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Our Guest Bill Salus


Sid:Jesus is coming back sooner than most of you think and that’s why I have Bill Salus on the telephone because he has spent 11 years researching and he has literally discovered the missing piece of end-time Bible prophecy.  We have his brand new book just off the press and three DVD’s teaching on this.  Bill while you were studying the revelation and it was revelation it wasn’t natural.  The revelation of Psalm 83 which perfectly describes the next Middle East war they discovered something that has been dubbed the Irish Dead Sea Scrolls.  Explain that.

Bill:   Well, yes absolutely in the summer of 2006 Sid was a very prophetic year we had a discovery of an ancient parchment in Irish bogswell, bogswell is muddy soil.What it was it was, there were several Psalms but it was very dilapidated and scarcely salvageable and they were in a museum, but one Psalm was salvageable.  It was unblemished and it was open in place; it had been buried Sid we believe for about a 1000 to 1200 hundred years in this Irish bogs well.  And what it was…

Sid:But wait a second a piece of scroll buried over a 1000 years in this type of environment; it shouldn’t have even been paper anymore.

Bill:  Well, that’s true and this was not an archeological dig with tooth brushes this was a construction worker with bulldozers.That in itself should have destroyed anything in its tracks.  But this was an amazing situation and you had headlines coming out of the Washington Post going “Israel mourns Hezbollah exalts.”  And so all of a sudden I’m thinking what is that they’re finding this bog.  Associated Press said “It’s an ancient book of Psalms found in an Irish bog,” and at the same time there’s newspapers coming around about Israel and this war with Hezbollah headlines because they were involved in a 34 day conflict. And right in the middle of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah here comes this Psalm discovery and what’s amazing about that Sid is that it’s the only place in over 31,000 verses in the Bible where you can find Hezbollah and Israel involved in a war and that’s in Psalm 83…

Sid:And you’re just getting the revelation of Psalm 83 when all this explosive Irish Dead Sea Scrolls occur.

Bill:  Well, that’s the other thing too is that Psalm 83 as far as finding commentaries that were written about the prophetic aspects of Psalm 83 were pretty much nonexistent they were hard to find that’s why it took me eleven years of research to really get the this book that you’re offering right now.  And so what was amazing to me is that the Lord put it on my heart to write about Psalm 83 that I believe was an imminent prophesy for our time probably the next Mid East news headline and at the same time there’s a war going on and Psalm 83 shows up miraculously in Irish bogswell.  It couldn’t be the worst kind of soil in the world to find it show up it may as well just showed up in the middle of the…

Sid:And it mentioned all of the key players that are it looks to me like are ready to implement this.  Give me a brief synopsis of the scenario of Psalm 83; and by the way when you talking about Hezbollah when Psalm 83 talks about the inhabitance of Tyre who is that?

Bill:  Well, that’s the key here Sid is understanding who these players are, who these participants are that would really more than likely be Hezbollah.  What I think I’ll do is I’ll take the liberty of it’s as if Asaph who wrote the Psalm 3000 years ago was with us today in this interview.  I’m going to take the liberty and the vernacular of telling you who I think he would be describing in this prophesy which is clearly not found fulfillment yet and I found out why in the book you’re offering.  Who he was talking about at the very lead position and he goes through and gives us an order of who these populations are in verses 6-8 of Psalm 83.  We also have to start “Well, whose he saying is first?”  Because some of this of first a population listed first is sort of the star of the show like the credits of a movie at the end always list the top actor.  And he’s starting with the Palestinian refugees.He’s talking about their plight, he actually calls them a tents of Edom that’s a refugee position.  So he has Palestinian refugees very distinct, he’s got the Saudi Arabians in here.  He’s got the Southern Jordanians he has both the southern and central and north Jordanians so Jordan’s involved.  He’s got Egyptians involved, so Egypt.  I’m going to keep going with who it is but we should begin to notice here Sid is that I’m talking about the Arab populations that are all predominately Muslim that share common borders with Israel.  I’m talking about the Arab states and their terrorist organizations within those Arab states.  You have the Hamas, you have the Hezbollah, you have the Lebanese, you have the Muslim Brotherhood.  So in review Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Northern Iraq should be involved, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas Lebanon, I mean the Hezbollah.So I believe is involved in this war and I’ve done some real serious research and on the maps when you look at the Old Testament maps and the ancient maps this is where they end up today.

Sid:Now how in the world can these Arab nations that seem to never get along seem to fight everyone else, seem to fight themselves, seem to fight one another; how could they ever do what Psalm 83 says, unify?

Bill: Well, we’ve already seen that inkling toward that since Israel became a nation in 1948.  It’s amazing to me Sid that after 1878 years in thediaspora when in 70 AD the Jewish dispersion started; and then in May 14, 1948 when Israel becomes rebirthed as a nation especially after coming out of a Holocaust attempt by Hitler.The Jews coming back into the land should have been given banners and balloons.  But what did they get, they got bullets and bombs and this ancient Arab hatred was alive and well and most of these populations that I just listed to you even though some of those terrorist organizations came on the scene subsequently they were involved.  That attitude was there they did not want the Jews back in that land over there.  Now they all got there statehood after World War I and World War II, but no we don’t want Israel to have a statehood in the midst of that Mid East land. And so we and you know what do we see right now, we see that your right the Arabs used to fight against the Arabs more than the Arabs use to fight against the Jews.  And the Persians used to fight against the Arabs; and there’s all this history that goes back and forth with all of these wars, but Islam came a long in the 7th century AD and it united, it started to unite those populations with similar common holy practices and holy days and so they’re united.  And a matter fact they’ve never been more united, the President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi, and his Muslim Brotherhood they want to form a United States of the Arabs.  You saw recently that just before the elections when our presidential elections you saw our embassies across North Africa and the Middle East being attacked, I mean all the way from Libya Egypt to Tunisia by Iran, Yemen, Qatar twenty different countries all upset about some video or whatever you want to put it on.  They were Islamically driven united countries that used to war against each other and they’re attacking the America Embassies.What does that tell you Sid coming into the next four years that we got ahead of us?

Sid:It does not look good, now let me ask you this I noticed a pattern.  When there are wars in the Middle East Israel never starts it the Arabs’ start it.  Israel always finishes it, Israel always wins it, and Israel always ends up with more land than before it started.  It’s an amazing pattern.

Bill:  Well it is and you know Sid I point out in the book, and some of the DVDs your offering, that today’s Israeli Defense Forces actually exist in fulfillment of Bible prophesy; and I pinpoint why.  Because when we study end times Bible prophesy we don’t see the Israeli Defense Force as showing up in a lot of different places.  We see the Lord for instance stopping a massive invasion of Russia and a coalition in Ezekiel 38.  We don’t necessarily see the Israeli Defense Forces there.  And I can go through a whole list of things and I do in the book.  But what we do see is the Israeli Defense Forces fighting off these Arab countries in the end times and that’s the point I make and Ezekiel 37: 10 says “Israel will have an exceedingly great army.”  And I point out the numerous passages where they show up in defending the nation and your right they’ve even made a commitment that’s their policy they won’t be the first one to launch a weapon of mass destruction in the Middle East but they do have a Samson option.  In other words their military thinking at this point is we are not going to have a Masada complex we are going to have a Samson option and I don’t feel we know what that mean but it’s a strong response option is what it is.  It’s a matter of survival for them.

Sid:Yes, but what if they’re going to be number two in response then what happens if Iran nukes them, they won’t be able to respond.

Bill:  Well, I think Israel is on the precipice of having to do something about Iran’s nuclear program which I believe is possibly another prophecy I mean this is how detailed Bible prophecy can be I pointed it out in the book.  Iran has a double jeopardy in the end times; a lot of people recognize Iran under the banner of Persia, ancient Persia is involved in that Ezekiel 38 war with Russia and Iran and Turkey and Libya and there’s9 populations that he speaks.  But they also show up under..

Sid:Woops I tell you I’m so intrigued by what you’re saying time has just slipped away Bill.

Our Guests Bob and Audrey Meisner


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with the Meisners. And I’m really, I don’t know about you, audience, I am blown away with our God and what He has done. But you know, we’re human and there is a forgiveness that has to occur. How in the world did you two first forgive and then love? Because without the forgiveness there can’t be the transparent love that you have.

BOB: I wish I could say it was overnight and it was just a prayer. But there was so much wounding and hurt that goes on. And so I want to bring hope to people, you know, that God has you on a journey to wholeness, and to know His love then you are able to express His love.

AUDREY: And Jesus just so much wants us to be, as Bob said, whole and free. And for me, everyday was repentance. I would repent in layers and I wanted to hate what I had done. And that was a process of years. A couple years though after Robert was born, I had a supernatural experience. I was at my parents’ home and there was a couple there, and after dinner I asked them to pray for me. And they said, “Sure, we’ll pray for you.” And when they did they said, “We sense that you have acute grief, and that’s just not a sadness, Audrey, because you’re not a sad person. But this is something, you have experienced a death or a loss and as a result grief has been locked into you. Would you like us to pray for you?” And I said, “Yes, I don’t want to live with that.” And they said, “Do you know what in the world happened that you have this?” So I told them the story how I committed adultery and had this baby, and I had never really grieved, because I was trying so hard to be perfect and strong. And they said, “Tonight is your night.” And as they laid hands on me they said, “Do you believe that you deserve to forgive yourself?” And I said, no. They said, “Because Jesus lives in you, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what he deserves.” And I thought, wow. And I thought, what happened is they prayed, I tapped into that grief and it was like prison doors were opened, and I finally walked free out of that prison of grief, and I let myself cry and weep for the first and one of the last times. Because what happened after that is my eyes were closed. I saw myself, a vision of myself clothed in the most beautiful white glistening pure robe of righteous. And Jesus said, “Will you see yourself the way I say you?” And I said yes, and when I did, I received that robe. That cloak of shame I had been wearing was off in a minute. And my robe was slippery. And you say, what difference does it make? Up to the point I could feel people as if they had Sharpie markers writing X’s on me. Because my robe was slippery I was free.

SID: And one of the keys is, it seems like almost everyday you were praying to God, soften my heart.


SID: What an important prayer to pray.

AUDREY: I believe that humility is so important to just say, God, I surrender my entire life, my healing and especially surrender my husband, because I felt responsible to fix him and make him better, somehow make up for what I had done wrong. But Jesus healed us in a much different way.

SID: So Bob, you were a victim. How did you become satisfied from being a victim?

BOB: Sid, you are so right. I was the victim. And that night when Audrey walked free the couple then looked at me and said, “Bob, can we pray for you?” I said, sure. And they said, “We sense that you have some issues of unforgiveness.” You think so? And they said to me, they said, “You’re not ready to receive, are you?” I said, “No because it’s not fair. How come she’s the one that has the affair and I’m the one that has kept our family together. How come she gets to experience breakthrough? How come she gets to experience the supernatural? How come she gets to go free and I have to carry the burden and the weight of this?” I wasn’t ready. The next day it troubled me that I would be in such a place that I would not be able to receive from God. The next evening I said, “Would you pray with me?” You see, anyone can do this. We don’t need somebody necessarily. But you see, God began the work in my heart two years prior of loving me. And that night He asked me, He says, “Bob, will you allow my love to be perfected in you, to run its full course in prayer?” I visited an image in my mind. Because in my mind, I mean, it was full of imaginations. I call them vain imaginations of exactly what took place. How many of these events was she a part of?

SID: This became a stronghold.

BOB: It was tormenting and it would send me into a depression. It would put me on a spin of anger and rage. But after two years I had learned to control it, and that will kill you. It will cause your body to become sick. But that night as I stood there and I forgave, and I forgave, I weeped and cried. And then the Lord said, “Will you allow my love to be perfect.” He showed me the image that I had created in my mind of the moment she became pregnant. I didn’t visit that one too often. But in that moment I stepped into that image and I gathered her back to myself. And I wrapped her in my arms and I opened my eyes, and I fell in her embrace, and it was over.

SID: You know, you two have developed such keys to help people. I wish we had the time to go over each one of the keys. Tell me one couple that comes to mind, Audrey, that you have helped, that makes it all worthwhile.

AUDREY: Well one couple came to one of our conferences and they got all the keys, and they implemented them. They became face to face again. They became knowing they could be irresistible to each other again. And afterwards, they said, “We were separated for eight months. We were signing our divorce papers next week, and we came here, and we are going to go home and tell our three little kids that our marriage is safe, and that we’re going to stay together.” And I said, “How in the world did you come to a marriage conference together? What led you to come here?” And she said, “Well I was listening to the Christian radio station and I called in, and I won free tickets, and I couldn’t resist something free.”

SID: Now that’s called a Holy Ghost setup. But I feel like the spirit of God has told me to warn you right now, stop. That imagination Jesus taught is as bad as committing the sin. Cut it out. Say out loud every time you’re tempted by that thought, “Blessed are the pure in heart.” That little leaven will leaven the whole loaf. You cannot use that vain imagination any more. God is telling me to tell you, stop it, in Jesus’ name.

Our Guest Tony Kemp


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Tony Kemp. And we’re talking about an amazing end time move for the devil. It is one of the major heresies to ever hit the church, and it’s spreading throughout Christian television and Christian radio, and books and conferences. It’s called the counterfeit grace message. Now Tony, people would say, wait a second, Tony, you’re saved by grace, not by works. What are you talking about?

TONY: Well here’s what I would say. I would say that grace is the influence of God in my life, the presence of God in my life and the power of God in my life. And grace produces genuine repentance. Where I bring to Jesus the fruit of repentance, grace produces right living everyday, and grace produces intimacy with the person of Jesus and with God the Father.

SID: I like that kind of grace.

TONY: Amen. Amen. Grace is powerful. Grace causes people to be safe from their sins, delivered from darkness. Grace causes people to walk in holiness, causes God to enjoy his sons and daughters, and grace enables you to enjoy God like never before.

SID: What would you say to someone that says, but wait a second, Tony, you can’t get away from God’s grace.

TONY: I would say this. I would say that the Word of God says that you can fall from grace. And the apostle Paul said in Galatians 1, he said, “I marvel that you are so removed from him who called you into the grace of the Messiah. And talked about it to those Galatian believers who decided to backslide, and he actually makes this phrase. He said, “You have fallen from grace.” Now listen, Sid, I’m going to listen to the apostle Paul. I’m going to listen to Jesus who told people that they had to obey him to the end.

SID: Well listen, these false teachers use the scripture. There’s no condemnation. They say, let’s just preach love. That’s the only way people will come to know Jesus. Let’s get this condemnation business gone. In fact, God says there’s no condemnation in Messiah Jesus.

TONY: Well let’s talk about love. Because in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 3, Jesus addresses the church in [unintelligible]. And this is what he says: “As many as I love, I rebuke and correct.” He said, “[unintelligible] and turn from sin.” That’s my first response. Here’s my second response. Jesus, because he loves us, Jesus represents the Father. What father has a son or daughter that he doesn’t correct or chasten, or bring into character development. And so when we receive the correction of God we receive the direction of God, and we come into character development with just holiness.

SID: Okay. But the scripture actually says, Tony, there’s no condemnation for those that are [unintelligible].

TONY: Romans 8:1 says this: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus who do not walk after the flesh, but walk after the spirit. For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death.”

SID: So they leave the last part of the verse out.

TONY: And that’s what makes it a counterfeit message, because God sent his son to condemn sin and the flesh. And when I surrender to his son Jesus, the righteousness of the teaching, the instruction, the law fulfilled in me as I walk in and by the power of the spirit.

SID: You had a vision, multiple visions of the Lake of Fire, of Hell. Tell me what you saw.

TONY: Well it all began in 1989, where I had an out of body experience. An angel came to me and I was taken to Heaven. But as I was on my way to Heaven, I saw the souls of those that were departing Earth, and they went into a portal toward the Lake of Fire. Later on in the mid to late 1990s, I had two visions. And I saw the Lake of Fire, fire, brimstone. And then God Almighty took me up close to one individual who was hanging in the fire and suffering, tormented because of disobedience and rebellion to the Word of God, and because they did not live for Jesus the Messiah.

SID: Hell is real to you.

TONY: It’s real.

SID: Hell is real. And I’ll tell you what concerns me the most, you know, Tony, and audience, what concerns me the most is people that are in sin that aren’t concerned about the sin that they’re in. I mean, I talked to someone recently that is a homosexual, and this person didn’t seem to be bothered one iota. Do you know why she wasn’t bothered? She is this close to having her conscience seared. And once your conscience is seared you cannot be convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit. The counterfeit grace message says that the Holy Spirit doesn’t convict you of sin under the New Covenant. You just don’t know the Bible. I’m concerned about you that are involved in the sin of pornography. I’m concerned about you that are involved in the sin of drugs and addiction. I’m concerned about you that are having sex outside of marriage. I’m concerned about you that are involved in the new age. Do you know how close you are to having your conscience so singed, so seared that you won’t be able to repent. But you would not watching this show right now if you had crossed the line. Repent. The Kingdom of God is now. Repentance means turn from your sin, believe that the blood of Jesus washes you away when you repent, and turn to God for the power to be free. The Messiah says, “You shall know the truth.” He’s a person. His name is Jesus. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Choose life. You do not know when your end will come. As smart as you are, you do not know when your end will come, and I don’t want to see your conscience seared so you can’t repent. It will never be easier than this moment, never easier than this second. Make your peace with God right now in Jesus’ name.

Our Guest Dennis & Jen Clark


Sid: I have to tell you I am so excited, I’m excited to get this into my hands this tool I’m going to talk about, but I think I’m even more excited to get it into your hands because it’s going to totally change your life.  You see my guest Dennis Clark right after he became a believer he had an encounter with God; and God said that He was going to teach Dennis how to pray.  Oh, wait a second you said that to God or God said that to you?

Dennis: He said it to me as a prompting like ask me to teach me how to pray.

Sid: But you thought you knew how to pray.

Dennis: Yeah, but I already thought I knew how.

Sid:  So why, but I did it anyway.

Dennis: I did it anyway.

Sid: I would do the same. Then God said to you something that you now know it’s true, but you didn’t know at that time.  And it’s true for everyone that’s a real believer, that’s the most amazing thing and God said to you.

Dennis: “I’m giving you My undivided attention.”

Sid:  How would you like God to say that to you? “I am giving you my undivided attention.”  Well, I can tell you for the next 30 days God almost dictated a course that allows you to have communion with God, to communion with Him 24-7.  Dennis I have to ask you this question, what is it like to be communing with God 7 days a week 24-7. What is it like?

Dennis: Well, obviously its bliss but it didn’t start that way; it started in a way that there was such a strong awareness to God that there was some things that I would pick up that weren’t godly that I didn’t want to know about.

Sid: What do you mean? I don’t understand.

Dennis: It was like I could feel other people’s hurts, I could feel their sorrow, their anger regardless of their body language and regardless of their words I could feel in the atmosphere the things that were not of God and I wrestled with it.

Sid:  And today you counsel and you told me when you have a husband and wife and their feuding and both tell their side sides of the story you know something beyond their words, what do you know?

Dennis: Correct it’s like what their spirit’s saying what they’re not saying; the emotional flavor of words tells you’re the source.  And if the source isn’t good you can tell what kind of not good that is because everything is compared to the presence of God.  And every nuance of any negative is based on knowing the nature of the legitimate.

Sid: So what you have found is most humans because of learned behavior are good actors and actresses and to cut through all of that you have to have the gift of discernment operating, that’s what you’re describing.  There was a woman that came to one of your meetings Dennis in 1997, this is an educated woman, she had a PhD, she was a psychologist, and she was a counselor and you had a really tough case of someone that walked up.  And she’s thinking to herself “I would have to have this woman in counseling for years before she would ever get better.”  And in a matter of minutes her life was transformed and she said, “I got to meet this guy Dennis because what he just did I want to find out how to do this.”  Now when she walked up to meet you at the end of the meeting did you have a clue that she was going to be your wife?

Dennis:  Yes.

 Sid:  Yes!  Oh come on now you know too much.

Dennis: I know, that was a season of total miraculous revelations coming from all different directions.

Sid: So this woman walks up and did you hear in the spirit that this is going to be your wife?

Dennis: Yes, yes I knew.

Sid:  I hope you were smart enough not to tell her that.

Dennis: Oh, I was.

Sid: (Laughing)

Dennis: But she saw that lady.

Sid:  Tell me what was wrong with that lady.

Dennis: That lady basically just had a meltdown it was a group of about 100 people and she just… people were praying and she just heard certain things.  From her point of view she had everything, I’ve got that spirit, I’ve got that and the next thing you know she’s writhing on the floor and so I said, “not to make a big scene here,” I just walked over and knelt down and I whispered and dealt with some emotional healing.  She was a believer I dealt some mental strongholds brought them down and some demonic deliverance, all within I would say less than a 20 minute period.  She stood up on her feet with a countenance change with a smile on her face and everybody was saying “We never saw anything like that, that’s fast.”  And that was I think Jennifer’s key to later say, “When we’re done I want you to pray for me.”  And that was a phrase that God had given me that said “You’re going to know your wife because she’s going to ask you to pray for…she’s going to pray for you and ask you to pray for her.”

Sid: And here’s the most wonderful thing what he’s about to tell you is that he did for the woman that became his wife everyone that takes this course can start moving in this realm.  It’s you know what it’s so easy I think we needed the devil to get us confused on walking in the presence of God 7 days a week 24-7.  When your wife, she wasn’t your wife yet, but when she asked you to teach me how to do this and then she had results what happened to her when you taught her how.

Dennis: When I taught her, well at first she says, “I already dealt with this, I already dealt with this,” and then she realized that there was a lot of turmoil on the inside of her that she really hadn’t dealt with as toughly as she thought.  She had prayed pray after me prayers but they didn’t all take.  And all of a sudden she recognized that in applying herself we would pray 20 minutes after work 4 to 5 days a week and in 2 months time people that knew her a lifetime could not believe the change.  That’s where we even said the 60 day challenge we call it because Jennifer was radically transformed in 60 days, she didn’t recognize herself.  Matter of fact she says “I can tell you stories of our ministries, but I am the story.”

Sid:  Now, are you finding that people that take your seminar or buy the tapes and the workbook without you being there are able to get the same types of results?

Dennis: Absolutely.

Sid: Tell me one person that comes to mind.

Dennis: That got the same results, just apart from that we’ve gotten people that…oh there was a Navy Seal out on the West Coast that when they opt out the hard difficult training they go in and the expression is they ring the bell, they say “I want out, I’m opting out.”  What I didn’t know is that sent them to the chaplain and the chaplain used our teaching and told him he says, and he came in and he says “That commanding officer had it in for me,” he said, “Close your eyes, who is the first person?”  He said, “My mother.”  And he forgave his mother and got dramatically healed and this chaplain was reading it off of a card.

Sid:  The thing that and I have to be candid I haven’t taken this course yet but I’m learning by just reading the book.  I’ve read the book and I’m looking forward to taking the course, but just reading the book it’s like just some paradigm changes that I’ve made in myself because it’s not that complex, I mean when someone goes through your course all of sudden they can operate in discernment.  And in this day and age we’re living in I don’t think people are going to make it without being able to know the difference between their mind and the flesh and the spirit.  And here’s the thing that’s so amazing to me, let’s take your wife, when she began to commune with God 24-7 she got healed of a number of conditions.  What was she healed of?

Dennis: The first one was… were lying in bed and she had I can’t remember the exact name attack arcadia or some sort that she had had for twenty some years where she took…

Sid: Heart condition.

Dennis:  Heart condition.

Sid:  Where probably the beat speeds up or is irregular.

Dennis:  If it doesn’t stop you just die there’s no cure and her late husband was a physician and he said, “I’ve never seen anything so bad.”  And she had to take Digitalis and if it ever started and even that didn’t guarantee.  And she have episodes from age 20 to age 50, she had episodes on a monthly basis.  We’re lying in bed and all of a sudden I could feel demonic fear in the room. Nobody said a word, I said, “Jennifer, what are you doing?”  She says, I’m having one of those episodes and I said, “Let’s receive.”  The fear in the room is tremendous, I said that it’s at demonic proportion it’s not soulish; it’s demonic.  So she received forgiveness right while she was having a heart palpitation “I receive forgiveness for allowing fear something God never gave me” and she got peace on the inside but felt fear all around her.  Let the perfect love of God from the inside cast that fear off and she did it; we’re talking 10 minutes and found out it’s been 15 years now she’s never had another episode again.

Sid: Now this is not unusual; what Dennis is explaining is once people get his teaching and basically this is not taught in most churches, why is this not taught in most standard teaching, standard discipleship in every church in the world?

Dennis: I think the number one thing is that we found that everything needs to start with the emotions, the emo-cognition, emo-volitions.  Those emotions control your thinking, those emotions control your…

Sid:  Woops we’re out of time we’ll pick up here on tomorrows broadcast Mishpochah.  But I want you to take this course, trust me on this; it is so life changing for you.