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Our Guest Craig Hill

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be out of debt, we want everywhere walking in supernatural gifting to acquire wealth for the precise purpose of being involved in the greatest wealth exchange in history because we’re at the end of the end.  As the rabbis say in Israel, We are in the footsteps of Messiah.”  We can hear the Messiah ready to return to earth; they wouldn’t say return but they just don’t know, we’re waiting for the footsteps of the Messiah; Yeshua Jesus to return to earth.  But there is a counterfeit approach to money, supposedly Christian and there is an authentic approach to money which is Christian.  My guest Craig Hill founder of “Family Foundations International” in Littleton, Colorado has come out with a book and a CD series dealing with money.  Craig, the Bible talks a lot about money, tell me when you first started getting interested in this subject.

Craig:  You know it is amazing thing Sid I just found in the New Testament there are 215 verses on faith, 218 verses on salvation, and 2,084 verses on money and finances.  I first discovered that back in about 1994 or about 1995, and that’s when I really started getting interested in it personally because the Lord specifically spoke to my wife and me that we were to get out of debt.  And so we took that seriously. What I find is that a lot of times people hear words from the Lord, they don’t take them seriously and you look five, ten years later nothing has actually changed.  We took that seriously and began to take some steps to get out of debt and it actually happened for us by 2001. We were able to eliminate all of our debt including our house mortgage.  You know what I find so many times Sid, people are paralyzed when they look at what they don’t have and what they can’t do.  But when they begin to look at what they do have and what they can do and they begin to do the natural things God steps in to do supernatural things for them.

Sid:  Now I personally have met people that have benefited from your seminar on “Wealth, Riches and Money,” but tell me what feedback comes from people that either attends your seminar or read your books and your CD’s.

Craig:  Well, we found especially with the seminar that something changes on the inside. We found that the biggest problem have is not that they don’t know what to do; the biggest problem have is an inability to do what they know.  Most people have a desire to get out of debt, most people have even gone to seminars, they have even engaged in some feeble attempt at wanting to do it but the problem is on the inside they’re not able to do it.  And what we’ve have found is there are spiritual factors and emotional factors that impact people. This is what we here coming out of the seminars. Specifically is that something changed on the inside that broke the power of spiritual forces that were keeping them back from doing what it was that they knew to do.

Sid:    And now many Christians have been watching in churches or on Christian television and they all seem to now have the same approach towards fundraising. Many Christians have been so turned off they’re throwing away the baby with the dirty bath water. Comment on this.

Craig:  You know I think that the primary problem is that often times the means and the end are mixed.  God is supposed to be the end, we should be perusing God; money is a means, it’s a tool that can be put in our hands to accomplish a kingdom purpose.  But what I find coming out of a lot of television Christian television, and maybe other places, is that it’s not the money is a tool to accomplish God’s purpose, it’s actually God is a tool to get you money.  And money becomes the goal, money becomes the end, God becomes the means.  And what I see in the Bible God is not going to be a tool in anybody’s hands to do anything.  God is the goal, He is the purpose, He is the end. I think that when we pursue Him, seek after Him, not use Him or even use principals to get money but that our purpose is to seek after God then money becomes a tool in our hands to accomplish Kingdom purpose.

Sid:  You know we’re not going there, but I just want to speak a parallel thing about what you’re saying.  Many people say to me because they know I’ve been investigating the supernatural in particular miracles and healing for many years and they say “What is the best method to get healed?”  And the answer is the same that you’ve just said Craig, it’s not a method it’s knowing the truth and the word of God and having intimacy with God. From this intimacy God will show you uniquely what you have to do to get healed.  To me if you need a formula that’s the formula, intimacy with God.

Craig:  I think you’re absolutely right about that Sid and that’s certainly applies to money and finances.  You know I got a revelation from Matthew chapter 6 verse 24 and 25 where you know we commonly read that and hear that, that’s the one where Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters either he’ll hate one and love the other or else he’ll be loyal to one and despise the other you cannot serve God and mammon; therefore I say to you do not worry about your life, what you will eat, what you will drink or about your body what you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”  And what I find with a lot of Christians what they are spending a lot of time doing is exactly what Yeshua said here not to do which is worrying about their life.  And He goes on and gives us a picture of his concept of provision. In other words, Yeshua is saying here, “Let Me show you how provision is supposed to come.”  And the thing that was a shock to me, a revelation, I had always thought the provision would come through sowing and reaping.

Sid:  By the 100 fold return of course!

Craig:  Yeah, you know if you’re really in trouble that the way financially that you fix that is sowing and reaping. Then when I read this Yeshua gives His model of how provision is to come and He says, “Look at the sparrows or the birds of the air,” and then He said a really interesting thing, “They neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly Father feeds them, are you not of more value than they?”  And the revelation that came to me Sid, I suddenly realized that when I was trying to get my financial needs met through sowing and reaping what I had actually done was I had made God’s provision a matter of my works; in other words if I sow then God will provide, if I don’t sow then God won’t provide.

Sid:  Listen, under the Old Covenant we needed formulas, but under the New Covenant His children don’t need formulas they just need God.

Craig:  Well, you know here’s an interesting little poem that I found that goes right along with this about sparrows about birds.  It said the sparrow to the robin, “I would really like to know why these anxious human beings rush about and worry so.”  Said the robin to the sparrow, “I think that it must be that they have no Heavenly Father such as cares for you and me.”  You know when I read that I thought “Boy, we as believers need to at least get as much faith as the birds.”  The birds actually believe in their heart that the reason they will be provided for is because their Father loves them; but I found that most people don’t believe that and because in the debts of their heart they really don’t believe the Father loves them and the Father will care for them.  Then they get involved and actually fall into all kinds of traps of things that people are telling them, “If you give to this ministry, if you do this, if you do that, if you send your money here, or if you invest in this or that, then that’s how God’s going to provide for you.”  And I definitely believe in giving, I definitely believe in investing, but I believe that that is not the foundation and basis of our provision.

Sid:  And isn’t another problem and you actually point this out in your book we’re living in instant America, and they don’t understand the difference between a healing and a miracle or getting your money little by little.  They want instant fixes, quick fixes.

Craig:  Yeah, people have no understanding of process.  They want everything instantaneous and people are not willing to wait, and I think really the bottom line in many of our hearts is that there is a deep rooted distrust toward God.  I think people remember back to their childhood when maybe they heard their parents say things like “Oh you have to be careful save for a rainy day, you never know what’s going to come in the future.”  And those are really words that nullify God’s provision that say “Well, God isn’t going to be there for you you better do something to take care of yourself.”  And the truth is God does love us, He does want to be there for us and He will direct us, He will lead us. As you said earlier, that requires an intimate relationship with Him to begin to experience His supernatural power.

Sid:   Craig you don’t have to be a prophet for whatever anyone reading the newspaper sees we know that the big shaking is coming financially.    Is it too late…

Craig:  I think that it’s never too late Sid; it’s often times we can look in the past and say “I wish I would have or I should have,” but you know God can do such incredible supernatural things.  We’ve had numerous people when they calculated how long it would take them maybe seven, eight, nine years and I’ve had many people report that when they simply began to do what it was that the Holy Spirit showed them to do they found themselves completely out of debt in two, three, four years.  And there’s no way that that could happen without the supernatural intervention of God.

Sid:  And you know one of my concerns I know you do marital counseling and marital seminars. Young people such a serious tearing in their marriage when they get into debt.

Craig:  Well, that’s absolutely true and I think that a lot of times married men feel like, my wife just doesn’t appreciate what goes into me generating this money the hard work, and many woman feel like that well you put me in a prison if I spend $3 buying a Starbucks it’s like I violated something.  And conflict arises and I think…

Our Guest James Goll

Sid:  I’ve been blowing my brand new shofar that I got from Israel; I haven’t been blowing it enough but it’s still working praise God I was so excited the last time I blew it on the air because I wasn’t sure anything would come out.  My guest this week is Jim Goll, we’ve had him on the air several times, but he has a new book that is a must mentoring it is a must mentoring tool it’s called “Dream Language.”  Did you know that God speaks to us in a personal language based on speaking to us individuals and our experiences that might be different from someone else, but God wants to speak to us in dreams and visions and supernatural wisdom.  And this is a handbook that is a requirement if you really and truly want to hear from God and be obedient in the days that we’re living in.  And I want to start out with a scripture, it’s from Joel the 2nd chapter and it’s quoted in the Book of Act’s, but before it’s quoted there is some interesting scripture in Joel chapter 2 verse 23.  “For he has given you the former rain faithfully and he will cause the rain to come down for you; the former rain and the latter rain in the first month.”  And of course Peter quotes this at Pentecost, that’s Shavuot, but that wasn’t the end that was just the beginning.  And I don’t know that we have had the former rain and latter rain coming down at once but he says that when this gusher hits this is what we’re going to see in verse 28.  “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.”  I’m glad it says all, but then it specifically says “Your sons,” by the way speaking to Jewish people, physical Jews, “Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy; you’re old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions.  And also on my men servants and on my maid servants, and in other words on every one; “I will pour out My Spirit in those days;” And I believe James Goll we’re in those days and I believe that too few believers understand their dreams and visions and as a result as you talk about in your book the dreams are snatched from them. Its supernatural with Sid Roth ministry

James:  Yeah, right I call it you know there’s dream drainers and dream snatchers, but we can be dream catchers because the word of God says so.  Just as you’re reading to us from the book of Joel and it’s from the book of Acts; God is the one who told us, He prophesied to us “That in the last days,” those days that we’re living in right now. “That He will pour forth His Spirit upon all flesh.”  And that’s old, that’s young, that’s men, that’s women, that’s boy, that’s girl, that’s whether you’re living in free countries or living in closed countries.  He will pour forth His Spirit on all flesh and He will do it in such a manner that He’ll put the Spirit of Revelation on us. A couple of the forms that takes is dreams and visions.  So already you who are out there listening I want you to know that you should expect to receive from God in the night seasons while you simply go to sleep.  The book of Proverbs says “God” and Psalm’s says “God will give to his beloved even in their sleep.”  And so hey guys this is just absolutely outrageous!  This is about a God who will overwhelm us out of His love and He will hotly pursue us and put the Spirit of Revelation upon us and give us dreams.  Dreams to instruct us, dreams to build up our faith, dreams to enlighten us, dreams to give us maybe witty inventions; I tell you this is an outrageous day we live in and God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh.

Sid:  By the way, I recently was in Israel and do you know they’re leading the world in computer technology, and all types of types of technology.  I would think that if God doesn’t give you a dream or vision of a witty invention, just invest in an Israeli company, it will be just as profitable.

James:  That’s really great I agree with you; I tell you we need to wise up in how we use our money; how we use our time; how we invest ourselves.  And I tell you God is giving breakthrough technologies in the medical.  God’s giving breakthrough technologies into the energy issues, and He has breakthrough revelation to give to your life to help solve difficult problems.  Do you know that when Solomon got his whole realm of like the wisdom poured out upon his life it was that God came to him in a dream, and in a dream God asked him a question of what is it do you want?  And it was in the dream, an interactive dream, can you imagine that an interactive dream and He asked for wisdom.  And I tell you because he asked for wisdom God said, “I’ll give you everything.”  I tell you God wants to come and invade our space. He wants to give us revelation, illumination and inspiration for the sphere’s of authority that we each have.

Sid:  You know one of the things I love is you have written a prayer in your book that is a Hebrew prayer that you’re supposed to say before you go to sleep; tell me about that. Sid Roth supernatural 2012

James:  Yeah, you know as I was preparing for this and I had read three different times the over 300 scriptures in the Bible on dreams.  You see this is just not a sidelight issue, this is one of the major communication tools of God in scripture.  And if Jesus is the same; Yeshua the same yesterday and forever as the book of Hebrews we should expect the same kind of activity today as we did in the Bible.  And I was given a lost just great insight and part of this deals with prayers to lift up before the Lord before you go to sleep.  And I got some this from Jewish dream practices and Jewish bedtime prayers, and it’s actually just awesome.  And in it you’re saying “Blessed are You our God gracious One, Keeper of the world, Who makes my eyes sleepy and causes my eyelids to close.  God of those who came before me, (See now that’s import, there’s your reciting History), and your saying, “Oh God of Daniel, oh God of Abraham; God of Moses; God of Esther you who have led them by the Spirit of Revelation in the past lead us again, God of those that came before me.  Help me to lie down peacefully and rise up peacefully.  While I sleep, may I not be disturbed by troubling ideas, bad dreams, or scary thoughts that come to me in the night.  May my sleep bring both rest and insight.  Blessed are You, God for illuminating the whole world in glorious ways.”  And then there’s another prayer and in it you’re asking for God to release His angels to come to you to release the Spirit of revelation upon your life.  And I tell you if God did it before He will and is doing it again.

Sid:  Well, are you find that people start praying that prayer before they go to bed they have  better sleep, and they have better insight from God in their dreams and in their visions?

James:  Oh absolutely, you see the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit the Book of Roman’s says.  And so if we pray very simple prayers before we go to asleep our state of our inner being will be more calm, will be more in alignment with the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  What if we do the reverse; we watch television and we watch a blood and guts war movie, does that really upset our spirit to the point that it affects our dreams?

James:  It can, it doesn’t always but it can.  See our eye is it’s called the eye gate and what we behold we in a sense become.  The book of proverbs says “What so ever you think” you see, “As a man thinks so he will he be.”  So what we meditate on what we dwell upon, what we think or even look upon affects our thought processes and if those aren’t calmed or cleansed before we go to asleep then you will end up having what you call it will be more of a soulish dream or a body dream versus an inspired Holy Spirit dream.  And so we do need to be careful; you know there’s a la la song, you know I grew up in church so “You be careful little eyes what you see,” you know.

Sid:  No, because I grew up in the synagogue but go ahead. [Laughing]

James:  Yeah, but you see you got to be careful what you see, what you listen to and where you go.  Now but the real key is just get lost in the blood of Yeshua, get cleansed in the blood of Jesus before you go to sleep.  Pray invoke the Kingdom of God upon your thoughts, upon your mind, upon your soul and then you will be inviting the King to rule over this area.  And I tell you it is just awesome, there are times that see, I want people to understand something though I’m known as the seer and dream language and angelic encounters and these realms; I didn’t start out this way and some have.  But I didn’t and I prayed the scripture over my life and I saw how God spoke to Daniel, and how he spoke to Joseph, and how He spoke to different ones in the Bible and I just flat out just said, “Lord, if you did it for them You can do it for me.”  And I just kept praying the word of God for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to be grated to me, the book of Ephesians chapter one.  And as I did that I had a gradual increase of the Spirit of Revelation upon my life and the ability to retain.  Here’s part of the issue that you were touching you see, if you go to bed all stirred up, even if you get something from the Lord it’s harder to retain it and remember it.  But if you go to sleep in the place of Kingdom of God righteousness, peace, and joy not only is it easier to receive revelation, but it’s a whole easier to retain and then capture, release, recall, what the Lord has done in the sleep season.

Sid:  Now James we’re making your book available “Dream Language” briefly what kind of feedback are you getting on this book?

James:  You know there is an impartation that is on this book, and as you read this you will go on a journey with me that it won’t just be with me; you will go on a journey with the Holy Spirit.

Our Guest Steven Brooks

Sid:    My guest Steven Brookes has written a very very significant book it’s called, “Working With Angels.” As a matter of fact there are Bible Schools that are using this one in particular in Romania as a text book for a subject called Angelology, I’ve never heard of such a word before Steven Brooks.

Steven:  It’s a great subject, it’s very interesting.

Sid:  It is because there are angels all around us and the sad thing is that it’s possible to disrespect these angels and I guess then they’re not going to work on your behalf. Sid Roth video podcast

Steven:  That is true Sid, because angels they respond to our faith.  You know we’re admitting all the time, even right now on this radio we are transmitting, but see as individuals angels because they are in the Spirit realm and they’re spirit beings, they are able to see us and they can see exactly what we’re transmitting and admitting.  Faith has a voice, but so do doubt and unbelief and they are looking to see what we’re transmitting because they’re ministering Spirits.  Paul talked about that in Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14.  As a matter of fact he said, “They are all ministering Spirits sent forth to minister for them who maybe heirs of salvation so they want to serve for us, they want to help us in what God has called us to do.

Sid:  Tell me about that angelic encounter you had in a hotel room in Northern Virginia.

Steven:  Well Sid many years back before the Lord put me in the ministry I use to work out on the plumbing field and one day after I had finished this great job that I was working on with some other plumber friends we teamed up on this big job. I thought everything was done and I was just praising the Lord because it was another job done and I was happy for it.  But then I realized I had left a piece of equipment underneath the building; I had to crawl all the way underneath it to go get it.  I decided I would just praise the Lord along the way and that was very difficult to do because I was very tired and fatigued, but I just prayed the Lord and thanked Him anyhow for the strength to work and for I knew that He had a calling on my life and I was just praising Him.  And as I was doing that crawling underneath that house my hand hit something in the dark, I swung a flashlight around to see what it was and there buried down in the ground were the keys to my van, I had lost them earlier that day, I didn’t even know it that they had worked out of pants pocket while I was working underneath there.  And something about that just seemed to stick out to me and that thought of finding those keys was such a miraculous condition which I talked about I the book that never left me. I felt like the Lord had a message in that but I just didn’t understand it.  Well, a couple of years by and of course and quite a few years went by and then I found myself out in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.  We had moved out here but we had done a long ministry trip my wife and I and my daughter we had done a trip that lasted about four months of being out on the road going from church to church and ministering all over.  We came back and all I wanted to do is get a little rest, but I noticed a friend of mine was in a hurry at this lodge that we’re staying at trying to spread out some pine needles to make it look very pretty because a large group was coming up to the lodge to stay.  I went out to help them out because I knew he wasn’t going to get it done in time before they got there.  And I spread pine needles all over the place about six inches deep in area large enough to cover almost half of a basketball court we put it all over the place.   And as I was standing there after the work was done feeling real happy about having made it look so pretty and helping out.  I noticed that some of the needles in one area the pine needles weren’t spread very neat and I walked out to them to spread them a little more flat and when I did that my foot bumped something and it sounded like a piece of metal, well I pulled all the pine needles back in this certain area and pushed and dug up a little bit of the ground and I found the keys of my car laying there.  I checked my pocket, they had fallen out, I was working so fast the keys must have fallen out and I covered them up and I didn’t even know it.  And that brought back to me that memory of that former time of having found those lost keys and I just said, “Lord thank you for helping me find my keys again I feel like you’re trying to get a message across to me, but I’m not sure what it is you’re trying to say to me.”  But Sid it was right after that I got a little rest and we headed out for another meeting this time up in Northern Virginia, it’s a very beautiful part of the country we were preaching in and I was holding revival meeting it lasted four days.  On the last day of that meeting I was in my hotel room during the day getting ready for the night’s service, it was going to be the final meeting.  My wife and daughter had gone into town to get something to eat, and also just to kind of give me some free time there are the hotel, and they’re very gracious about doing that.  But while I was in the hotel by myself I was praying and after I had been praying for and extensive amount of time I just felt like I wanted to praise the Lord some and I just stood up and I begin to walk around that hotel room, I had my hands up in the air, I was praising the Lord thanking Him just any good thing I could put out to the Lord I was just telling him how wonderful He is and sharing with Him and how wonderful He is and Sid as I did that suddenly it was like a “swoosh,” something came into the room and stood two feet behind my left shoulder.  And I knew what it was it was a heavenly visitor, and even without looking I saw a blue light emanating off of this being whoever he was.  And I stood there I couldn’t move, something about the awe or the glory coming off of Him I just couldn’t move.  And then I heard him speak to me he said, “That’s why you were allowed to have found lost keys because praise is the lost key to victory.”  And Sid I slowly turned around there was an angelic being standing there with a blue light just coming all off of him and he smiled at me.  I just put my hands up and I began to praise the Lord like I never had before. I tell you what we had a meeting that night; that last night was a blow out meeting in the Spirit.

Sid:  Well, you know just as you’re sharing there’s an increase in angelic activity, there is an increase in the anointing of God.  Do you know why it just increased as you were sharing that story? Sid Roth radio archives

Steven:  That’s because I believe that what I just shared somebody caught it, there was a revelation and somebody is going to praise their way out of the mess they’re in.  You know God doesn’t do bad things but sometimes He’ll allow us to go through a tight spot or challenging spot and He’ll develop character, He’ll develop integrity in us. As we praise Him and stand in faith God will bring us out.  It says in Psalm 34 “That many are the inflections of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”  Somebody is about to be delivered, somebody is about to get a blessing, somebody is about to get a miracle, and all they need to do is praise the Lord because it’s on the way.

Sid:  Tell me, you’ve had several third heaven experiences tell me about one.

Steven:  Well, most of the experiences I’ve had Sid where the Lord has taken me up to heaven have happened in a trance type of vision.  In other words Peter when he was on a housetop praying he went into a trance and he saw that sheet come down three times that vision was repeated to him.  And when you got into a trance your physical senses are suspended, and the times that the Lord has taken me up into heaven have been times when I would go into a trance and as far as things physically going, I didn’t know where my body was at, all I was aware of is spiritual realities of being caught up.  One time I was on my knees praying in my private time and I was caught straight up, it seemed like I was just sucked up with a gigantic vacuum cleaner or something like that, and all I was totally unaware of anything physical, all I could see was the spirit realm. I was being pulled up through a white cloud it seemed like I was being pulled up thousands of miles per hour.  And I landed, I came down on a substance that was solid and firm and it was real I stood on it, I even felt the thump when I landed and came down on it and I looked up. Sid when I looked up I saw the most beautiful lights I had ever seen in my life; lights of yellow, and gold streaming and merging together and making a just beautiful orange colors, the light was flowing through me and energizing me.  And then I turned and I looked straight ahead of me and twenty feet in front of me was the largest throne I had ever seen in my life, it appeared to be about 80 feet high, it was completely covered with a white cloud, but way up high about 50 feet high I could see two arm rests jetting out and it was a throne of God the Father.  This experience that happened to me which I talk about in my book, “Working With Angels,” was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had in my life where I actually was able to talk with Father God.  He shared something’s with me that totally melted my heart, I talk about them in the book. He gave me a precious necklace while I was there, He placed it on me, He said I asked Him what it was.  He said, “This is the diamond of hope.”  And then He told me, He said, “Hope is divine expectancy that what I have promised you can come to pass at any moment.”

Sid:  That’s what’s going to happen to people when they read your book they’re going to have a new revelation of the reality of hope actually coming to pass.

Steven:  I believe they will Sid and I believe they’ll understand the love of God and one of the things while I was there in heaven the Father told me, He said, “I love you.”  And when He told me that I never heard that from my natural father.  My natural father dearly loves me, but in his generation they just didn’t do that and so when the Heavenly Father told me that I felt like I was just completely undone, but then put back together again in a way that just made everything in my life completely whole.

Sid:  How did it change your life?

Steven:  Well, I came out of that experience and it just seemed like everything in life was brighter, it seemed like the grass was greener, it just makes you want to love people, it makes you want to be sweet, it makes you not want to quarrel or argue with anybody, it makes you just want to try to do your best to bend, to help people and it just makes you want to be consumed by the love of God.

Sid:  How about you, do you want to be consumed by the love of God, do you want God to literally embrace you and say “I love you?” …The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord cause His countenance to shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord grant you His shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body in the name of the Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, Yeshua Hamashiach Tsekanu, Jesus the Messiah our righteousness.

Our Guest Shane Warren

Sid:  This is the wrap up, and we’re getting ready to see what Jesus prophesied, we’re going to see everyone become normal that wants to.  What is normal?  Doing the same works that Jesus did and even greater.  Why is that normal?  It’s in the Bible, that’s why it’s normal. You have based your entire life believing that Jesus died for your sins, and believing that you are the righteousness of God, and believing when you die you are going to go to heaven.  Now if you can believe that the same book that old you that tells you “Those who believe will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.”  My guest Pastor Shane Warren, pastor of the First Assembly of God in West Monroe, Louisiana, had a revelation; he was caught up into the Heavenlies and he’s been commissioned to teach this so that you can live literally in the throne zone, live in the secret place 24-7 and tell you the truth it doesn’t matter what happens in the world; it doesn’t matter what happens to the economic system; it doesn’t matter what happens to any system if you can live in that secret place of God and he says you can 24-7 as you get the revelation he received from the Lord.  What is worship, and what kind of worship is God looking for Shane?

Shane:  Well, I think the best way to define what worship is to say what it’s not.  In my book I teach that when Jesus sat down with the woman at the well whose life was in a mess and she needed a touch, He gave her the most profound revelation on worship in that setting.  And He discusses with her some of the issues that all of us deal with when it comes to worship.  First of all she says to Him, “You Jews worship in this mountain and we Samaritans worship in this mountain,”  they worshipped in mount Gerazim at another temple and they said, “But where’s the place where men ought to worship?”  And here’s the first fallacy when it comes to worship is not a place, any time you relegate this is what the Lord showed me, any time you relegate worship to a place it becomes idolatry.”  Some of the greatest sins of idolatry are being committed on Sundays and Wednesdays, or whenever churches meet across the country because the only time people ever worship God is when they to that place, they have relegated their worship to a place.  Worship has nothing to do with a place it has everything to do with a person of Jesus and giving Him the praise that He desires.  But when we make it about a place we make it idolatry and we might as well erect a false god when we don’t worship Jesus any other time but the time that we go to church.  And that’s something that really burdens my heart, and that was one of the things that Jesus taught this woman at the well is that worship isn’t about a place at all, it’s not about whether you’re in Jerusalem and it’s not about whether you know in Samaria, you can worship God anywhere that you are.  Some of the most glorious experiences some of the most beautiful spiritual experiences I’ve ever had have happened to me when I wasn’t at church.  When I was alone with God and all of sudden God caught me up and I was shown things that I had never seen before and so it’s very important that we don’t relegate worship to a place.  Another thing that He said to her is you know she said she thought it was about a place and then she said, “You Samaritans worship like this and you Jews worship like this.”  And basically what she was saying is there is a certain style to worship, worship has nothing to do with a place, and worship has nothing to do with a style.  It doesn’t matter if you, I’ve been in the far areas of Africa Sid where they worship God on pots and pans, but the glory of God; in fact I was in Lagos, Nigeria preaching a crusade and they started worshipping God.  And basically it was just on drums and as they started worshipping God all of a sudden demon spirits began to manifest in people and I’m talking about 40 and 50 at a time in groups were falling in the floor manifesting demon spirits as the presence of God invaded the place.  And the people were dramatically set free, and it had nothing to do with the style.  So it’s not whether you do it contemporary, whether you do it old school, worship is about the heart that’s what it is; it’s not about the song you bring, it’s about the heart that you bring.  It’s not about the song you sing it’s about the heart that you bring; worship is about a heart. Sid Roth 2010

Sid:  I don’t understand why every Christian in the world would not spend their entire life worshipping God because they’re so grateful for what He’s done for us.

Shane:  Absolutely it ought to be, worship ought to be the most natural reflex to the believer and I want to say that again; it ought to be the most natural reflex to the believer.  When something goes on in our life bad or good, the natural reflex for us should be worship. The reason it’s not Sid is because we have relegated worship to an act.  And it’s not about a state of being.  We have made worship an action, it’s something we do, but it’s not who we are and when a person learns how to be a worshipper, not just come and worship.  You know in Psalms 50 there’s a statement that God made he said, “I’m not going to rebuke you for your sacrifices you’re bringing but I want to tell you (and I’m summing up here I’m paraphrasing) He said “If I were hungry I wouldn’t tell you, the silvers mine, the gold is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills are mine.”  Here’s what God said, “If I wanted to steak I wouldn’t tell you, I don’t need you to give me a steak.”  Because what they were doing is they were brining the sacrifices of worship, but they weren’t heart with the sacrifice.  God is not interested in us just lifting our hands or clapping our hands or singing a song or dancing even though all of that is pleasing to Him, but it’s only pleasing to Him if there is the Spirit behind it because the main thing that Jesus told that women is “That they that worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth”  There has to be the spiritual essence of it for it to be true worship, it’s not an act, it’s not something we do it’s who we are as a spiritual being.  It’s spirit connecting with Spirit.  It is the building of an altar in our life to God, so I’ve learned how to worship Him 24 hours a day 7 days a week and stay in the holy presence of God. Articles Sid Roth

Sid:  What worship pleases God? I mean you said “From the heart.”  But how can I be a God pleaser, you know it’s good to be in his presence 24-7, how can I be a worshipper of God 24-7?

Shane:  Well, I think first of all is to get a concept of how much God loves each and every one of us.  You know in the book of Daniel the Bible talks about I believe it’s Daniel 7 the scripture talks about some angels coming and bringing the son unto the Father the ancient of days and it says these angels and it says “They brought Him near in Daniel 7 and it says “And they brought Him near.”  And I believe that this is the resurrection and they’re bringing Jesus near to the Father in heaven.  So if we read that correctly then Daniel 7 says, “That Jesus had an angelic escort into the throne room.”  But when you go to the book of Hebrews, when Jesus got to the throne room and He put his blood on the mercy seat, now believers don’t have an angelic escort into the throne room, now we have a blood escort.  The Bible says “We can draw near by the blood.”  And we can come boldly to the throne room by the blood because we’ve been washed in the blood of Jesus.  And as believers we have access to the throne.  But here’s the thing it says in Hebrews there, it says that you have access…  It says that we have access to the holiest of all. Well in heaven there’s angels in the throne room, it will we could do is as a believer is worship God and get into the throne room, then we would be no different than the angels.  But because we’re believer and because of the blood of Jesus Christ we have a more wonderful access there, we have access to go to the holiest place in the entire universe when we worship.  Well, what is the holiest place in the universe?  John chapter 1 the Bible says that “Jesus dwelt in the bosom of the Father, the lap of God, the lap of Abba.”  Do you realize Sid that a believer you and I as children of God because of the blood of Jesus can any moment any time, any place, in any style make our way into the throne room of God and there will be the angels worshipping, and we can go even deeper than the angels.  We have an invitation to sit in the very lap, the bosom of Abba Father; this is what the Apostle Paul meant when he said, “That we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus; or in Christ Jesus” because of that we have a special position in the throne itself to come and obtain grace in time of need.

Sid:  Are you feeling the presence of God that I’m feeling?  Are you getting witness by the Spirit that this a realm that God wants you to have access to?

Our Guest Shane Warren

Sid:  My guest is Pastor Shane Warren, Pastor of First Assembly of God in West Monroe, Louisiana.  He had a visitation to heaven, and he’s been commissions to teach others to be able to do, and as he teaches, and that why we’re making His book secret’s of the well and his three CD series living in the throne room available to you.  As he teaches people have these breakthroughs in their life.  I think it’s amazing the chapter in your book about the warfare of worship, the revelation you got, if you would teach on that today.

Shane:  Sure, you know in the book of Exodus Chapter 32 Moses is on the mountain with God. Aaron is down in the valley and there’s a golden calf being made; Joshua’s half way up the mountain and God tells Moses to come down off the mountain.  He gets to where Joshua’s at and Joshua says to Moses, and this is very key, and He says, “There’s a noise of war that is in the camp.”  Well, what were they doing in the camp Sid?  They were worshipping a golden calf and by the way the word worship there means to kiss as mouth to mouth or to lick like a dog would lap or lick the hand of its master.

Sid:  They got as low as a human people group could get!

Shane:  Absolutely, they had resolved to this idol worship and what was bad was that they were calling the idol by the name of Jehovah. That’s another whole another message in its self.  But the thing that’s key is Joshua said, “There is sound of warfare in the camp.”  Well, they were worshipping, which tells us that worship to the spirit realm sounds like warfare. Moses stops and says, he listens for a moment and he puts his hand over his ears and is in Exodus chapter 32 about 16-17, he puts his hands over his ears and says, “No, it’s not the sound of those who shout because they got the victory, nor the sound of those who shout because they need the victory, it’s just simply the sound of singing that I hear.”  In other words Moses was able to discern because he had been in the glory, he was able to discern that this wasn’t true worship, that it was just simply lip service, and that is was worship was kissing.  By the way what was it, what was the way that Judas betrayed Jesus? He betrayed Jesus with a kiss of worship; Judas comes from the name Judah, Judah means praise, Judas was named because he was probably an unusual praiser; he carried according to John chapter 12 he carried a bag on his hip.  The Bible says he kept Jesus money in that bag, but there’s several different words for bags just like a woman has purse, then there’s man bags and then their brief cases or satchels.  There’s different words in the Greek for bags; well the word that’s used there is the Greek word noscoman. The noscoman was a bag that only one person in Israel carried, it was a musician, it’s called a tongue bag and he would put his reeds in it.  So what Judas had done is he had traded or merchandised his anointing of worship and betrayed Jesus with the very thing that he was created to do.

Sid:  You know it reminds me that there is a teaching going around about merchandising the anointing, isn’t that the same thing?

Shane:  Yeah, it’s very similar; I hadn’t heard that, I hadn’t heard anyone else teach on that subject to the extent that I’m talking about in the context of worship.  But back to this thing of warfare, your listeners and all of us don’t realize how close to break though than we are because when we worship we put forth the sound of warfare. When a person worships I want you to realize that every principality and these were the things that I saw in the Spirit.  There are spirits, chief spirits that are over territories and regions and cities. These spirits descend on places when they hear the sound of worship because worship to the spirit realm is the sound of warfare.   Not only that, angels ascend and descend on those waves of worship, proof of that is 1st Corinthians chapter 11.  Paul was talking about the culture setting of the Corinthian church, he said “A woman needs to cover her head,” and he said “When she comes to church may a woman cover her head and he said, because of the angels.”  Well, he’s speaking about a church service there, he said, “When you come to church everybody needs to be careful how they conduct themselves because you’re not just coming to church; there’s a whole spirit realm that becomes active and angels show up in the church service. And they’re there to do bidding.  The Bible says “Angels are sent forth to minister on behalf of those that have been born again, those of us who are righteous.”  And so when angels come to a church service they’re coming with your breakthrough in their hand.  And it doesn’t even have to be a church service, I want to be clear here, that when you worship God angels come into your room where you’re at, they come into your house if it’s in your house, in your office, if it’s at your work, angels ascend and descend in that place.  And also there are wicked angels that are involved as well, wicked spirits that are involved as well that are trying to stop the breakthroughs and the miracles from happening.  But what I saw was that when we begin to worship God showed me the atmosphere was like it was warfare, warfare atmosphere.  In the prophets it says “He teaches my fingers to do battle, and my hands to make war.”  The believer through the power of worship can win more battles by simply snapping his finger, if they knew the power of worship they could snap their finger and worship and win every battle that comes against their life.

Sid:  Describe to me what might be happening as believers in your congregation are worshipping corporately, what could be going on in the spirit world?

Shane:  Use your sanctified imagination and tell me what could be going on.

Sid:  Well, here’s the thing, I don’t have to use my imagination this is what the Lord showed me and I write about it in my book, this is what he showed me.  He showed me these angels coming into the worship service and they had our miracles and our breakthroughs in their hands, but they’re not the only ones coming.  Hebrews chapter 2 verse 10, 11 tells us that “Both he who sanctifies and those that sanctifies are all one; He is not ashamed to call us His brethren.”  And that’s talking about Jesus and us.  And the Bible says in verse number 11 that “He will declare the names of God to His brethren in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.”  The context there is Jesus talking so the Bible doesn’t just say the angels are coming to our church service, the Bible says Jesus Himself is somehow visiting our services and coming into the services and joining us in our worship setting.  And that was the most profound thing I ever saw in the word of God and as people begin to worship the Bible says in John chapter 4, and this is the reason I call my book “The Secrets of the Well.” In John chapter 4 Jesus is giving these secrets to this woman at the well whose life is in a mess, she has had five husbands, she now in a relationship with another man she’s not married to, she’s at the well in the middle of the day, her life is a total disgrace, and Jesus sets down with her and He picks this woman to give the most profound revelation of worship in the new testament to a woman whose life is in a mess.  Why did He do that?  Because He knows the keys to break though for her life and for our life is to discover the power of intimacy with God, that when a person discovers the power of intimacy with God miracles begin to happen and the Lord turns our lives right side up.  And the Bible say, here’s what Jesus said to that woman, He said, “The Father seeketh such to worship him.”  The Lord is on a hunt for those that are worshippers and I didn’t say those who do worship, because worship is something you do, but a worshipper is who you are. The Lord is on a hunt for true worshippers, so when the Lord shows up in our church services and with these angels he is looking for somebody, He is not looking for everybody, He’s looking for worshippers.  And according to Hebrew’s chapter 2 verse 11, He walks around and declares the names, the redemptive names of God in the ears of those who are worshippers.  So what happens is he walks up to somebody that’s say is setting in a church service, and their truely worshipping God and they are sick in their body, and He walks up to them, and at some point during the worship service He whispers in their spiritual ear he says “He’s Jehovah Ropha, He’s the Lord that healeth thee.”  And when He says that there’s healings that take place, there’s miracles that take place.  Sid that just happened in a church in Pineville, Louisiana. I was walking around teaching this revelation and I walked up to a man through a word of knowledge and I said, “Let’s just say that Jesus were to walk up to you tonight and you’re dealing with sickness in your body and He says “He’s Jehovah Ropha, the Lord who heals you and I whispered that in his ear and immediately I did not know, but I knew that the man had received a touch from the Lord and I told him “God has just done something for you.”  This man’s kidney’s were in failure and he was going to the doctor because of kidney failure, he went to the doctor the next week his kidney’s had completely reversed because Jesus had walked up to him.  Listen, the Lord means what He says when He says in the midst of two or three I’m there, the Lord comes down and He ministers and these angels do ministry.  You know I’m not into worshipping angels at all, but I’m telling you we under estimate the power of angelic ministry.

Sid:  You know I was really intrigued by your chapter in your book that talks about what the devil knows about worship, and what the devil doesn’t want us to know. When we know, when we really know the revelation in this book you say that there’s no obstacle in life that is impossible, no war you cannot win.

Shane:  You’re right. Listen, satin according to Ezekiel 28 was a worshipping being, he was created for worship, the Bible says he had three different sets of instruments in his body, a percussion instruments, woodwind instruments, and strings instruments according to Isaiah there, but he was a worship being.  Listen he knows, the Bible says he walks up in down, he walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire in a pre-fallen state.  He knows how worship affects the Father; he know how worship affects the spirit realm; he knows how worship affects the angels.