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Sid Roth welcomes Kathie Walters


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here still trying to do an interview with Kathie Walters. You’d think it’s so easy. You come here and do it. But tell me about this. I’m so fascinated with this angel change that took resonance in your house for three and a half weeks. Tell me about it.

KATHIE: Okay. One Sunday night, I was watching a movie. My friend was doing some ironing. And it’s a good lesson here, because while I was watching the movie, out of the corner of my eye I saw a light. Well hello, most people have seen the Light. But I turned to see what the light was. So when I looked around there was one of the biggest angels I ever saw in my life, right there in my living room. And he had a little like a jug with a long spout, a jug of oil. And the next thing, he was standing behind me, and he poured this oil over my head, went over my head, my front, my arms. It really felt like a river. And the next minute, I slid out of the sofa and I sat on the floor.

SID: I can picture that.

KATHIE: So my missionary friend, who’s ironing, said, “What are you doing?” So I said, “Can’t you see that angel?” So she said, “No, but I can smell oil.” So I scooted over and I said, “Sit there.” So she sat there. He poured the oil, she slid out the sofa onto the floor. Well then she went down to my office and there were some people working the Bible codes. She said, “There’s an angel! There’s an angel!” So they came running up. They took turns. They sat on the sofa and he poured the oil. They fell out of the sofa. Well the word got around, I guess, my little town, and people were calling me for three and a half weeks, saying, “Can we come and sit on the sofa?”

SID: Okay, well wait a second, Kathie. It’s okay to slide out off when the angel does this. But what’s on with these people?

KATHIE: Well I’m going to explain that afterwards, okay? I’m going to explain that.

SID: Okay. You’re going to have to, you’re going to force me to wait. All right.

KATHIE: Yeah. Because I have to tell you the other bit first. So the angel came. Whoever sat there, he poured this oil and they’d fall out of the sofa onto the floor. If you sat at the other end, nothing happened because he stayed right there for three and a half weeks. And suddenly, he left. Now, people said to me, “What was that all about?” And I said, “Well I didn’t do it. I don’t know.” But I noticed that everyone I knew that came and sat on that sofa, the angel poured the oil over the next few weeks, they received a major life direction changing word for their life, that changed the course of their life or ministry. So that angel anointed them for change.

SID: You know, Kathie–

KATHIE: Anointed for change.

SID: There’s very little talk about angels. Some people are actually afraid of them. Some are worried that there will be angels that aren’t from God. I personally love your teaching. I listen to your teaching on “Faith in Angels” on your CD, and your booklet, “Angels Watching Over You.” What kind of feedback are you getting on people that sit in the seminar on angels? I mean, are they still observers or are they participating in the supernatural?

KATHIE: No. The whole point is that I teach the supernatural of angels and heavenly visitations, that’s for everybody. That’s supposed to be a normal part of life. It’s not just for me or you, or a few special people. That’s our inheritance. There’s angels appointed to everyone. People do have religious concepts about angels, which God is getting rid of. And people have this fear, like you said, oh maybe this angel is not from God. But you see, if an angel came in here today and wanted us to worship him, I think we’d know he wasn’t from God.

SID: Of course.

KATHIE: It doesn’t take a great deal of discernment. So God’s angels wouldn’t let you worship them anyway. So it’s not an issue, is it? So there’s angels that come to minister to you personally, like He says in Hebrews, “They sing to you.” And there’s also angels appointed to our ministry. They minister with us.

SID: You told me about someone was getting up to speak and you saw a change of one angel with another angel, I think it was.


SID: Tell me about that.

KATHIE: Okay. That was really interesting. And I was at a Gwen Shaw conference. And I saw the angel overlooking this meeting, Gwen Shaw’s meeting, and he was just watching from the balcony. And I said to the Lord, “Who’s that?” And He said, “That’s the angel over this ministry and he operates under the Archangel Michael, who’s over Jerusalem.” But all of a sudden, Gwen Shaw announced Ruth Heflin is gonna speak. Then I saw the angel over Gwen Shaw’s ministry move over to the other side of the balcony, and another angel came and stood there. And he was like this cloud of light golden glory, like the figure of a man. And I thought, what is he doing? And then Ruth Heflin ministered and she left, and that angel left. And that was the angel over her ministry who watched over the meeting while Ruth was ministering. ‘Cause then the other one came back.

SID: That is phenomenal. And the thing that is most phenomenal is that everybody has an angel and everyone can move in the supernatural.

KATHIE: Yes. That’s true.

SID: In fact Kathie, I would like you to pray for the spiritual scales come off the eyes of those that are viewing right now and move in the supernatural. Would you do that?

KATHIE: Yeah. Can I just say something else?

SID: Sure.

KATHIE: If you are near a Bible or something, you can hold it up, you know, because everything in here is for you. Everything in this book is your inheritance for you. So I tell people to lift this up and say, “Mine! This is mine.” You have to say it, “It’s mine!” Not a few special people. So yeah, I will pray that people get that revelation. And you can’t just, you know, think, well this is interesting. Yes. No, it’s not interesting. It’s for you. So you have to be convinced of it. And I’ll pray people will see that.

SID: Do that right now.

KATHIE: Father, in the name of Yeshua, in the name of Jesus, Lord, I just pray for that Spirit of revelation to come into the homes, into the offices, wherever people are watching. And Lord, I pray that revelation will come that this is for you. This is for me. It’s mine. The angels, the heavenly visitations, the chariots of God, the supernatural realm is our inheritance for every single believer. I just pray for releasing of that, that people will get it, and not just think of it as something to write a note about, and to get it in their lives and start to declare, this is my inheritance and this is my experience. Amen.

SID: Kathie, you prayed about chariots. Explain what they are. I know what they are. But do


KATHIE: Okay. Well I’ve often seen in the meetings, I’ve seen God’s chariots moving around.

SID: Did they look like Roman chariots with horses and–

KATHIE: The chariots seem to manifest slightly different to different people, because, you know, we’re all individuals, and He ministers to you personally. So I’ve seen, I begin to see a lot of wheels sometimes in the meetings. And I tell people, “God’s chariots are here. You can go in them. Just by faith you have to see them, and then you can go in them, and God will take you places.”

SID: And then you have supernatural experiences in other parts of the world.

KATHIE: Yeah. He loves, God loves to show you what He’s doing in other places.

SID: Does he ever take you up to the Throne Room?

KATHIE: Yeah, sometimes I’ve been into Heaven. Like everyday for three and a half weeks I was in Heaven. Another time, everyday for seven days I was in Heaven. But He usually takes me to a lot of nations and shows me different moves, different things that are happening. But that’s not, see, that’s for everybody. You just have to believe it.

SID: Kathie, very quickly, what would you say to the person that is almost a nervous wreck right now? They’re so upset over all this supernatural stuff we’re talking about. What would you say to them?

KATHIE: Why are you upset? [laugh]

SID: [laugh]

KATHIE: Why would you be upset? I think it would be wonderful news.

SID: I have to tell you, it’s normal. It’s about time the world becomes normal. I personally wish and I believe, and I’ve prayed that prayer with Kathie, I believe that I’m gonna have many, many angelic encounters. I’m not looking for them. But I believe I’m going to Heaven, because they’ve been sent to minister to those who are heirs of salvation. And we are heirs. You are an heir of salvation. And however, I’ve only seen an angel a couple of times. But I have some good news for you. I experience the presence of God, God Himself living inside of me 24/7. That’s even better than angels. God, the Creator of the Universe, living inside of me 24/7, and I’m aware of it. I am never alone. Look, if God is for you, who can be against you? I mean, I read the papers like you, and I see all the things that are horrible, that are going on, on the Earth. If I have God, the Creator of Universe that loves me so much, and here’s the good news, He loves you as much as He loves me. All you have to do is get to know Him. Get beyond religion. Say, “Jesus, I make you Lord.”

Our Guest Kathie Walters


On It’s Supernatural: People are being carried to the heavenlies in chariots. Find out how you, too, can experience this supernatural angelic realm.


Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Did you know there are End Time angels that have been released in such quantity, angels that have never been on Planet Earth before? Why are they here? They’re here for change, direction, provision, protection. And that’s why I’ve asked my friend, Kathie Walters, to be a guest, because she doesn’t call herself this. I call her an angelologist. And as a matter of fact, there should be a college course on this. Kathie, for those that aren’t familiar with you, you were very, very wild in your youth, and you ran off in a back-slidden state to Australia. You got involved with the Mafia. You get engaged to a Mafia type guy. And your first supernatural experience occurred. Tell me about that.


KATHIE: Okay. Well I have to explain first, though, that I was running away from religion.


SID: But what is all that, wait a second, what’s all that gold stuff on your face?


KATHIE: I don’t know. It just–


SID: And your whole body, and your hands. What is it?


KATHIE: I don’t know. It just comes when I get happy.


SID: What is the–Why does God–It’s a sign. Why does God put gold all over you?


KATHIE: I asked Bob Jones what it was for, and he said, “Because children get it a lot, too.” And he said, “Oh, it’s just the kisses of God.” So I’ve noticed these kinds of manifestations come where the grace of God is and when you’re enjoying God.


SID: Now you told me one time that your hold van was coated with gold dust.


KATHIE: Yeah. When I left Ruth Heflin’s meeting, my whole van was covered. We vacuumed it and it came back again.


SID: Okay. Your first supernatural experience with Mafia in Australia, in a back-slidden state.


KATHIE: Yeah. But I ran away from religion. And so I wasn’t looking for God because I was having like a good time in a worldly sense. And all of a sudden, after about two years, the anointing fell on me. I had never heard of the anointing, so I didn’t know what that was. But the spirit of God fell on me, and all I could hear was angels singing an old English hymn, “A Love that Will Not Let Me Go.” And it went around and around, and around, and went right through me, just these beautiful, beautiful voices. And I was just in an office. And so I just started weeping.


SID: So you heard an angelic choir.


KATHIE: Yeah. And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “Kathie, I’ll never let you go.” So I came back to the Lord that day, had a vision of Jesus on a white horse, and I didn’t believe in visions. [giggling]


SID: And so your whole life, in fact, you had such an encounter with God that I understand everyone you talked to, what happened to them?


KATHIE: Well this Anointing feel on me, and I didn’t know it was the Anointing, so I had never heard of the Anointing. But everyone I spoke to got saved. It almost didn’t matter what I said, because whatever it was on me, people just wanted it. And actually, people followed me. I had people follow me and say, “What is that?”


SID: Okay. So she gets radically saved. She gets extricated from this Mafia type guy. She runs from Australia, comes back home. She marries David, who becomes her husband, and they get involved with a genuine move of God’s Spirit. I am so provoked when I hear about genuine moves of God’s Spirit in England. And you told me that if, say, a teenager or someone walked into your group and they were involved in sin, what would happen? Or give me an exact example of what you saw.


KATHIE: Okay. The thing about this revival was that God used everybody. So there wasn’t a back. It didn’t matter where you sat because the person next to you would tell you your name and address, and whatever. But I remember the one Sunday, this young guy got up and he said, “The Lord showed me there’s three people here that are in adultery, and I’ll give you ten seconds to stand up, and if you don’t stand up, I’m going to come in front of you.” Suddenly, people shot to their feet, and people around them prayed for them, and it was just all over, and the meeting carried on. And that’s how it was.


SID: But that was a norm, not an exception.


KATHIE: That happened quite a lot, yeah. Or you’d be sitting next to somebody and they’d just read your mail. It wasn’t always from the front.


SID: But people would know even, like you would know the person that sits next to you you’ve never met before.


KATHIE: Yes, right.


SID: You told me you would know their name.


KATHIE: Yeah. People that had been there a while would be moving in Spirit like that.


SID: Tell me about the time you walked through a neighborhood and knew the future of each person in each house.


KATHIE: Yeah. I was with a friend in Ohio and she went out for a run. So I went for a walk. And I walked around her little neighborhood and was just about a dozen, well not even a dozen, six houses there. And as I walked around this angel came out from by one of the yards and began to walk with me, and he began to tell me about everyone that was in the houses. He said, “These people are gonna leave and some more people are gonna come from California, and they’re gonna join a little church down the road, the Nazarene Church.” And so when we got back to her house, I wrote it all down. And we checked in a year, and everything he said had happened, happened, had happened.


SID: Now I was talking to you one time on the telephone, and you said there was an angel by me. You knew there was an angel. You even told me that angel’s name.




SID: That is very unusual.


KATHIE: Well there’s all kinds of things around you. [laugh]


SID: I tell you what, I think it’s time to take a break We’ll be back in just a moment. [laugh]

Sid Roth here Welcomes Bill and Annette Weise

Sid Roth here Welcomes Bill and Annette Weise

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bill and Annette Weise, Bill is basically minding his own business and he finds himself dropping and he ends up in a cell in hell, real hell. and Jesus took his memory away from him that he was a believer and so he experienced what it was like to be in hell and not know Jesus and have no chance of reversal, none, eternity there, but then you said that Jesus came, he told you what you had gone through because he wants you to tell people about this, and then he said he was coming back soon. Now Annette, this was about three in the morning and he spent according to the book, 23 minutes in hell, so at about 3:23 or so, what did you hear, what did you observe?

ANNETTE: I was in a sound sleep Sid, and I knew it was 3:23 because I automatically turned to my left and looked at the clock, we had a big digital clock that said 3:23, and I heard screams, Bill’s not beside me so I proceeded down the hallway and I found Bill in a state I had never seen him in, if you know Bill.

SID: Is he an emotional person at all?

ANNETTE: No, if anything

SID: He’s very level?

ANNETTE: He’s steady, consistent, calm and more reserved by nature.

SID: Is he a real weeper?

ANNETTE: No, he’s not a complainer, he’s very, his emotions don’t go up and down.

SID: Stable.

ANNETTE: He’s stable; he’s a very stable man.

Sid Roth: So what was he, what was he doing when you saw him, what did you hear?

ANNETTE: Well, I saw him in a fetal position on our living room floor and he was holding the sides of his head and screaming the Lord took me to hell, pray for me, pray for me, you know pray that this fear goes out of my mind, and I was just like, I mean of course I was in shock at first, I was relieved in one instance that he wasn’t having a heart attack, because when I found him like that I thought oh my God, what is happening. And so I just went up to him and I just started to pray for him.

SID: There was no warning before you went to bed, there was nothing unstable about what he was saying, doing or thinking?

ANNETTE: No, we had just had gone to a prayer meeting, come home, went to bed just like any other night, so nothing unusual.

SID: Okay, only you can answer this, he loved God before, he loves God now, did he witness to everyone that could breath and tell them about the reality of Jesus before this event?

ANNETTE: He was, he was a more evangelistic person as far as his nature goes, he would try to witness to clients and things like that, but after this experience it was like an urgency of I’ve got to get on the phone, I’ve got to call my family, we’ve got to fly out there.

SID: Bill, why?

BILL: Well the reality of hell just really makes you aware that this place is final, I mean that people, and we have to open up our mouths, if we don’t they are going to go there. So I just felt like you know I’ve got to do everything I can in this short time God has given us and make it count, and witness to everybody that I can.

Sid Roth: Listen, when you were a young man you went through something that should have been it, a shark, you were swimming and a shark grabbed hold of you and literally was going to bite off, was it your arm or leg?

BILL: My leg, I was with a friend surfing, and

SID: What happened?

BILL: The shark grabbed me and pulled me off my board, bit my board right in half and grabbed my leg, pulled me down, and miraculously let me go, and the guy next to me got his leg torn off, so we watched him be drug up on the beach, but …

SID: So that was fear, but how did that fear compare to the fear that you experienced in hell?

BILL: That fear was terrible, but it was paled in comparison to what you go through in hell, there is no comparison.

SID: So I assume that the minute you came to your senses you started telling everyone about this experience?

BILL: Yes, I did, people don’t have to believe me, it’s not about believing me it’s about believing what the Bible has to say about hell, that there is scriptures, over a hundred and fifty scriptures about it.

SID: Wait a second, you believed in hell before this happened, what is the difference now?

BILL: I did, I knew it was fire, and I thanked God I was saved from it, but I really didn’t realize the severity of it, how terrible it is, that you do suffer actual, literal burning fire, it is not anaphorical, it is real fire, you suffer thirst, hunger, you never get to sleep, you are exhausted, you need sleep, you don’t get to sleep there, ever. You never get to be with a person, your memory is intact, all these things you have to endure for eternity. Just one of them alone would, could kill you, but yet you have to keep going.

SID: What about the, did you experience fear even after that event?

BILL: Well, when she prayed, I asked the Lord to remove the fear because I could feel my body was dying, the body can’t withhold that kind of fear and stay alive, and God did it, he graciously took out all the fear of hell, but he left the memories of it, so now I can recall it, but I don’t have to relive, and relive that awful fear that I experienced. But it still took me about a year to settle down from this whole thing. the next year was just, I wanted to grab everybody and witness to them and shake them up and make them aware that there is a real hell and that God doesn’t want anybody to go there. he loves everybody and he doesn’t want anyone to go, but it is a sad thing that people won’t listen to the simple message of the gospel and take his free gift and receive it and escape this horrible place. One second after they die it is too late. There is no turning back; they are never going to get out.

SID: But what about the person that says, well I’m a minch, I’m a pretty good person, I’ve never murdered anyone, I’m a nice guy and assuming there is a place called heaven, after all my rabbi told me, my priest told me, my mom told me, that I’m going to be in heaven, so they told me, what would you say to them?

BILL: That’s what most people think, that they are pretty good, and they probably are pretty good compared to people, but if you compare yourself to God, God’s ways are perfect, everything to do with him is perfect and if we sin, if we lie, if we commit adultery, if we do any of these things, that’s is punishable by death according to the word of God, Romans 6:23, the wages of sin is death, so people, it doesn’t mater how good you are, your goodness pales in comparison to god’s goodness, so you need, we all need a Savior, we all are sinners, we all fall short of his glory, so we are all in the same boat, we have to have a Savior, or we are going to go, we are going to end up in this place, torment.

SID: Annette, you didn’t go through this experience.

ANNETTE: No, thank God.

SID: How has it affected you, his experience, how has it affected, do you think that he hallucinated this whole thing, come on, between the two of us.

ANNETTE: No, actually Sid, not at all, I know Bill, I know his character, I know his integrity, and for many people around him that knew him before we even met, so I absolutely believed him from the moment he spoke it out of his mouth that’s where he went. I think how it has affected me probably the most is my own personal examination of my own life, of just wanting to pursue God, and know him, and walk in holiness before him as a Christian, because we throw that word out, “Christian,” but what does that really mean? And I wanted to really get to know the Lord and walk that way, and then it also gave me much more of a compassion for people, and to think how selfish of me, and at the times where I thought about, how many times I didn’t open my mouth, because I didn’t feel “led” to say anything about God to them.

SID: Bill, do you sweat the small stuff anymore? I mean after seeing what you saw, these other things are so pale compared to this reality.

BILL: They are, the things we all get upset over in life, it is so short and temporal, and it is over in just a moment, the things that are important are really just eternal things, and pleasing the Lord.

SID: As you both know, I’m Jewish, and 35 years ago, Jesus came into my bedroom and I experienced, the very first things that I experienced was his shalom, his peace. It was literally tangible, and you know what, I could not worry about anything, I went to bed not caring whether I lived or died, and when he came into my bedroom, all I could think was, love, purpose, destiny, I don’t care what you have heard about Jesus, even if you have been in a church or synagogue or mosque your whole life, I tell you to ask the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to make Jesus real to you, repent of your sins, tell God you are sorry, and you want to know Jesus. It’s simple, but it is everything and everything without Jesus is nothing, choose.