KEVIN: And being a Christian on this Earth is more than just trying to act right, and good behavior. There has to be a permanent change, and it has to be a change that is transferrable to other people. So we have to be something different, that’s not of this realm. That coal that touched Isaiah’s lips was not from this realm. Jesus told me, He said, “From now on, you give out to people something from this realm up where I live, and you give it to people down here on this Earth.”

SID: Can you do that?

KEVIN: I can do that through prayer, I can do that by speaking.

SID: Can you do that right now, for those viewers

KEVIN: I sure can.

SID: that are watching?


SID: Right this moment.

KEVIN: Yes. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just thank You that You are extending Your fire, from Your throne. Lord, I just ask that You would baptize; baptize in “the Holy Spirit and with fire.” I thank You, Father, in the name of Jesus, that there is a move of God coming upon this Earth, that is not from this realm; it originates from the holy altar of God. Father, I thank You for introducing into this realm, and into the viewers right now Your holy coals, from Your altar. And I ask, Lord God, that it would alter their life, and change their life; that they would become on fire, and “flames of fire”, and the chaff would be burned up. Father, I thank You that You’re showing people what they need to let go, right now. And the Lord says, to all of you watching, “Yield to the fire.” The Lord says, “I am in the fire. Yield to the fire.” Be made whole, in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father.

SID: Mm.


SID: I had a word of knowledge, while Kevin was speaking. Anything you need in the throat area, you are healed.

KEVIN: [breathes heavily]

SID: whether there’s tumors, whether you have difficulty swallowing, whether you even have, digestive problems; anything you need, and anything you need, believe God for right now! And I play pray the holy fire burn out everything that is not of God every pain, every sickness, every disease.

KEVIN: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that Your holy fire would start to burn, and push out every infirmity from the bodies of Your people. I break the curse, and I speak fire. The fire is now going through your body; it’s going into your mind; it’s correcting. Right now, there are there are brain issues; there are thought issues; they are being cleansed right now. There are I see I see nodules; I see tumors that are being burnt and scorched right now in the name of Jesus. I even see a back straightening up. I see that you have slipped discs down in in your waist, but in the back, in the small of your back, the Lord is they’re going to if you’re feeling heat right now, that’s being healed in the name of Jesus. demons are leaving because they cannot tolerate the holy fire. Demons are leaving right now; you’re feeling free, because the spiritual forces of evil have been working against you. The Angels of the Lord are coming forth right now to correct issues in your life. I’m seeing I’m seeing a woman who has given up; I’m telling you, by the spirit of God, don’t give up. The Lord has not given up on you; He has a plan and a purpose for you. I see you on the floor, kneeling and crying; you’re going to be okay. The Lord is coming to You. There’s many people right now; there’s many people with pain in their elbows and their shoulders and their back; it’s being healed right now, in the name of Jesus.

SID: Now, Kevin, what is true holiness?

KEVIN: Sid, I found that true holiness is not essentially just good behavior; true holiness has to do with relationship. Now, the Lord showed me that there was a positional for everything that God had done for us through Jesus Christ. So position ally, I am holy; position ally I am righteous.

SID: Hmm.

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