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Our Guest Leif Hetland


Sid: My guest Leif Hetland is from Norway. He lives in the United States in Florence, Alabama. He had what he described as a Baptism of Love that took him out of the realm of legalistic religious Christianity into the realm, as he puts it, son-ship with God.  It took him out of the realm of striving into the realm of peace and grace and rest.  That took him out of the realm that so many of you find yourself in. You are a Christian, but you’re involved in a form of escapism.  And you have your escapism in sports, or food, or work or pornography, or TV.  Leif Hetland is it possible to have this escapism in religion?

Leif: Oh definitely and it is not just that all the statistics show it but also my experience as I travel around the country. Especially with men; I see many of them are struggling with a pimp in their mind and they can’t get rid of it because pain always seeks pleasure.  And you will not get it in religion and you will not get it unless it’s God’s power and you can continue to try and achieve more; go to more church services; read more pray more but you will continue to have that pain, and if you continue to have that pain seeks pleasure.  And you will find that some people are eating and some or drinking and go on internet and then they look at other things and then they feel bad and then they go to the author again and then they continue that some old spiral without being able to being able to be set free.

Sid: So someone’s saying “He’s speaking to me okay, I know this what is going to stop it?”

Leif: First of all I think that we need to confess that there is an orphan spirit that is in each one of us that we’re struggling with.  And that is that chair number two.

Sid: Now for those that unfortunately that were not listening on Friday you must explain the 3 chairs.

Leif:  Yes, first of all as a foundation what I did was if you just imagine 3 chairs that is in front of you.  Every one of us are living our lift out of one of these 3 chairs. There’s kind of a define in different types of people that are living in the world that is in your family or in your neighborhood or in the nations.  Chair number 1 is a chair of commitment and that is a commitment to a relationship.  Chair number 2 is a chair of compromise; that means that you are a compromiser; I call it a two timers.  I love Jesus; I go to church but then the rest of the week kind of like living like the rest of the world.  Chair number 3 is conflict; they’re living a life of conflict, their looking for love; they’re looking for security; they’re looking for all of the things that chair number 1 has to offer but they’re going after the counterfeit affection that the enemy has to offer.  In chair number 1 the person is saved, and chair number 2 the person is saved, but in chair number 3 they are lost.  The church in Church in Ephesus as an example was started in chair number 1 as revival broke loose and the supernatural was natural.  And they changed the city and turned it upside down for Jesus.  But then you read about in Revelation 2 about the same church but they have left the first love and then they became a chair number 2 church a compromising church.  They were still doing the right things but they had left the first love; but think about chair number 1 where you stood before you fell. Chair number 1 you will see that supernatural is what is natural.  And what I’ve seen in the life of Jesus it was not just for the 12 or the Apostle; you saw it for the 70 and eventually in Mark 16 it was for whoever believes.

Sid: Well, the First Church started in chair number 1, but over time the same thing that happened to my Jewish people when Jesus said “You’re tradition has made void the Word of God.”  It’s been going on and now it’s 2000 years of Christianity and so nothing new under the sun.

Leif:  No and you will find this pattern in every aspect of society, you can look at Harvard; you can look at Princeton and some of the greatest ivy league schools in America was started in chair number 1 but today they are in chair number 3 in conflict not believing at all.  You can see with the Israelites Joshua he said “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” chair number 1.  The elders of the next generation they were talking about what God was doing they didn’t have a chair number 1 experience themselves so the result was that the next generation that followed the compromisers didn’t believe at all.  And we have often said it in America right now that we have the generation X and Y is considered an unreached people group and mainly because that we’ve had parents that was compromisers and you see mommy and daddy said “We love you Jesus, He’s my provider; He’s my healer,” but they don’t see the fruits and the results.  Because when they are sick they don’t trust Jesus that He is the one that He is the healer and that He is Jehovah Rapha that if they need provision they trust in Visa and Master Card.  I’m not preaching against that but it’s just what they have observed the chiller.  And the result of that is that there’s a whole generation that they’re living in conflict.  The good news of this is that whole verse that “They have been drinking out of the polluted waters of the enemy.  Now they have been so sick of that they have been coming to chair number 1 and they get to drink of the pure…

Sid: But what about what about those in chair number 2 that run to meetings all over the world really where there’s an outpouring of God’s Spirit and they’re really genuinely touched by God, as you explained last week when I interviewed you, that the minute they walk out they kind of spring a leak.  Why is that?

Leif:  Again there is a saying that if you do not deal with those love deficits in your life and I also call the orphan spirit.  Every one of us we are living our life we’re looking for a home or we have a home.  When I am saying that it is I’m not talking about a 10,000 square ft. house or a trailer park.  I am talking a place of security chair number 1.  They are secure; a place of security.  That’s what Adam and Eve had before the fall came in; a place of love; a place of receive love and give love where you’re hearing the Father God’s speaking “You my beloved Son; you my beloved daughter whom I love and whom I am well pleased.”  You are receiving love and you are giving love where you are valuable and you look in that mirror and you are rejoicing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  An affirmation is coming both from Heaven and people around you and you are living with a purpose and destiny among 6.2 billion people even if you are sweeping the floor at the Wal-Mart Store you know that I am created to do that in the best way and I’m representing the Kingdom of God right here in what I am doing right here.  If that is in the media or the marketplace; but if they have those things settled in their life the most of the people going to these meetings they’re going after.  They have counterfeit affection is what I call it; meaning that possession is the counterfeit affection.  If you are not secure, possession is the counterfeit affection.  If you are not as a saying experiencing the love passion; and that can be passion for religion, passion for experience, passion for sex, passion for money, passion for all kinds of things.  And there is nothing wrong with passion as long as it is not the love deficit, and if you do not understand your value position.  Well, if I just get married or I just become deacon; and a lot of churches is possessed by deacon possessed people that are looking for position.

Sid: Hm.

Leif:  Because of the love deficits in their life so that they can be in control.  And if you don’t understand your purpose and destiny and then you can see power is the counterfeit affection.  That means “I’m going to be in control, I’m not going to be hurt any longer.”  And you put up all these different walls.

Sid: Now what I’ve seen in America and I’ve never seen this before Leif; is that there are more wonderful Christians, and of course they’re in chair number 2 as you describe it.  And don’t seem to be bothered by it because they’re finding church irrelevant.

Leif:  Yeah, and I do believe that that is very accurate and I understand why; I can be honest with you that a lot of the churches both that I have visited even pastored I can understand why people wouldn’t come there.  Because the Jesus of the Bible does not show up and often happened over a period of time and me and Randy Clark talked about it this past week.  We called it the reversed circle, you may be coming there with an expectation of healing to happen or for having a God encounter to happen.  The next time you come you have less expectation or less faith and it just continued to go down until eventually it becomes just another place where you go and you have some good songs and you have a good message.  But I could be honest with you the world around there has other things to offer that has more attractive and makes me feel better then coming there.  And you have the opposite where you started hearing what you have that is wrong in your life but nobody gives you the medicine and the cure and the power to make it right.  So here you hear that you you’re a sinner and you should pray more or you should do this more.  And then you try harder and it doesn’t work and then you suddenly give up and you start being under condemnation or you’re sitting there and you’re kind a being bored to death because of the saying “There is no power.”  

Our Guest Eric Stakelbeck

Sid Roth 721-Stakelbeck

SID: Now before we get the secret documents to take over the United States and Europe by the Muslim Brotherhood that have been uncovered, I believe it was the Swiss that found these secret documents, tell me a bit about the history of the Muslim Brotherhood.

ERICK: Well Sid, from the beginning of this group, the Muslim Brotherhood, they have been steeped in violence and the ideology of martyrdom, dying for Allah. Their founding creed reads in part, “Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” This is their motto.

SID: Stop for a second. Moderate? How do you call that moderate? I don’t get it, Eric.

ERICK: You know, they say—

SID: It’s not a Democratic line. It’s not a Republican line. Both Republicans and Democrats called them moderate.

ERICK: Without a doubt.

SID: Is that still their goal?

ERICK: Yes. Sid, that goal, and when Muslim Brotherhood leaders darken the halls of the White House today, that remains their motto. They’ve never changed it since 1928, when they were founded. “Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” And Sid, from the beginning of this organization, founded in Egypt in 1928, seven members, within 20 years, it grew to within one and two million members, within only 20 years of its founding. From the beginning, they lived up to that motto, Sid. They harassed the Jews of Egypt. They worked in particular with the Nazis. They worked, Sid, the Muslim Brotherhood, with Hitler’s war machine to extend the Final Solution from Europe to the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa. The Brotherhood actually sent battalions, when Israel was miraculously reborn in 1948, the Brotherhood sent battalions to fight against the new Jewish state. They assassinated Egyptian leaders, assassinated an Egyptian Prime Minister. This is an organization steeped in violence who, by the way, Sid, not only did they spawn Al-Qaeda, but Hamas, which has killed American citizens, which kills Jewish women and children on a daily basis, they self-identify themselves as the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood.

SID: Now were they involved in the assassination of Sadat?

ERICK: Muslim Brotherhood absolutely, Sid. In 1981, former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Muslim Brotherhood members participated in the killing of Sadat a few years after he struck that peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

SID: That was the reason.

ERICK: That was the reason, Sid. The Brotherhood never let him live it down and they had a bulls eye on his back.

SID: Okay. Tell me about the secret documents to totally destroy the United States.

ERICK: Well you have two. It’s very interesting, Sid. You have, on one hand, documents found in North America outside of Washington, as we were discussing. But then you have The Project. That’s a document that you referenced, discovered by Swiss authorities right after 9-11. Now Swiss authorities conducted a raid of a leading Brotherhood operative’s home in a luxurious villa, I might add. These guys, again, they’re living the high life in many cases. And this document has become known as The Project. And what it is, is a Muslim Brotherhood secret plan to dominate Europe, dominate America. And what they’re going to do, Sid, is mass immigration, number one, proselytizing, number two. Number three, building mosques across Europe, across America, and number four, key point here, Sid, get jobs in the halls of power, in the media, academia, government. We’re seeing it in Europe. We’re seeing it in the U.S. Also working with like-minded, perhaps not ideologically similar, but the left, for instance, in Europe and America, we see the Brotherhood working closely with the left.

SID: Now wait a second. Political left is not going to be aligned with someone that wants to kill homosexuals. I mean, no, it doesn’t make sense, Eric.

ERICK: Sid, it makes no sense. Strange bedfellows. Everyone at home is probably thinking the left will be first ones with their heads on the chopping block if Islamic Sharia Law came into power. But here’s the sticking point.

SID: Is that their goal?

ERICK: That is their goal. Sharia Law for one and all whether we like it or not.

SID: What’s going to happen, bottom line, to women?

ERICK: Well there will be no women’s rights and every woman from small rural —

SID: How does the far left get together with them?

ERICK: Sid, it makes, our heads might explode here on set trying to wrap our heads around this. Here’s the deal, Sid, and here’s the key point people at home need to remember. Why would radical Islamists who want Sharia Law and hard core radical leftists who want, I guess, a Marxist utopia, why would they work together? They seem like strange bedfellows. Sid, they share a common foe: Judeo-Christian Western civilization. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, that old adage. They hate traditional America, traditional Judeo-Christian Western civilization, which is based on the Ten Commandments. They hate it so much. They hate the name of Yeshua, Jesus, so much that they will work together at least in the short term to chip away at traditional America and traditional Western civilization.

SID: When we come back from the break, I want to find out about the next war in the Middle East. I also want you to realize a man by the name of Adolf Hitler wrote a book called “Mein Kampf,” in which he outlined everything he was going to do. No one took him serious. We have an outline of what the Muslim Brotherhood is planning their strategy. Let’s take them serious. When we come back, I also want to find out when God spoke to Eric and told him what his calling was.

Our Guest Bruce Malone


SID: My guest Bruce Malone is a scientist. He was with Dow Chemical for 30 years. He was one of the top 100 inventors. He had 18 inventions that raised millions of dollars. But taking you back when you were in college, you told me God was irrelevant to you. But you had a deadly virus and because of this deadly virus you came to your senses and became a believer in Messiah. But what I want him to tell you, as a scientist that could not possibly believe in creationism, that could not possibly believe that there was a worldwide flood, he goes to church shortly thereafter and he hears a lecture by a creationist. What effect did it have on you?

BRUCE: Well it shook my entire view of reality. I mean, everything I had been taught is this earth is billions of years old. And yet, this speaker was showing how fossils could not possibly billions of years old. And the more I studied, the more I realized that’s true. I mean, if you think about a fossil, it’s a dead animal caught in a rock layer. And yet, a fish that dies in your aquarium, it doesn’t turn into a fossil. It doesn’t fossilize. It’s just eaten up and deteriorates, and turns into food for other animals.

SID: So what makes a fossil?

BRUCE: In order to make a fossil, you have to have something die and be buried very deeply and very rapidly, and then lots of water flush through the rock layers as the sediment is turned into rock. And yet, there are billions of dead things turned into fossils in rock layers covering this entire planet. It’s testimony that this entire globe has been deluged by an incredible flood in the fairly recent past.

SID: And what effect did that have on you?

BRUCE: Well I realize what I had been told about world history couldn’t possibly be true because the very rocks themselves don’t match the characteristics of these huge time periods.

SID: But you also found out that this whole thing you believe, this theory of evolution, was false. Tell me one of the major reasons.

BRUCE: Well I’ll give you two major reasons. When you go to the bottom of these rock layers that were laid down under water, they were all laid down under water, you find enormous gaps between every very different kind of creature. You’ll find single cell organisms and starfish with nothing in between. How do you do that? How do you go from a single cell to a starfish and leave nothing in between? It’s like it was created. There are starfish and lobsters, and coral, and different kinds of animals, very different from each other with enormous gaps. Second, we have very recently been discovering dinosaur bones that have totally unfossilized soft, stretchy tissue inside the bones. Now Sid, think about this. If your grandfather’s dog died and he buried it in his backyard and you came back 50 years later and dug in that spot, would you find any bones left, any soft tissue left? No, you wouldn’t.

SID: It would all be decayed.

BRUCE: All things that used to be alive totally decay. They turn back into molecules that totally disappear. No fossils are tissue that have turned into rock. But inside of that rock we find soft tissue. It can’t be there unless those bones were buried very recently. And we have found dozens of these dinosaur bones with soft tissue in Montana, in Siberia, over in Europe, around the world still with soft tissue inside of them.

SID: So where did we get the earth is a million, a billion years old, or whatever?

BRUCE: Well you have to realize what’s going on in science. There are only two possibilities to explain everything. I mean, pretend the entire earth is represented by this puzzle, this box.

SID: Okay.

BRUCE: Either the puzzle made itself—either all the pieces, which are like the animals we find all over the earth, made themselves—or something outside of this box made the box. Science has been defined as only allowing natural processes.

SID: So what you’re saying to me is, you’re telling me over a billion years that I could throw these pieces like this and they’ll all make themselves into a puzzle. You got more faith than I got.

BRUCE: Exactly. That’s the way science operates. Let’s just pretend it made itself. But I’m telling you, the laws of science show us it couldn’t have made itself. And the evidence from the rock layers say they were laid down rapidly.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. The evidence that he has, it’s irrefutable. I want you to think for yourself. We’re going to come back and you’re going to find out something that is as ridiculous as these pieces of a puzzle making themselves.

Sid Roth and Israel Team


Sid: I tell you had you been with me, it’s actually last month but it’s really because we go a month delayed, but it was really I just got off the plane yesterday; I just got off the plane from Israel I was there for the Feast of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. What I saw with my eyes, I mean I thought I had seen it all, but I didn’t see anything. There was a New Age festival it was called “Breishit,” which is Hebrew for “Genesis” the beginnings. I have never seen so many witches, and demon worshippers, and Satanist, and Kabbalist, and New Age of every variety and stripe and so much debauchery of people walking around. I mean when I was speaking there were several young men in the water, this was at the Sea of Galilee right behind the stage was the Sea of Galilee, and they were having fun. They were swimming, but the only problem is they didn’t have any clothes on, and that was the backdrop to me speaking.  I have on the telephone Pastor Salina Covington, and I’m speaking to her at her church in Youngstown, Ohio. She’s at her church which is called “The Place Where the Lord Provides.” I had a team with me of wonderfully anointed men and women that move in extraordinary power and miracles. I tell you, I anticipated something, but I had something very different. Now the second day when I spoke it was beautiful outside, and there were a lot of unsaved people gathered to hear me speak. We had passed out flyers that said “Lecture on the Supernatural – Many people are healed that attend this lecture.” I knew that with all the satanic power going on I had to be as bold as I possibly could. So I came out on the platform and I started out by talking about Elijah who was taking on the prophets of Baal. He said “Will the real God answer by fire” and I guarantee you you are going to see miracles. I mean you can’t get any bolder than that can you Salina?

Salina: No you definitely cannot.

Sid: So tell me what you observed with your eyes going on while I was speaking.

Salina: We did damage to the kingdom of darkness, without a doubt. I saw the hand of God in motion working to free His people, calling them out of darkness into the marvelous truth, the Light, which is in Christ Jesus. Now you got to picture everything that is going on…

Sid: Of course this in Israel at the Sea of Galilee. It’s a beautiful day.

Salina: There’s all kind of witches. The atmosphere is so charged with evil it could choke you if you didn’t have the Spirit of God alive in your life. Now you’re up there speaking, you’re being as dynamic as I’ve ever seen you preach before. You’re being effective, I mean there’s tears in people’s eyes as they listen, but all the while there’s another seen going on. I took a look to the left, to the right I was standing in the back to the right, your left, and here’s this young man that’s drinking beer while you’re speaking; others were smoking cigarettes, I could a whiff of drugs being smoked in the air. Then there was this group of kids sitting like maybe 5 feet from me and they were like huddled together all touching laying. This one girl was doing some really sexual things you know, I’m thinking “I’ve got to stop her.” The Spirit of the Lord said “Be still I Am the Lord thy God.” Then when the anointing fell they all sat up, they pushed these, they pushed each other away so that they could have some space and they began to listen to you; you didn’t even know any of this was going on. The very ones who had been so disrespectful and vulgar they’re the ones who at the time when you said “Does anybody need a miracle they came with tears in their eyes to accept Jesus our Messiah. They moved the quickest they were the ones that moved out. This one particular young man he came to me. I had made my way to the outside of the tent, so many people came up to me I’d backed away to give room. He came up to me and he said “I need a miracle. I want my mother and my family, and my father, I want them to live a long time. I want them to be healed and I love them.” I said “Do you love them enough to stop partying?” He looked at me and said “Stop partying?” I said “Yes God can heal them. We can be right here and God can heal your mom and dad wherever they are. Your mother’s blood pressure…” he told it was his mother’s blood pressure, and his father had some kind of problems with his hands. I said “God can do that while we’re right here, but are you willing to give your life to the Lord and stop all this stuff you’re doing?” They hadn’t 5-10 minutes when smoking and doing all this sex stuff, and snickering and giggling while you were trying to preach. So he thought about it and he said “Yeah, yeah” it was almost like “Okay if you can really do that and make me know you can do that I’ll give my life to Yeshua.” I looked in eyes, I took my sunglasses off, and he didn’t have any sunglasses on, and I just looked at him in the eye and as I looked in his eye I could see what was going on in his life. God gave me a beautiful word of knowledge for him, and he knew it was and he stood there and he teared up and he began to cry. Then I told him about his sister who he had no told me about who had some kind of illness that say she is going to die. I am not sure if it was some kind of childhood infirmity, I don’t know. He was so amazed at the power of God until he gave his life to the Lord. When we left there he was sitting down back on the floor of the tent and he had all these guys around him except this time they weren’t doing the sexual stuff, and the drinking beer, and smoking cigarettes; he had a Bible opened up and he had little bitty table there and he was sort like… I could tell he was telling them everything that I had said to him. He was showing them the portion of scripture in the Bible I had showed him. He’s literally sitting there preaching the word of God to them, even as I had preached it to him, but he was in your meeting Sid there to be a distraction, and to be a mockery to God.

Sid: I’m gonna tell you something, I believe these young Israelis are the most beautiful people on the face of this earth; to see how low they have put themselves to see how they’ve destroyed their body with tattoos and so many… I mean I see someone with an earring in their ear, that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about totally distorting their body, piercings beyond imagination.

Salina: [Laughing] To me they were pierced, they were pierced all over, and tattoos was everywhere. I mean they were pierced…

Sid: But you know what I’m never gonna forget ever ever ever Salina. Is one of the people on our tour, it wasn’t even a tour it was just believers going to minister in the Land. One of the people with us, Lance Wallnau, who’s been my guest on the Messianic Vision, he had a step-sister who’s Israeli that is not a believer. She had her grandchildren there, and there was one grandchild in particular he was autistic, he couldn’t speak for anything just a young kid. So we were all laying our hands and praying for him, and I happened to notice that he is holding on for all he’s worth to your hands.

Salina: He would not let go.

Sid: Now take it from there.

Salina: I couldn’t make this young boy let go. His momma had said he had not spoken a cognitive complex sentence ever in his life; he had been talking like he was maybe a year old, and he was like 9, 7, 8, 9 something like that. As I looked in his eyes we just made contact and I knew the Spirit of God was moving to heal this baby, give him a miracle, and that autism was gonna have to go. Then I asked him “Would you let me hug you?” and he didn’t say no so I reached and I hugged him. I held onto him, and he just held onto me. He wanted… I literally felt the spirit of God go through our hands, I felt it. He looked at me, he looked up at me with question in his eye like “What is this, but I like it?” He wanted one of his brothers to experience it. So he was trying to take his brother’s hand to put in my hand, but his brother, you know little kids they have to know you if you’re a strange person before they’ll come to you, so I didn’t let that bother me. Then he took my hand back again and he just followed me wherever I went he was just there holding my hand. They had to go, and so then the mom she hugged and said goodbye. She come running back after she go to the car and she said “You got to know he spoke a sentence.” I said “What?” I said “Doesn’t he speak?” She said “Maybe one or two words, but it’s not a sentence.”  She said “He spoke a sentence. He said to me ‘Mommy what the lady is doing for us is a good thing.’”

Sid: These were unsaved Jewish people.

Salina: Yes. So then they let me pray with the grandmother and pray with the daughter, okay. Sid I’m on my way back to Israel to minister to that family, and out of this has come another work, out of this has come for me… I am so blessed, I am gonna be so wiped out, but I am so blessed to know that God has called me to a work there in Israel. I’m gonna be starting up a fellowship Jehovah Jireh. It’s gonna be Jehova Jireh…

Sid: Now give me a break Mishpochah. Don’t you say you can’t do something, Salina is African American, she is female, she is not Jewish and God’s gonna use her. It reminds me of a Jewish rabbi by the name of Saul of Tarsus, and who did God direct this educated rabbit to? The Gentiles, I mean I would have directed him to the religious Jewish people. No he was the apostle to the Gentiles and God’s gonna use you Salina. You know Mishpochah God wants to use you.


Our Guest Bob Larson

Bob Larson

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is red hot for Messiah; he knows too much to be anything but red hot for the Messiah.  His name of Bob Larson; I’m speaking to him at his office at Phoenix, Arizona and I’m interviewing him on his latest book it’s called “Larson’s Book of World Religions an Alternative Spirituality.” I am amazed at two things. Number one how many there are and it’s in alphabetical order and number two how simple he has made this to explain what they believe and why it’s umbilical.  So when you have a friend that said “Oh, I just got involved with Kabbalah” I mean movie stars are into Kabbalah. Bob Larson what would they find out if they read your book of Kabbalah?

Bob:  Well, they would find out that it’s just… the Kabbalah as it’s taught today by the branches the movie stars are into is just warmed over New Age occultism that embodies all types of looking for the inner spiritual, self-reincarnation, talking to the dead.  They would be very surprised to see it that has nothing to do with Judaism.

Sid: No and you know that was the amazing thing when I did my research on Kabbalah and read what you had to say in your book. It’s not even a Jewish thing it’s some man said he found some ancient manuscripts that were Jewish of a famous Rabbi.  Well that’s a bunch of garbage that’s almost like the story of Mormonism.

Bob: Yeah and they carry it a step further because they believe in all types of superstition and you see Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore and these are the people running around with these colored string bracelets.  I mean they’ve made millions off those things, it’s just a piece of string but it wards off the evil eye. There is nowhere in Judaism that it’s taught and that’s occultism clearly renounced in the Old Testament.

Sid: Speaking of occultism, speaking of things that are renounced in the scriptures we were talking yesterday about the movie Star Wars which is becoming almost become a cult type of thing.  As a matter of fact you point out there was actually a survey done of the citizens of Great Britain and for the number one religion it wasn’t Catholicism, it wasn’t an Anglicism, it was The Force.

Bob:  Yes.

Sid: What would happen if we had such a survey in the United States?

Bob:  I dare say if you surveyed young people and you ask them “Is the concept of The Force more of a guiding tool spiritually in your life than organized Christianity?” I know what the answer would be.

Sid: I have a quote the you researched of George Lucas and his quote says “Christ is one of a long long long line of heroes who don’t have fathers. a lot of Greek gods came down and impregnated mortal women.”

Bob:   That’s right.

Sid: You see how he’s trying to water down Jesus.

Bob:  Well, I’ll add to that quote here and I’ll add directly what else he said. “Whether it’s Hindu, Chinese, or Middle Eastern all the mythological heroes didn’t have fathers.  They’re fathers were gods.”  Then he goes on to say and this is rather interesting, “There’s a powerful idea in Buddhism is that life is in the breath.  The road to the force if through the breath, that’s the theme too.”  So admits he’s encompassing Buddhism and this whole idea of the force he’s tied back to the breath.  Now this is what you get in Yoga where it’s called Prana, vital breath is another concept, or key or chi; the idea that energy or breath is something that you can soak up breathe in from the world around you.  Well you and I both know that what people are getting in touch with is occult demonic forces when they do that. That is not how we receive God or Jesus Christ, it’s through faith.

Sid: Bob, I have to tell you a story about myself and this was over 30 years ago I came from a traditional Jewish background. I figured I had my religious base covered and I got into something called Silva Mind Control.

Bob:  Oh, boy.

Sid: And I started but I found out I got more than I bargained for it started growing and they didn’t know how to protect themselves back then and so they’ve made it more squeaky clean today.  But back then they would teach you to invite a counselor or an imaginary friend inside of you. Unfortunately these imaginary friends became real and that’s what happened to me.  And some Christians finally, after I almost died literally, got a hold of me and they said “Sid in your own Tenach, in your own Jewish scriptures, God calls what you’re involved in an abomination.”  Bob Larson, I have to tell you that when I read Deuteronomy 18 it put the fear of God inside of me.  And I don’t know why I was never taught that in an Orthodox Synagogue; I don’t know why most Christians aren’t taught that if they were they might not get involved in things like Star Wars and Harry Potter. I wonder if you would teach a little from Deuteronomy 18.

Bob: Well, I honestly believe that one of the major spiritual forces attacking the Jewish community is the spirit of abominations, and it is that spirit which consistently draws the Jewish people away to false religions and the Holy Scriptures. In Deuteronomy the 18 chapter there are listed what I call 9 covenants of the occult.   

Sid: You know the New Testament says about the Jewish people that “We have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.”  And because most Christians are not sharing with Gentiles, let alone Jewish people, and most Jewish people turn off a Christian by saying “I’m Jewish, I’m not interested.”  That’s the end of the discussion. The first thing that has power whether it’s God or the devil that comes down the pike we latch on to.

Bob: That’s right, that’s right. Right back in Deuteronomy 18 are all the forms of the New Age, the occult and the false religions and its Genesis. And they may have variations but they are basically 9 areas God says don’t tough. Human sacrifice and purification, seeking the future through nonsense remains like deviation, observing times, planets, eclipse and stars the moons astrology excreta.  Analyzing omens or divination, whether it’s rooms like Harry Potter serpents, entrails whatever; also witchcraft and sorcery.  Then the sixth area is one who charms or cast spells the cemetery has to do with necromancy, consulting familiar spirits.  Then the eight theory has to do with spiritualism the belief that there are unseen forces in nature.  And then finally very specifically the ninth one listed goes back to what it referenced earlier, but it’s specifically condemns psychics calling upon the dead or seeking to speak with the departed.  So you know the devil doesn’t come up with anything new this stuff has been around for thousands of years and he just keeps repeating the same old tricks over and over and over.

Sid: You know what I find interesting going back to that 18th Chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy which listed all these things that God Himself calls abominations. In that same Chapter it talks about one who will come from the Jewish people that will be greater than Moses.  Where as we did not listen to Moses we must listen to this one and it’s talking about the Messiah the Yeshua or Jesus.  Right in the same Chapter with the abominations isn’t that interesting.

Bob:  It is and that’s why the Jewish people in the Old Testament and unto this day continue to have this interest in spirituality, but turn to abominations.

Sid: Hey hey listen it’s not just us Jewish people let me tell you when I was involved in that Silva Mind Control there were nuns and priests and religious people and crosses. Whether you’re Jewish or Gentile it seems Bob as though people don’t know the difference anymore.

Bob:  Well they don’t. It’s this religious syncretism that we have in society; we have lost the idea of the exclusive nature of the Judeo-Christian faith of being one God worshiping one God and Him alone being as Isaiah 43 talks “The God that all that is and that it there is no other God beside Me.”  People today they want to make it up on their own and they want to borrow from a lot of different religious traditions which is what the Jews of the Old Testament are doing. They would get to the Canaanites and the Amorites whoever else “ites” keep borrowing bites and pieces and mixing it in with the true faith.

Sid: It sounds like the New Age to me.

Bob:  It is the New Age and that is the definition of the New Age Movement this syncretism, as it’s referred to, of taking what you wish and adding it into a potpourri of spirituality.  Of course the danger of that is that you lose ultimate truth.

Sid: One of the things that I appreciate about your ministry Bob is that you’re not shy about the deliverance ministry. Out of curiosity, very briefly, how did you find out about its reality?

Bob:  I found out about it when as a young man as a new Christian I traveled the world and investigated other religions and witnessed a number of very demonic rituals and ceremonies in which there was not subtlety to it but it was out in the open.  I came to America and then I said “Lord show me where this is in America.”  And people started coming to me; I made myself available and people would walk up under very ordinary circumstances start telling me their troubles and problems and it was not uncommon for a voice to take over.  Another voice would say “Leave them alone they belong to me, stop talking to them you can’t have them.”  And early on in my ministry I had to make a choice how I was going to treat that as a mental illness or something that was too spooky to deal with or take it head on.  I chose to take it head on and I still take it head on.

Sid: You know with all of these different religions and cults and occult groups that are out there you have to understand concepts more than even names today because the names keep changing.