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Our Guest Paul Hegstrom


Sid: Hello Sid Roth here with Paul Hegstrom, and Paul was an abuser in every foul way you can think and finally his wife had had enough, did she have enough or…

Paul: No, she didn’t…

Sid: You decided to leave her?

Paul: I left because I figured someday she is going to leave me and I needed to be the hurter not the hurtee.

Sid Roth: And then you have one abusive relationship after another and finally you have this sentence of prison for how many years?
Paul: Fifteen to twenty-two that was what I was facing.

Sid: And so you surrendered to God at that moment…

Paul: Absolutely. That’s a crisis you know.

Sid: And everything, God made everything turn out wonderful to the point where you started dating your ex-wife Judy – I’m amazed she did it.

Paul: Yes, I am too.

Sid: And she saw such a difference, but then you used to have discussions with her of your research on the brain.

Paul: Especially the areas of the brain and how…

Sid: Tell me what the Holy Spirit was showing you about the brain.

Paul: He was showing me, see I had no background in mental health, and I had spent almost thirty thousand on therapy over the years to get well because I knew something was wrong but I felt flawed and defective and so I really, God really took me to this area of research in the brain and how we are wired as children, the tapes that happen, the things that happen to us before the age of nine to eleven and the wounds, and there are five things that will stop a child’s development and that is rejection in the original family, incest, molestation, emotional and physical abuse, and if any one of those happens or they have had, I have worked with people that have had three and have five of them, and it literally stops the developmental structure of the core character of the child at that point, and in mental health it is called fixation, and they have never learned to restart the maturing process so in…

Sid: So they stay a prisoner for the rest of their life?

Paul: Yes and they develop a pseudo-personality so the personality that I had when Judy and I were married the first 16 years, people outside really liked me because I was a nice guy, it was the guy behind closed doors that could not love, could not understand intimacy, could not manage anger, could not resolve conflict, did not know how to parent, I meant the list just goes on and on so what is happening is emotionally I’m a child raising a family, and when my three kids got anywhere from nine to thirteen years of age they were more mature than I was and I left, that’s why I walked away.

Sid: You spent all that money with the best psychiatry and psychology had to offer and not – zero, not much.

Paul: Absolutely, they sat there and the thing that irritated me was, I would say but why, why do I do this.

Sid: So you found that before puberty that if some, one of these five traumas occur, something happens to the brain early and they stay a child in certain areas the rest of their lives.

Paul: Yes, because a child under the age of puberty is lacking: And that is why Apostle Paul said in his writings, “When I was a child I acted, spoke thought, and reasoned as a child and when I grew up I put away childish things.” I understood acting like a child because I did it for forty years, I understood talking like a child, embellishing you know, I had to be number one, didn’t understand thinking as a child and God sent a Godly man who was a brain researcher for thirty-eight years into my life and we found that the three chemicals that are missing in the brain caused the child to be teachable. And then at puberty those chemicals kick in and the child takes the teaching and then that creates reason, so the chemicals cause the child to reason and to think in an abstract type of way or to see that if I do this today this is going to affect me tomorrow or the next day…

Sid: But if these chemicals aren’t released, they are trapped as a child in an adult body.

Paul: For the rest of their life, because what happens is trauma in childhood activates the adrenalin, the fight-flight syndrome, and the adrenalin literally pushes away the chemicals that are supposed to come in and find the balance in the brain and move that child to puberty, so what will happen is the chemicals will kick in and the body will change but the mind does not grow because the adrenalin keeps that child in a position where I am waiting for the next trauma to happen, and so we found that this…

Sid: So how was this solved, it was solved with you?

Paul: Yes sir, and it’s being solved by tens of thousands of people…

Sid: How?

Paul: by being able to tie together what I am struggling with today, say I’m forty years of age and I am struggling with, I am going through divorces, I am angry all the time, I trigger at a hair trigger with my rage and anger, I act out, I have no stability, I change jobs every two or three years at best and sometimes can’t even hold one, all of these symptoms we think we are defective because we are dealing with the symptoms, not understanding the symptom has a source, and the…

Sid: So when parents are giving these various new drugs to their children because they are ADD or things like that, there is something better?

Paul: Yeah, there is something better and that is dealing with the issues, but you can’t deal with the issues sitting talking to someone because if I am what we call “arrested in development” or mental health calls it “fixation” I am arrested in development below the age of puberty and I need directives, train up a child, I need somebody to tell me what is going on so what we do in the program is we have adults in their eighties who says for the first time in their life they find out that all this behavior they have struggled with since childhood was rooted, sourced here, and see I am not responsible for the original wound below the age of puberty, because I’m below the age of accountability, that victimized me, but I am responsible for my behavior for the rest of my life, see so it is not letting somebody off the hook, it is connecting their whole life.

Sid: Dr. Hegstrom has found out how to rewire the brain, this is so phenomenal, but of course it’s in the Bible, science is just catching up

Sid Roth welcomes Franklin Walden


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Franklin Walden. Franklin, there are so many miracles in my notes, I don’t know where to start. But maybe I’ll start at age 12. You had a vision from God.
Tell me about that.

FRANLIN: I was age 12 when God carried me up above the heavens, into the heavens. Looking down over the earth, I saw the whole world, the sickness, the diseases. I saw the problems. He spoke and said “You will see this. You’ll speak and you’ll minister to these people.”

SID: Ok, so when you were 12, you were caught up in the heavenlies. You saw a world filled with sick people, and that you would help these people.

FRANLIN: Take healing to them.

SID ROTH: Take healing to them. Ok, go ahead.

FRANLIN: Today plays a big part in that. After the vision, I didn’t know how it’d ever come about, but God had you prepared for this day. The supernatural. Because it takes something supernatural to perform something like that.

SID: With satellites, et cetera, TV in every home. So you believe that vision you had at age 12 is going to be fulfilled right now during this telecast that you’re watching. Now Franklin, tell me about some of these… Oh, there’s no other words. Tell me about the girl that had no pupil in her eye.

FRANLIN: She was blind, born that way. We prayed for her under the big gospel tent, and God created two beautiful eyes. I mean perfect eyes.

SID: What went on inside of you when you watched and saw a mass of nothing, and then all of a sudden, could you tell the color of the eyes?

FRANLIN: Oh yeah.

SID: What color?


SID: Brown. What was going on inside of you?

FRANLIN: I was beside myself. I’d never seen that before in my life, two eyes created. The anointing came, and I knew that God, He was in charge and performed that miracle for that little 6 or 7 year old girl.

SID: How about the person who had no kneecap?

FRANLIN: Well, a person tried to rape her, and they were trying to get the gun away, and the gun went off and shot her kneecap out. So she came on the platform that night in the auditorium where I was having that healing crusade. She said “I have no kneecap.” I said “Let me see.” So she showed it to me and the congregation. It was stiff; no kneecap. I said “Well I just believe God can create you one.” We prayed, and right before the eyes of the congregation the kneecap came in, and she could bend that knee just like she had a brand new… Well, she did. She had a brand new one.

SID: When something like that happens, I know what it would do for me if I saw that with my eyes. When the audience saw this creative miracle, did many other people get healed?

FRANLIN: Oh yeah. I had a Southern Baptist preacher there, and his wife, and they saw it. Today he’s praying for the sick and received the baptism. I’ll tell you, he’s carried it across the country.

SID: Ok. Tell me about the person who fell from a tree. Tell me about that healing.

FRANLIN: I was singing at the auditorium that night and walked over to him. I’d never seen the fellow before in my life. I said “Do you believe God can give you a miracle tonight?” And he shrugged like that, you know, “Well, He might, He might not.” I said “Well He’s going to do it”, so I sang a little song, took him by the hand and raised him up. I still hadn’t asked him what’s wrong with him. I saw the crutches there. And he walked. Walked him back and forth in front of the stage, and when he did, I went back and told him “Pick up your crutches now”, and he picked his crutches up and went back. After that, I said “I haven’t even asked you what’s wrong with you.” He said “I fell out of a tree and busted this leg, and they had to rebuild this leg with a plastic knee.” Two or three vertebrae were crushed, and God created those vertebrae in his back. He began to run. I found out the was the pastor of a church. A whole row of people in the front knew him very well, and he was instantly healed by the power of God.

SID: Now Franklin, it seems to me in getting to know you that what you’re describing is not the big exception. That’s the way it’s supposed to be normally. Someone said that your life would touch Jewish people in Israel. Explain that.

FRANLIN: This man, I sat at his feet when I was a young minister. He told me “The ministry you have will reach the Jews, and they will accept it. They will accept this ministry, and the message you preach.”

SID: Tell me one Jewish person that you prayed for a miracle that accepted Jesus.

FRANLIN: I was in Ontario, Canada. A couple of Jewish boys were there, and they happened to drop in just to get out of a storm. It was snowing and icing that night. After the service was over, they were still hanging around the book table. They were saying “We don’t believe in this. We don’t believe in that Jesus.” I said “Well, what would it take for you to believe?” They said “We don’t know.” I said “What if you brought somebody here that you knew who was blind, or crippled, or needed a miracle? Will you believe then?” They said “No.” I said “Well, what would it take?” They said “It’d have to happen to one of us.” I said “Well, what’s wrong with you?” They said “Nothing.” One of them spoke up and said “Oh, yes there is too. You’re flat-footed. They wouldn’t take you in the Army.” I said “Pull your boots off.” They had snow boots on. He pulled them off, I looked at his feet. Pulled his socks off too where I could see them plain. I said “Keep your eyes on your feet.” They were as flat as could be. They couldn’t be any flatter. I looked, and I prayed, and God created two of the most beautiful arches in that Jew’s feet that you’d ever seen. Perfect. Of course everything God does is perfect.

SID: And once he had a miracle, he wanted to know the God of miracles. That’s normal. Oh that the world be normal. Well it’s going to be normal when we come back, because I’m going to have Franklin pray for you for two things. I’m going to have him pray for you to be physically healed you need a creative miracle or whatever you need. And, pray for you to catch the same presence of God that’s on him. You’re going to catch it and you’re going to be able to pray for people and have the same results.

Our Guest Franklin Walden


On It’s Supernatural: At age 12, Franklin Walden was carried into the heavens and told he would minister healing to hurting people, and that it would be seen and heard throughout the world. He has seen the lame walk, the blind see, and the dead being raised to life. Nothing is impossible in the realm of the supernatural.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, Sid Roth welcoming you to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. Take a deep breath. Breathe in that rarified air of heaven. Have you ever heard of a creative miracle? My guest was born with one kidney, and horror of horrors, that one kidney went bad. She was wired up for dialysis. No hope, outside of the only way she could live was with dialysis. But Ruth Kersey had a brother in law who believed in miracles, Franklin Walden. Ruth, tell me what happened to you when your one kidney went bad.

RUTH: I kept swelling, and the fluid wasn’t going out of my body. The doctor decided I had to go on dialysis because they had done all different things. I had been in the hospital off an on quite a bit. I went in and got prepped to go on dialysis. Coming home, my husband and I stopped by Franklin and Caroline’s house. We walked in, and they were fixing to go to a meeting out of town. We prayed, all of us, in the living room. We prayed, and he prayed for me. A word of knowledge came, and he said “Before you go on that, have them recheck you.”

SID ROTH: Franklin, when a word of knowledge comes upon you, when you’re praying for your sister in law, are you a hundred percent sure that person is healed?

FRANLIN: A hundred percent.

SID: Ok. So you had this word. Did you go to a doctor, or what did you do next?

RUTH: I went back to the hospital. Well, I went by the doctor’s office and told him “I want to be rechecked. I don’t want to go on dialysis if I don’t have to.” I didn’t tell him what had happened.

SID ROTH: Did you believe you were healed?

RUTH: I knew I was healed.

SID: That’s faith! Ok, go ahead.

RUTH: I knew I was healed because things were different in my body. I didn’t have the pain…

SID: I know, but what did the doctors say? You knew you were healed, but I want to know what the doctors said.

RUTH: He said “Ok Ruth, I’ll do it. You look different this morning.” That was before they did any tests or x-rays or anything. So the lady who took the x-rays said “Are you sure you’re who you are?” I said “Do you want my I.D.?” She said “Weren’t you here yesterday?” I said “Yes ma’am.” She looked at my wristband, back at her paperwork, and ran out of the room. Well, the doctor came back in. He looked at me and smiled, and said “You know what? You’ve got two kidneys.”

SID: Two kidneys!?!? Did you get that? She had one bad kidney, she’s prayed for, she has two kidneys. What happened to the bad kidney? Was that good now?

RUTH: Yes it was. They did tests that showed the fluid intake of the kidneys, how it flows out of your body, that kind of thing. They said both kidneys were perfect.

SID: How do the doctors account for the fact that one kidney is on failure, and it’s perfect? The second kidney doesn’t even exist, and now it exists. What did the doctors say?

RUTH: He told me it was a miracle, that only God could have done it.

SID: I’m sure of that. Franklin, you intrigue me so much. It starts with your father. Your father at one point had an encounter with God that caused people to think he was crazy. Tell me about that.

FRANLIN: He went in the spirit six days and six nights, and they didn’t understand what was going on. My dad was Methodist.

SID: Now when you say he went in the spirit, what do you mean by that? He was more in the spirit world than in the real world?

FRANLIN: Yes, right. He shut himself away, and he was there for six days and six nights, and my granddaddy on my mother’s side had already prepared him to go to the mental institution when he came out after six days. While he was in there, the Lord carried him through the Bible, and he went from Genesis to Revelation, because he couldn’t read. He couldn’t even sign his own name.

SID: You told me, in later years you and others would test your father, knowing he couldn’t read. You would read passages of the Bible, and what would he say?

FRANLIN: “It’s not that way, son. Back up.”

SID: Did you understand that? In other words, his father could not read, and Jesus taught him the Bible, and Franklin would read from the Bible, and if he’d have one letter out of place, what would your father say?

FRANLIN: “It’s not right. Back up, read it again.”

SID: Now I’m going to stretch you, if I haven’t stretched you already. I’m going to stretch you further. Franklin, your mother died. What happened to her?

FRANLIN: Lightning struck her. Hit her right in the crown of the head. It hit me, too. I was paralyzed on one side.

SID: What’d your father do?

FRANLIN: My father picked her up, put her head in his lap, and he was praying unto God. He said “God, I can’t raise these children by myself. Please give her back to me.” As he cried, I saw tears dropping out of his eyes, hitting mother on the cheek. She’d been dead about thirty minutes. And when the tears hit mother’s cheek, life came back into her body.

SID: When you see something like that, you can never be the same, can you?

FRANLIN: Never have been the same.

SID: I’m going to tell you something, just watching this show, you’re going to be mentored in the supernatural. Rods turned from metal to bone, people fall out of trees and break their legs and they’re instantly healed. Don’t go away. You’re about ready to venture in to the supernatural like you never have before.

Sid Roth welcomes John Kilpatrick


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Pastor John Kilpatrick. John was, as they say, minding his own business,having dinner with his wife. Someone did something nice, they paid the bill, and suddenly God spoke to him. What did He say?

JOHN: First day of this year, 2009, January 1st, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and He said “I’m going to give you a prophetic message from a word that has 12 letters in it. Each one of these letters will be a prophetic word that I want you to give, and it’s not just for this year, but it’s for the next three years.” So immediately I began to try to think of a word that had 12 letters in it, and the Holy Spirit said “No, no, no. I’ll give you the word. The word is resurrection.” I counted off real quickly in my mind, and sure enough it came up 12 letters, just like the Holy Spirit said. And He started off, and it was more like a download than it was hearing every word, exquisite paragraph or sentence. It was like a download. I jotted them down, like a download in a matter of seconds.

SID: When will this take place?

JOHN: I believe over the next three years.

SID ROTH: What I’d like to do is talk about a few of the letters, what the words mean, then what the prophecy connected with the words are. For instance, “S – signs in the heavens.”

JOHN: Yes, R, E, S. When He got to S, I heard the Holy Spirit say there’s going to be an increase of supernatural signs in the heavens. He said it won’t be natural phenomena, and they won’t even be able to explain it. He said there’ll be supernatural signs in the heavens. He said “I want you to talk about it and prep My people, prep the church for it, because if the church is not prepped, it will terrorize them. They’ll be afraid. But if they’re prepped and they realize it’s a sign of My soon coming, a sign and a wonder, it will encourage them.”

SID ROTH: That’s what I found about everything God showed you. Although they’re devastating things that will happen in the world, they were great encouragement to us that have intimacy with God.

JOHN: Yes. And whenever you feel like something like that is tied in with His soon coming, then you find yourself looking forward to the next one, because it lets you know, it encourages you, that the Lord is about to come.

SID: Tell me about the “C” for candlestick.

JOHN: Candlestick. The Lord said that He’s going to remove some candlesticks this year and the next three years. He said some are going to be major candlesticks. Candlesticks stand for ministries and ministers, it stands for churches.

SID: I believe there’s going to be a whole rearrangement of ministries.

JOHN: Yes, yes I do.

SID: I mean God’s going to take out the old and the stale and bring in the fresh and the new.

JOHN: Sin has crept in, leaven has come in, and it has corrupted, it has polluted, it has defiled. And the Lord said that He’s not going to tolerate it. He never has and He never will. He’s a holy God. And He said that He’s going to remove some candlesticks, and candlesticks in the book of Revelation stands for churches and ministries. But the encouraging thing that He said to me was “I will not remove candlesticks without lighting new ones and replacing the old with the new. These will be after My own heart, and ministries that I will set up, and they will burn brightly in these dark hours before My coming.”

SID: And I believe there’s going to be a whole change in what is known as Christian television. It’s going to be the new, it’s going to be exciting, and the secular will, for the first time, run towards what God is going, which will be released on TV.

JOHN: Sid, I don’t know if this is appropriate to do this or not, but I just want to say to you personally that I bless you for having a program about the supernatural, because you’re a hungry man for the supernatural of God. You’re not gullible, but you’re hungry. Whenever I watch your program, I’m always blessed by it, and God’s going to raise up more like you in your hour, before the coming of the Lord. And they’re going to be talking about what God is doing, and it’s going to be irrefutable and undeniable what the Holy Spirit is doing in the land. It’s going to be supernatural moves of the Lord, supernatural things that are happening. So many people today have gotten so used to religion that they have really ostracized and ousted the supernatural from church.

SID: I want you to see the supernatural. This happened at John Kilpatrick’s congregation in Pensacola, Florida. A young girl started prophesying, and then they sang a song, and you will have intimacy with God like you’ve never had. I mean I saw you in that video. Let’s look at it right now.

JOHN: Yes.

Woman: I know that God loves people so much, and He’s… He’s in a hurry. He wants, He wants, He wants everyone… There’s not much, not much more time. He aches and He grieves for your spirit. He grieves for you.

He’ll make you brand new but you’ve got to repent! You’ve got to repent and say “Jesus, come into my life! Wash me clean! Make me new! Be the Lord of my life! Be my Savior! Be my very best Friend!”

God bless you sir, God bless you. Hurry! Hurry!

§ He said that I could come into His presence § § Without fear § § Into the holy place, where His mercy hovers near § § I’m running, I’m running, § § I’m running to the mercy seat § § Where Jesus is calling § § He said His grace would cover me § § His blood will flow freely § § It will provide the healing § I’m running, I’m running, § § I’m running to the mercy seat § § Where Jesus is calling § § He said His grace would cover me § § His blood will flow freely § § It will provide the healing § § I’m running to the mercy seat § Jesus, Jesus, § I’m running to the mercy seat § § I’m running to the mercy seat § I can feel this. Everyone at the alter keep your heads down and keep going after God at the alter.

SID: How can you look at that and not do something? God is in a hurry, and He has chosen you. He is about ready to reveal Himself to you in such a spectacular fashion, and He’s just waiting on one person – you! It’s not a feeling, it’s not an emotion. It’s a decision. You decide whether you what His mercy, or what the world has to offer. You decide whether you want His love, or the love of the world. You decide whether you want His peace, or what the world has to offer. I literally feel tears. Tears are coming from my eyes for you. God is weeping for you. Make Jesus your Messiah and Lord, now. Now.