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Our Guest Candice Smithyman

SID: Is that why so many are grabbing hold of the revelation now of proclaiming and declaring God’s promises and confessing them out loud? Is that what goes on? Your waiter is no longer unemployed?

CANDICE: I would say yes. But you know what? I think we’ve been taught for years by just amazing pastors and leaders, speak the Word of God, change will happen, and that is 100% truth. But, we don’t have a lot of teaching on the fact that angels hearken to the voice of the Lord and the voice of the Lord his Word. And so, it’s two fold. We’re called to speak the Word to transform our souls and transform our environment, but also the angels are waiting to join us in the Word. So, it’s another understanding right there. It’s been in there from day one that God has sent us the angels and they hearken to the voice of Jesus. They responded to him. We are eternal just like he is. Plus, he bought for us our salvation so, so much more shall we have them come alongside us because he’s seated with the Father and the Lord wants us to have that kind of protection, encouragement and love from heaven.

SID: Now, Candice visited heaven and it so radically changed her life. When she tells this experience, and prays for you, I tell you, it’s going to radically change your life too. Want to hear?

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.




We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: When I heard this story, I said to Dr. Candice, “I want you to explain it. What going to heaven was like, what it did for you.” Would you do that now?

CANDICE: Yes. It was a radical visual that God gave me of the royal table. And when he took me into that place, and I was literally—

SID: What is the royal table?

CANDICE: Yes, the royal table. Isaiah Chapter 25, verse 6, says that we will be seated at a banquet table full of wines and it will be a great feast that we will have in the end times. And so, but that table, okay, is in existence today. He sits at that table. And yes, there’s the great cloud of witnesses there and there’s angels at this great banquet table. So, the feast is going on. There’ll be another great one when we are all with him together. But nonetheless, there is a seat in the here and now that you have that has your name on it. The gold plate with your name on it. Gold silverware right before you, golden chalices, fruit, there’s bread in front of you that is the revelation bread, the bread of life, the bread of heaven, right in front of you. There is just oil, there’s oil in the lampstands, all of these lampstands but there’s oil on the table that you can actually dip the bread in or dip your fingers in.

CANDICE: The angels come and they bring what we need, but the most beautiful part is not the food and not the gold, it’s that he sits there with us and he communes with us. And when he laughs, the glory just comes forth and you’re just overwhelmed, and we have no consciousness of ourself. We only have consciousness of him. So, as humans we have so much consciousness of our humanity, and sin in humanity, always concerned about our weaknesses or what do we look like, all of these things. None of that. It is all him. And he comes and he sits down, he pulls up chairs and sits down next to people and just begins to talk with them. It’s so much love and total peace. It’s truly amazing. And I have that image burned in my mind so I can go there whenever I want to in any moment.SID: And what about the vats?

Our Guest Linda Markowitz

SID: And I have to ask you this, could you have survived this trauma, this ordeal you went through, without being so built up in your spirit from praying and supernatural languages in tongues? Could you have?

LINDA: No, I don’t think so. I believe I had been prepared, my heart was prepared, my spirit was prepared, it was built up, it was enabled, and it was empowered at that moment that I needed it. And then because I had that power and because I had that grace, I was able to move on.

SID: It says, we pray mysteries in the spirit.


SID: You prayed all of this into being for such a divine purpose. After 24 years in prison, Linda and her husband picked Ray up when he was released. Ray will be with us when we return.

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.




We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: Now when this program ends, we have a special extended segment that I know you’re going to want to see. So at the end of the program, just log on to the website to watch because this extended segment, it will be life-changing for you.

SID: Now I’m here with Linda Markowitz and with Ray Ciaramaglia. And Ray was in prison, it was a drug-related crime for murdering your daughter. The grace of God came on you to become his mother.

SID: I have to ask you, even before you went to prison, after this drug-related crime occurred, you wanted to commit suicide. What did you do?

RAY: I put a loaded .45 in my mouth. Not once, but three times. It wouldn’t fire. I tried to fire it. I pulled it out and it fired. I put in my mouth, it wouldn’t fire.

SID: Excuse me, when you fired it in your mouth, it wouldn’t fire. And then you’d take that same gun and put it toward the ground and pulled the trigger and it fires?

RAY: It fired.

SID: Three times?

Ray Ciaramaglia: Three times. Three times it fired. I thought, “This is impossible.” How can I… I kept hearing, “No, no, no.” I said, “Yes, it’s going to happen. If I don’t do it myself, I’ll commit suicide by a cop. I’ll pull a gun on a cop and let him shoot me to death.” God said, “No.”

Ray Ciaramaglia: I said, “Yeah, it’s going to happen.” But it didn’t happen because towards the end, when the cops were coming and the officer pulled in in his cruiser, I took the gun and stuck it underneath my shirt, but there was no bullets in the gun. I already threw those in the creek. I already got rid of anything—

SID: So you were really going to commit suicide another way?

RAY:  Yes.

LINDA: One way or the other.

RAY:  Yes. One way or the other, I was going to be dead.

LINDA: Right.

RAY: I deserved it.

LINDA: Right.

RAY: But God said, “No. I have a different plan for you. I have a plan that you can’t even imagine. You’ll touch many lives. I’ll touch many lives through you if you’re willing to be the instrument of my love.” And that’s what it was. Pure, straight love.

SID: Now this happened on Mother’s Day, remember? And Linda, do you remember? Was going home and pulled into a little convenience store. Didn’t have a need to. She just pulled in and prayed in tongues.

LINDA: Right.

SID: That was the same time he could not commit suicide.

LINDA: Exactly. And we’ve talked about this. Apparently, it is the exact same convenience store where he turned himself into the police. Yeah. Yeah. He turned himself into the police there.

SID: I’ll tell you, I could just sit in the presence of God coming out of both of you right now. Can you guys feel what I feel?

LINDA: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SID: Now, Linda’s letter that went to you initially and Linda’s contact with you over those 24 years, what difference did it make in reference to your salvation?

RAY: It was like Jesus was talking through her. Like Jesus wrote that letter to me and I cried the whole way through the letter. I cried every time I read it. I’m sorry I gave it to my attorney because she never gave it back.

RAY: I would carry that letter in my pocket for the rest of my life if I had it. But I have it in my heart because I know what Mom said. She’s every bit my mom as if she gave birth to me and I’m so grateful.

RAY: But that letter changed my life because I wouldn’t have accepted Christ. I wouldn’t have. It wouldn’t have happened, but he was showing me, “I’m right here”. It was like he had his hands around me. He was holding me. He said, “I have you. You’re safe. I love you. Come to me. Come to me.” And I did. And it was the best thing I ever did. And he has done nothing but widen and lengthen and heighten my life in ways I still can’t… I’m thrilled and I’m grateful. I’m truly grateful.

Our Guest Tom Horn

TOM: So I believe it in all my heart I will look you in the eye and give you a new prediction like I did when I told you the Pope was going to resign and everybody said it would never happen. In April of 2029, and Apophis is going to strike the earth.

SID: Oh, I’ll tell you what, Tom has good reasons to believe that this asteroid is a cosmic cover-up of end time magnitude. Be right back.

SID: You know what you believed from the vision. You know what you believed from the Bible, Revelation 8, but what if an expert in astronomy were to look at Revelation 8. You talked to one. Tell me what they said.

TOM: Yeah, actually I had two different astronomers telling me that I wasn’t even reading Revelation 8 correctly, that the first four trumpets are the four stages of a singular event. Trumpet number one sounds and fire falls down from heaven and sets the fields and trees on fire. That’s the first debris that’s being pushed out ahead of an incoming asteroid. Trumpet number two sounds and a giant stone burning like a lamp falls into the sea and wipes out the ships, and this is a breaking up of a binary asteroid or a giant asteroid, like Apophis. Trumpet number three sounds, and this is the one that’s actually named Wormwood that contaminates a third of the Earth’s waters and many people die as a result of it. And then trumpet number four sounds and a third part of the stars and the sun and the moon are darkened, which is the result of all, and again, exactly what I saw when I didn’t even understand what I was looking at. All this debris rising up into the jet stream, getting spread around the earth and blocking out a huge portion of the sunlight.

TOM: It’s all a singular event as a result of an incoming massive stone, which is what Apophis is.

SID: Yeah. Speaking of a massive stone, give me some of the facts about how large it’ll be and some of the facts about Apophis.

TOM: Yeah, it was discovered at the Kitt Peak National Observatory, 2004 that’s when NASA named it Apophis. It is 370 meters wide or 1200 foot wide or four NFL football fields wide. It weighs an estimated 20 million metric tons. It is traveling—

SID: 20 million?

TOM: 20 million. It’s traveling at 28,000 miles per hour, and I’m telling you it’s going to hit the earth. Here’s what scientists say. If it does, and this is NASA’s experts, if it does hit the earth, mapping, by the way technology tells him, it’ll probably come down somewhere around the border of Mexico and California. So a highly densely populated area. Another NASA scientists said, think of it this way, take every nuclear warhead that is on earth today. China, America, Russia, everybody put them in one place and let them go off all at one time. And that’s what’s going to happen when Apophis strikes the earth.

SID: My goodness. Well, why do you say it’s a massive cover up?

TOM: Yeah. Well, so my friend at NASA, he was the one that put me on the trail. They don’t want this information getting out any sooner than it’s going to. By 2025 people will be able to look up in space and see this with their home telescopes, fairly sophisticated telescopes. Two years after that, they’ll be able to look up in space and see it with the naked eye. By that time, there’s going to be mass chaos and panic. So right now they’re doing mitigation efforts in the background, which we can talk about this as part of Trump’s space force, trying to figure out a way that they can stop this from impacting the earth.

SID: Now since this vision, since you’ve had astronauts and scientists describe what you saw, [how] you look at scripture is very different.