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Sid Roth welcomes Linda Josef


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Linda Josef, and we’re talking about the best miracles of the people I’ve interviewed in over 30 years of investigative reporting of miracles. And Linda, an example of just the most tenacious, pressing faith are the Raatzs. Tell me about it.

LINDA: That would have to be Dale Raatz. His wife had a devastating stroke, and the doctor said she’s gonna die. She’s not gonna make it. He did not believe it was God’s will for her to die. He began to press in, in faith for her healing and he just proclaiming healing scriptures. And the wife didn’t die, as the doctors projected, so they moved her to another long-term hospital. He continued to proclaim healing over her. He brought in tapes and praise music. He just didn’t give up.

SID: And he was doing it, you know, and that’s so important, 24 hours, seven days a week playing praise music. And he had to have supernatural favor because the hospital really didn’t want it. But God gave him favor.

LINDA: And also told him that faith works through love and not to despair with the doctors’ attitudes or the nurses, but to requite with love. And eventually, his wife woke up and came back to all of her faculties, and today she’s working in the ministry with him. And I think Dale would not have been able to persist like that if he didn’t believe the passage in Isaiah 53:5, which ends with saying that, “He has borne our grief and carried our sorrows, and by his stripes we are healed,” meaning that we are healed of our sins and our sicknesses, which are both works of the devil. You really see this coming together in communion, because communion draws our attention directly to the work that Jesus did on the cross, which to many people seems strange. Why should the Son of God have to die? But he died to take our pains and our guilt, and our sorrows that we could be healed.

SID: Well now you’re talking about Dr. John Miller and he had revelation on communion. You see, he recognized that from the Jewish perspective, and you got to recognize, you have to look at everything in the Bible through Jewish eyes, and he recognized that it was a Jewish Passover Seder that was the Last Supper. And I want you to partake with us right now. But what are some of the things you learned about communion from doing the research?

LINDA: One of the things Dr. Miller found was that in 2 Corinthians:11, Paul says that, “You have failed to discern the body, and for that reason many of you are sick and some have died prematurely.” And John, one of the few people to ever have this insight, that discerning the bodiment to understand what it is you’re taking when you take the bread, and so he would encourage people to take the bread of communion like a medicine, and when you chew the bread to meditate on the punishment that Jesus took on our behalf so that his beating was the punishment that I deserve for my sin. And as you enter into that mystery, healing comes.

SID: You know what’s so wonderful, Linda, is he also points out meditate on the lamb, because there wasn’t one feeble among them that when they went out from Egypt, not one feeble in millions of slaves with no doctors, no medicine, nothing but God. Let’s take a look at John talking about this with a race driver that had a problem with his vision.

JOHN: There’s always a physical and a spiritual significance and meaning to everything that God does. When they ate the brain of that lamb their brains were to be healed, but they were also to take on the mind of Christ. When they ate the eyes of that lamb they were not only to have their eyes healed but see things the way Jesus sees them. When they ate the heart of that lamb their heart was to be healed, but they were to take the heart of Christ, too. I have a friend that was a very famous race driver, drove Indy twice that wrecked on the Sacramento Mile, lost the peripheral vision of his right eye. Two o’clock in the morning in my living room, we broke the bread and he imaged that bread as that lamb, and when he ate the eye of that lamb his eye was instantly healed.

SID: How about you? Are you ready for your miracle? I know I’m ready. Linda, are you ready for your miracle? I mean, I am so ready. Are you ready for Jewish communion? It was a Passover Seder the Messiah took the matzo, he broke off a piece, and he said, “This represents my body, which was broken for you. And then he prayed a Hebrew prayer, which we know what that prayer is today, [chanting] [Hebrew]. You may eat. Then he held up the grape juice and he said, “This represents the blood, the blood of the New Covenant.” And Leviticus 17:11 says, “The life of the flesh is in the blood.” The life of Messiah is in His blood, which He shed for us. And Jeremiah 31:31 says, “A new covenant is coming,” and 31:34 says, “This covenant will accomplish two things. God will remember our sins no more and you will know Him.” Now imagine this represents the blood of Yeshua. Imagine the blood of Yeshua is running through your entire body, Linda. And I do this often. I do this daily. And we have a paper cup. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to go into a church service. And the early Jewish believers did this early. That’s why it’s so exciting. This was their form of Divine health. What’s better than a healing or a miracle, walking in Divine health? This is like taking medicine everyday, but see it as either a miracle or a progressive healing. He took the grape juice and he said [chanting] [Hebrew]. Linda, one nugget that you learned about communion from working on the research.

LINDA: That you can take it like a medicine and that your meditation should be directed by the Holy Spirit, that every time you take it will be different. Let the Holy Spirit direct you in a meditation.

SID: So it shouldn’t be religious ritual. I’m doing it because I have to do it. That’s called religion. “Religion stinketh,” quoting King James, that is. But it becomes the most vital. It becomes the highlight of your day. And you wrote a quote that I had about the difference between a miracle and a healing. Explain that quickly.

LINDA: Well it was a quote from your Introduction, and it said that, “A healing is a gradual, progressive process. A miracle is a sudden all at once thing.” And your line that I really like is, “Don’t miss your healing because you’re waiting for a miracle.”

SID: I’d like that line to end with also, “Don’t miss your healing because you’re waiting for a miracle. You have begun your healing right now. Rejoice and thank God for it in Yeshua’s name.”

Our Guest David and Kathie Walters


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with David and Kathie Walters, and we are having more fun than humans should have but you know what that is normal and it is about time you get the lemon out of your mouth and you stop being so religious and you have, you become like a little child, and Kathie, I have to tell you, you remind me of a little child, tell me what happened in Ireland.


KATHIE: Okay, we were doing this meeting in Ireland. We ministered to the children and all the kids came forward, there was about 70 I guess, and David prayed or them and the Holy spirit came on them and they all fell out on the floor in the Holy Spirit, and the presence off God was all over them. Well I stood and watched them, it was the strangest, funniest things because I watched from their feet, their feet went bright red, I mean like a lobster.


SID: So it was like the presence of God was so strong.


KATHIE: It was like fire, fire, like I told you I can feel now, like fire, and their feet were bright red and it gradually went all up their legs, all up their arms, all into their heads, so they were all laying there like lobsters, I mean they looked really strange, but then they laid there for probably

have an hour but them some of them got up and they began to, it was like they were playing instruments, you know different instruments, and one of the little girls began to dance, they told us afterwards they were in heaven and they were dancing with the angels and the angels were showing them different instruments to play, and I mean you could see all of this but they weren’t

aware of you because…


DAVID: It was like a mime show.


KATHIE: Yeah, it was like miming. And then they, at the end they just laid back on the floor and the red came from their head out of them, out of their feet and then they got up.


SID: Now those children will never, ever forget that experience and they have a legitimate chance of being normal. David, tell me about healings you have seen when the children are actually praying for the healing.


DAVID: Yes, yeah when I preach to children I tell them that God can use anybody, you know in the Bible he used a bush, you know he used a rod, he used a rooster, a donkey, so he can use children, he doesn’t have to wait until they go to seminary – cemetery – I mean seminary, before God can use them, sorry about that. So they began to believe it, and them I asked, I do several

meetings with the whole families, and then we end up with having a miracle service in which I teach the children how to pray for people. So we don’t have to wait for some big evangelist, healing evangelist to come in, and the people come up and I say let these children pray for them, don’t patronize them but let them pray for you, and I don’t actually tell them to pray, I tell them to command the sickness to go, command the deafness to go, I say don’t ask God to do it, don’t say

please God make them better, I say you tell that deaf spirit to go, you tell that blind spirit to go, you tell that condition in their back to be healed in Jesus Name, and they start out a little bit reticent but as they begin to see God move they get bolder and bolder and then in the end they

will pray for anything that moves. And so we have had blind eyes opened, I remember one

woman she was totally blind in one eye and the children prayed for her and then she began to read the notice and the church called me the following week and said she could read the Bible 20/20 vision, with a week, it was totally healed, we have had so many deaf people healed, the children pray for the deaf, and I love it when, not when they are hard of hearing, but when they are totally deaf or practically deaf, take out their hearing aids and the children pray for them, sometimes they pray two or three times and then the easy open.


SID: And isn’t it a tragedy, you know what we do with children, we have videos for them, popcorns, or that vision that you had, children going to amusement parks and what are other religions doing with their children? They are training them. Can you imagine getting a little child and not teaching them any unbelief?


DAVID: Absolutely, yeah, yeah, absolutely, and then of course I remember years ago in a Kenneth Copeland convention back in England, there was a little girl called Zoe, 8 years of age who got filled with the Spirit of God in our meetings and she came down at the end of the meeting and adults were coming out of their meeting and she saw a man in a wheelchair and she was 8 years of age and she laid hands on him and said, “Get up of that wheelchair in Jesus Name,” and he got out of the wheelchair after being crippled for six years. And several years later I talked to a man and he said he lived in Brighton, and I said, “Oh I was in a Kenneth Copeland convention in Brighton, did you ever hear about that little girl named Zoe who got that man healed?” He said, “Oh yeah, that man was m brother.” He was a pastor; it was a pastor’s brother who was healed.


SID: Kathie, last night we were having dinner, minding our own business, and you told me that there was an angel. What was this angel doing?


KATHIE: He was walking up and down behind the table making little notes, I think. The angles like to, the angels love to hear revelation actually, and I think he was picking up.


SID: Don’t angels know everything there is to know?


KATHIE: The Bible doesn’t say that it says the angels desire to look in and understand, especially when it comes to salvation because angels are heirs, they are servants and ministers, so I have seen angels reading books, really good books that had revelation.


SID: And like almost every day are your eyes open to see?


KATHIE: Well see, the angels are around all the time, the chariots of God are around all the time, it is just a question of seeing what is already there, it is not for special people, that is our inheritance, that is for everybody, it is just only seeing what is already there that is what I keep telling people.


SID: Could you pray for everyone that is watching right now, both of you that there would be an acceleration of the supernatural and a jumpstart of the faith, and they would begin to see angels and demons and vision’s and all the stuff that’s normal!


DAVID: It would frighten the life out of some people


SID: Well listen, just don’t pray the prayer if it bothers you, but I don’t know about you, I want to be normal, I can’t stand just tradition, learn by rote, listen, I come from a Jewish background, if I wanted tradition I would have stayed in Orthodox Judaism, “Tradition,” so I went to Christianity and I found more “Tradition,” I want God. Will you pray for people?


KATHIE: Yeah, do we have time for the guesthouse story?


SID: It depends on how fast you can tell it.


KATHIE: I’ll tell it fast, okay, I’ll try, because it is really awesome, but we were in a guesthouse having like a retreat thing, this was in England, and we had an evening meeting and we left the meeting and went into the guesthouse to get coffee and stuff, and suddenly people came out screaming David, Kathie. And we went back into the meeting room, there was a group of teenagers standing around, this one boy had been saved that day, a little Catholic boy had got saved that day, and he was in the middle of the room like in a trance with his finger like this going around the room and when his finger got opposite, someone the power of God would hit them and they would fall on the floor, start confessing things, weeping, getting right with God.

And people were trying to leave but they couldn’t because their feet were glued to the floor, that’s why they were screaming.


SID: Kathie, pray right now, look in the camera and pray for a release of the supernatural.


KATHIE: Okay, thank you Lord, Father in the Name of Jesus I just pray for people that are watching today this program, and Lord, that is our inheritance, is that supernatural realm of God, that is our inheritance for everybody and God I just pray for a release of it right now in the mighty Name of Jesus, I just pray that people’s eyes will be opened, their ears will be opened in the supernatural realm of God that they will se the chariots, they will se the angels, they will see what their inheritance really is and know it is for them, it is for every single believer, and I come against every religious spirit that tells people it is not for you, you are not spiritual enough, I take authority over it and I thank you Lord for sending even angels to speak and minister right now and minister to people and help them to see what you already have for them Father, in Jesus Name, just pray for acceleration. Amen.

Sid Roth welcomes Earthquake Kelly


SID: Sid Roth here with Earthquake Kelly. Demons told this 15-year-old kid how to get high.

Their intent was to kill him. He had four different drug combinations in large quantities and he took it and he passes out and his buddies, what did they do, take you in a car, what did they want to do with you?


EARTHQUAKE: Just take me home.


SID: What happened?


EARTHQUAKE: Well on the way home I died. And the evil spirits came out the same way I was talking to them, they came out, grabbed me, snatched me out of my body and was pulling me down, I mean I was going down into a pit and then when I got to this pit they started tormenting me, it was like they were coming from everywhere, they were in my mouth, they were in my eyes, they were hitting me with all kinds of things, they were yelling and telling me that I worked for them, it was a trap and a setup and you did all our bidding for us and now you are in hell. And it was a horrible thing.


SID: Were you really in hell?


EARTHQUAKE: I was in hell, it was a real place for sure, it was real, it is real, it is not made for us, designed and made for the devil and his angels and that’s where I wound up at. That overdose of drugs was a trick from the pits of hell. The drugs were a trick to set me up, to stop my heart, to get me lost for eternity.


SID: What did you see?


EARTHQUAKE: Oh I saw all kinds of horror and misery, it’s a lonely, miserable, ugly, stinky, sulfur smelling, nasty, pitiful, horrible place that you can’t even hardly describe it.


SID: Did you hear people saying anything?


EARTHQUAKE: Oh you could hear all kinds of promises and people screaming and yells and sounds that just torment 24 hours, seven days a week of nothing but misery and torment and I was down there amongst them, with them and all that torment. But there was hands of light came down inside of that place and that pit that I was in and grabbed me by my shoulders and started pulling me out of there. And I could see even as I was pulling out of there Sid, those spirits were still trying to hold on to me saying, he’s ours, he belongs to us, but the hand of light pulled me, and took me out of there and put me back in my body. And he says because of your mother’s prayers, that’s what I’ll never forget, you were spared and because you were chosen to do a work for us Sid, but it kept saying because of your mothers prayers.


SID: Who was saying it?


EARTHQUAKE: It was God’s voice; it was God who said, “Because of your mothers prayers.”

And that’s what I heard and I said, oh God I’ve been to hell and at that point I didn’t even know to thank God because I was so wicked, I was a wizard and everything like that but I knew that something had happened.


SID: But you were still, you were kind of messed up physically.


EARTHQUAKE: I was messed up really bad, I was messed up in my mind, messed up an optic nerve because it messed up parts of my body, I realized I couldn’t walk, and so when I came back into my body the people that was driving the car they opened the car door and they said get out, and I tried to walk but I fell over into the ground because of the lower extremities that wouldn’t work, and so I had to pull the top of my body all the way to the top of the stairs and then I rang the doorbell and one of my sisters came to the door, being from my background they know an overdose because we had many people to die of an overdose around us, and she could tell.


SID: Okay, shortly thereafter one of your sisters invites you to church, you are doing drug deals, I mean even seeing hell, how could you still be doing drug deals?


EARTHQUAKE: Messed up in the mind.


SID: Okay, so you go, why did you even go with your sister?


EARTHQUAKE: because she kept telling me, “You need to be saved.” And at that time I had just went to hell, but there was a big shipment of drugs coming in and my cut was a million dollars and at 15 years-old a million dollars we could have bought an extra hamburger or something, you know.


SID: Okay, you get into that church and the only word I can come up with is crazy. You get into this church, what happens?


EARTHQUAKE: I get into the church; I’m sitting in the back, she convinced me to go, I was real mad because I didn’t want to be around Pentecostal anything, I was real mad and I said sit me in the back. So she sits me in the back and the preacher is preaching and I said okay, good, I’m finished. The next night she said oh you’re going back. I said no I’m not going back to church no more, I’m finished with church; I’ve got to get out of here, I’ve got a drug deal, a big one, real big one, the biggest one we ever had. She said no you’re going to church. So I said okay, I’ll go to church. After two or three days of that the preacher said hey you back in the back, young man.

But I didn’t know he was talking to me, I thought he was talking to somebody else. So everybody in the church turns around, so I turned around too, to see the young man he was talking to, but there wasn’t nobody else back there but me. I said man, he’s talking to me. And so he said come up here in the front God wants to save you. And is said oh man, I got mad, I said I don’t want,

I don’t want this Jesus stuff, you know I got things to do. But I heard a voice that I had never heard before. He said “I love you, remember when they had the gun to the head and the gun wouldn’t go off, when it went up in the air,” He said, “That was me.” “Remember when you were almost killed, remember when you were set up to do this and that drug deal went bad and this, that and another, he said all those times I saved you, I spared you.” He said come up here I want to save you and use you. I got out of that seat Sid, went to the front, and the pastor told me everything I had been in, he told me like he was there with me as I was growing up, he gave me all, I mean he just read everything off to me and he said you were this, you put curses on people, you did that, he told me everything. I said how can you know all of that, you don’t know me.

But it was God that told him, and at that time God was speaking to me to, at the same time he said I will use you, I can do more for you, I said hold it God, hold it, hold it. I said you know what I do, I do bad things to people, I said but if you want me you are going to have to do more for me that I was for the devil because I am a wicked person, I put curses on people and they die, and I do bad stuff, but thanks be to God, Sid, he saved me. It was like a ton of bricks fell off of me and I tell you he has been using me ever since.


SID: Do you know who the real hero is? The real hero of Earthquake Kelly’s story is his mom.

If you had known the beatings she went through and how she tenaciously held onto God for Earthquake’s life. Let’s go to a pre-recorded telephone call we had with her.


MRS. KELLY:  I am a mother of ten children, five boys and five girls. And so I would like to say now to the mothers, please do not give up, pray for your children, we need the children and children are a blessing from the Lord. God is such a loving Father and he listens to what we say, he knows our hearts, he has our feelings. There is always a God that is waiting with his arms stretched out. He loves you, he will hear your prayers and he will take care of the children. Father God, bless the mothers with their mind stayed on him. Amen.


SID: You may say, well that’s wonderful, I don’t have a mother that is praying for me like that, I don’t have a hero that is calling and pleading with God. Well maybe you don’t, I come from a Jewish background, you better believe my mother wasn’t praying to God for me, but someone, somewhere did. And just in case you don’t know who is praying for you, I am going to pray for you right now. Just for you. It is not an accident you are watching. I pray that the spiritual scales come off of your eyes, I pray that you experience the acceptance and the forgiveness that Earthquake experienced, that I have experienced, I pray in Yeshua, in Jesus name that you would feel God’s embrace. I pray that you would recognize that God is too good to sin against. And if you tell him you are sorry for the mistakes that you have made, no matter how big they are, God   will wipe them away, it is too good because God is love. You have never experienced love I pray for you that you would know the love of God and experience the shalom, the peace of God that passes any drug or any experience you have ever had. It is what you are created for. To have intimacy with God, intimacy with God through Jesus, that’s the deal. Take it; grab it.