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Our Guest Becky Dvorak

BECKY: You just have that feeling every time you eat. It just feels sick inside of you. Right now, you receive your deliverance. Lay your hand on yourself. In Jesus’ name, you, be released, from this curse. Because it is a curse. Someone else is having a problem, what is that called? When it’s – yes the carpel tunnel, thank you. Someone is having a problem with that, and it’s in their left hand. Or their left wrist area. Yeah, in Jesus’ Name, you just release the healing power. You just say, “I receive it. I receive my healing in Jesus’ name.” Start moving your wrist, and you allow it to move. Pain-free, and be healed. The numbness, be gone in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen? Thank you for being here. Thank you for all of you that have tuned in. And we just say God, bless you as you are healed in Jesus’ name. Amen?

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: You know, I’m a professional interviewer. I was watching you, and I’m a little disappointed. When conditions were mentioned, if you had. If I had a back pain, and praise God, I don’t have a back pain. But if I had, and that word was mentioned. I’d stand up and bend over. So, I believe the word is still in the atmosphere. If you have pain in your body anywhere, stand up, and walk into your healing. Don’t keep your pain, or whatever you want.

AUDIENCE: [clapping and standing up]

SID: Come on now. Bend your knee. How about that knee? Bend your knee. If you had a knee problem. Don’t do it if you didn’t have one. [laughs] come on, now faith. That is what the Bible says. Faith without corresponding action is dead. Do you want dead faith? Without faith, you can ‘t please God. So why would you want it dead, when it could be alive right now. Come on, test yourself. Test your fingers. Those that had a problem with their fingers. Okay, now, if your condition was not called, did Jesus pay the price if their condition wasn’t called?

BECKY: Absolutely.

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: I would stand up for my condition, and get it. Right now. Stand up and get it right now, whatever it is. Whatever it is. Whatever it is. I mean, come on, be aggressive like you really believe.

AUDIENCE: [responding]

SID: Either that or don’t believe.

AUDIENCE: [responding and smiling]

SID: Okay, now that a few of you are standing up, I want everyone to stand up. If you had a manifestation of a healing today, raise your hand high, so that I can see it. Real high. Woah. Now those in the front row, turn around. Keep those hands up. Look at all those hands. Okay, I’m just letting you know. I’m going to pray an ancient Jewish prayer over you that comes from the Bible. And, more of you are going to get healed when this is prayed over you. except, I’m not going to pray it from the Old Covenant way before Jesus came. I’ll pray the same prayer from after Jesus came; much stronger. It’s already happened. now it’s just a matter of you walking it. The Lord has already blessed you. The Lord has already, He’s already smiled on you. The Lord has already surrounded you with His love and His Faith. The Lord has already given you gifts, good gifts. The Lord has surrounded you with His favor. He’s already given it to you. It’s not, “Lord give it to me.” He’s given You His favor. The Lord has already given you His shalom. His completeness in your Spirit, in your soul, and in your body [music] in the name of the Sar Shalom, the Prince of peace, Yeshua Ha Mashiach Tsidkenu; Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness.

Our Guest Donna Schambach

LARRY: Welcome back to Something More. I’ve got my guest Donna Schambach with us, and today we’re talking about ministering out of the anointing, and ministering out of authority your spiritual authority in CHRIST! Now for the last two segments we’ve talked about anointing; flowing with the anointing, creating an atmosphere of the anointing in our lives, and learning how to recognize the movement of the Spirit of God. But let me ask you a question: What happens when you don’t feel anything? What happens when you don’t’ feel [CHUCKLING]? What happens when you don’t feel the glory? What happens when you actually see no identifiable signs of the movement of God? Does that mean you don’t pray? No; it actually means you step into the situation, and you pray with boldness and authority, because the Lord has said it to you. He said it to His 70 that He sent out to do the works of ministry, and He’s saying it to you today: Behold, I give you authority over all the power of the enemy. When you don’t feel anything, and you don’t feel the anointing, guess what? You still have authority in Christ to do something about that situation. Donna, you have a funny story about recognizing, learning, activating your spiritual authority. Can you share that with us?

DONNA: Yeah. It took me a long time, Larry, before I’d even share it because it was so embarrassing.


DONNA: to me. But I kind of describe it this way: I had to learn the voice of the anointing wasn’t in my head, wasn’t in my natural ears, but it came out of the place where I was birthed in the Holy Spirit.


DONNA: Out of your belly will flow rivers of living water. Well when I first started out in ministry, it was in the Bronx, New York, and I was starting a Christian school! And I was content being a teacher, but the Pastor introduced me to everybody as Brother Schambach’s daughter. So I guess people made the assumption that I was, you know, flowing at his level.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: at that time, and I hadn’t even been called to the ministry yet!


DONNA: So  in that Italian-American  community, somebody invited me over for a spaghetti dinner, and of course I didn’t turn them down; but what I didn’t know is they had a hidden agenda. And my friend said to me, when I got to the house she says, Oh before we eat, there’s a lady sitting on my sofa. Would you cast the devil out of her? LAUGHS


DONNA: Can you imagine a pre-dinner.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah. 

DONNA: casting out of the devil?


DONNA: So I went into the living room, and there was this woman. She was had to be 7-foot tall, had to be almost 350 pounds, solid as a rock. NOT smiling, darkness all over her face.


DONNA: Didn’t utter a word. And, you know, because a Schambach doesn’t normally back down [CHUCKLING] from a challenge.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah, yeah.

DONNA: I just went after it the way I thought my dad would, you know! And so I squared [CHUCKLING] my shoulders, and In the NAAAME of JESUS, I got that kind of preacher voice.

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

DONNA: and you know then I’d start slapping her on the back.


DONNA: and nothing happened! 

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

DONNA: You know, nothing moved, not even a blink! And so I dug in a little deeper.


DONNA: and I said, I TAKE AUTHORITY, and I must have taken authority over every demon.

LARRY: Yeah; [CHUCKLING] yeah. 

DONNA: I could name: LAUGHING spirits of confusion.


DONNA: lying, you know, witchcraft, whatever!

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: Nobody budged. And then I thought, Well I’m going to have to really get violent here.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and so I took her by her face.

LARRY: Oh my.

DONNA: I tried to squeeze the devil out of her!

LARRY: Don’t do this at home!

DONNA: Do not try this [CHUCKLING] at home.


DONNA: you know. And I left that room defeated.


DONNA: Larry, because I did every trick in the book to cast that devil out.

LARRY: Yeah.

Sid Roth

Audience: Peter.

SID: Who does the talking? We do.  And supernatural languages. You get it? Peter walked. Here’s what happened. Peter did his part, and God did His part. Your part, is to speak, from your Spirit. I don’t know what to say. So far, you’re perfect. It’s called unknown tongues.

Audience: (laughs)

SID: Perfect. A-plus. But what if it’s not from God? Well what if it is from God? My Bible says if a child asks for bread, his father is not going to give him a stone. How much more will He give the Holy Spirit to those who ask in the name of Jesus? Get it straight. You’re either a believer or you’re not a believer. So, I want everyone,  that had either has never prayed in supernatural languages, that’s you at home. Or has, but didn’t realize what they were missing, to stand up. And the others, I’ll pray for your salvation. Come on, stand up. [laughs] Come on. Come on or I’ll embarrass you on international TV. Give me a break. Okay. Now, I want you to say this prayer and mean it with your heart. you at home, you think I won’t embarrass you on international TV? God knows your name. [laughs] Okay, pray out loud and mean it to the best of your ability. you at home too; Dear God

Audience: Dear God

SID: I’m a sinner

Audience: I’m a sinner

SID: against you

Audience: against you

SID: and you alone

Audience: and you alone

SID: have I sinned

Audience: have I sinned

SID: And I’m so sorry

Audience: And I’m so sorry

SID: I believe

Audience: I believe

SID: That Jesus died in my place

Audience: That Jesus died in my place

SID: and by His blood

Audience: and by His blood

SID: you remember my sins no more

Audience: you remember my sins no more

SID: and now that I’m clean

Audience: and now that I’m clean

SID: I ask Jesus

Audience: I ask Jesus

SID: to be my lord

Audience: to be my lord

SID: Lord Jesus

Audience: Lord Jesus

SID: come and live inside of me

Audience: come and live inside of me

SID: and in Jesus Name

Audience: and in Jesus Name

SID: I ask you to fill me

Audience: I ask you to fill me

SID: from the top of my head

Audience: from the top of my head

SID: to the bottom of my toes

Audience: to the bottom of my toes


SID: with your Holy Spirit

Audience: with your Holy Spirit

SID: and with your power

Audience: and with your power

SID: amen

Audience: amen

JULIE: (plays piano) [singing spontaneously]

SID: [music] I wonder if there are some people here that want to share a testimony, something, not something you saw yesterday, or even this afternoon, or something that happened to you yesterday. Or even, this afternoon. I’m wondering if there are any of you that would like to share something that happened to you tonight. Either, a vision. You saw something, or you did something you haven’t done before. Raise your hand, if you’d like to share and come forward, please. Just come on forward if your hand’s up. Come on. What’s going on with you?

Lady: When she started singing ├▒ Well, I have had a pain in my chest about 3 or 4 days, and it was real bad. And I just kept praying and praying, but it would never go away. I prayed this prayer too. [laughs] but I said, I listened to this Mexican guy that you had on there.

SID: mm um

Lady 1: and he was saying walking in the Spirit. And I asked God, ‘How can I go to Florida? I can’t go to Florida.’ I said, ‘I know I need that.’ And He said, ‘Go to Sid Roth, where you use to work.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s right.’ So anyway, one of the girls invited me here, and as she was playing, and you told us to just get in the Spirit as she was playing, and I did. And at first it didn’t go away, it seemed like it got harder. The pain, real hard pain like somebody was sticking a knife, an ice pick in my chest. And I said I’m not going to give up. And I just kept praying, and praying, and praying. And it’s gone! It is not there.

SID: Praise God

Audience: (clapping)