I grab her hand and I felt the presence of God shoot through me into her hand. I said “What do you feel?” Because she had her eyes on me, she goes “I feel so tingly.”.

I said “That’s the presence of God.” I said “But how’s the head? How’s the migraine?” She goes “Gone.” And then two days later I go back to that same place to see her. She runs and grabs another coworker and says “See, see, that’s the man that prayed for me. That’s the one that prayed for me.” That’s all you got to do to bring the kingdom and carry the presence of God.

SID: You say that these divine appointments are so easy. Do you always get positive responses?

RYAN: Oh, my goodness, no. In fact, one time, many years ago, I was in the park and we were just sharing Jesus with everybody around. And this man walks up to me yelling and I said, “What’s wrong?” And as I put my hand on his shoulder to say everything’s okay, he punched me in the face so hard he knocked me out cold. Sid, look at this face. I need all the help I can get. He punched me so hard my head actually hit a concrete water fountain that woke me up. And a satanist, Sid, that I had been ministering to, ran over to me and said “Can I help?” For a split second I thought “What do you mean?” But as God is my witness, I mean, he sucker punched me, Sid. He knocked me out cold. Had no anger, no nothing. I got hurt physically.

SID: Only God could have …

RYAN: Only God could do that.

SID: Because he’s in you.

RYAN: That’s right.

SID: You carry his presence.

RYAN: You carry his presence, absolutely. It was awesome.

SID: It seems like almost every day you’re having these divine appointments. What about me? Am I Swiss cheese? I mean, why do you have divine appointments all the time, and most people don’t? Why?

RYAN: Because they’re just not looking for them. And see, I’ve learned a huge secret, that if I’m focusing on my bills, my health, my problems, I walk into a coffee shop, I’m not going to have any kind of joy for anybody else.

SID: Nothing left.

RYAN: No, there’s nothing left, even though Jesus is in here. So what I’ve done, and that’s what we did in the CD set, is teach people how to break through all the drama and junk of this world and get full of Jesus no matter what your bills look like, no matter what … See, Sid, there’s a time in my own marriage that we were down to baked potatoes. Twice. There’s only so many times you can slice and bake and mash a potato. Eventually you just start throwing them at each other. But what I’m saying is I’ve been there, done that. And you got to get to a place where, you know what? I’ve lived long enough to know that Jesus has always seen me through everything, and I’m not going to let these problems bother me. I am just like everybody else. And you listening, you’re just like everybody else. It’s time to just let go of everything that’s tethering you to this world and say “You know what? I’m a carrier of the presence of God. I’m going to get through this in Jesus’ name.”

SID: Tell me about the restaurant you went in with the lady with the nice smile. I mean, this sounds little, but that’s the type of thing you can do.

RYAN: We walked in, we were seated, and she just had a big smile. I said “I just want to tell you, you have a very nice smile.” She said “Oh,” and so …

SID: And by the way, isn’t that something you could do?

RYAN: Easy.

SID: Of course you could.

RYAN: And that’s what I teach in the book. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman “Can I have a drink?” Anybody can say that. And then her life changed forever. So we sat down, we dialogued a little more, and every time she would walk away, the Holy Spirit would say “Ask her this.” She walked away one more time. The Holy Spirit said “Ask her about her father.” And now, Sid, see, I have a open door in her life because I’m just loving … I valued her. She’s worth it. I’m not just “Give me my food.” She’s worth my time. I feel like crying right now because everybody’s worth it.

And so she came back that last time and I said “Can I ask you a personal question?” Because I had a right to, because of how far I’ve gone with the conversation. And I said “Can you tell me about your father?” She started to weep. She goes “He molested me. He molested me.” And so we ministered to her. Her whole countenance changed. She was free of that. The joy of the Lord hit her, all because we just said “You have a nice smile.” And then she was touched forever. I heard this saying the other day, “Love people until they ask you why.” Just love people, and doors will fling open for you. Absolutely.SID: Well, now listen to this. Ryan went to heaven to learn how to love. And when he tells us what he learned in heaven, many of you will feel rivers of love flowing out from the screen itself, or in the studio audience from Ryan. It’s the supernatural atmosphere of heaven. Be right back.

Our Guest Curt Landry

SID: I tell you, we’re having so much fun. How does living in sync with God’s calendar make a difference in us?

CURT: The biggest thing it does is it shows Him that He is the Lord. That’s what brings the glory. He is the Lord. You know, in Hebrew we call it מועד, M-O-E-D. That means God orders Passover. God invites you at Passover, at Pentecost, Shavuot. He invites you to these.

SID: He actually goes even stronger. He says, “These are”– He doesn’t say these are Jewish feasts.

CURT: These are the feasts of the Lord.

SID: He doesn’t. He says, “These are my feasts.” That puts it in a whole different dimension. Let me ask you something. Do you have to observe the Passover to have your sins atoned for? Do you have to observe the Passover to have God love you more?

CURT: No. No, it’s not about salvation.

SID: What is it about?

CURT: Relationship. He’s your daddy. He’s your Father. You know this is the key. This is what got released in Taiwan. The last service I was there, I released the Father’s love, and when we did, we just literally took our hands out like this and you could just see waves of rows of people just falling in the Spirit, crying and weeping because there’s been so much torment, particularly for the indigenous, the Bulumbi tribe that’s there, the indigenous Taiwanese people, where there in this service. You know, their identity has been dishonored. When you come with the love of the Father, the only thing that– We have a saying. Only your father can name you. You know that in the Hebrew it’s very important. We’re Jewish because of our mother, but our father is the one that names you. When we release that Father’s love, the glory falls.

SID: Would it be okay with studio audience and you at home if I asked him to release the Father’s love? Anyone interested? I am, too. Would you do that right now?

CURT: We’ll do that. Father God, we come to you in Yeshua’s name and Lord, we are all battling that orphan spirit. We are being bombarded by the airways and every device that there is trying to steal our identity. Lord, I thank you that your word says it’s the anointing that breaks the yoke. Break that yoke of that orphan spirit. Break that yoke off that poverty. Break that yoke off that false, counterfeit identity and, Lord, I ask now that you release the Father’s love. I thank you, Lord, that perfect love casts out all fear and faith works through love. So Lord, if I just lay hands on you right now and I decree that you would be all that you are called to be, just as Jacob blessed Manasseh and he blessed Ephraim, he took his right hand and put it on the second-born, the church, because the firstborn Jew, Ephraim, already had the anointing and that blessing. Lord, I release that blessing of the Father’s love, the firstborn, and the second-born as one new man in Yeshua’s mighty name.

SID: Wow. But I’ll tell you, talk about born. Some of you just have religion whether it’s Hinduism, Judaism, and any -ism, but do you have relationship with the Living God? Do you have your own experiential knowledge with the Living God? Of course you want this. Say this prayer with me out loud and that is your entry into having the relationship you were created to have, to call Father God “daddy.” Repeat after me out loud.

SID: Dear God.

Audience: Dear God.

SID: I’m a sinner.

Audience: I’m a sinner.

SID: And I’m so sorry.

Audience: And I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe to the best of my knowledge.

Audience: I believe to the best of my knowledge.

SID: That the blood of Jesus.

Audience: That the blood of Jesus.

SID: Washes away all of my sins.

Audience: Washes away all of my sins.

SID: And I am clean.

Audience: And I am clean.

SID: And now that I am clean.

Audience: And now that I am clean.

SID: I ask you, Jesus, to come inside of me.

Audience: I ask you, Jesus, to come inside of me.

SID: Be my Lord.

Audience: Be my Lord.

SID: I want to hear your voice.

Audience: I want to hear your voice.

SID: I want to be a well-done type of son, one that really you’re happy with.

Audience: I want to be a well-done type of son, one that really you’re happy with.

SID: I want to experience the fullness of your love.

Audience: I want to experience the fullness of your love.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

Our Guest Adrian Beale & Adam Thompson

SID: Woah, I could sure feel that. Now you pray.

ADRIAN: Amen, and together with that it’s partner, of course, is the Spirit of understanding. And one of the 7 Spirits of God so that you can see beyond the picture or the story that God is giving you. So that you can peel away the onion and see what’s at the core of what it is that God wants to say to you. So what we have in the gift of understanding, we impart to you right now. So touch that screen again, and Father, right now I thank You for impartation. And I can sense the presence of God as it were ministering right now to you, and imparting to you, a gift of understanding. Release it right now, in Yeshua, in the mighty name of Yeshua ha Mashiach, Amen.

SID: Whoa, is there anything else either of you wants to impart? Wow, there’s such a flow of God’s Spirit.

ADAM: I just feel for visions.

SID: For visions?

ADAM: yeah.

SID: Go; go for it!

ADAM: Father, I just prophesy Lord. There’re some people out there very hungry and one of the inspirations in my life that God has used for a ministry was a man called William Branham. And there’re so many people out there who are believers, who are hungry for that same type of mantle, and I believe it’s going to come into such a great, in a great way, on a corporate level, for this End Time revival. And I prophesy, even the unbelievers out there. Lord, they’re going to see visions, they’re going to have visions of Jesus, they’re going to have encounters of Yeshua. In the name of Jesus, I prophesy this in Jesus’ name; Lord, visions, encounters. Put your hands on the screen right now, put your hands on the radio, and I prophesy, Holy Spirit there’s an impartation where they have visions, in the night. There are visions of Jesus, the revelation of Jesus Christ, there are visions of words of knowledge that You are showing some of these believers for their unsaved families. For years, some people that I’m getting words of knowledge now, there’re some people here for years. Their finding their families so hardened, and they’ve been persecuted, but these visions, what takes is a few visions of the secrets of one person’s heart. And crack open their heart to receive the impartation of the Holy Spirit, and I thank You for revival that’s breaking out, in the families of America, and worldwide. I prophesy this in Jesus’ name.

SID: Wow, I tell you what. I was saying, half of your life is in bed.

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: Well, no, a third of your life is sleeping. But what if it’s not wasted time beyond restoring your body. What if it’s a time that God can get right into your heart, and no filters, and be able to warn you of things that are about ready to happen, be able to show you the good things that he has for your life, be able to change the bad stuff. I mean you don’t want to see the bad stuff just to see the bad stuff; you want to change. Well, this book; did God tell you to do this or was it just a rational thing to do based on what was going on?

ADAM: Well, what happened with me. I was a businessman, but I went through a financial meltdown. I was quite well off, and I was in this castle. I lived in this castle, and all my finances went crashing. I mean we had some assets, but the cash flow was completely stopped dead and I wanted, I needed to have money just to have food on the table. So, every Monday night and someone kept leaving food at the end of the table, and food at the end of the door at the house. Someone kept leaving a parcel of food. And every Monday night, I’m thinking, “Well, who’s doing this?” I said to my wife, “Is the raven been yet?” (Laughs)

SID: [laughs]

ADAM: But it turned out, it was this guy, and I haven’t seen him for years. And he—

SID: Why did you do that?

ADRIAN: I don’t know, it was just a God thing. It was a God thing.

SID: I mean, it had to be God. I wouldn’t put a food bag next to someone that I thought was wealthy. [laughs] you knew, you had too.

Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

SID: You know what? When I read Dr. Brown’s information. I mean, there is no doubt that there is a connection between President Trump and Jezebel, and what we see even on the news. Why don’t you explain to them what I already know?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, so when I was here interviewing Jonathan Kahn on this book, The Paradigm, he mentioned President Trump is kind of a Jehu figure. I’d never thought that, but the moment he said, I thought, “Wait a second.” Jehu in the Bible, what does it say? He drives recklessly. Some translations, drives like a madman or a maniac. But he did a lot of good. He was zealous for the cause of God, but there was a lot of collateral damage. So you may love the president, but either way, you see this parallel, a Jehu kind of character, an alpha male kind of character.

DR. BROWN: And when he comes on the scene, Jezebel rises up again. And he’s the one who ultimately takes Jezebel down. And I document the parallels between Jehu and Trump in the book. And here’s what got my attention. When you have someone like Trump, again, whether you like him or not, everyone sees the kind of guy he is. It brings Jezebel up. So the moment President Trump is in, you have this women’s march. This is not just lovely women that just… No, no, no, blow up the White House. And then you also have with it the extreme baby-killing spirit.

DR. BROWN: Again, we’re not talking about someone that struggled and wrestled and, “Should I have an abortion?” We’re talking about shout your abortion. We’re talking about pounding on the Supreme Court–

DR. BROWN: Yeah. During the Kavanaugh hearings. What’s happened is Trump’s pro-life stance, what an unlikely champion of the pro-life movement, and appointing these justices, and laws being passed, it’s bringing out… They’re saying, “This is war. We’re going to fight. We’re going to take it to the streets.”

DR. BROWN: So it’s almost as if Jezebel came out from hiding, and there she is for everyone to see. Now here’s the remarkable thing because we’re not talking about a person. We’re talking about demonic spirits. We’re talking about demons. Running about, principalities, right? So Jehu sees Jezebel. She tries to seduce him, once again, there she is that seductress. And he says, “Who’s on my side?” And it says there are two or three eunuchs. These are castrated males, two or three eunuchs. And they throw Jezebel down.

DR. BROWN: Sid, that’s what has to happen. The castrated males, the men who’ve had their authority stripped from them. All the sitcoms that just make men into this… They’re…. and it’s not Father Knows Best, father is the idiot.

SID: So Jezebel, if I’m hearing you right, it’s Jezebel or the spirit of Jezebel, coming against a dominant male that stands up for biblical causes.

DR. BROWN: Exactly. And what got my attention focused on this is when our friend Pastor John Kilpatrick, on a Sunday service, when the service ended, he said, “Pray for the president because witchcraft is trying to take him down. Jezebel is about to attack.” And then that prayer went viral. The Jerusalem Post even reported on it, favorably actually. The prayer went viral, and when he invited me to preach at his church, just for another reason, the spirit said to him, “Look at Jezebel, look at this. Look.”

DR. BROWN: Even the war on gender that we see, that Bruce Jenner is Woman of the Year. So we’re fighting all these different things. We’re trying to put out a fire here and a fire there. It’s the same demonic power. It’s the same coalition of demonic forces that work through Jezebel, that intimidate with fear, that silence the prophetic voice. The real tragedy is that Jezebel intimidated the prophets by killing them, and we’re not even getting killed, and we’re intimidated because we don’t want to be unfriended on Facebook. And we don’t want our rich board member to leave the church. We’re cowards. We need to speak.

DR. BROWN: When we expose Jezebel… And, Sid, part of the intensity of writing it was the quotes, the shocking things. I go back to what the pagans used to do, the baby killing, the child killing. And what we understand sacrificing babies to Molech, and what it looked like with the giant statue, and the steel, and they heat up the steel and put the babies on it. And then you compare that to late-term abortion. You compare that to infanticide. We have this horrific evil taking place and we’re afraid to speak because we don’t want to offend someone. If that’s not the intimidation of Jezebel, I don’t know what is.

SID: I’ll tell you something. If you can comprehend from digesting the material that God processed through Dr. Michael Brown, you will have answers to questions that you pondered, many you’ve even blamed God for. And, and it’s not him. The spirit of Jezebel does not just affect us on a national level, but also on a personal level. When we return, you’re going to find out how it invades our homes, our schools, and, yes, even our churches. Next, on It’s Supernatural!

Our Guest Tommy Combs

Tommy: Everything we have in Christ because of the blood of Jesus. The blood cleanses. The blood sets us free. The blood protects us. The blood of Jesus is a covenant for eternity. Somebody say “The blood .” Jesus is the final sacrifice. Thank God every day for sending Jesus to us. Thank God every day that He sent His son to us. Thank Jesus for what He did for us and still doing for us at the right hand of God right now, interceding, praying for you, praying for me. Now, I want you praying for me, and I want my Grandma praying for me, and I want my Mama praying for me, and I want my Uncle John praying form me, but Jesus is praying for me. Devil you ain’t got a shot, Jesus is praying for me. Devil you might as well leave me alone, Jesus is praying for me. Devil you ain’t got a shot. Jesus is praying for me. You might as well leave me alone. The blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, (laughs) I’m telling you, it’s the blood. Do you realize through prayer the blood can be applied to our family, our job, our finances, whatever, and God will honor it? God will honor it. There’s no magic formula here, it’s only faith in Jesus Christ. That’s the formula. The key is to apply the blood to the Word of God. God supplies, we apply. The Word says the blood does. “And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and thy sons forever.” And we’re celebrating, we’re celebrating today. And forever means forever.

How often should I pray for God to cover me with the blood? Everyday. Everyday. Everyday. ‘Cause the enemy likes to come out in the morning and ruin your day, and the enemy likes to come out at night and ruin your night. Where in the world would you get that? Well, I would go back to David and Goliath. And I would know that Goliath came out in the morning to ruin their day and I would know that Goliath came back in the afternoon to ruin their afternoon and night. But David pointed his finger at him and he said, “The blood, the blood. I’ll kill that uncircumcised giant right there. I’ll do it ’cause God’s on my side. God’s on my side.” Say it! God’s on my side. He’s not against us. God is on my side. Forever means forever. Everyday cover your family. Everyday cover yourself. Satan you hear me real good, you can’t touch me, you can’t touch my family, the blood is covering me. That’s what you say to him. If the blood of an animal could protest, then how much more the blood of Jesus can protect us. The blood of Jesus. At age ten, I was saved at a little church of God in Dora, Alabama. Now Mama and my brother and sisters would go to the little Baptist church that we went to. It was called Second Baptist ’cause we didn’t go to First Baptist, we went to Second Baptist. Anybody with me? But I would go to church with my Grandma at the little Pentecostal church in town because I loved to hear the singing the praise and worship and watch them as they walk across the stage. Do you, don’t remember the day, some of you, I can tell by looking at you, you don’t remember the day when they would take bobby pins and color the tip of them a different color. What are you talking about? Women would take a bobby pin, like my Grandmother would cover, put bobby pins to put her hair up and she would color the tip of the bobby pins red, where my other Grandmother on the other side, the tip of her bobby pins would be blue and another woman in the church would have white bobby pins. Why? Because after they shouted their hair down, they had to go around and pick up the right bobby pins. You didn’t want somebody else’s bobby pins in your hair. So you got all the white ones or the red ones or the blue ones. And I loved to be in that. So I want to be around that, so I go to church with Grandma. But that morning, as that preacher preached, my heart started going nine thousand miles an hour. I mean hush, preaching man; I’ve got to get saved. Hush preaching, I’ve got to get in the altar. I mean hurry up! But he was long winded. Hurry up! I got to get saved and finally, “If you need Jesus…” I jumped and ran. I jumped and ran. Get in the altar. Prayed the sinner’s prayer and got saved. My great uncle prayed for me, I’ll never forget it. My great uncle was the one that put his hands on my head and prayed for me that day and I gave my life to Jesus. I was ten years old. Four months later, I’m a sick young man. Now, my Daddy was an underground coal miner, Walker County, Alabama, my Grandfather worked underground forty-four years, my grand-my Daddy worked underground forty years digging coal.

Our Guest Adam Thompson

LARRY: This is Larry Sparks. Welcome back to “Something More”. Now we’re talking about how you live in two realms at one time, how you live in Heaven and on earth. Now let me tell you this, that so many of us have received these promises or prophesy’s from the Lord and you might be asking, “Okay Larry, I’ve got this great prophesy, I’ve got this great promise, but it has not come to pass.” And you know what? I believe there is a process of stewarding a word of the Lord. That’s the thing, you partner with it. So Adam, what I want us to talk about right now is how do you steward a prophetic promise from the word of the Lord. And you know you have this great four stages, this four-step process to doing this which I think is very practical. And I believe this is a key element of what it means to live in two realms at one time, living on earth and in heaven. So, could you share that?

ADAM: Okay quickly, the Lord has called us all to be prophetic. He’s you know, He speaks to us all and as we grow in our prophetic calling, He does bring correction to us. So, He speaks to us first, kind of like when Jesus said in Matthew, take the plank out of your own eye before you take the speck out of somebody else’s eye. So God speaks to us and He disciplines us and there’s nothing wrong with the word discipline because it’s in Hebrews 12, a father disciplines his son like our Heavenly Father disciplines us. So first He brings…He speaks to us first to bring correction. And then the second stage, He gives us the ability to be able to minister in the body of Christ when it comes to your church forum, in your church environment.

LARRY: Yeah.

ADAM: So you have influence over your church, but first you need to actually build a relationship with your pastor. And it’s very important to build a relationship with your pastor as a prophet because there’s many prophets that can be a little bit you know, gung-ho and they can go from church to church and hijack the microphone and they don’t have any accountability. But it’s very important to build a relationship with your pastor and earn respect and unfortunately, in this world, you do have to earn respect. My father got a medal from the Queen of England and he said to me once when I was a young child, he said, “You have to earn respect in this world”. So when it comes to being a prophet, you do need to build a relationship with your pastor. Someone said to me once, “Well, my pastor doesn’t receive the things of the Spirit and he doesn’t understand the things of the Spirit.” Well, you need to pray and ask the Lord where you need to be because you need to go and fellowship somewhere where you are likeminded.

LARRY: Absolutely.

ADAM: And it says that in even Acts 2, when God poured out His Spirit, they came together and they were like-minded and there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind. So it’s important to have a relationship with your father, excuse me, to have a relationship with your pastor, I should say and build credibility. And then, and then after you earn respect and you actually have that governmental role in the church as a prophet, then you actually, you can actually have that influence in the marketplace. So you can, for example, dream interpretations or the prophetic is very good for you know, being an evangelist.

LARRY: Yeah, sure it is.

ADAM: So uh, that way, I’ve had a lot of influence in the marketplace like that. I was China once and I was in the Bank of China, in the boardroom, and I actually was interpreting dreams in the actual board room of the Bank of China and I was ministering to some people there, some businessmen. And when I was interpreting a dream to one of the businessmen in China, in the Bank of China, he started to tear up and he was very emotional and he said that “When I was a boy, when I was a young man, they told me there was no God,” and so I had the opportunity to pray for him and lead him to Christ. So we can have influence in the marketplace.


ADAM: And then we can come to a place where, after we have done that, we come into a place where we have influence with the government, in the government arena. So, I’ve done that in Papua, New Guinea, where I released a word in Papua, New Guinea for the whole nation on the public radio. I released a prophetic word to the whole nation of seven million people.

LARRY: Wow! Wow.

ADAM: And also went into the parliament and released a word to some of the government officials. So, that’s how we go into these four stages. I believe that God speaks to us first, He brings correction, and then we have influence in our church arena, and then in the marketplace, and then we actually play a part in a government role.

LARRY: Well, what I want to do, because as you were talking about this, I’m sure some of our folks at home are thinking to…they’re thinking, “Well, that’s great for Adam. Those are great testimonies and those are great stories because he’s a prophet,” but I actually believe that what God was doing is He was using Adam’s process there. Because even though you may not consider yourself a prophet in terms of the office of a prophet, you are most likely a prophetic person. Do you know why? Because all believers are called to be prophetic people because you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. So I sense, based on what Adam was saying, as we go into the next segment, I actually believe, more than a teaching and more than us just conversing about this, God wants to activate you. Because I believe there are places in the marketplace, there are places in the nations, there are places that God wants to send you. And He wants to take you on, a process. He wants to take you on a journey so that you will be a good steward of the power of the age to come that we read about in the book of Hebrews, [music] so that you can release that in the here and now. So stay tuned. In this next segment, we are going to actually activate that in Jesus’ name.