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Our Guest Bill Prankard

Bill Prankard

Sid: Bill went to see a female evangelist that he was very skeptical over; her name is Katherine Kuhlman and the lady next to him is from Canada and she came even on her own not even on the bus.  And she looks at him and he identifies himself as a Pentecostal minister she said “Oh, I’m so glad you’re next to me because you understand miracles.”  And of course Bill when she said that to you were you so deceived that you didn’t even know you didn’t understand miracles?

Bill: Oh, of course I patted her hand and agreed with her; (Laughing) It was like I thought you know how blessed are you to get to sit beside me.  I was humble and proud of it; I mean yeah I mean because I really I thought I had all there was to have and knew all there was to know.

Sid:  And that’s a dangerous position (Laughing).

Bill:  I understand that (Laughing).  Yeah and everything was fine Sid until the service started and when the service started it was actually a morning service. Katherine had a Friday morning service 9:00 usually it started in Pittsburgh.  Which I thought was actually so stupid; I thought who would come to a Friday morning service, you know but I mean the church would fill up instantly as soon as the doors would open.  They’d fill the basement up because people were so hungry even in those days.  So Katherine came out; she always wore the white dress you know it had the spotlights on her dress; the fans on the platform blowing her dress gently, and organ and the piano and her red hair.  Well honestly I never seen anything like this; and when she lead a song you would remember because you knew her our arms would start going.  And it was almost like she did a little ballet thing and it looked like she was floating and she appeared to me to be half angel half woman you know.  She would look at the crowd and say something like “I’m the most ordinary person in the world.”  And I’m sitting there criticizing; “I’m thinking no you’re not, no.”

Sid: (Laughing) You’re a caricature.

Bill:   And she would look up in the lights and her eyes glistening with tears and she say “Jesus don’t let them see me; let them see You.”  And I’m thinking “You know you could help this; you know wear a black dress, turn off the spotlights.” I mean I’m there to criticize you see Sid. But my problem was I’m being overwhelmed and overcome by the power and the presence of God like I had never experienced in my life.  That’s challenging when you don’t want to be you know I mean… (Laughing)

Sid:  What did you start seeing at this meeting?

Bill:  Well, you know things started happening. I mean Kathryn of course just when she came out I mean you just felt this cloud of God’s glory and you knew that you were in the presence of God; I knew that.  And I knew that this was God and I’m being overwhelmed by this and then she started ministering to people.  And every time she went anywhere near people, touch people they would fall down; sometimes they almost appeared to fly you know across the room. And this Catholic lady beside me grabs my arm and she said “What’s she doing to them?”  Well, I patted her hand because remember I’m the answer man.

Sid: (Laughing)

Bill: And I know all; so I said to her “Oh, it’s okay this is just the power of God.”  Well, she got so excited and she ended up getting healed but what happened to me in that moment was the moment when my life would change forever.  When I said “This is just the power of God” I could put it in two words Sid “He came.”  Holy Spirit came He came to me; I literally felt His finger in my chest pointing and saying “Yes this is My power.”  

Sid: But wait a second you’re a Pentecostal Minister you have felt the presence of God before; what was the difference between this night and before?

Bill:  Never like this, never I’ve never been overwhelmed like this; I’d never been overcome like this. It was like Holy Spirit had come right face to face with me.  And I heard Him I mean; I’m sure it wasn’t an audible voice but I heard Him as clear as if it was saying “Yes, this is my power and you’ve never seen it; you have had a form of godliness and you have denied My power.”  Well, Sid in that moment I started crying in fact I started convulsing and this Catholic lady that I’m supposedly helping put her arm on my shoulder and says “Are you okay?”  And I said “No.”  She says “Can I help you?”  I said “No, no one can help me.” I mean I had no idea that I was denying God’s power.

Sid: I was listening to a video of yours and you said “For the first time you realized that the Holy Spirit isn’t a power but a person.”

Bill: That was really why I was crying because in that moment Sid I realized I didn’t know Him; I didn’t know Him.  But you know if you’re introduced to President George Bush he gives you a gift and leaves. You could say “I met him.” You could say “I was introduced to him;” you could say “I received a gift.”  But you can’t say “He’s my dear friend.”  You can’t say “You know I’ve got a great relationship with him” unless you really do. With me I been introduced to Holy Spirit, He’d given me a gift and I said “Thank you, that’s fine.”  And that was the end; I felt I’d arrived now and realizing later like people like Apostle Paul and others when they met Holy Spirit they took the next few years to go out into the wilderness to learn of the Spirit.  Jesus in John chapter 14 said “I’m going to send another just like Me and you’ll know Him, because He is going to live with you.”  And I realized in that moment that Holy Spirit to me was a doctrine that I believed with all my heart and my doctrine said “He’s a person so I believed that but I didn’t know Him.”  And in that moment I made a decision with tears “I’m not going to seek healing ministry anymore; I’m not going to seek to be successful ministry anymore I’m going to give the rest of my life of pursuing You; I want to know You Holy Spirit.  Because Jesus said “I can know You.”  And to me the main difference between the church today and the church in the book of Acts is their reaction and relationship with Holy Spirit.  The Book of Acts people treated Holy Spirit exactly like they treated Jesus another just like Him. We have reduced Him to a controversial doctrine or just a force or power when He’s a wonderful person.  And that was… that decision was the life changing moment; I had no idea what was going to happen.

Sid: Well, let me ask you a question from the time that you were empowered, and you were, from the time your heart was changed to pursue God to that degree and you were…your heart was changed to pursue God; how long did it take before you saw your first miracle?

Bill: Well see that’s the crazy thing about this because some people say “You know they fasted, they prayed for months, years, weeks for a ministry.  I left that service after having seen everything I always believed God should be doing and never saw it. Having had this life changing experience so I didn’t realize it was going to change my life; I just knew that this was what I had to do. We get back on the bus and we start heading back to Canada we had 12 hours to drive back. And of course we’re all tired; I had invited the bus driver to come to the service and he wasn’t a Christian, wasn’t a believer and he said he would come but he didn’t. He challenged me when we stopped just outside Pittsburgh for coffee.  He said “If God really was healing how come He didn’t heal the little girl?”  Because the little girl, the Greek Orthodox girl I mentioned yesterday.

Sid: Was that that four year old that never walked?

Bill:  She couldn’t walk we carried her back on the bus.

Sid: Hmm.

Bill:  Exactly the same she’d been before I mean she wasn’t healed and in fact as we started talking to people on our bus it appeared that no body from our bus was healed. But you know a lot of people were healed in the meeting. And I said to the bus driver “Tom I don’t know why she wasn’t healed, but boy you should have seen it, it was wonderful.”  This is how I started this healing ministry Sid, we started out after having coffee I put my seat back in the reclining position and I went to sleep. That’s how I started the ministry; the leader of the bus came and woke me up and said “Something’s happening back here.”  I walked back and a lady was just singing quietly in tongues, singing in the Spirit. And this is 1972 and her friends said to me “She’s never done this before we’re Catholics.”  And so I thought “Wow, this is something.”  And as she’s doing this I’m feeling I guess now I would call it anointing, I just felt God’s presence there on the bus.

Sid: Just as I am right now as your speaking, go ahead.

Bill:  And so I walked to the front of the bus I took the microphone and I just said “Folks… you know people are sleeping and they’re resting and I said “Folks you may want to know something’s happening back here.”  And I told them what was happening and in my circles would have said “Praise God,” and that was it.  But most of these people weren’t from Pentecostal or Assembly backgrounds or charismatic backgrounds and so they got up and they went and listened; they leaned over and wanted to hear this lady…

Sid: Oh… we’re out of time wait till you hear what happened to this four year old that never walked right on the bus going back to Canada.  I have to believe that after 30 years of seeing more miracles than anyone I know, or as many as anyone that I know you know, things about healing that very few others understand.


Our Guest Don Gossett


Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his office in Blaine, Washington is Don Gossett.  Don has spent 50 years being mentored or knowing some of the top healing evangelists on the face of this earth.  People like William Branham, Jack Cole, TL Osborn, Kathryn Kuhlman, William Freeman, and he’s learned a lot two ways one from the word of God and what these people have taught; he has also learned from his own experiences where he has been healed and where the rubber has meet the word and what you preach isn’t what you teach if it doesn’t work in your own life.  Now Don I know that faith grows as I’m reading your book; I mean I read EW Kenyon a couple of years ago and you took the best writings and of EW Kenyon and your own writings together in this book called “The Power of Your Words.”  And I have to tell you I understand these principals but it’s just causing them… you forget.

Don:  Well, I’d just like to have a special prayer of faith together that faith is a fruit of humility; the Bible says God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  And I’d like to share just briefly one of the most challenging and triumphant experiences involved with it a relationship with true humility and the confession of God’s word for healing.  I was impressed with a very painful headaches at one period of my life from the top of my head to the back of my neck the pain was more than I could stand.  Now I had received miraculous healings from both an enlarged heart and the cancerous growth as from speaking God’s word but somehow speaking God’s word repeatedly did not prevail the headaches were unrelenting. I visited my family physician he assured me that he could give me a prescription that would take care of the headaches; but he was sincerely mistaken because the pain medication didn’t help at all.  Weeks and weeks passed by and the headaches remained my primary concern; I was going through my daily assignments as a minister, but frankly my focus was upon my intense pain in my head.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.  And finally I reached the place when I was overseas in a mission and after I preached that night depression hit me like a blast of dynamite.  I tumbled into bed with these morbid words I said to my wife I said to my wife “I don’t think I want to live another day; I’m going to pray now; I’m going to pray Oh God I die in my sleep tonight these pains are so miserable I can’t stand them.”  Well my wife was not impressed at all by my negativity after a fitful night I wakened with the awareness that my prayer was not answered I was still alive. So I announced to my wife that I was going to the prayer closet in our friend’s home and I wasn’t going to come out till I heard from the Lord about the wretched condition.  When I arrived at that prayer closet I locked the door from the inside so that no one could disturb me. The words of Psalm 34:16 came to me forcibly; “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.”  I felt I was that desperate man and I stretched myself out on that carpet in that room and I cried out with tears “Lord, why has not my healing not been manifested. I’ve confessed your healing word, I’ve prayed Your Name; I’ve searched my heart; I’ve prayed and fasted Lord; why haven’t I received my healing?”  The Holy Spirit responded to my request to Him to search my heart and reveal the hindrance to my healing.  He made known to me that I had developed a spirit of pride that was preventing the manifestation of healing for those excruciating headaches.  And I began to quickly go through scriptures in the Bible about how God resists the proud; how He has shown thee oh man what is good and what does the Lord require of thee, but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thou God. The Lord spoke to me by the Holy Spirit that any time you’re proud the Lord must resist you.  And I found that this was a high price…

Sid: Well, wait that’s most believers because most believers are proud.

Don: I know that what I learned at that particular time in my I mean it was a crisis time in my life when I realized that I…now if you’d ask me that if you think that you have a spirit of pride I would have probably said no, no.  But the Lord showed me that it was not so much a matter of arrogance or egotism it was rather an attitude of self-sufficiency.  I was dependent on the Lord but on upon medication and upon other things.  While I was not decrying the importance of medication as an anti-faith action it was just a part of my ugly spirit of pride that I had to deal with.   

Sid: Now when God spoke to you was it just an impression or was it actually a voice.

Don:  It was a voice that was in; it was a voice that is so priceless to any sincere Christian.  And for 45 minutes I waited for there in God’s presence but I was grateful that He had revealed to me that there was a spirit of pride that was my hindrance.  As I was there just rejoicing in His ministry in my life, then I had an unusual experience I only say this because this is what happened in my life.  As I continued to speak the word there I mean for 45 minutes the word flowed through my heart and my mouth and I looked up at and I saw a man sitting in the room.  Well, I quickly looked to see that the door was still locked and it was.  And this stranger moved slowly towards me as I lay on the floor he reached down and laid his hand on my head and the sensation of His touch was like warm penetrating oil; though there was no oil at all it was like the sensation of it.  And the man after touching my head stepped back because the pain all instantly left. I wanted the stranger to identify himself.  Now sometimes the spiritual matters we can be rather well a little dumb.  And I said “Sir, are you the Apostle Paul?”

Sid: (Laughing)

Don:  I don’t know why I asked that question but I just knew that it was a part of something that was tremendously supernatural and the man replied these words, “I’m an angel of the Lord sent to minister to you who is an heir of salvation.”  That’s what exactly Hebrew 1:14 says that “Angels are ministering spirits sent to minister to them that are heirs of salvation.”  And after he spoke those words the angel vanished from my sight and I never saw him again.  I sat there very simply amazed that an angel of the Lord had visited me and I developed a power-point “Be humble or you’ll tumble.”  I tell you I learned the importance of humility before the Lord. Well equally I learned the importance of humility before the Lord. Well equally important to this awesome fact is that I never had a headache since that long ago day on a faraway island.  And I praise God for that miracle it’s been a very real miracle.

Sid: Don there are many people listening to us right now and they say “Well, I praise God for Don Gossett’s miracle but what about me I am struggling with cancer, with heart trouble; with diabetes with psoriasis of the liver; with arthritis; with migraines; with all of these various problems.”  Would Don pray for me right now and I would agree?

Don:  Let’s agree right now in the Name of the Lord, Father we come to You humbly as we know how with gratitude dependent upon your wonderful promise Lord grateful for your reality.  Father I pray for every listening friend who is oppressed with sickness, disease, infirmity the foul work of cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, arthritis.  In the Name of Jesus we stand in agreement for these dear ones; spirit of infirmity we command you in the Name of Jesus to loose your hold on these bodies, minds and we speak release of healing virtue to permeate and flow in now in Jesus mighty Name and we thank you Lord that your power is present to heal.  That you sent your word to heal each one; and you’ve given them your release by the power of Jesus Name. Amen.

Sid: I’ll tell you Don that there was such a presence of God on that prayer I believe many people getting healed.  I even see people getting healed in their necks and their backs right now.  And people with hip pains if they’ll just start walking they’ll see that the pain is healed; anyone can be healed of anything but I’ll tell you the healing anointing is just flowing like a river.  And that same healing anointing Don flows in your book.  Now many of our listeners are familiar with you because we’ve had you on all week.  Tell us just briefly about EW Kenyan.  We have the best writings of EW Kenyan in your book from EW Kenyan “The Power of Your Words.”

Don:  Oh Dr. Kenyan was a man who God raised up to do a work of evangelism of healing and his main distinction was being a teacher of the word that marked him in a very special way.  And he put in book form a number of books and I was so blessed that his daughter Ruth gave me permission to combine the best of Dr. Kenyan’s writings with the best of my writings and put together the book “The Power of Your Words.”  I believe that God has chosen to use this book to revolutionize the lives of multitudes.  We’ve received many testimonies of the great results and to God be the glory. I believe that He’ll do the same with any listening friend.

Sid: The majority of the people listening to us are not functioning in the truth of God’s word in references to the promises of God’s Word.  There is on every page and every line of this book it’s so anointed; it’s mostly scripture. And the part that isn’t scripture is explaining the teaching of the scripture; but it’s 99% scripture this book.  And it’s an understanding of the scripture that this generation has yet to learn.


Our Guest Dr. Francis Myles


Sid: Well, I’ll tell you something after spending a week with Dr. Francis Myles on the radio if you’re not red hot for the Messiah there’ something wrong with you.  But you’ve had some amazing prophesies and prophetic dreams Francis.  For instance on yesterday’s broadcast we found out ahead of time that Senator Obama would be President Obama he would win two terms and what his agenda was for his first term.  And how God had put a seed of faith for him to believe in Jesus within him that if we would stop cursing him with our mouths and pray for his salvation that his whole destiny; the whole destiny of America could be transformed; what a vision.  But then in 2011 you had a vision of the Muslim agenda for Europe what was that?

Francis:  Yes, I went in October 2011 I flew to London to host a School of Ministry and while I was praying at the hotel for the evening service I had a very moving prophetic vision Sid.  I saw thousands of Europeans primarily the Caucasian Europeans standing in long lines with their bags packed at the airport.  Now in the prophetic dream… in the prophetic vision I had the sense in the vision what I was observing was not isolated to one European country it was actually happening everywhere in Europe.  I saw that all the Europeans who were standing in long lines at the airport Sid hoping to catch a plane out of the country had very distressed faces.  So I asked the Lord to explain to me what I was seeing.  He said “Son, what you are looking at is the future Satan has planned for Europe; this is the rise of the Ishmael agenda.”

Sid: So the people that were leaving; why were they leaving?

Francis:  Well, the Lord said that they were leaving because I said “What is the Ishmael agenda?”  He said that the Ishmael agenda is a very up stated plan to take over Europe by Muslim intellectuals.  That while the rest of the world and the news media are focused on the Jihadist who are like the dogs of war.  The real power players God says are moving in stealth to take over Europe and He said many European will be disinherited and driven out of the land of the activity of the Ishmael agenda marches on.” That’s what the Lord said.

Sid:  So in affect people like Christians or like people that didn’t want to be under Sharia Law they were the ones that were trying to leave.

Francis:  Yes, because in the vision they were shocked how dramatically Europe had changed. It was normally a place that freedom loving people could live in and they was leaving the country to migrate other nations.  So when the Lord showed me this I also saw in the vision many Muslim, many Muslim garb, garb in what seemed an information room.  And they were looking over the map of Europe and strategizing. And I asked the Lord; I said to the Lord “Is Europe already lost to the Ismael agenda, is this no hope is this all Europe lost?” The Lord declared “No, I have a plan to thwart the Ishmael agenda, I will raise and Isaac Church to stem the rising tide of the Ishmael agenda in Europe. As my people rise up and pray I will raise an Isaac company in Europe who will restore the ancient wells of revival in Europe just like Isaac was able to re-dig up the wells like back in Abraham’s day.

Sid: But if people do not pray what will the agenda be from what God showed you for Europe?

Francis: Well, just listen just a couple of days ago I was watching the Bill O’Reilly Show and there was showing this group in Europe that’s risen they try to because this group is rising to defend this.  It was rising to fight against the spread of radical Islam in Europe and this man made a startling statement on Bill O’Reilly. He said “Do you know Bill that 48% of the London Stock Exchange now is owned by Muslims.”  He said “We’re about to lose our country.”

Sid: Oh, that’s amazing because almost half of FOX News is owned by Muslim’s right now that they were even allowed to say that.  But if it’s not stemmed in Europe what’s their agenda for America?

Francis:  Well, remember if it’s not stemmed in Europe; if it’s not stemmed in Europe America and for the historically, politically America and Israel have always been able to depend on their European Allies. Imagine when Europe is under a Muslim agenda Israel and America are now prime targets for a lot of terrorists attacks because they’re Allies; their tradition allies the European no longer has a strong voice in their own voice in their own countries have been taken over.

Sid: Now tell me about the Jewish revival God showed you.

Francis:  Yes, yes the Lord said to me that son the year 2012 to 2022; He said to me this is going to be the decade of destiny it’s going to be called.  He said to me this 10 years are going to be called the Golden Years of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  He said that in this decade the Body of Christ is going to enter into its greatest understanding of its priestly and kingly destiny and as a church we discover the order of Melchizedek there will be a whole new way of presenting the suffering servant of Isaiah; our Messiah to the Jewish people.  Because most Jewish people historically because of the way Christians in the crusades treated the Jewish people the word Christ sometimes tends to have a negative affect with the Jewish people.  If they could see that the Messiah is also the Melchizedek who intercepted there the member of Judah that they respect the most, Abraham.  It would give them a whole fresh look; a whole fresh look that has not been contaminated by history that is authentically Jewish in terms of experience.  He said “You are going to see the greatest harvest of Jewish people during the next 10 years.  During 2012 to 2022 you are going to see more Jewish people saved in the next 10 years than you have ever seen at any time since the day of the Apostles.

Sid: Well, you know Francis sometimes I’ve wondered “Lord why and I’m 72 and my heart’s desire and prayer to God is that Israel would be saved; why are you giving us all this equipment at my age?”  All of a sudden we have technology that is the finest technology in the world; we’re going to be able to broadcast on every cell phone that is a smartphone in the world live in high definition.  I mean “Why God are you giving us all of these things” and you’ve just answered the question.  Because the next decade is going to be the decade of when the spiritual scales are going to come off the eyes of Jewish people.

Francis:  Yes yes, that’s what Jesus said.  He said, “This next decade as I’m restoring the understanding of the order of Melchizedek.” He said “Son not only will the church itself change its stature because it will understand its kingly and priestly destiny; the Gentile Church will rise in power and rise in stature.”  But He says “I will go after the descendant of Abraham in the natural because in the next 10 years I will represent myself; they will know me as a Melchizedek who met with their ancestor; whom they’re beloved ancestor Abraham.  They said “When the scales fall in the next 10 years that you are about to see.”  I’m excited because I mean I love the Jewish people but when the Lord said this He said “Watch these next 10 years you are going to see more recorded salivations of Jewish people coming to the Messiah than at any time since the day of the Apostles.” I’m like “Wow!”

Sid: What has God shown you about the increase of the miraculous; not just by the superstars on TV but those that have the Superstar inside of them; Jesus.  What is God showing you?

Francis:  That there is about to be such a collective manifestation of the miraculous in the Body of Christ that we have ever seen before.  Because what happens is this that when the Body of Christ realizes that our highest calling… this is very important.  Our highest calling is throughout the Bible is not to be a apostles, it is not to be prophets; it’s not to be teachers because all of these five-fold ministries the Bible says will pass away.  Do you know the only thing that remains when you get to Revelations Sid is that we have been bought by the blood to be kings and priests unto God.  Apostles don’t get into… when all the gifts cease Sid what remains forever and will never change it says we will be kings and priests unto God.  And when we enter that realm we are going to begin to experience the authority of the priestly authority and the kingly authority of the believer mixed together like a double barrel gun.  My God that is a recipe for miracles.

Sid: But you know what?  If someone doesn’t take care of restoring their genetics or as you call it their genetic salvation they’re going to be sabotaged from walking in their destiny in what God has created us to do.  I’m so excited about your book and 3 CD’s.  The book is called “Breaking Generational Curses” and you will break every curse permanently all the way back in your genes; all the way back to Adam.  You will understand for the first time who you really are; you’ll walk into the blessings.  Most Christians Jewish or Gentile don’t understand the blessings of Abraham; has that been your experience Dr. Myles?

Francis: Yes, you know most of them don’t understand the blessing of Abraham and so what happens is…the Lord said to me “Most of my people when it comes to the blessing of Abraham are short selling themselves.”  Because the many people think the blessings of Abraham is having a nice car, living in a nice house.  Which God wants  his people to do all of that Sid but the Lord said the 8 ingredients to the blessings of Abraham that money cannot buy that…

Sid: I’m sorry this revelation…

Our Guest Nick Griemsmann


SID: So my guest, Nick Griemsmann, had incurable schizophrenia. Nick, what is like to have schizophrenia?

NICK: Sid, if you could imagine, if you take a vice, a metal vice with spikes in it, and if you take this vice and you put it on your head like a helmet and then you start screaming in your head evil profane things, blaspheming God, you know, different things like that, the blasphemy, the yelling in the head to kill yourself, that there’s no hope, and this cap would be on your head, and they tell you that it will never leave.

SID: So you go to this Assembly of God Church, you go up to the altar and someone begins to pray for you. What happened?

NICK: A nice man and his wife, they were praying over me and this spiritual force, I felt it, it lifted out of my head that night. It just lifted out of my head and at that moment I knew, I knew—

SID: What did you actually know? When this spiritual force lifted, what were, did you know?

NICK: Well I knew two things. One, that I was completely healed of schizophrenia at that moment. But two, I knew that there was some sort of evil nest of some type of spiritual force that some of it actually left, and I had hoped that I could pursue Jesus to receive my complete deliverance.

SID: So that was your first hope after all the stuff you went through. Okay. So you, step by step, the Holy Spirit directed you to do different things. I’m going to take you to your parents’ swimming pool. What, tell me what the Holy Spirit was teaching you and what you were doing?

NICK: I would put on worship music and I’d walk around the swimming pool outside and I worshiped the Lord, and I’d start commanding the demons to come out of my mind and stop causing torment. I used the Word of God and my faith, and I started commanding Satan to leave me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I did this in one day. I was doing it for over an hour. And I just knew that eventually something else was going to come out like it did that night at the church. And this day, I was working around the pool, worshiping God and commanding Satan to come out and this spiritual force from my stomach, it came up and it went uhhh, and it manifested, this thing, and it went out of my head. And I fell on the ground and I started weeping. I was weeping with joy. I was so thankful because I knew I didn’t need other people to pray for me to be delivered. I could actually do it myself.

SID: This was like self-deliverance. Now you have over a thousand pages of diagnosis of incurable schizophrenia. You also have something that it’s referred to as a decertification certificate. In other words, he can’t get any more welfare. He’s not insane. But what is insane to me is he’s now an administrator for that institution. Now how many people did you have working for you?

NICK: I had 40 to 50 working for me.

SID: Can you imagine that? Forty to 50 people with that same institution. I’ll tell you, Doctor, that’s cool. And you’re taking eight to 10 meds. Were you off of that completely?

NICK: Not instantly. So what happened to me, I didn’t instantly have a miracle like completely free from schizophrenia. The Lord took me through a process, which I noticed in the ministry that now that He does that a lot for people to teach them about His spirit and how to do spiritual warfare. So I went through a process and through that process with my doctor’s help and my case managers, and my family, I decided to try to wean off the medications. I did it very slowly. I don’t recommend to get off medications instantly. I went very slowly with my doctor’s help. And eventually within right about three or four months, I was completely off all the medications.

SID: Now you had a few doctors talk to you, especially your administrator now for this organization connected with the hospital. What did these doctors think when they saw your records?

NICK: The doctors, they can’t really explain it.

SID: I’m sure not.

NICK: It’s a great opportunity to witness God’s love to people. I might not necessarily get to preach at people or anything like that in a work environment. But I could witness to them that, you know, my faith helped me.

SID: And you know what’s so exciting about what happened to Nick? He says, this self-deliverance works for all sorts of problems, physical sickness, fear, emotional problems, addictions of all kind: pornography, alcoholism, drugs. It’s wonderful. Jesus wants you free. He wants you free. He has a hope for you. He has a future for you. We’ll deal with that when we come back. Don’t go away.