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Our Guest John Benefiel

Sid:  Now I have to ask you a question. When you pray do you absolutely believe God is going to answer your prayer if for no other reason than every time you pray you get an answer to prayer?  If the answer is no but you still persevere through faith wouldn’t it be wonderful if your payers started being answered every time and not twenty years from today but immediately? What if there are some revelation clues, revelation mysteries that would cause God to move on your behalf instantly and you began to see these results.  And when you see it even though you’re supposed to believe before you see it but when you see it it has something to do with building your faith and you could get to a point where every word that comes out of your mouth would be a word of power.  Well my guest is Dr. John Benefiel and he’s Senior Pastor of Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He is also the leader of the Oklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network and that’s made up of 700 churches over 4,000 intercessors.  And He’s been teaching a revelation that has been from what I have been reading some leading Christians are saying that it is the best way to have answered prayer I’ve ever had.  Now John you’re the one that has the most experience praying this way what are you seeing as far as God answering your prayers after you’ve been praying this way as opposed to before?

John: Sid we’ve got wonderful results, some leaders like Peter Wagner says that the results that he hears from the heartland Apostolic Prayer Network which is the prayer network actually that I lead now I have a leader and a network in all 50 states and 42 foreign nations.  He says it’s the most tangible measurable results of high level prayer and spiritual warfare that he’s heard yet in his life.  And so God led us in all of this starting back in 1999, or actually really before that.  And we knew that we were dealing with the ruler of the demons.

Sid: Now who is the ruler of the demons?

John: Well, according to Matthew 12:24 it says “Beelzebub or Beelzebull is the ruler of the demons.”  It used to throw me because I thought that you look it up and it means lord of the flies.

Sid: Right.

John: You look a little bit deeper and you find out that’s simply a variation of the name of Baal or actually Ba-ahl that we actually say here in the United States.  And so Baal I believe because of the scripture is the ruler of the demons. Jesus went on to say “That you needed to bind the strongman in order to plunder his house and get the spoils.”  Well he was naming Baal as the strongman and if he was the strong man then he’s still the strong man now.  And I believe that he’s the strongman over our nation; in my opinion I like to teach it this way that Baal is the false, is the counterfeit of Jesus.  He is the false Jesus or another Jesus as Paul talks about.  And just as Jesus is the executor the Father’s will Baal is the executor of satan’s will.  So if we know that that’s our true enemy and the ruler of the demons then we deal with him but we deal with him in a legal way by approaching the throne of God.  And what we have developed is to approach the throne of God and ask God for a legal decree to divorce us from Baal.

Sid: Now why do we have to be divorced from Baal if we never been using your terminology married to Baal? (laughing)

John: If you look at the book of Jeremiah you’ll find that he talks about being in covenant with the enemy to a large extent Israel broke covenant with God and married or made covenant with him.  When they began to worship Baal and in my contention is that we have worshipped Baal in a lot of ways that we didn’t even understand because Baal is god of a 1000 faces; in other words it’s very well disguised as the enemy you know the enemy appears as an angel of light.  Whoever you worship that becomes your god; even if you do so ignorantly which I believe as Christians that we have done so and so that’s part of what I teach.

Sid: Well you know I’m reminded in a court room you always hear ignorance of the law is no excuse.

John: That’s exactly right and II Corinthians Chapter 2 and verse 11 when Paul said, “Lest satan take advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his schemes.”  So it’s obvious that satan, or Baal, can take advantage of us if we’re ignorant of his schemes.

Sid: Give me some definitions; what does the word Baal really mean?

John: Well, Baal means a lot of things but the simplest way to answer that it means lord, master, the Hebrew word Baal now and not the false god.  But the Hebrew word Baal actually means lord, master, owner, husband.  So the word itself means husband and the Jews actually used that word Baal or Baaleem, the plural of Baal to mean husband.  And then God said, “I don’t want you to call me Baal I want you to call me “My Eeshee which means husband.”  So Baal means owner or possessor or lord or master or husband.”  And so we have to be free of him and I like to say “But you can’t bind the strongman if you don’t know who he is and sure can’t bind him if you’re married to him.”  In 2007 Dutch Sheets did a great teaching on Baal and the need to divorce Baal and remarry the Lord. Really again what this basically is it really is repentance but it’s repentance in a deeper way than maybe we have understood.

Sid: I have to tell you because I’ve looked over your literature I see things that use the terminology Baal has a thousand faces but I’ve seen things that I didn’t even think would apply to me that do.  And so in effect this is what I’m understanding but I want you to put it maybe in better word that when we pray that supernatural prayer that you actually paid an attorney to develop.  It literally gives no place to the evil one to hinder our prayers. Is that correct?

John: That’s very right Sid exactly right, what happened when Dutch Sheets said we need to divorce Baal and remarry the Lord. Immediately I got on the phone and called my attorney friend who’s also one of our leaders of our prayer network and I said, “Jerry draw us up this legal decree of divorce from Baal” I said “I knew he knew how to do it” and he said “I’m already on it” because he was hearing what Dutch said and Jerry was one of our best under stander teachers about Baal; he had a great understanding about it.  So he drew up this legal petition, now does it have to be exactly the way we do it?  Well no of course not but this is a form of prayer approaching the throne of God asking God to grant us legal freedom from Baal.  Now people can say “Yeah but we’re all ready free from the devil by the blood of Jesus,” well I agree with that but if you don’t appropriate what the blood of Jesus has done you don’t enjoy it.  So the enemy uses legal tactics before us, before God’s throne in order to ensnare us. And God I mean I remember hearing Kenneth Copeland years ago say this he said, “You know God has to be just and righteous even to the devil.”  I don’t like that but it’s true. The basis of God’s throne is righteous and justice, so if we’re accused before God’s throne we’ve got to answer that accusation and immediately God will grant what we want.  You know in a natural court you may have a wonderful case but unless you bring your case before the judge in the protocol that the judge sets and in accordance with the law you’re not going to get a favorable ruling.  You may be right, you may be just you may have a really good case but really that’s what effective prayer is, is using the word of God to appeal to God based on His word to grant us what we ask for.

Sid: And then the second phase of the prayer is just as important once you get rid of that stronghold in your life that’s stopping literally God from answering your prayers then you do something called the Writ of Assistance. What is that?

John: Okay, good question you know we were getting so many tangible measureable results from the Baal divorce decree which was very happy about but then I began to think, “But Lord we haven’t seen the amount of wealth transfer yet that I think we ought to see.”  So I gathered together a lot of scriptures on wealth and wealth transfer, again gave them to my attorney friend and I said, “Draw us up a legal decree with this,” because even though we got this just decree, divorce from Baal from the throne of God that doesn’t mean that the enemy is going to lay down and play dead.  You know in a natural court of law when you get a favorable judgment from a judge that most of the time or a lot of times that’s not the end of it. You have to get law enforcement officials involved to enforce the decree of the court and that’s called the Writ of Assistance. And that’s a legal term by the way in real estate especially if you used to dispossess occupants of property and so…

Sid: I got a lot of beings in the invisible world, I would like to evict, is that what you are saying.  (laughing)

John: Exactly, exactly Sid.  We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and the invisible realm we have to deal with that.

Sid: So when you pray this prayer and I’m rushing you now because we’re almost out of time, when you pray this prayer what is the legal effect of this prayer when you pray this writ of assistance?

John: It is not only to take away the legal right of enemy to be there but also so release the angels, not praying to angels now, we don’t do that.  But to release the angels to go and bind the strong man of Baal and plunder his house and bring us the spoils.

Sid: Okay I understand that at your church you’ve been having a lot of miracles, my question is “Are you seeing greater results of prayer, greater miracles after you’ve prayed this way as opposed to before you prayed this way?”

John: Absolutely, absolutely because we’re not yelling at the devil, we’re simply taking away his legal right to mess up our lives.

Our Guest Peggy Joyce Ruth

Sid:  I have got a mentoring tool for you and for the young people in your life, the author Peggy Joyce Ruth.  Speaking to her at her home in Brownwood, Texas and Peggy Joyce went through a horrible experience; although she was raised a church as a born again Christian she got involved over her head in the demonic with trying to witness.  Doing an honorable thing witnessing to a Buddhist neighbor but she didn’t understand the word; she wasn’t equipped with the promises of God.  And so she almost went under – electric shock treatments and all sorts of drugs and one day in desperation she cried out a prayer but it was an honest prayer.  She had bottomed and the prayer was “If you exist Lord get me out of this!”  And God took her through a series of first the baptism in the Holy Spirit, second deliverance, and then filling herself up with the word of God.  What a combination, that’s what the early church did you know.  When a Jewish person came to the Lord in the First Church they would say a profession of faith and then they would be immersed it’s called mikvah under the waters, and then was the belief that when they went under the waters, when they came up in the Name of Yeshua the old man and all the demons and all the deliverance would be taken care of and stay under the water.  And they’d come up praising God in tongues. Then they wouldn’t even have to be forced to learn the word of God because it was natural for Jewish people to memorize scripture back then and to mediate on the word of God.  And that’s why the Church was so explosive back then, but Peggy Joyce didn’t understand this however through a series of dreams and visions she understood it and God spoke one of the verses of Psalm 91 to her.  She didn’t even know that was one of the verses; the verse was “In your day of trouble call on Me and I will answer.”  Peggy Joyce as a summary what has God shown you as to why Psalm 91 is so significant.

Peggy:  Well, it’s so significant because I had so many fears and you know man today has so many fears. Every time he looks at the news and every protection promise that is in the Word of God and there’s protection promises all through the Word. The only place where all these protection promises are brought together in one covenant is here in Psalm 91.  And every evil known to man going to fall in one of the four categories and all four categories are listed there in Psalm 91 with this promise that if we dwell in His shelter and acknowledge and look to Him as our protector then this evil will not approach us.  And I was so excited when God gave me the opportunity to start studying this Psalm for months and months I studied it I’ve been teaching it for about 30 years and now the Lord has really impressed me to write this book for young children and then another one for youth.

Sid: Peggy Joyce as we discussed yesterday if you had only been taught this as a child you would not have gone through the living Hell that you went through and torment.  But there are young people that were raised in the church you teach at that you taught Psalm 91 to and then they went into the military and tell me a couple testimonies.

Peggy: Well, one of the testimonies; there are several but one of the young men that grew up in our church his names Jake and he had moved off with his family when he was in his teenage years, but he happened to come back into Brownwood.  Now he had heard about Psalm 91 all through the years he was in Brownwood but he happened to come back right before he left for boot camp; when to a Bible study where I just happened to be teaching Psalm 91 that particular time I don’t teach it every week but that particular day I did.  And he went into Iraq as an infantry machine gunner.  He was into Iraq on the first day of the war he’s been there twice; and he wrote to me when he got home and he said I had heard it and I believed it but he said, “When you taught it that night he said it went inside of me and he said it brought me through my duty in Iraq without a scratch physically or spiritually.  And then he just started giving me all kinds of examples, he said, “One night they were in a six to seven hour exchange of fire.” And he said, “It got to an insane level where even when they sent the helicopters in the first helicopter that came in was shot down and he started praying he said he just got back down and started praying Psalm 91 right then again over himself and over the men that were with him; and he said he didn’t get a scratch, he said two of the marines including his company commander they both got a shot in the head by a sniper fire.  But he said “Miraculously that bullet didn’t even penetrate the skull,” he said “It went in and it just circled around under the skin and came out the back and the doctor in both cases said it was just a flesh wound.”  He said that “There was another time that he was walking down the street and there was a group of people with him he didn’t know them but he said someone threw a gangrened and he said the man standing directly next to him was killed instantly.”  And he said, “Many around him he didn’t know them but there were wounded.” but he said, “He didn’t get one piece of shrapnel.  And he said “I know,” he said “I know beyond a shadow of doubt” he said “I know that my protection spiritually, physically, emotionally he said it was because I was standing on Psalm 91.”  And so this is the advantage of training them young because oh my goodness he had it in him but he just needed that one Bible study to kind of spark it.  And that’s what I’m believing that these books are going to do that they are going to just spark it inside of these young people.

Sid:  Well, tell me a little bit about I’m so intrigued with because I’ve got three granddaughters with this it’s called a board book and it has the most beautiful illustrations and it’s designed for children say 1 to 8 tell me a bit about the history of this.

Peggy: Yes, well I’m excited about it too, I’ve paraphrased Psalm 91 in the book so that a young child can understand and then on each page it has a full color illustration and these are so good that even without the words the illustrations would put across the message.

Sid: Now, where did you get this artist from its really dramatic for these children they’re not going to forget the promises of Psalm 91 especially when they go over it every night and you even have a prayer of salvation at the end which I love.

Peggy: Yes, well this artist God just supernaturally got his name to me he’s from Brazil and he was so anointed that we didn’t even have to have him redo even one of the pictures and that’s just unheard of.  You know usually you’ll have to send it back but we told him I said, “I want them to be able to look at your illustration and I want them to get the message even if they happen not to read the words on the page. For example the page telling about angelic protection has this strong masculine angel there.  Well, that’s going to speak immediately to a child of angel protection.  The page showing God’s protection from destruction shows a little child in God’s hands and being held up and there’s fire and tornadoes and car wrecks and storms going on the ground below, but this little child is smiling looking up into the face of God you know.  And I wondered how he was going to illustrate the protection from disease and that page is so unique because there’s a little girl standing in a light beam coming from above that light beam comes down and covers her.  But outside the light beam there’s germs, big germs you know life size and it’s just great.

Sid:  You know let me read this as I’m looking at that picture right now, it’s verse 6a from Psalm 91, “God does not want you to be afraid of some bad disease, doctors are nice people that God uses to help sick people get well, but God is even more powerful than the doctor; He wants you to be healthy.”  And what a graphic to illustrate that; and then your other book and you may wonder why am I spending so much time on this?  Have you been reading about what’s going on with young children and the sexual perverts and what’s going on in the internet and terrorism and tornadoes and hurricanes.  And what a foundation to put in a young person, tell me a bit about the book that is for say 8 years old and older, it’s called “Psalm 91 for Youth.”

Peggy: This one we’ve had so much good feedback it’s the same format every chapter, every verse in Psalm 91 is a chapter in the book.  And it is just full of illustrations; now it’s not the big full color illustrations it’s illustrations that would deal more with teenagers and it’s full of illustrations.  It’s just full of these heartwarming stories of youth who have victoriously stood on God’s word and it’s just overflowing then like I say with those testimony ideas on how to apply this truth.  Some really well done illustrations and they illustrate the stories that are in the book.

Sid: This is almost unbelievable you were telling me about a person that was raised with Psalm 91 and they went into the military and the mother got a notice, “I’m sorry your son is dead.”  But the miracle that happened with that son it’s unbelievable we’ll pick up on that story on tomorrows broadcast.

Our Guests David Herzog & R.W. Shambach

Sid: We’re talking about the Glory of God and my guest David Herzog.  I’m featuring his brand new book literally just off the press called “Glory Invasion.”  And Glory makes everything speed up; it makes it…David it makes it instant.  I like that we live in instant America, I like instant. I don’t like praying for 50 years for something to happen as it’s been in the past.  Are you finding that you’re prayers are accelerating as the Glory is accelerating?

David: Oh, it’s amazing everything’s going so so fast my brain can’t even keep up with it now.

Sid:  Give me an example of something that you have prayed or even in giving I understand it’s accelerating.

David: Oh yeah, in everything I take a map of the United States and I go in my room and the Glory would come upon me.  I remember I would get different prophecies from different prophets that you’re going to go to this city like New York or here or there and it’s going to happen.  So I would just hold on to these prophesies and one day God said, “Take them out, stick them in the Glory and they’ll happen.”  So I’m in my room praying and the Glory comes in and I say “Hey, I’m going to seek these prophecies and I’m going to just stick the out there.”  So I had one word that I would speak in New York City and Wall Street right on the Wall Street area so I just begin speaking it, the next day, no not even the next day within hours I had an email “Would you please come speak in this big conference in New York on Long Island.”  I said, “Praise God,” and then I realized wait a second that’s not Wall Street but it’s close enough.”  So I got back in my prayer room the Glory came and I said “No, Wall Street specially open up,” a few hours later I get an email from a whole different pastor that doesn’t know me said, “Would you come our church is right on Wall Street, right on Fullerton right near the Stock Exchange we have a big church here and we’re hungry; there was revival here 150 years ago would you come?”  So like just even the acceleration of certain things opening up that God is already ordained but just accelerating it.

Sid: You have so many fascinating things in your book, for instance chapter 9 deals with the resurrection Glory actually raising the dead; is that going to be as common place as it was in the First Church?

David: I think that it will even be more so because the Bible says that the latter shall be greater than the former.  I think resurrections we’re going to see not just one case here or there but just as we see mass healing and mass deliverance we’re going to start seeing mass resurrections.

Sid:  But the one chapter that intrigues me the most is the one called “Elijah Glory,” and I teach a lot about Elijah. What is God showing you about the Elijah Glory?”

David:  Oh, well a lot of people talk about Elisha like “Oh, that’s the double portion, I want the double portion of blessing or the Glory or the anointing or.”  And I tell people “Yeah but you have to have an Elijah to have an Elisha, if you’re not following an Elijah. I talk about Malachi that talks about turning of the hearts of the children back to the Fathers and the Father’s back to the children.”  So I teach and I explain, “Who are the Fathers?” is it just the revivalists or does it go further back and He told me it goes all the way back to the Jewish Father’s of the faith even from the Old Testament Abraham and Moses and the twelve Jewish Apostles and so as we turn our hearts back towards the Jewish Apostles of the faith there comes a blessing I believe in a double portion blessing begins to come.  The first born always got the double portion if you look in the Bible, the first born son gets the double portion, well the Jewish people were the first born into the gospel and there’s different scriptures in there where Esau and Jacob. One of them wanted to be like the older brother and kind of copy the other brother and kind of mimic his voice.  And the Lord began to show me as we connect back to the older brother the Jewish people of the faith that we’ll get that double portion blessing.

Sid: And that’s why I understand the first thing that you felt you had to do to launch your ministry is probably the last thing you thought you had to do, but the Spirit of God showed you this was you literally had to go to Israel first.

David: Exactly, I had just started on the mission field I had been to France and I got to Paris and within a couple of weeks I said, “Lord what do I do now?”  He said, “Go to Israel first,” but I said, “You’ve not called me to move there you just called me here.”  He said, “I know but go there first, bless my people and I’ll take care of the people that you’re trying to reach that I’m sending you to.”  So I go over there and I led about thirteen people to the Lord, when I got back it was nonstop revival for five years straight, everything has just exploded.

Sid:  You recently got back from Israel and you called me when you got back and you said, “It was so exciting seeing the openness of the people.”  One particular man was watching the Glory come on your people, an unsaved Jewish man, what happened to him?

David: Yeah, he said, “That’s the highest level of energy that I’ve ever seen in my life.”  He says “He studies energy levels.” And he said, “I’d love to have that kind of energy.”  And people were getting baptized in the Jordan and they were crying and shaking you know, they manifest when they sense the power and Glory. He said “Man but this is real, I’ve seen so many people come here and get baptized but I’ve never seen this, a lot like this.”  I said, “Well, you can have this.”  But he said, “But you’re leaving,” I said, “Come on let’s go,” so we went into the locker-room to change with threw him a bathing suit and he actually works there. Make a long story short he received Yeshua into his heart, he said, “I really want this and I want to know the Messiah and ever thing” and pray with him, he got baptized.  He came out of the water glowing, it’s just an amazing, amazing I think you have some footage of that too.

Sid: Oh, we do for our television show, but I don’t know why but some things triggered, we were talking earlier this week that the two of us had the privilege of ministering at your tent in Miracle Valley, Arizona the camp grounds of A.A. Allen the great miracle ministry and the Tabernacle that witnessed so many miracles it’s in disrepair and one of the people that travel with me grabbed just a piece of wood so he could have sort of like a memento of the place where all these miracles took place.   He took it into his motel room went to sleep and the next morning he gets up and that little piece of wood is coated with gold dust.

David: Wow!

Sid:  Still in awe over what happened at that meeting and I don’t know exactly what happened within me but I know that my faith level has accelerated as a result of being at that meeting, how about you David?

David: Oh, major oh yeah, it was just since we’ve gotten back it’s like we can believe for anything because there’s like an authority, there’s confidence of greater faith.  Yeah I think it’s a greater gift of faith and a greater Glory combined together.

Sid: You know R.W. Shambach, most are familiar with his ministry he was mentored by A.A. Allen and he saw 1 miracle, he saw many 100s of 1000s of miracles but he saw 1 miracle just before his very eyes there was a little child that had 26 things wrong and in an instant I believe A.A. Allen went into the Glory realm, and then proclaimed the healing and held the little baby and while Shambach looked the legs, the feet that were club feet straightened out the toes popped out, I believe that that is going to become common place when any believer is in the Glory and has a revelation from God what to do in the Glory.

David: I believe it, yep we’re just starting to see the very beginnings of it but it’s going to get a lot lot stronger everywhere we go and everywhere the Body of Christ are hungry and searching that creative powers coming.  God’s still a creator He’s still into business of creating body parts and doing miracles.

Sid:   Listen, body parts would be enough but you literally you showed it to me, God is causing precious stones and I head one person say “Well, that’s because on the robes of many of the angels there’s precious stones.”  But you showed me a beautiful one that God had given you.

David: Yeah, it’s a purple gemstone, actually my daughter her name is Glory and God told her “I’m going to give you a diamond or a gemstone.”  She believed it and she kept looking and looking and nothing happened and she began to cry a little bit and said, “But Daddy, Mommy I thought God spoke to me I was sure.”  And as we were about to leave we looked down and just right at almost her feet there was this purple beautiful gemstone; it looks almost like a amethysts but it’s not it’s different it’s just amazing gemstones from Heaven coming down on meetings in the earth; it just moguls the mind.

Sid: Another of the speakers at the A.A. Allen meeting campgrounds that we were at that was Jeff Janson. He showed me a stone that he got that told me an angel handed him and he actually took it to a jeweler, a top jeweler and the jeweler said “I’ve never seen a stone cut so perfectly as this.”  And then Jeff said, “What kind of stone is it?”  And this is an expert an expert jeweler and he said “I’ve never seen a stone like this on earth.”

David: Yeah, a lot of these stones the jewelers they don’t understand what it is they say “It’s too perfect to be a diamond because a diamond has to have some flaws but it’s too heavy to be fake or to be zirconium, they’re usually amazed by it.

Sid:  What did God show you the reason that you wrote your book “Glory Invasion” why did you write it?

David:  Basically I was getting a lot of this fresh revelation on the Glory and Quantum Physics and the Glory and basically the Lord said, “You need to get this out, people need this it’s not just for you to operate in your own ministry it’s for anyone that can catch this revelation they will begin to operate in the same level of Glory, unusual miracles and the whole thing.”  So it took me about oh two or three years to finish it and then God said last year “You better finish it right now, this is the time and if you don’t do it now you are going to miss the timing of the Lord.”  So I just quickly just worked day and night to finish it up.

Sid: David, I am so excited that this is literally the premier getting this book out in distribution because I saw what happens when you minister under the Glory and you’re telling me that if someone can capture the same revelation you did from this book that they can operate in that same Glory?

David: I believe so.

Sid:  Okay, Mishpochah consider yourself challenged you will be the same anointing your sensing on this interview you’re going to get on this book “Glory Invasion.”  How would you like to live 24-7 in the Glory I can’t think of anything better.

Our Guest Al Houghton

Sid:My guest Al Houghton I’m speaking to him at his home in Anaheim, California has just come out with a book called “The Sure Mercies of David” which has finally recaptured what the first church understood about the gospel.  Al as you’ve been explaining we have been specializing here in America especially in this 21st century in only half of the gospel message, explain.

Al:  Sid we have Jesus the Savior in every dimension and we have majored on Him for 40 years.By that I mean we have majored on Jesus the Savior, Jesus the Healer, Jesus as baptizer in the Holy Spirit, deliverer, soon coming King.  We have talked about mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, but there is another side of Jesus that appears when He ascended and sat at the right hand of God.  And this is the half of Jesus that we have not presented the church and we have the fruit.The fruit is that there is no fear of God in the government because there is no fear of God in the church.  We have abandoned Jesus the Judge in order just to preach Jesus the Savior we’ve gone too seeker sensitive and we just don’t tell people the tough things anymore and now we’re living with the fruit of it and the fruit of it is loss of freedom. When I discovered Jesus the Judge in the book of Revelation I realized I had been ministering a formula almost my whole life up to that point.  And I realized instead of following the Spirit…

Sid:How can you have intimacy with a formula?

Al:  You can’t!  You absolutely can’t!Not only that you teach formula Christianity everywhere you go and it hurts everyone you minister to because you set them up for situations where they’re going to meet a Jesus you didn’t tell them about.  And that is the Jesus of Justice, the Jesus of Judgment, the Jesus who in the book of Revelation is very different from Jesus in the gospels.They’re two streams of His ministry, one is healing and deliverance and stilling the storm and the other is sending a storm when there isn’t repentance and that’s precisely where I believe our nation is right now.  Because when we allow the things that we have started to allow in the last 30 years the Bible says “We will no longer be able to defend our land.”The land cries out because of fullness of iniquity and it begins to vomit out the inhabitance, translation simply means you can no longer defend your land against attack from without or within.

Sid:Have we past the point of no return in the United States of America and Canada?

Al:  Well, that’s the good news, well Sid as a church we have if we do not get a hold of the covenant of sure mercy, I believe the covenant of sure mercy is the answer for the remnant church and the good news is that when Gideon was sent God sent the 30,000 home and he knocked it down to 300 historically God uses a small group to turn things.

Sid:Now you talk in your book about the prophecy the end time prophecy in Daniel chapter 11 verse 32; would you explain.

Al:  Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. I discovered I only knew half of the Jesus I needed to know, I did not know the half of Jesus that would carry me through the opposition into victory.  For example the Apostle Paul and Barnabas are sent to a region and they encounter a false prophet.He has the whole region locked up and they can’t get in and all of a sudden Paul uncharacteristically says “Behold the hand of the Lord is coming upon you and your going to be blind for a season.”  Well, the gospel of Jesus that we preached for years all He does is opened blind eyes, well in Acts 13 He closed some seeing eyes and he made them blind.  Justice came in that situation in order that people could be saved and set free; now that’s what the covenant of sure mercy enables and that’s why it’s so essential where we are right now.

Sid:Now I can see why it’s so essential for a nation; let’s bring it down to the individual level and you started to tell me a story on yesterday’s broadcast.

Al:  I did.This covenant works because it’s a covenant about justice, and a covenant about justice, about two things: mercy and justice.  God gave David mercy and He gave him justice.  When we invoke the covenant of sure mercy we get both mercy and justice, now there was a man named, he’s a PhD. now his name is Dr. Roger Sapp. Roger in his military career the Lord impressed him to go into the army to become a chaplain.  He’s in OCS they rotate to about 20 different guys in and each one takes a turn, he’s the only one whose giving witness about being a Christian.This one individual began to harass him unmercifully day after day after day, this went on for 30 days.  Now you only got four months in OCS you write each other and the people on the bottom sometimes don’t graduate, he was being accused of being a homosexual, he was I mean just everything you can imagine, this man was continually making fun of him, harassing him, finally then he started on his wife and finally Roger had enough and he said, “If you don’t stop God’s going to deal with you.”  And then this guy called the whole group out, and said, “Hey guys come and hear this, come and hear this baloney and they said, “Roger did you really say that that God is going to get him.”He said, “What I said was “God is going to stand up in my behalf because this is not right and it’s injust, it’s unjust there’s no justice in this, there’s no truth in this.”  Well, the very next day this individual who was harassing him was leading the platoon and they are running in march step to class and he trips over a shell casing, the whole platoon ends up on top of him, he screams they all un-pile, he’s broken his leg in three places, everybody in that platoon looked at Roger and said, “Oh, my Gosh,” the guy had to have a complete cast from hip to toe he ended up not graduating.  As a result a revival broke out in the class, six of them got saved, the rest of them at one time or another came to Roger for prayer, the whole situation turned around in 24 hours when he took a stand and proclaimed that the God of justice would stand up in his behalf.  That’s an example of the covenant of sure mercy in manifestation.

Sid:Now how long have you’ve been teaching the covenant of sure mercy in precatory mercy?

Al:  The sure mercy side I’ve been teaching for 6 years since 1998, the imprecatory mercy…

Sid:And please explain imprecatory.

Al:  (Laughing)

Sid:For me too, (Laughing)

Al:  Imprecatory, if you look up and imprecatory in the dictionary you probably won’t like it, it’s simply means to bring forth a judgment, or sometimes they call it to bring forth a curse.  But the real issue on imprecatory based on what we…it’s just a word that we use to describe how David prayed in the Psalms when he stood on the covenant of sure mercy.  And some PhD must have invented it, but anyway we sort of inherited it.It’s a term that describes how David prayed on his covenant when he encountered and adversary that was too strong for him and he would put that adversary in God’s hands and for 2 years I kept hearing this “You don’t know David, you don’t know David, you don’t know David, you don’t know David.”  And I thought God “What do you mean I don’t know David?”  And I thought “Okay, how am I going to learn what David was like, what his heart was like.Then the Lord reminded me Sid of Acts chapter 15 where they were trying to settle this law and grace issue and they came on this prophecy that promised that God would return and rebuild the tabernacle of David that had fallen down.  He would rebuild its ruins, he would set it up so that the rest of mankind could seek the Lord.  There’s something about the heart of David and the covenant of sure mercy that enables us to get a harvest of cities and nations.  And when we go back to Amos 9 and read it Sid it give you the foundation for something I’ve heard you say “When this nation attempts to persuade Israel to give away some of their land, then we end up catching a judgment or divine justice.”  You know I’ve found out Sid that in Amos chapter 9 I found it right there in verse 15 and it’s at the end of the covenant of sure mercy where he promises to do this for us“I will plant them in their land, no longer shall they be pulled up from the land that I have given them say’s the Lord your God.”  And that comes right at the end of the covenant of sure mercy.  It is an amazing thing.

Our Guest Gary & Angela Wood

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to recognize that God is a God of the impossible.  God is a God that forgives, God is so good there has been a bad PR campaign against the truth about God by the devil and we’re proclaiming the truth and you’re going to know the truth and the truth is going to set you free.  Nothing is impossible in His presence all things are possible and we are in the presence of the living God.  I’ve got Gary Wood on the telephone and his daughter Angel.  Gary had a visitation to heaven and his life has never been the same, the Lord told him that if he would write a book about it it would go worldwide and everyone that read it would have the opportunity to be healed, deliver and set free.  But even if that wasn’t true and it is true, he’s got so many reports of people being healed and delivered and set free just from reading his book “A Place Called Heaven.” And even if that wasn’t true if Jesus is your Messiah and Lord you will be in a place called Heaven and it’s going to give you a picture of where you’re going to spend eternity.  And you’re going to be more heavenly minded than earthly minded and yielding more to God than you ever have in your life as a result of reading that book.  But tell me Gary a bit about your daughter Angel.

Gary:  Well, Angel is such a blessing to our family we’re just thankful that she was entrusted into our care.  Angel was born Sid a doctor said, “Mentally retarded” and they said that there were so many things that she would never be able to do or to achieve and we’re watching her just supersede all of those things.

Sid:  And was she actually tested and where was she tested and what did they say about her?

Gary:  She was tested here at the University of Texas and the physiologist told us that you could not tell her three things in a row and then she reiterate and speak those things back to you.  She had a sever coordination problem, you could throw a ball, she could see the ball coming but she couldn’t put her hands together and catch the ball.  And then they told us that she couldn’t go from the classroom in school to the bathroom and find her way back to the classroom.

Sid:  How far did they expect her to go in school?

Gary:  They said that she would never achieve over a third grade level of mentality.

Sid:  Okay when they gave your report what did you and your wife say and do?

Gary:  Well, immediately you just feel that sense of overwhelming hopelessness and my wife got an inspired idea Sid and God told her that she believe that if I would read healing scriptures into a tape recorder and just play them in Angels room all night long that Angel would be healed.  And back then you know they didn’t have all the modern devices that we have now.

Sid:  There were no I-Pods, ha-ha.

Gary:  No I-Pods, I think I can’t even keep up with all of them, but any way I just took a little cassette recorder, found all the healing scriptures I could out all different translations of the scripture and read it and read it with love.  And we played it in Angel’s room all night long and Dean and I would take turns waking up and turning that tape recorder over and just allowing it to play over and over and over and over, until it just saturated her mind and miracles bebin to happen.

Sid:    Tell me how she is today.

Gary:  Well, she has been studying the word of God with me for the past five years and has just received a Masters Degree from Grace Theological Seminary and Lois, South Carolina where I carry my Doctorate Degree.  But she is a tremendous intercessor, a tremendous prayer warrior, the most compassionate person I know on the face of the earth.  We had an old godly retired school teacher that came in and told me Pastor, I’m pasturing a church at the time and she said, “Pastor, I can teach Angel to read.”  And I said, “Miss Hedley you really believe that?  And she said, “Oh, I know I can Pastor” she said, “I still want to work with her.”  So Angel learned to read Sid by reading the Bible, that’s how she learned to read.  Then she got baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Dean and I would get called down to school for a conference, and here is how the conference would go.  They would say, “Mr. and Mrs. Wood we’ve called you in to talk about your daughters progress. Your daughter speaks in this strange language.  We’ve never heard it, and we don’t understand it, we speak French, German, Spanish, but we have never heard the language that she speaks in.” I said, “Well what happens when she speaks in this language?” They said, “That is what we wanted to tell you. She goes like into a trance. Her eyes are closed and she prays in this language, and then she just gives the answers to the questions.”  I said, ”Well isn’t that what it is all about?” She studied, we worked with her, but she studied then, but the Holy Spirit would bring it back to her mind.

Sid: Well she is actually operating in ministry today.  Tell me the first time you realized that she operated in the gift of prophecy, words of knowledge, and healing.

Gary: Well God actually called her to the ministry in May of 1988 when she was with me in a meeting.  On the way back she was crying in the backseat, and I asked her “What was wrong?” She said, “That God touched her heart that night and called her into the full-time ministry.” It is increasing in her life on a steady rate, but just before I went to the Philippines she bowed at my seat and prophesied over me. She spoke into my life and said, “Everywhere the souls of my feet went I would experience the blessings of God and see a mighty outpouring of the rein of the Holy Spirit.” That is exactly what happened over in the Philippines.  Literally spiritually inside the service where the Lord told me to throw water on people typifying an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Then outside, where it literally began to flood, the only night in a 14 day meeting that it literally started raining to that magnitude. So everything she said came to pass. She is a powerful intercessor.  If you want prayers and know that those prayers will reach heaven then you want my Angel to pray for you.

Sid:  Can I speak to Angel right now?

Gary:  Yeah.

Sid: Alright we are putting on Angel Wood.  Hi Angel, are you there?

Angel:  Hello?

Sid:  Hi, did I thought I heard in the background that you had a prophetic word or something you wanted to say to me.  What was that?

Angel:  That God’s going to use you in a mighty way and that you are going to do good all over the world and that you’re going to be blessed to all the people all over the world in Jesus name.

Sid:  How long have you been prophesying Angel?

Angel:  It’s just been I guess about three weeks now.

Sid:  And when you hear a prophetic word is it something you have a thought or do you actually hear a voice?

Angel:  I hear a voice.

Sid:  My goodness, that’s a pretty powerful gift.  We’ll talk further on tomorrow’s broadcast but can I speak to your Dad again?

Angel:  Okay, just hold on a sec.

Sid:  Alright it’s you know I took a chance there because I wasn’t sure I overheard what’s going on but she actually had a prophetic word for me.  Gary, tell me about your book which is so important it’s called “A Place Called Heaven.”  I’ll never forget my mother used to always say heaven must be a wonderful place.  And that’s where she is right now, but everyone that names the name of Jesus as Lord and Savior they need your book, what kind of feedback do you get from people that read your book, “A Place Called Heaven?”

Gary:  Well, people are receiving all kinds of incredible miracles, there was a man named John who had fallen and he had broken several disks in the lower portion of his back the L2 and L3.  And there was so many things that he wasn’t able to do and was in intense pain and God just touched him miraculously and he told me he was even for the first time since he was a kid was able to ride a roller coaster; that’s just incredible .  Just recently a lady was healed of Lupus disease; we’ve gotten reports of people healed of cancer, blind eyes being opened.

Sid:  But even more important than those reports is what Jesus said to you about those who will read the book and practice what you say.  What did He promise?

Gary:  He promised that people would be born again, healed and delivered, He said, “Wake up my church.”  He said, “My people have lost their intimacy with me He said “They’ve fallen asleep and I desire to have a relationship with them once again.”  He told me He said, “Tell the people to get up early in the morning and start expecting with excitement.”

Sid:  Listen, as far as I’m concerned when people start reading your daughter’s book, that’s the sort of thing that is going to happen to them with a hopeless situation.   Talk to someone that’s in a hopeless situation why they would benefit from your daughters book “Angel A Walking Miracle.”

Gary:  Well, because it’s not the problem your facing that will defeat you whether it’s your attitude towards the problem and that’s the key with Angel.  Angel has the most positive attitude of anybody I know; people say that physiologists all told us that so many things were impossible for her ever to accomplish and I’m talking to people right now who feel like it’s just absolutely impossible with some overwhelming situations that they are facing.  But Angel gets up every morning, she dresses herself physically then she dresses herself with the full armor of God and she says, tell them Angel real quick what you’re favorite scripture; “I can do all things that Christ would strengthen me” Philippians 4:13.  She says that and she puts on the full armor of God and according to Ephesians chapter 6 and then she goes out and she just doesn’t believe there’s anything she can’t do.  She just believes that…

Sid:  And yet from a medical viewpoint they had given up on her.

Gary:  Absolutely, but she believes that she has soundness of mind.

Sid:  What is just very quickly what is the; she prays for people that have mental  problems that can’t remember and what happens to them?

Gary:  Well, suddenly they begin to remember and she…

Sid:  Oh, evay she’ll pray on tomorrow’s broadcast.