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Our Guest Franklin Walden

Sid:  My guest in the studio is Franklin Walden, and Franklin you said something you didn’t realize it that was just music to my ears, that God wanted to use you to reach Jewish people and I said, “I know why because when you’re under the anointing of God terrific miracles, creative miracles happen.”  And before we started this interview you said to me “I feel the presence of God.”  Tell me what you’re feeling.

Franklin:  I feel the anointing is so strong and it is moving now upon the people that have ear to hear what God is speaking to them to bring deliverance for the soul, mind or body; to deliver them totally out of the power of darkness.  Someone is being healed right now, they have a serious, serious stomach problem it is an infirmity.  It’s like a demon spirit and it’s leaving and it will take about two days for them to empty all that poison out of his stomach and they’ll be free.  Someone else is deaf in their left ear and God has just opened it, hallelujah!

Sid:  I love it when God speaks that way, now how much doubt that you have that people are going to be healed from what you said?

Franklin:  I have no doubt.

Sid:  One hundred percent.

Franklin:  One hundred percent.

Sid:  Is that what happens when you hear Words like that?

Franklin:  Oh Yeah.

Sid:  That’s the way it’s supposed to be because the words are coming from God Himself, God’s not a man that He should lie.

Franklin:  If I couldn’t pray the prayer of faith I wouldn’t pray if I didn’t believe God hadn’t spoken I wouldn’t speak.

Sid:  What would you tell someone that is listening to us right now that has prayed, had people pray for them and they haven’t received from God, what would say to them and they’re getting a little discouraged as a matter of fact.

Franklin:  First they got to accept Isaiah 53 and accept it that Jesus Christ is the eternal Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world.  Everything that God prepared, when they do that it’s in the mind of the Father they’re already healed and hang on to that and say “That’s mine and don’t ever bat an eye of doubt just say “I am healed.””

Sid:  No matter what happens?

Franklin:  No matter.

Sid:  No matter what they feel like?

Franklin:  No matter what you feel like, no matter what your five senses tells you, don’t listen to them, listen to God’s voice over your five senses.

Sid:  Tell me about the time the Angel of the Lord appeared with lights in this congregation and wherever the light appeared people got healed.

Franklin:  That happened in Old Tabernacle where we were having a camp meeting, I had been out in the woods praying all afternoon and the anointing was really strong because you see they came from everywhere.  I stepped to the platform and they always brought me on with all that believed and …

Sid:  You stole that from Kathryn Kuhlman or did she steal that from you?

Franklin:  No, I just got it, I don’t know where…

Sid:  Okay, the same Spirit.

Franklin:  That’s right, and as I did I saw the light and I couldn’t preach, I just had to point out one, one, one…

Sid:  Was it like a tiny little flashlight or…

Franklin:  It was like a ball of fire like, I got a picture of it, I should have brought it.

Sid:  And so this like fire would land on someone and…

Franklin:  Right over the head.

Sid:  And when it would land on someone did you say anything or did they just get healed or what happened?

Franklin:  You got it, that’s all I said, “You got it,” whatever it was.  And let me tell you something real strange.  A few days ago I met one of the ladies and this was years ago and she was a lady that I tell about, the last one.  She was a Smith and she was sitting on the front row and it looked like she was pregnant, and when that light got to her at thirty seven, the tumor went away, nine pound tumor her skirt almost fell of her.

Sid:  You know what I believe Franklin; I believe that that’s almost like a foretaste of what is going to be happening with this young generation that God’s raising up right now, that this will not be the abnormal this will be the norm, that’s what I believe.

Franklin:  Recently God showed me something; we take and reach out into the world to come with a supernatural.  By faith we bring that supernatural back to the natural man to bring him into a place to where he can understand what God is doing.  And when you do that you get a supernatural miracle.  So you reach out by faith and you have to bring the supernatural to the natural.

Sid:  So people that are listening to us right now that want a healing, can they do what you’re saying and telling; be a coach right now, coach us on how to do it, I’m ready. to take my hand now and pull this from the invisible world into the natural.

Franklin:  Just reach out there, by faith, take it, pull it back and say “That mine.”

Sid:  Mine, mine, mine,

Franklin:  That’s mine.

Sid:  As Kathy Walters likes to say.

Franklin:  I got it, I’m going to hold on to it, I’m not going to let it go.  Devil, you have been defeated, I’m the winner, you’re the loser Hallelujah.

Sid:  You really do that, you really say those things.  What about the time you were told that you had three hours to live?

Franklin:   Well, the doctor come in and he was a Catholic man and he was trying to prepare me to die and that night at 3:00 after he left, that night at 3:00 I had the awfulest pain in my stomach that I’ve ever had in my life.  And I never have suffered much pain like that and I told my wife I said, “Honey, she was in the room with me, and I said “Give me your hand, don’t call the nurse, let’s just let this be something between you and I, I want you to hold my hand as I go  and I thought I died.  And she didn’t call the nurse and I didn’t know nothing for three hours later, I come back to my wife praying for me all the time.  I thank God for a wife forty-seven years that prays such as David, but that’s what I saw this place I thought was heaven and I thought.”Oh, this is heaven and the Lord said, “No, this is not heaven, this is what I show you like the thousand year millennial reign of Christ is going to be like.”  I wouldn’t miss it for anything, oh the…

Sid:   Oh, what did you experience, what did you feel?

Franklin:  Oh, it was so peaceful, nothing, there is no sense of death, there’s no sense of any harm, there’s no sense of anything except the presence of God.

Sid:  That must have been what it was like for Adam and Eve before they fell.

Franklin:  I believe that.

Sid:   So you experienced… and that’s for all of us, all of us that make Jesus our Lord and Savior that is.

Franklin:  The next morning the doctor came in and here’s what he said, he said, “God shut the heaven up.”  First words he said “You’re not going to leave; you’re not going to die.”  Said, “God spoke to him that all the people that I prayed for was out praying for me and they was asking to give me back to them.”  And I said, “To some that are being, that are coming back to the Lord, the prodigals.”  “They got saved in your ministry, they was not able to pray for you, they just got right and their praying for you; you’re getting people saved now.”  And he said, “That’s what’s doing it.”

Sid:  In other words, your doctor had a prophecy that all of these people that were praying for you, whereas he gave you a death sentence three hours to live, how did he know that you were going to live, did he take a test or how did he realize?

Franklin:  Because God spoke to him.

Sid:   So, in other words, he didn’t say that it was because of the test, he just knew life the way you know when people are sick and they are going to be healed.

Franklin:  That’s right.

Sid:  Do you believe everyone can be healed of every condition if they’ll believe?

Franklin:  If they’ll believe yes, because you know what, most people don’t understand.  I hear, I’m not worthy, most of the people that Jesus healed they were not real followers of the law either, they were sinners, read it. And today, even in Kathryn Kulman’s meeting it was the same way.  In my meeting…

Sid:  You know I was in Kathryn Kulman’s meetings and I used to notice that and wonder why and I’ve had that experience myself where the non-believer’s get healed before the believers, why, that shouldn’t be why?

Franklin:  Well, the believers look like, they feel like God owes them something sometimes.  Not a true believer but just a part-time believer I guess you’d say.  But it happens in my meeting; I’ve had the worst sinner get healed of incurable disease and I see one over here that have been serving God twenty years and couldn’t even get a miracle.

Sid:  Because they’re believing but their really in unbelief and don’t even realize it.

Franklin:  Well…

Sid:  Well, I’ll tell you what we’re running out of time right now.

Sid Roth welcomes L.A Marzulli

Sid:  Have you noticed all the things going on on planet earth that seem to be fulfillment to Bible prophecy?  Well, there’s so many things going on that aren’t in the news and that why I have L.A. Marzulli on because he has done documentive, I mean extremely competent reputable people of these events that are going on worldwide and he put together a three DVD set called “Watchers” in which he covers, one covers the UFOs are they real, what are their purposes, what’s the scientific evidence.  The second DVD’s “Signs in the Heaven and the Earth and Watchers.”  Third DVD “Fingerprints of the Supernatural” there are so many areas that I want, I’m frustrated L.A. there are so many areas that I want to talk to you about; like the magnetic fields that are changing on the earth.  And things that are unexplainable like the noises and you even have them on the DVD the earthquake in Washington, DC, but let’s talk about these Torah codes.  A number of years ago I investigated them and the way they develop them is that they had equal distance letter sequence like every seventh letter they would write down and it would form a world and then it would form a message.  And then they found that many of the events in the past were hidden in the Bible and they called it Bible codes.  Now L.A. I’ve often wondered with a book as big as the Bible maybe some of this is coincidental have they ever taken a big book like say, War and Peace and done the same thing and found predictions in them?

L.A:  Oh yeah, they’ve taken Moby Dick for instance and have done the same type of a thing and the skeptics would say, “Hey look” we can get messages.  But what’s interesting with the Rabbis and we sat down with Rabbi Gladerson, Professor Harrolick, Rabbi Orliorips whose really the inventor of the Torah Codes, my good friend and co-producer Richard Shaw and I have interviewed these men and what’s amazing is we see a very tight matrix of codes sometimes over the plain text, I’ll give you one which is startling.  Osama Ben Laden, cursed is he; 3,000 9/11 Twin Towers; 3,000 dead, and that’s over the plain text where it says where the ground opens up with Nathan and Moses coming down from the mountain and ground opens up and swallows the children of Israel, some of the children of Israel, and in the plain text 3,000 died that day.

Sid:  So it’s kind of like a double thing in the code but it’s on the story that’s related to the code.  Yes, and so none of that is in any other books obviously.

L.A:  Yes, and you don’t find this type of information on let’s say Moby Dick or in War and Peace, or other tones.

Sid:  Tell, me about some things you’ve found that were predicted, they found them in the codes before the events occurred.

L.A:  Well, one of the biggest ones was the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin.  The codes were very detailed, very tight matrix, what I mean by that is that the key words were found in one portion of the Hebrew texts.  It was very clear and it was done of course well ahead of the actual event and unfortunately those in power didn’t heed the warning and the results were tragic.

Sid:  Let’s look into the future; what does the Bible codes have to say about Iran and their nuclear bombs?

L.A:  We have a very tight matrix, a Torah code that we did with the key words what were put in ahead of time.  Adam, Arab, Purim, Iran and Amalek.  And what’s interesting, all these words come up in a very tight matrix of letter, very tight matrix of letter.  And the odds of this happening are in literally 1 to the hundreds of thousands so this is not something; this is certainly something more than coincidence.  And what we see, what’s interesting is part of a swastika.  That Z shape Amalek and Amalek going down and Amalek to the right are creating what is part of a swastika or above that we see the word Adam.  Below that the word Iran, next to that Arab and other underneath that Purim, which is of course we know what happened with Esther you know thousands of years…

Sid:  That was the preconceived plan to destroy every Jewish person on the face of this earth that actually turned out the exact opposite and the people that perpetrated this they all died.

L.A:  That’s right.

Sid:  So that is pretty interesting, you know I interviewed a man that was a specialist in Bible codes and he did one with my name and it is unbelievable.  He knew my wife’s name, now you think that that’s unbelievable, let me explain this.  This was in the Torah code before I even was born, and she has the most unusual middle name I’ve never heard of anyone having that before.  Her middle name is Thurley and that was in the code.  It had It’s Supernatural, our television show.  I had two key employees at the time, those two key employees names were in my Torah code.  I mean, it is amazing.  But you know what’s even more amazing than the Torah code, it is the Bible prophecy.

L.A:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me a couple ancient prophecies that will blow us out of the water.

L.A:  Well, the one that I’m looking at right now is the prophecy of Ezekiel, especially the prophecy found in Ezekiel 38.  Ezekiel lived about 2,600 years ago and he wrote prophecy with great specificity, for instance he outlines a group of nations that will come up against Israel in the latter days after they’ve been re-gathered from the four corners of the earth.  That didn’t happen until 1948.  The leading one is Gog, many Bible prophetic scholars would have you would look at Gog and Magog and put that as Russia or Turkey perhaps.  But what is alarming to me is that Russia is all over the Middle East Right now, in Syria and Iran; they’ve got their figure prints everywhere.  And what we see in my opinion is the formation of the Gog Magog war that the prophet Ezekiel wrote about 2,600 years ago with great specificity those nations listed.  And by the way Iran is the second nation right after Magog, Iran and it’s called Persia.  And of course we know that Iran was called Persia for thousands of years and only until the modern era was it changed to the name Iran.  Now that’s the second nation listed.  The strange valid bedfellows in that prophecy that come up against the land of unwalled villages; another dynamic in that prophecy which did not exist 2,600 years ago in the ancient world a land of un-walled villages is simply they did not exit.  You would build the highest walls you could to keep out invaders with the advent of the airplane and the beginning of the twentieth century all that changed and it became obsolete.  You didn’t build mortar fortified castles and modes and that type of a thing.  So Israel right now was a land dwelling in peace and safety for the most part.  And certainly with a land that is surrounded in the city by unwalled villages.  And I find it alarming what is happening in the Middle East right now as we speak with the unrest of the Arabs is a supernatural component behind spring.  All eyes are on Israel, Iran has threatened to wipe out Israel.  When we look at the unrest in Syria which ties us back into another prophecy Isaiah 17 which says specifically “Damascus has become a ruinous heap.”  We don’t know how Damascus is going to be destroyed but it wouldn’t be a stretch of anyone’s imagination to think that perhaps Assad would destroy his own Capital City or perhaps the rebels would destroy Damascus.  So the situation as I see it is charged, tenuous and tumultuous, I’ve never seen this pregnant before.

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing how the lands of the north that Ezekiel talks about the former Soviet Union is integral with all of these Arab uprisings that are going on.  They’re even supplying the scientist for the nuclear bombs in Iran.

L.A:  And what’s amazing about that is that alliance has never happened before and yet we’re seeing just like Biblical prophecy tells us would happen in the days before Messiah’s return now we’re starting to see all this form.  But unless you know the prophesy it means nothing to you; if you know the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and you see these nations begin to collate and form sort of a loose confederacy then one can only wonder you know when this war is actually going to happen and if it is the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 prophecy.

Sid:  Okay, I have a question for you, you are quite a student of the end-time Bible prophecy, that’s obvious to me, I am also.  I have interviewed people that say they absolutely see the United States in the Old Testament prophecies I have studied it and I don’t agree. I don’t see any mention of the United States as being one of the end-time players, what do you see?

L.A:  Well, we’re on the same page here Sid and there’s no, we didn’t discuss this earlier.  I write about this and talk about this and talk about this succinctly and I believe that the United States is taken out.  I blogged about this, the idea of an EMP, the Electric Magnetive Pulse Weapon which is basically a nuclear device set detonative about 200 miles over the central part of the United States.  If that happens, if an EMP would move us back preindustrial revolutionary times.  In other words, the car wouldn’t start, the toaster doesn’t work, the grids are down, your cell phone, iPhone, your computer, nothing works; we are in pre-industrial revolution time.  And I’m not making this stuff up, Newt Gingridge has even talked about it and other.

Sid:  You notice that someone like him gets blasted by the media when he says things like this?

L.A:  Oh, I think that it’s a real concern, I mean it’s a real concern and the Iranians have been experimenting and this is no secret either, Google it and do some homework on it.  The Iranians have been experimenting with a weapon that would, a rocket that goes about 200 miles into the atmosphere.  And this is a very easy scenario, they just take anyone of the oil barges which they have and they retrofit it so it now is a missile launcher and they park that baby down at the Gulf of Mexico and they fire the weapon.  It’s as simple as that, and then we are literally back in the Stone Age.  You know we are; people don’t understand if that happens the food that we have, the refrigeration, doesn’t work, you know the cars don’t start, the lights don’t go…

Sid:  You know you talk about so many amazing things documented, for instance the change in the moon, that was predicted in the Torah Codes that would occur in 2011.  You talk about the magnetic fields changing and that’s why these earthquakes and in fact, everything is changing in the atmosphere and you prove it.

Sid Roth welcomes Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, he’s Rabbi Jonathan Bernis. He’s the Executive Director of Jewish Voice Ministries International, and we’re talking about his brand new book it’s one that’s a must read for you it’s called “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days.”  Jonathan you have a statement that has just been resounding in my ears especially in these times of perilous times that we’re living in especially in the United States of America, and that is best is yet to come.  What do you mean by that?

Jonathan:  Well Sid, I mean that oh the focus has been on the doom and gloom tribulation period where everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  Well, I believe that there’s times of tribulation coming, I believe that we’re about to see the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God in the history of mankind.  That’s exciting for me, for followers of the Messiah, for true Christians we’re about to see the most traumatic Biblical experiences taking place in the history of the world, that exciting.  Why do I believe that?  I believe it because the Bible says that when the Jewish people rejected their Messiah it brought salvation to the Gentiles, there’s a connection, a parallel between what happens in the Church and what happens with Israel.  But the Bible says that “When they come back”, life from the dead.  What does that mean?  It means a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the world, the Jewish people coming back to their Messiah being the key that unlocks this incredible outpouring that will be greater than the first century outpouring.  Again the greatest outpouring in the history of mankind, I’m excited about that Sid, I’m excited about the promise of the supernatural realm being released.  I am excited about fulfilling God’s destiny for my life; I’m excited about football stadiums being filled with people that are experiencing the transforming power of the Lord with healings, miracles, and resurrections.  We’ve seen it…

Sid:  Now, as you’re sharing that, you know that God is not going to be silent; He’s healing people right now!  Pains of all kinds are leaving, people with pain in their neck; if you’ll move your head you’ll see that the pain is gone.  People with back pains if you’ll just bed up and down, if you have a hip pain, jump; I mean jump do something faith without a corresponding action is dead and as you jump you’re going to jump right into your healing.  There are people with pains in their wrists and their arms; you are healed in Jesus name.  And Jonathan what’s your talking about this is my heart’s desire, it’s almost as if the Gentile Christians have a spiritual DNA, and Jewish believer in Jesus have a spiritual DNA and both are incomplete. But when the two come together it gives us what we’ve been praying for.

Jonathan:  Let me go one step further Sid, it’s not only coming together as One New Man, but it’s together fulfilling mandate to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy.  To seek after God in a greater dimension and to experience His presence in a greater dimension; I did not sign up and I know you did not either Sid for some vane religion to replace the Judaism that we experienced going to synagogue.  I signed up to have a living encounter with the living God and to see and experience His presence. That’s what I’m expecting to happen in greater measure than I’ve ever experienced and you and I have seen some great things.  I’ve seen God move powerfully in third world nations like India and Ethiopia, but the best is yet to come, we ain’t seen nothing yet Sid.

Sid:  Just whet our appetite tell me one miracle you observed with your eyes in Ethiopia.

Jonathan:  Goodness, there’s so many, let me just give you two, I can’t just give you one.  The first was, a deaf and dumb mute that came into our, into the Healing Room, into our counseling room in this medical clinic that we put on in Northern Ethiopia in the mountains.  And the elders of the community were all at the clinic, they knew this young man since childhood, they knew he couldn’t hear, that he couldn’t speak and he was supernaturally, his hearing was supernaturally restored in the prayer room enough so that I could stand behind him and whisper words and he would begin to repeat them.  And just like you’ve seen on television only this time it was in front of the community leaders that had watched this young man grow up, and to look at their faces of consternation, and shock, and confusion was unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced because this is exactly what happens in the Bible where you don’t have a transit communities but people that everyone knows and there’s no explanation.  So that was one that was undeniable and I then interviewed them.  “What do you think about this, what does this mean?”  And they were just all very confused and had to process it, another just this last year, the second one was that one of the leaders of the community that was in the clinic trying to keep people from going into the prayer room came in on the last day, ran into the prayer room prayed to receive the Lord and took a whole bunch of Bibles with him to hand out.  I met with him and found out that the night before Jesus had come to him in a dream and said, “I am the Messiah and I’ve sent these people and I want you to serve them and serve me.”  And he is now walking with the Lord, he’s an evangelist; I watched this man change in front of my eyes from being an adversary to the Gospel to giving his heart to the Lord and being an evangelist overnight.

Sid:  Now for those that are not that familiar with Ethiopian Jews, briefly explain why you went to Ethiopia.

Jonathan:  Well, there’s 10’s of thousands of Jews remaining in Ethiopia Sid that the Israeli government is not allowing to come home. The reason for that is that they’re identified as Falasha Mora.  Converts to Christianity sometime back in their past generations someone converted to Christianity most likely because of persecution, but they’re not real believers.  Israel has said we’ll consider taking you back but you need to live a Jewish life, and so they’ve been very afraid to have any encounter with people like us that are sharing the gospel. Yet they’re starving to death, they’re dying of malnutrition and disease, and so we’ve reached out to them and they’re responding because they have no choice. They’re between a rock and a hard place.  They’re persecuted as Jews in Ethiopia but rejected by the Israeli government and so we’ve been conducting these large medical clinics followed up with prayer rooms where we share the gospel and pray for their healings.  And so there’s a lot of resistance of the gospel simply out of fear, but the power of God is breaking through that fear and changing lives.

Sid:  Now, you have another chapter in your book talking about the Feasts of Israel and how they literally mirror the two comings of the Messiah explain.

Jonathan:  There’s six Feasts plus the Shabbat in the cycle of Leviticus 23; the cycle of the year for Israel in the calendar year.  The first three are connected with the first coming of the Messiah, the second three with His return.  So you have the Feast of Passover which of course was fulfilled by Jesus as the Passover Lamb who dies along with the other Passover Lambs as the sacrifice who sheds His own blood so that the angel of death might pass over us.  It’s followed by First Fruits which was the First Fruits of the harvest which Jesus fulfills by resurrecting from the dead as the first fruits of life from the dead just three days later.  And then the third part of that in the trilogy is Pentecost, or we know as Shavuot in Hebrew, which is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church in fulfillment of what was the first of the wheat harvest, wheat being symbolic spiritually of souls coming into the Kingdom of God.  So you have the first great influx of souls on Pentecost, or Shavuot, fulfilling the first trilogy of feasts.  The second three Rosh Hashanah, or the Feasts of Trumpets, or Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement, and then Succot the final harvest are fulfilled when Jesus returns at the sound of the last trump, followed by the national repentance of Israel, Yom Kippur, which is so important to understand Jewish calendar Sid.  And ultimately the final gathering where He gather’s His people from the four corners of the earth fulfilling Succot or the Feast of Tabernacle.

Sid:  You know the Biblical Feasts are such graphic presentations of the First Coming of Jesus and the Return of Jesus that it’s got to be one of the most diabolical things in the world that it’s been taken away from the Church!

Jonathan:  Absolutely, these are prophetic signs that if you don’t understand you miss out.

Sid:  Now Jonathan on tomorrows broadcast another section of your book is “How to share in the Messiah.”  And there are a lot of good questions the Jewish people are asking that desire answers, and there are things that Jewish people, well for instance a lot of people don’t know this, but in several passages in the approved Jewish scriptures there is a change in the prophecy.  For instance Isaiah 7:14 says “A young woman will conceive and have a child and his name will be called “Emmanuel.”  Whereas in the Christian Bible it says a virgin, how come there’s a difference?

Jonathan:  Well, because if you look at the evolution of Rabbinic Judaism which is not the Judaism of the scriptures.  The Judaism of today is very different than the Judaism of the time of Jesus, but the Judaism that evolved over the last 2,000 years Sid has really been more reaction against Christianity than anything else.  And so you have the removal of key prophecies in Jewish literature that were clearly interpreted as being connected to the Messiah by the early Rabbis in the time of Jesus and before, again a Judaism that has reacted negatively to Christianity and removed any hints of the possibility that Jesus is the Messiah.

Sid:  But what would you say if someone said that’s not virgin, that says young woman in the Hebrew?

Jonathan:  Yeah, the word Alma and which was interpreted as virgin in the Septuagint, the Greek interpreted in 250 BC, 250 years before Christ ever came and now you have the Rabbis that say that’s a Christian interpretation, come on!

Our Guest John McTernan

Sid:  My guest John McTernan is a prophet, he wrote a book called “As America has done to Israel.” He’s just recently updated it, it is such an urgent book. He proves that the major economic disasters of modern day America can be pinpointed within 24 hours in most instances of going against Israel.  And we were talking about Hurricane Ike and we we’re talking about the various financial institutions that have been shaken to their core and that happened within 24 hours of the United States making public they were trying to divide Jerusalem.  Now John you have spoken on our radio broadcast for years and you use a terminology that you’ve recently changed, the terminology that you used to use was warning judgments.  You’re calling it more serious now, explain the difference.

John:  Yeah Sid I believe that what I had documented in the past was God’s warning to the nation that we’re on a collision course with Him.  And Sid some of those warning judgments were some of the most powerful hurricanes that ever hit America.  The North Ridge Earthquake for example, stock market, big stock market down turns, massive flooding that was occurring on the same time that we were pressuring Israel.  Gigantic forest fires, especially out west, and we’ve always recovered Sid.  Fortunately there was never really a great loss of life.  So I use the terminology warning, judgments or judgments unto repentance.  When I went around and spoke through the country or was on your show I would state that, “This is God trying to get our attention” because it’s usually on the front pages of the papers Sid. You’ll see Arafat would come here to meet with well it was President Clinton at the time and every time Sid, Arafat came to divide the land there was a disaster that hit, big stock market down turns, hurricanes hitting, massive floods.  And I’ve documented all that in my book, but now Sid I believe that these judgments unto repentance, the warning judgments God gave us about twenty years Sid the nation as a whole did not listen.  For whatever reasons pastors were too busy to lead their churches in repentance and crying out to the Lord; where cause that the church did not respond and now Sid I believe that we crossed that threshold, we crossed the red line; and were into the destructive judgment Sid for which there is no remedy.

Sid:  You explain to me that often times at 3:00 AM in the morning God will wake you up and speak to you, but on yesterday’s broadcast He said something that shook you to the core.  Would you repeat that?

John:  Yes Sid, He said that I heard it clear as a bell, I have broken the back of America and that has to do with the economy Sid.

Sid:  Now many of prophetic friends tell me that if there’s proper prayer and repentance as late as the hour is things can turn around.  What do you feel?

John:  Well Sid, it would have to be an emergency, it would have to be the church literally overnight rising up to do that because Sid each day that this goes on it’s sort of like hemorrhaging. It’s sort of like a person hemorrhaging, and you’ve got to stop the hemorrhaging because the blood loss you’ll die and our economy is the same way Sid.  And without the church rising up and crying out to the Lord in repentance Sid I believe that we’re on the way down to becoming—the power will be taken away from America Sid and we’ll become, this is a hard thing to say, but economically were going to become like a third world nation.  Our money will be worth nothing Sid, we’ll be saddled with an enormous debt and the whole country will be locked into this, there will be no liquidities Sid.

Sid:  In your book you pin point exactly when the U.S. walked away from the blessings in reference to Israel.

John:  Yes Sid.

Sid:  Explain that.

John:  Sid it starts with the Madrid Peace Process on October 30, 1991.  President Bush Senior took it upon himself to initiate a comprehensive peace plan for the Middle East, which meant Sid, for Israel to give up Covenant land for peace.  From that day on Sid these tremendous disasters that have been hitting America almost all of them are associated with us dividing the land of Israel.  That’s what I document in the book. and Sid I couldn’t put all of them in the book because there was too many so I limited it to about forty.

Sid:  If I were to push you to come up with a number of how many things you document from the newspapers and from history, modern history and judgments within 24 hours or so after, how many would they be would you say?

John:  Sid, I would say a fair number is seventy-five and they’re happening so fast now that it’s virtually every day adding to it.  But Sid when we’re talking about this, we’re not talking about weekend thunderstorms, were not talking about the stock market losing you know 120 points on a day, we’re talking about massive hurricanes like Andrew and Ike which just hit and Katrina.  And we’re talking about Sid just to bring this to your attention, your listener’s attention.  I’ve pin pointed the very day that the NASDAQ peaked, and it was in 2000, Sid March 10th 2000.  And on that very day that it peaked and you remember it peaked at 5,048 points and on that day Ehud Barak had been in the United States talking with President Clinton about dividing up Israel and ended up the Camp David Accords in July of that year.  But on the very day Sid that the NASDAQ peaked and then it contract Sid to the point now that it’s at 2,000, but NASDAQ was 3 trillion dollars Sid. The very day that it peaked was the day that Barak was here in the United States meeting with President Clinton to divide Jerusalem and the NASDAQ went into convulsions after that and we ended up losing 3 trillion dollars.

Sid:  What is God telling you?  What are you feeling to very core of your being as to what will trigger the next judgment in America, and what might it be?

John:  Sid there’s several things going on; one is the economy which is so prevalent right now.  President Bush is determined, is determined Sid that he wants a comprehensive peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians before he leaves office which is in January next year.  And Sid if he continues this and Condalisa Rice, Secretary Rice, going over there pressuring the Israelis to divide the land and to divide Jerusalem, Sid based on what’s happened with the Lord up to this point I see Him continuing to grind our economy into dust Sid.  That’s what I said, “We will be turned into a third world country.”  But Sid at the same time as this Russia is back as a world power.

Sid:  That really, I mean I’m amazed the way that they’re flexing their muscles and virtually ignoring the United States warnings.

John:  Yes Sid, Russia wants a confrontation with the United States. Sid I’m saying this because you asked me like a feeling, I’m not saying that I heard this from the Lord, but it’s very possible that the Lord is raising up Russia in a military sense to judge us Sid.  And that’s very hard as an American to say, the Russians have been you know obviously been so evil in everything they’ve done.  But Sid when Israel went wayward from the Lord and Israel was worshipping Baal, killing their children and they had homosexual temples there on the top next the Lord’s temple.  God raised up Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians to come in and judge Israel. Sid I got this sinking feeling inside of me that we don’t realize how far, what we’ve done to the Lord to anger Him Sid.  We don’t realize what His word says about Jerusalem and dividing the land, we kind of like gloss over that and say we’ll were Americans.  Sid it doesn’t say in the Bible that I will judge all nations except Americans Sid.  That’s the reality of God’s Word and we’ve been cavalier with it here Sid, the pastors have not taken it serious, I know you have but so many do not take this serious and they’re blinded by a false doctrine, or they are blinded by worldliness.  Sid so many of many are afraid to speak out, they’re afraid of being ridiculed.  These pastors and church leaders are afraid of being ridiculed and the integrity of our country is at stake Sid.

Sid:  Pretty sobering thoughts; you know people say to me “What should I invest in, what should I be devoting my life to, there is only one thing, “He who wins souls is wise.

John:  Yes.

Sid:  No matter how smart your investment advisors are “He who wins souls is wise, the only thing that you’re going to take with you are souls.” And what concerns me is some that have picked up on God blessing those that bless the Jewish people and they’re going for economic blessings, verses spiritual blessings.  The spiritual blessings are the ones that last forever.  So what if you get more white paper with green ink and it isn’t worth anything; “He who wins souls is wise.”

Sid Roth welcomes Mark Virkler

Sid:  My guest, Mark Virkler challenges you, you’ll spend a third of your life sleeping, how would you like that third of your life redeemed by the Lord where he will literally speak to you; give you warnings of perhaps destruction or disaster that’s coming your way; telling you what to invest in give you solutions to problems; redirect your life.  Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better, well I gave you a challenge yesterday, I told you to put a little piece of paper and a pencil next to the lamp stand by your bed and write down your dreams.  Now assuming that someone did it or they will do that tonight; Mark Virkler now they have they’re dream.  The key is for the Holy Spirit of explain to them that dream.  For starters how are they going to hear the Spirit of God to give them this revelation?

Mark:  All right so what does God’s voice sound like?  I’m going to suggest that God’s voice sounds like spontaneous thoughts that light up on your mind while your eyes are fixed on Jesus, while your heart is fixed on His Son Jesus.  So I’ve written down this summary of the dreams, I’ve got these images here and then I start asking some key questions and I tune to flowing thoughts and flowing pictures, believing that they’re going to bubble up from the River of God within me and they will.  And I jot down what’s coming to me and I jot down the summary of it; I like to work together.  One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand, I hate learning stuff alone, I like to get my spouse in with it, my kids in with it, my home group with it, just learn together and we share what we found and people offer other pieces in and we get a bigger picture; a more complete picture and my heart bares witness and finally leaps and says, “Bingo, that’s it.”  And no one should ever except an interpretation to their heart does not leap to and say yes, yes, yes!

Sid:  And that’s what happened to me off the air when I shared the dream that I had and you told me, what it meant and I said, “That’s what I believed it meant!”  You were just confirming what the Holy Spirit had shown me, but I didn’t have enough confidence to believe it.

Mark:   Yeah, and that’s the value of a couple people sharing together because they help spur ideas, but the final analysis is when your heart leaps and says yes.  And if your heart doesn’t leap you should not accept any interpretation to your dream that your heart does not leap to and say yes, yes, yes!

Sid:  Mark, I want you to give me some of your real life experiences; I want you to tell me certain dreams that you recall and the process that occurred for you to understand your own dream.

Mark:  Alright Sid, let me just share a couple dreams; dreams come out of the day that you just lived in.  Alright that’s a Biblical principal and Paul had that, he was wondering where to go on his missionary journey and the Spirit forbid him to go to Bithynia and Asia and then he had a dream at night, that night of a Macedonia man saying, “Come on over.”  And so he woke up in the morning, acted on his dream and said, “God told me to go to Macedonia.”  So I’m going to assume that my dream is answering the question I went to sleep with.  So this night I went to sleep having just began a brand new endeavor in my life, I had learned how to hear God’s voice for the first time, I had learned the four keys: Quiet yourself down, fix your eyes on Jesus, tuned to spontaneity and to write.  And I journaled for five hours and wrote out five hours of God talking to me which was a life changing experience.  Now that night I put a piece of paper next to my bed and even though I had not recalled a dream for nine months, I recalled three dreams that first night; and the first time, it is simple again, you just ask for a dream and you expect it and you put paper there.  The first dream I have a new job, I’m a care taker of a house, I’m going up the stairs into the bathroom getting cleaning supplies; getting back down the stairs and I’m riding a horse.  And that’s pretty awkward and so I journaled about it, I said, “Lord, what is this?” Well, you know the questions you want to ask are, “What are the key symbols?”  Well the first symbol is I have a new job.  Well okay what might that symbolize in light of the day I just lived,?” Well, hey I did get a new job yesterday, I got a job of hearing God’s voice, learned to use four keys.  Quiet myself down, fix my eyes on Jesus, tune to flow and write.  And so my dream said, “Okay you did something new yesterday,” I said, “Yep, how comfortable does this dream indicate I feel about this new job?”  “I feel like a horse on the stairway, I feel like a bull in the china closet.” I said, “God, I’m a theologian, I’m not into visions and dreams and flow and I feel really awkward.”  But the next symbol of the dream said “Yeah, but if you stay with this even if you feel awkward, it’s going to take you up a flight of stairs.”  Well, a flight of stairs a higher plain, yeah, so it’s going to take me to higher place in God, and when we get there we are going to go into the bathroom, get some cleaning supplies out and were going to clean some things up and you know that’s true too.  If I hear God’s voice, He’s going to clean up some areas of my life, He’s going to say, “Mark, love your wife; don’t be so judgmental.”  Trust me those are things He said, over and over, fifty times a piece during that first year of journaling.  And those are cleaning supplies, so this dream is a message from God, saying, “Mark I know you feel awkward about what you’ve began today, stick with it, it’s going to take you to a great place in me and clean up the marriage of your life.”  And the second dream I had that night, I pulled my car into a parking lot, turned it off and it won’t turn off and it won’t turn off.  So hear is another kind of question you can ask, you can ask, “In what way am I experiencing that symbol in my life right now?”  So if I paraphrase that question I say, “Fine, so what is in my life yesterday that I tried to turn off that it wouldn’t turn off?”  And I tuned to flow and it pops into my mind just like that, and I said, “I know what it was, I tried to turn off my left brain logic and reason and say “Look, I’m going to go with heart flow here for a little bit and picture in my left brain reason said, “Your not shuting me off.  Ha-ha, you can try to turn me off but I’m not turning off because I rule in your life.  I’m the god you worship.  And I had to dethrone it and say, “No, rationalism is not the God I worship.”  Christianity is heart to heart, not head to head.”  And so those dreams were examples of me having to battle through and show the issues in my heart when I went to sleep and learned how to process and properly so I can move forward a step in God.  So here’s what Proverbs chapter 20 verse 5 says, “Counsel in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”  And of course when God says, “When I give you a dream, I’m the Wonderful Counselor giving you counsel in your heart.”  So the Bible says okay great, how do you get it out?  So you have counsel in your heart, how do you get it?  Do you yank it out, do you demand it to come, He says, “No, I’m a man of understanding will draw it out.”  You ask the right question, you tune to flow and you let the Holy Spirit, draw out the understanding of that which your heart was communicating to you.  So that’s the process we use in Christian Dream Interpretation.

Sid:  Mark, as you do in your course, give me some examples of dreams that changed destinies of people, even destinies of country.

Mark:  All right, well you know we all remember Joseph’s dreams, alright and “Sun, moon and stars bowing down, it was showing him his future; that there was going to come a time in his future where he was going to rule and even his parents and brothers and sisters would bow down to him.  He believed it; he ended up living that out.  Pharaoh was given dreams of seven fat cows and seven skinny cows.  The next fourteen years saying look, you’re going to have seven years of plenty, stock up because there is going to be seven years of famine after that and if you’re not stocked up your going to be hurting.  So he stocked up.  Nebuchadnezzar, he has a dream, you know he goes to bed saying, “I’m the greatest King whose ever lived you know and my kingdom will go on as an everlasting kingdom.  And he has a dream that night of a tree being chopped off at the roots.  Well knowing what was on his heart that night, that he was full of pride that dream says, “You’re an arrogant fool and if you don’t repent you’re going to be cut down.  And he took his dream to Daniel.  Daniel interpreteted it and Daniel said to him, “You know what?  The dream is saying that if you do not recognize that the most high is Ruler over all mankind and you do not repent, God’s going to cut you down; you’re going to be like a wild beast in the field.  And then Daniel pled with him, he said, “Please, please repent so that this calamity does not befall you.  And the next verse says, twelve months later he didn’t repent for twelve months, twelve months later, the king does lose his mind and he goes out for seven years and eats grass.”  God is pleading with us to repent; he’s showing us things in our dreams.

Sid:  So, that kind of brings the next question that I have, and that is, let’s suppose someone has a dream that they are going to die of cancer, what would you do?  Or what should they do if they had such a dream, is it totally fatalistic, is it going to happen?

Mark:   No, dreams are not fatalistic there just warnings, just like Herman Riffle had a dream you know, if you stay on this path it’ll take you down, but the dream the Bible says, is very clear, that the dream is a warning encouraging us to get off that path.  Job 33:14 and following says God speaks once or twice in a dream and a vision of the night and He says, the purpose of this is to keep his life from perishing.  So God isn’t saying this is fatalism, he says look, I’m warning you, all right.  And if you can heed this warning, you don’t have to perish.  So I would never accept the dream as fatalism, I would say hey, here’s a warning, it’s a mid course correction, change your step so that you do not fall into this calamity and instead you walk into the blessing that the Lord has for your life.

Sid:  I’m thinking, what would happen if the President of the United States was to have a dream from God of which God would redirect his thinking from political thinking to God thinking?  That would change the destiny of America.

Mark:  Let’s pray for that to happen, we’re to pray for our…

Sid:  I agree in Yeshua’s Name right now, that President Obama will have and you agree with me…

Mark:  Yes.

Sid:  Will have a dream from Heaven about Israel, about the United States, about the economy, about the morality of this nation and would become radical in his steps for You.

Sid Roth welcomes John Kilpatrick

Sid:  And after listening to this broadcast this week and if you haven’t heard it, go out to our web page and listen to the entire interview.  It’s Pastor John Kilpatrick, Senior Pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama and God has given John prophetic insight as to what will happen in the next few years in America.  And I have to say John although it’s some of the things that God showed you are horrible, I have never seen so much encouragement for believers during these horrible times as God has outlined to you…  Angels will become so real to people, most people don’t know this but you’ve only seen angels once in your life, but they are as real today in your life and when people hear your teaching they will become so real to them.  But we can’t let the week finish with you talking about the economic storm that you saw.  You had a dream in April of ’08 about an earthquake, tell me about that.

John:  I was sound asleep in the wee hours of the morning and I don’t know exactly what time it was but probably around four something in the morning.  And it looked like I was over a river and I saw a river flowing normally and the river seemed like it was right near my house and immediately that river went from a river to like an ocean, there was a deluge of water that hit that river and it was just out of sight, I couldn’t even see the banks on either side.  And then the scene changed and I was in an old school house, like an old dilapidated school house and me and a friend of mine was going through this school house and all of a sudden it began to rock violently, just buck and it was throwing us around like ragdolls and I knew in my heart that it was an earthquake.  And the scene changed again and I saw an old map, it looked like an old Spanish map of antiquities and I saw up above on that map Indianola and then I saw it scroll down and go to a city called Europpa.  And when I woke up I have to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve ever been that afraid in all my life; when I woke up my heart was pounding so hard I called for my wife and I’ve never done this, ever before and I asked her to hold me, I was trembling and shaking that hard.  And when I told her what happened we immediately went upstairs to the computer about 5:00 in the morning and we pulled up Indianola and there was several of them in the nation but I remember seeing in my mind how that thing scrolled down.  And when I saw Indianola in Illinois and it scrolled down to Missouri, later we found out that if you put the new Madrid fault over that area that I saw from Indianola, Illinois to Europpa, Missouri; it’s exactly the New Madrid fault.  And the Holy Spirit was showing me that there’s going to be a tremendous earthquake hit in the middle part of the country and I don’t know exactly when that’s going to happen but whenever I saw it I knew that God was giving me a warning and it really troubled me.  I never really had a dream that real, as a matter of fact I walked by my television for the next few days and in my mind I couldn’t understand why that wasn’t on CNN or Fox New, that’s how real it was to me.  Well a few days later, about four days later, on Saturday morning I was coming out of sleep again I heard the voice of the Lord and the Lord speaks to me many times as I’m coming out of sleep and He said, “A storm is coming, and immediately even though we live in hurricane country we live right here on the coast, I knew that it wasn’t a hurricane, I knew that it was an economic storm and I told my wife, I said, “The Holy Spirit is showing me that there’s an economic storm that’s coming.

Sid:  Well, you know the obvious thing that you’re saying right now, especially on the earthquake that you saw, could it be that if we divide the land of Israel the land of the United States will be divided?

John:  I am so glad you said that, because that’s exactly what I believe.  I believe that if we are privy to dividing Jerusalem, if we have a hand in that, our Secretary of State goes over and puts pressure on Israel to give up Jerusalem, I believe if we cause them to divide that land then I believe our land will be divided.  I believe that with all of my heart.

Sid:  Okay let’s go back to that audible voice of the Lord.

John:  And the Lord said that a storm is coming and I told my wife that it’s an economic storm and I went and told my church the next Sunday I said, “I want you to understand that I’ve heard from the Lord and I said that the Lord has shown me that a storm is coming and it’s all I heard.  But in my spirit I understand it to be an economic storm.  Now this was in April, this was before anything happened, this was April of last year and the bottom started going out of the economy I think around September if I’m not mistaken.  But they gave our people plenty of time to move their money and many people took their money out of the stock market and moved it elsewhere and many people in our church saved tens of thousands of dollars.  Some saved even more than that.  So the Lord gave me warning and I told the people and as a matter of fact I pushed the tapes, whoever could get a hold of the tapes that they could save some money because a storm was coming.  And I’ve never in my life ever encouraged my congregations even during Y2K to stock pile food for a reasonable amount of time, but I did that.  I encouraged them to develop a storehouse that God could kiss and bless.  They could have extra water, have some extra cash put up and things like that because I really believe that the Holy Spirit is showing me and by the way, one of the things, the last thing the Holy Spirit said to me was, during that period of time, the latter part after all of this begun to happen in the Fall the Holy Spirit said to me, “Tell the people to prepare against the summer.”  Not prepare for the summer, but He said, prepare against the summer.”  And summer you well know starts June the 21st.  So I don’t know what’s coming, I don’t know what it holds, I don’t know what the summer holds but the Lord said, “Prepare against the summer.”  But I do know that God loves us enough to give us warning, that’s why there’s prophets on the earth; that’s why God gives prophetic words to His prophets, but I saw that earthquake and then the Lord said, “A storm is coming,” but as I said I have such a sense of alarm in my spirit that I have preached, I have literally preached to the point that people need to have a reserve cash on hand if at all possible and they need to have food and water put up and they need to start making provisions to protect their families because God is going to help His people and God is going to bless His people.  But yet Joseph when He showed him what was going to happen there in Joseph’s time, Joseph helped a nation prepare for seven years of plenty for the seven years of famine.

Sid:  You know what I believe John?   Your three CDs series that we’re making avail this week called “Angels Enforce Blessings” and then your prophetic insight for the future on that one CD called “Resurrection” is going to prepare Christians for the future.  Especially in fact, I was amazed at some of the numbers that you gave, how many angels is it estimated that are on earth and how many angels are per person that’s a believer?

John:  You know what when I preached that message to our church on Resurrection there was a powerful, powerful anointing as that was preached that morning.  It was unlike teaching it but it was preached and it had a real bite to it and a real sense of urgency… I really believe it will be a source of encouragement but it will also change their lives, because I believe that.

Sid:  Out of curiosity, it’s one thing where the rubber hits the road, have you done what you’ve advised your congregation to do?

John:  I surely have, I surely have, I have a basement where I live in my house in Alabama and I have stored beans and I’ve stored rice, can goods, water other toiletries and things like that.  I’ve tried to store up enough for my family and some friends to take care of those that are going to be in need.  I even bought some fuel tanks and put on my property, diesel fuel tanks and gas fuel tanks to have extra fuel on hand and I’ve made other arrangements that I won’t go into.  But that’s how much I believe in it because when I heard the Word of the Lord say “Storm is coming.”  What you do is you prepare for a storm, in hurricane weather when they put a sign up that a storm is coming, everybody along the gulf coast goes out and they make preparations.  They get batteries, they get water, and they get all these kind of things; so when the Holy Spirit said that a storm is coming it would be so foolish of a church to hear that word and not to make preparation.

Sid:  John, we have approximately one minute left; your last thought.

John:  One of the things that I would say, that the Lord gave me on this message of Resurrection, he gave me the word, see.  And that has to do with candle sticks and the Lord said to me plainly in this message, He said, “I’m going to be removing some candlesticks in the next several years of major ministries so I don’t want the Body of Christ to be too troubled about that when they see it happen, but at the same time the Lord said, “I’m going to remove some candlesticks, I’m going to set up some brand new candlesticks so people that love me and have a heart for me and I have a heart for the ministry.  So He said, “I’ll be removing some candlesticks.

Sid:  So it’s like the Joshua and Caleb generation coming quickly.

John:  Exactly.  And the other thing was the last thing that I would like to say your listener is the Lord said, “On s res resurrection, He said, “Signs in the Heavens,” He said, “Warn my church that there is going to be increasing signs in the Heavens that’s going to bring terror to many unless they’re warned.”  He said, “But if they’re warned when they see these signs begin to take place in the heavens it will encourage them and not discourage them, it will not bring terror to their hearts, but it will let them know that my coming is very, very near.”