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Our Guest Kerry Kirkwood

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Kerry Kirkwood. And Kerry, you received a revelation. It was a revelation to you, but it was an ancient revelation. It’s in the Jewish Scriptures. It’s the power of the blessing. Give me an example, like the pastor that would go by the topless bar and curse it every day; and he’d go by it everyday, every month, every year, and nothing would change. Nothing! Tell me about him.

KERRY: Well he thought he was really doing what God wanted him to do, to curse. And so he’d go by and he would just say, “I command that place to burn down” or “I command those people to feel the fear of God upon them.” So nothing happened. In fact, he actually saw the parking lot get more full. And so we began to talk about this. And I said, “You know, the will of God is speaking what is on the heart of God; and you’re just cursing the very thing that God wants to change in their lives.” And so he said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “Well just consider: the Bible says that it’s not God’s will that any should perish; but all shall come to the knowledge of the Son of God. So why not get on the same page as what God is for those people.” So when he started going by, he said, “I bless them to come into the knowledge of the Son of God. I bless them to have a revelation of the Lord himself.”

SID: That’s really a different thing coming out of his mouth. It’s a different spirit.- Its Supernatural

KERRY: Exactly. He felt empowered by the cursing. But now he began to see that it really was; he was in agreement with Heaven itself. And so when he started doing that, after about a week of this, he came by one day and there was a For Sale sign in the parking lot; and the place was for sale, and they moved out. And it wasn’t for a lack of business. But he saw things began to change because he came into agreement with the Word of God.

SID: Explain to me briefly, what the power of the blessing is, as you understand it.

KERRY: Well we all understand and we use the word “generally”. But blessing is not just about material things. But it’s actually a prophetic declaration. In the Old Testament the word, “barach;” in the New Testament: “eulegeo.” Eulegeo is the idea of “speak well of”. We get the word “eulogy from it. People have a eulogy at a funeral.

SID: And they usually speak well of someone even if he hasn’t been such a good guy.

KERRY: That’s exactly it. But when you begin to see things from the perspective of God and you’re beginning to bless them, not for where they are, and here’s really the difference. Blessing is not reporting to God the way things are, but declaring the intentions of God, the way He intended for them really to be; and cursing means to declare for something to be in a lower place, lower position than what God really intended for it to be.

SID: So it’s really Hebraic understanding. How does that comes from the Jewish Scriptures?

KERRY: Well you look in Genesis 49, where Jacob is laying hands on his sons, and he’s prophesying over them their destiny; not just of their past reporting of their experience. But he says, “Joseph, you shall be a fruitful bow.” Well what happens to Joseph? He’s moved into Egypt, and now he is exactly that, a fruitful bow who’s there to save his own race. And, so you see that blessing is a prophetic destiny; that can release people into what God intended for them all the while.

SID: How would you like to feel the pleasure of God? How would you like your mouth; which God says has been called to bless and not curse, and change everything around you? Kerry, you told me even generational curses are broken when you do this. How’s that work out?

KERRY: Yes. Well for years, people have reported the facts around their life. They just talk about how bad things are Sid Roth. They talk about how bad the economy is. Their family is negative in a sense. And so I’ve seen families where they begin to reverse that curse by declaring God’s intention for their family; and blessing their children, and speaking over them. Isaiah 54 is that: “That your children shall be blessed of the Lord.”

SID: So rather than reporting, “You never pay attention! You’re never going to amount to anything! You’re going to end up in prison!” What should they be saying?

KERRY: Well all they have to do is say, what the heart of God in this? As a parent, what would you like to see happen for your children?

SID: How about your children? Tell me what you did with one of your children.

KERRY: We started targeting a particular blessing Sid Roth. I have a son that began a general contracting business. So he began to bless the contracts and the people that he was going to do business with that day. I bless them that they are given by God as an effective tool to bless me, and I bless them. And his first contract out, he made $80,000 and never saw the people, never saw the work. It was done through the Internet.

SID: And it was done by the power of the Jewish blessing. When we come back, you’re going to find the power that can occur in your marriage; the power that can occur in your job; the power that can occur…Believe this or not. Someone took; a pastor, took this teaching to heart and started blessing their body; and new arteries, after a quadruple bypass occurred, started growing. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word. – Its Supernatural.

Sid Roth welcomes Chuck Pierce

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Chuck Pierce. Chuck, I love the gift of prophecy, the true gift of prophecy. And I have to tell you, I have a problem. My problem is, coming from a Jewish background, reading the prophets in the Old Testament; reading about Samuel; reading that not one word fell to the ground that he stated; and after all, if there’s no time in eternity, and God knows everything, He’s not going to make a mistake. I hear too many cop-outs today on prophecies. Well people didn’t pray enough. I hear these excuses. I just want to see someone prophecy like an Old Testament prophet, and we have even a better covenant.

CHUCK: A newer, a new covenant.

SID: Ok. Now in 2005, God told you something that you had a lot chutzpah to say; that there would be an African-American president. In 2008, you received a word of what this president that will be in office; obviously it’s now, it’s Barak Obama; would do that would dramatically affect our nation three years later, in May of 2011. Tell me about it.

CHUCK: Well see, Sid, what was happening was, he had yet even been nominated. And yet, I knew, because of what God had said, who was going to be nominated. But that wasn’t the issue. Because remember, God was going to heal this issue of the division from racism in our nation. But it was going to actually get a little worse for us, because we were going to have to go deeper, and deal with anti-Semitism. And what God showed me, He caught me up. He gave me an incredible vision. We were at the Liberty Park. I was doing a big meeting there. I was the guest speaker. It was a meeting of1500 people. And the Lord caught me up, and began to show me three years in advance, what would happen; and how He would start looking at America based upon how America would align with Israel. And that this President would then come back, and start pulling Israel; and be a tremendous advocate, to pull Israel out of its current progression and restoration; back to the state of where it was, before it actually began its new boundaries, and new progress.

SID: So in effect, when President Barak Obama made the proclamation…

CHUCK: …in May

SID: …In May, which you knew three years from then. – Its Supernatural.

CHUCK: It was very specific. It would be May 2011.

SID: And the proclamation was Israel should go back its pre-’67 borders. When President Barak Obama made that proclamation, what happened in the invisible world to America?

CHUCK: It pulled us back into the progress we had made spiritually. See, when you make a declaration like that…

SID: Could it affect racism even?

CHUCK: It will cause racism to rise up – back to 1967.

SID:  Whoa!

CHUCK:  See, it’s going to cause things. But see, God saw it in time, so it will be in this age. It won’t look like it was pre-1967. It will cause our nation to begin to have to process this age with that demonic structure; that we’ve already warred through, in measure. See, covenant, all nations reconcile around Israel. So if you’re attempting to bring; and being the proponent or voice, to bring Israel back into a place where it is not progressing, but back where it loses a lot of what it’s already worked for; you’re going to do the same thing in your own freedom.

SID: Do you see a correlation of the following events? Right after President Barak Obama made that statement, in Joplin, Missouri, we were hit with the deadliest tornado; the deadliest in 70 years. Do you see a correlation?

CHUCK: Well see, actually you had Alabama. Again, we’re back to Alabama. Then you had Missouri. Both had deadly, deadly tornados. Alabama, I just came from there last weekend, here. Alabama went into, it lost almost 400 people, and then Joplin lost a whole city. I mean, almost a whole city wiped aside. Do I see a correlation? Yes, I see it releases a spiritual force that brings; because I believe God controls the wind; and I believe biblically from a prophetic standpoint; we see that winds can be adverse and controlled by the enemy, or winds can be sent by the Lord. I believe the enemy structure came into this land. And now what God is going to ask us to do now; we’re coming into a place where we’re going to have to war for our covenant alignment; and the roots of the covenant of this land, coming back into alignment with the God of Israel.

SID: You have so many revelations. Do you see a correlation, right after President Barak Obama released those words into the atmosphere; that Israel should go back to the pre-’67 borders? Do you see a correlation with what happened to the president of the IMF, International Monetary Fund? – Its Supernatural!

CHUCK: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SID: And by the way, this was the man that was caught attacking a maid in a hotel room, and lost everything as a result of it.

CHUCK: See, I see all of a sudden. And it just wasn’t Barak Obama. You can go back to President Bush, when he made certain statements that created a movement in the atmosphere, during the time of Katrina; the hurricane that hit America, and came up through New Orleans. You’re going to start seeing a correlation. Why? Because there’s certain scripture that talks about how we are in the process, when we won’t listen to the voice of God, He has ways of speaking. He has ways of getting our attention.

SID: Now here’s some good news. There are ways that you can be like the children of Israel, when they were slaves; and the curses came on the Egyptians, and they bypassed the Jewish people. And there’s ways of…you can get out of the mess that’s coming. In fact, Chuck Pierce saw what will happen over the next five years, in the United States of America. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word. – Its Supernatural.

Sid Roth welcomes Matt Sorger

Sid: My guest is Red Hot for the Messiah, Matt Sorger.  I talked to his mother on yesterday’s broadcast, she had MS and no doctor could cure her; she went to Alternative Health that wouldn’t have helped; then she got into New Age type activities; Hinduism and Buddhism and she just sicker to the point that she was bed ridden.  Her mother takes her to church before anyone could even pray for her, the power of God hits her, threw her back ten feet from the altar and she was instantly healed.  The doctors had diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis, that had such a dramatic affect on young Matt Sorger that he became a believer in the Messiah and he would spend an hour a day worshipping God till he reached what he calls the saturation point where he would feel a tangible presence of God every time then and there after he would begin to worship God. Its Supernatural!  And Matt there was a couple of key moments in your life it felt both very important; when you were seventeen the Lord spoke to you about your real identity, explain.

Matt: Yeah, that’s right it was you know, I believe everyone is on a private journey in the Lord where God is bringing them from glory to glory and making them the person He’s destined them to be.  And one of the things I really believe is that if we are to have an extraordinary power filled anointed life where we move into our future, our future is brought into our now moment there are times where God will have you deal with issues from your past because you can’t move forward until you deal with your past.  And for me as God was raising me up and calling me and preparing me for His future work for me one of the things that He dealt with in my own heart was my sense of identity.  You know, I think because of what God was doing in my life I was not the type of kid that just fit in with the crowd.  I didn’t fit in with the crowd and as a result of that I experienced some rejection, I experienced some things in my life that were very painful and the Lord had to come into my heart and show me how even my painful life experiences distorted my sense of identity and self image and self worth.  The Lord had you know, I was going on a Young Adult Retreat, I was one of the youngest ones there and I was in prayer during the retreat and the Lord spoke to me that my identity had become an idol.  The way that I perceived myself had become an idol because it was exalted above what God said about me.  And I didn’t even realize that my perception was off, I didn’t realize it, I didn’t know it; that my identity was wrong or that there was…

Sid: Just briefly so I can understand what was this wrong identity?

Matt: It was a sense of rejection that I carried around with me, where I just felt like an outcast, I felt like I didn’t fit in, I felt like I didn’t belong.

Sid Roth: So how did He change this to have your correct identity?

Matt: Well, as I was praying the Lord through that weekend the Lord began to give me revelation.  First He spoke to me at another point in the weekend that, that my mindset that the enemy had gotten a foothold in my mindset and then another day later He said that foothold has been there so long that it’s now become a stronghold.  It’s become something ingrained in your way of thinking and you need to be set free from it.  And once I got that revelation that I actually needed to have my mindset free I went to some of the leaders in the group and we prayed together and as we prayed together this anointing came upon me and I could feel inside my heart inside my soul walls crumpling down.  Literally emotional things, walls that had been built up on the inside of me just crumble and demolish and I could feel freedom.  And the Lord began to renew my mind and began to renew the way I saw myself, the way I saw God, the way I saw other people and my whole identity began to get formed and solidified in Christ.  Who He said I was who I was in God and it totally set me free from the past so that I could be free to move forward.

Sid: And this is so important for everyone, because everyone has been wounded from the past but then there was another highlight in your life where you spent a day with God at your office at the church.  Briefly tell me about that. – Its Supernatural.

Matt: Yeah, this was when a few years past and you know God was working in my life and then the Lord called me into ministry and I was a young pastor at the church and as I was one day walking into my office in the church and as I opened up my office door the literal tangible presence of God’s glory was in my office.  And I walked in and the voice of God spoke to me and He said, “Shut the door I want to spend this whole day with you.”  So I shut the door, I sat down in my chair and the weight of glory so strong I didn’t even have to wait a minute it was just right there, He was right there.  He came upon me and it must have been twelve hours where I spent the whole day, afternoon into the night just in the manifest presence of God.  One of the strongest glories I have ever experienced in my life.

Sid: And He spoke to you about taking time with Him.

Matt: Yeah, because you know what happens is that I think this happens with a lot of people, they start to pray, they start to set time aside with God and then their mind goes in all these different directions of what they have to do and just things of life and that is what started to happen to me that day.  And I felt guilty actually for taking time to pray, because I knew that I had other things that I had to do in the natural.  But the Lord spoke to me so clearly that day, and it shifted my whole life.  It literally set a plumbline for my walk with God Sid Roth.  And He said, “If you don’t have this time with me now, you’ll not be able to walk into what I have for you in the future.”  And at that point as a Pastor I had no idea that God was going to launch me into a worldwide healing ministry, prophetic ministry where we would see thousand saved and healed.  I did not know that that was in God’s plan for me back then.  But alls he told me was you have to have this time with me now, it’s vital if you want to move into what I have for you in the future.

Sid: And you know, it’s like I can see how God is preparing you for what you would do in the future, but there’s an area where most ministers that have a tremendous presence of God fall.  And when you were a freshman in college, God spoke to you about the importance of character.

Matt: Yeah, it was the very first prophetic word God ever spoke to me.  I was a freshman in college and there was a word that the Lord gave me.  He said, “The top of my list for you is the bottom of your list and the bottom of your list is the top of my list.”  And the Lord said to me, “The top of my list for you is the refinement of your character, not the fulfillment of your ministry.”  He said, “I want your roots to go so deep in Me that when the day of success comes to you you’ll not be moved, but you’ll be solid and strong.”  And the Lord showed me that day that His agenda for my life was the refinement of my character and building that firm foundation and having my personal roots go so deep in Him that when He would use me in the future that it would not move me at all; all the glory would go to God and there would be a depth in my spirit.

Sid: You know Matt, one of my concerns is there are so many young people in many new Bible schools that are getting moving in the prophetic, moving in signs and wonders, but it seems as though they’re deficient in the character, they dress like the world, they talk like the world, they go to the same entertainment as the world.  And I have a great trepidation that with all that power they’re still going to self destruct.

Matt: Right, and you see the power of God is access by faith, so you can be saved one day and by faith begin to access the prophetic, access the power realm, access miracles, but yet you’ve had no time for character development or that refinement.  And I think that it’s so important that we teach people that you don’t have to be perfect for God to use you, but let it be a priority in your heart for God to really refine you so that you can carry whatever anointing God chooses to give you for the long haul it’s not something that’ll be temporary or momentary, but they’ll be a real firm foundation and it does take years to develop character.

Sid Roth: You know Matt, just kind of a PS on what’s you’re saying in the forty’s it was called the Great Healing Revival and hundreds of men and women, it’s just the presence, they got saved, the presence of God went on them and the next day they were in a tent.  And just about all, and they accomplished good from the view point that people we healed, they accomplished good from the viewpoint people were saved, but all of them self destructed; not all but most.

Matt: Yeah.

Sid: And that is so important, why do you believe that God told you to write your new book, “Power for Life” and the four CDs “How to Pull Your Future into the Now?”

Matt: Well, I believe that God wants people, His people to live an extraordinary life in His presence.  You know God wants our lives filled with power.  Not just power to heal the sick or power you know to walk in signs and wonders, but also power to live victoriously over sin, power to have joy, power to have peace.   So I really…

Sid: Matt with the times we’re moving into you don’t have to be a prophet or a mental giant to see that unfortunately you US economy is on the downward rollercoaster roll, but if people don’t understand what God has taught you over the years even though they know the Lord I don’t think they are going to stand.

Matt: Yeah, we need to know in these days, in this time that we’re living in with everything being shaken we need to know God is our source, we need to know how to plug into His power and presence, how the sustain it and then release it through us to help other people.  And I think it’s such a vital time right now for people to really know for themselves how to do it.  You know it’s one thing to see somebody else moving in the power or moving in anointed life, but you want to know the behind the scene stuff.  How do you personally in your day to day life not just in a church meeting, but no one else is there and you have to go your secular job or you have to take care of your family or you just have to live your life, how do you it with the power of God in every area of your life.

Sid: And you do such a masterful job, you really are a God ordained teacher. – Its Supernatural.

Our Guest Don Heist

Sid: Its Supernatural! My guest Don Heist is Red Hot for the Messiah, he blows God’s instrument and there is such an anointing on this.  Don briefly tell me about one church plays you CD with the shofar blowing all the time except when they are having a service.

Don: Yeah, I received an email from a pastor that was telling me about how they received the CD back in December of 2010 and from that point on they have been playing the CD in their church sanctuary 24-7 except for when they were having service.  They just had a disk player there and it just kept playing it over and over.  Well, they did that in an effort to sanctify the sanctuary a little more and to keep demon spirits at a distance and away.  Shortly after this the pastor said that there was several people at different times came into her office and made the comment that, “I just went into the sanctuary to sit and pray and I became under the power of God and when I was able to pick myself up again from praying I was healed.”  So they were, people were being healed in this church without anyone actually laying hands on them and actually praying for them because they were praying themselves but the sanctuary of the Church was so demon free and the enemy did not want to stay around because of the constant shofar playing.

Sid Roth: You like to say that when people are under the anointing of your shofar it’s a cancer free zone.  What do you mean by that?

Don: Well, what it does is when we sound the shofar, the molecular structure in the room and of the bodies of the people in the room actually changes once again because it is the voice of God, it is the power of God.  And by that, it changes molecular structure so that people are healed and by prayer not just the sounding of the shofar but by prayer and pulling in God’s presence and allowing to do His own, what He does best by being Our Father and Healer and Deliver but through that prayer as well as sounding the shofar people are healed.

Sid: Tell me about the woman that was stooped over her whole life.

Don: I was in a Bible study at this ladies house and at the end of the teaching I did a teaching on the shofar and history and what not and at the end of the teaching time we had a time of prayer.  And I could remember very clearly that she was wearing a fairly tight knit sweater and in the back you could see and in fact I ran my hand down her back and I actually could feel it, touch it, that several inches, around about her hip area a little higher about the small of her back it protruded out much like a letter s if you were looking at it from the side.  And we prayed for her and prayed some more and I sounded the shofar, started at that lower end of her back and as I raised the horn I could see this lump in her sweater going behind my view out of my view because it was being blocked by the shofar and as I kept raising the shofar and as her back came back into view, below where I was playing her back was straight; there was no lump.  And I just talked with her recently and she is still healed and claiming that healing and passing the word about the Messiah that has healed her.

Sid: And some amazing healings are happening Mishpochah, there was a person who came into his meeting with a built up shoe about three inches and when he left because of that anointing that changes the molecular structure he could even wear his built up shoe because his legs were perfect.  And tell me one healing of cancer briefly.

Don: We have received an email and a call from a person that’s retired from the navy and he explained to me that he had just been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and he was wondering if Sue and I would come over to his home and pray for him and then blow the shofar.  So we arranged a time and we did this and we were with him for a little over an hour and when we blew the shofar and prayed for him.  He said that he felt warmth of God coming over him and he was just very excited about that.  Well right after that he went to cancer centers of America in Philadelphia and when he went in to get his forty plus treatments of chemotherapy that they had prescribed for him he asked them to retest his body because he said, I’ve had people praying for me.  I’ve had people blowing the shofar over me and into my body and I just believe that God has changed things.  So they retested him and when they found out the results of all these tests his cancer was gone all but just a very tiny little speck which by now how been gone because as he said, God took it all away and what didn’t disappear the chemotherapy of one or two treatments took out of his body.

Sid: Tell me about the people that see angels, tell me one person that saw angels when you blow the shofar. – Its Supernatural.

Don: Well, it was a evening of worship and I was feeling really week and down that particular night and I really struggled with even going to play.  That particular evening and we started playing and many of you know, many of you have heard the song “Lord God of Abraham” by Paul, recorded by Paul Wilbur and we started out, the worship service with that song and the first time I played I actually was embarrassed because it was not very good, I was struggling spiritually, I was struggling physically to do what God was calling me to do that night.  So at a point where I was not playing, I said, I stood on the platform and I just prayed, I looked up and I said “Lord please help me get through this I’m not prepared for this, I’m not in the right frame of mind for this, but you need to be glorified and I want to do this well but I’m not just there are the moment.”  So the next time I started playing, unbelievably I was very strong and I played very well to my own liking.  And then later at the end of the service this lady comes up to me and she says, “You know at the beginning of that song you were standing there by yourself, but after about the second time you played I saw an angel standing behind you holding a shofar and he was dressed in a turquoise gown with gold sparkles on the sides.  And every time you played shofar he played.”  And she said, “This was just amazing that her friends didn’t see the angel but they heard the angel was playing.”  So that’s what happened at that particular evening and really she just confirmed what happened with me that suddenly I felt this incredible power and strength behind my playing which I can take no claim for at all, but it was was just I prayed and I asked the Lord to help me.  He sent an angel and that angel played with me or for me and supported me through it all.  I believe people are going to hear angels playing the shofar with you as we take a selection from your CD “Take Me In.”  Let’s here “Take Me Into the Holy of Holies.”

Don Heist’s selection from “Take Me In” 8.37.5-11.19