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Our Guest Richard Mull


Sid: We want everyone everywhere that has heard the good news and received the Messiah to hear God’s voice for themselves.  And God has raised up Richard Mull so that he can mentor you in how to be normal. Normal as defined by the Bible; we have the most wonderful brand new Bible.  It’s the NET, the New English Translation, put out by Dallas School of Theology.  It is color coded for everything supernatural is one of the finest translations available in modern English.  It’s got an imitation leather cover; it’s very readable.  And what we want you to do is every time you find something color coded for angels or miracles or God speaking or dreams and visions. Or anything supernatural you can say “That’s mine; that’s what God wants me to have.”  And start meditating on it and let the word become flesh, you’ll literally be impregnated with the Word of God.  And then we have a four week workbook on how to hear God for yourself and I’m going to tell you something.  Things are coming on planet earth that if you don’t hear God’s voice it’ll be life threatening.  For instance, Richard Mull tell me about the time that you’re son died and had you not heard God’s voice he would have stayed dead.

Richard:  Yes, we actually had just gotten to the hospital.  Had been concerned for about 24 hours, we had seen him failing.  He was almost 2 years old and didn’t know that some medicines in his stomach had caused an ulcer in his stomach to rupture and he had been being poisoned by his own stomach juices.  So we got to the hospital and as I pulled him off of my chest the words that came out of my mouth were he’s gone.  He’s dead; and I set him down on the hospital bed and the girls that were in the room were just techs they left the room .And I began to pray over him; doctors immediately came in began to work on him.  They could not find a heartbeat; they said “He’s gone” and knew he was dead. Hooked him up to machines and could not get heartbeat, could not get blood pressure; continued to work on him.  While they worked on him I answered questions but most of the time I was praying out-loud pretty fearlessly because this is game on, and I’d been studying healing for 15 years and believed that I would see the dead raise.  But I hadn’t had that opportunity before the last thing that I ever thought was that it would be one of my own children.  But I thanked God that I understood that I understood our authority in the power of God. I began to operate and listen to the voice of God and rebuked death; I thought of every scripture I knew on healing prayed through each one of them. I knew that his spirit was gone; I knew that I was looking at just the shell because his spirit was gone. The son I knew was not there but I was telling him that Nathaniel you come back here now; you listen to your daddy and you come back here right now.  I remembered the passage where the father brought his son to Jesus and said “Lord heal my son” and Jesus said to him “Do you believe, Lord I believe help my unbelief.”  And in that moment I said “Lord you know I believe, Lord you know I’ve seen most of the miracles in the Bible.  But Lord help my unbelief I repent of any unbelief.  I want complete faith for this miracle right now.”  In that very moment I saw in the middle of this hospital room a boat being tossed by the wave.  The kind of boat Jesus and His disciples would have been in to fish.  And I saw that boat and in that boat Jesus was standing; it was right there in the middle of the room I saw this vision.  And I knew that that was God’s promise to me that my son was going to live.  Well, 8 minutes; 15 minutes; 22 minutes; 25 minutes; 30 minutes I knew that we had passed the barriers where they say “Brain damage happens and everything else begins to happen.”  And we got to 40 minutes and found his heart beat and his blood pressure and whisked him away.  They had discerned that “He had an ulcer that ruptured because of the medicines that he had been on. And the toxins had been poisoning and they told me that he will not make it through the operation and there is no way he is too weak there is no way. If he does he will be totally brain damaged.”  And I did not listen to what they were saying; I knew God had promised me that he would be well.  And we heard them one more time explain to us the hopelessness of the situation but we weren’t receiving anything that they were saying.  And our son today is full of joy and life; he makes us laugh all day long.

Sid: How long was he dead?

Richard:  Forty minutes

Sid: I mean if someone is dead for 40 minutes they should not even have a brain.

Richard:  Yeah.

Sid: He should be brain dead.

Richard:  He spent 10 weeks in recovery drug induced coma because of the operation.  His body had to heal and there were complications they had to do dialysis for a week and there were other things.  But God healed every part of his body and he came home.  When we came back for a checkup the doctor walked in the room and started to cry and turned around and walked out because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Nathaniel was playing with a fishing pole catching fish with a magnetic fishing pole.  And the skill level involved in doing that is pretty high for any 2 year old and there he was you know catching fish with this fishing pole and just laughing and smiling.

Sid: Now a few years ago God spoke to you to sell your house do you know why God said that?

Richard:  He was actually speaking to us about first of all decluttering being ready to respond whatever he led us to do.  He also began to speak that there was destruction coming to cities in America.  And that we would need to be ready to move and to go.  That was my wife that first heard about selling the house and if you know my wife that is not what she would typically think or want to do.  We love our house; we love where we live but we learned God’s voice.  And we’ve learned every time we obey Him we hit a home run.  But the first time He told us we didn’t listen and if we had we would have been able to pay cash for our house just 2 years later.

Sid:  You hear from God and the most amazing miracles are happening.  For instance, briefly, because of whose hands because of such severe arthritis were about ready to be amputated.

Richard:  We knew that that type of arthritis comes from self-hatred and as we were ministering to her the Holy Spirit just impressed upon me to ask her if there was anything that she hadn’t been able to forgive herself for.  And in that moment she asked if her daughter could be excused from the room because she had come with her daughter and her daughter left the room.  And she opened up to us about something that happened when she was a young girl that she had never been able to forgive herself for.  That day she forgave herself; it took a while because if was one thing for her to believe God forgave her but it was another thing to receive His forgiveness.  She knew it all of her life but she never received it because she never deserved it she felt.  So she received God’s forgiveness and then I asked her can you forgive yourself now.  And she said “No, I could never do that.”  And I said “If the highest court in the land abdicates them of their sin; removes them of their guilt; can a lower court hold them accountable?”  She said, “No.”  Do you realize that you’re putting yourself above God?”  If you can receive His forgiveness do you believe your justice is greater than His?”  And she said “That doesn’t sound really good does it?”  “No, but would you agree that that’s what you’re doing?” And she said “Yeah.”  And she forgave herself and God totally healed her hands that day.

Sid: Could you briefly tell me, this is amazing, about a pastor it’s ready to divorce his wife after 18 years of marriage and what happened real quick.

Richard:  Yeah, this was 11:00 at night which isn’t my time of day.  And I said “God I want to know right off the bat what the issue is that we need to deal with.”  And we had our brief introduction, a little chit chat and I said “Whose Karen?”  Because I had been getting the name Karen. And he said “I don’t know.”  Somebody in your church named Karen? No.  Somebody in your past named Karen? And he said “Yeah.”  And he said “I dated a girl when I was 15.”  And I said “You had sexual relations with her?  And he said “Yeah.”  I said “You have her picture in your wallet and you have her phone number on the back of the picture.”  And he said “Yeah.”

Sid: How did you know that?

Richard:  You know I just learned to pay attention to the still small voice so it’s less than a whisper but it’s as clear as can be.  And I just knew in my spirit about those things.  And I just often praise Him in the form of a question because sometimes even when you are right people either want to hide something or its different things.  I was just wording it I was like “Is there a picture in your wallet?” And he was like yeah. And her phone numbers on the back of the picture. And you fantasize about her when your with your wife.  Every question was “Yes.”  And I said “You’ve got an ungodly soul tie with a woman that you had a relationship with 36 years ago and you got to break up with that fantasy or you’re going to be miserable.

Sid: What happened when he broke that fantasy through prayer?

Richard:  His ministry was restored, his marriage he’s happily married.  He actually has a healing ministry in his church and God kept him from walking away from the ministry, and his wife and family.

Sid: Okay, you’ve been listening to us all this week and you’ve been thinking “That is wonderful for Richard Mull but what about me God?  Well, I’m telling you this is why God raised up Richard Mull to mentor you in hearing God’s voice for yourself.

Our Guest Tatsuo Akamine

Sid: My guest comes from Japan his name is Tatsuo Akamine and I met Tatsuo at a meeting for America for Jesus.  And for those that are not familiar with America for Jesus   on the mall in Washington D.C. on October 22 there is going to be a gathering of believers for one purpose to pray and fast that America will remain the greatest country in the world.  The country that can literally proclaim the gospel to the four corners of this earth. We are at the most critical juncture of the history of the United States of America. If politicians get in that are for death, it’s called the nicer term is called abortion. If they are for murdering the babies in the womb; if they are for homosexual marriages; if they are for what Hollywood’s agenda is, then this country doesn’t stand a chance. This is our final warning.  So when I was at the coordinator’s meeting for America for Jesus I met a young man from Japan Tatsuo Akamine, and Tatsuo has been called from Japan to the United States sovereignly, supernaturally.  Just briefly Tatsuo how does someone that’s raised a Buddhist, the short version become a believer in Jesus?

Tatsuo: Well Sid my whole story is absolutely supernatural. I was raised as a Buddhist you know Japanese kind of almost synonymous with each other. And I was taught that Christianity Jesus was simply the western religious institution and I was a son of the east. Therefore, I was Buddhist I never went to church in my life and never read the Bible.  But I had an encounter with Jesus that just revolutionized my life.

Sid: Well, you got to tell me how?

Tatsuo: Well, it was near death experiences there in high school and we were kind of messing around in the showers and like a lot of young teenage boys during that time you get very mischievous we kind of flooded the hallway showers. As I was running to slide 10 to 15 feet and on to my belly, instead I fell backwards and slammed the back of my head on that tile floor. Went into a coma and doctors had very little to say to my mother in terms of maybe I’m coming out. And if I did recover I would be a vegetable.  But two days later by the grace of God I did recover. And it was during a two week period that I had to stay home out our shear boredom and just kind of boredom I read this tract this Bible tract and it talked about Jesus.  And I said “Lord, I don’t know if you’re really out there but if you are I ask you to come into my life and if you died for my sins come into my life and save me.” And Sid I can’t explain it other than if you know Jesus you know what I’m talking about.  A presence of another world, I never had any experience like this invaded my heart and my mind and my soul.  I knew at that point that Almighty God existed and my life has never been the same since and has never been the same till this day and never will.

Sid: Now you have in the natural an impossible call from God.  You are calling for a million, no I take it back 20 million Christians to be involved in corporate fasting worldwide 200 million Christians starting on Yom Kippur that ‘s September 24th for a 40 day fast. Number 1 why are you doing this? Why does someone have to come from Japan to tell us American believers to fast at the most critical point of the history of America?

Tatsuo:  Well God’s ways are above our ways and you know one thing that I want to make mention Sid is that you know when something is of God it’s never 1 individual…

Sid: Is that because He can’t trust individuals (Laughing)

Tatsuo:  (Laughing) I don’t know it’s His sovereign choice. And I’m just simply just one of many that God has spoken to. There have been people such as Ray Brigham of World Prayer Summit, and Gary Bergel, and Allen Copeless of Intercessors for America.  Chuck Pierce, you got people like Bill and Beth Morocco of Community Prayer Watch, Lou Engle that God spoke to simultaneously. And when the Lord began to speak to my heart on the West Coast calling for a national 40 days of corporate prayer and fasting for National repentance it just resonated with these other individuals. And soon I mean within weeks it has turned into a firm storm, I mean from west coast all the way to eastern seaboard states. This is nothing but a hand of God and the way we see it I mean none of us really have any money. It started on my side with a phone call to Vanette Brights office back at the end of April.  Mary, her assistant, had given me Ray Brigham’s telephone number. And we connected and he had the similar vision to call for this most critical time in our nation’s history.  We are at that cusp to either coming to God in either whole sale repentance because that is the only hope of the nation, or to face the inevitability of His holy severity.

Sid: Now let me as you a question.  A lot of people have been saying things like you’re saying for many years now what makes you think that this is not just another bump in the road?

Tatsuo:  Well, you got to look at where we are in the nation here in America.  As you mentioned briefly, I was in a missionary in Japan for 15 years. You know coming back here the Lord placed on my heart as well as other missionaries for revival in America. And revival is always proceeded by repentance, and repentance is always proceeded by a massive ground swell of prayer that moves into our nation. And one of the things that I noticed as I speak with other leaders, I was speaking with Gary Bergel this morning. The rate in which this thing is spreading across the nation is beyond human capability.  It is not like another time; in fact as I look at what’s taking place here in the nation and the enthusiastic response of God’s people and the dictates of 2nd Chronicles 14. The response is not just going nationally but is going internationally.  I believe that we are at the beginnings of the greatest prayer movement in the history of Christianity.  As it impacts the United States and simultaneously around the world.

Sid: Okay, you’re talking… your calling… God is calling for a 40 day fast from September 24th which is the beginning of Yom Kippur until November 2nd which just happens to be election day in the United States for president.  Help me out, some people are going to fast with just water, other may fast one meal a day.  What are your suggestions?

Tatsuo:  You know we’re just trusting the Holy Spirit, if you know the Lord Jesus I want you to pray. Ask God, Almighty God how is it You want me to respond during this solemn time. Do you want me to fast one day a week, there are people who are diabetic and physically cannot fast from food and that’s fine. Well they can fast from television and instead read the word of God, get together with others that are praying. There will be others that God will be called for an extended 40 days others for 2 days a week; I don’t know were not putting…

Sid: Alright your spiritual hunch if we get the proper prayer from believers, and by the way that includes you.  If we get the proper prayer from believer paint me a picture of what could happen to America.

Tatsuo: Well, you know the solution to our nation, the solution to our family, to the solution of our region is us coming back in brokenness in genuine repentance to almighty God. When that happens our lives are transformed, a new obedience and from that obedience it impacts our society, it will impact those around us. You see this is not a program, it’s not a man made program; this is something that God is calling us to. And we can see this nation completely turned around and it’s happened in history.  And in fact Sid this year is the centennial of the Walsh revival back in 1904. Evan Roberts message was simple it was repentance we must turn from all known sin. We must obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: And isn’t it amazing because you wanted to have the fast for 40 days before the presidential and it just happened to begin on September 24th which just happens to be Yom Kippur. A Jewish day of atonement in which we Jewish people go in the synagogues beat on upon our chest and say “God we’re sinners forgive us.” Do not remove our name from the book of life.

Tatsuo: Absolutely.

Sid: And that’s what we Jews and look how Jews and Christians are going to come together on this repentance. And after all isn’t that the reason the book of Ephesians says that ‘s the reason that Jesus came?  He came to break down the middle line of separation between Jews and Gentiles to form the One New Man. Now if people what to get some additional information they can go to your web site and what is that?

Tatsuo:  The national website is:

Sid: Mishpochah if you’ve never done anything like this before I don’t want you to pray about it I want you to do something.  Something means whatever God shows you.  It maybe one meal a day, it maybe deserts, it maybe sugar.  It maybe TV it maybe something and when you do that repent.  You know Tatsuo a lot of people could fast and go on their merry way and miss the purpose of the fast if they’re not repenting along with fasting.

Tatsuo:  Absolutely.

Sid:Once again on September 24th of all days the holy day of Yom Kippur when Jewish people are praying and fasting that our names will be inscribed in the book of life that our sins will be forgiven; this is the date that has been called to start this 40 day fast, then on October 22nd America for Jesus. A million Christians are going to gather on the mall in Washington, DC. If you would like more information on America for Jesus their web page is

Our Guests Gennady & Svetlana

Gennady & Svetlana

Sid:  I have a Russian Jewish woman that is so red-hot for the Messiah, her name is Svetlana. You met her husband Gennady yesterday and this is a wonderful Messianic Jewish couple red-hot for the Messiah. As I said to Gennady yesterday Svetlana who would have thought that God was going to open up a supernatural door where you and your husband could speak on secular Russian radio in the land of Israel without compromising and holding back on the gospel, and large numbers of Russian Jews in Israel that have similar backgrounds to what you and Gennady had before you came to know the Messiah are going to be listening.  Then you offer my book in Russian of the 10 Jewish testimonies; this is a book that God told me in a dream to write.  He said “More Jewish people would come to know him through this book than anything I have ever done.” And history shows that that was from God.  And it’s 10 Jewish people; a Jewish concert pianist, actually a Russian Jewish concert pianist, a mega-millionaire; a PhD, a holocaust survivor; Jews from every walk of life that came to the conclusion that Yeshua was the Messiah.  We offer that we offer that free of charge and I might add we’re out of the books and we just ordered another 50,000 of them.  And you told me something Svetlana you said “Sid your testimony book you had printed in Russian and that I should reprint that, why?”

Svetlana: Yes, why Sid because right now Jewish people are waiting to think in the supernatural.  Because of the openness of everything especially in the previous Soviet Union.  And the gospel is flowing free also is a lot of cults and occults flowing free.  So many people are open to the supernatural realm and I know that personally many people who are involved in that trying to know their future.  And trying to go to occultists and…

Sid: But let me interrupt you Svetlana for those who do not know my testimony I’ve been a Jewish believer in the Messiah for over 30 years. But the first 30 years of my life I was a secular Jew coming from an Orthodox Jewish background. I got involved in what back then was called the occult and today is called the New Age.

Svetlana: Yes.

Sid: So what Svetlana is saying is my testimony would so relate to Russian Jews today. And we are believing God; I mean we had a scrape to do these last 50,000 of the Russian versions of “They Thought for Themselves.” But I want to do 100,000 of the book “There Must be Something More.”  That’s my full testimony in Russian, we already have it laid out and done and it’s just a matter of printing a 100,000 and I need to do another 75,000 of “They Thought for Themselves.”  And you know Svetlana I just believe that this is time for the Russian Jews to come in large numbers to the Messiah.

Svetlana: Yes Sid, yes and you know I personally believe that they’re very open.  I believe that the Russian Jews is one of the most open Jewish people which is open right now to the gospel.

Sid: Now tell me a bit about yourself; tell me where you were raised and what your understanding of God and Judaism and heaven and hell was.

Svetlana: Okay I grew up in communist Russian and of course I had no religious background whatsoever.  I was totally atheist, total.  But you know in my heart, in my deep deep heart it was a fear of death.  I couldn’t understand why I was afraid of dying.  And I had a Grandma whom I loved very much and she loved me very much too. And I asked him when I was 3 years old I said “Grandma, will I ever die?” And she said “No my dear, you will never die.”

Sid: Hm.

Svetlana: Can you imagine and he just couldn’t understand how right he was at that time. I constantly just imagined myself dying and then what nothingness, nothing but blackness.  I couldn’t imagine stop existing.  And that fear was paralyzing me, but of course we never heard about God or the Bible. Anything we heard about our religion it was very negative. They had books on religion that was very negative and scary so the propaganda was very strong against any religion.  And of course against Jewish people,  Jewish people was the persecuted minority.

Sid: Now where did you meet Gennady?

Svetlana: (Laughing) We lived in Russia, we fell in love as children and we left for Canada.  My dream always was to leave Russian and live in a free country, it was my dream.  And of course when I met Gennady we get married and shortly after we came to Canada.

Sid: Okay, now the story continues with Gennady if you’ll put him on the phone.

Svetlana: Yes, just a minute.

Sid: Now Gennady and Svetlana have a congregation in Montreal, Canada right now. Gennady are you there?  Hi Gennady, I want to find out you and your wife meet fall in love and you want to be a big musician, a rock star, you came to Canada.  What did you first think when you came? How different was it from the former Soviet Union?

Gennady: Well first of all I was looking for a great freedom in Russia I didn’t have that. When I was going to the west I knew that we had come into the land of freedom.  When we came there was much freedom, a lot of freedom.  I mean everything was available, you could go and buy any instrument you want, you rent an apartment with stove and fridge and telephone right away.  In Russia in our days you have to wait 20 years in line to get a telephone to get connected.

Sid: Hmm.

Gennady: It was quite free. So my first car was bought in Canada and so it was the land of milk and honey in those days for me.

Sid: But you met a very interesting couple that invited you to a prayer meeting over their house. Why did you go?

Gennady: Well I was invited… I just want to go back just a few seconds.  I thought that my life would be completely satisfied in Canada and I would kind of find myself here and I would be totally happy.  But when I met with the reality face to face I couldn’t find the job that I was looking for as a musician and everything else.  My language was very low so I had to take any position that was available and I took just a minimum job to meet the needs of my family. A few years later we met a couple through other people and God sent these people from Northern Manitoba it’s another providence in Canada to this city specifically. They had a radio program in Ukrainian, and then when we met them they were an elderly couple and I was not looking for friends who will be older than me twice or more. I’m just sorry to say that but that was my mentality and I was about 24, 25, 26 years of age and in any case when they invited us to hear them once when it was sort of like a house meeting it was a Jewish home and these people they knew the Lord these Jewish couple. And when we came to listen to this man what had attracted me that he was speaking on miracles that he experienced in his life.  Somebody was healed from a severe disease and that caught my attention. Also when he was speaking I felt in that little living room it was different atmosphere it was peace, it was joy unspeakable.  I couldn’t understand; I never felt that in my life.  Whatever I was looking for I never felt that in my life such peace and joy and happiness. I thought to myself and to my wife “Something happens here, let’s meet with this man again and see what he has to say.”

Sid: Now if there were not miracles, and I know that it’s difficult to answer this, but if there were not miracles would you have been attracted to keep going back?

Gennady: No I was not interested in God because I didn’t believe that God existed.

Sid: So you see Mishpochah it’s the miracles.  God knew what he was saying when He said “The Jew requires a sign.”  So you actually started reading the Bible and asking God if He was real?

Gennady: Not right away when we met with this people we began to meet with them on a regular basis at their home they were very hospitable and they begin to tell us then. They begin to tell us about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; I was amazed this people they were Ukrainian and to my knowledge when I was living in Russia the Ukrainian people they were very anti-Semitic.  So I thought to myself “How did this man being Ukrainian living in Canada knows about my Jewishness more than I do.” And he would point to me from the Bible left and right about my roots about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, about my history. My interest was very very caught to this. And then they begin to witness to us for about 8 months, we developed very good friendship between each other.  My wife and myself and these people. At the end of this 8 month journey as God knew one day I was in my room it was in the living room…

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time here but Mishpochah can see how God created Gennady and Svetlana to do Russian evangelistic radio on secular radio stations.  Right now we’re in Israel and the Russian Jews are exactly where Gennady and Svetlana used to be so they’re telling the basic stories but they’re not compromising on the gospel.  And now were in Germany on a Russian Jewish secular; it’s not Jewish but it’s a Russian secular station and there are over 100,000 Russian Jews that have recently immigrated to Germany. And we have opportunities to take his Russian show throughout the entire former Soviet Union.  I’d like to put it throughout the United States.  Only money is stopping us from developing this. And we must publish more books because we offer the book “They Thought for Themselves” the 10 Jewish testimonies that God Himself told me to write this book. And we need the money to do my testimony book in Russia. And I believe that God’s going to provide this, it’s God’s time.  But I’m concerned about America Jews, I’m concerned about the Jewish person that God Himself has had cross your path.

Our Guest Zona Hayes-Morrow


Sid:  My guest Zona Hayes-Morrow; your probably familiar with her father Norvel Hayes.  And on yesterday’s broadcast we found out for a teenage girl is a real tragedy 42 growths on her body.  Even when the doctors would cut them out they’d grow back and even move would grow; so her father stopped dealing with that; he’s praying but nothing is happening. Kenneth Hagin is a guest in that area and their personal friends; and Kenneth Hagin says “All I have to do is curse those growths and they’ll go.”  And then what happened Zona?

Zona:  Well then we went down to the house after my dad said well to himself he said “I’m going to get Brother Hagin aside and ask exactly what he does to get growths to leave.”  Well he, got to talking when we got down there and I had to go to bed because I had to get to school the next day. My dad they went on to bed and in the middle of the night Brother Hagin got up and he knocked on my dad’s door.  And he said “Narvel I’m going to have to go to my sister’s really early in the morning because the Lord spoke to me and told me I’d have to go minister to my sister because this would be last time I would see her she is going to go to Heaven.”  So he left early the next morning and then after he left on up in the morning my dad thought to himself “I didn’t get to ask Brother Hagin what his secret was to getting growths to disappear.”  Well, he was just very disappointed and so a few weeks later, he’d been praying and asking the Lord to remove the growths off of my body, and I was in the living room with my boyfriend because I wasn’t allowed to date yet so he could come and visit me at my house.  And I was in the living room talking to him on the couch and my dad was walking in the dining room and all of a sudden he was in paradise. It was like the air was fresh; I mean it’s beyond fresh.

Sid: He went to a different dimension he was literally taken to Heaven.

Zona:  He was literally taken to Heaven; his spirit… he left his body and he saw himself back down in the dining room.  So he went up to Heaven and he said he just knew it was Heaven. All of a sudden this voice out of nowhere strong it said “How long are you going to put up with the growths on your daughter’s body?”  And my dad said… he knew it had to be the Lord; he said “What do you mean put up, there not on my body I didn’t put them there?”  And all of a sudden left God half mad he could tell by his voice and not that you could get upset in Heaven but he was just stern with him and “You’re the head of your house whatever you put up with in your house that is not victory is your fault; if you’ll curse those growths at the root just like I did the fig tree and you’ll believe and not doubt son those growths will disappear but you have to believe and not doubt.” And he said “Just as fast as he went up into Heaven he came back into his body” and I’m still in the living room with my boyfriend and he walks in the living room like a lion and he went “Zona!”  I said “I didn’t do anything dad; I didn’t do anything!”

Sid: [Laughing]

Zona: And he knelt down on the floor and he said “I just went to Heaven and he said “The Lord told me what to do with those growths and I’m taking authority as the head of this house.  And I’m cursing those growths at the root and I’m going to command that those growths disappear and they will have no choice.  And I’m going to believe and not doubt and they will disappear.” All of a sudden he said “Son you put your hands on my daughter’s knees, and I’ll put my hands on your hands…” And he said “On no no no wait a minute wait hold on and let me put my hands on my daughter’s knees and then you put your hands on my hands and I want to curse these growths at the root and I’m going to command them that they disappear and I’m going to believe and not doubt and they are going to disappear; do you believe that?”  He said “Whatever you say Mr. Hayes whatever you say.”

Sid: (Laughing) Oh I’ve seen your dad a lot and no one argues with your dad, but go ahead.

Zona:  Especially the devil (Laughing).  But anyway he cursed those growths and for 90 days every waking moment that I was around him and you’d ask him a question and I’d say “What are we going to cook for supper?”  And he’d said “Well, we’re going to cook pork chops and I thank you Lord for removing those growths from my daughter’s body.”  And we’re going to have a salad, and thank you Lord for removing Lord those growths on my daughter’s body.”

Sid: Did they drive you nuts?

Zona:   Oh it drove me… yes, after 30 days of it I met him in the hall and I said… he was coming out of his room and I was coming out of the bathroom in the hall. And I said “Dad stop, hold on” I said “Look at me, you’re driving me nuts,” I said “Every waking moment it’s thank you Lord for removing the growths off of my daughter’s body;  look at my hands do you see that it’s not working?”  He looked at my hands and he put his head and he snapped his fingers and turned around one time and said “Nope I don’t see nothing all I see is skin like baby’s skin; thank you Lord for removing the growths off of my daughter’s body.”

Sid: Well, were they removed?

Zona:   Not at that time; he saw beyond what my hands know.

Sid: Yeah, but you had a say dad, “What are you talking about the growths,” did you say that to him?

Zona:  I sure did it wasn’t my faith that rose up that got rid to them because I was living under my dad’s roof; he was my father he was the head of the house. This was a lesson to be taught to people that were in their homes that they can take authority over the devil over things that that go on in their home.  And so about 40 days later… I counted these growths every day Sid and that morning there was 45 of them; I mean 42 of them.  And I counted them later on in that day at the house and there was 30 of them.  So when my dad got in I was sitting there waiting on him and he said “What’s wrong?”  And I said “Well, I just want to tell you it’s really weird,” I said “I counted these growths this morning and there was 42 and now I said at 6:00 at night and I said there’s only 30 of them.  I have looked everywhere for 12 of them and I don’t know where they went; I looked in the vacuum cleaner, I’ve looked under my bed, I’ve looked in the living room, I looked in the kitchen, I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find any of them.”  And he said… and of course he did a little dance and he turned around and he snapped his fingers in the air again and he said “Praise the Lord those other 30 don’t have no choice, thank you Lord for removing growths off of my daughter’s body.”  He just kept on and on and on with the tenacity stubborn, bulldog faith saw my hands clear with the eyes of faith.  Then about 90 days later I came in from school and there was 30 growths on my hands and I went back to my bedroom and I was changing out my dresses and my clothes  in my closet and I’d reach up and get a hanger, and my dad was in the kitchen cooking, and I reached up for my hanger and there would be the 30 growths and I would see them on my hands, and my wrists and arms and my legs and I’d reach up and there they would and I reached up and at the sixth time I reached up every one of them had disappeared; everyone.

Sid: What affect did this have on you?

Zona:  I about past out it scared me so bad, I fell against my dresser and I ran out of that room as fast as I could and my dad came out of the kitchen and he said “Zona, Zona what’s wrong with you?”  I said, “I’m going to tell you right now, this is the spookiest business I’ve ever been around,”  I said “I was hanging up my cloths and there was 30 growths, look at my hands dad, look at my hands, there’s no sign of no growths on my hands, my legs and my elbows; look they’re all gone.”  And we cried and the Holy Spirit’s presence came in there and I was hugging my dad.  And I said “dad, you tell mean to tell me and I don’t even do anything for God, you do everything, you feed the poor, you speak at Full Gospel Businessmen’s meetings, you win souls I just tag along, and I said “You mean God loves me enough to remove growths even if I don’t do anything for him?” and I said “He loves me that much?”  And he said “Yes Zona” and the presence of God came in there so strong that we just both stood there holding each other in strength and just kept crying.

Sid: I have to ask you a question though, okay we fast forward a number of years and you’re just out of high school and you marry Bobby and he goes to war and while he’s there he divorces you; and you move back with your dad.  And you become backslidden and you’re going out clubbing every night and just partying as much as you can how, does someone that had that experience and that father fall away?

Zona:  Well, I saw a lot of foolishness in ministry all my life; I watched people use my dad and I watched people use him to be able to receive big offerings and I saw a lot of phony things in ministry.  And I mean I would check them off; I mean I would remember them and then my mother left when I was 8 ½; that was devastation and ministry business took my dad and I was a lot of times by myself a lot growing up and with an aunt or whatever and that was a little resentment there. And just immaturity on my part and just realizing that my dad was like one of the disciples; just take up your cross and follow me.  You have no mother, you have no father, no sister, no brother even though he loved me more than anything on this earth I wasn’t mature enough in me to understand because I was still operating out of so much rejection because my mother didn’t want anything to do with me.

Sid: Now your father must have been really desperate and a couple by the name of the Goodwins prophesied; what did they prophesy?

Zona:  Well, they were driving in the car and sister… they prophesied Sister Goodwin prophesied and she said “The thing that you want the most will never happen.”  When she comes in at 2 or 3:00 in the morning you tell her you love, you tell her I love her and you shut up because she doesn’t believe anybody else loves her she’s gone too far out in darkness to come back on her own; you are going to have to stand in the gap for her so don’t tell her how you feel you just tell her you love her and Jesus loves her and then shut up.”

Sid: Okay, speaking of shut up we’re out of time right now…

Our Guests Felix & Bonnie Halpern

felix & bonnie

Sid: I have on the telephone Rabbi Felix and Bonnie Halpern speaking to them at their home at Wyckoff, New Jersey.   And they have a One New Man Messianic Jewish Congregation that is wonderful.  I was there and Bonnie you are not aware of this but when I was at your congregation you started talking about your love for Jewish people and your desire to see them come to know the Messiah.  And I saw real tears coming down your eyes as you were talking about that.  Why is it so tender to you?

Bonnie: Well, because I know truth; I walk in truth and I have family that does not know who the truth…

Sid: And by the way for those that are just tuning in Rabbi Felix are Jewish and both of Bonnie’s parents are Jewish and go ahead.

Bonnie: Yes and I know that the Jewish people are still waiting for their Messiah and I look at my family and family around and friends around.  I grew up in a Jewish community and I look around and say “How long are we going to wait?” And the Bible gives us the answer. I live in a time of freedom; I live in a place of hope, a place of peace that Jewish people absolutely cannot have while their still in pursuit and waiting.  And it breaks my heart; I know what the truth is I know where my eternity is going to be spent.  And to see Jewish people live the way that they live every day of their life waiting and waiting passing through this life and not knowing is devastating to me.

Sid: You have had notable miracles happen in your congregation but even to yourself.

Bonnie:  Yes. 

Sid: Tell me a few notable things that have happened to you.

Bonnie:  Well, I’ve had 3 supernatural miracles one going all the way back to 1980, where I was told I would never be able to have children I had a condition called endometriosis and went to see 5 of the best specialists in New York and as they call them the Ivory Towers and they told me I would never be able to have children.  And that was the greatest desire of my heart and so I went to a healing service first one I had ever experienced and then a man laid hands on my abdomen and I felt heat go through my entire torso, my entire body.  And with a couple weeks after that I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 24 years old.  So I would say I never saw another doctor again, never had a pain and my endometriosis was completely supernaturally on the spot healed.

Sid: And by the way I was watching your daughter worship God and that’s got to get you so excited to see.

Bonnie:  It really does; they really love God; they’ve seen the miracles themselves.  So they don’t have to question they’re not growing up with a curiosity about God.  They’ve had encounters with God and they’ve seen the miracles happen right in our midst; so they’ve known truth right from the beginning.

Sid: What happened with your teeth?

Bonnie:  Well, I’ve had two oral surgeries in my life, two root canals and the dentist messed up both of them.  One was not properly drilled; the other one was over drilled.  They both turned into very bad infections and I went to a specialist who was going to have to do surgery and explained it to me.  They were going to have to go from underneath and go through an area where my jawbone was, and it was very traumatic.  We went to service one night where there was a man who did move in signs and wonders and out of the entire congregation there must have been at least about 1500 people there he walked down a center aisle right to me when I stood up.  I never said a word to him but he grabbed my jaw and he said “In the name of Jesus, Yeshua be healed” and I didn’t even feel anything.   I went home with pain as I came and I ate in the morning and it was killing me and I felt like “Well, it wasn’t healed.”  But I went to the Oral Surgeon who took the last X-rays and came out and said “I have to do another X-rays.” He took a total of before and after and said to me “I have no explanation, I don’t understand you do not need surgery.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Bonnie:  And I gave a testimony of it on New Year’s Eve at a church of 1500 people and they put up the before and after X-rays on the slides that the whole church could see so that was a total confirmation.  And to this day have never had surgery, and never had a pain.

Sid: And what was even better than that Bonnie is your whole congregation saw a miracle happen on your foot.

Bonnie: Yes, last February I had broken my foot on Shabbat, Friday night, it was Shabbat on some gym equipment and I didn’t know it was broken even though it looked it.  And in the morning my foot was twisted and my foot was completely black from the blood inside of it.  I was going to go to service; we have healing services the first Shabbat of every month and I was going to go and wait on the Lord if not I was going to go to the hospital.  And people carried me in.  In the middle of the service I was sitting down in the front with a microphone and just speaking and I felt the Holy Spirit say to me “Remove your sock.”  And I did and I felt a cool breeze go across my foot and without even realizing it people were looking at me; I was standing up on my foot.  I couldn’t even put my foot down in that position; the pain was so bad and I was standing up on my foot and in front of the entire congregation my toe was back to normal, it was no longer crooked and the black and blue it never completely went away but it was like a supernatural drawing all went together in a very very small area of my toes instead of my foot.  And before the end of the service I was literally dancing around on my toes, I do flags and banners up, on my toes and my feet and never ever wound up going to the hospital.

Sid: Out of curiosity did you feel anything when God was healing you?

Bonnie: I felt nothing, I wasn’t even aware that it was happening but I was also not even aware that I was standing up and dancing around until I stopped and said “Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” Because everybody was looking at me and I was so just involved in the service and what God was speaking and doing I hadn’t even realized or felt a thing.

Sid: Okay, I’ve got to ask you a question that’s supernatural but there’s something even more supernatural than that.  Here you’ve got a husband that’s a professional you’re living the good life and I mean he’s making a 6 figure income. He’s a Vice President on the Diamond Exchange, he’s called into full-time ministry and that’s wonderful.  But then you get a word from God. Was it audible that you were to get rid of your stocks and bonds?

Bonnie:  Absolutely, it was in May of 2001 and I’ll never forget it as long as I live.  I can tell you the spot on my carpet.  I was making my bed and I heard an audible voice of God say to me “Get out of the system.” And I did not understand that my father was a financial man in New York and taught me about finances and where to put them. So for me to get out of the system I didn’t understand that at all. And I went into a fast I pursued God and  questioned Him until I had the answer.  The Lord had us remove everything out of the stock market.  We had mutual funds, CD’s everywhere we had it.

Sid: So where did you put the money if you took it out of all those places?

Bonnie: We felt the Lord just impress upon us that we were to put it into the Kingdom of God; anything that we turned over to God..

Sid:  But wait a second; that’s in the Bible people did that, people don’t do things like that in real life.

Bonnie:  Yes people do when you hear from God.  God’s out to protect us, He’s there for us and we took everything out including Social Security, including IRA’s…

Sid:  Are you tell me that you’re 100% dependent on God?

Bonnie:  One hundred percent and He’s provided for me every day.  I’ve never paid a bill late, I’ve never gone without a meal, my home is almost paid off by the supernatural gifts that God has impressed people to give us to do for us our car.  I do as good if not better as I did when my husband was making a 6 figure salary.

Sid:  Bonnie just as there is a supernatural key to see greater miracles than we’re seeing today in the churches even those that are having miracles there is something greater coming.  Tell me about that.

Bonnie:  Well I just believe that we’re in a very prophetic time in these end times and the Bibles clear about God’s heart and He’ll re-gather the remnant.  And how we are to as a One New Man work together in the fullness and that in this last days the Bible tells us that Jewish acceptance of the Messiah will be like life from the dead.  And we will see unprecedented spiritual awaking and signs and wonders. That as we prophetically walk this out together Jew and Gentile that there will be a great outpouring of signs and wonders and miracles.

Sid:  And what about the churches that are having some signs and wonders now but do not see the prophetic call of the Gentile Believer to provoke the Jew to jealousy to be that One New Man?

Bonnie:  Well, I just believe that they will not see the fullness but the church that will provoke the Jews to jealousy will happen.  I really believe that they will be the churches, they will be the Body that will together see the greater outpouring of signs and wonders and miracles.