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Our Guest Ira Kellman


Sid:  I’ve got a Jewish man on the telephone in Tulsa, Oklahoma his name is Ira Kellman. He’s a Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus talking to another Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus. Talking about the King of the Jews Jesus the Jewish Messiah, I mean this is such a Jewish program. But guess what, you too can be grafted into the King of the Jews and the blood of the greatest Jew who ever lived will flow through your veins. This week we’re featuring a book called “The Wigglesworth Standard.” Wigglesworth literally believed he heard from God that the last days would have an army of people that would walk in the same power that Wigglesworth walked in. Walk in the same power that Jesus walked in. This end time army I believe when these 37 lost manuscripts, I say lost they were unpublished no one had ever heard of them. This man Peter Madden had studied Wigglesworth and was praying and said “God I believe somewhere there are some lost manuscripts that must be published.” He went to the other part of the world he travelled across the world and was in a guest house that Wigglesworth just happened to be sleeping in many years earlier and they had his unpublished manuscripts. Put it together in a book called “The Wigglesworth Standard.” Let me read you a little bit from one of the testimonies in the book:

The two policemen grabbed Wigglesworth and started pushing him through the crowd. He had arrived in Norway only that morning but word of him had spread before his arrival. Thousands surrounded the Town Hall hoping to get inside but unfortunately not another person could fit. Packed in like sardines the people inside were so tightly squeezed together that no one could have tripped or fallen to the ground.

Having heard the rumors that a man that was able to perform miracles would be there. People had flocked to the hall both far and wide. Many were not Christians but they had come to witness and to seek the healings and other miraculous events that might happen.

With much difficulty the policemen struggled to get Wigglesworth to the front of the hall. As he stood on the platform looking out over the vast crowd he was consumed with such tremendous zeal for the Lord and compassion for the people that he cried out “God give me a message that is different that something might happen here that is different from anything else.” As Wigglesworth began to preach the voice of God inwardly spoke to Him “If you will ask me I will give you every soul.” Had he heard correctly? He continued to preach “If you will ask me I will give you every soul.” He struggled he knew now it was the voice of the Lord but he was slow to respond. Once again the message came “If you believe and ask me I will give you every soul!”   Wigglesworth stopped, every eye was upon him why had he stopped preaching? With his eyes closed he prayed “Alright Lord do it! I ask you please give me every soul.” From every direction a wind seemed to blow. The breath of the Holy Spirit swept over the auditorium from the front to the back. People all over the Town Hall began crying out to God for mercy. Every man, woman, and child became acutely aware of personal sinfulness and unworthiness before this awesome God whom they now were experiencing. As they begged God’s forgiveness Wigglesworth pointed them to Jesus and the way of salvation.

With all of them yielding to Christ God saved every soul just as He spoken to this man who was filled with God.

I want you to be so filled with the Spirit of God. …Ira Kellman when I was reading about that wind I couldn’t help but think that God has instructed you to blow on people and what happens?

Ira:  I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and we’ve had people healed from arthritis, rheumatism…

Sid:  How did you even start doing that? I mean I see people doing it today but 20 years ago that took chutzpah that took nerve to do.

Ira:  Well you know when I got on fire I got on fire and I just did whatever the Lord told me to do (laughing). You know Wigglesworth at times God told him to punch people in the stomach who had tumors and he did it and the tumors dissolved. So I learned a lot of boldness from Wigglesworth…

Sid:  Tell me about what’s happened to people when you do this.

Ira:  People have come out of comas, I’ve prayed for people on the telephone they come out of comas, people have been healed of arthritis, rheumatism, depression, cancer, of blood diseases, eye problems, ear problems just all sorts of everything. They get refreshing, they get peace, they get joy, they get strength, you know the Bible says the wind of God moves and the breath of God you know Jesus… God breathed the breath of life into man. Jesus breathed on His disciples and said “Receive the Holy Ghost.” You know it’s in the word but you have to have a special anointing. By God’s grace he gave me that special anointing. Every day I’m blowing on somebody, I even blow on my cats and they get blessed. I go to restaurants with my friends and somebody’s going through a hard time you know they’re depressed or worn out I blow on them and (snaps his finger) just within a minute less than a minute they are refreshed, they are renewed, they have got the joy of the Lord…

Sid:  You know what it is, I believe there’s a spirit of oppression and when the wind of God’s Spirit comes in contact with the spirit of depression and oppression…

Ira:  That’s right.

Sid:  …something has to move and it’s not God (laughing).

Ira:  God moves the oppression, depression, and confusion and I see so many people healed from broken hearts just by blowing on people. Right now somebody needs healing in their left arm where the crease in your left arm whatever the problem is I curse it in the name of Jesus. I loose healing to you right now in the name of Jesus in that left arm and the crease of the arm right now in Jesus name.

Sid:  Ira I want you to… I’m going to ask you to blow in the supernatural… will people experience the wind of God coming on them?

Ira:  They’ll experience it because it’s supernatural and God will come through the telephone, He’ll come through the radio stations, everywhere this is played and people get touched and healed as this is played yes. Because you know why? People listen to my tapes from 15-20 years ago the anointing is on it, people still get healed listening to my tapes from 15-20 years ago because the anointing is still on it.

Sid:  Have you ever seen the glory cloud come into your meetings?Do you ev

Ira:  Oh I see it all the time! I have glory clouds in every meeting literally really.

Sid:  I’m believing a glory cloud is coming right out of the radio now into the rooms…

Ira:  Right.

Sid:  …into the cars, wherever you are into the kitchen right now. People are being healed of backs and spines in particular are being supernaturally healed. Ira I want you to blow on people and oppression and depression, and illnesses, and demons they must scatter in the name of Jesus and the breath of the spirit of God do that now.

Ira:  Father in the name of Jesus of Nazareth Lord I come before you and God you are the anointed one and Lord I ask you to move upon the people right now. Father by your wind and by your healing power to heal people from oppression and depression, confusion and suicide, and Father the people with lung problems and heart problems to be healed right now, and Father I ask you to give the people a hunger and thirst after righteousness. Give them a strong heart to seek You to understand You Father move by Your wind right now (sound of wind blasting) in the name of Jesus the wind of God to move and to bring healing, and peace and joy, and freedom. Negative forces and principalities and powers be broken off of people and the presence of God to come into their homes, and to come into their cars to come into wherever they are listening on the radio right now for them to feel the tangible presence of God because there it is (sound of wind blasting) in the name of Jesus Lord we thank you. Set the people free fill their hearts with love and peace and joy. Healings to their bodies from all sicknesses and disease Father in the name of Jesus. Now for that left leg to be totally healed too there Father. That person with gangrene Father and that leg to be totally healed in Jesus’ name. Lord your presence to saturate the people that their bodies are just tingling from Your power, Your anointing Father in Jesus’ name.

Sid:  I’ll tell you something I want this week’s sharing on cassette just to listen to the wind of the Spirit of God as Ira blows. Ira what is God showing you that will be happening in the near future in the United States?

Ira:  Well God’s going to be doing a lot of reviving in His people and a lot of setting people straight down the narrow road. He’s going to give people a new strength and a new heart to walk uprightly.

Sid:  How about Israel, what do you see happening?

Ira:  Oh I pray for Israel every day you know. God has to do miracles of protection there of course because there’s so many enemies against them. God’s going to deliver them from a lot of these attacks that you know the Hezbollah being trained by the Iranian you know the revolutionary guard. You know you have enemies to the right and left of them, God’s going to do some miracles there. So I think some people there are going to get their eyes opened to see when God moves for Israel.

Sid:  I believe not only is that going to happen but I believe just as there is going to be a revival in the United States there is going to be a revival in Israel. Before Jesus returns the word of the Lord will go out from Zion with Jewish people that are red hot for Jesus. I see that Ira.

Ira:  I believe that yes definitely. I was just in Israel and I’m going back again here and we had so many miracles there. I was ministering to a lot of people from Africa, and Ethiopian Jews too, my first time I ministered to Ethiopian Jews, and they’re getting healings and miracles, and peace and love and joy. They just love the Lord they’re hungry.

Our Guest Ira Kellman


Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Ira Kellman. Ira is a Jewish believer in Jesus. He is just red hot for the Lord. Talk about red hot he was almost fried because he was literally hit with 125 million volts of electricity. Before we get to Ira I want to read to you from the book I’ve been reading from all this week called “The Wigglesworth Standard.” You see an author by the name Peter Madden found 37 unpublished manuscripts of Smith Wigglesworth the great healing evangelist. I mean Wigglesworth has laid hands on many dead people have come back to life. Limbs have been restored. Wigglesworth felt that an army would be raised up in the last days that would walk in the same signs as Jesus even greater signs. This book I believe will be the standard to learn how to walk in the supernatural. I want to read this to you from the book:

“Smith watch me when I’m preaching. I get so near to heaven that someday I’m just going to take off.” He thought back on these words that his dear Polly had once spoken. Well he mused “She certainly must have preached tonight.”

It was New Year’s day 1913 the local doctor and a policeman had met him just as he was stepping out the front door on his way to Glasgow to minister at some meetings. However the look on the 2 men’s faces as they met him told him something was wrong, “Polly’s dead. She fell dead at the mission door.” Just a few hours before Smith had bid her well as she was leaving to go preach there. How he loved his Polly she was everything in the world to him. In the natural he was devastated but deep down inside he knew that she was where she wanted to be. He began to speak in tongues and praise the Lord laughing in the spirit.

Soon the house was filled with people her body had been brought to the house. At Wigglesworth’s instructions they took her up to her room and laid her lifeless form on the bed. “She is dead and we can do no more.” Wigglesworth just smiled he knew differently. Asking everyone to please leave the room he closed the door. When the last one left he turned around and walked over to the bed. He knew that she was with her beloved Lord as she had so longed to be. Standing before her now he couldn’t bare the separation “In the name of Jesus death give her up!” Polly’s eyes opened and looked straight into his “Polly I need you.” “Smith the Lod wants me.” An incredible struggle was going on inside of him now oh how much he wanted her with him. How could he go on without her he thought they would have so many more years together?

That still small voice came that voice he knew so well the only one he loved more than hers. “She’s Mine her work is done.” With tears streaming down his face he yielded to His Lord “My darling if the Lord wants you I will not hold you.” She smiled as he kissed her cheek tenderly. Then he simply said “Goodbye for the present.” Her eyes closed and she was gone.

“Yes Lord” he obeyed and turned and walked out of the room. It was the hardest thing he had ever done.

I’m reading from the book “The Wigglesworth Standard.”  My guest Ira Kellman is a man that has been hit or had near hits from lightning 7 times. Ira I’m going to take you to a particular date July 12, 1987 preaching in a church in Indianapolis what was going on?

Ira:  I was preaching on obedience and lightning was blasting all over the place it was a torrential rain day I mean just really coming down heavy heavy rain. Lightning was blasting all over the place…

Sid:  I understand you found out the next day that at least 2 people died from lightning that evening.

Ira:  Lightning hit their house blew it up and killed 2 people. Yeah it was terrible I mean really really terrible. Very low thunder blast things of lightning all night long. Lightning was blasting all over the place and all of a sudden the Holy Ghost says “Pray pray protection.” I started praying protection you know Psalms 91 “No evil shall befall us no plague shall nigh our dwelling.” I’m binding the devil from everything from cars to buildings, the other situations around the buildings. I get the last word out of my mouth “Devil I bind you in the name of Jesus!” and lightning hit the top of the roof went down the wall the lightning. I had a lapel microphone it went through the lapel microphone blasted me in the chest threw me back and I felt the presence of angels catch me. I saw flames jump off of the roof because there was a skylight, the place got filled up with smoke. You could smell the sofa, the system was buzzing people were just sitting there thank God the peace of God came upon the people. I talked to people later on their ears were ringing for hours and hours and they checked everything out. Nothing happened nothing happened to me…

Sid:  But wait a second, we have an actual sound clip and you can hear the thunder, you can hear the crash from the lightning. Let’s go to that clip right now.

Excerpt: Sound clip

Sid:  Ira before you got hit with lightning you were talking about supernatural protection reading from Psalm 91. Quote that from memory right now.

Ira:  “No evil shall befall us no plague shall come nigh our dwelling.” Because what I did was I said “God even wants to protect me from the cats.” I have to pray protection from my cat you know that’s when I felt led to pray. “There shall no evil befall you shall any plague come nigh to your dwelling.” Your dwelling is anywhere it can be in a plane, a car it can be anywhere. “No evil shall befall me no plague shall come nigh my dwelling.” Then it says right after that verse “Then He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.” When I got blown back that’s when the angels caught me.

Sid:  Why do you think that was angels that caught you?

Ira:  Oh I felt the presence of angels. I know I’ve had angels manifest in meetings so I know when an angel is there.

Sid:  Out of curiosity do you think you would have had such supernatural protection if you weren’t so grounded in the word and speaking the word at that precise moment?

Ira:  I don’t think I would have no. I think would have gone off to glory. It was just knowing the word, knowing authority, and God has a plan for me. Thank God for His hand of protection.

Sid:  Was the meeting over after that happened or did you continue preaching?

Ira:  It went on for another 45 minutes…

Sid:  (Laughing)

Ira:  …because I had to go and pray for the sick (Laughing).

Sid:  (Laughing) You’re too much Ira.

Ira:  (Laughing) You know when it happened Sid?

Sid:  What?

Ira:  It threw me back and I started, I sort of kept on preaching and they put the system off and I started laughing with the best. I said “You know lightning hit out there. Whatever it hit out there you know it went through the system and hit me.” I was just delirious and I kept on preaching. I said “Oh my God I just got hit by lightning and I’m still alive thank you Jesus.” I really didn’t think that much of it because I was just caught up and thank God for the presence of you know the Holy Spirit on me. I just got caught up into the anointing.

Sid:  You really prayed for the sick afterwards?

Ira:  Yeah!

Sid:  Was anyone healed?

Ira:  Yeah there were many healings in there!

Sid:  (Laughing)

Ira:  Allergies, broken bones, yeah I still have the tape from the…

Sid:  I’ve got to ask you this though, since you’ve been struck by lightning has the anointing of God increased?

Ira:  Oh the anointing… right after this I think the next meeting I did in Vegas it is like it’s been increased a 100 times more. You know all things are parallel and God just stepped up the anointing of the Holy Ghost… like I said He has a sense of humor. What the devil meant for evil God turned it around and made for good.  The unusual thing about this was the newspapers picked up on this and it went on the front page of the Indianapolis paper and from there it went all across the nation and around the world front pages and everybody gave a positive story to this. Thousands of people have been saved through this with me going… and having meetings, and teaching, and giving my testimony my conversion, my lightning story. God saved a lot of people, healed a lot of people and it gets people’s attention because I bring the tape, they hear the tape and it just blows people away and they go “Oh my God!”

Sid:  What’s going to happen on tomorrow’s broadcast?

Ira:  Well tomorrow I want to pray for people for healings, for miracles, for peace, for joy, I want to pray for people for a hunger and thirst after God, after the word of God, after the Spirit of God. I want to pray for people who want to be used for God. Sid if God can take me knowing nothing, I didn’t even know what the word evangelist was. Not knowing nothing and send me around the world and teach me the bible and be a blessing to people, He can use anybody who wants to be used.

Sid:  I just believe also there’s going to be a gusher of God’s Spirit in a tangible form just pouring out of the radio tomorrow.

Ira:  There is, there is, there is.

Sid:  I mean there’s a presence of God right now, but I mean there is going to be a gusher Mishpochah. Tell me again Ira how important Smith Wigglesworth’s teach was to you.

Ira:  He formed my early Christian life into what I am doing today because I said God I had a heart crack “God I want to be like Wigglesworth.” I want miracles everywhere, I want to pray for people everywhere on the streets in planes, in trains, bathrooms, restaurants and that’s what I’ve done.  “Lord I want to be like Wigglesworth.” So He formed… God used his books and his testament to form my life to what I am doing today and what I’ll be doing till Jesus comes.

Sid:  Very quickly tell me one miracle that comes to mind.

Ira:  In any area?

Sid:  Any area.

Ira:  I prayed for this contorted body it was one of the most amazing things I’ve saw. Did you ever see someone so totally twisted they can hardly walk because they have a carrier? They are twisted from arthritis rheumatism….

Sid:  How the woman that was bowed over for 18 years had to walk looking at the ground?

Ira:  That was miraculous but this person I saw with my own eyes. That was amazing without seeing it. This person the arms are up, the hands were back, and the legs were twisted, and the whole body was straightened and walking and leaping and jumping and running after I prayed.

Sid:  Is there anything to compare to be able to see someone set free like that in the name of Jesus?

Ira:  That’s what it’s all about.