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Our Guest Kathie Walters

Sid:  My guest, Kathie Walters has been walking in the supernatural for many years, what is unusual for most Christians is normal for Kathie.  She says, “Everyone should become normal.”  Tell me about the angels that look like Israeli soldiers that you saw in Israel.

Kathie:  Okay, can I say something first because I’m feeling something on today’s broadcast, I can feel like heaviness on the mind.  And I feel like people listening today have been under, a lot of people have been under some real heavy religious mindsets and a lot of condemnation.  And so when you feel that people tend not to feel worthy of seeing angels, or not to feel worthy of seeing the supernatural, but the supernatural realm is for every single Christian, it’s supposed to be a normal part of our life.  You just have to decide to believe this is for me this supernatural realm, my inheritance.  Jesus died that we would all walk in it, not just a few special people, so I just wanted to say that because I feel there’s heaviness on the mind; it’s good to be light headed.  You know, you have your mind full of the Holy Spirit and you can be light headed and then it’s much easier for God to speak to you and then you begin to see the things of the Spirit much more clearly and easily.  But when I was in Israel and I saw this friend and she wanted to ask a rabbi some questions about a festival that was happening but we couldn’t get near the rabbi because there was a crowd around him.  So she said, “Oh I just wanted to ask these questions and suddenly in front of us appeared an angel, but he was dressed like an Israeli soldier.  And we were in the middle of a courtyard, there was nowhere for him to come from, but he just stood in front of us and he began to answer my friends questions in perfect English.  Now she hadn’t asked him the questions, but he just came and stood over us in front and answered the questions.

Sid:  We’re going to have more and more reports of experiences with angels with this brand new outpouring of God’s spirit, I believe that Kathy.

Kathie:  It’s happening, it’s happening.

Sid:  And you know something else that is pretty interesting, you talk about there are angels for ministries, angels for churches, and sometimes when someone is ministering that has their own angel, the angel of the church sort of sits down and lets the angel with the guest minister demonstrate the power of God.  Give me some examples. 

Kathie:  Okay, can I just finish that other little story, because what was interesting about that angel in Israel was, he answered the questions then totally disappeared.  Then my friend said, “Oh I forgot to ask, and he immediately was back again.”  But when he left the anointing on us was so strong, that people that came near us after that literally were not able to stand up.  So those angels are all over Israel.  Anyway, you were asking me about a meeting and I saw something very interesting in a meeting one time and there’s a principal.  I was in a meeting of end time handmaidens with Gwen Shaw and I saw an angel standing in the balcony watching over the meeting; he had his arms folded just watching.  And I said to the Lord, “Who is that?”  And the Lord said, “That’s the angel that’s over this ministry and he is under and Arc Angel Michael who is over Jerusalem.”  Well, I thought that is interesting; the next day he was there again but he suddenly moved over to the other side of the balcony and another angel came and stood in that place where he had been.  But the other angel was like a glory cloud with a figure of a man in it and I thought, “What is going on?”  And the next thing Gwen Shaw introduced Ruth Heflin’s going to speak.   So Ruth Heflin came and I realized the angel that I saw, the glory angel had come with Ruth.  Ruth ministered to the people and then she left, and when she left that angel went with her and the first angel came and stood back in his place.  So I saw that when, like if you are invited somewhere to minister at a church or conference of whatever, the angel over that church stands aside so that your angel can take control of the meeting.  And when you leave the first angel comes back again, that’s why you shouldn’t do things without being invited.

Sid:  Oh, well you end up being there by yourself.  There’s another interesting story that I think is fascinating about being translated in a mosque and knowing things about people.

Kathie:  Yeah, I actually was in a prayer meeting in Florida just praying with these ladies, I didn’t really know them very much and the Holy Spirit said to me, “You need to go and stand in the next room, the living room.”  I said, “I can’t walk around someone’s house that I don’t know.”  And so He said, “Just do it.”  And so I went into the next room and this light came down; it was kind of like being beamed up or something; this light came down and hit me.  I actually fell on the floor, but the nest minute I was walking in the streets in Jerusalem with Jesus and we were walking around.  He started to tell me about different people that we saw. The next minute I was standing in back of the mosques, well I’ve always been very careful to avoid the mosque, but I was standing in the back and Jesus was there and He said, “Just wait there.”  And there were a lot of men kneeling on mats on the floor and He went and touched three or four of them on the shoulder and He came back to me and He said, “These men are going to be saved and I’m sending someone here to minister to them.”  Then we walked out of the mosque and walked down the Via Delarosa, we walked in the old city.  And then He suddenly, I don’t know how long I was there, but He suddenly turned to me and said to me, “You have to leave now.”  So I said, “Oh no, I’ll stay you know this is interesting future move by different people.”  He said, “No, you have to go because I’m going to visit the prayer meeting in the convent.  That’s where Mother Barbara was who had that very famous Russian prophecy in 1904.

Sid:  Quickly, I’m not familiar with that prophecy from 1904.

Kathie:  It was given to a Russian Monk in 1904 and Mother Barbara brought it with her to Jerusalem, she went to Jerusalem and it was a prophecy about the nations.  But it said, “That the rivers of blood will flow in Russia, it said Germany would be divided in two, Great Britain would lose her empire and I don’t want to try to remember off hand but it’s very famous prophecy.  Anyway, He said, “I have to go and the next minute I was back on the floor in Florida but I don’t know when you have those experiences you actually do kind of leave your body. Sometimes in revival we say, “Talk about going away, they went away” and that’s happened to me several times I’ve been away somewhere, but when you come back the presence of God is so strong that you can’t move.”  I don’t know if you’ve had that experience but you can’t even move your eyelids; the people think that you’ve kind of died or something.  When I came back all these people were praying over me you know and it takes a little while to kind of come back again.  But yeah I went to different places that way and I perceive that that’s increasing too; but like I say, “It’s for everyone, everybody, everybody, everybody not just a few special people.  I wish people would start believing that and start believing that it’s for me.  You start declaring this is my inheritance, this realm of the spirit.

Sid:  Kathy, something very special is going to happen on tomorrows broadcast.  How do I know that?  Because there is, I don’t know if an angel came into this studio but something significant happened in the Spirit just about oh, five minutes ago into our conversation that wasn’t present before.  But even as you were talking about getting a little woozy I was getting a little woozy as you were saying that.

Kathie:  Well, there’s the angels that came around you with the blue lights you remember?

Sid: …Kathy we are going to talk on tomorrows broadcast about the Honey Angel, but give me just a little bit a preview of the Honey Angel.

Kathie:  Well, it finally represents the Spirit of revelation and so the Lord, I have known Him to release that Honey Angel, He’s been given honey to everybody that wants it and that’s the spirit of revelation and I’ll explain that.  And I’ll explain what happened when he came and how he’s been released everywhere now to bring the honey.

Sid:  Well, start just a little bit.

Kathie:  Well, the honey, you see people have had lots and lots of head knowledge even though it’s been kind of like charismatic head knowledge or something but the real revelation of the Spirit comes to take you into the spirit realm.  Not just to catch little glimpses, not just to have a vision now and again, but to actually be caught up and taken up into the spiritual realm which is the Spirit revelation and God is pouring that out.

Sid:  And one of the things when I think about you Kathy, I think about you in the Spirit you go on chariot rides.

Kathie:  Yes!

Sid Roth:  I mean you literally did that one time when we were having dinner together.  It’s, I don’t want to confess this, but I haven’t had that yet and you provoke me to jealousy.

Sid Roth welcomes Melanie Hemry & Gina Lynnes

Sid:  My guest has to be red hot for the Messiah because she had a disease that is a death sentence and she is one of the testimonies in the book that we are featuring this week called “Anointing for Healing.”  And the thing that I love about this book is that all of these testimonies are so well documented and researched.  All of these miracles and it’s the type of book that if you need a faith injection, I mean I’m amazed that how these authors got such unusual testimonies, I mean a child with autism was totally healed.  A pianist with Multiple Sclerosis totally healed, a young man with one of rarest and the deadliest forms of Leukemia, actually it is so rare it comes from Africa totally healed.  And my guest right now is Wendy Moore, I’m speaking to her at home in Flint, Michigan.  And Wendy, “You were a paramedic so that means you had to be a pretty active person, why did you feel that you had to go to a neurologist?”

Wendy:  Well Sid, I started experiencing some weakness in my legs that for a twenty-seven year old young active woman, wife & mother that I was was just not normal.  And I could sense that something wasn’t right with me, I was having trouble lifting patients; I was tripping, falling a lot and so after a battery of tests from a neurologist locally here in Flint they sent me down to the University of Michigan a hospital in Anne Arbor.  And the University of Michigan is one of the only fourteen ALS centers in the country so they specialize in this disease and after they ruled out several other neurological diseases they did an EMT on me and it actually had showed nerve death within fourteen days that the tests were performed.  So that is how they make the diagnosis of ALS.

Sid:  So when you found out what you had wrong, Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS what did the doctor prepare you for?

Wendy:  Well, I was with my husband and my Mom and Dad and they came into the room and I wasn’t expecting to be told that I had any kind of disease.  You know I thought be something that they could go in and fix, maybe I had something wrong with my back you know, I wasn’t sure.  But they come in and she “Wendy, the disease that you have is ALS or you may better know it as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Then, I just broke down crying because they were telling me I had a disease and I asked them, I said, “Can you tell me, you know am I going to die?”  And she said, “Do you really, you know do you really want to know?”  I said “Yes, I do.” I had a baby that was four weeks old; I had my son four weeks earlier.  My son was born March 15th of 2001 and I was diagnosed April 17th of 2001 and a two year old.  And she said, “Well 50% of people live two to five years” and the whole family just broke down bawling and you’re just in disbelief; total shock, just overwhelmed with just sadness, a burden, heaviness I just can’t describe it to you unless you’ve actually been through something like that.

Sid:  Beyond it being a death sentence, it’s a horrible death sentence, what happens to someone with Lou Gehrig’s disease?

Wendy:  When somebody has Lou Gehrig’s disease you know typically they start falling, and your muscle, which I started to do, I obviously had nerve damage happening throughout my body but in my legs in particular and my muscles were not operating the way they were supposed to.  Lou Gehrig’s is a debilitating disease where the muscles actually waste away and a person becomes paralyzed.  You just get weaker and weaker and weaker until you’re in a wheelchair and eventually bed ridden.  And then death usually incurs when the diaphragm, you know you no longer can breathe, so basically you suffocate to death.

Sid:  Now, you were a Christian, but you didn’t understand anything about healing so I imagine you had literally no shred of hope and you started getting a lot of understandably so dark thoughts.

Wendy:  Absolutely your mind, you know you are totally controlled by what your mind thinks and my mind was just, I had nothing positive in my mind at all.  But I had an Aunt, my Aunt Jan that came along and told me “Windy, this is, this is not going to happen, you are going to get into God’s Word and were going to see and we’re going to agree together as a family for your healing and stand on God’s healing promises.  And she said, “You need to get into this Bible College that I went to and go see what God’s word has to say about healing.  So my family, my Mom and my Dad and Husband and my Brothers, we all went together and went to Bible school and learned what God’s promises were about healing.  And eventually when you start putting that into your heart and into your soul and you start mediating on God’s word, you know the Bible says that that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  And eventually your faith starts to rise up as that goes on.

Sid:  Well, you began to do things like posting scriptures all over your house.

Wendy:  Absolutely, we took scriptures and because, I had negative thoughts Sid, you know the devil comes to rob, kill and destroy you know and he came as often as he could.  And I would call my Mom and Dad crying and cried on my Husband and whenever I would trip and fall and I was having a bad day and not feeling well, and we would cast my thoughts down and replace it with the Word of God.  And I would put, we had scriptures posted in my bathroom, it was on the refrigerator, in the bedroom, anywhere you could go, so I couldn’t get a spare second without mediating on God’s Word.

Sid:  But then you were taught that you had to mediate, but sort of a faith without a corresponding action is really dead faith; so you wanted your faith to be alive so what did you do?

Wendy:  Well, I decided that faith without works is dead, exactly like the scriptures says and if  I was going to believe that God healed me and that He took care of it on the cross back when he died for our sins and our healing.  It wasn’t just for sins you know He died for our physical healing as well, and I think that’s where Christians you know the Bible says “That My people perish daily for lack of knowledge.” So that was a… you know, because I always use to wonder this other person was a Christian and they died of something.  You know my people, I think that there are a lot of good Christian people out there that just believe that God died on the cross for our salvation and there are tons of things in the Bible that talk about physical healing that Jesus still heals today.  And when you stand on those healing promises and your faith rises up manifestations of that physically start to happen.  So I decided that if I was going to act on my faith, I went back to work fulltime, I’m a dispatch supervisor at the 911.

Sid:  But how could you do that, you don’t even have your balance, how would they even take you back?

Wendy:  Yeah, my boss told be you come back however you can come back you come back to work; we want you here we support, they had faith with me and we support whatever your decision is.  And I went back to work full time and you know what I had my days Sid; I had my days, but eventually as I kept just flooding myself with the Word of God and there’s power in agreement and I had every member of my family and friends agreeing for my total healing with me you know there’s power in agreement.  And I wouldn’t listen to any… I wouldn’t read any negative articles, I wouldn’t watch any negative programs as far as death and dying and all that type of thing; I only put in my mind positive, life filled, healing scriptures.  Eventually the manifestations of what I was doing started coming to pass.

Sid:  When was the first time you saw something little happen that was positive in your body?

Wendy:  We had a baptismal service for my son and one of the woman in the church got a Word of Knowledge and she came up in front of the church and she said…basically when I was up there with my son she said, the Spirit was moving her to come up and tell me that everything was going to be okay and that this disease was going to be eradicated.  And she didn’t do it; she said “Lord if it’s meant to be that I tell Wendy this, let me see her face again.”  Well, a few weeks later I went up to the front of the church for everybody to lay hands on me, and she saw my face again and she came up and gave me a Word of Knowledge.  And she said, “Dolores told me that this disease will be eradicated within your body within thirty days.”  I don’t understand what the thirty days was because it was about two years later that I was told and it was confirmed by doctors that I didn’t have this anymore, but I think that God requires us to stand…

Sid:  How did the doctors respond to you being healed if you’re not supposed to be healed of Lou Gehrig’s!

Wendy:  No, I went down to the doctor I started out going every three months and you know I would see a team of doctors, a respiratory therapist, a social worker and I was doing so well and we told them how I believe.  We told them how we were going to cooperate with them and that we wanted them to treat me or you know to keep track of my strength or whatever, but that we told them we believe that God is going to heal me; that’s how we’re believing and they’d never looked at us funny they never; they supported us 100%.  But really why wouldn’t you when this is a death sentence and there was nothing they could do to help me.

Sid Roth:  Well, listen there are people listening to us right now and they’ve been given death sentences or they know people that have or they want to be able to pray for the sick…

Sid Roth welcomes Mark Blitz

Sid:  This week we’ve been pointing out the Biblical Feast that God says to observe forever, in fact I have a question for you. “If we know as a fact and we know this from the New Testament that that the First Church observed all these biblical Feasts; we know in the Millennium we’ll be observing the Biblical Feasts, why did we stop?”  Pastor Mark Biltz, that’s a good question for you, “Why did we stop observing the Feasts?

Mark:  Well, I think we stopped observing the Feasts Sid, because we wanted to cut off our relationship with God’s people, with Israel.  And it’s amazing there’s a verse in Jeremiah that says that the Gentiles are going to come and say “Our Fathers, we have inherited lies.”  And I think part of what’s happened is tradition among us that we need to get away from man’s tradition and get back into the Biblical Tradition Sid.  I really think that the devil doesn’t want us to keep the appointed times because He doesn’t want us to be aware of what God is trying to do.

Sid:  Well, we’ve been talking all this week on showing to the exact day, the exact hour if you will the first coming of Jesus, the dress rehearsals were in the early Feasts, the spring Feasts, but then the fall Feasts predict the exact return of Messiah if we have eyes to see.  Give us some clues on His return.

Mark:  I believe people believe in Devine appointments and like you said, the spring Feasts are the dress rehearsals for his first coming; the fall Feasts are the dress rehearsals for His second coming.  Why wouldn’t we want to learn about the fall Feasts, because they all speak of His Second Coming?  Now, we don’t set dates by any means, but the Feast of Trumpets, do we hear the word trumpets in the Book of Revelation?  Of course we do, and so the Feasts of Trumpets is very key to understanding, when you understand the dress rehearsal, when you do these things all of a sudden the scriptures begins to come to light.  And I don’t set dates, but I believe some year on the Feast of Trumpets is when the Tribulation will begin, and then on Yom Kippur I believe scripturally some year on Yom Kippur that’s known as face to face I think that’s when Messiah will remove the blinders off the nation of Israel and they’ll come to realize that He is the Messiah; they will look upon Him whom they have pierced one.

And then the Feast of Tabernacles speaks of His coming back and tabernacling among men for a thousand years, the thousand year sabbatical rest.  So all three of these Feasts speak of His Coming and so that’s why I think that it’s so important that we begin to realize that and understand they’re dress rehearsals.

Sid:  Now you’ve recently uncovered some strange signs that tie in with the Feasts.

Mark:  I definitely did and these are definitely supernatural signs.  In Genesis 1 God said, “He put the sun and the moon and stars in the heavens for signs;” that’s the number one reason.  He has four reasons; He says for first and foremost they were for signs and the Hebrew word is Ote and it means a signal, for an appearing.  So that’s why even the Magi and they were looking at the stars and so He wanted to signal us.  Then He says not only for signs, they’re for seasons; well we think winter, spring, summer, fall, but the Hebrew word is Moahd the same word translated as Feasts.  So the sun and the moon were signals for on His Feasts days, when they should be kept.  Well, what’s amazing to me is I went to NASA’s web site, the National Aeronautics Space Administration, this is our government, NASA’s web site, because they list all the solar eclipses for the last several thousand years and the next several thousand years.  And I noticed in Joel and the Gospels, God talked about how there would be signs in the sun and the moon and so I looked and low and behold in 2014 and 2015 there are four total lunar eclipses back to back with no partial eclipses between.  And as I’m looking at that I’m looking at April, you know March, September, October and all of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I need to look at when these fall on the Biblical calendar because that’s what God uses to communicate.  So I looked and low and behold, the total lunar eclipses in 2014 fall on the first Passover and the first day of Tabernacle.  And then on 2015 it was the same thing, they fell on the first day of Passover, the first day of Tabernacle.  And so I thought oh my, this must be a sign God’s trying to tell us something.  Well, the next thing was “How often does this happen?”  and so I looked and in the 1600’s  there are no four blood moons back to back, NASA calls them Tetrads, in the 1700’s there were none, in the 1800’s there were none.  And so then I looked to the 1900’s, this last century, low and behold it happened twice; so I was interested to see when they fell.   Well, they fell in 1967 and 1968 and in 1967 is when they recaptured Jerusalem and then I went back more and they fell in 1949 and 1950 which is right after Israel became a nation in 1948.  And so I thought, “Oh, my goodness these supernatural signs of the sky falling on these Feasts days that are tied to the nation of Israel.  And so when I went back and I saw that there were none in the 1800’s, 1700’s, 1600s; I went to the 1500’s and there were like six or seven tetrads but none of them fell on the Feasts days.  I went to the 1400’s and low and behold in 1492 is when all the Jews were kicked out of Spain on the 9thof Av, well what do you find?  There is another four blood moons on Passover and Succot in 1493 and 1494.  So then I thought, oh my goodness and so then I went fast forward to see if it happens again in this century no more again for the next hundred years do you have four blood moons happen on Passover, Succot in this century.  So I felt 2014 and 2015 is very significant; well then I thought He also talked about the sun.  So then I went and I went to NASA’s web site, low and behold in 2015 there is a total solar eclipse that begins the biblical year on Adar 30 Nissan One.  And so I thought the total solar eclipse beginning the biblical calendar and then on the Feast of Trumpets there’s another solar eclipse and it’s a partial solar eclipse.  So I saw 2014, 2015 as very interesting coming up because in 2015 you have a total solar eclipse beginning the calendar year, the Biblical calendar, two weeks later on Passover a total lunar eclipse followed by another solar eclipse on the Feast of Trumpets, followed by another total lunar eclipse on the Feast of Tabernacles.  Now I don’t set dates I’m not…

Sid:  Now I know you don’t because the Bible says we can’t do that, but I can get your sanctified speculation, what do you think these signs could be?

Mark:  Well, the fact that these signs are all falling on the festivals and God said, “He’s given the sun, and the moon for signs on His feast days, I think we very well could see the Return of the Lord somewhere right around there.

Sid:  But speaking about the return of the Lord, tell me a bit about Rashanah, the Feast of Trumpets.

Mark:  The Feast of Trumpets is all about warning, the days that lead up to it are known as the days of Tishuvav or the Days of Repentance.  And so I believe that God wants all of us to begin to repent, to begin to return to Him.  In Judaism it’s also known as the day of the Awakening Blast, which I thought was quite interesting.  And again I don’t set dates for the Resurrection of the Dead but according to Judaism they believe it would fall some year on the Feast of Trumpets.  It’s also known as the ha-Kiddishim which is the wedding of the Messiah.  And so within Judaism they believe that some year on the Feast of Trumpets, that is when the wedding of the Messiah will take place, also Ha-Melech, or the Coronation of the Messiah.  It’s known as yom hadin the judgment and the opening of the books.  And so there’s so much within when we study our Hebrew roots that the Jews have seen for thousands of years that I think would be very good for us to pay attention to.

Sid Roth: …You know, I think that’s its God’s time right now, as a matter of fact would you care to speculate as to why Christians for the first time in almost 2000 years are getting interested in their Jewish roots?

Mark:  I love that question, I think it’s the Spirit of God, I think that it’s a supernatural sign from God, He’s putting us back within our hearts those that love Yeshua realize that He was Jewish.  And we’re beginning to return back to our roots and I believe this is the sign that we are living in these last days that people are living in these last days that people are all of a sudden getting a heart for Israel, a heart for the Jews and a heart for getting back to our original roots.

Sid Roth:  Why would you speculate that the anti-Christ system doesn’t want us to understand the appointed times of the Feasts.

Mark:  Well, I think that it’s because he doesn’t want us to be ready and I think God wants us to be ready so He’s trying to warn us.  And the Anti-Christ wants to change the times and the seasons so that we’re not aware.  And I think that he’s trying to thwart the return of Messiah.   He failed when he tried to destroy Israel in the Holocaust because he knew God was going to have them become a nation again.  And I believe the whole thing now with the whole problem in Israel, the devil doesn’t want the Jews to return to the land because he knows that it’s a land issue and God’s to reign from there and he’s trying to stop it.  And so if we want to be on the right side of history and the right side of the Bible we really need to begin to understand this from the Hebraic perspective.