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Our Guest Theresa Griffith Hurlbert

Theresa Hurlbert

Sid: My guest Theresa Griffith Hurlbert I’m speaking to her from her home in Northern California.  We’ll hear from her husband Jeff, but on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that God uses you to play an instrument.  How many different instruments do you play an instrument; how many instruments do you play?

Theresa: Twelve.

Sid: And when you play the instrument preplanned and you literally prophesy through the music, and then you can have an interpretation with English words prophesied through the music.  That sounds fascinating; what is even more fascinating to me is how God is using it to heal people emotionally, physically, spiritually; people with such things as ADD, or autism, or insomnia, high blood pressure, many physical diseases are being healed.  You know what I’d like to do today, Theresa I would like you to prophesy over the air with one of your instruments; could we do that now?

Theresa:  We sure can.

Sid: Mishpochah I believe that there will be healing that will come forth even though it’s going to be whatever God wants I believe the anointing is so strong that many of you will be physically healed if you do that now Theresa.

Theresa:  This is a Native American flute I’ll be using. It’s called the eagle flute and then when I finish playing I’m going to pick the phone back up and sing the interpretation.

Sid: I can’t wait.

Theresa:  Alright here we go; Theresa Hurlbert playing a Native American Flute and singing the interpretation.  Singing: I will comfort my people; I will comfort My Bride; I Am coming to rescue you the day of vengeance has begun.  Take heart, take courage I have heard your cry.  I will answer you I will rescue you I will heal your life.  I will show you My love; I will manifest My love; I will show you My mercy like you’ve never known before. 

Sid: Theresa I heard something Hebraic something coming out of that instrument you prophesied and you said My people I know that God has those that are grafted in but I felt you were speaking to Jewish people.  I felt that you were prophesying to Jewish people in other words I could hear it in the music.

Theresa: Yeah, I did too and I didn’t plan it.  As soon as it started coming out of me I went “Wow, that sounds Jewish.”

Sid: Now we’re going to be offering your instrumental “Bliss” but tell me about “Lover of My Soul” we’ll offer it also.

Theresa:   Okay, “Lover of My Soul” is a love song between the Bridegroom and the bride, “the Song of Songs” and I chose a friend whose voice is so tender, the voice of the Bridegroom. We just did love language back and forth and we just started and went for the instruments.  And we have had phenomenal testimonies about people when they have listed to it.  One lady was just led to the Lord by a friend of mine; she was Hindu. My friend played “Lover of My Soul” for her and she said “Oh, Theresa speaks Hindi.”  And my friend said “No.”  and she said “Well, she is.”  Well there was a section where I was singing in tongues and she is saying “Well, the Lover of your soul and He’s here, He’s here.”

Sid: The other thing I get is there is such stress in the world in circumstances just being human and life and it brings a supernatural peace.

Theresa: Yeah.

Sid:  Give me one of your testimonies from a live concert or one of the CD’s.

Theresa: I would have to say, and this will be outside of Christian testimonies, but this is so interesting because I was doing a concert in Australia. A physic came an hour early and asked permission to be let in because she heard my music heals people.  And she had a sick baby and I think the baby was maybe 6 months old; so let her in and she said “Theresa must play over my baby.”  As I was praying in the back I said “Oh Lord please show me what’s wrong with the baby but He didn’t He just said “Trust Me.”  So I just always go by what I see, like I see visions during the concert.  So I played over the baby’s head and just blew this flute over the baby’s head; I began to sing in tongues, sweet tongue it sounded like it was just beautiful language.  And then afterwards she called me and said “I have to tell you my son he had a brain aneurism and need surgery this week but after you played over him he was healed and now he doesn’t need surgery.  And my husband said to me, “Oh wasn’t it lovely she didn’t know we were Irish and she sang a gaily blessing over the baby.”      

Sid: Oh my goodness, now did you have a chance to witness to her about the Lord?

Theresa:  I sure did. So I have an open door to continue with step two when I go back to that area.

Sid:  A lot of Christians don’t understand this but God heals non-believers as a sign to get them to be saved.  I think that it’s fascinating when God heals a non-believer.

Theresa:  Well it says “His kindness leads us to repentance,” you know. So that’s how He draws and He woos, and He knows those that belong to Him.  So we call her a pre-Christian.

Sid: I got you but among Christians how many Christians’ have insomnia, that have high blood pressure that have a lot of stress.  Are you getting many reports of people being set free from listening to your music?

Theresa:   We are because my music is used in the healing rooms all over the world and then also personal use. So many reports even tumors disappearing and cancer being healed; like I said a lady got up out a wheelchair once.  All kinds of different things, Three different reports of deafness being healed so it’s very exciting and it just brings so much joy to me that my pain of my past is redeemed.

Sid: Well, we’re going to get into that on tomorrow’s broadcast but I also understand you had a house you call it My Father’s House in which people came to be healed and many would supernaturally hear music.  Did you ever hear that music where no one was playing anything?

Theresa:  You know I did I heard it like 3 times and other people reported it but I didn’t understand I thought there must be someone playing music outside and I would go outside and it would stop.  So with your busy life you just don’t really think things through and then I had this young lady come from Australia and she was ill and she almost died on the trip on the way, but when she got there she began to hear music every night and she heard different instruments every night.  And then finally the last night the twelfth night her parents heard the same music, the same instruments she was hearing.  And several nights later I stayed in the house because I wanted to hear it again and I did it was like an orchestra beautiful and I thought maybe someone left an alarm clock on a radio station then I realized that it was the angels and I stayed still and after about five minutes it faded out.

Sid: Well you know I was at a church where I heard the most beautiful shofar blast but no one was blowing the shofar; they tell me that they’ve heard that other times in that church.

Theresa: Wow.  

Sid: It’s why should we think that that’s so strange; it’s natural in the supernatural realm.  Mishpochah we’re making two of her best CDs available to you.  These are CDs she goes in a studio and has no agenda but to worship God.  One is from the Song of Solomon, and the other is the one that so many people are getting healed of different conditions.

Our Guest Jane Hamon

Jane Hamon

Sid: Guess what Mispochah the anointing, the presence of God is pouring through your tape-recorder, pouring through your radio right now because God’s up to something special. We’re talking on an area that is so important to God that He not only prophesied this in the Old Covenant through Joel but He Prophesied this in the New Covenant in the Book of Acts. He said “In the last days (which we’re part of right now) God is going to pour out His Spirit and we’re going to have dreams and visions.  I got a hold of a book called “Dreams and Visions” by Jane Hamon; Jane is the Pastor, and her husband, of Christian International Family Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  And many of you may be familiar with her father-in-law Bill Hamon who is really a father of many, many prophets and many are familiar with the CI, Christian International Organization.  But this is perhaps the most simplistic yet practical book but there’s an area where we’re talking about yesterday Jane that there’s a great deal of confusion.  In the New Age they have books and they say “This is what you’re dream means.”  And there are things I understand that when I dream about a house it has a particular meaning but you do something I love in your book. What you say is that different symbols have different meanings to different people and there for that’s why one person can’t interpret another person’s dream just based on what these symbols mean.

Jane:  Right, I don’t think that we can just dream and then go look up the symbols in a book and plug in a meaning that really cuts the ministry of the Holy Spirit out of the interpretation process I think.  I think that we have to understand that symbols really are one of the most basic languages that we really can’t even read the scriptures without understanding symbols we understand symbols in our day to day life when we see certain symbols on a road side.  Or in a mall we understand we have to deal with but in the scriptures we see Jesus symbolized; we see Holy Spirit symbolized; we see Satan himself symbolized in many many different ways.  So I think it’s important that when we dream we aren’t just plugging something in without understanding how it got there.  For example just say for example Sid that I had a dream about a dog and you had a dream about a dog. And just say for example that I really loved dogs and you really didn’t like dogs.

Sid: Well, you’re being prophetic right now, no I love dogs as long as I don’t have to take care of them, but go ahead.

Jane: (Laughing) But that symbol would actually mean two different things to two different people based on their life experience, is that right?

Sid: Of course.

Jane:  Okay, now if I were to take that back to the scriptures and I was to say “Now say I had a vision of a lion, according to scripture what does a lion represent? Well, we have Jesus, the Lion of Judah but we also have Satan as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and we also have the believers the saints, the righteous who are bold as a lion.  And so you see that same exact symbol being used to describe Jesus, to describe Satan, and to describe saints.  So you can’t just say “Lion represents xyz” you have to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying in that regard.  However, I think that living in a western world we’ve become very accustomed to not thinking in a symbolic way.  The people of the eastern cultures they think symbolically and they use symbolism in their day to day life. But as we begin to learn to read the scriptures, as we learn to look at the pictures that are seen in the scriptures, we can begin to develop an understanding of what the symbols actually mean.  For example you brought up the symbol of a house.

Sid: Right.

Jane:  When I dream about a house number one I look at is it my house?  What’s happening inside that house.  Jesus used that house to represent a man’s life. He said “It’s like the man who built his house on the rock verses the man who built his house on the sand.”  Well, what is He talking about?  He wasn’t talking about where what real estate we build on, He was saying “What are you building your life on?”  What are you building your life on?  So the house actually can represent an individual’s life or it could signify a time in your life, for example I used to dream about my grandmother’s house and these were things that God wanted to speak to me about promises, generational promises or generational curses that needed to be broken.  The people that were in the house, my families, things of that nature.  Look at what’s going on inside the house and I think that that’s one of the ways you can approach that symbol.  The symbol of people is where many times people will actually miss it.  They will have a dream about their boss, or they’ll have a dream about their pastor, or their husband and they’ll immediately assume that that person is literally that person in their dream.

Sid: I’ll tell you as a new believer I did that and I would get so afraid that something would happen to someone I loved not realizing it was not that person; that person represented something.

Jane:  Exactly right, people can be symbols and I think that if people can just remember that one little lesson about symbolism it will keep people out of a lot of trouble. (Laughing) because people can actually be symbols.  For example maybe your pastor is a symbol of how you respond to authority, maybe it’s how you respond to God because God has delegated that person as a spiritual authority. So God maybe using a dream that you had where your pastor is speaking to you and it’s actually God trying to get through to you on something.  Or maybe you have a dream where you see some political figure doing something wrong, maybe you don’t really have a trust in authority, maybe you have trust issues when it deals with authority like that.  But what I encourage people to do when it comes to the symbols of people is look at some of the…what are some of the outstanding characteristics when you think of that person that come to mind.  Maybe God is using that to symbolize that as something that God wants to deal with you in your own life.

Sid: You know this is really important stuff Jane that most believers go their whole life and don’t have a clue about.

Jane:  It really is and I think that if we can understand just some of the basic principles of interpreting a symbol some of the basic principles of understanding how God speaks symbolically to us.  Then it open up a whole new understanding of not just of the realm of revelation that God is speaking to us by his Rhema, or revelatory, word to us but it actually opens the scriptures up to us more understanding that as we study a symbol we can study it and study it and continue to gain understanding and revelation.

Sid: Now can Satan give us a dream and if so how do we know.

Jane:  Well, I think that number one I don’t think that the righteous need to be afraid of Satan giving us bad dreams. Okay I went through a season where I was tormented by dreams, but I will say this not every nightmare is from the devil okay.  In Genesis chapter 20 God gave Abimelech a nightmare when he had taken Abraham’s wife Sarah into his palace. Remember Abraham’s told a half lie and then God gave Abimelech the dream and said “You’re a dead man,” this is not a good dream, this is not a good dream you could even say that it was a nightmare that stirred Abimelech and got him back on the right course.

Sid: It saved his life.

Jane:  Exactly it saved his life and it saved the destiny of a nation that God was birthing through Sarah.  So God may actually use a disturbing dream to get us back on course.  Job chapter 33 says “I’ll speak one way and then I’ll speak another and then I’ll talk to you in a dream.”  (Laughing) and you know to get through to you so that I can remove the walls of pride and save your life from falling into the pit.  And ultimately that’s what God’s after, but the devil can come in and bring tormenting and fearful dreams. I went through a season where I was very tormented in dreams and God had to show me the root of that thing in my life so that I could receive deliverance from the Holy Spirit so that I could be set free.  And even now there’s people that are being tormented, people that are listening to this right now that are being tormented in their sleep, and in the name of Jesus in the name of Yeshua we break the stronghold of that spirit of fear off of your life and release to you the peaceful dreams that come by the Holy Spirit.

Sid: You know as your speaking in a prophetic word, can all the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate through dreams?

Jane:  I believe so, I believe that well think about it what happens when we go to sleep at night, does the Holy Spirit clear out until the morning? Does He take His gifts of the Holy Spirit that He’s given us to operate in the day time, does He take those with Him when He goes?  I don’t believe so I believe the Holy Spirit abides with us throughout the night season as well. And so the same gifts that we operate in during the day can actually operate in our sleep in our dreams as the Spirit of God is moving upon us.  I have a prophetic gift and I see things prophetically quite often.  In dreams I have gifts of discernment where I’m discerning either angels or the works of the enemy, and I see things in my dreams on a very frequent basis out of the gift of discernment that God has given me to walk in during my waking hours.

Sid: You know you talk about in your book about some of the corruption that came into the early church which in some of these Greek philosophers.  Explain that.

Jane:  Yeah, the Greek philosophers you know basically they started out teaching that we could rely on human reasoning, the senses, or the spirit realm to be able to gather valid information.  But then they came along later and determined that the only way that we could really determine true valid was through reason and through our five senses, and they completely cut out the realm of the spirit as being a valid receptor of valid information. And so that’s kind of where the whole process of our western civilization of really neglecting the understanding of the spiritual power that comes or information that comes through the spiritual means.

Sid: But you know we’re in a period of restoration of all things and I’m so glad that the supernatural of God is being restored…

Our Guests Michael and Cyndi Hinson

Michael and Cyndi Hinson

Sid: I’ll tell you what I just got interrupted there’s such a strong presence of God in the studio.  I know that as you listen to our discussion I’ve got Michael and Cyndi Hinson in the studio.  We’re discussing their brand new book “To Heal the Heart.”  I know that the anointing is so strong that many of you are going to have healings….I’ve heard this again it’s so strong there are people anyone that has pain in their back will bend over, bend over and you’ll see you are free! The pain is gone in Jesus Name; there’s a pain inside of people’s hearts. This is where you are going to get freedom.  Michael, why did you write the book “Healing the Heart?”

Michael: I got so touched and dramatic when the Lord came and showed me parts of my heart.  He led me in basic truths that I was so incredibly simple.  The people can get free with such ease that it’s startling; they can get free from the negative effect of other words.  Things like loneliness, depression, anxieties, fears, addictions, abuses see all of those are so easy to change and God comes through and touches people miraculously.  The worlds made it complicated to get touched in these areas; the simple truths in God’s word.  And we wrote this book and when you apply them your life’s different.

Sid: For instance you teach in this book something called faith and that’s a very important thing, but it’s so simple.

Michael: Oh yeah, we have things that are completely different aspects some people call it revolutionary.  People who are suffering or going through problems or they’re life doesn’t have all the fruit in it; sometimes we don’t have a full understanding of the basic principles of God.  Things like faith and love you know if I tell you the word white but you see ivory and in your thinking then from that point on every time I mention white you’re going to have a different image than I do.  And many people have different images in what love is and some of the key elements which are the foundation principals of God.  The Bible says that “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  We know we need it but do we really know what it is; do you know how to get it?  Do you know how to use it; do you know what its offices are?  Do you know what the most powerful forces of the Kingdom of God is and how to apply it in your life? I used to think it was some miracle so far out that I had to reach out and get it; I did everything I could to try to find it. I used to think that if I didn’t have this faith I wasn’t going to be the man of God God called me to be.  So I was in constant search of something and when the Lord visited me…

Sid: So and then people like that your fasting 40 days, your reading the Bible nonstop, you’re meditating of the Word.  You know all these are wonderful things but they’re not going to get you what you’re after.

Michael: Not when you find the simplicity of it; if you have to work hard towards it… Now we have to work toward keeping our heart set towards the Lord but if you have to work hard to gain something then maybe it isn’t exactly what God has for you.  Maybe we have gone about the wrong way because everybody that’s been a Christian for a short period of time the things of God are extremely simple.  Every time you get a revelation from the Lord you realize how incredibly simple this is.

Sid: Oh that’s why Jesus said “You have to become like a little child to even enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Michael: Oh, absolutely very simple, words like faith I was taught “The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1.  We were all taught that, but you know that’s not the definition of faith it’s a characteristic of faith.  A definition of faith is Hebrews 11:6. “That anyone that wants to come to God must believe He exists.”  Faith is simply believing, now Hebrews 11:1 is a great characteristic of faith it’s the fulfilled nature of faith.  I had a daughter that wanted to go to a college out in California; we didn’t have the funds at the time for her to go. And she knew that she was supposed to go there. She prayed earnestly and felt in her heart that she was supposed to go and one day she was holding the check for that college.  What she was holding was the substance of what she had hoped for; she was holding the evidence of what she had not seen.  Hebrew’s 11:1 is the fulfilled nature of faith, and then when Paul wrote it then He went to talk about the patriarchs and what got fulfilled in their life; the definition of faith is Hebrew 11:6 and that is simply believing. If you’re riding in your car right now you don’t have to muster up faith you have it; if you put on brakes that stop light you already have faith the car is going to stop. It’s no more complicated than that you are going to stop.  And if you’re in sitting in a chair right now before you sat down did you pick that chair up and turn it over and look at the legs and make sure that it will support you?  And then when you put it down did you ease yourself into that chair, leaned back slowly to make sure that it held you or did you just sat down.  Well then if you sat down you applied faith, you have faith; he didn’t say “Guys you didn’t have faith.”  Well each man has been given a measure of faith.  When Jesus was going in the water and the storm came up the disciples said “Master aren’t you worried we’ll drown?”  And He stood up and said and He said “Listen,” he didn’t say “Why don’t you have faith.”  He said “Where is your faith?”  Our faith has to be applied to something.  We can apply our faith to the things of God or apply them to the world.  We can put our faith in Jesus and in the Word and what it says and the blood of Jesus; we can put our faith in our finances; we can put our faith in our medicines, we can put our faith in many other things besides the Kingdom of God.

Sid: Cyndi tell me about Charlene.

Cyndi: Charlene was a Christian woman who worked in a bank and there weren’t too many other Christians around.  And so the atmosphere in the bank was a little rough for her on a daily a basis, but she knew that’s where she was supposed to be.  She began to pray that God would change the atmosphere and when I say that I mean that you know that there would be others that would begin to receive a revelation to accept Jesus and in that way the atmosphere in the office would change.  But as she prayed about and time went on there was an incident that happened at the bank; she was responsible for putting money in the vault as were other people at the bank.  One day after she had been in the vault some money was missing, a large amount; her superior deducted that it must had been Charlene, she was the last one in the bank about that time and so she must had been the one that took it.  So she accused her of stealing the money from the vault.  Well and investigation occurred, you know it was a big mess as you can only imagine. She did not do it, she knew that she didn’t do it; it was really no way for her to prove her innocence.  So as she waited and they did the investigation, her superior was very ugly with her, every day as she faced her she was very slanderous to her face.  She pressured her greatly, she tried to get her to admit that she just did it “Wouldn’t it be easier on you and everyone else if you just admit that you did this; it would be behind us and we could move on.”  But she was not going to bend under that pressure, she was sure that she had not done it.  Eventually there was some leaks to something that was going on so there was an article in the paper that she was under investigation which caused it to be a bit uncomfortable for her in social circumstances.  Well, as her children in school began to get ridiculed by it. Eventually I don’t know if anyone has ever been under stress or pressure similar to this but it became so strong that her friends began to back off, it was too hot to handle so they kind of abandoned her in her hour and need and she felt that she was standing alone.  But she kept on seeking the Lord and she still had a peace about that she was supposed to be in that job.  She went in every day, she didn’t have the same responsibilities as before but she continued on.  Well eventually the transport company came forth as the guilty party, they had made a mistake and an error. They had not wanted to accept the responsibility for it because they didn’t want to get in trouble so they kind of sat back and waited for the bank to come and say that they found the error and they would act surprised or whatever.  But the irony in it is that Charlene’s the one that was responsible for checking up these types of errors and she had not investigated that as a possibility because she was convinced that Charlene was the guilty party.  When it was all said and done and Charlene’s name was cleared she kind of flippedly walked up her her boss did and said to Charlene “Well, sorry it was a mistake” and turned around and walked off.  Well Charlene followed her behind her and went into her office shut the door and her bosses eyes got real big because she just knew that “I’m in for it now I have given this woman trouble over the past few months and here she was innocent all this time and she just knew she was fixing to get just attacked from one side to the other.  Instead Charlene looked her in the eyes with almost tears in her eyes, she just compelling said, “Listen I love you and I forgive you.”  When she did it just took down all the defenses and her boss began to cry and weep under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and she gave her life to the Lord.  And before the end of that week was over I think that four or five at least of the other employees became born again because of the testimony of Charlene and the witness that she brought forth through her actions and the way she handled herself through this whole entire time.  So she got the answer to her prayer, God changed the atmosphere in the bank.  But it didn’t.

Sid: It was not the way that she wanted it.

Cyndi: That was not what she was thinking, it was really wonderful because it strengthened her through it.  It was not was not what she expected but she got something out of it as well, it strengthened Charlene but at the same time it was a witness to those. It was a lasting effect on those around her that saw her go through this and how she handled herself.  And that is the testimony that we all have how we walk out our daily lives, how we…You know I asked someone once said, “We may be the only Bible that someone ever reads. Our lives are supposed to be living epistles as we walk through this daily life. And if you don’t have the simple truths or you’re not sure of what they are, if you don’t have a revelation of them you can’t exercise them in life.  And like Charlene did she was able to stand in that and believe God that He was going to bring her through because she trusted Him.  He was going to bring her through this, no matter what it looked like she held on to that.  He was faithful, he never lets you down if you believe in Him and you believe the He’s able because He is.

Sid: And there’s some people going through it now that are listening to us and as you even heard the story of Charlene. It’s so refreshing to get teaching that’s pure scripture and it came from a broken heart.  Michael had a confrontation in which God showed him his heart and from that broken heart came this teaching.  And many of you are going to know what it is to be free, it’s so wonderful to be free; you don’t have to just control, free.

Our Guest Gary Whetstone


Sid: You know my guest is Dr. Gary Whetstone, and Gary and I we’ve known each other a long time. We have friends that are prophets and we read the newspaper and we see that things are not going to be the same in the United States.  We see what’s going on with the economy; we see what’s going on in every arena of life it appears to be shaking right now. Some people are storing food, others are storing guns, other are storing are money, others are buying gold and silver.  I recommend people do whatever God directs them to do, but a lot of them that are doing this Gary are doing it because of fear that we’re living in the last days. What would you say to these people that are so fearful?

Gary:    You know what the thing that God has spoken in Jeremiah 29:11 He says “For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  If you think about every other plan that is induced to create a false security.  False securities is one of the greatest instruments of the enemy to trust in the arm of the flesh.  If you think that gold is going to be a secure place, you are greatly, greatly forsaken because it says “Gold will fail.”

Sid: Well, you know what, I think a lot of people are putting these things and making them their god rather than God their God.

Gary:  Absolutely and because of the false imagery and because of the evil imaginations. You think about it, God’s commanded us in II Corinthians 10 verses 3 – 5 it says “To pull down imaginations.”  He says “To cast down every high thing, every stronghold and imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.” Satan wants to get our faith and fear is one of the greatest tools the enemy uses to get it.  He creates an attack of a bump on your body, next thing you know you’re thinking “Oh, I’ve got skin cancer,”  You end up having a lay off or a cut back in your employment, and you think “Oh, my god I’m not going to have any more money.  Well, the fact of the matter is God’s just setting you up for promotion, He’s given you exactly what Jesus said He does when you’re going to bring forth more fruit, He’s cutting the tree back so it’ll be pruned.  He said “I’m the vine, you’re the branches.” He said “How’s this works is “The Father’s husbandry He trims the branch but what the enemy does is interpreted it as a fear and then make us look at some natural way, or some imagination of our mind that we can trust in.  Trust in gold, trust in our education, trust in some favoritism of somebody that is able to get us a job rather than “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”  The greatest crippling affect that takes place in the Body of Christ is the pictures that take place in our mind.  In the book I’ve written called “Make Fear Bow” deals with how to identify these evil imageries. How to see what has been set up that cause the mind to induce, perceive and conceive a way in which I am going to be limited.  We know that God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, we know that we do not have the spirit of bondage again to fear.

Sid: You know Gary I met some people that I think are so gifted to speak publicly for the Lord, but they’re afraid to get behind a microphone and they’ll never going to find out they’re so gifted.

Gary:  If they don’t put that fear under their feet they will never know the Almighty God within them.  And I’m speaking to you right now that are listening, this day there is anointing of the Living God to break the yoke of fear, break the imageries over the mind.  Break the torments, some of us live in a mindset where our families that have diseased therefore we know that we are going to die of it. How do you know that you’re going to die of it, because somebody said you’ve have signal going off in your DNA?  No, you know you’re going to have long life, God is going to satisfy you and show you His salvation.  You know that God is giving you the capacity the vision of God to step up and stand out and to speak out with the word of God.  This is God’s time in your life to put everything that’s been assaulting, acknowledging, and obstructing the word of God in you and bring it down in the Name of Jesus we have that power.  We are endowed by God not only through His nature but through the Name of Jesus to be able to cripple and to notify every principality and power of the air that I am coming forward into my future, God is favoring me to fulfill every promise He has manifested in His word and God’s nature is going to perform every word He’s spoken. There is no fail with the God that I serve.  That’s the life we life, we do not live a life that is crippled and bound by the appearances of things.  We can release our self from the self-dependencies.  We’re not set here to repeat our past, we’re not bound to the enemy to live under the grip of financial duress and fear of somebody saying “The Middle class is being wiped out.”  Who called me “Middle class, I am the head above only and not beneath.  I never was part of the middle class, I am part of the highest class that God has out of the Living God a royal priesthood.

Sid: (Laughing)

Gary:  We have let the voice of politicians, the voice of economic doom and gloom, the voice of fear and terror and torment and lack and want become a constant in our life and God has ordained us to triumph in victory in the mighty Name of Jesus.  (Praying in tongues)  For the word of the Living God has come today to open your eyes to see, to open your ears to hear, to endow your heart with power. Impel you in action and move out to do what you’ve not done.  For the word of the Lord is within you and strength and power to do the exploits set before you.

Sid: So what limitation does someone have that your speaking to right now, what limitation do they have?

Gary:  I’m watching it right now, I’m watching people afraid to speak and step out in their financial factor, it’s God’s time to break the bands of it that financial grip that that employer has had.  The torment of your education saying you can only earn this much, the fear of watching right now, fears in family, fear that we’re not going to see restoration in our sibling in our relationships, fear that our children are bound and going into rebellion, we can’t see them delivered.  Jesus…

Sid: What about fear of divorce?

Gary:   Oh, the fear that I’ve broken it so bad that I can’t see restoration, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” We are in doused by God with a supernatural ability to conquer the atmosphere around people’s lives.  Sid if people know the authority they have in Christ Jesus they will rule the atmosphere; they will subdues the tormenters that are even speaking to their spouse and shut the enemy up and the spouse will not be hearing the enemy.  That’s our authority.

Sid: But wait are these going to be bad times for people living in the last days where the economy is collapsing, diseases running rampant, families are being destroyed; is there really hope?  I mean are these worst days for believers?

Gary:  These are not the worst days, these are best.  We shine in over oppression; the church comes forth and shines the brightest light in the great darkness that exists when the oppression is the most ominous is when Christ shines the brightest. My beloved brother and sister that are listening today I’m speaking to you no matter what the darkness, no matter what the terror, no matter what the torment, no matter what the fear; the Christ Almighty in Power, Wisdom and Love in you is greater.  Do not ever let him whom is within you become restricted by anything outside of you.  Your made more than a conquer through Him who loves you.

Sid: Your listening from a man that has tested God’s word and made fear bow in every arena of his life.  I mean when you get a death sentence from a doctor there’s probably no more fearful thing than somebody can get but you’ve had two death sentences from doctors.

Gary:  That’s right

Sid: Not counting all the other things you’ve gone through.  And if God would have fear bow in his life, God will do it for you.  As I like to say “Anything God will do for me, he’ll do more for you because there’s no limit to God.  The limit is only you and a lack of knowledge. What feedback are you getting from people that are reading the book and listening to your teaching?

Gary:  I’ll tell you the teaching of “Make Fear Bow” has become a standard in many Bible colleges now because there’s no other book that clearly unveils all the causes and effects of fear. We’re watching physiologists using the book and helping people face psychosis, which is what they call it, which is nothing more than fear and break the band of that oppression in their life. The word of God is never failing; I have one lady in our church that was just listening to a teaching that I was teaching on fear the other day. She had been watching us on the internet and sitting in her house for 6 years.  I did not know this. God said to me my spirit “You who are sitting at home bound I command you get out of your house and get in this house of God right now.”  She got out and when she got up off that bed the oppression left her, the confusion, all the physical infirmity left her and she has been in the church every service.

Sid: You know you teach about believing and meditating on the word but most people never stand, they never move and this is a missing ingredient.