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Sid Roth welcomes Grace Williams

Sid:  We want everywhere to experience what it’s like to be taken away into the presence of God, into the arms of God.  And I do this just about every day, I carve out an hour and I just close my door and I just soak in the presence of God.  And my favorite soaking music is Grace Williams new CD “Take Me Away.” And Grace one of the selections is called “Wings of Love” tell me about that.

Grace:  Yes, this is one of my favorite’s songs and I was actually playing and singing this song in a prayer meeting and we were all just worshipping and praying and it was really an awesome time; and I had this vision and I literally saw myself again, that Psalm 91 anointing in the shelter of the Almighty and I literally saw these feathers and a huge outstretched wings begin to cover over me and they begin to expand and create this arch dome.  It was almost like this igloo it was round and it was completely incapacitated me and every way I would look, up or down and to the side there was no place that I could go that wasn’t covered and …

Sid:  And so there was no room for fear or worry.

Grace:  Exactly, no room for fear and that’s what the Lord was speaking to me about, this song “Wings of Love.”  It was like as God was saying as they make M, there dwelling place no evil can get close to them, no torment, no terror is welcome in this Holy place.  It is only here that we are safe and we are covered and so it was really a call to let the Lord carry us on His wings of love, carry us on the Wind of His Spirit.  And then at the end of that song it’s really a freedom song, it says “Fly fly, free to fly, fly, fly, fly lifting up your wings to fly.  To those that have felt discouraged or just overwhelmed with fear or sadness or grief and God’s calling them up saying “Come, fly with Me, come soar with Me and be free, you know like a bird.  A bird can’t fly if it’s in chains or if it is caged up or it’s held in bondage.  But God’s saying I’ve opened the door, I have released the captives and set them free come fly with Me and be free lifting up your wings to fly.  So I really feel like this song is a call to freedom and God is setting people free even now.  He’s setting people free in the Name of Jesus.

Sid:  “Wings of Love.”  Excerpt

Sid:  That was “Wings of Love” from the new CD take me away by Grace Williams.  And we cut the song in the middle and the last words were He will carry on His Wings of Love.  Grace what does that mean to you?

Grace:  Well, that is the most beautiful place to be Sid, hidden in His wings, hidden in His presence and it’s really that heavenly embrace and being covered, being surrounded encapsulated in His amazing love and that love is stronger than anything.  It’s stronger than fear, it’s stronger than worry, it’s stronger than any tormentor, anything the enemy could bring against it.  That love is stronger than anything.

Sid:  And we also have on the telephone line Jerry Williams, Grace’s mother.  And Jerry God has been telling you something that happens to be music to my ears about this next generation.  Explain, especially these young people.

Jerry:  Yes, God is shifting, He’s starting a movement among the children and the young people liken to the prophet Samuel.  And we know that Samuel, his heart was groomed in the midst of the smoky fragrant perfume of the incense of worship in the Holy Place.  He would lay down beside the burning flame of the lamp in the Holy Place.  And these young prophets that God’s raising up they’re fiery passionate type that they have to live close to the Glory and it’s only there that they can kindle their divine destiny.

Sid:  They are not going to settle for your normal Christian churches.  They want more; it won’t be satisfying this new generation.

Jerry: There is also a Spirit of Caleb coming upon this generation, I just say by the Spirit of Lord, because Caleb said “Give me the land of the giants.”  There was no fear in this generation, they said; let me dispossess the enemy in these dark mountains that have been held by the enemy.  They will be these amazingly seasoned worshippers and warrior’s who follow wholly after the Lord, completely and totally given over to God.

Sid:  But they’re going to need some Fathers, Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Mothers to help mentor them to move into this type of thing.  And actually isn’t that what you and your daughter do two generations in ministry?

Jerry:  Yes, definitely we know, we’ve seen in the life of Samuel that His mother Hannah actually brought him every year these handmade garments or robes, typified the anointing that she was decreeing over him that he would break off the Eli Spirit of the darkness and the traditional church and that he would be a reformer.  And so she through her declarations and through her prophetic eye she began to see him as a reformer and she would cloth him and cloak him in these generational anointings just like Joseph’s robe that was multicolored and His father gave to him, that was a type of anointing; the passing of the generational anointing.

Sid:  Jerry, I’m just kind of curious when you see the type of presence of God that comes out of your daughter’s music and the changes that happen to people what do you feel like as a mother?

Jerry:  I feel just so overflowing, overflowing with this anointing that’s permeating these sounds of Heaven and the heavy midst that’s overflowing into people’s lives.  And you know that in Ezekiel when he looked into the Glory clouds and he saw this overshadowing power that would come on the saints in the end time and I just feel like that this is a fulfillment of the desire of God’s; heart that he would bring many sons into glory.  And that this glory cloud that overshadowed Peter, and creative miracles happening is what’s happening today with these prophetic young people that have eyes to see in tandem with what God is saying and God is just asking will someone agree with me?  Will someone open their eyes wide and see into the supernatural and see the glory that already resides in you?

Sid:  Grace are many people getting healed when they listen to your CD take me away?

Grace:  Yes, we’re having so many people healed.  Healed of past hurts, healed of abuse, set free from mental illness, just flooded with peace like you said earlier.  A woman recently was healed of scoliosis, people being set free of suicidal thoughts and spirits of death.  Just amazing, we had a young woman that was set free, she was a cutter, and lot of young people have gotten trapped into this really demonic self mutilation where their crying out to feel something and so to feel anything they end up self mutilating or cutting themselves and she emailed me and said,” When I heard this sound, when I heard this sound and she was not even a believer, she just happened to randomly come across my music and she said “I heard this sound and I have not wanted to harm myself since. 

Our Guest Grace Williams

Sid:  Well, my guest this week is Grace Williams and she has a new CD called “Take Me Away” that for the last few months I have been soaking daily under and I have to tell you I have never heard music that brings such peace.  Grace, people are having all sorts of healing from your music, tell me about a few specific that come to mind.

Grace:  Yes, well we had a testimony from Evelyn and she was actually was bed ridden for years and God brought her.  She said these are her words, “She said God brought me out from being a skeleton that slept eighteen hours a day.”  And she’s had huge miracles, HUGE that she writes in caps.  In one mighty moment God took me off a duffle bag full of meds.  I take no meds now His Glory and presence are fully known in your music.”  And when I got that I thought, “Praise God, you know that she’s been brought out of darkness into marvelous light and that spirit of death has been broken over her life” how powerful.  Another just amazing one was a woman called and her nephew was actually in a mental institution and the Lord told her to bring, actually bring this CD to the hospital, to the mental hospital.  She told the staff and the nurse she said, “Whatever you do, keep this music playing continuously and she said the Lord had told her on the 20th day that He was going to be set free and walk free.”  So she told the staff, “Whatever you do do not stop this music.”  And so she went, took the CD set it to playing on repeat.  And she says, “Hallelujah as sure as the Lord said and has spoken to me and to the doctors amazement he walked out completely drug free, free, free, free she says.” So this is powerful, like I say this is strong medicine, this is strong therapy, this is spiritual CPR that reaches out to whatever.  Whatever is ailing you, whatever sickness, whatever disease, whatever has been spoken over you, “The Lord has a good report for you, He has good things in store for you.”  And I just pray right now Lord, that you would send forth that spiritual CPR Lord, I thank you that you just release life right now Lord, life, life, life over your people and love, Lord.  Your banner over us is love and God I pray you release your love over, over us right now Lord and we thank You for it in Jesus Name.

Sid:  Tell me about a selection we’re about ready to play from the take me away CD called “Healing Oil,” tell me about that.

Grace:  Yes, this song is just really powerful and we’ve actually had testimonies from this song. People said that they pray it in their prayer meetings and Bible studies and actually that the oil of the Lord has manifest when this song begins to play and so that’s like a really amazing thing.  But also, as I was recording this song and I prophetically just begin to sing towards the end of the song I say, “Breathe on Me, Overshadow Me” and I’m just crying out to the Lord.  And as I was singing this, I literally felt the Lord’s breathe just blow across my face.  It was like this huge burst of cool wind.  It was like airy like it was like this airy breath and then He began to whisper to me and it was like this face to face encounter and He was excelling into me and He was breathing His very life.  And it was then and in that moment He reminded me, and He reminded me that this is what He desires with His people, this is what He wants, a passionate closeness where we are revived by His breathe, where we are having that fact to face encounter.  And you know just like He longs for that, He desires that and so as we cry out for this, this breath of Heaven, this face to face encounter it is then that we are then that we enlivened and energized in that presence and seeing him face to face. 

Sid:  I would have to believe that your music brings such a anointing for people to breakthrough into intimacy with God, that’s why it releases so much peace.  And that’s why the people that even have insomnia, you get so many reports they play the music through the night.  But I have a better idea; it should be played 24-7 in a house.  Let’s hear the selection “Healing Oil” from this CD “Take Me Away.”

“Healing Oil” from this CD “Take Me Away.” Excerpt.

Sid:  Now you can see why I just love to just relax and soak in that kind of music it sure beats watching movies with all the violence and everything.  How would you like to go to sleep with this type of music rather than the junk you’re watching on television?  Grace, tell me what the Lord told you that this music would accomplish prophetically.

Grace:  Well, really that Psalm 91 anointing, a prophetic impartation it would not just be something that we know and we would even read, but we would have an impartation and a personal experience, a personal journey and He would open the eyes of our heart to see and experience this Psalm 91 anointing to be hidden in the shadow of the Almighty.  To be you know safe and protected in His arms, to fear nothing if you read through this, no disease would touch us, every kind of calamity would be around us; but we God’s people will stand untouched.  We will make God our refuge, even evil can’t get close to us.  It can’t come through the door Sid.  He’s sent His angels to keep us to just protect us and God says if you will hold on to me for dear life, I’ll get you out of any trouble.  So I just speak forth today any trouble, any trouble, any trouble that you are going through it may seem dark; you may be going through the dark night of the soul today.  You may be facing something that seems so daunting, but the Lord says in the Name of Jesus that He is your shelter, He will lift you up.  He will carry you, He will be your strong right arm and He, He, He will lead you and blow on you and revive you and refresh you with His presence in the Name of Jesus.  And I just also feel like the Lord is setting someone free right now.  It is almost like and inferiority complex like you felt like you are not enough.  That you’ve just, it’s almost like this voice in your head for your whole life has just been tormenting you and beating you down.

Sid:  But no more is it going to beat you down.




Our Guest Grace Williams

Sid:  My guest, Grace Williams has just come out with a new CD called “Take Me Away” we’ve had her on before with her first CD “Fire Fall” and I was so impressed with that, but as far as I’m concerned the CD that I use for my regular soaking time daily is “Take Me Away.”   And we’re finding out some very supernatural things.  I mean the devil tried to snuff her life out just as she was born and I kind of think that’s even though her mother Jerry wasn’t even a believer at the time, she knew enough to know to call her new born baby Grace.  And at four years of age, as some children will do, they see a piano and they walk up to it and they make a lot of noise, Jerry tell me about age four when Grace first saw a piano, what happened?

Jerry:  Yes, we did not have a piano in our home and she had never seen one, we went to a neighbor’s house for a Bible study and they had a rickety old piano that was missing a few keys and she walked over to it.  She reached up and put her pudgy little hands on those keys and she looked at me and said, “Momma I want one of these!”  So her little spirit man…

Sid:  Now, Grace can you remember that at all?

Grace:  Yes, I do it’s really awesome because basically my first memory as a child is being filled with the Holy Spirit that was the first memory.  And then the second memory I remember, I mean vividly, it’s like I remember as if it were yesterday; this friend’s house, I could picture it today and this piano and me going over there.  And it was literally like my spirit was so drawn to this object I had never seen before, but it was like I had found my calling, I had found my destiny at that young age and something inside of me just leapt and I knew that that was part of my destiny and part of what God had planned for me.

Sid:  Well, and then you really got a clue from God when you had an angelic visitation at age seven, tell me about that.

Grace: Yes, and I really believe it was a destiny dream; a destiny vision that God you know gives us very often in our life and that was really my first destiny dream I had had.  And I literally saw my music circling the world, it was going around just in these beautiful, for those you that read music you know how it’s like a long, the musical notes and the staff I could literally see them like this beautiful ribbon encircling the earth and touching the utter most parts of the earth.  And these music notes were like bursting forth and they were just shining forth with God’s love and it was almost as if they were exploding and going into you know these different regions and they were releasing God’s love, God’s glory, God’s healing whatever people needed, it was like bursting forth in these musical notes which are the Heavenly songs, the sounds of Heaven.  It’s not something I do it’s something God pours forth and I just say yes Lord, just flow through me, do what only you can do so.

Sid:  What does “Take Me Away” and that the title of your new CD, what does that mean to you?

Grace:  That means take me away into the presence, take me away into the secret place, because we know I’ve discovered in my journey, as a daughter of God, as a worshipper that one moment in God’s presence can change everything.  And that’s what’s so powerful about being in that presence.  Being in that secret place, you know it takes one moment to shift mine sets to shift into a healing to shift into a breakthrough.  And it’s so powerful, I like to think of it as strong medicine, you know.  It’s like we only need small moments in His presence to reshape and change everything.

Sid:  Well, you know doctors say that stress is like a common denominator for the roots of just about every sickness under the sun and I can’t think of anything that would put you in a stress less environment than your music saturating someone’s home.

Grace:  Yes, yes its powerful Sid when you talk about that the physical body actually retains stress.

Sid:  I know and do you know what happens, I don’t believe it I drive a car, I feel as calm as can be and I get out of the car and I take my blood pressure and it’s high.  So my body doesn’t know what my mind thinks is going on.  Somehow the body reacts to all the stimulus that’s going on all around it.

Grace:  Yes, because we were made to worship Him Sid, we were created to worship Him so our physical body responds to that presence, it responds to that worship.  And that’s why it’s so awesome when we soak in His presence you know, it’s like sometimes when you have stains on your laundry or whatever, you have to put it into the soaking sink for a little bit and put some detergent on there and I think about that as the presence of God.  You know when we have stains, when we have issues, when we need healing we have these things that need to be removed and only the presence of God and soaking and spending that time in His presence can remove those stains and take them away and bring us that freshness, that newness.

Sid:  What do you want to be taken away into His presence?  Do you want to be taken away into the secret place?  Let’s have the title song of the CD “Take Me Away” lets have a selection from that.  “Take Me Away.”

“Take Me Away” excerpt

Sid:  That was from the brand new CD “Take Me Away” the title song actually called “Take Me Away.”  Take me away into the presence of God and you know in your last CD Grace, you had so many testimonies of people that insomnia that were able to sleep through the night by just having this music quietly in the background, but I think that this CD will do even a better job of that.  I know that it’s new, but are you getting any reports along those lines?

Grace:  We are, we are getting reports of people having that overwhelming peace, you know it’s a very turbulent and stressful time for so many people.  And I just got an email in fact from a woman and she said, “This past year she said I’ve gone through everything imaginable and then some and I stumbled across your music and she said this CD, she downloaded some songs and she said this CD has brought me such incredible peace.  She said the it’s the only CD that I listen to now because I just keep it going in my car, on my computer and in my home because it brings such incredible peace and such incredible presence she said, I know that this has been a tool that God has used to sustain me




Sid Roth welcomes Grace Williams

Sid:  And I have to tell you something, I look forward everyday and lately I have a big confession I haven’t been able to do it the last few days because things have just been so hectic, but do you know what when things are so hectic that’s even more reason to spend time with God.  But, I just take about an hour and I close my door, I put a little sign “in prayer” and I put a CD on and I soak in the presence of God.  And see the soaking in the presence of God is accumulative and the more I soak the more the presence of God that is released through my life.  And one of my favorite soaking CDs was by Grace Williams and it’s called “Fire Fall” and then she sent me a gift of her second CD.  And I have to tell you that normally when someone has a top music CD, when they come out with a second one it usually doesn’t, to me it is not as good as the first one that was the hit.  Well, this new one is called “Take Me Away” and I have to tell you from my perception it out does “Fire Fall” and so I was so exciting that I invited Grace Williams and her mother Jerry to be guests again.  And Jerry for those that did not hear our first interview, I am very very intrigued at your ancestry; your great great great grandfather was someone I wish I had met.  Tell us about him.

Jerry:  He was a preacher on holiness that was mantled with a tangible glory of God.  He went up and down the coast of California, right before the Civil War.  And it was written of him when he was in San Francisco, which was a very debauched outlaw, sailor town at that time.  When he sent in and preached he glowed in the pulpit, he burned, his words poured forth in a mouton flood and his face shone like he had a furnace heated within.  And it was so amazing that they said that you could feel the mighty blast of God’s blowing breath.  He was actually transfigured before the people as he preached holiness.  He actually traveled on horseback up and down the coast of California into Oregon and in his journals that God has been entrusted into me his fingers were frozen almost too stiff to write and he had to reach the military post by night or else he would be attacked by the Indians and he was a great man of courage. 

Sid:  Abraham Lincoln visited his church.

Grace:  Yes, he did.  He was at one time a Methodist circuit rider preacher up the east and Abraham Lincoln actually came to his church.  So you know he wasn’t religious because I know that Abraham Lincoln was not a religious man but a godly man that loved Spirit and Truth.  So…

Sid:  Well, I have some notes here about this great, great, great grandfather of yours and the prayer for his sons and daughters of which that’s you and that’s your daughter and the prayer was “The fire that burns within me will be their heritage.”

Jerry:  Yes.

Sid:  And now let’s talk about your daughter, Grace.  She had an attack on her life from the very beginning, she should have died.  Tell me about that briefly.

Jerry:  Yes, she was born premature and there was water on her lungs and her chest would concave inches, one or two inches just to breath.  And she was given up that she would not live and then miraculous the Lord came in and breathed on her and she was made whole and divinely healed.  And her lungs today she uses her lungs for His Glory, so He’s so amazing.

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing though here she is a singer and where is the attack?  On her lungs!

Jerry:  Yes.

Sid:  I mean, you don’t have to be a mental giant to see that the devil tried to snuff her life out.  And then the other thing that intrigues me immensely about her is that when she was just three years of age she was filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues.  How’d you pull that off Jerry?

Jerry:  That was an amazing encounter which is God’s grace because I was rocking her older sister and trying to encourage her to be filled with the Spirit and I just heard these little melodies from heaven laughing over in the corner, it was Grace.  She was just a toddler cruising around and the first thing I knew she was singing and praying in the Spirit.  She just picked up from the atmosphere in the room.

Sid:  Why did you call her Grace?

Jerry:  I called her Grace because when God did something that we were incapable of doing ourselves with His grace, that which we cannot do and He alone can do.  So how he saved her and…

Sid: Now did you have the name Grace before she was born or after?

Grace:  After she was born because I was not particularly a believer at that time and I know after He healed her we literally felt the presence of God, the atmosphere of Heaven come in.

Sid:  Speaking of the presence of God in the atmosphere of Heaven, let’s hear that selection from this new CD “Take Me Away.”

CD “Take Me Away” worship excerpt (about 4 minutes)

Sid:  Grace tell me what was going on inside of you when you were recording this CD “Take Me Away?”

Grace:  Well as the Lord was shaping my newest CD “Take Me Away” He spoke to me that this would be a musical revelation, a prophetic impartation of Psalm 91.  And that Psalm is so beautiful because it talks about being hidden in God and being hidden in the shelter of the Almighty.

Sid: It also talks about every conceivable problem a human could have in this life.  So if someone could get that impartation from music, wow!

Grace:  Yes, the overall theme is fear nothing, you know God is with you His outstretched arms are there to protect you, you are safe.  And exactly what you said, there’s going to be, there’s wolves and there’s going to be snakes, but we through you know God’s protection we are going to trample on these snakes.  No evil, no evil can even get close to us when we have His angels to guard us and keep us and protect us and it is such a safe place being hidden in the shelter of the Almighty.

Sid:  Well, I can tell you one thing, since I personally use this and this is my favorite soaking music I can tell you that my office reeks of peace.  Has anyone said to you, “They feel such peace on your music?”

Grace:  Oh yes, we have testimonies all the time.

Sid:  Oops, our time is up.






Sid Roth welcomes Dennis Walker

Sid:  Now, you were red hot, but not for the Messiah Dennis Walker when you broke your toe.  Ouch, that must have really hurt.

Dennis:  Ha-ha, I was dancing.

Sid:   I’m sure.  Tell us what happened.

Dennis:  You know how it is in the early morning when it is dark, you get up and you are walking and not totally awake, well I hit my toe against a real heavy piece of furniture. 

Sid:  Yes, I have done that and ouch is right.

Dennis:  Yeah, it was and so you dance awhile and in the dark I continue to get dressed but about the middle of the day this thing just started throbbing; every beat of my heart it was just intense pain.  And so I finally took off my shoe and saw that it had swelled up really big and turned black and blue all across the front of the foot.  And so I laid on my bed waiting for this thing to kind of subside but it just got worse and worse.  And I kind a figured at that point I had broken bones before; I kind a figured I had broken my toe, two days before I have to travel to another country.  And my wife came in and she looked at my toe and she said, oh you poor thing, and I said listen; I don’t want pity I want an initiative from Heaven!  And so she called a couple of our friends, Dennis needs healing, let’s get quiet, hear what God says to do right now.

Sid:  And by the way, that’s what he means by initiative from Heaven, not your formula, not what you’ve seen happen on TV.  Not even the person that thinks well maybe I need to put the tent in my living room like Dennis did.  No, an initiative from Heaven is unique at that moment by God just for that person.  What did God have unique from Heaven just for you?

Dennis:  Well, my friend John was there and he said I just saw to do something, but it really looked stupid and my wife said, good that’s the kind that really work.  And so he said, what I saw was simply to pour water on his toe.  So we took a bottle and opened the top and poured some water on my toe and it did look, very stupid.  It looked very powerless, but it was an initiative of Heaven directed from Heaven to bring healing on my toe.  Almost instantly, in fact instantly the pain started subsiding within a few minutes all the pain was gone.  I actually went out to watch the news on TV, turned on the TV and propped up my feet, and I looked down about ten minutes later, fifteen minutes later and all the black and blue , all the swelling everything was gone.  My toe and my foot was 100% healed and I actually got up and started walking around testing it.  There was absolutely no pain. 

Sid:  Now, there is something called the power of the testimony, I believe as Dennis shared this if you have a broken bone or if you have pain of any kind, I believe Dennis could pray for you right now and it would disappear.  Some it won’t be until tomorrow, but most it will be instant, would you pray for people right now Dennis?

Dennis:  I will, in fact I am already getting something, that there are people listening to this radio broadcast who you have had serious problems going on with your liver to the point where your life is at risk and I believe God wants you to know right now how much He loves you.  See that’s the big message, through all of these things, is God is pouring out His love on people and He wants you to know that he cares for you and He loves you.  And I proclaim over those people with problems in the liver whether it be sucrose of liver or whether it be damage through some disease or some virus, I command healing on that liver.  I command every duct of the liver to open up and begin to flow and for the liver to function, come back to 100% functionality.  And I believe right now that even inflammation and swelling throughout your body, water retention and other things is absolutely being turned around because of this liver functioning the way it’s caused your spoken by God to function.  Somebody right now, you have been having a problem with one of the valves of your heart and I see almost like it functions but not to its capacity, it’s almost like a lazy valve or some sort or a valve that isn’t closing all the way and I command right now for a recreation of the way that valve functions, the muscles and the way they control and valve and I proclaim right now absolute healing.  Anyone with congestive heart failure, I  proclaim right now that the congestive nature of that heart is being turned around and for the fluids that have been building up to go in Jesus name.  I proclaim the veins in all the different parts around the heart are absolutely refurbished, he-he restored by the hand of God in Jesus name.

Sid: You know plaque can’t stand against the blood of Jesus, that’s what he just prayed, if you have clogged arteries he just prayed that for you that those arteries are going to flow like a river, just like the river of God that is flowing the this studio right now.  Just like the river of God that is flowing throughout your body right now, it’s opening up those clogged arties, right now in Jesus name.  And as a matter of fact, the spirit of pain, you’ve been had, when Dennis shared his testimony about his broken toe, you don’t need water on you, the word of God is enough.  And the word of God says that pain must bow under the name of Jesus.  So in the name of Jesus I command pain to bow and to leave right now and backs are being healed, I mean this is so amazing.  Any pain that you have in your body, whether it be in your back, whether it be in your neck, whether it be in your shoulder do something that you couldn’t do before and watch what God has just done.

Dennis:  Oh, and God’s love is evident to you, this is His love reaching you, He wants to give you the clear message I know you and I know about you I know your pain and I know your situations.  Someone has been having difficulty in relationships with children.  These are grown children, I have seen grown children that have absolutely come to not forgive and be at odds with the parents.  God says I know your condition, that this has made you miserable and I proclaim that I am about to bring transformation into the family.  You are going to have the family healed and touched by the power of the Messiah.

Sid:  And isn’t that what God really wants, God wants Christian homes to be the head and not the tail and doesn’t want these long chronic misunderstandings to just fester and have poison come.  I mean did you hear that, he has just set your house free?  God just set your house free, so you can have a real Mishpochah, a real family, set in God’s order, the Heaven order.

Dennis:  Yeah, the Messiah has come to this home today; I’m just hearing the words of Zaccheus being echoed throughout history.

Sid:  You know what?  You’ve got to share that lady in Peru where you had a picture of someone with a hand and with a scar below the fingers.

Dennis:  This was amazing amazing encounter, I was in a meeting in a church in Oc Alta, Peru one of the bigger jungle cities and at the end of the meeting I got quiet.  Lord what do you want to do right now.  And it so clearly in my mind, I saw a hand with kind at the palm, the heel of the hand and the small finger was not functional any longer.  And so I held up my hand is there someone here that has a scar in this part of the hand and this finger doesn’t function and there was a lady who was standing in the back door of the church and she raised her hand, that’s me.  And I said come and let me see it; it was exactly what I had seen in my mind.  This was it, so I got quiet again, Lord what do you want me to do right now?  And the Lord gave another word of knowledge and that was this woman has just had a fight with someone she loves.  So, and so I asked her, did you just have a fight with someone you love and she just began to weep and cry and she said, I just had a fight with the man that live with and he threw me out of the house.  I was walking down the street, I saw people standing in this doorway, I put my head in to see what was going on and you asked if there was someone with this on their hand?  This woman wasn’t even part of the church; she was just walking down, contemplating what to do with her life after having this explosion.  So the Lord said, she needs to receive salvation, so I just simply asked her, “Would you like to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, His Spirit to come live in your heart so that you can have His help, the help from Heaven for every need you have and she said yes.  So I prayed with her and she asked Jesus to come and live inside her, she is still weeping and then I got quiet again.  Lord, what do you want to do next, and the Lord said, simply place your hand on her head and bless her.  So I asked her if I could do that, she said, yes, I laid my hand on her head and I wasn’t able to pronounce even three words before she started jumping up and down and speaking in tongues and after about five minutes of that she got quiet she  looked at me and said, what was that?  I told her that you need to sit with the pastor over here on the front row; he is going to tell you everything that just happened.  So he went through scriptures and showed her what had just happened and the following day she came back for the next nights’ meetings with twenty some people that she had been talking to about all that had happened and all of them gave their heart to the Lord.

Sid:  Do you realize what he’s saying right now?  That if you are a pastor if you have a house congregation;  if you start operating under the initiatives of Heaven you won’t have a building large enough to contain all of the people that are going to flock there.  But what is going to be even better than you operating that way, how about every member of your churches operate that way.  We won’t have coliseums big enough to hold all of the people… because when you hear from God and do it you never miss.  I like it that way…