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Sid Roth welcomes Chuck Pierce

Sid Roth: Family with a Jewish Heart, made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people where the middle wall between Jew and Gentile it’s finally come down to form One New Man, one new species of being that will form a complete dwelling place of God by His Spirit; and devil, watch out.  It kind of reminds me of the new book by Chuck Pierce called “Time to Defeat the Devil,” and it us time to defeat the devil.  Now Chuck on yesterday’s broadcast we talked about in 2005 and this has been recorded, you had an extremely accurate prophecy that there would be a black man in the White House.  And then you had a vision of what would happen in May 20011.

Chuck: Well see Sid, the Lord showed me three years ahead from May 2008 and he showed me this like a transition period as we were making a transition in history as a nation.  But this is really what He showed me, that in May of 2011, this President, the new President which was in 2008 we really didn’t have President Obama then, would make a decree that would start dividing our nation.  And this decree would be linked around Israel and some people might even say “Well, you know we always hear about Israel, we always hear about the Middle East and we don’t see how anything can divide our nation just because President Obama says we really don’t want Israel to have its present borders to go back to 1967.”  No, that’s where we don’t understand God, the God of Israel and how God the God of Israel would look at our nation if we take a stand to try to produce that.  And so the Lord specifically said, “That would happen in May 2011.  I wrote it, I’ve shared it, I’ve shared it.

Sid: Alright, what repercussion does it have on the United States of America by that statement by President Obama? – Its Supernatural.

Chuck: I think what it does is it starts a dividing process just as God plans Jew and Gentile to be one in days ahead, One New Man.  And that wall as you said yesterday to be down, that is God’s plan of fullness, when you come against that plan of fullness, now I’m talking about both spiritually and naturally; when you come against that plan of fullness Sid, what happens is you start becoming unfull yourself.  And so what happens is when you start decreeing against the plan that God has for fullness and you quit aliening yourself with His ultimate plan over His land, what will happen then with this is that all of a sudden we start seeing walls come up in this nation.  And what God showed me was there would be twenty-one states that would stand with Israel in this nation.  There would be two states that would hang in the balance; there would be one state that would produce a turning point and the other states really they would, there would be such havoc in those other states because they chose not to follow the God of Israel into the future.

Sid: Well, I for one would not want to live in a state that will not be pro-Israel because I happen to believe Genesis 12:3 is still in reality today which says, “I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and I God will curse those that curse them.”  So could someone be in a state that’s pro-Israel, but yet the nation is, or at least the administration is anti-Semitic and still be blessed?

Chuck: Well see, I think we’re so religious from old religious structures, that sometimes we are not even aware of the decrees that are being made, we’re not aware of what’s going on around us and what will happen then is what happens is, economically you stop being blessed, and you start seeing states start going bankrupt.  And do you remember in David’s time Sid, when it took him three years before he asked, “Why are we in draught?”

Sid: Right.

Chuck: I think that’s this three years ahead.

Sid : So, do you see three years of draught for the United for the United States of America, is that what you’re saying?

Chuck: Well, this is what I’m saying because look what’s happened in May already with Joplin, MO and with Alabama and other places like this with the atmospheric tornadic condition of this nation.  This is what I am saying; I think you’re going to start seeing such a division in this nation.  Certain states will come under certain structures and it will take them three years before they really say, “What happened to us?”  And I don’t think every state; I don’t think every state will.

Sid: Okay, again, and you don’t have to be a prophet to find out what’s going to happen, all you have to do is see the position of the administration of your state to know what’s going to happen.  For instance, I am so optimistic about Canada right now because of such a healthy stance they’re taking on Israel.  I mean at the G8 they came out so strong against a Palestinian State that I believe that God is going to bless that country, have you seen anything for Canada?

Chuck: Oh, my I went with Kenny Blacksmith, he’s a native leader and matter of fact I tell you Sid Roth what, Canada has done two things. Canada went back and reconciled over their native issues, over the issues of the first peoples of their land.  Governmentally they made a decree to ask forgiveness and reconcile with the First peoples of their land.  That was one step and I was with Kenny Blacksmith and I began to tell him the nation.  Because see God, took me beyond the states Sid and showed me One Hundred and Fifty-three nations that would begin to rise up and move toward Israel throughout the world.  Canada was the leading nation and so I told Kenny that, we were in a meeting so we had that recorded.  We were in New York, the very upper part of New York right next to Canada, on one of the native reservations and then I went to Red Deer and I shared this very specifically, “Canada will stand with Israel, therefore you will have a healing outbreak and the sick will come from all over to be healed in Canada.

Sid: I can just picture that right now.  You know Chuck; you don’t have to be a mental giant to figure out what God’s going to do in the last days.  Tomorrow I want to talk about how you had a revelation about Israel as an eighteen year old, but before we do that, why in your heart of hearts did you write the book, the brand new book that we’re making available this week called, “Time to Defeat the Devil?” – Its Supernatural.

Chuck: I felt like Sid people needed to understand the concept of timing and the times that we are living in and in it I really thought Charisma was going to call this book, “A Time to See.”  But when they started reading the book and getting ready to publish the book I write in this book about how our spirit can be vexed in the times that we’re living in; I’ve got two or three chapters on it.  Therefore they named the book, and I thought it was very bold, because you know how compromising we are in the Body of Christ.  They named the book “A Time to Defeat the Devil” because in a world that we live in and the chaos of the world we live in, your spirit can become vexed just like Lot’s spirit.  Lot, who was righteous, his spirit became vexed.  And this book is about how to protect your spirit man from being defiled by all the changes of the atmosphere that’s going on around you and make the most of the time we live in to defeat your enemy.

Sid: Some of the things that you teach on are keys to live in victory, even in tough times, which obviously we are about ready to enter into.  If you think it’s tough now, you don’t know what’s coming.  How to live in the cycles of blessings, how to stay in Devine health, how to break the power of trauma of your life and that’s what Chuck you were alluding to, how to break off bareness; how to break off a spirit of poverty, how to enter into the new season that has begun in your life; how to hear the Spirit of God.   Can you see the difference it would make in your life when you have this revelation?  And Chuck, I’m kind of in awe of the gift that God has given you; and especially the tie in with Israel and the Jewish people.  There are so many Christians today that don’t understand this distinction; they don’t have a clue about it.  For instance there are many people involved in walking in miracles and the healing movement that have not come into this revelation.  How come God’s blessing them so much if they haven’t come into this revelation?

Chuck: Well, God is God first of all and you know that and I know that and He loves His people and He will use those who respond to Him; and many of those people they just love Him, they devote their life to Him, they enter into childlike faith and they start operating in childlike faith and they start demonstrating that faith in miracles Sid Roth.  And I think they move forward for a season but notice something about wineskins, because Jesus talks about wineskin; what’s going to happen is eventually that wineskin that their moving in makes a shift.  It becomes more formed and you have to embrace other revelation to keep moving, I don’t think you can keep moving without understanding the covenant God has with Israel.

Sid: So you believe they will either make the shift or fossilize, is that what I’m hearing you say?

Chuck: That’s what, that it in a nutshell.

Sid: Okay, Chuck we’re running out of time right now; the thing that I love about your book; it shows how to restore everything that was lost.

Sid Roth welcomes Larry Hutton

Sid: Its Supernatural.  You are going to be so excited when this revelation gets down deep because in 1977 Larry Hutton had a visitation of the Lord, the peace and the presence of God was so strong he could barely move.  And he was personally taught by God how to live in peace all the time.  I mean step by step and since 1977 he can honestly say not through…and by the way Larry, we’re not talking about through a self will positive thinking approach because that isn’t going to cut it when the things people walk into they experience.  I mean positive thinking works only until your first crisis.

Larry: Exactly, yes.

Sid: But step by step you were taught these things, but what happens, now I heard your teaching and I have to tell you, I can’t get enough of it, there is such peace, such peach of God that is in my spirit when I listen to you teach on this.  And to believe that I could walk strife free, I could walk, worry free, I could walk hurt free, I could walk depression free 24-7.  I mean it’s like you said when you were first told you could do this by the Lord.  It’s almost too hard to believe.  But I can’t think of a greater gift for a believer with the times that we’re living in right now.  Now you were teaching on Isaiah 53 that gives a lot of keys to the understanding of how you can walk in supernatural peace 24-7 forever.  Ha-ha, tell me little bit about what God showed you.

Larry: Well, in Isaiah 53 verses 4 and 5 it talks about our redemption when Jesus went to the cross, it says that He bore our grief’s and carried our sorrows and the next verses says the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. So the Lord taught me that when He went to the cross, that He bore griefs, sorrows, stress, depression, strife, hurt feelings, bad temper, all of these negative emotions that controlled us.  And He bore them so that I didn’t have to and not only did He bare them but them He bore the cause that there’s nothing that can cause me to be depressed Sid Roth.  Nothing can cause me that I have to make a choice, He showed me in that next verse when He said “The chastisement of my peace was upon Him.”  That word chastisement is the rebuke or the restraint of my peace, so there’s absolutely nothing that I can rebuke or take away my peace of stop it from operating if I learned to use it.  And I found out that Jesus gave me His peace when I received Him.  And that was such a life changing thing, in fact Sid, can I share something real quick about something He taught me?

Sid: Please.

Larry: It’s like He told me that His peace was a fruit, it’s called the fruit, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit that He brings in when He moves into a new believer and that peace, He said, “That peace is called a fruit and He said, “It’s not seasonal fruit.”  And that just exploded in me, it’s like woe, because I was raised in Florida working in the orange groves picking fruit, and I knew that you could only do that during certain seasons.  But when He told me His peace was not seasonal, that’s when I got that revelation; what you’ve been saying over and over 24-7 365.  I realized I could live in this peace 24 hours a day 365 days a year and that was just, just awesome.

Sid: Okay, you can live in that peace; I understand that, I understand this teaching but what happens when you get symptoms of cancer?  What happens if all of a sudden you wake up one day and you find a tumor growing in your body?  That happened to you, tell me about it. – Its Supernatural.

Larry: Yeah, I actually had a tumor grow inside my back and then start coming out my back.

Sid: Oh, it sounds awful!

Larry: It was it was very excruciating pain that came up and yet because the Lord had told me; He said that when you get attacked in these areas and all those thought come of fear, and panic and depression and worry and all those things.  He said, “Take My peace and speak it, speak my peace and just kind of like Jesus did when He was going across the ocean that time in the boat and the storm arose and you know he was sleeping on the back part of the ship with his head on a pillow and His disciples woke Him up and He said, “Peace.”  He spoke peace and I remembered just speaking peace, I just dwelt on Jesus you gave me Your peace.  Sid Roth reads Ephesians Chapter Two says “Jesus is my peace.”  Well, He never leaves me nor forsakes me so therefore I have Him, I have His peace.  And I remember when I just spoke that peace and believed that that once again that peace just overwhelmed me and it was like a guard over my mind, which was so cool because then it like I wasn’t trying to not worry, I was in His rest and it was like He was just taking it from me.  It was so cool Sid, because then it was like I wasn’t trying to not it’s almost hard to explain you know.  But it was so fun to be able to stay in that peace even when that tumor had gotten painful and bigger.  And then of course when we believed for healing and that tumor ended up bursting and then my wife and I have these thoughts of gangrene and stuff because it looked terrible after it burst.  But I just knew that it was dead at the roots, that I was the healed and I had the peace of God and I wasn’t going to worry or get in fear about it all and that’s exactly what happened I can honestly say before God I did not get afraid, I stayed in peace the whole time.

Sid: Now this supernatural peace it works two ways, 1. It keeps you in tremendous… it keeps your body working in the way that God wanted it to work and not working the way the devil want to work.  But I happen to believe that it works in another way, I think that you when you walk into a room and you’ve been walking 24-7 in supernatural peace, I happen to believe the atmosphere must change in that room.  You know, you tell me.

Larry: I mean how many times when you bring that peace into a situation people, they can’t even put words to it until maybe later on they said “Man when you came in and when somebody else may have had that same revelation walked into the room it was like wow, you know it was just okay, everything is going to be all right.  You know it just brings that rest, that peace into situations and along that same line Sid when people learn to live this way it brings it into their marriage, it brings it into other relationships.  So it makes me and you and those of us who learn to walk in peace, it makes us more enjoyable to be around you know.

Sid: Well, let me give you a real life illustration and assuming this was you how would you handle it.  I have a friend that’s an evangelist and one day his wife walked up after twenty years and marriage and three children and says, I’m sick of this life, I don’t love you I’m leaving she not only left him, she not only left the children, but she left the Lord.  And she went into a life of sin, and he did everything he knew, he believe she would come back, he prayed in the Spirit for hours at a time; he did everything, he confessed God’s word and every time he’d reach out to her she would not physically, but literally slap him in the face and says get on with your life.  Well he didn’t want to grant her a divorce because he’s believing for the restoration.  Its Supernatural. How can he walk in supernatural peace?  If that were you how could you walk in supernatural peace?

Larry: Yeah, that’s when it seems like you know you can’t lean unto your own understanding because I’ve had friends that exact same situation Sid happened to them as well.  And that’s when you know it comes down to trust in the Lord with all of your heart and not lean to your own understanding; you have to really have confidence in God that he’s going to take care of me.  Because one of the things that he spoke to me about walking in supernatural peace is He said, “Nobody can make you feel anyway, it’s a choice that you make.”  And so no matter what, even if my wife does that and walks away, I mean as hard as it may sound, I still have Jesus on the inside, I still have His peace on the inside; and I can actually use that to overcome the feelings of depression and discouragement that try and overwhelm.

Sid: Now, what about let’s take a particular case where that occurred in you know, people have free will, and the wife never comes back and they get that divorce, there’s a lot of hurt.  There is a natural process called the grieving process.  How does that fit in with this supernatural peace?

Larry: Well, I watched one of my friends go through that and he realized  you know, when God said “He bore my grief, that means okay, so I’m going to have this natural thoughts, like what’s this, it like God grieves when something doesn’t go good.  I’m going to grieve that this didn’t go the way that God wanted it, but God has a bigger plan and a bigger purpose.  And I remember watching my friend that had the exact same situation happen to him, the wife left, she went out and lived a world of sin and all of a sudden because he decided you know what God, You are my source and You’re my life and my peace, and that peace guarded him and put him in a position where God brought another lady into his life that was so wonderful and they ended up being married and they’re in the ministry today doing more than they ever did for God and so ecstatic and so happy and such peace in their marriage.  He just never thought it could be this good.  So you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel for people that face those things and that’s why we have this peace that can change the situation.

Sid Roth: Well, I just got back from a trip in New York and talk about a testing ground, Manhattan.  I mean I was listening to your material, but I hadn’t mastered it yet, so I repent publically.  I am convinced that I can live that way, and you are living that way and so many others are.  I’m convinced that you can live that way and that is that you have no more down days, you’ve not involved in strife, in hurt, in depression, in anger, and now that doesn’t mean you won’t get angry, but that means that you’re not going to lash out at people and stay that way all the time.  I mean, what a way to live, can you imagine how much more you’ll accomplish for the Lord.

Our Guest Ruth Fazal

Sid: Sid Roth here. My guest Ruth Fazal is red hot for the Messiah, she’s a violinist and I love the sound of the violin.  Ruth, what is it about the violin that just penetrates inside of an individual, can you answer that?  I don’t know it you can, but this is what I sense.

Ruth: I think part of it is that its strings, that it’s a string instrument and so it’s so it’s very close to the human voice in that way, maybe more than some instruments are.  I mean so from that point of view you can really, you can really express things in a very, in a very deep way.  But a beyond that it must be a God thing I think.

Sid: Well, there is something about music that penetrates in amazing way.  Like for instance for those that tuned in for the first time, I explained that you went to the Toronto Airport Church and you started out with really I guess when they started.  Because it was Randy Clark’s meetings and that must have been a phenomenal time.  That was when the outpouring really erupted there. – Its Supernatural.

Ruth: Yeah, that’s right, I remember going home after about three weeks of kind of going back and forth to these meetings, I remember driving home one day and I was thinking, “How long can this actually just stay you know here in Toronto like a secret, you know in the corner in this little nothing place?”  And of course, you know within a few weeks after that everything had broken loose and it was all over the papers and all over the place but.  Yeah, there was an amazing sense that something very very different and beyond anything I’d ever seen before was going on.  It was so fresh.

Sid: Yes.

Ruth: It wasn’t religious, it wasn’t…it was laid back and the power of God was so strong because nobody was trying to make it happen.  That’s what I loved so much.

Sid: And several years later Jesus came to you and He said, “It’s time for you to have a new bow for your violin.”  And He would grant a gift as you played of healing, of righteousness and of forgiveness.”  And people were being healed emotionally and physically.  There is a CD were making available, the title is “Joy in the Night.”  Tell me about that CD.

Ruth: Well, “Joy in the Night” is kind of it’s the songs that the Lord gave me during the time that I was actually writing this other piece called Oratorical Terezin” which is poetry of children from the Holocaust, woven together with the scriptures.  And that was kind of a three year journey of writing this piece and going so deep into God’s heart, and so consequently, you know while I’m creating this big old orchestral piece of Orchestra and Choirs and all the rest of it, there is you know songs that are just coming out of me that really express the intimacy that’s found with God in the most difficult places in our lives and the most difficult times Sid Roth.  And I began to realize that the darkest times in our lives are actually God’s greatest invitation into intimacy with Him.  But so often we miss it because we’re so busy trying to get ourselves out of the dark place and out of the difficult place and we don’t realize that He’s actually inviting us into this intimacy with Him that’s beyond anything that we can experience in any other way.

Sid: So we can get the devil coming and going.  When things are bad we get closer to God, and when things are good we get closer to God.

Ruth: Exactly, I love that.

Sid: Tell me about the song “Marantha.”

Ruth: Awe!  Marantha, Marantha it’s a song of longing, it’s crying out, it’s saying, you know, I’m waiting for the coming of my Lord, I’m waiting for the coming of my King.  It’s the sense of being the Bride that’s waiting with her lamp full of oil because she spent the time in intimacy with Him and so she’s ready for Him to come.

Sid: Let’s hear this selection by Ruth Fazal.  (Excerpt from Joy in the Night)  Ruth, what’s going on inside of you when you’re playing that?

Ruth: A deep connect to the longing, the longing in my heart for Him and I think the longing in His heart for us. You know that He so longs for us; He, longs to be with us to draw close to us.

Sid: Tell me about some of the amazing healings when you play over people or when they listen to your CDs.  Like the person with the heart failure and cancer. – Its Supernatural.

Ruth: Yeah, well that was pretty amazing, I have a friend that was in heart failure because of the cancer, there were these protein deposits on her heart.  And really she should be the one telling the story, but of course there were many other people praying for her too, so I can’t say it was specially from me playing, but I know that it was part of it.  And I was playing over her and I just felt the Lord saying to play just one particular note and it was an F sharp and it was the strangest thing because I’m thinking, well I said to Pamela I said, “I’m just going to play an F sharp you know and so I did, and I just landed on this one note and then I would move off it a bit and then come back to it.  I just felt like the Lord saying, “This is about the heart, this about the heart.”  And so a couple of weeks later, she was pronounced as no longer being in heart failure and the things that had deposited themselves on her heart had actually dissolved and that they don’t do that.

Sid: Why is it that our bodies respond to music frequencies?

Ruth: I think God’s made us that way, I mean we know don’t we that every living thing has a frequency, I’m not in any way scientific, but I do know that much that anything that is alive does vibrate to a certain frequency.  So presumably the same thing in our body, so I’m wondering if there is some kind of connection where if we actually, if we were to find the frequency that is specific to that part of our body, and then infuse that with the presence of the Holy Spirit you’ve just got this incredible combination of power going on.  You know I haven’t experimented with it that much, but I’ve certainly, I mean any time any time I play over anyone or any place, because sometimes I play over places, I do get a very distinct sense of what I’m supposed to, of what I’m suppose to play.  And so I trust that presumingly God probably gives me the key and probably gives me just the focus of the particular notes He wants.  I don’t, I don’t really know how it works.  It’s just coming to Him and playing before Him and just trusting that He’s doing the rest because I certainly don’t understand it.

Sid: Now, I have to tell you something, I have been listening to the instrumental, the one where you’re not singing and I’ve been using it for soaking and I read the story about when it was a dark time in your life and as you went to bed, you felt someone stroking your forehead.  Tell me about that.

Ruth: Yeah, that was incredible, I was…

Sid: Oh no were out of time but I do promise to really start here on tomorrow’s broadcast of Its Supernatural.

Sid Roth welcomes Joel Richardson

Sid: The Complete dwelling place for God, that’s what God’s up to right now, that’s why He’s supernaturally revealing Himself to Jews and Muslims worldwide.  We are in the last of the last days and that’s why I’m so excited about my guest, Joel Richardson because he has received what Daniel talks about when he says the scroll or the scriptures will not be understood until the time of the end. Its Supernatural.  And he has the easiest understood teaching of end times and in fact the 3 DVDs series is called “Islam and End times.”  People that hear this ninety-nine percent of the people who have heard his explanation on the end times say, “It’s so Biblical it makes so much sense it’s exactly what Daniel said, we now understand the end times.”  Now on yesterday’s broadcast Joel, you said, “For us to watch Turkey,” why?

Joel: Well, we have to understand recent Middle Eastern history, Turkey for over 500 years ruled the Middle East, the Ottoman Empire is really the Empire that the Islamic Empire culminated with.  The Islamic Empire having existed from shortly after the death of Muhammad, the founder of Islam for roughly 140,000 years and again it culminated with the rule of Turkey of the Middle East.  And the Bible prophecies that in the last days this Empire would be revived, the Bible says that this empire that it would essentially suffer a fatal head wound and that it would come back.  This is the beast of Revelation 13; many people believe this is the actual anti-Christ and it very well may be the anti-Christ, but we need to understand that the beast of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 are first and foremost speaking of the empires Sid Roth.  So the Bible says that this Empire, this anti-Semitic anti-Christ empire that ruled the Middle East would suffer head wounds and come back.  And in 1924 the secular reformer Mustafa Caramel out of Turk he abolished the Islamic Empire, he abolished the office of the Caliph.  This is like the Pope of Islam, today throughout the Islamic world there is a cry for the reestablishment of the Caliphet and all of the nations that were once members of this empire are now reuniting and coming together and they’re crying out for the reestablishment of the Neo-Ottoman Empire throughout the Middle East.  And amazingly Sid, you know I’ve been talking about this and drawing out the scriptures that show these things.  I recently just read a letter that was sent to the leaders of the Turkish government, the president and the Prime Minister that was sent by a Rabbi Menachem Froman.  He’s one of the more prominent Hasidic Rabbis in Israel, he’s the leader of the Deco Movement Settlement and he literally is calling for a Neo-Ottoman Empire.  Believe it or not this religious rabbi has expressed that he would rather live under a Muslim government then a secular Jewish government.

Sid: And maybe you can explain something to me since we see that Turkey will be such a major end-time player; maybe even where the anti-Christ emerges from.  Why is it that the United States of America is so heavily invested in Turkey?  I mean we send them fighter jets; we sent them weapons; we have bases there.  Do you see any tie in with that in the end-times.

Joel: Well, absolutely.  We need to understand that when the Anti-Christ first emerges on the scene he comes as the trusted mediator.  He comes as a bridge builder; he is able to mediate a covenant or a peace treaty between Israel and the surrounding nations.  So the anti-Christ is trusted by both sides; he has a measure of political capital that he’s able to pull something like this off that Bush and all of these former Presidents have not been able to do.  The Anti-Christ comes along, he is the mediator of the covenant, three and half years into the covenant he reveals his true nature.  Turkey today is clearly geographically and in every other way a perfect ideal candidate to be the mediator between Israel and Middle East.  And even when we look at Menachem Froman letter that I just spoke of, he repeated speaks of Turkey as the only salvation, the only means to achieve peace between the Jews and the Palestinians.  And he speaks about them about them being a perfect mediator nation.  Turkey has been working through Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey to mediate everything in the Middle East over the past few years.  Every time that there’s a conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan Turkey is there to mediate.

Sid: Well, I’m beginning to see why you say “Keep your eyes on Turkey.” Now, another thing that I find fascinating is you’ve lived in the Middle East, you’ve had a great deal of relationship with the Muslim people; you’ve studied Islam.  And you’ve seen such amazing similarities between what Christianity calls the anti-Christ; and what Islam describes as their messiah or Mahadee. – Its Supernatural.

Joel: The Bible teaches that in the last days this charismatic world religious political leader would emerge and he would revive an empire and then he would then lead this empire to invade the land of Israel where he would try to set up an eventually would succeed in setting up his seat of authority on the Temple Mount where he would try to rule the world with his one world religion from the Temple Mount.  And the Bible says that he will have seven years to accomplish all of these things before Jesus returns; this is what the Bible teaches.  Islam teaches that at the end of the age their messiah figure known as the Mahadee that he would come; that he would revive the Islamic Empire; that he would be the governor of all of Islam the religious, political, military leader of the whole Islamic world; that he would then lead the Islamic world in an invasion of the land of Israel; he would kill Jews.  And literally, sacred Islamic tradition teaches, that the Mahadee would set up his seat of authority on the Temple Mount where he would cause the whole world to submit to Islam and Islamic sacred tradition teaches that the Mahadee would rule for a period of seven years.  The two stories are identical; Islam has taken the Biblical Anti-Christ, it’s flipped the story on its head and it’s made him into there savior.

Sid: That is absolutely amazing, do I dare ask you, has God revealed to you the timing of the rapture?

Joel: Well, personally I believe that with regard to the rapture, we need to take the attitude that says this, hope for the best, prepare for the worst; I believe this is wisdom for all of life.  Certainly, there is a lot of debate within theological communities, pre- trib, post- trib; again my approach, is hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Sid: Sell out to Jesus, and you’ll have a pan trib, it’ll all pan out.

Joel: Well, yeah, yeah you know fix your eyes on Christ and that’s all we can do.

Sid: Final thoughts?

Joel: Again, many Christians thinks it’s wonderful that Islam teaches that Jesus Christ will return and they do; but what we need to realize is that Muslims teach that when Jesus returns he comes back not as the Jesus of the Bible, he comes back as a Muslim prophet and he literally abolishes Christianity.  He tells Christians that they’ve had it wrong all along, he never claimed to be the Son of God, their Bible has been corrupted; they’ve been deceived and then he literally slaughters Jews.  The Jesus of Islam in the end times is the very antithesis of the Jesus of the Bible, according to Islam Jesus comes back to abolish Christianity and to kill Jews.  Christians need to recognize that Muslims have been set up and when we pray for Muslims we need to say, “Lord, you saved me, you opened my eyes, you touched me, now these that are so deeply bound by deception, do for them what you did for us; have mercy on Muslims today; open their eyes and raise up a million mighty evangelists throughout the Islamic world who would be fearless that would go forth.  That you would have mercy on them even as you have had mercy on us because you are the God of mercy and we believe in your goodness.”

Sid: I’m interviewing Joel Richardson on … Islam and the end times and I see why this prophet pulled you out of 7000 people; told you things about yourself that only God could know and then said, that in the future God would give you revelation on the end times.  You probably didn’t have a clue of what he meant when he talked about that revelation or did you?

Joel: Well, the last thing in the world I would have believed was that I would be teaching on the end-times, it’s never been…I have always been a missions guy, I’ve been an evangelism guy; I’ve been given to reaching out to Muslims, reaching out to the poor.  And you know I did have a little bit of a cynical attitude in general towards the end-times because we’ve seen so many false predictions.  We’ve seen so many of these things, but as the Lord began opening these things up to me I recognized the church needs to be made aware of these things.

Sid Roth: And they will be open up to you…

Sid Roth welcomes Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov

Sid:Its Supernatural. We want everyone everywhere to feel so loved that they have an overflow of this love to go to other people.  And this is what’s happened to my guests Jewish Believers Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov; and Alyosha is World Class Concert Pianist but that’s not why I like his music.  I like his music because I can experience love.  And you know Alyosha you were talking a bit about when your mentor, Jack Frost taught you about experiencing God’s love but one of the major things was when a man, you weren’t use to this, a big man would just hug you and what would he speak to you?  What would he say?

Alyosha: He hugged me and then he would say, “Father just give him all the love that he missed growing up,” and then also he began to bless me.  And then I realized I never had Father’s blessing and it was tremendous because I felt that my Heavenly Father blessed me and my earthly Father blessed me as well; because I could feel His heart, I could feel his love and I was pinned against the bosom of this man Sid Roth.  And by the way, not many people know the details but in the scripture Yeshua said once, to Pharisees, He said, “I know why I where I came from and know where I’m going to but you don’t know where I came from and you don’t know where I’m going to.”  And in John Chapter one, verse 18 it says where he came from, and he came from the bosom of the Father.  So when that man gave me that hug I was pinned against his bosom.  For the first time I experienced a bosom.  Interesting in Hebrew on of God’s names is El Shaddai and shad, in Hebrew means breast so El Shaddai is translated as Almighty.  But is it possible that it is translated as Almighty because the true might and power comes from the nurture?  So I thought that it was the most powerful moment of my life because when it happened my emotions were released and I cried for I don’t know, twenty-five days.

Sid: Why did you cry?

Alyosha: I don’t even know, I can’t explain it, I just, I felt that my emotions were released, I felt God’s love.  I felt that the most powerful being of the Universe, the King of the Universe is my Daddy.  I mean, “How does it make you feel?”

Sid: Now, you have a very profound statement that I noted before, and it is you say “Love is emotion not just an action.”  What do you mean by that?

Alyosha: Well, sometimes we try to separate or section the word love and I’m not saying it’s wrong, but a lot of people teach, “Well God loves us because He had made a covenant with us and He’s faithful to the covenant, He’s faithful to His word.”  And all that is true, but it’s not the only reason why God love us.  He loves us because He has created us; He has given us birth and He has passion and feeling toward us.  He feels something to us, the same way I feel, you know have love and feeling toward my children.  I have two children, a son and daughter and when they hurt I hurt, when they do well I rejoice, it’s a feeling.  And that feeling causes me to be committed to them; and even when they mess up I will never reject them.  And so Our Father is the same, He feels something towards us; He feels this compassionate deep love.  And as a matter of fact God has a feeling you know people know the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace and etc.  Those are God’s emotions, Our Father is very emotional and I believe He acts out of that emotion.

Sid: I have to believe that when you play the piano now that the love in you is just poured out from your music and that’s what makes such a difference in the way you play today.

Alyosha: Yeah, it’s exactly and this is why we see so many testimonies of people getting healed.

Sid: Jody, tell me a few things that have happened recently.

Jody: Oh, we were just in China last month and it was amazing to see how, even the Chinese people who, you know, people say they are not emotional; it is so far from the truth.  But Alyosha went to the piano and he began to play and we just began to sing to the Lord.  Every single Chinese person in that room, it was a packed room, of these wonderful precious Chinese people, every one of them began to weep just in the presence of our God.

Sid: Were they changed in anyway?

Jody: Oh, we were transformed, you could see it, you could watch their faces being transformed and even afterwards people would come up.  And just in fact last week I think we were in Canada and sharing Alyosha’s music there and one woman came up and she said, “My heart was so hardened I didn’t realize how hardened it had become until I came into the presence of this love from God.”  That was incredible.

Sid: So many people are being healed physically and emotionally but tell me a bit about Jody these two CD’s were making available, “Fear Not” and “The Lord is My Healer.” – Its Supernatural.

Jody: Well, The Lord is My Healer,” was the first one and that was actually created for Jack Frost when he was battling cancer.  And we created that to minister God’s healing, God’s love to him and he actually said a profound statement to us that that actually got him through night, after night, after night.  And then this last CD that Alyosha produced, “Fear Not” we actually created it because we know the need is so profound to release people from fear.  And there is only one way through the Word and experiencing God’s love through you know the music and scripture and getting it into the heart.  So we did, we produced this last CD with that intention and while Alyosha was producing it he came down stair and he said to me, “Honey, I am experiencing the compassion of God as I’m playing this music.”  And the Lord just allowed him to experience this measure of love.  And it is a frequency, it is an experience, it is an emotion, it all that in the form of music.

Sid: And the fact that it is in Hebrew and English and its pure scripture and it’s the love anointing on the music, I don’t think you can get anything more powerful.  In China did you see many people either emotionally or physically healed?

Jody: Oh, tons.  Ha-ha, everywhere we went there were testimonials people were healed, people were…

Sid: Was there one specific one that you can think of?

Jody: Well, one lady came in totally depressed, there was actually several.  One came in depressed, one came in limping you know, couldn’t even walk and she was evidently paralyzed from a stroke and she got up and began dancing the whole roof came off the house when that happened.  Ha-ha because everybody knew she was paralyzed and couldn’t move and she began dancing.

Sid: Listen in this day that we are living in now with, I mean people are really fearful about the economy, about health, about terrorism.  I can’t think of anything more exciting than your “Fear Not” CD in Hebrew and English.  And even though many people, well the translation is there, but even though people don’t understand the Hebrew it is sort of getting into them through the frequencies of God’s Word.

Jody: That’s right.

Sid: Let’s hear an excerpt from “Fear Not.”