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Our Guest Dave Roberson

Dave Roberson

Sid: My guest Dave Roberson speaking to him at his headquarters at Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dave doesn’t know this but we have a mess in our computer program. I mean a first class mess and a woman came applied for work that had worked for a major ministry and she had more credentials than I would ever need and I knew that God sent her. So I offered her the job and she aid “Well let me pray about it.” She goes home she calls me and she says “I can’t work for you.” And I said “Why can’t you work for me?” She said “Because I saw your webpage and I saw you believe in speaking in tongues and laughing in the Spirit and miracles; now I believe in healing but I don’t believe all those things.” She’d been listening to a man on the radio that didn’t know what he’d been talking about and she adopted his philosophy. So I said “Well come on in and when she came to the office I said “Listen whether you work for me or not I know God sent you here for a purpose.” And so I gave her a couple of videos of… I gave her one of the Smithton Outpouring that I had moderated and then I gave her a book called “The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power” the vital role of praying in tongues. So she thanked me for these things and I didn’t know if I ever hear from her again but she went home she watched the videos, she read every word of the book “The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power,” She calls me the next day and she said “Sid I don’t understand this but I have completely changed all of my thinking on praying in tongues and I believe that I’m supposed to work for you.” Now she’s doing a marvelous job but I’ve never seen someone from Dave from that type of a mindset just reading a book and just having a transformation like that.

Dave: Sid the book was 2 years alone in editing 2 years. About 4 or 5 years I got moved into the Spirit one day and I began to He said “Son” the Lord was talking to me in a season of prayer and He says He said “The book is going to, the book I’ve given you is going to going to do a work in the Body of Christ in the last day.” He said “It’ll have an anointing to change people’s lives that read it and it’ll change the very foundation they walk in from not walking in power to walking in power; it’ll change the very foundation of even error in doctrine because the mysteries that you’re praying when your praying in tongues is the mystery of everything Christ is in you to you the hope of glory. When the Father is able to answer this then the Holy Spirit is able to begin to feed to your spirit revelation knowledge and truth.”

Sid: But David let me read to you what my producer wrote about your book in my notes and keep in mind her job is to read as many good Christian books as possible and she does this and she does it well; this is what she wrote about your book for me she said All I can say this is the best spiritual book I’ve read in years; he says things about speaking in tongues that I’ve never heard anyone explain so clearly. Now keep in mind this woman is charismatic and has been a believer over 25 years and to make a statement like that but help me out Dave. I understand why some people believe you should not speak in tongues in churches obviously I don’t agree with them that I understand. But you know what I don’t understand, is most charismatic churches today very few of the members even pray in tongues that I don’t understand. It’s all most like a new generation has grown up that missed the original move of the charismatic moment and they really don’t understand the necessity and the life changing experience by praying in unknown tongues. Are you bumping into this yourself?

Dave: Oh yes and I think I understand it, there’s an advantage of praying in the Spirit and He starts feeding these mysteries to you and that’s where all of this came from. But the early church the high literacy rate one of the main sources of teachers even was the prophets and they operated of course under the foundation and revelation of the apostle. But when He said about prophesying and one stands by and let him judge and the others wait their turn and God is not the author of confusion. That the kind of prophesying he was talking about was the kind that when they were able to receive a mystery from God and they would come and it was a lot of the fruit of the church. Paul gave a glimpse into his private prayer life when he says “Look in church he says I’d speak the language I’d rather that you’d understand so you could receive also 10,000 words in the unknown tongue.” Then Paul also gave a glimpse into his private prayer life when he says “That I thank my God that I speak in tongues more than you all.” And what he was really saying is “I thank my God that I pray more in the mysteries that encompass the understanding of Christ than all of you.” He says “But yet in church I’d rather be speak in the language you speak that you might understand also the revelation that I’ve been receiving from praying the 10,000 words in the unknown tongue. So praying in tongues to Paul was a real source of revelation knowledge and the devil knew that. They didn’t have copies of the New Testament when the churches were first forming. And so he knew that to kill their revelation that he’d have to kill the effectiveness of this one particular revelation gift which is praying in tongues. So of course he pushed it into the dark ages but the devil walks with same fear of this real simple gift as he did then. He knows that if a charismatic person will start praying any amount at all in tongues in intervention that God is going to be astounding. They’re going to find His plan, they’re going to start understanding the moves of the Spirit and this would be the last thing that the devil would want them to find out. So as a master strategy, a master of deception and seduction, he won’t tell them if their already filled and being charismatic he won’t tell them “Don’t have this experience if they’re that far along” he’ll just convince them not to pray or down play the effectiveness or fight very very hard anybody with any revelation that’s on it. A lot of people will say “Well you will pray too much in tongues and you’ll get weird.” Well Sid I knew a lot of people that were weird and prayed too much in tongues and ended up getting sane and not weird. But he fights it because it takes the ceilings off of people’s lives.

Sid: Well the fact is that many of us will pray in unknown tongues and not have one spiritual feeling and then say “Well I don’t feel anything so maybe it’s not so effective.” Did you have many feelings when you started praying long periods of time in tongues?

Dave: No Sid sometimes I’d have some but sometimes my emotions would even be fought. I got… feel negative feelings it’s the only reason that I stayed in because of the vision you know and I made a commitment not because of what I was feeling. But since then I can make this statement boldly “If you want edification pray in tongues.” The book will tell you all the forms that you build up and got it. But for feelings you know worship God I’ll worship God. But edification doesn’t necessarily come in the form of feelings.

Sid: What does edification mean?

Dave: Edification is to build yourself up into God by understanding his word or through anointings that will come to cause you to understand above the things that Jesus said you’re free from. And answer the things that He said you can have. Edification is a process that takes place that delivers you out and into.

Sid: I’m going to ask you a very difficult question. Is it possible in your opinion to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and not be given the ability to pray in unknown tongues?

Dave: Sid I believe that the strongholds can be erected right on the mind. And the Holy Spirit creates the words in our spirit and so our mouth will try to shape what He’s creating to finish the circuit of prayer. If they’ve got a block or been taught against it but as far as letting Him step in a block will rise up and they’ll get fear when that manifestation begins to come. So personally I believe that they can get short circuit just short of tongues.

Sid: Yes but in the book of Corinthians it says “Do all speak in tongues?”

Dave: That was part of the gifting he listed “Do all work miracles or all healing?” He was talking about the qualifying gifting of the Holy Spirit. Then he said “Do all interpret?” And that particular gifting for the edification of the body he was speaking “Would all have the tongues for interpretation in a public assembly?”

Sid: So where people miss it there are different types of tongues. There’s the private devotional but then there’s the tongue for a public assembly.

Dave: That’s right.

Sid: So he was talking about all the gifts in the public assembly not the private devotional prayer language that throws a lot of people for curves because they think all tongues are the same, and that wherever Paul’s talking about it he’s talking different rules for different types of tongues.

Dave: That’s correct. And in fact this book “The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power” it’ll set you so free. The testimony you gave Sid boy we have testimonies of people that fought day and night almost. And the book took such a hold of them that built such faith in the Spirit. One guy threw it against the wall 5 different times only to go pick it up again and ended up baptized in the Holy Spirit in an avid prayer service.

Sid: But you know what I see something that’s even better and what I see is although the book is wonderful for someone fighting it to get all of the answers I see the book for someone that already is baptized in the Holy Spirit and prays in unknown tongues to push them into that next level there was an anointing to push them there.

Sid Roth


Sid: On yesterday’s broadcast I pointed out to what is God’s law of evangelism go to the Jew first, use signs and wonders and it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism to all people. And I told you that I’d been Jewish believer in the Messiah for over 30 years and the Holy Spirit is showing me that if you’ll understand me you’ll understand my people. I’m a classic American Jew my father born in Poland, my mother Rochester New York. And I was raised in a home that went to a traditional Jewish synagogue. I’ll tell you my first anti-Semitic recollections, we would go to the beach and at the beach that we went to there was sign and it said “No dogs, or Jews, or (It didn’t say the word blacks but it did say the “N” word) allowed.”
Isn’t it interesting that the devil, and that’s who did that sign, loves Jews and African Americans together. I don’t believe that’s an accident that the devil, the Ku Klux Klan, the anti-Semites all lump Jews and African American’s together.
I’ll tell you what the Holy Spirit’s been showing me there is a special destiny between African American Christians and Jews. Why do you think there seems to be hostility between Jew and African Americans in many large US cities? It’s the devil that’s causing this knowing that there’s a destiny a special call on African Americans to reach out to Jewish people. In the civil rights days whose blood was shed along with African Americans in the forefront of these marches? You look it over you’ll see it was Jews that went arm and arm we shall overcome remember that? Anyway Holy Spirit wanted you to know that.
I also know something else that the next great move of God’s Spirit it’s going to start in Israel and it’s going to touch Hispanic Jews. There’s something going on in the Spirit with Hispanic Jews we’re going to see them coming to the Lord as quickly as Russian Jews have been coming to the Lord. So I didn’t have a great deal of anti-Semitism but I can tell you although I didn’t have a great deal of anti-Semitism being raised there was something in my blood in my genes if you will that had a them and us mentality. And worse we Jews are superior to you Gentiles and you Gentiles there’s something wrong with this Jesus; there’s something wrong with this Christianity and if you asked me I could not give you an answer I didn’t know anything about Jesus.
I’ll tell you about what my great source book for Jesus was one day I was reading a book and at the top of the book was “Ripley’s Believe it or Not His Most Amazing Facts.” So I went through and I found it pretty interesting and I found one that got me outraged. I remember running to my mother and saying “The nerve of the Mr. Ripley look what he says he says ‘Jesus is Jewish!’ How in the world…” because again it was the them and us and I didn’t see anything Jewish about Christians, I didn’t see anything Jewish about Jesus, I didn’t see anything the Christians had that I wanted to be quite candid with you I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know about the anti-Semitism over the centuries, I didn’t know anything about Jesus, I never read the New Testament. Tell you the truth I had never even read the Old Testament, oh I knew the Bible stories and I knew how to read Hebrew didn’t understand a word of what I was reading. But something in me, something deep within me had a separation, or as the Bible calls it a middle wall of separation between myself and Gentiles.
So you got to understand this you would bump into a Jewish person like me and I have to tell you I was turned off with the hypocrisy of the synagogue. I would only go on High Holidays. Why? To please my parents God wasn’t in the equation it had nothing to do with God I would go for social reasons or to please my parents not for God. And oh I was told “Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, we Jews fast and pray that our sins are forgiven” but I wasn’t even sure about anything personal with God I wasn’t sure about happened when you died. I didn’t even think about things like that.
So even though I was turned off on religion of Judaism, even though I was never thinking about God if you would come up to me as I’m reminded one Christian came up to my father and started witnessing when he found out he was my father my dad, I tell you that Christian might never witness again after my father got through with him. Although I didn’t understand any of that I was zero interested in Jesus I had bought the lie. And the lie is “You can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus.” But the better statement is that’s almost like saying “You can’t be Jewish and believe in the Messiah.” And you know… you want to hear something crazy “If you won’t believe the truth you believe the lie.” There’s a whole group of Jewish people they’re Chasidic Jews they’re a sect called Lubavitcher and they believe, I mean in New York alone there’s like 100,000 of them. They believe that the Messiah was their rabbi who died and he’s coming back from the dead, his name was Schneerson. Now there’s some good news and some bad news with that the good news is for the first time a group of Jewish people are actually believing what the Bible has to say that the Messiah would rise from the dead that’s good. The bad news is they have the wrong Messiah it wasn’t Schneerson we know as a fact Schneerson never even went on a trip to Israel let alone lived in Israel. And the Jewish prophet Micah tells us where the Messiah would be born; He’d be born in Bethlehem, of course there were 5 Bethlehems at the time Jesus was born. So that’s why Micah said “He’d be born in Bethlehem of Judea.” Jesus just happened to be born in Bethlehem of Judea.
So don’t get the idea that just because I don’t like the hypocrisy I see in the synagogue as much as you don’t like the hypocrisy you see perhaps in churches don’t get the idea because I don’t care for the religion of Judaism; don’t get the idea that I’m not proud of being a Jew. Don’t get the idea that I don’t want to be a Jew; listen God put something in Jewish people’s DNA I’m convinced of this. And if you could you know those little doll babies you punch in the stomach and they something well if I well if I was one of those doll babies and you punched me in the stomach this is what would come out of my mouth. “I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew.” It’s an instinct don’t ask me why I can just tell you that that is inside of me. So you may think I’m not so interested in being Jewish because of my attitude towards religion but you’re wrong, get that and get that straight. I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew and even as a believer in Jesus which I am, and even as a sold-out believer in Jesus and let me tell you something if I had a choice of being Jewish or being a believer in Jesus I would take being a believer in Jesus any day. But I’d still have that tape recording inside of me. Because it came from God and if you really want to understand that if you turn to Jeremiah the 31st chapter you can find out exactly why that’s inside of me, why God did it. Listen to this, Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 35 “Thus says the Lord who gives the sun for light by day and the ordinances of the moon and the stars for light by night; who disturbs the sea and it’s waves roar the Lord of hosts is His name; if those ordinances depart from before me says the Lord then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before me forever.” In other words, what is God saying when you don’t see the waves in the sea and the stars and the sun and the moon and the natural order of things you will not see the Jew. But as long as you see the natural order of things on planet earth there will be a physical Jew on planet earth. And I’ll tell you one of the greatest proofs that the Bible is from God or one of the greatest proofs that the Bible is not from God involves the Jew. If there were not Jews on the face of this earth then the Bible would be a fraud a phony. But against impossible odds when you think about it for a moment in the year 70 AD we lost our temple and then we lost our city and then we lost our country and then we were scattered to the four corners of the earth. And as a matter of fact here let me read something to you, Deuteronomy chapter 28 tells you exactly what was going to happen to us it says “It shall be (I’m starting in the last part of 63rd verse) and you shall be plucked from off the land which you go to possess and then the Lord will scattered you from all people from one end of the earth to the other and there you shall serve other gods which neither you or your fathers have known wood and stone. And among those nations you shall find no rest nor shall the soul of your foot have a resting place but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart failing eyes, anguish of soul and your life shall be in doubt before you. You shall fear day and night and have no assurance of life. In the morning you shall say ‘Oh that it was evening” and in the evening you shall say ‘Oh that it was morning’ because of the fear which terrifies your heart.” And this has been the history of my Jewish people. We’re out of time right now I’ll pick up right here.

Our Guest Robbie Dawkins


SID: You know what I love about Robbie, anything he can do, you can do better. He teaches this step by step and then he immediately takes people out on the street. You know, you talk about it as if that’s almost normal.

ROBBY: It’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be normal. That’s what we’re called to do.

SID: But is it when you’re with the people you’re with?

ROBBY: You know, I believe it is. After we go through the training and then take them out they see it happen. There’s a reality because God wants to do it.

SID: Okay. I’m taking you on an airplane. You’re seated next to a woman. She is Jewish. She does not know the Messiah. Take it from there.

ROBBY: Yeah. She turns and looks at me, which I get this question a lot, “What do you do for a living?”

SID: I take a cup, a sip of water. Don’t say that.

ROBBY: She said, “What do you do for a living?” And so I looked at her and I told her, I said, “I have the greatest job in the whole world.” I said, “I get to travel the world and I get to equip people on knowing how to do healing by the power of Jesus and to see the power, you know, come, and drugs be healed, give you words of knowledge, give you understand for people’s lives, breaking demonic power and for people to experience the tangible presence of God.” And I said, “It’s the greatest job in the world.” And she looks at me and she goes, “Oh you’re one of those faith healers, are you?” And she goes, “Nah,” she goes, “I don’t believe in that.” She goes, “I’m sure you do some good for somebody somewhere,” and she goes, “but I don’t believe in any of that.” She goes, “I’m Jewish.” She goes, “I go to temple periodically, but I don’t believe in any of that stuff.” She goes, “But I’m sure you do some good.” I looked at her and I said, “Okay.” And so I said, “Well I’ll tell you what, are you in pain right now?” And she goes, “Excuse me?” And I said, “Are you in pain right now?” I said, “A matter of fact, in the middle part of your back, do you have a degenerating disc right here and you’re in pain right now?”

SID: How did you know that?

ROBBY: It just came to me and it’s trusting that when it comes. I’m just asking. All they could do is say, no, you’re wrong. Okay, move on, so what.

SID: Okay.

ROBBY: So I said it again. She goes, “No.” She goes, “I have a bulging disc there.” And I said, “All right, sometimes I get it wrong, but you’re in pain.” She said, “Yeah.” And I said, “And it’s right there.” She said, “Yeah.” And so I said, “Here’s the deal.” I said, “You let me pray for you.” Her name was Marcy. I said, “Marcy, you let me pray for you right now. Jesus is going to completely heal your back because he wants you to know how much he loves you and cares about you, and want a relationship with you.” I said, “So will you let me pray for your back?” And she goes, “What do I have to do?” And I said, “Well just find where the pain hits the hardest.” She said, “It hurts like that.” I said, “Okay. So whatever pain you feel there that’s 10.” She goes, “Try 13.” I said, “Well let’s stay with 10.” And so I said, “I’m about to pray Jesus is going to heal your back.” So I prayed, “Father, I thank you for your healing power and I thank you for Marcy. But the authority of Christ I command these bulging discs to stop bulging, pain to go, inflammation go down. Right now I command this back to be healed so Marcy will know how much Jesus loves her and cares about her, and wants a relationship with her.” And she, and I said, “Now Marcy, check your back.” She goes, “You don’t understand, this has been going on for 18 years.” And I said, “Would you just check.” And she arches her back, and she goes. And I said, “Well?” And she goes, “It’s a 3.” And I said, “So it went down from a 10 to a 3.” And she goes, “Yeah.” And I said, “Can I pray again?” And she goes, “Yeah.” And so I prayed again, said the exact same thing again, and it goes to a zero. And I said, “Give me a number.” And she goes, she checks it and she goes, “I think it’s a zero. Let me out.” And so I was sitting on the aisle. I move aside. She goes out and she puts her palms, standing straight, she reaches down and puts her palms flat on the floor and she turned around and looked at everybody sitting, I had been upgraded to first class and I was sitting beside her. And she turns around and she looks at everybody, and she goes, “This man just prayed for my back and Jesus just healed my back right now.”

SID: You know, she reminds me, my Jewish mother used to go around, she was the best sales person for me to pray for all of her unsaved Jewish friends, and she wasn’t even a believer. That’s what Marcy sounds like. But it gets even better. Marcy gets saved. People on the plane rededicate their life. Marcy is running up and down the aisle telling people, “He’ll pray for you, you’ll get healed.” But I need you to pray for our people right now. I want you to pray the presence of God come on them.


SID: And they be healed and mobilized right now.

ROBBY: Yes. Father, I just thank you for your power. And by the authority of Christ, right now we just release that manifest presence of Jesus Christ, right now, just to go everyone viewing this, everyone right now just for the feel of the tingling, the heat, the reality of God’s presence. It’s there right now. In the name of Jesus be filled with that. And there are some that don’t know, you’re just like, I’m not quite sure about this, but you’re feeling it right. That’s Jesus inviting you to a relationship, just like he was inviting Marcy, and he’s saying, come and know me right now, by the authority of Christ. And some believers who are like, I’ve never been sure about this, but you’re feeling that manifest presence, you’re feeling the reality and he’s letting you know he’s here, he’s real and he wants to use you to do this. So right now we just declare that, we just release that by the authority of Christ to be filled with that right now in Jesus’ now, right now. As a matter of fact, a lady’s shoulder is being healed in Jesus’ name. Father, we thank you for that by your authority in Jesus’ name, be made whole by the authority of Christ in Jesus’ name.

SID: And if you have not made Jesus your Messiah and Lord, now is the acceptable time. Ask him to forgive of your sins and be your Lord, and live inside of you. Do it now out loud.

Our Guest Gary Whetstone


Sid: Boy is my guest red hot for the Messiah his name is Gary Whetstone Senior Pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship in Wilmington Delaware. He found himself having a gigantic evangelistic crusade in Nairobi Kenya. Gets a knock at the door and they say “We don’t think you should do this crusade because there’s 1000 armed men dedicated to kill you to prove that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead the only way they would believe Jesus rose from the dead is if they kill you and you rise from the dead. Now we only have a couple of policeman to protect you it’s impossible they’ve already beaten up guards and they’ve wrecked your car and we recommend you not go. So Gary what did you say?

Gary: Well I just said to my front man the one that was coordinating the crusade I said “I want you to leave me alone for a few moments” and I went to prayer. And I said “God is this the way I die, do you want me to go?” And the Spirit of God spoke to me “I called you here to preach not run.” So I went back to the door and I said “I’m going prepare another car.” Now I had a team of American’s with me and I met with them and I said to them “Everyone of you are free to stay in the hotel I don’t know expect any of you to go with me because this is the reality.” Well half of them did stay back the other half went with me and we came in through the back of this huge field area down like a stream bed on a four wheel drive vehicle came up behind the platform and saw encircling the entire platform area literally 100’s and 100’s of men with rifles and with pistols standing there. The platform had been burned with fire they had poured gasoline on it. There was a goat head cut off and shoved on the top of one the microphone stands. They had made an animal sacrifice on our platform. There were no band, no choir, no churches, not Christians anywhere that I could see and there was beginning to grow 1000’s of people behind this people with guns. And my interpreter came with me in the car and I said “This is it we have come here to preach.”

Sid: You know Gary I mean you knew God’s voice I mean God’s saved your life from a mental institution but you’re human didn’t the thought cross your mind “Maybe I misunderstood God, maybe that was the devil telling me this.” I mean you’re in a critical situation.

Gary: You know Sid when you know that the God that is in you is greater than fear and any god that is called a god in this world. And you know how to defeat the fear you can cripple that thing and break its power so when you stand up you have literally ruling authority over that fear of death that grips so many people.

Sid: Wonderful you have ruling authority over that spirit of fear but what about the 1000 men with rifles that are ready to shoot you?

Gary: Well I guess it comes down to one or two things either I heard from God or I didn’t.

Sid: Obviously you did I’m talking to you right now (Laughing).

Gary: (Laughing) Yeah because when the interpreter and I got up on that platform and looked out I looked at my interpreter and said “Are you ready to go?” He looked at me and said “I don’t know.” I pray and out of my mouth came this decree “No man called by God will die by an assassins bullet tonight pull the trigger if you can.” So I look at my interpreter and he’s silent.

Sid: Are you sure this isn’t 29th chapter of the book of Acts? (Laughing)

Gary: I’m telling you this made a country change this confrontation with the enemy.

Sid: You present this challenge is that what stuck what happens?

Gary: Well my interpret it he said “No!” I said “Why?” He said “They are not that good of a shot if I stand here they’re going to shoot me too.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Gary: So we’re arguing on the platform in front of all of these people they speak Swahili most of them had no idea what I said. So I said to my interpreter “Get on that side of the platform and as soon as you interpret it jump and get on the ground and hide and I’ll stand here and see God and see what He does.” He looked at me and said “Are you serious?” I said “I’m serious enough to stand here I’ll do it again.” And he said “Alright.” So I walked to my side of the platform, he walked to his and I said it again. “Tonight no man called by God will die by an assassins bullet pull the trigger if you can.” And here comes the Swahili translation he jumps off the platform there is a shockwave in the atmosphere and you see these men breaking and crying and sobbing many of them probably 200 running to the front to me having dropped their arms back 10 yards, 20 yard, 50 yards. Other man gathering up their guns and running this way and running that way and literally they just came by the 100’s and 100’s and repented and received Jesus. That a rat moa in the morning found out what happened and this cult had been sacrificing children to their demon gods in the villages round in Kenya. And a rat moa made a decree that this cult that this cult that existing then was to be absolutely outlawed and any members are to be in prison. The members that did not repent and believe and receive Jesus were put in prison and today that cult is gone it does not exist. That God that lives inside of every believer Yeshua the Living Jesus His presence and power can change a nation.

Sid: What happened in Nairobi as a result of that campaign?

Gary: It literally blew the city open. Do you know today in the same field one of the ladies that we trained in our Bible school holds a prayer meeting once a month with over a quarter million people every once a month in prayer.

Sid: And just think you almost missed that meeting, you almost went home.

Gary: That’s right short of a word from God.

Sid: Now listen if there’s ever been a man that understands real fear, I mean absolutely paralyzing fear. If there’s ever been a man that has compassion for people with fear it’s got to be you. What kind of feed back because it’s a new book but what kind of feedback are you getting on your brand new book “Make Fear Bow” that’s a directive you’re not saying compromise you’re saying “Make Fear Bow.” You don’t bow you make fear bow.

Gary: The stories Sid have come from every walk of life. We have stories of people who afraid to work at a promotion because they were of a different race then of those that are believing that there was a predetermined prejudice in their workplace and they broke the fear of identifying with that prejudice. Because it was a fear and it wasn’t a reality and they got the promotion. We’ve had testimonies of woman who were afraid to conceive because of the pain and they read the scriptures and prayed the prayers and have normal children now. And just the joy of seeing the families free but we have a couple testimonies that are absolutely incredible that one individual and this is a response of this who in her vocation she was a real estate sales person. She was not making any money at all she read the book “Make Fear Bow” and there was a thought in the back of her mind that was sown there from a child that said to her “You will never amount to anything, you will not graduate from college” and she didn’t “You will not succeed in business” and she wasn’t “You will be nothing in your life.” And that’s how she grew up; then she got a hold of the word that literally gave her a perspective she does not need to live under the gripe of those words. You know when David went into combat with Goliath what Goliath used was a terror decree that by his gods he will take the flesh of David and see him just killed. And what did David do? He said “Oh the birds of the air will eat your flesh” so there’s a fear confrontation here. And this woman broke that thing and just last year her earnings, personal earnings exceeded $200,000.

Sid: Speaking about breakthroughs because fear that paralyzes you stops the vision of God from operating in your life.

Gary: Absolutely.

Sid: I mean you’ve got endorsements in this book from some really amazing people, incredible endorsements by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Marilyn Hickey, Morris Cerello, Billy Joe Daugherty, Charles Blair. I mean this is probably one of the most significant books for the time that we’re living in right now. But I’ll tell you what my burden is there are people that are listening to us right now Gary that have God calls on their life but because of various degrees of fear they have not been able to have their breakthrough. Will this give them their breakthrough if they apply the principals and receive the anointing in your book?

Gary: Sid the word of God cannot be broken fear is literally a lie of the enemy and the dream of God that is locked up in the heart of every one of our listeners is the purpose of God. By reading this book they will identify the origin of the fear, the influence of the fear, the forecast of the fear because the fear gives you a picture of your future and they will get the answer to how to make it bow. Their lives will activate that dream and bring it into reality and take them out of the torment of fear that’s gripped them.

Sid: You know on tomorrows broadcast I want you to cover how fear is really rooted in 4 major factors which you talk about in detail in your book.