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Our Guest Kris Vallotton

SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter of the Supernatural here with Kris Vallotton. And this is unbelievable. He just gets one thought and he gets so much fear inside of him that he shakes for three and a half years. He thinks the grass is greener, he goes to another city, he’s only sleeping one hour a night; he’s got a wonderful wife, a wonderful child. Then bizarre thoughts start going through his mind, he’s molesting children, he’s molesting his children, he’s molesting his wife. These thoughts are going through his mind. He can’t stop this. He doesn’t want to go to a psychiatrist because he’s seen what happened to people that go to a psychiatrists. He doesn’t believe that he could possibly have a demon. His theology said a Christian can’t have a demon. So you must have pretty much… did you think about suicide?

KRIS: Oh, I was thinking about everything. I should make it clear that I never did molest my children or molest my wife. Those thoughts were happening in me. I mean it’s like…

SID: You were fighting, I guess?

KRIS: I was fighting the thoughts the whole time. Never did any of that stuff; never did anything that the thoughts provoked me to do. But I was just terrified all the time. And then we get to Weaverville, it increases instead of gets better. Demonic spirits start to visit me. When I say demonic spirits Sid, I’m not talking about something I’m imagining now. Now I’m not talking about visions. I’m talking about they literally would come in my room, I’d see them with my eyes, the lights would go on and off, electricity would go off in our house, pictures would fall off the wall.

SID: Did your wife witness this sort of thing?

KRIS: Some of the things she witnessed herself.

SID: Hmm.

KRIS: It was completely insane.

SID: You were living a horrible life.

KRIS: I was living a horrible life and I just wanted to die. I didn’t want to kill myself but I just wanted to die.

SID: Tell me about this radio station you supernaturally found.

KRIS: Yeah. You know I’m living up in the woods in Lewiston, California. It’s a community of 900 people, and like I said we’re an hour from society. Can’t sleep at night so oftentimes I’d get up and turn the radio on. Well, all we’d get up there is static so I’m listen to the radio, I’ve got the stereo on. I have my ear right up to the stereo because you can’t hardly hear it. I’m trying to make out a talk show. I don’t know what the talk show is; I’m just trying to get my mind off of what’s happening.

SID: Trying to get distracted.

KRIS: Yeah, trying to get distracted. And I hear this man say this on the radio: “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind. Second Timothy 1:6” God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind. And he says, through the static I hear him say, “Some of you are having thoughts, and you think you’re insane. But you’re not insane. This spirit that’s speaking to you is a spirit of insanity.” And when he said that, it was like somebody threw cold water on me and woke me from a sleep. And so I turned off the radio, and I’m laying on the floor. It’s three thirty, three o’clock in the morning, and I said “God, what do I do about this?” And not in an audible voice, but as clearly as we’re talking here I heard the Lord say “You’re not insane. A spirit of insanity has come into your life.” And I said “What do I do?” He said “Tell it to leave your life. It has no authority over you in Christ unless you fear it, unless you believe in it.” So I’m laying on the floor and I’m like “Ok, what do I do?” I mean, you realize this was a lot of years ago and I’m like “What do I do?” And the Lord said “Tell it to leave you.” So I said “Well how do I do that?” He said “Tell the spirit of insanity to leave you.” I said “You spirit of insanity, you leave me right now.” And as soon as I said that, something physically; I could feel it got up off my body. And suddenly my shaking stopped. Three and a half years. My mind becomes clear, the visions stop, and I’m like “Huh. Wish I would’ve known that three and a half years ago.”

SID: It sounds too simple Kris.

KRIS: Is that crazy?

SID: But you know when you said that scripture, “God has not given me a spirit of fear,” it actually identified what the problem is. It’s fear and fear is not something you’re just thinking, it is a spirit.

KRIS: Yeah, Second Corinthians 10 talks about the weapons of our warfare not being carnal, but they’re mighty through the pulling down of strongholds. Now this is interesting because and some versions say fortresses, and then He talks about the fortresses in our minds. They’re thoughts, speculations, and lofty things; thoughts, speculations, and lofty things. And Paul says the weapons of our warfare, they’re strong for the pulling down of fortresses, but where are they? They’re thoughts, speculations, and lofty things. Those are all in your mind. Isn’t that amazing?

SID: So all you had to do was speak to it.

KRIS: That’s right.

SID: And it would leave and then your thoughts would be clear.

KRIS: My thoughts were clear. And what happened was, I spent seven days in perfect peace. I spent seven normal days and I’m like “This is amazing. I’m not shaking.” I mean I almost couldn’t believe it, if you know what I mean. You go through something like for three, three and a half years, four years, ten years, some people have had it for years, and you begin to lose hope that you could ever change. And that’s where I was at. I’m like “Someday they’re going to commit me to a mental hospital and it’s going to be over.”

SID: Of course.

KRIS: And then you stop shaking. I guess about a week went by when I was just doing well and suddenly I’m driving down the road, of course Lewiston, we’re living in Lewiston so we’re living out in the mountains, no streetlights, it’s pitch dark, no moon this night. I’m driving home from work one night and I say “I’m going to tell everybody about this.” “I’m going to tell everyone you’re a liar, you’re a cheat.” Because I realized that the devil’s power lies in illusion.

SID: That’s an interesting premise.

KRIS: He’s an illusionist. It lies; his power actually is developed through lies. Because the Bible says that when we’re a Christian, “Greater is He that’s in us than he that’s in the world.” But what happened is that I believed his lie, I took the authority that Jesus gave me to live a Christian life and I put it in the wrong world. I actually empowered that demon to use; he used my power against me.

SID: So when you said you were going to tell everyone about it, what happened?

KRIS: A voice came to me and he said “If you tell anyone I’ll kill you.” All the symptoms returned. I couldn’t drive. I pulled over on the side road, like I said, pitch dark, kind of an eerie setting if you can picture that, out in the middle of the woods. I pull over all of the symptoms come back. And I’m like… seven days of peace right?

SID: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back after this.

Sid Roth welcomes Lori Strong

SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Lori Strong. We’re approaching things in an arena that most people have never seen before, the invisible world. You see there are curses that are passed on from four generations back. Lori Strong, why should we have to suffer something that happened four generations ago?

LORI: Well we really shouldn’t and I don’t think anybody needs to. And we all have the ability to break those curses. It’s just the wisdom of knowing how to do that. And I believe the Word of God clearly is something we can use as a viable, everyday thing to break the curses. What we do is pray God’s Word back to Him as a blessing instead of the curse. We have such a great opportunity to have blessings in our life.  We shouldn’t be walking around under a curse.

SID: Let me ask you a question. Tell me about someone that broke a curse that was involved in adultery.

LORI: Yes, we had a dear friend of ours who was unfortunately in an adulterous relationship, his wife was in an adulterous relationship, and they were married and he really loved her. But what he knew also is that in his background, not only in his family  but her family, there was adultery and it had gone two generations back.

SID: Yeah but can’t people just use this curse business as a copout for their own sins?

LORI: I think they do use that. I don’t think it’s a viable one.  I don’t think it’s legitimate to do that  because we all have a choice in what we do in our lives. And so, even though there might be a curse, we have the ability not only to break it, and that’s why I wrote the book, is so people can get the simplistic use of the Word of God. It’s very simple to say “Lord I just believe what you’re saying in your Word, in that I’m blessed and not cursed;” And in particular to the type of sin that they are suffering under the curse.

SID: So tell me then about your friend that was involved in adultery.

LORI: What happened was he just believed that he was supposed to stay married to this lady but she wanted a divorce. And so what happened was the papers were about to be signed and he consulted us; and we said if you believe that God has called you to be married to this woman then you just need to pray and believe that this curse is broken in your family and that she’ll come back. And she did and it was a wonderful thing; and I believe that they know that their children will not be under that curse because they broke it at their generation.

SID:  Can you tell a difference in your family because of you having broken these curses in your own family?

LORI:  Definitely. There’s peace, which is something that we all are promised in the Word. There’s joy in our house. And it’s not a perfect home obviously.  There’s things that come up but instantly you know to throw the Word of God onto that and also to really examine where this is coming from. I think we need to look at the cause and not just the effect. I mean we all see the effects but if we dig deep there’s a cause for everything. And in my home I just believe that, and my children are young, so they’re growing up in a home that has that peace that I didn’t have growing up. And so just even that indicator. And then God is the center of our lives in our home and our children know that.

SID: Let me ask you a question. What are your children like when it comes to sickness?

LORI: Well they don’t get sick very often, and when they do it does not last. And the reason is we have to take authority over that.  Sickness is a curse. I don’t believe that it belongs in our bodies. It doesn’t belong in our family, I know that.  And so we don’t pray just when it happens, we’re praying all the time for health. We confess health over our children. We say “Lord thank you for healthy children.” Every day we pray for their health and so if sickness even tries to come, we don’t call it what it is. We don’t say it’s sickness; we just say “Lord thank you for healthy children.” And because we don’t focus on the sickness, it disappears. I mean they get healed instantly.

SID: What about someone that can’t have a child?

LORI: Well I don’t believe that barrenness is from the Lord. I believe that He says we should be fruitful and multiply. And I believe that a generational curse of that, usually the seed of that is abortion.  Not always, but I have seen that in families. If somebody maybe four generations back got an abortion; sometimes what that does is that the iniquity of that is that they look at children as an inconvenience and so that’s an iniquity. And so you might not be thinking that but oftentimes that’s what happens. And so I think that barrenness, which again is a curse; and having children is a blessing because God says that children are a blessing from the Lord.  They’re a heritage, and so they need to just pray, even if they don’t know that curse is there.  I believe if you pray and start confessing God’s Word; that children are a blessing and Lord you want me to be blessed, that then that barrenness should be gone.

SID: Very briefly, tell me about one real person that had a curse and broke it, and the change.

LORI: We had a lady who was very dependent on males and very unhealthy relationships; and she didn’t understand why she was always attracting these types of men and why the relationships were not successful. And she had to go back into the lineage in her family and realize there was abuse present.  There was people-pleasing in her family; and when she broke that she realized that she could be free of any of these negative relationships; and not need a man in her life to make her complete. And that curse is broken and now she’s living for Jesus.

SID: But you know the worst curse of all, I believe, is not hearing God’s voice. I couldn’t believe it when I saw for the first time in scripture that my Jewish people, when they saw Moses and Mount Sinai and the fire and God speaking, they said “Oh, we don’t want to hear God’s voice.” And you know what? I believe a curse came on Jewish people. And then since the first Christians were all Jews, guess what? A curse came on Christians. It just passed right up the tree.  And I believe that if I break that curse for you right now, it’s going to be broken.  And not only is it going to be broken, you have to then have a blessing. The blessing is knowing Jesus, hearing His voice. In the name of Jesus I break the curse over you of not hearing God’s voice. I command your ears to open in Jesus’ name.  I place the blood of the Messiah on each of your ears, on each of your ears. I even place it on your eyes so that you can see what God is doing,  you can hear what God is doing. And I ask you now to tell God you’re so sorry for every sin you’ve ever committed. I ask you to believe that Jesus died for your sins. That’s a lot of suffering. He knew you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb and He died for you. And by His blood your sins are washed away and in God’s sight, He said “I remember your sins no more, you’re clean.” And now that you’re clean, as a little child just starting life out, say “Jesus I make you my Lord. Come inside of me, live inside of me.  I want to know you.  I want to hear your voice.” I pray that you would hear God say to you, right now, “I love you. You are special. There is purpose; there is destiny on your life. I died for you.”

Sid Roth welcomes Lori Strong

SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Lori Strong and Lori, just during the commercial break we started talking about you denying your heritage and your people and you started weeping. Why?

LORI: Well there’s so many people out there that really, you’re looking at the same. I’ve been in denial for a long time, I’m trying to hide from who I really am and who I really believe in, and that is Jesus the Messiah. And the Word of God says do not be ashamed of the Gospel and what you believe and do not deny Him as your Messiah. And so I just encourage you to really pray for boldness that you would be able to share with others around you and people you come in contact with, what you really believe in so you can be set free of the bondage. I know what that feels like and I just desire for you to be free of that too.

SID: Lori, in your own home there were a number of curses that were passed on, generational type curses. One in particular had to do with your relationship with your husband.  I wonder if you’d tell us about that.

LORI: Yes, well in my home my dad was not the head of the home, it was a little confused in my home. My mom was the leader of the home. And my mom really instilled in us to disrespect my dad and that happened for such a long time. I mean she would just encourage us to disrespect him and I know that might sound odd but that’s what happened. And so I just grew up disrespecting my father. And he never stood up for himself so it was kind of a mutual thing. And so when I met my husband and we had children, I felt like I had to break that curse because I recognized that it had followed me, that I could easily disrespect him and encourage my children to do the same. And so I needed to correct that and the way I corrected that was not only confessing what the Word said and reading the Word of God, which says I should honor and respect him and submit to him, but also teaching my children how to honor and respect him. And if anything comes out of their mouth that sounds even similar to something I’ve said before to my dad, I correct it right there.

SID: Now you told me that one day, you saw that generational curse we were talking about pass from your mother, to you, to your daughter. Tell me about that.

LORI: I did. And I also, by the way, saw it in my sister’s home. My daughter had just said something to my husband and I thought oh, it sounded like I did. And I think that is how you identify some curses is that you sound like the person you never wanted to be like. And I think a lot of people who are watching can probably figure that out is that if you sound like the mom you said you never wanted to be like, then you need to stop right there and say well what is going on here. And I believe that’s the generational curse. But with my daughter I just corrected her and I prayed over her and I said we honor our father and mother, that’s what the Bible says because you will have long life if you do that. And then I did see it in my sister’s home too and she didn’t recognize it. She hasn’t accepted the Lord in her life yet. But I watched her teenage daughter disrespect her dad  and my mouth just hung open at that point saying wow, not only did it pass down to me but it passed down to my sister and her child.

SID: Now when you broke the curse over your daughter did you see a change in behavior?

LORI: I did, I saw a reverence that she should have for her dad, which is what the Lord says she should have. The difference in my home is that we’re raising them to know that God is the head of our home, whereas I didn’t have that benefit. And so when you break a curse I believe that you also need to instill the Word of God into your family.

SID: Now you told me something that you overheard your daughter telling your son once about this, do you remember about honoring your father and mother?

LORI: Yes, ha, ha.  She was using what I had told her, which is good because she’s passing it down to her younger brothers, saying you really need to honor your mom and dad,  she was saying this in reference to us, because then you’ll live a long life. So it was such an honor to hear her say that, to hear her understand that she really caught that and now she’s teaching it to her younger siblings. And I even have my older son do that with a younger brother also so they’re all passing the baton down, which is a wonderful thing to have.

SID: Now in this country one out of two people are ending in divorce. Do you believe these curses in the invisible realm have something to do with that?

LORI: I really do. I know it does because that happened in my family, and it’s not something that I have shared a lot of, but my mom’s parents were divorced, and my mom and my dad got divorced and they were married 26 years, a very long time where you thought it was secure. They got divorced, and then I was married and I ended up getting divorced and that’s where my first daughter came from. And that was before I had accepted the Lord Jesus as my Messiah. And realizing that that was a curse and I needed to break it with my daughter and my children so they will not have it in their lineage.

SID:  They’re not going to are they?

LORI:  No, they aren’t.

SID:  Are you sure?

LORI: I’m positive. I have no doubt.

SID: Well I’m positive too. Do you know another curse is sickness? We’re going to go to a video clip in a moment of a woman whose right ear was deaf and you’re going to see a marvelous blessing. I like blessings rather than curses. What about you? And as you watch this miracle-cam video, many of you, I really believe that many of you that are hard of hearing or deaf, you’re going to get your hearing back. But many others with pains of all kinds, especially back and neck I’m hearing, you’re going to get healed. Let’s go right now to Sandy Wormack and hear about this great, great miracle.

Sandy: While we were watching one of those videos, it was Rodney Brown’s “The Coat My Father Gave Me”, the ear suddenly popped wide open, to the point that the volume was extremely loud and painful to me and so I asked him to turn it down. And we rejoiced that the hearing was restored and we gave that in our testimony when we would be praying for people. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I found out just exactly how miraculous that was. I went to the doctor for some allergy symptoms. I had moved to Arkansas and I didn’t have any sympathy at all for the symptoms that I had because I was in Tyson chicken country. But I had gone on and seen if there was anything that could be done about the allergies. And the doctor looked at the usual testing, looked into the nose and the eyes and came around to my right ear and dropped the instrument that she was using. And she said “Oh I’m so sorry, I had no idea you were deaf.” And I said “I’m not deaf.” And she said “You have to be.” And I said “No I don’t, I hear perfectly well.” And she said “You have to be. You have no eardrum, you have no stirrups, you have no Eustachian tube, and you are fully scar tissued.” And I said “Well I hear very well.” And she said “Would you mind if I do an auditory test?” And I said “Well you can as long as you don’t charge me for it, because I know I can hear.” So she did the auditory test and she said “This is just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You hear very acutely and yet there’s nothing within your ear in the natural for you to hear.” And I said “Jesus healed me.”

SID: Did you get that? She didn’t have an eardrum and she heard. That’s called a creative miracle. There are all kinds of levels of miracles but that’s a miracle equivalent to what you read in the Bible. But what I’m telling you is that is normal and what you have been looking at is abnormal. We want normal people that have a tremendous supernatural God take video clips just like that and send it to us. Be right back after this word.

Our Guest Lori Strong

SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Lori Strong. This is an unusual show. It’s not your normal laid-back where you sit and kick off your shoes and you say show me something. This is two way. You are literally going to feel the supernatural power. Many of you are going to get physically healed.  This is what television was created for. My guest, Lori Strong, is a Jewish person that has tremendous insight into the invisible world. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, there is an invisible world that is controlling everything that is going on in your life. Lori, you have studied curses. Define a curse and explain how it can be coming from a number of generations back.

LORI: Well a curse is the opposite of a blessing. A curse is something negative that has happened to you that can cause death, not just physical death but spiritual death in your lives. And the Bible says that curses can be passed down from the fourth to the fifth to the third generation on down. And what happens in our lives is that we might not know that we have a curse in our lives because we haven’t committed the actual sin, but the iniquity can be passed down. Which iniquity is like, if you picture a lightening bolt and how it not only touches one spectrum but it might touch more and more and go through a whole person’s body. It’s like an iniquity; it passes down, not the direct touch but passing down through that. And that happens sometimes in people’s lives where maybe they had a great-great-grandfather that they never knew. But something that happened in that person’s life, now as that granddaughter or grandson of that person, something is going on in their lives and they’re not really sure why they’re having difficulty in relationships with people.

SID: I wanted you to explain… Tell me some areas that might make us alert that there’s a curse going on in our life.

LORI: Well I think constant arguing in relationships, I think where there’s  a lot of strife going on, people really need to look at that and say where’s this coming from.  Mishandling anger; it’s ok to be angry but how you handle it is really important to know.  Addictions; not just addiction to drug or alcohol but people have addictions to people. Like I know that I was delivered from being male dependent and feeling like I had to have a man in my life to make it complete. And so there’s a lot of different curses that people will walk around thinking oh, I don’t have a curse. Because it’s such a strong word that people don’t want to admit that they have a curse. But it’s something that’s negatively affecting their life.

SID: You know, it’s the most amazing one you told me about yourself.  You were raised Jewish, you were bat mitzvahed, and you suffered at an early age some anti-Semitism. Explain.

LORI: Well when I was young we had to walk to school and we walked over a bridge that was over a highway. And we lived in a predominantly Jewish suburb but right across the street, you just walked one block over, and it was a lot of non-Jews, Gentiles and so forth. And the boys would persecute me and they would stand on the bridge and wouldn’t let me go to school and they would call me derogatory names about being Jewish and I would run home and cry. And I believe that was the seed that was sown early on in my life to make me look at being Jewish as a negative thing.

SID: Actually, what happened to Lori is she got challenged by a man who later became her husband to read the Bible and the minute Lori that you read the Bible, what happened?

LORI: Well I thought, how could you not know that Jesus is the Messiah?  That was the question that came up in my mind.

SID: I mean it was so clear to you.

LORI: It was, it’s very clear, but I had never been introduced to that before I met my now husband. He was the first one who was ever bold enough to say have you ever read the Bible. If you read it you’ll know who the Messiah is.

SID: But then, after becoming a believer in the Jewish Messiah, coming from a Jewish background, there was still something in her background that did not want her to admit she was Jewish or even like Jewish people.

LORI: Yes, and I believe that was a generational curse for me. It wasn’t something to be proud of in my home when we were growing up  and so no one ever thought of it as a good thing, we didn’t really talk about our Jewishness or even about God in our home and so I wasn’t raised to feel good about that. And so instead I tried to deny it and I would never admit that I was Jewish and so as much as I could hide it, I did, and no one really talked about it. And every time I met someone that was Jewish I felt a thing inside of me like oh, I just don’t feel good about this.

SID: So Lori, you broke the curse. I’m Jewish.

LORI: Yes, and I love you and I can sit here and talk to you like this.

SID: Isn’t it nice not to have the prison of the curse?

LORI: Yes! It feels so good. It’s freedom.  Because I think it was bondage before and now I feel like I’m talking to family because I am talking to family really. I mean we’re all from the same family.

SID: Well not only that, if you have the blood of the greatest Jew who ever lived flowing through your veins, you cannot be anti-Jewish. You better be love the Jewish people, otherwise you don’t love Jesus.  You get it? Understand? And by the way, the word family is Mishpochah, and if you love the King of the Jews, you are Mishpochah, you are family. Don’t go away. You know why? You’re going to find out why you’re having problems in your marriage in the invisible world. We’ll be right back after this word, ok.