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Sid Roth welcomes Bruce Allen

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Bruce Allen. And Bruce, you are moving in the Spirit more and more, and even better, you’re teaching people, you are equipped. Now I’ve heard of people getting mantles. You literally were given this mantle to teach people on transportation and translation.

Bruce: I was given the commission by the Lord when He spoke to me very clearly that this is what was calling me to do right now is to release people into their full inheritance as a believer in God, and part of that is the supernatural transportation or translation. And so as we have pursued the Lord in that and believe God for this we have seen astounding things happening in the lives of individuals, as well as our own lives, because as you know, the more you release the more you receive. And so there’s been a progression. And the Lord told me this. The first phase of what we’re teaching will be people will be caught away in the spirit and have those type of experiences. But the second aspect or the second phase of this will be people will be released physically to geographically go from one region to another as God directs, to do what God says to do.

Sid: Now I meet many people that are gifted in the Spirit, and even before they became believers they didn’t understand like gifts of prophesy, but they were actually working. They just didn’t understand what was going on. But in your case you were not naturally gifted in this area. You access everything you do by faith. Explain that.

Bruce: I know there was some type of gifting, but I had no outlet or no understanding, or any of that. Even when I became a believer in Yeshua, the first scripture passage the Lord gave me was Jeremiah 1: “Before I formed you in the womb I sanctified you and ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Well in 1973, anybody I asked what that meant had no concept. Are you going to be an evangelist, a pastor, or a missionary? And I had no idea. And so I had to begin to pursue the Lord diligently with passion and discover the fullness of what the Word of God has to teach in every area. And so, no, I was not naturally gifted in the majority of what I’m talking about now, but I was challenged by God. And because of that challenge it provoked me to press in and discover the fullness of what I had.

Sid: Do you believe, and this is the important question. Bruce, do you believe that everyone that knows the Messiah can operate in these supernatural areas that you’re describing?

Bruce: Absolutely. First Corinthians 14:1 says, “To earnestly desire spiritual gifts.” The key to anybody walking in the fullness of anything God has is the passion to pursue that particular gift. And so this is available to anybody that believes in Messiah.

Sid: You know, listening to your tapes you quote John 3:3 about “Seeing is our birthright.” Explain John 3:3.

Bruce: Absolutely. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night because he was afraid of the opinion of the rest of the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin. And Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Nicodemus, unless a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” So what he was saying is, Nicodemus, if you’re born again, you can see the Kingdom. That has many facets of meaning. But the most prevalent is that as believers one of the aspects of the language of Heaven or the voice of God are visions or pictures. And we have neglected that aspect of our spiritual growth, if you will, by somehow by osmosis believing God only speaks in words.

Sid: So everyone can see the Kingdom of Heaven and move in the gifts of a seer. Tell me about the time you went to Latvia by faith.

Bruce: That was funny. That was, I had a sense in my spirit. We were doing a New Year’s conference, and I had a sense in my spirit that something supernatural was going to take place. So I had a good friend of mine, a professional photographer. I said, “You take pictures. I just have this feeling we’re going to catch something. I have no idea.” Well I told the pastor what the Lord had been challenging me with at that season, not because I was going to teach it. We were just talking. But they stood up and announced, “Bruce is going to teach on translation by faith tonight,” which put the fear of God in me because I was by no means ready for that, but because the Lord said, “You’re under authority. Do as they’ve asked.” Well during worship I’m praying and seeking the Lord and all of a sudden I’m caught away in the Spirit above the earth. It’s nighttime in Eastern Europe over there and I’m looking down on the country, and I said, “Lord is that Lithuania or Latvia?” He said, “Latvia.” When He said that we began to descend through the clouds in through the roof of an apartment complex, and I stood in front of a door, Number 212. And I heard a little girl crying. So I walked to open the door, I walked into the back, and in the back bedroom this little girl named Natalia, a Russian girl, was kneeling down and weeping beside her bed, praying to the Lord. Well I didn’t speak Russian, but this is a supernatural experience, so language is no barrier with God. And when I found out she was desperate because her parents could not get a job, they had no money, no food and they were about to be evicted. And so I got to minister to her, comfort her heart, pray with her, and I was brought back into the meeting where I was. And at that point I was teaching. And what’s interesting is the photographer caught the picture of me looking transparent, that they could actually see through me. He didn’t show that picture to me for six months because he didn’t know what to do with it. And it was six months before I remembered he was there to take pictures and catch something supernatural.

Sid: What Bruce is saying that we all have this access and he’s also told me he’s going to demonstrate it in the next segment. Don’t go away. We’ll be back right after this word.

Sid Roth welcomes Jim Hockaday

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jim Hockaday. And Jim, when people sit under your teaching, yes they healed, but better than that they have the faith level to then pray for other people. Tell me about that medical doctor.

Jim: Well he’s a wonderful man. And back in what we might call the charismatic renewal time where the Spirit of God was really ministering in a lot of denominational churches he had a practice, a really successful practice in Tulsa. And he prayed for people left and right, and he had all kinds of healings take place in his office. And then through a period of getting more word conscious and leaving out the Holy Ghost—

Sid: That’s happening to a lot of people.

Jim: Yeah, it does. It does and that’s where we want to bring the balance back.

Sid: It’s kind of easy to get into formula rather than relationship. So he fell into that trap.

Jim: He did.

Sid: And the healings diminished.

Jim: It did. It actually did completely.

Sid: Completely.

Jim: Yes. And he didn’t see anyone healed, as he would pray for them instantly because he was in a sense kind of talking himself out of it. And when he came to the healing school and he began to get into some of our teaching, which we always really empower the people to believe in the Anointing that abides in you, not just me the minister, but what abides in you. It wasn’t long before it just began to happen supernaturally again, how the miracles began to take place, people we prayed for where then instantly healed as well, and of course recovered as he prayed for them as well.

Man on video: I can see! Thank you God.

Jim: But that to me stands out as a story, and if that was the only isolated case I probably wouldn’t mention it. But I can tell you story after story, after story of the same situation.

Sid: But what I want you to tell the people, I want you to mentor them in having intimacy with God. Would you do that?

Jim: Yeah, absolutely. It’s just so awesome to know that God has come to live in this flesh of ours. Now He’s there, not for the purpose of just walking around as you walk, He’s there for the purpose of being revealed. That’s the one amazing thing about human beings, that we have the capacity to receive God into our life, but also to reveal him. Jesus showed us that of a mono transfiguration of what was in him supernaturally became evident to those around. Now when you begin to pray in the Spirit and develop a prayer life and begin to put your emphasis on his presence being with you and around you at all times, the greater you recognize him in your life, the easier it will be to see the supernatural take place. And that comes through spending time praying in the Holy Ghost, and then letting the Word of God become your foundation for the miracles you will see. And this is exactly what we do, begin to get people excited about the Spirit of God. So even right now, I know, I want to just speak to someone that God is speaking to you right now, that there’s someone with some type of high-end hernia and that’s being healed. And I also want to say there’s someone that didn’t develop in your diaphragm, but the Lord Jesus is healing you right now, and I know the Spirit of God is moving through the airways to touch your life and bring deliverance. And in a few moment’s we’re going to pray for many things in general and you watch. God will touch you and heal you through the same presence.

Sid: Tell me, because I think it’s a fascinating story. I think it might have been in Brazil that someone had polio.

Jim: A little boy had polio and he was sitting in the very front seat right next to the pastor’s wife, and as I prayed for him, and I didn’t pray for him by touching him, there were too many people. The main platform where we would have prayed for the folks was covered with individuals. There were 9000 people in the room. And I just looked at him and prayed for that little boy, and that leg that was all twisted up, it shot straight out. Now after the service—

Sid: Even though you’ve seen a lot of miracles, that has to do something to you.

Jim: Especially a young boy.

Sid: Yes.

Jim: And there was another young boy that came up that was deaf and mute, and we prayed for him, and instantly he began to speak and hear.

Jim : You see that? He was deaf and now he can hear. Praise God!

Jim: Well the pastor’s wife came up to us afterwards and said, “When you commanded that boy to be healed my eyes were opened and I saw a large angel walk up to that boy, grab his leg and jerk it straight out.”

Jim : Look at that. You see that? You see that? God works. God works. I’m telling you. Now he can walk.

Sid: I wonder if the healing angel does not accompany you when you pray.

Jim: Well just within the last week, a man came up to me and said, “While you were praying for the people I saw an amazingly large angel that stood right behind you.” And that I guess happens almost everywhere we go.

Sid: Would you pray for people right now.

Jim: Absolutely. And they’ll be healed, too.

Sid: They’re getting bold again. Good for you.

Jim: Well just put your hand with your difficulty is. And I know for sure right here there will be testimonies about cancer that dies. So put your hand right where the problem has been. In the wonderful precious name of Jesus, because of the goodness of God and the finished work of Christ, I command disease to begin to dissolve right now. We demand that it die and dissolve, disappear and leave your life. I just speak to the heart and command it to begin to beat like it should and to blood that it begin to flow like it should, to bones, and to muscle, and to tissue, for pain to leave all of those areas. For internal diseases, we command to depart in the name of Jesus. And especially cancer, I demand that you die and leave those people. Even growths will disappear. I know that God’s healing you right now and all you got to do is just lift up your hands and rejoice because He’s giving you something right now supernatural. You’ll see it evident in your life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sid: As you were praying I could feel it was almost like a river was going out and the thing that I love about you is your greatest desire is not to be known as the person that prays for miracles, but the person that equips other people to pray for miracles. Give me one nugget that you’ve learned over the years that will help us in praying for the sick.

Jim: If you needed a coffee and I had five dollars in my wallet, I could buy you a coffee.

Sid: Of course.

Jim: If you needed a coffee and I only had a dollar now days there are a lot more than it used to be. Then I’d have to say, well I can help you but I can’t give you. If you don’t know what you have you can’t give it away. If you don’t believe it’s enough you’ll never be bold enough to say, I have the answer for you. Peter and John went to the temple at the hour of prayer and they said, “Such as I have I give you.” They were conscious that they had what was necessary to get the job done. That’s what Jesus left upon their soul, is an understanding that freely you’ve received what I have and what I’ve worked. Now freely give it away.

Sid: Yeah, but that was Peter and John.

Jim: It doesn’t make any difference. Now it’s even greater. Now when you understand you have something to give that’s where the boldness comes and that’s where the Anointing is released. People lay hands on folks all the time, and you’ll just wear the hair of off people’s head if you don’t release the Anointing. That’s what we’re teaching people, to turn the Anointing loose.

Sid: And you know, releasing the Anointing, turning that Anointing loose, as Jim explained, it’s for his family. It’s for your finances. It’s for your health. It’s for your peace. It’s for supernatural protection. It’s for anything that can happen to you in this life. You can’t turn that anointing loose unless you know the person that’s anointed you, and his name in Hebrew, Yeshua. In English, Jesus. And he gave us such a marvelous gift. It’s not based on any of our works. There’s nothing we can do for it. We just receive his mercy. He’s paid the penalty for us. His blood washes away our sins. If we repent of our sins and believe that his blood washed it away and makes us clean. He goes a step further. He says he even makes us righteous. We have the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus. Then you ask him to live inside of you and what Jim is saying is happening in his life. And what Jim was saying is happening in that doctor’s life. And what Jim is saying is happening in anyone’s life is all based on having Jesus live inside of you and realize the great awesome power of God. The Creator of the universe is living in you. I mean, come to your senses.

Our Guest Gary Wood

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be mentored in the supernatural.  Could you image how we could speed up the return of the Messiah if all of His children were doing the same things that Jesus did and even greater?  That’s why I put together the book “Supernatural Experiences” the ten best supernatural experiences in over thirty years of interviewing people in the supernatural with prayers of impartation.  It’s sort of like when, you could have walked with Jesus and observed everything that he did, get it in your spirit and then have him pay a prayer of impartation.  That’s what this book is.  I want to go to my friend, Gary Wood.  Gary was in an auto accident and he died and he had one of the best guided tours of Heaven, in fact he was told three signs for us to know of the Messiah’s imminent return.  Let’s go to that interview.

Gary:  Later I would learn what happened.  We actually crashed into the back of a ten ton wrecker truck that was illegally parked on the edge of the highway, late that evening.  And I was caught up in a cloud and angels literally put their wings underneath me and lifted me up and began to carry me out of my body into the realm that’s known as eternity.  And they began to sing worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and power, wisdom and dominion.

Sid:  Did you know what was going on at that time or were you just totally confused?

Gary:  Well, there was no confusion; there was just absolute peacefulness, Sid.  Just tranquility, joy beyond anything that I’d ever experienced and total absence of pain.

Sid:  Get me so hungry for my real home.  Paint me a picture of what you observed with your eyes in Heaven.

Gary:  Well, I saw the twelve foundations of the city with the bottom one being jasper, that’s stands for diamonds; in Exodus chapter 28 the Bible talks about the stones on the high priest breast plate and the first foundation, is jasper, the second is sapphire which is blue, the third is , chalcedony, a combination of grey blue and yellow, emerald, sardis (blood red), crystallite, barrel which is bluish green, topaz (which is pale green or golden) just image all of those colors and the combination of them.  The twelfth is purple and it may not mean anything but a scientist put into his computer and he discovered it takes seven of this worlds’ accumulative wealth just to garnish one of the foundational stones of this beautiful city.  I saw twelve gates of pearl where the twelve tribes of Israel written upon them.  Heaven is as large as from the most northern part of Main to the most southern part of Florida.  From the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, but the Bible says in my Father’s house are many mansions and if it were no so I would have told you.  And I actually saw my mansion.  I went into my mansion that I will live in for all eternity.  I went into a library that contained a prayer request in it.  It showed books where we grow in our walk with God.  And then it also showed people that we have won to the Lord and I literally saw…

Sid:  Are you telling me that there are books with say your name and then the name of the people you won to the Lord.  Is that what you are saying?

Gary:  That’s exactly what I’m saying, because the most important thing to the heart of God is winning people to Jesus.  And Sid, I actually saw this, I saw a man come down and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at an altar and then there were people in Heaven and they were sitting on the hillside in like bleachers and they were cheering for us.  They were pulling for us.  You know in essence they were saying, hey I’ve been faithful, I’ve run my race, I’ve done what I was assigned to do and now you fulfill your calling and come join us here in this beautiful place.

Sid:  So, you’re telling me the people in Heaven actually can see things that are going on earth?

Gary:  I believe the good things.  I don’t believe they observe and watch all the tragedies and the bad things but they’re there according to Hebrews chapter 12 and they are looking down and they’re pulling for us.  And they’re believing that we’re going to be faithful in our walk with God and we’re going to finish the race that we started off.

Sid:  You actually saw this whole transaction of someone accepting the Lord and what happens with the books up in Heaven?  Explain that.

Gary:  Well as soon as he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior the angels went to the Lamb’s book of life.  Now this was just a big giant book covered in Lamb’s wool and they opened it up and they recorded this person’s life.  They wrote it down.  It was in blood red and it would say, they’d write the name of the person and then it would say paid in full by the precious red blood of Jesus.  And I saw my own name written like that.  The name that I was adopted under.  Because I had received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I actually saw my name written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Sid:  Tell me about my favorite room in Heaven, the parts room.

Gary:  You know this…

Sid:  Maybe that could be my mansion; I wouldn’t mind having that as my mansion.  But go ahead.

Gary:  Yes, it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole experience, after I came out of throne room of God and about five hundred yards from the throne room of God is the spare parts room; where the sign on the outside of the door that says, unclaimed blessings.  And I remember walking up there and walking in and there were legs hanging on the wall.  There were every part of one’s anatomy there in that room.  And people always say to me, well why would there need to be a room like that?  Because God has a spare part room.  God has a miracle room.

Sid:  What did you see with your eyes in the spare parts room?

Gary:  I saw every part, I saw hands, I saw arms, I saw legs, I saw every part, every organ of your body.  And it’s available and I watched as people on earth would pray and the prayers would go up, the angels would receive the prayers, they would go to the spare parts room and they would get that specific miracle.  Whatever it was a new part for the ears, a new part for the spinal column, a new kidney, whatever it was and they would go.  But many times those angels would have to fight the principalities and powers and you remember the story, people that read the Bible know the story about Daniel.  He had to wait twenty-one days but the moment Daniel prayed, that angel had left Heaven and was on his way but it got hindered.  And so there’s things in the spirit realm that will hinder our prayers, but you got to keep on standing, keep on confessing and believing.  And Sid, I saw the angels come and start to give a miracle to people and here’s what I heard.  I heard people say; well it just must not be for today.  It must not be that God wants to heal me.

Sid:  Now, I’m told that when people go to Heaven, someone they knew that made it to Heaven greets them.  Who greeted you?

Gary:  My best friend, John that had died in a horrible accident in high school that literally took his head off his body and we exchanged greetings and I knew him and which answers in my mind, will we know one another in Heaven?  And the scripture verifies it Matthew 8:11 “Sitting down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” it says.  So, I knew my friend and we’ll know our loved ones, you know there’s someone assigned to you when you cross over to the other side to this place called Heaven.

Sid:  You were in this auto accident and you had all the damage done to your body, when you came back you had a crushed larynx and that’s really intrigues me and you were told you would never speak and of course your passion was singing.  You would never sing again.  What happed to that crushed larynx?

Gary:  Jesus walked into the hospital room and he literally came in while there was a song playing that “He touched me on the radio.”  And I was listening to that song and Jesus just walked into my hospital room, put His hand on my throat and I looked down at those beautiful eyes of his and he smiled at me and He walked out. A little nurse walked in immediately afterwards come in to serve me a meal and I threw my hands up and said praise God, I’ve been healed and I’ve been talking ever since.

Sid:  But they x-rayed you and they have found your larynx is still crushed.  So how can you be speaking?

Gary:  It’s a miracle.  It’s a miracle.  It’s the only way I can, and it’s been verified by medical doctors.

Sid:  That was my friend, Gary Wood and when Gary came back from Heaven, he had been in an auto crash and he had died, but when he came back from Heaven his vocal chords, his larynx were totally crushed.  Do you know he had a miracle?  This man has the most beautiful singing voice, you can’t sing without a vocal cord.  You can’t sing without a larynx.  But he’s able to do it supernaturally.  I want him to mentor you from some of the things he’s learned in Heaven.  I want my friend Steven Brooks who, fifteen years ago Steven had a Heavenly encounter with an angel.  He’s been communicating with angels ever since.  He’s been shown the level of miracles that the last day’s church is going to walk in.  I want you to walk in those levels of miracles.  I want you walk in those type of miracles.  When you read this book of the ten best people I have discovered after thirty-five years of interviewing people in the supernatural, I want them to mentor you and then in the book they pray a prayer of impartation.

And then another person in there Jennifer Toledo, she came from a single family home.  She saw so many miracles as a child that when she went to Kenya and she had hours to live, she had supernatural surgery.

Sid Roth welcomes Earthquake Kelly

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. For the past 35 years, I have been researching the supernatural, and we’ve come down to the top 10 over these 35 years. You see, it’s my passion to equip you, to walk in the supernatural, to be normal, normal according to the Kingdom of God, not according to this world. And what you’re about to see carries that impartation for you to move into the supernatural. It’s going to open your spiritual eyes to be able to see into the invisible world. You’re going to begin to know things about the future. You’re going to be praying for the sick and seeing them healed. You’re going to have heavenly visions and dreams. You know, I wish I had these mentoring tools when I was a brand new Jewish believer in the Messiah. My guest, Earthquake Kelly, he got his name because he’s a professional boxer, and when you got hit by him, you were hit by an earthquake. He was groomed to be the top Voodoo priest for the nation of Haiti. He literally died from a drug overdose and went to Hell. Years later, he died again and he went to Heaven. When he was in Heaven his son, who had been murdered in a drive-by shooting, said to him he had a special assignment for Planet Earth, and then he returned. Let’s take a look at Earthquake.

EARTHQUAKE: I saw an angel who was much taller than I am and he said, “Walk around.” And it was so beautiful as far as you could see, as far as the eye can see. Beautiful flowers like I’d never seen before, Sid. Awesome. And it was like I was just praising God. I looked at the grass and the grass was so well manicured and each blade, it had like a diamond or an emblem in it, and it was just so beautiful. The colors that were there were not like any colors. The environment, the scenery it was just, oh man, it was just so beautiful. And I walked along this river that I saw come out of this big beautiful golden palace, and it was like liquid diamonds and smooth, and the waves of this river. Then I heard a voice, really angels were singing far better than any other choir I had ever heard combined all of them together on Earth could not compare to what I heard and saw there in the trees.

SID: You know, I almost feel like when you’re seeing this, Earthquake, you’re reliving. Are you?


SID: It almost feels, it’s like you’re in a different realm when you’re talking.

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, when I talk about that I get homesick.

SID: All right, you saw this river?

EARTHQUAKE: Yes, a river coming out of this big golden palace and it was like, it was moving, all of us working together, the grass swaying, the river moving and the angelic beings that were singing, and the big trees, oh man, it was so big, and they were bowing down to praising God. And there there’s no shadow. I didn’t cast a shadow because the light hit you from all over the place. It’s just a beautiful, radiant, awesome, awesome, awesome place.

SID: But you saw someone.


SID: Tell me about that.

EARTHQUAKE: As I went along to the edge of the river, as I went along the edge of the river, as I walked along the edge of the river I was looking trying to see some of the saints that I knew. I went into an ongoing service, and I saw someone the other side and they saw me. And of course, I was looking for somebody very special. It was my son Scott. And I saw him and he saw me. And I said, “Scott, it’s you. It’s you.” I said, “How do I get over there to the other side where you are?”

SID: There was, what, like a river was separating you?

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, yeah, between us. I was on one side of the river and he was on the other, and I wanted to get over there to just give him a hug. And he said, “You can’t come in here now, Dad. You have to go back. You made God a promise. You made me a promise that you would go finish the work that you have to do.” And then I said, “No, I want to come over there with you. I don’t want to go back down there no more. I want to stay here in this place.” He said, “No Dad, you’re not finished. You have to go back.” And I was trying to find a boat. I was trying to find a tire, raft, anything to get over there. I didn’t want no more part of coming back here because that place is so awesome. No headaches, Sid. I had a headache, I’m telling you, it was so bad, and having pain. Nothing.

SID: What did you feel like in Heaven?

EARTHQUAKE: Oh man, it’s just, it just, you could describe it the best you can. It’s just like you feel the presence of God everywhere. The love, there’s so much love there, man. It’s just like it’s everywhere you step God is embracing you with His love.

SID: I have never met anyone that has had an experience like you. Even though they love their family and they want to come, you know, they miss their family; the pull is so strong to stay. Is that what happened to you?

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, yeah. Because the faith that I had in God, I knew my family would be in good hands. I knew that because I know my wife is saved. She loves Jesus and all of that, and I’ll see her later on. But right now I wanted to stay there because I was just enjoying it so much. And to missing them it’s not like you miss people who die here. It’s different. Your mindset, once you get in there, your mindset is completely different. There’s no sorrow. You don’t see missing people as a sorrowful thing. It’s like you know you’re in God’s hands because the love of God is showing you I love them. They’re in my hands, you know. And it’s just beautiful there.

SID: So what did your son say to you?

EARTHQUAKE: He told me, he said, “You have to go back.” And he reminded me, “Dad, you remember when we had that conversation that you promised me that you would finish the work that you have to do.” And he said, “You can’t come with me. You have to finish. You still have a great work to do. There’s people that still need to hear what you have to say.” And that’s exactly what happened. He told me that.

SID: Okay. But you were given instructions of what to say on Earth.


SID: Tell me some of the things you were told. Tell me about those little children you saw in Heaven.

EARTHQUAKE: Certainly, certainly. I’d be delighted. As I was being pulled by like an invisible hand back away from where my son was I saw these groups of children running and playing, and having fun, and I wanted to go over there and play with them, you know. And I said, “Wow, look at that. They’re having such a great time. No pain, no sorrow, no nothing.” And that’s when I heard God’s voice. He said, “You’re wondering who those children are, right?” I didn’t say it out of my mouth. It’s like he picked it right up out of my head because the Bibles says [unintelligible] you can ask anything. So God just picked it out of my head. And I said, “Sure. Who are these children?” He said, “These children you see right here, some were killed in wars around the world. Some were murdered. Some were left for dead, and so on and so forth.” He kept saying, “They’re with me now. They’re with me.”

SID: Some, I would imagine, a lot were through abortion, murdered.

EARTHQUAKE: This is the next group he was showing me. There was three groups he showed me.

SID: Oh I see.

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, three groups of children he showed me.

SID: What was the second group?

EARTHQUAKE: The second group that was playing, He said, “You see these children here?” He said, “I had a purpose for them. I had something in my heart for them to do for me through the Kingdom.” He said, “Because of the sickness and hard-heartedness of men and women, they went and aborted them and sent them back.” And that’s when His voice started changing.